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Embracing some Documents, interesting and valuable, not 

heretofore published, including the Census of 

New Hampshire of 1790 in detail. 








I 884. 




[10-41] [Relative to the Payment of Rev. Samuel Per ley : 
addressed to the Council and House, "Jaiiuary ij, IJJ0.~\ 

(The Humble Petition of Eben r Knowlton Richard Smith Ja- 
cob Smith Elisha Brown and Jonathan Weare all of Seabrook 
in said Province Yeomen Shews that your Petitioners with a 
Number of other Persons then belonging to Hampton falls but 
now Mostly Inhabitants of said Seabrook in November AD 
1764 did unanimously Call and agree with the Rev d Samuel 
Perley Minister of said Seabrook to preach the Gospele to and 
I Settle Among them and then agreed and promised to provide 

1 him an house Garden spot the keeping of an horse and Cow 

and to Pay said Perley Fifty Pounds Sterling Money of great 
Britain Annually during his work of the Ministry among them 
and at the repeated request of said Inhabitants two of your Pe- 
titioners Viz* Richard Smith and Jonathan Weare Provided and 
hired an house for said Perley for about four years past and 
I gave their prevate Security for the Payment of the rent for the 

I same house for all the time aforesaid and Some time past after 

said i\greement your Petit' with the others Abovementioned 
were Erected in to a Distinct Parish from Hampton falls and in 
November AD 1768 Your Petitioners were all chosen by said 
Parish a Committee to Examine State and Settle all Accounts 
and Demands between said Parish and said Perley your Peti- 
tioners then found a large Balance in favor of said Perley and 
gave their Private Security for the same the whole of both said 
Sums Amount to one hundred Pounds Lawful Money For 
which your Petitioners are now Sued and Judgment recovered 
and as a Considerable part of said sums became due before 
your Petitioners and Inhabatants were a Parish and whereas 
manv of the Persons who were most Active in asreeinsr with 
said Perley as above have Since refused to pay Any part of 
said Sums knowing that thay are not legally taxable for the 
same — 

your Petitioners humbly Pray that thay may be Authorised to 
assess the Several Persons Concerned in said Agreement in Just 
Proportion for said Arreages and be Inabled to Collect the same 
or that your Petitioners may be releaved in any other way 
which may be thought most Expedient : And your Petitioners 
shall Ever Pray — 

Ebenezer Knoulton 
4 n^^y(\(V7 Richard Smith 

l^a /t>o s Jacob Smith 

Elisha Brown 
Jonathan Weare 

[The foregoing petition was granted. — Ed.] 





[ Civil Magistrate wanted, 1776.'] 

Colony of New Hampshire — To the Honourable Council & 
House of Representatives Now convenied at Exeter 

The Petition of the Freholders 

And other Inhabitants of the Parish of Seabrook Humbly 
sheweth that the Said Parish is destitute Of a justice of the 
Peace — that this Deficiency Exposes the Parish to many Incon- 
veniences If therefore your Honors would take the Prayer Of 
this our Petition in to your Consideration & grant A Commis- 
sion of the Peace to Cap 1 Winthrop Gove The present Com- 
mander of our Malitia your Honors would greatly oblige your 

And as in Duty bound Shall ever pray &c — 

Seabrook March 11 th 1776 

William french 
Nathan Green 
William Hook 

Selectmen of Seabrook 

thomas Lock 
Charles Chase 
thomes true 
Jacob french 
Joseph Hook 

Daniel Hook 
Dudly Sanborn 
nathan gove 
Beniamen Eaton 
David Dow 

Enoch gove 
Abiathar merrill 
Daniel Smith 
Jeremiah Dow 
Rich d Tobie 

[10-43] [Relative to the Town's Quota of Soldiers: ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly February 12, 1778. ~\ 

The Petition ; of the Subscribers, Inhabitants of Seabrook in 
the County of Rockingham & State aforesaid, humbly shews — 

That Whereas Orders were issued the last Year to said Sea- 
brook to raise for the Continental Army fifteen Men, of which 
Number the Inhabitants have been able to procure only nine — 

That Whereas one third part of the Inhabitants of s d Seabrook 
are Quakers, who refuse to pay any Thing, towards the Sup- 
port of the present War ; and many, following fishing hereto- 
fore for the Subsistence of themselves & Families, are now de- 
prived of that Business, & thereby almost redue'd to Poverty. — 
Which peculiar Circumstances of many of the Inhabitants of s d 
Seabrook, your Petitioners humbly conceive, ought to excuse 
them from being obliged to raise any more Men in Consequence 
of s d Orders, than those already rais'd and gone ; especially con- 
sidering, that the Number of Men required of said Seabrook is 



larger, than is required of some other Towns & Parishes in s d 
County, in proportion to the State Tax ; Wherefore your Peti- 
tioners humbly pray, that the Inhabitants of s d Seabrook may 
be exempted from making up the Deficiency of Men Ordered, 
as afores d ; Or that Orders be given, to call upon the Quakers 
to procure their proportionable Part of the Men required, — 
and as in Duty bound will ever pray &c : — 

Elisha Brown 
Nehemiah .Chase 
Isaac Brown 
Dudley Sanborn 
Daniel Hook 
James man 
Richard Smith 
Benjamin Eaten 
Winthrop Eaton 

Enoch Gove 
Job Haskell 
Charles Chase 
Ebener Fogg 
John Brown 
Abiathar merrill 
Joshua Eaton 
Samuel Eaton 
Jabez Eaton 

Ephraim Eaton 
Nathan Green 
John Smith 
Daniel Smith 
James Nor 1 peaver 
Winthrop Gove E sq 
Benjamin Leavitt 
Richard Tobie 

Chosen as a Comemity for Said Petition 

[10-44] [Quakers' Petitio?i : addressed to the General 
Court, 1784.] 

we the People Caled Quakers Inhabatants of Seabrook Being 
informed By a Notification By Your order that a Number of 
inhabitants of Said Parish have Laid a Pitetion Before you that 
our Charter might Be altered we humbly Desir that we may 
Retain our former Privilages Granted By that Charter and No 
altiration Be made to our Damage and we have apointed Josiah 
Dow and Joseph Philbrick a Commity to act in those Respects 
in our Behalf — 

Seabrook the 1 day of the 11 month 1784 

Tristram Collins 
Benj a Dow 
Stephen Gove 
Elijah Peaslee 
Robart Collins 

Moses Gove 
Abra m Dow 
Richard Gove 
Jonathan Green 
Jonathan Green J r 

Edward Gove 
Winterup Dow Jun r 
winthrop Dow 
Elijah Dow 

[10-45] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783, .] 

State of New Hampshire Rockingham : ss 

The Following Account Contains the Number of Polls be- 
longing to the parish of Seabrook paying a poll Tax for the 


year 1783 of twenty one Years of Age and Upwards — Number 

in — 

Elisha Brown ") Selectmen 
John Smith j Seabrook 

[Sworn to, Dec. 13, 1783, before Winthrop Gove. — Ed.] 



The township was granted May 3, 1769, to Mark Flunk- 
ing Wentworth, Daniel Pierce, Daniel Rogers, and John, 
Daniel, Isaac, and Jotham Rindge. Three hundred acres 
were reserved for a glebe for the church of England. The 
grantees petitioned, the following year, for an additional 
grant, alleging that a considerable part of their original 
grant was useless on account of mountains and rocks. The 
petition was favorably received, and a large additional tract 1 

of land, lying west of the first grant, was granted to the 
same men by an instrument dated Nov. 21, 1770. This last ] 

grant was called Shelburne Addition, until it was incorpo- 
rated as a town by the name of Gorham, in 1836. The orig- 
inal grant was incorporated by the name of Shelburne, Dec. -j 
13, 1820. Settlements were commenced in this town in 
1775, but so little progress was made that the town con- 
tained only thirty-five inhabitants in 1790. 

[10-47] [Statement of Affairs i?i 1786. ~\ 

To the Hon b,e the Senate and House of Representatives in Gen 1 
Assembly convened — 

The Petition of the subscribers a Committee of the Prop" of j 

the Town of Shelburne in the County of Grafton in the State of 
New Hampshire — 

Humbly Sheweth That the Proprietors had previous to the 
late Revolution carried on a Settlement in said Town which by 
its local Situation was rendered very expencive and difficult, 
that they had nevertheless almost effected the same, when the 
public and private Calamities of the Country became so great as 
to render it impractablc to make any further Progress therein — 


That they had kept the Inhabitants together until the Year 17S1, 
when a party of Savages fiom Canada made a descent upon 
Amerescogin River, and amongst other Ravages destroyed the 
Cattle, burnt the Mills, — murthered some of the Inhabitants, 
and entirely broke up the Settlement of said town — 

The Proprietors further suggest to your Honours that they 
have discharged two Years taxes of the general Assessment on 
unimproved Lands, that they must set down with the Loss of 
all the great Expences they have been at, and begin the Settle- 
ment anew " 

Therefore pray your Honours would take the matter under 
your wise Consideration, and make such Order thereon as may 
indemnify them for the taxes now due — and allow them such 
reasonable time as may enable the prop" to bring the Settle- 
ment of said Town to the same perfection it was in at the Com- 
mencement- of the War, before any new Assessment may take 
place, that the Frop rs may cheerfully go on with the Settlement 
of said town to the great Advantage of that unsettled part of the 
Country — 

And your petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c — 

Dated Ports February 25 th 17S6 

Th° Martin 
Is. Rindge 


The township was set off from Dover, as a parish, Dec. 
19, 1729, but was not entirely separated and incorporated as 
a town until April 22, 1754. A manufacturing company 
was incorporated on Salmon Falls in 1 761, and is believed 
to have been the first one incorporated in this state: it is 
now in the town of Rollinsford. 

By an act approved July 3, 1849, the town was divided 
into two nearly equal parts, and the south half incorporated 
into the town of Rollinsford. 

This town was settled early, and has since been a pros- 
perous manufacturing and farming community. Hon. John 
Wentworth, member of the Continental Congress in 1778 
and 1779, was born in this town July 14, 1745 ; died Jan. 
10, 1787. 



[10-132] \_Act incorpo7'ating Some7'sworth as a Parish, 1729.^ 

Anno Regni Regis Georgii Secundi Tertio 

An Act for Setting off the north east end of the Town of 
Dover and Errecting a Parish by the name of Summers worth 
whereas the North east end of the Town of Dover is Com- 
pletely filled with Inhabitants who Labour under great Diffi- 
culties by their remoteness from the Place of Publick worship 
and have thereupon Addressed this Court that they may be Set 
off a Distinct Parish and be vested Powers and Priviledges ac- 
cordingly — 

Be it therefore Enacted By the Lieutenant Governer Council 
& Representitives in General Assembly conven d & by the Au- 
thority of y e Same that the north east part of Dover as hereafter 
is bounded-& Discribed be and hereby is Set off a Distinct and 
Seperate Parish by the name of Summersworth The bounds of 
Said Parish to be as follows (Viz*) Beginning at the mouth of 
fresh Creek and to run as the Creek runs to the way that goes 
over Said Creek or at the head of the Creek where the way 
goes over and from thence as the way now goes to the Southerly 
Side of Varnys Hill to Ebenezer Varnys Land and then to an 
oak tree over the End of the Said Hill which is a white oak tree 
marked Standing about two or three Rods from a Spring, And 
from thence on a North west & by North point of the Compass 
to the head of Dover bounds and that the Inhabitants of the 
Said Lands be vested with all the Priviledges & Powers of a 
Parish to Chuse officers for the well Regulating of y e Same and 
raise money from time to time for Defraying the Charges of y 8 
Minister School & Poor Provided the Inhabitants of y e Said 
Parish do within the space of one year from the Date of this 
Act Errect & finish a Suitable Llouse for the Publick worship 
of God and Procure and Settle a Learned Orthodox minister of 
Good Conversation and make Provision for his Comfortable and 
Honorable Support — 

And Be it further Enacted bv the Authority aforesaid that 
Cap* Paul Wentworth M r Thomas Wallingford & M r John 
Ricker be the first Selectmen of the Said Parish for Calling & 
Assembling the Said Parish togather in order to Chuse the 
Proper Parish officers for the year Ensuing — 

Dec r 19 th 1729 Read three times in the House of Represent- 
atives & past to be Enacted — Theo : Atkinson Speak r pro temp : 
Eod : Die Read three times at the Council Board and Past to 
be Enacted — Rich d : Waldron Cler. Com. 

I assent to the Enacting this Bill 

J : Wentworth 




[The above are a portion of the men enlisted by virtue of 
orders from Gov. Wentworth, dated March 26, 1748. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-2] [Certificate of Military Service, 1748."] 

James Clements & Benjamin Richer Both of Summersworth 
was Imprest under Cap* job Clements Deceased in y e Country 
Service to Guard y e Frontiers at Rochester against y e Indian 
Enemy on August y e 29 th 1748 & Continued Till the 30 th Day 
of September following. 

James Clements 
Benjamin Rickers 
April y e 16 th 1753 

[Sworn to before Thomas Wallingford. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-3] \_Enllst7r1cnts under Capt. "Job Clement, 1748.'] 
Province of New Hampshire 

We whose names are underwritten do acknowledge to have 
Inlisted our Selves into His Majesty s Service for the Protection 
of the Frontiers at Rochester & Barrington, under the Com- 
mand of Cap 4 Job Clements or Such other officers as shall be 
appointed over us, & to Continue in Said Service from the be- 
ginning of April until the latter end of September next, and 
twenty days longer if the Service requires it In Consideration 
of our being paid Eight pounds old tenor before we march to 
our posts, & be Excused from all Military Impresses for one 
year after our Service ends — 

Mens Names Place of abode when Inlisted age month of Inlistment 

Joshua Perkins Cochecha 

Samuel G Heard Sar* Coc a 

Moses Tebbets Sen r Summersworth 46 April 7 

Sam 1 Hall Sum r 40 April 7 

James Stacpole Sum™ 34 April 7 

Moses Tebbets Jur Summersworth 24 April 7 

John Tebbets Summersworth 21 April 7 

Moses Yeaton Summersworth 18 April 7 

Ephriam Alley Cochecha 23 April 7 


Israel X Pere Cochecha 24 April 7 


Philip X Pappune Cochecha 40 April 7 


Danil X Palmer Dover 20 April n 


Loave X Tuttle Dover 18 April 16 


[R- 4-4] 

Moses Ricker of Summersworth Came in the SCout at 
Rochester under the Command of Cp* Job Clements in the year 
1748 august the first & Continued in that Sarvis twenty Eight 
Dayes Moses Ricker 

[Sworn to at Dover, April 29, 1753, before Thomas Wal- 
lingford. — Ed.] 

[R- 4-5] 

[In. a petition dated Jan. 28, 1757, Isaac Hanson, of Som- 
ersworth, stated that he was a volunteer in the Crown Point 
expedition, and arrived home Nov. 26. Was taken sick at 
Deerfield, on the way home, with " pluratick Fevor." He 
wanted an allowance to pay Dr. Smith, etc. " Petition dis- 
missed. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-6] 

[This document is a letter from 'Dr. Moses Carr to Col. 
John Goffe, asking him to procure pay for visits and "choice 
medicines" administered to one John Robinson, a soldier 
under Goffe's command at Cochecho in 1748. The letter, 
which is dated Somers worth, Jan. 31, i860, was before the 
legislature Feb. 28, 1760, and dismissed. — Ed.] 


[10-133] \_Petition for an entire Separation from Dover: 
addressed to the General Assembly, Jan. o, JJJ4."\ 

The Humble Petition of Thomas Wallingford Esq r John 
Wentworth Gent and Moses Stevens Tanner all of the Parish 
of Somersworth in said Province as a Committee of said Parish 
shews — 

That the said Parish was made by an Act of the Assembly & 
separated from the Town of Dover by particular Boundaries as 
to the Maintenance of the Ministry School, and Poor, but in all 
other Respects Remain'd as a part of the Town of Dover in 
said province which in several Respects has been Inconvenient 
to the Inhabitants of said parish particularly as they are Obliged 
to resort to Cochecho to Transact any public business, to attend 
the Town Meetings there — to attend the Select Mens Meetings 
there and whatever Concerns the Town In General — and as 
they are Obliged to Hire a Collector of their parish Taxes and 
sometimes at an Extravagant Rate which is a standing Charge, 
and as it were a Dead weight on the said Inhabitants^ — thev not 



having power to chuse a Constable or Collector and Invest him 
with the power that Constables of Towns have to collect Taxes 
by Distress, nor in any other summary way — That were they 
severe! from and Independent of said Town to all Intents, they 
Coud make many by Rules and orders Accommodated to their 
particular Situation and Circumstances which woud not Suit 
the Town in General, and which therefore the said Inhabitants 
cannot obtain as they are sure when any such matter isMovd to be 
outVoted as they have but few Qualified Voters in Comparison 
with the Town — that the Town of Dover is Large and coud 
without any Considerable Disadvantage — or at least any that 
woud Ballance the benefit to said Inhabitants, spare them to all 
Intents, as said Town have many good farms Wealthy thriving 
Inhabitants and are well able without any Assistance from said 
parish, to support all Town & province charges that can be sup- 
posd to fall upon them in Case of such an Intire Separation & 
Independance — 

Wherefore your Peticoners in behalf of their Principals and 
by their Order most Humbly pray that the said parish may be 
Erected and Incorporated into a Town by a special Act Com- 
prehending the same Lands and limited by the same Bounds as 
the said parish — that they may be Intirely Disunited from the 
said Town of Dover and Exonerated of and from, all Duty 
there, and Invested with all the Rights and privileges Fanchises 
and Emoluments which any other Town in this province holds 
and Enjoys and Your Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever 
Pray &c — 

Tho 9 Wallingford 
John Wentworth 
Moses Stevens 

[The petition was granted, and the parish erected into a 
township by the name of " Sumersworth," April 22, 1754. — 

[10— 132J] \_Petition relative to Works on Salmon Falls River, 


To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq 7 Govern 1 " and 
Commander in Chief in & Over his Majestvs Province of New 
HampslV, the Hon hlc his Majesty's Council & House of Rep- 
resentatives for said Province in General Assembly Con- 
vened the 25 th Day of January 1760 — 

The Humble Petition of Thomas Wallingsford Esq r and 
John Wentworth Gent, both of Somersworth in said Province 


in behalf of themselves and others Concerned in the Works on 
Salmon Falls River on the side of Somersvvorth Shews 


That the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Dover in the Year 
1 701 at a Public Town Meeting Granted to John Tuttle and 
Ezekiel Wentworth their Heirs and Assigns the whole Accom- 
modations of the Westward side of the Salmon Falls for the 
Erecting a Mill or Mills or any other works which they should 
Judge Convenient with suitable Accommodations of Land with 
the use of the River belonging to said Falls &c — on such Terms 
and Conditions as are Limited in said Grant, in the Right of 
which Grantees Divers Mills & necessary w r orks for the Im- 
provement of said Privilege have been Built & held ever since 
And among other works it has been found Necessary to Lay a 
Boom aCross said River Stay'd and supported by piers to stop 
the Timber— ^which comes down the River to be drawn out as 
Occasion Required the half of which has been maintained by 
the Owners on Berwick side of said River the whole being a 
Work of Considerable Expence — That the Interest of the said 
Grantees is by descents and purchases now Vested in many 
persons many of whom having a small Interest or being averse 
to bearing their part in out-sets or for other Reasons within 
their own Breast will not pay their just proportion of the charge 
of keeping said boom in Repair and so the privilege there must 
either be in a Great Measure lost or the charge of said Repairs 
sustained by a few who are willing to bear their part of charge 
as well as to Reap their proportion of profit — and the said 
Building is now so decay d as to be unfit for the use designd & 
must for that purpose be Rebuilt 1 


Wherefore Your petition" Humbly pray that they may be 
formd Into a propriety Enabled to meet and pass such Votes 
Respecting the Manner of Rebuilding said boom & all neces- 
sary appendages & appurten 3 thereof as to the Major part of 
the Interested shall seem best for the General Good as also for 
and Concerning the use and Improvement and Future Repairs 
thereof and to Grant such sums of Money Assess and Tax the 
several Owners according to their Respective Interests and col- 
lect and Levy the same in the same summary Method of Town 
Charges with such other necessary Incidents and modes as 
are Common to proprietors of Common and undivided Land 
that from hence forward the said Business may be Conducted 
in a more Equitable manner than heretofore and that Your pe- 
tition" may have leave to bring in a bill Accordingly and they 
will as in duty Bound Ever Pray &c 

Tho' Wallingford 
Jn° Wentworth 


[In H. of Rep., Jan. 25, 1760, the foregoing petition was 
read, and a time of hearing appointed. In H. of Rep., Feb. 
19, 1760, " This petition being read, & the adverse party 
being Duly notified, did not appear — Voted, That the prayer 
thereof be Granted, & that y e petitioners have Liberty to 
Bring in a Bill accordingly." Council concurred. — Ed.] 


[Relative to incorporating the Proprietors of Salmon JFalls 
Mills, 1761.-] 

Notice is hereby given that the proprietors of the Stream & 
Previledges of Salmon Falls so called have petitioned the Gen- 
eral Asembly of the Province of New Hampshire to be (by an 
Act) Incorporated into a Propriety and endowd with Sundry 
Previledges &c 

If therefore any person hath any reason to offer why such an 
Act should not pass thro' the Legislature they are to file the 
same with his Excellency the Govern 1 " by the Twenty Second 
Day of this Instant March 

Province of New Hampshire March 7 th 1761 
By his Excellency s Command 

Theodore Atkinson Sec y 

This may Certify whom it may Concern y* this Paper has 
been Expos 4 to view three Publick Days at Somersworth 

Att 1 Moses Carr Town Clerk 
Somersworth March 10 th 1761 

[The "Mills & Works on Salmon falls, in Somersworth," 
were incorporated by an act passed Aug. 13, 1761. I think 
this was the first incorporated manufacturing company in 
the state.— Ed.] 

[Major Wentvuort/is Account.'] 

Somersworth August y e 6 th 177S. 

State of New Hampshire to Jon a Wentworth D r to Service at 
Rhodeisland from the above date untill the first Dav of Septem- 
ber as Major under Col Evans by the Commander in Chief 
order — 

wages at the rate of fifteen pounds p r month — .£12-10—0 
Rations Not Drawn 2-10-0 

To travel two and from 5- 0-0 

[Sworn to before John Waldron, Dec. 16, 1786.] 


[R. 4-10] [Soldiers' Orders.'] 

Somersworth August y e 15 th 17S3 

To the Honorable the Committee of Safety now Sitting at 
Exeter — Please to pay all the Money that is Due to me for mv 
Services in the Continental Army in the Year One Thousand 
Seven Hundred and Eighty to Maj r Jon a Wentworth and His 
Rec' shall be allowed — 

By your Humble Serv* 

Stephen Noble 


To the Honourable the Committee of Safety for the State of 
New Hampshire For Value Rec d please to pay Maj r Jon 11 
Wentworth *all the Money with Rations Cloathing &c that is 
Due to me for twelve Months Service in the Continental Army 
2 nd New Hampshire Regiment and his Rec' shall be a full Dis- 

From your Humble Serv* 

Mark Wentworth 
Somersworth 10 th 17S3 

[R. 4-12] 

To His Excellency Meshech Weare Esq r Please to order the 
Ballance that shall be found Due to my son Eliphelet Cromwell 
as a Soaldier in Cap 1 Carr's Company Second New Hampshire 
Reg' who fell by the Savages Near Saratoga in July 1777 paid to 
Maj r Jon a Wentworth and his Rec' shall be a full Discharge for 
the Same — 

From Your Obedient Humble S 


Eliphalet Cromwell 
Somersworth October y e 19 th 17S4 

His Excellency M. Weare Esq r 

[R- 4-13] 

Sir Please to pay Ben Ives Oilman or order all that is due 
to me, for my late husband Mark Tate's Services, he having 
been a Soldier in the Second New Hampshire Regiment 

Value Rcc d witness my hand — 


Betty X Tate 


Somersworth Sep r 22 d 17S4. 


This may Certify that Betty Tate Signer to the above Order, 
was the Lawful wife to the above mentioned Mark Tate, and 
has a Legal Right to Demand the pay as above 

John Pike Town Clk 
Somersworth Sep r 22 d 17S4 — 

[Rev. Papers, p. ^.'j [Somersworth Men in 2d N. H. Bat- 


W m Leaver age 19, Capt. Norris's Co. Left at Albany 

Daniel Alley age 40, Capt. Blodgett's Co. 

W™ Grant age 35, Capt. Carr's Co. 
I Tho 8 Hammock age 24, Capt. Carr's Co. 

Patrick Murphy age 46, Capt. Can's Co. 

Daniel Wentvvorth age 20, Capt. Drew's Co. wounded. 

Enoch Burnham age 27, Capt. Rowell's Co. missing. 

[P. 63 ] [ The following are on a return of Capt. James 
Carr's Co. — no date. 

George Fall, Sergeant, Edward Grant, Sam 1 Grant, Cato 

[P. 265. Same Co.] 

John Edwards, age 27, 

enlisted Feb. 

ii, 177 

Eliphalet Cromwell, age 25, 



4> " 

James Menden, u 17, 



iS, « 

Mark Tate, t; 23, 



3*> " 

William Grant, " 28, 



3 X > " 

George Fall, "21, 



12, ' 4 

Edward Grant, " 21, 



18, » 

Patrick Murray, " 56, 



17, " 

[P. 269.] [Soldiers in 1775 and 1776.] 

Mark Tate, Richard Yeaton, Love Roberts, 

Francis Roberts George Ricker Wilaby Goodwin 

John Foss Jonathan Young Noah Goodwin 

Eanoch Whitchouse Andrew Horn George Burnam 

James Burnam Samuel Joans Daniel Grant 

Joshaua Grant George Robarts Ezekiel Ricker 
Eben r Whitchouse 

This may certifie the above is a List of the persons Engaged 
in the american service in the year 1 775 anc ^ Enlisted for 1776 
30 " ■ 


with the sum affixt to each persons name for his province tax 

for the year 1775 

Som th Dec r 10 th : 1776 

Paul Wentworth \ 

John Rollins > Selectmen 

Eben r Ricker j 

[The whole amount of these men's taxes was ,£4-2-8. 

[10-53] [Town Past-Day appointed, 1742, .] 

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of South Hamp- 
ton November the 26:1742 John Flanders was Chosen mod- 


The town was incorporated May 25, 1742, in answer to a 
petition of Thomas Merrill and others, and comprised por- 
tions of territory formerly belonging to Amesbury and Salis- 
bury in Massachusetts, which were severed from those 
towns by the establishment of the province line in 1741. 
December 4, 1742, the east end of* the town was severed, 
and annexed to Hampton Falls. In 1748 several persons 
in the west part of the town petitioned to be "polled off" \ 

to Newton. The matter was considered in a town-meeting 
July 7, 1748, and leave granted to all who would send their 
names to the secretary of the province within thirty days 
from that date. Thirty men did so ; and by an instrument 
dated March 22, 1749, were "polled and set off" to Newton 
in all matters except the building and repairing of high- 
ways. January 4, 1772, a line was established between the 
two towns by an act of the legislature. 

November 30, 1824, a small tract of land belonging to 
Richard Fitzwas severed from East Kingston, and annexed 
to this town. 

Hon. Phillips White died in town June 24, 181 1, aged 82. 
He was a member of congress in 1782 and 1783, of the 
state council in 1792 and 1793, and judge of probate for 
many years. | 

Corporal David Page was in Capt. Enoch Chase's Com- 
pany at "New Hampshire Village, Feb, 14 th , 1781." 


erator for the Same meeting at the Same meeting it was Taken 
in to Consideration that where as we the Inhabitants of this 
Town being In Present want of a Peions larned orthodox min- 
ister of a Good Conversation to Dispence the word and admin- 
ister the ordinances of our lord Jesus a mong us and it being our 
Duty to look up to Heaven for Divine assistance to Gide us In 
all our affairs there fore voted that thursday y e 2 Day of Decem- 
ber next is appointed to be a Day of Fasting and Prayer in 
order for the Calling and Settling a Gospel minister among us 
the vote was Past In the affirmative, at the Same meeting Capt 
Jonathan Currier and Joseph French ju r was Chosen a Com- 
mittee to Call in the assistance of the Neighbouring ministers to 
Celebrate a Day of Fasting and Prayer among us y e vote was 
Past In the affirmative, at y e Same meeting Jonathan Farran 
James George Daniel Goodwin Jacob Colby Samuel Goodwin 
John Elliot David Goodwin Philip Challis David Colby Nathan- 
iel Ash Enters their Contrary Desents against the vote for the 
Fast which was for Calling and Settelling a Gospel minister 
among us. A True Coppy Taken out of South Hampton Town 
Book of Records attest Rich d Collins Town Clerk 

[10-53] [ Vote to employ Rev. William Parsons, IJ42.~\ 

At a legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of South 
Hampton December y e 27 : 1742 John Flanders was Chosen 
moderator for the Same meeting, at the Same meeting it was 
Voted that we Will Give the Rev d mr William Parsons a Call 
to Settel In the work of the Gospel ministry among us voted In 
the affirmative, at the Same meeting mr Joseph French mr 
John Ordway Leu 1 Joseph Jewell and Capt Jonathan Currier 
was Chosen a Committee to Carry to the Rev d mr William Par- 
sons the Towns offer of what they will Give him for his annual 
Sallery for Carring on the work of the Gospel ministry among 
us and Receive the Rev d mr William Parsons answer and make 
Report to the adjurnement of the meeting Voted on the affirm- 
ative, the meeting is adjurn d from the 27 Day of December: 
1742 to the 3 Day of January 1742/3 then the meeting was Re- 
adjurn d from y e 3 Day of January : 1742/3 to y* 17 Day of this 
Present Janury at 12 of y e Clock at the Same meeting James 
George Jonathan Farran Aaron Currier David Goodwin David 
Colby Daniel Goodwin zaccheus Colby Philip Challis Jonathan 
Watson Samuel Goodwin Rogles Colby Roger Eastman Jacob 
Colby Robert Martain Micah Hoyt Enters there Contrary De- 
sents against the vote for Calling and Setteling y e Rev d mr \V T i 1 1 - 
iam Parsons or any other man in the work of the ministry 
under there Present Curcomstances 


A True Coppy Taken Out of South Hampton Town Book 
of Records 

attest Rich d Collins Town Clerk 

[Rev. William Parsons was ordained over the church here 
in 1743, and dismissed in October, 1762. — Ed.] 


At A lagual meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of South 
Hampton July y e 7 174S John Paige Esq r was Chosen moder- 
ator — 

at the Same meeting it was Considered that whereas there 
are A Number of Persons that Lives at the west end of this 

[10-51] [ Vote of Town relative to setting off the West 


at A Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of South Hamp- 
ton September y e 29 Cornet Abraham Brown was Chosen mod- 
erator for the Same meeting at the Same meeting it was taken 
Into Consideration that Whereas there are A number of Inhab- 
itants of the uper or west Part of this Town that Lives at Con- 
siderable Distance from meeting and they thought In time to be 
Better accommadated then Constantly to assemble with us and 
we being Disirous to Exercise all Christian Regard and Kind- 
ness to them votes first that all those Persons that lives above 
or to the westward of Capt Jonathan Curriers that have a mind 
to go off and be a Parish Shall have there Extraordinary Charge 
that they are now at among us Paid back again to them that is 
to Say all their Part of the Extraordinary Charge that Shall 
a Rise to them by Finishing the meeting House Setteling a min- 
ister and Building for him when they shall be thought Capable 
by Law full authority to maintain the Gospel of Christ among 
them Provided they Do not molest or hinders us of the other 
Part in our Speedy Setteling a Gospel minister among us and 
that they Pay toward his Support while they are of us or belong 
to us hoping at the Same time they will of there own free will 
be assisting to us — 2lv voted that we will make no opposition 
to them in there Indeavors to be A Reguler town or Parrish 
when Ever they Shall be thought Capable by Lawfull authority 
voted in the affirmative 

a True Coppy Taken Out of South Hampton Town Book of 

Attest Rich d Collins Town Clerk 

[10-52] [Another Vote relative to the foregoing, iy48.~\ 


Town that thinks they Can better accommodate them Selves by 
joyning with there Neighbours for a meeting House then Con- 
stantly to assemble with us and we Being willing to Shew them 
all Christian Regard and Kindness votes that all those Persons 
that lives at the west end of this Town that have a mind to go 
oft' Shall have the Liberty to Pole off them Selves and there Es- 
tates which they now have and joyne with there Neighbours In 
the District for a Parrish In all affairs Provided they Pole off or 
File a list of there names with his Exceelency the Governour 
within thirty Dayes from the Day of the Date here of voted In 
the affirmative 

a True Coppy Taken Out of South Hampton Town Book of 

attest Rich d Collins Town Clerk 

[Thirty persons filed their names as provided, and were 
"polled and set off" to Newton by act of the governor and 
council, March 22, 1749, and the line between the towns was 
established by act of the legislature, January 4, 1772. — 

[R. 4-14] \_Order to impress Christopher Flanders, i/59.~] 

Province of New Hamps r 

To M r Nathanael Morrill Clark of the Company Under the 
Command of Captain Ephraim Brown of South Hampton in 
the Province aforesaid Or to Either of the Sergeants or Cor- 
porals belonging to said Company 


You are hereby Required forthwith to Impress Christopher 
Flanders of South Hampton aforesaid Husbandman for his 
Majestys Service in the Expedition now Carrying on for the 
Reduction of Canada Requiring him forthwith to Attend Said 
Duty : Said Christopher Belonging to the Aforesaid Company 
Ought to do Duty therein but has Indeavoured to Avoid the 

Hereof fail not And make Return to me of your Doings here- 
in — Dated at Hampton falls In the Province aforesaid the 24 th 
Day of April In the 33 d year of his Majestys Reign Annoque 
Domini 1759 — 

Meshech Weare Col 

Province of New Hamps r April 25 th 1759 

By vertue of the within Precept I have Impressed Christo- 



pher Flanders within named and have Notified him forthwith 
to attend his Majesty s Service And Appear before Col°Meshech 
Weare Within Named for further Order 

Nathl morrill clark 


[R. 4-15] [Statement of several Crozv?i Point Soldiers: ad- 
dressed to the Assembly, lydi .] 

we whose" names are hereunto Subscribed we are In His ma- 
jesties Servis at the Total Reduction of Canada in the year Last 
past under the Command of Cap 1 Jeremiah marstin and Cap 1 
Jacob Tilton in Cornol Goffs Rigement — and after mountreal 
Surranderd to His Brittanick majesties army we ware ordered 
back to Crown point and when we Came to Crown point we 
foolishly Immagining Throug our Ignorance that our Time 
wase out that we Listed for and So foollishly Came away not 
Considering the 111 Consequinces of Coming off without orders 
and we are Sensable that we are under the Greatest oblegation 
to be Humble for our folly and madness and for setting Such 
111 examples and we do present This our Humble Pitition To 
your Exelency and your Right worthy Honours Hoping and 
praying that of your Grace and Good plesure would be 

pleased to overLook our offence in disarting His majesties Ser- 
vis without orders — and we further Beg and pray your Exelen- 
cy and your Honours of your further Grace and Good Pleasure 
would be pleasd to order To us the wagers for the Time we 
wear in the aforesaid Searvis that would have Been due to us 
Ife we had not So unhappily disearted with out orders and In 
Testimony of our Humble desire we do Humbly Rely on your 
Exelencys and Honours Grac and marcy Humblely Craving 
your peculier Regard for wee are in Needy Surcomstancs and 
So we Remain your Dutifull Servants — 

Dated at South Hampton march y e 16: 1761 — 

Ebenezer Brown Jur 

Robert pike 

Ezra Getchel 

Nathaniel merrill 

henery french ir 

Gideon Gould 

Timothy Clough all of Capt marstins Company 

Edward Green of Cap* Tiltons company 


[R. 4-16] \_Cerlijicate of Enlistment, i78o.~] 

Exeter March 7 th 17S0 

this May Certefy that Epheram & trueworthy Dudly Inlisted 
with Me the 3 Day of Aperil in the year 1777 theay Also ware 
Mustered For the town of Southampton & Recivd of Captain 
Parker Flanders One Hundred Dollars Each as hire For that 
pirpos Jon a Cass 

[10-54] \_Eetitio7i of sundry Pcrso7is to be ainiexed to New- 


We Subscribers Inhabitants of South-Hampton do humbly 
request that we & our Estates may be Annex'd to Newton for 
the reasons following (viz) — 

We were originally of the Almesbury District, which is now 
called Newtown — 

We can attend publick worship there with more ease ; the 
way to it being much better, & the place of worship nearer. 
Some of us live within half a Mile of Newtown Meeting House 
& four Miles from our Own — 

The most of us do constantly attend publick worship at 
Newtown & enjoy special religious priveledges there : but are 
deny'd the Satisfaction of paying our Money where we have 
our favours, & to those to whom it seems of right due; & the 
Mortification of paying it to such as do us no good — 

We are ill accommodated in regard to schooling for our 
Children : Newtown's School we have no right to, South 
Hampton is so distant that we cannot send to it. Indeed South 
Hampton hath in some instances left our proportion of the 
School Money to our own disposal but the Sum is so small 
that it will not maintain a School long enough to be of any con- 
siderable benefit: & even while it does supporta School among 
lis we live so Scatter'd & at such a distance from one another 
that the School cannot be so plac'd as to well accommodate us 
all at once. 

Our condition is really in our account very unhappy : we 
therefore earnestly beg that your Excellency, & Honors, would 
take it under your consideration & grant such relief as in your 
wisdom you shall think proper 

Jonathan Courier Samuel Kimball 

Philip Currier Challis Currier 

Thomas Currier Nathan Currier 

Charles Coollins James Currier 

Aaron Sanrent Sarah Currier 



[In H. of Rep., March 22, 1770, John Giddings and Dr. 
Ebenezer Thompson were appointed a committee, to which 
the council added Daniel Pierce, to make inquiries, and re- 
port to the assembly. The matter was settled by the legis- 
lature, January 4, 1772. — Ed.] 

C IO- 55] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783. \ 

South Hampton Dec r 16, 17S3 
State of Newhampshire Rockingham ss : 

Agrcable to a Vote of the General Assembly we the Sub- 
scribers have Taken the Number of Polls in said Town that 
pay Taxes from Twenty one years of Age and Upwards and 
the Number is Eighty Six — 

Joseph Merrill | Select 
William graves J Men 

[10—56] \_Hon. Phillips White declines a Reelection to Con- 
gress, 1783.^ 

South Hampton Dec r 2 2 d 17S3 
Hon d Sir 

Rec d A Line from the Secretary, Informing of my being ap- 
pointed A Delegate to Congress, and requesting an answer — I \ 

thank the Honb le Court for the Honor done me, but my affairs 
are in such Situation, that I cannot Engage. I am your Hon r 
Obed 4 Hum bl Serv* 

P White 
Hon Meshech Weare President of Council 

[Mr. White was a member of congress in 1782 and 1783. 

[10-57] [Protest against the Adoption of Articles 8 and Q 
of the Co7ifedcratio?i, 1783.^ 

This May Certify that I Eliphelet Merrill as Representative 
for the Town of South Hampton & Newtown Agreable to In- 
structions from Said towns do Enter my protest Against the 
Eighth & Ninth Articles of the Confedaration as proposed by 
the Honb le Continental Congress Being Rec d by this State as 
they Now Stand — 

Eliphelet Merrill 


[10-58] \_Hon. Phillips White declines the Office of Sena- 

South Hampton Dec r 5 1794 

Rec d your fav r enclosing a Notification of my being appoint- 
ed by the general Court A Senator for Ds 4 N° 2 in this state — 

In the course of the last year I made mention to several of 
the members of the general Court that belonged to this County 
and others that I inclined to retire from Public business. I re- 
main of the same mind and determine that the liberty which I 
now enjoy shall not be interrupted by my Accepting of said ap- 
pointment, this from 

your Huml Serv* 

P White 
Nathaniel Parker Esq r 

[10-59] [Petition for the Afipoi?ttment of a Committee to 
establish a Tow?z Li?ie, I7Q4.~\ 

The Petition of the Select Men of South Hampton in said 
state, in behalf of Said town and agreeable to a Vote of the 
same Hnmbly Sheweth — 

that not a long time after said town of South Hampton was 
Incorporated, a Number of the Inhabitants at the Eastwardly 
part of Said Town Petitioned the General Court to be annexed 
to Hampton falls, which was granted and all the Inhabitants 
& there Estates Eastward of a certain line from the South East 
corner bounds of Kensington to the State line were thereby an- 
nexed to Hampton falls, leaving the nonresident lands to South 
Hampton, not a long time after those annexed Inhabitants to- 
gether with a part of What was formerly Hampton falls were 
Incorporated into a town by the name of Seabrook which 
brought the Side line of South Hampton not far from the mid- 
dle of Said town of Seabrook. Since which time many dis- 
putes have arisen with regard to taxation, but we cannot find 
on any record that said line hath been Perambulated since said 
towns were Incorporated, that is the line Eastward from the 
South East corner bounds of Kensington to the Atlantic Ocean, 
but Since the late Act of the Honble General Court requiring 
all towns in said state to Perambulate there lines and renew the 
bounds and Monuments, your petitioners have made Applica- 
tion to the select men of said town of Seabrook and likewise of 
Hampton falls to Perambulate said line, but a difference of Sen- 
timent appears to be betwixt them and us with regard to the 



place where said line shall be Perambulated, which we think is 
not likely to be Settled without the Interposition of your Hon- 
ours having in our opinion taken Every reasonable method to 
Settle the same, your Petitioners therefore pray that your Hon- 
ours would take the Matter under your wise Consideration and 
appoint a comittee to Establish said line agreeably to the returns 
that may appear, that is the line from the South East corner 
bounds of Kensington Eastward to the Atlantic Ocean, or take 
such other order upon the same as your Honours in your Wis- 
dom may think proper, and your petitioners as in duty bound 
Shall Ever pray — 

South Hampton Dec r 8 th 1794 

Jacob Collins 

Joseph Jones jur J- Select Men 

John H Pilsbury 


The township was granted Jan. 3, 1769. to John Fisher, 
of Portsmouth, and fifty-nine others, by the name of Pro- 
tectworth. Settlements were made in 1772, but the town 
contained only 210 inhabitants in 1790. The town was 
known by the aforesaid name until Jan. 23, 1794, when it 
was incorporated, and named Springfield. By an act passed 
June 20, 1 8 17, a tract of land lying between this town and 
Enfield called Heath's Gore, was annexed to this town. 

[10—60] \_Rclative to Wcntivorth's Reservation : addressed to 
the General Assembly, .] 

The Petition & Memorial of Us the Subscribers Inhabitants 
of the Township of Protectworth in the County of Grafton in 

the State aforesaid unto Your Hon rs humbly Shews — 

That Your Petitioners labour under very great Hardships for 
the Want of a Grist Mill whereby they have Annually lost near 
half the Value of their Grain in going to distant Mills, That 
the Priviledge whereon the present Saw Mill is erected, is by 
no Means sufficient for the Purpose of a Grist Mill, having 
scarcely Water enough to supply Boards for the present Inhab- 


itants, and your Petitioners having assembled themselves to- 
gether, chose a Committee to inspect a Place suitable for that 
Purpose who proceeded upon that Business and found an ex- 
cellent Place called the great Bog Brook on the North Westerly 
Part of the Town North of Samuel Stevens lot, as the only 
Place that can accommodate the Town, which Your Petitioners 
are informed belongs to the Estate of John Wentworth Esq' 
late Gov r of New Hampshire now an Absentee and to be ap- 
propriated for the Benefit of his Creditors and as the building 
the said Mill greatly enhanced the Value of the Land in the 
Town Your Petitioners humbly npply to this Hon ble Court for 
a Grant of Two hundred Acres of Land, to be disposed of as 
the Town may think most advantageous to them, in Considera- 
tion of which, the Town will undertake to build & keep the 
said Grist Mill, always fit for Use. If your Honours sh d not 
think yourselves sufficiently authorized to make said Grant as 
being a Property already appropriated they pray the Hon ble 
Judge of Probate may be advised on this Matter so interesting 
to yr Petitioners and their dependant Families whose Wants for 
the bread of life are often pinching, while they are so far situa- 
ted in the Wilderness from Mills ; And Your Petitioners further 
pray this Hon ble Court would Oblige the Proprietors of the 
Township called Alexandria Addition and other Towns thro' 
which they must travell to and from the lower Parts of the 
State to cutt out & clear their Roads, which has been wholly 
done by Your Petitioners hitherto to their great Injury and 
Damage, Your Petitioners are desirous at this Time to acknowl- 
edge themselves the Subjects of this State notwithstanding the 
Extension of the Jurisdiction of Vermont and that they would 
wish ever to remain so, Your Petitioners pray such Relief on 
this Petition as Your Honours in your Wisdom may think 
proper — 

David Hall Israel Clifford Nathan Letel 

Daniel heath wadleigh Smith Ruben Stevens 

Enoch heath J onn Lovring Ruben hoit 

Zephaninh Petee Matthew Pettengill Thomas Colcord 

Nichlus Hardy Samuel Day Daniel Bean ; 

Ebenezer Loverin John Couch David Bean 

Israel Cli fiord Jim Thomus Gordin sen John Savver 

Islathaniel Clark Thomus Gordin Jonathan Dudley 

George Witaer Juncr Samuel Stevens 

Samuel Stevens Benjamin Choate 




[ 1 0-61] [Relative to Gov. IFentwort/i's La??d : add?-esscd 
to the General Asse?nbly, 1780.^ 

The Memorial, and Petition of the Proprietors of Protect- 
worth in the County of Grafton in the State aforesaid, unto 
your Honours Humbly Shews — 

That John Wentworth Esq r late Governor of New Hamp- 
shire purchased Twelve Thousand Acres of Land in said Town- 
ship equal to Twenty seven shares which were accordingly 
allotted out at the Expence of this Proprietary, and afterwards 
drawn to said Shares, That for Settlement of said Land, the 
Governor agreed to give away Eighteen Lotts of one hundred 
Acres each to sellers, and imployed Cap 1 J Minot of Concord 
for that Purpose, and also gave away to sundry Persons several 
of his Seventy live Acre Lots to be setled, but before he had ex- 
ecuted his Deeds for the same, he quitted the Government, and 
Cap 1 Minot also failing in his Contract, the whole Burthen of 
the Settlement has fallen on y e Petitioners who have given away 
more than Twenty setling Lots, besides paving for public 
Roads & allotting the Town, and the State Taxes for the years 
1777, and 1 77S, whilst all the Proprietary, and State Taxes on 
the said Governors Rights are wholly unpaid, and altho your 
Petitioners have directed their Collector to proceed in the Sale 
thereof agreable to Law, and Notifications in the public Prints 
for that Purpose, yet as by the Sequestration, & Confiscation 
Acts, the said Governors Estate becomes forfeited, Your Peti- 
tioners out of Respect to Government, have desired said Col- 
lector to desist in the Sale of the delinquent Rights until they 
have the advisement of the Hon ble Court, and they humbly pray 
your Honours to appoint a Committee to examine into the State 
of this Dependency, & to report thereon so as this LIon ble Court 
may grant such Relief thereon as maybe found Reasonable — 
And that those Persons who have had Lots promised them by 
the Governor may be confirmed thereon, and that the said 
Eighteen Lots of one hundred Acres each designed for the Set- 
tlement of the Town, may be disposed of by the Proprietors in 
the most Beneficial manner for the Settlement of the Town, and 
that the Seventy five Acres on which the Taxes have been laid 
may be sold for payment thereof agreable to Law, or othervvays 
paid by an Order on the Treasury, and your Petitioners as in 
Duty bound shall ever pray. 

Jonathan Warner, Moderator. 

Portsm June i6 ,h ^SoAtrue Coppy from the Records of 
the Proprietors of Protectworth 

Attested per John Wendell p r8 Clerk 


[10-62] [Petition from Settlers on the Governor Went- 
ivorth Lots: addressed to the Assembly, 7780.'] 

Humbly Shews Your Petitioners that John Wentworth Esq r 
late Governor in Granting the Township of Protectworth made 
a Reserve to himself of about Twelve thousand Acres of Land 
and to enhance the Value thereof. Promis d a Certain quantity of 
Land to any persons who Should begin Settlement on said 
Tract, upon which encouragement and Verbal Agreement with 
said Governor Each of Your Petitioners begun Settlement and 
a Number became Actual Settlers in said Township having a 
Promise also that a passable Highway should be cut and cleared 
to said Town and thence to each Settlers Lott, which Lotts as 
p r Agreement for quantity are as represented in the Schedule 
hereto Annexed, and also that a Corn Mill should be built in 
the Town afores d for the benefit of the Propriators, neither of 
which promises has in the least been peformed, to the great 
detriment of your Petitioners, and that to the Amount of a con- 
siderable Sum in opening highways to and in said Town, And 
Circumstances being such at present we know of no way how 
to obtain Title to our lands but by Application to Your hoh r " 
wherefore Your Petitioners humbly pray, that their Claim to 
the Lotts of Land above refered to may be confirmed to them 
by an Act of the Hon bl Assembly in such manner as You in 
Wisdom shall Judge most proper, and as the before mentioned 
Tract of Land is now become the property of this State, We 
pray that an Adequate sum be Allowed your Petitioners for 
opening and clearing highways, and that we may have a Corn 
Mill built according to Promise when Your Petitioners made 
Settlement, the Non-performance of the before mentiond Prom- 
ises being a burden too heavy for your Poor Petitioners to bear, 
and Except relieved by your lion™ must finally Sink under the 
Weight, and as your Petitioners Viz those that reside in s d Pro- 
tectworth by the aforesaid difficulties are very much reduced, 
having a Will altlio not ability to pay Taxes, pray, their Polls 
may be abated the present year and as in Duty bound Your Pe- 
tioners shall Ever pray 

Protectworth June 5 th 17S0 

Samuel Stevens one 75 Acre Lott N° o 
Nathaniel Clark one 75 Acre Lott N° o 
Nicholas Hardy one 75 Acre Lott N° o 
Zephaniah Petty one 75 Acre Lott N° 
David Bean one 75 Acre Lott N° 
Thomas Gordon Jun r one 75 Acre Lott No 
Isaac Sanborn one 75 Acre Lott N° o 
abraham Sandborn 


Daniel Clark one 75 Acre Lott N° o 
Moses Elkins-one 75 Acre Lott N° 
David Hall one 75 Acre Lott N° o 
Matthew Pettingall two 75 acre Lotts N° o 
Moses Call one 75 Acre Lott N° o 
Moses Loverein 

Nathaniel Little one 75 Acre Lott N° 
Ebenezer Loverain 75 acre Lott N° o 
Jacob Heeth 
Ezekiel Heeth 
Daniel Heeth 

[10-63] [Report of Committee on foregoing, i/8o.~\ 

State of New Hamp r 

In the House of Representatives June 2i Rt 17S0. 

The Committee on the Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of Pro- 
tectworth, Report that they think it Reasonable that an Act 
should pass Confirming to the Fifteen persons first named in the 
Schedule Annexed to the Petition their Heirs and Assigns the 
fee of a Seventy five Acre lott of Land, to wit the respective 
Lott on which Each person hath made Improvement, Provided j 

a Family is actually settled thereon within Twelve Months — 
and to the Three last Mentioned in said Schedule, Viz Jacob 
Heath, Ezekiel Heath, and Daniel Heath One Flundred Acres 
Each to be laid out to Cover their several and respective Im- 
provements, and are of Opinion that the Determination of ful- 
filling any further Promises said to be made said Settlers by 
Gov r Wentworth, be postponed untill some Evidence of such 
promises Appear, Signed Ge° Atkinson Chairman, which report 
being read & Considered : Voted that it be received and Act 
cepted, and that the Petitioners have leave to bring in a Bill 
Accordingly — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

John Langdon Speaker 

In Council the same day read and Concurred 

E Thompson Sec 17 

[10-64] [Oliver Whipple's statement relative to the Settlers 
on the Governor's Land, iy8o.~\ 

Portsmouth June 19, 1780 

M r Wendall having requested me to give the Hon ble Com- 
mittee what Information I could, respecting Governor Went- 


worth's Interest in the Township of Protectvvorth, on Consid- 
eration, I recollect the following Facts — 

That in the Year 1 771, as I remember, Governor John Went- 
worth, told me he had Lands in the Township of Protectworth, 
and that he wanted about ten or a dozen Families to settle on 
the same ; he asked me, if it was probable I could procure that 
Number of Settlers in the State of Rhode Island, for him, to 
settle his Lands in said Protectworth, I told him it was likly I 
could get that Number; accordingly at his Request & on his 
Behalf, I wrote an Advertisment, sent it to Providence to M r 
Carter the Printer of the Providence Gazzette, which he pub- 
lished ; In which Adyertisment, I offered as an Inducment to 
Setlers, (agreeable to the Governor's Directions) to give each 
Setler, one hundred Acres of Land in Protectvvorth ; The exact 
Number of Setlers the Governor wanted I cant be certain of, 
but I think about twelve but he told me, if there were twenty or 
more it would be agreeable, as the other Proprietors would be 
glad to take them on the same Lay and I think I advertised for 
about 20 Setlers ; In Consequence of my Advertising, some 
Persons from that Quarter wrote me, They would accept my 
offer, and I understood they set out to see that Part of the 
Country, but on their going into those Parts, they found other 
Lands, more agreeable, as I was informed, & so made no further 
Application to me ; The Governor to my Knowledge, was 
urgent with me to get those Setlers for him, as he was extremly 
desirous to have his Part in that Town, settled as soon as pos- 
sible ; This is all I can recollect after so long Time has elapsed, 
had I the Advertisment I could be pellicular, but the foregoing 
is the Substance, the Truth of which I am ready to give Oath 
to, if call'd on, — I am Gentlemen, your most obed' & very Hum- 
ble Serv* 

Oliver Whipple 

To The Hon b,e George Atkinson Esq r & others a Committee 
of the General Assembly of New Hampshire appointed to con- 
sider the Petition of the Inhabitants & Proprietors of the Town- 
ship of Protectworth 

[10-65] \_Sam?iel Glhnan relative to foregoing, iy8i.~] 

Protectworth 18 th June 17S1 — 

Not having yet compleated my Business here, and being un- 
certain whether I shall be able to return before the General 
Court rises, I take the liberty to represent to you, that tho* I 
find the People well enough satisfied with what has been done 
by the Court respecting their Settling Lotts, yet they Labour 



under very great Difficulties for want of Roads and a Grist Mill, 
particularly a Mill and are very desirous that a Lot might be 
appropriated for that Purpose, which I have no Right to do, 
without Orders of Court, which if I don't return soon, shall not 
be able to obtain before the Sale, unless you Sir, will please to 
make Application that the Committe of Safty might be Author- 
ised to Examine and take Order in the Matter, on my Return — 
the Matter being of so great Consequence to the People and 
Prosperity & advancement of the Settlement doubt not your 
doing what you can in the Affair — Am Sir in hast your most 
humble Serv* — 

Sam 1 Gilman 
To John Wendell Esq, Portsmouth 

Setlers in the Township of Protectworth 

Samuel Stevens 
Isaac Sanborn 
Abraham Sanborn 
Nath 1 Clarke 
Geo : Pitcher 
John Lovering 
Samuel Stevens J r 
Moses Lovering 
Israel Clifford jun r 
Ebenezer Lovering 
Caleb Lovering 
Nich 8 Hardy 

Moses Elkins 
Zeph : Petty 
Benj 1 Choate 
Matthew Pettingale 
Juhn Cootch 
YV m Cousier 
David Bean 
Daniel Bean 
David Hall 
Thomas Gordon 
Thomas Gordon jun r 
Samuel Day 

John Sawyer 
Matthew Scales 
Thomas Colcord j r 


Israel Clifford 
Jonathan Dudley 
Tristam Clifford 
Jacob Heath 
Enoch Heath 
Daniel Heath 
Nathaniel Little 
Daniel Clarke. — 


[10-66] [Petitio?i for a Lot for a Grist-Mill^ 178 1 : ad- 
dressed to the Legislature.^ 

The Memorial & Petition of the Inhabitants of the Township 
of Protectworth in the State aforesaid Humbly Shews — 

That your Petitioners have setled in the said Township to 
the number of forty & more daily expected in. that the roads 
to said Township are extreme bad from black Water bridge 
about the distance of Eight Miles, and what is now done has 
been done by your Petitioners at their own Cost & Expence, by 
which the Land through which it passes is much enhanced in 
Value, & is now & will be hereafter greatly Travell'd through 
as the Country opens. Your Petitioners further begs Leave to 
represent to this Honourable Court that the proprietors have 
built them a Saw Mill in said Township, but that there is no 
Stream Sufficient to Carry a Grist Mill only on the north part 
of the Town, which formerly belonged to the late Governor 



Wentworth, and which is now laying out by the Trustee of his 
Estate, who is now desirous of reserving to your Petitioners a 
Mill Lott for that Priviledge, but cannot without Leave of this 
Honorable Court, which Priviledge if the said Trustee shoud 
Sell wou'd greatly Damage the Settlement of said Township, 
wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray that the Owners of 
said Land through which the said Road Passes may be obliged 
to reimburse a reasonable sum for making said road and that 
they be obliged to make the same Passable for Waggons, and 
that your Honors wou'd Authorize the Hon ble Committee of 
Safety to set a part as much Land for the purpose of a Oris Mill 
as .they together with the said Trustee upon his return from 
Surveying the same shall judge reasonable Your Petitioners 
wou'd also beg leave to Inform this Honorable Court that they 
have been sent to by the State ot Vermont for their Quota of 
Men, yet they have taken no Notice thereof, but are desirous of 
still remaining Subject to the State of New Hampshire to which 
they have hitherto thought themselves belonging, — Your Peti- 
tioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray — 

John Wendell in Behalf of the 
Setlers in Protectworth 
June 22 d 1781 — 

[10-67] [Relative to maintaining the Road through New 
London, i/'Sj.'] 

State of New Hampshire Cheshire County 
To the Hon Ic General Court of s d State— 

The Humble petition of us the Subscribers, Inhabitants and 
setlers, of the Township Called Protectworth ; we your Hum- 
ble petitioners, would shew forth that we living in a new Town 
and have many bad Roads to make, and to mend in s d Town, 
over and above all that we have a frequent Necessity to pass in 
from s d Township toward the lower part of s' 1 State, and the 
difficulty in passing as the Road now is ; is almost impracticable 
especially some part thereof (Viz) a part that now goes through 
a part of New London, which is the most direct road for us ; to 
almost any part, of the lower part of s d State, and the same 
road has hitherto been Maintained by the Settlers of s d Protect- 
worth — (and by many Reasons, too many to be Enumerated, 
which your Hon" may easily conceive of in a Moment — we 
cannot be at the charge of keeping it passable any longer) — 
therefore your Humble petitioners prays that the proprietors, 
or Inhabitants of New London may be Obliged to make Feas- 
ible and keep so, so much of s d road to Protectworth (where it 



most advantageous to the 


setlers of s d Protectworth and the 
publick in General) as goes through New London, and prays 
that something particular relative thereto may be done and your 
Humble petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Protectworth Oct r 2S th 17S3 

Samuel Day 
Israel Clifford 
Nathaniel Clark 
Biley bardie 
Israel Clifford Juner 
John Quimby 
John Couch 
John Sawyer 
Reuben Stevens 
wadlcigh smith 

Nicholas bardie 
Thomas Gorden Jun 
Thomas Colcord 
Matthew Gault 
Ebenezer Lovei'in 
John Loveren 
timothy quimby 
Samuel roby 
Enock heath 

[In H. of Rep., Jan. 4, 1782, voted that the proprietors 
of New London shall keep the road in repair. — Ed.] 

[10-69] [David Bean chosen for fust ice of the Peace, 1786. ,] 

The town of Protectworth being Meet together at time and 
place according to Warning pas d these following Votes Viz 

i 8t ly Chose Reuben Stevens Morderator to govern s d Met- 

2ly Made Choise of David Bean to be our Justice of Peace 

Protectworth January y e 16 th 17S6 

A Coppy of afour s d Meting 

Sam 11 Robie Town Clerk 

[10-73] [Petition for a?z Act of Incorporation : addressed to 
the General Court, 1793 •] 

The petition of the Selectmen of Protectworth in the County 
of Cheshire within the State aforesaid in behalf of the Inhabi- 
tants of said Township, Humbly Sheweth, that whereas said 
Township have not been Incorporated and thereby the Inhabi- 
tants of said Township are not entitled to all the privileges that 
many of our fellow Citizens of other Towns are which we trust 
this Hon ble Court will be ready to grant to the Inhabitants of 
said Township if asked for — They therefore Humbly present 
themselves as objects of the like favour, and pray that they. 
woud take into their wise consideration and Incorporate said 
Township by the name of Springfield, and that the Annual 


March Meeting be as now appointed by an Act of General 
Court, and as in duty bound will ever pray — 

Protectworth June y e 3 d 1793 

Moses Richardson ~) Selectmen 
John Quinby > of 

Samuel Robie ) Protectworth 

This is to certify that the within Copy have been posted up 
agreeable' to the within Order by us 

Moses Richardson ~\ Selectmen 
John Qui m by > of 

Samuel Robie ) Protectworth 

Protectworth Dec r y e 21 st 1793 

[The town was incorporated Jan. 23, 1794, and its name 
changed to Springfield. — Ed.] 


The township was granted Aug. 3, 1774, to Jacob Wal- 
den and others, by the name of Percy. This being the 
family name of the duke or earl of Northumberland, and a 
member of said family, Thomas Percy, being at that time 
chaplain to the king, probably accounts for the name, and 
also for the name of the town of Northumberland, the latter 
being named in 1771. The town was incorporated Jan. 9, 
1795, and in the act of incorporation the spelling is changed 
to Piercy. 

By act passed June 21, 1832, the tract of land embraced 
in ranges seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, in the 
south-east part of Stratford, was annexed to this town, and 
on the 2 1st of December of the same year, the tract of 
land granted to Gen. John Winslow, of Marshfield, Mass., 
Oct. 21, 1773, containing 5,060 acres, was also annexed to 
this town. 

By an act passed Dec. 28, 1832, the name of the town 
was changed from Percy to Stark, in honor of Gen. John 

December 4, 1840, a tract of land owned by El ha nan 
Winchester was severed from this town and annexed to 



July I, 1868, a small tract of land was severed from Stark 
and annexed to D'ummer. 


[10—75] [-Petition for I?icorporation : addressed to the Ge?i- 
eral Court, l/94.~\ 

The petition of the subscribers, Inhabitants of a New Town- 
ship called Piercy in the County of Grafton State aforesaid 
Humbly Shews — 

That we s d subscribers labouring under many inconveniences 
on Account of our Not being vested with Town Authority by 
Incorporation, Not only in laying out Roads, and establishing 
them in the most convenient Routs, but many other incon- 
veniences to the great detriment and preventing the settlement 
of s d New Township — Therefore praying that the Hon bl Gen- 
eral Court, would Incorporate s d New Township into a Town 
by the Name of Piercy as afores d thereby Vesting them with 
Town privilegs as other Towns in the State by Law do enjoy — 
And as in duty Bound will ever pray — 

Piercy May 10 th 1794 — 

Caleb Smith 
Jonathan Cole 
Barnard Cole 
Claftbrd Cole 
edmund Cole 
Abner Clark 
Aaron Jackson 
Edward Rowell 
John Ward 

Elisha Blake 
Anthony Cleftbrd Jun 
Nath 11 Dodge 
peter Leavitt 
James Leavitt 
Peter Leavitt Jur 
Daniel Miles 


Daniel Rowell 

[The petition was granted, and the town incorporated 
Jan. 9, 1795.— Ed.] 

S T E W A R T S T O W N . 

The township was granted Dec. 1, 1770, to Sir James 
Cockburne, Sir George Colebrooke, and John Stuart of Lon- 
don, and John Nelson of the island of Grenada ; the two 
latter were merchants. The town was named Stuart town, 
the derivation of which is obvious. It was incorporated 
Dec. 22, 1795, by the name of Stuart, but doubts arising as 


to the legality of some of the proceedings, it was again in- 
corporated Dec. 24, 1799, and named Stewartstown. The 
town being on the frontier during the Revolutionary war 
and liable to raids by Canadian Indians, no permanent set- 
tlements were made until after peace was declared. A fort 
was built in town during the War of 18 1 2- 15, and occupied 
for some time by American troops. 

[10-76] \_Petitio7i for Authority to assess a Tax o?i JVon- 
Rcside?it Lands, etc. : addressed to the General Assembly, 
1795 '•] 

The petition of the subscribers, inhabitants of a Township 
called Stuart in said County humbly sheweth, that your peti- 
tioners did some of them become inhabitants of said Township 
previous to the late War with Great Britain, and in addition to 
the burden of war which they felt severely, they have suffered 
much harpship in traveling through the desart to their respect- 
ive settlements without roads, although under necessity of bring- 
ing their supplies of provision &c thirty miles or upwards — and 
notwitstanding the increasing settlements of said township and 
the most strenuous exertions of said inhabitants the road in and 
through said Stuart is incomplete and impassible for teams; 
and your petitioners conceiving it to be highly reasonable that 
the lands in said township whose value hath been increased by 
their emigration and settlement should bear at least part of the 
burden of making roads therein, which the proprietors of said 
township have hitherto wholly neglected to do : therefore your 
petitioners humbly prays this honorable court to grant a tax of 
two pence on each acre of land in said Stuart for the purpose 
of making and repairing roads and bridges therein to be laid 
out under the direction of some meet persons in said township 
with in one year from the last day of November next ensuing 
the grant of said tax — And further your petitioners consid- 
ering many inconveniences to which they are subject on ac- 
count of their unincorporated state, the want of authority to 
raise money and collect the same for the purpose of making 
roads, keeping schools, and conducting other matters for the 
benefit of said inhabitants pray that they may be incorporated, 
and vested with all the power and authority which other towns 
within said State do by law exercise and enjoy and your peti- 
tioners shall ever pray — 

Stuart 11 th May AD 1795 — 


Dan 1 Brainerd J r Danl Hulbert 

Rich d Smart ■ Elisha Dyer 

Abner Powars Theopbs Durell 

Abel Bennet Jr Clement Miner 

John French Abner wood Junr 

Luther French David Lock 

Longley Willard Nathaniel Durell 

Barzillai Brainerd Boswel Merrill 
John Walls 

[Granted Dec. 9, 1795.] 

[10-77] \_Relative to amending the Act of I?zcorftoratio7i, 


Whereas a petition was prepared to the honorable General 
Court of the State of New Hampshire, at their Session in June, 
in the Year 1795, praying that a place called Stuart, in the 
County of Grafton and State of New Hampshire, might be in- 
corporated into a Town, and also that a tax of two pence on 
each acre of Land in said Stuart, might be granted for the pur- 
pose of making roads and bridges; Whereupon the said Gen- 
eral Court at their session in December in the same year passed 
an Act to incorporate the said place called Stuart, by the metes 
and bounds mentioned in the Charter thereof, into a Town by 
the name of Stuart ; and at their session in December in the 
Year 1796, passed an act granting a tax of three cents on each 
acre of land in said Stuart, public rights excepted, for the pur- 
pose of making roads and bridges, And as the said place was 
at the time of preferring said petition, understood and known 
to said petitioners by the name of Stuart, when in reality it was 
called Stuartstown in the Charter thereof, and some doubts 
have since arisen respecting the legality of said incorporation, 
as well as of the tax granted as aforesaid : Therefore, Your 
petitioners, inhabitants of said Stuartstown, humbly pray this 
honourable Legislative Body, to make such Amendments to the 
before mentioned Acts, as they shall think expedient, to answer 
the ends and purposes for which they were passed, or by any 
other way which they shall think proper incorporate the said 
Stuartstown, and vest it with such previledges as other Towns 
in said State enjoy, and enable them to collect and lay out a tax 
of three cents on each acre of land therein, for the purpose of 
making Roads and Bridges, public Rights excepted — And your 
petitioners shall ever pray &c — 

Stuartstown Nov r 23 d AD 1799 



Dan 1 Brainerd Jun r Danl Hulbert 

Richard Smart Eliphalet Miner 

Stephen Kemp Elisha Dyer 

Jeremiah Eames Ju r David Locke 

.Pellatiah Nichols Hanry Sallanhim 

John Walls Elijah Benton 

[December 24, 1799, an act passed the legislature incor- 
porating, the town by the name of Stewartstown. — Ed.] 



The township was granted by the Masonian proprietors 
to Col. Sampson Stoddard, of Chelmsford, Mass., and others, 
and went by the names of Monadnock No. 7, and Limerick, 
until it was incorporated Nov. 4, 1774, and named in honor 
of Col. Stoddard. Settlements were made in 1769 by John 
Taggart and others, who for a time obtained bread-meal in 
Peterborough and carried it to their homes on their backs. 
By an act passed Sept. 27, 1787, the south-west corner of 
the town was combined with portions of Gilsum, Keene, and 
Nelson, and incorporated into the town of Sullivan. 

The lines of Gilsum and Marlow, as chartered, extending 
some distance east of the curve line of Mason's patent, as 
surveyed by Joseph Blanchard, and the west line of Stod- 
dard, being said curve line, caused a serious dispute as to 
which should have jurisdiction over the territory in question. 
This was settled in favor of Stoddard June 16, 1797. 

June 25, 1835, tne farm of Ebenezer Tarbox was severed 
from Stoddard and annexed to Nelson. 

Stoddard men in First N. H. Regiment : 

Samuel Morrison enlisted January 1, 1777 ; discharged 
December, 17S1. 

Richard Richardson enlisted April 3, 1777; discharged 
April 5, 17S0. 

Nathaniel Richardson enlisted April 3, 1777; died June 
24, 1777. 

The manufacture of glass-ware was carried on to some 
■extent at South Stoddard for many years. 



[10-S6] [ Warrant for Town- Meeting, iyy6.'\ 

By Virtue of an order from the Select men of Stoddard to me 
I Warn all the Freeholders and oather inhabitants of the Town 
of Stoddard To meet att the Dwelling house of Ens n John Ten- 
neys in Stoddard on Wednesday the twentieth Day of June next 
at Eleven oClock forenoon then and there to act on the follow- 
ing articles if they see fit 

I th To Chuse a moderator to govern Said meeting — 
2 ly To See if the Town will Chuse a Select man in the room of 
Isaac Kenney who was Chose that office and refuses to Sarve 
the Town — 
3 ly To See if the Town will Chuse two Constables in the room 
of Ephraim Adams and Benoni Boynton, who was Chose and 
refuse to Sarve y e Town 
4 ly To See if the Town will a gree to hire any preaching this 

present Summer — and Chuse a Committee for the Same — 
5 ly To raise Such Sum or Sums of money as Shall be thot 

proper — 
6 ,y To See if the Town will Chuse a Commitee to open Such 
of the propriators roads that was Laid out in this Town be- 
fore it was incorporated as shall be thot neessarv — 
7 ly To See What the Town will Do in respect to Isaac Kenneys 

Taken asalls oath 
8 ly To have the Town agree where the preaching Shall be if 

they hire any 
9 ,y To vSee if the Town will Chuse a Commitee to reckon with 
Oliver Parker and to receive his accompts and give him re- 
cipts — and to Demand of him the Said parker the Town Book 
of records With the incorporation and all the records that 
are past 

Stoddard may y e 22 d 1776 

Isaac Temple Town Clr 

[10— 78] \_Re?)ionstrance against the election of Joseph Roun- 

seval, 1776.'] 

Colony of Newhamp 1 " 

to the Hon bIe Counciele and house of Representatives for s d Col- 
ony — 

the Petition and prayer of the subscribers Inhabitants of Stod- 
dard in S (1 Colony humbly Sheweth that m r Joseph Rounsivile 
may not have a Seat in Court for Reasons here mentioned firstly 
because he is not worth the money Seccondly because he is not 




leagly Chousen the Town not Being warned to Chuse a Repre- 
sintitive But to Chuse a Comt ee to Chuse one and accordingly 
he was Chosen by Comt ees 

Stoddard August 2 d 1776 

Jonathan Bennett joel Gilson 

Oliver Parker William Dutton 

John Dutton Isaac Kenney 

Asa Adams Moses Kenney 
Thomas Adams 


[10-79] [Disorder at a Town- Meeting, 1776.] 

The Petition of a Number of the Inhabitants of Stoddard in 
the Colony afores d humbly Sheweth That on the Last Thursday 
of the month of march Last past at Stoddard afores d was held 
y e annual meeting, so called, for the Town afores' 1 when after 
Chusing by hand Vote The Town officers for the Ensuing Year 
(among which Officers were Two Constables Chosen) The 
Town Clerk and Selectmen then chosen utterly refused to per- 
mit the s d Constables to take the Oath of office, declaring that 
y e former Selectmen should make y e assesment, and the former 
Constables collect the same, for the Ensuing year, after the 
Transacting of which it was requested of the moderator to Ad- 
journ y e s d meeting, upon which he called a Vote to see if it 
was the mind of y e Inhabitants so to do who almost unanimously 
voted that s d meeting be not adjourned, but the moderator not- 
withstanding did declare the same adjourned untill y e Second 
day of may then next, at which Time a Number of your peti- 
tioners protested against y e proceedings of s d meeting for the 
Reasons afores d your Petitioners further shew that on the 
Twelfth day of June Instant a small Number of the Inhabitants 
of y e s d Town did meet Together at a place never before that 
Time used for that purpose in a Tumultuous manner to the 
Number of about Eight persons to vote upon Sundry Articles 
and things in the notification herewith Exhibited, mentioned, 
by means of all which proceedings the utmost disorder and Con- 
fussion is introduced into y e s d Town, and the most unhappy 
Consequences are reasonably Expected to take place, wherefore 
your Petitioners (being a major Part of the Inhabitants freehold- 
ers and others Legally Qualified to Vote in Town meetings) 
humbly pray your Honors to take this our Petition into your 
wise Consideration and to a point some Legal method lor call- 
ing a meeting of y c Inhabitants of s d Town as soon as may be in 
order to transact y e necessary buisness of y e Town and restore 
peace and Harmony amongst the Inhabitants or other ways to 


Grant us releif as to your Honors shall seem fit, and your Peti- 
tioners as in duty bound shall Ever pray 

Stoddard June iS, 1776. 

John Dutton William Dutton Ephraim Adams 

Jonathan Bennett Joseph Dodge John N mther 

Oliver Parker Benoni Boynton Timothy. Mather 

Reuben Walton Isaac Kenney Richard Emerson 

Asa Adams Daniel Kenney Zach r Adams 

John Joyner Moses Kenney Thomas Adams 

Joel Gilson Samuel Parks 

Moses Bennett Ebenezer Wright 

[In H. of Rep., September 19, 1776, a hearing was or- 
dered for the next session. — Ed.] 


[10-80] \_Sumi7ions to Oliver Parker, 7776.'] 

Stoddard may y e 22 d 1776 — 

To oliver Parker — you are hereby required to appear att the 
Dwelling house of m r John Tennys in Stoddrad afore S d on 
Wednesday the fifth Day of June next at Ten oClock fore noon 
then and their to make answer to a Com plant Brought to us I 

against you wherein you appear inimical to america in a num- 
ber of alecrntions fail not of annerence at vom* neril — as vour 

ber of alegations fail not of appcrence at your peril — as your 
neglect will be faithfully reported to the Commitee of Safty for 
the Colony of Newhampshire given under our hands at Stod- 
drd afore Said — 

Alexander Scott \ Commitee 
Nathaniel Emerson > of Safty 
Amos Butterfield j for Stoddard 

[10-S3] [Proceedings of the Town Cojmnittee of Safety, 


att a meeting of the Commitees of Safty for the Towns of 
Stoddard Camden and marlovv met at the house of m r John 
Tenneys on the fifth Day of June 1776 to hear and Examine 
into a Complaint Brought to us against one oliver Parker of 
Stoddard — setting forth the S d parker to be inimical to america 
and its Liberties Proceed and Chose m r Sam 11 Gustin Chair- 
man — 

The inclosed Complaint is the same that was Brought to us, 
and has ben fully suported and prov d — 

upon which we Came to the following resolution viz — 



i 8t it is the opinion of the Committees that y e s d parker is 
notoriously Disaffected to the american Cause — 

2 ly it is the opinion of the Commitees that the S d parker is so 
notoriously Disaffect d that he the S d parker be Emedeately Dis- 
armd from all instruments of war — 

3 ly that the S d parker be Confin' 1 to the Lot of Land his house 
stands on on the penalty of being Sent to the Common goal of 
the County of Cheshire — or find good Bonds to the Satisfac- 
tion of the Cotnmitee of Safty in the Town of Stoddard 

4 ly all persons are forbid to have any Deleaings with y e S d 
parker on y e penalty of being Consider 11 enimies to arnerica — 

And furthermore while we ware setting a Complaint was 
brought to us by m r Nathaniel Emerson of Stoddard against the 
s d Parker setting forth that the s d Parker filloniously brock 
down his y e s d Emersons fence and has continu d to do it for 
some days and turns his Cattle into his improvements — and a 
Citation was sent to the s d Parker to appear and defend y c same, 
but he pay d no regard at all to the Summons but difies all au- 
thority to bring him to Justice (meaning y c Committee of Safe- 
ty) — John Nois mather — Joel Gilson — Zach r adams — Eli ad- 
ams — and william Dutton all of Stoddard was Summon 11 to 
appear as Evidences in the above Cause but refused to appear 
and seam d to appear as abetters of the s d Parker by their deni- 
ing the authority of the Committee — Treating y e Committee 
with scurulous Language 

By Order of the Several Committees 

Attest Sam 11 Gustin Chairman 

Stoddard June y e 5 th 1776 

Stoddard June y e 5 th 1776 

Att a meeting of the Committees of Safety of Stoddard and 
marlow and Camden, met to try a cause depend 8 between oliver 
Parker a reputed Tore, and the Liberty of America — y e said 
Parker being sited to appear on this Day, but defyes y e author- 
ity of the Committee of Safety — and dos not appear — 

[A part of the evidence brought against said Parker was 
the following, which he acknowledged to have written to 
Mr. Boy n ton : 

"A Receipt to make a Whig — Take of conspiracy and 
the root of pride three handfulls two of ambition and vain 
glory, pound them in the mortar of faction and discord, boil 
it in 2 quarts of dissembling tears and a little New England 
Rum over the fire of Sedition till you find the scum of folly 
wood to rise on the top, then strain it through the cloths of 
Rebillion, put it into the bottle of envy, stop it with the 


cork of malice, then make it into pills called Conspiracy of 
which take nine when going to bed say over your hypocrit- 
ical prayer, and curse your honest neighbor in your bed 
chamber and then go to sleep if you can, it will have so 
good an effect that all the next day you will be thinking- 
how to cozzen cheat lie and get drunk abuse the ministers 
of the Gospel, cut the throats of all honest men and plunder 
the Nation." 

Parker was committed to jail in Exeter, Nov. 2, 1778, and 
was under bonds not to go out of Cheshire county in 1782. 

[10-81] [Petition of Oliver Parker : addressed to the Com- 
mittee of Safety, 1776.'] 

Humbly sheweth Oliver Parker of Stoddard in the County 
of Cheshire in s d Colony that he was upon y e 5 th day of June 
Current by Order of Certain Committees directed to be dis- 
armed, and not to go from his Lot of Land on which he Lives, 
upon y e penalty of being Committed to y e County Goal, and by 
s d Committees deemed an Enemv to his Country, your petitoner 
avers and declares that s d Committees had not y e least proof of 
his being inimical to his Country, but that they proceeded to 
act as they did with regard to him merely upon malice, and 
that he openly Challenges any person or persons whomsoever 
to prove the least thing against him with respect to his being 
in any way or manner disaffected to the Cause of Liberty, 
wherefore he prays your Honers to point out some reasonable 
and just method for him to make his Innocence in y e premises 
manefest, and to be Liberated from y e unjust decree of s d Com- 
mittees — 

June iS 1776 Oliver Parker 

[10-S4] \_Snndry Inhabitants relative to foregoing : ad- 
dressed to the Committee of Safety, 1776.^ 

The Petition and Remonstrance of the Subscribers Inhabi- 
tants of Stoddard in s fl Colony sheweth, that We have for a 
Number of years been acquainted with Capt Oliver Parker of 
Stoddard afores d and have Especially since y c Unhappy War 
commenced bewixt Great Britain and the Colonys been person- 
ally Knowing to his Good disposition In the Cause of Liberty 
and that he has done his part as an Individual towards y e sup- 
port of v° War and on Every Occasion as a military officer 



obeyed orders and done what was required of him, notwith- 
standing which he was Lately summoned to appear before Cer- 
tain Committees to answer a Complaint again him as an Enemy 
to America, and without letting him Know what y e Complaint 
was or -to what he was to answer to they proceeded to confine 
him to that Lot of Land his house stands upon, and to order 
that no persons deal with him on pain of being deemed Ene- 
mies to their Country, now as your petitioners are certain that 
there was no Grounds to found this resolution upon, but that mere 
malice and falshood directed y e whole proceedings, thev pray 
that your Honors would reverse y e afores d unjust decree or by 
some means let y e matter be fairly and impartially determined. 

Stoddard June 18 1776 

John Dutton . William Dutton Samuel Parks 

Jonathan Bennett John Joyner Ebenezer Wright 

Reuben Walton Asa Adams J°hn N Mather 

Moses Kenney Moses Bennett Timothy mather 

Benoni Boynton Joseph Dodge Richard Emerson 

Thomas Adams Isaac Kenney Zachariah Adams 

Joel Gilson Daniel Kenney Isaac Barit 

[10-85] [Relative to a disputed Line: addressed to the 
General Assembly, 1776."] 

The Humble prayer and petition of the Select men of Mar- 
low and Stoddard, met to agree on some method to proceed in 
relating to a Contested Strip of Land claimed by both Towns — 
Came to the following agreement : viz : We humbly pray the 
General Assembly would give us their advice in this Difficult 
matter and during the Dispute between Britain and the Colo- 
nies that is Wheather Stoddard shall Tax to their Western 
Bound called the patent or Curve Line — or Wheather marlow 
shall Tax to their Eastern Bound — or so far East as to in Clude 
all that first settled under their Charter for as we Expect to pay 
Taxes with the rest of our Breathern so Each Town claiming 
a right to Tax a few famileys will soon create Confutions and 
Divitions which we would by all means indevour to avoide, 
praying att the same time that the words (every person) might 
be Left out in their answer if they are pleased to give one — as 
was incerted in their former answer for as We apprehend will 
give no Satisfaction — for this reason — one man will say he is 
under Stoddard when he is under marlow — and another will 
say he is under marlow when he is under Stoddard — so we 
pray that the advice may Set some Bound for to gide us in this 
matter — that thereby we may Shun the Difficulty that has sub- 



as in 

sisted between the said Towns for some years past — and 
Duty Bound Shall ever pray — 

Dated att Stoddard may y e 24 th 1776 — 

Stephen Gee 

Nicodemus Miller , 

Abisha Tubs j marlow 

Alexander Scott ) Select men 
Nathaniel Emerson \ of Stoddard 


~) Select men 

[10-87] [Petition of Inhabitants living on the disputed 

Land, 1776.^ 

To the Honourable Counsel and House of Representives for 
the State of New Hampshire — 

We your Humble purti doners Beg Leave to Inform your 
Honours that we are in Great Dificulty by Reason of being 
taxed to two Towns Viz Stoddard and Marlow Altho we be 
Long to Stoddard and Live East of the Patten Line yet the 
Town of Marlow has taxed us a Considerable Number of years 
we Humbly beg your Honours to take the matter into Consider- 
ation and order where we shall pay our taxes for we are not able 
to pay to two Towns as we your Humble Purtitioners In Duty 
Bound Shall Ever Pray — 

John N mather 
Ebenezer Farley 
Stephen Twitchel 
Ephraim Brockway 

Dan Brockway 

Timothy Mather 

Isaac Barritt 

[10-92] [Relative to the disputed Line: addressed to the 
General Assembly, March, I177>~\ 

Humbly Shew — 

The Subscribers Freeholders & Inhabitants of Stoddard in 
the County of Cheshire in said State — 

That your petitioners with Others entered into & upon a 
Certain Tract or parcel of land bounded Westerly on the Patent 
Line, so called, Easterly on the Society land, so called, and 
northerly on Monadnock Number Eight and southerly on Mo- 
nadnock Number Six of the Contents of about Six Miles Square 
called Monadnock Number Seven — 

That in November 1774, the said Inhabitants prefer'd a petU 
tion to the then Governor and Council of said province, setting 
forth among other things, their Situation, and praying that the 


said lands might be Erected into a Township, and the Inhabi- 
tants thereof Incorporated into a Body Politick, to have Con- 
tinuance and succession forever — which petition was Granted, 
and Letters Patent in due Form accordingly passed — 

That in the Year last passed the Selectmen of the Towns of 
Marlow and Stoddard Unknown to your Petitioners Applied 
to the General Assembly for Advice and Directions Touching 
the Taxation of a Number of your petitioners who they said 
were settled under the Late Kings Grant of Marlow — That the 
order made in Consequence thereof Very Sensibly Affects them 
and is likely to create Great uneasiness which is the Bane of 
New Settlements — 

That as your petitioners are settled within the undoubted 
Limits of Stoddard aforesaid they are unwilling to be taxed 
Else where and t-he Application aforesaid to the Late General 
Assembly was premature; — That the Right to the Soil your 
petitioners are Willing to Contest with any person at Common 
Law — 

Wherefore your petitioners humbly pray that Your Honours 
would not hold them to pay taxes to the Town of Marlow 
where they do not belong — (and as they are within a Town 
Corporate are under the Regulations of Law). That your Hon- 
ours would not Interfere in their Title nor do anything that may 
seem to Affect the same ; your petitioners pray — 

Oliver Parker J onn Joyner Salvenus Beckwith 

John Dutton Samuel Parks Benjamin 

Jonathan Bennett William Dutton Joseph Dodge Jr 

Joel Gilson Isaac Kenney Joseph Dodge 

Daniel Kenney Richard Emerson Elijah Morse 

Moses Bennett Asa Adams Joseph O Taylor 

Zachriah Adams Benoni Boynton Isaac Barit 

Th 08 Adams Amos Taylor ' Eph m Adams 

Reuben walton John N mather 

Moses Kenney Timothy mather 

[10-91] [Action of the Legislature.^ 

In the House of Representatives March 21'* 1777 — 
The Committee of both Houses on the petitions of Marlow 
and Stoddard made report that it is their Opinion that the In- 
habitants living on the Lands in dispute between the Towns of 
Marlow and Stoddard do abide by the Resolve made by the 
General Court of this State on the 12 Day of June 1776, re- 
specting Taxation until the matter in dispute be settled by Law 
or Agreement as therein mentioned — but that the said Inhabi- 
tants do Military Duty in the Town of Stoddard as has been 


usual, signed Nich° Oilman Chairman which Report being read 
and Considered, Voted that the same be received and accepted 
and that the said Inhabitants govern themselves according. 
Sent up for concurrence 

John Dudley Speak r p temp r 
In Council the Same Day read and concurred 

E Thompson Secy 

[The result was in favor of Stoddard, their claim to all 
territory as far west as the curve line of Mason's patent be- 
ing allowed, thus taking portions of the towns of Marlow 
and Gilsum. — Ed.] 

[10— SS] \_Relailve to an alleged illegal Town- Meet ing."\ 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Stoddard 
Being Desirous of peace and unity — att all Times. But more 
Especially in these Days of Trouble and rebuke — When not 
only those who formerly Stiled them _ Selves our Parents. But 
our own Domestics are Levying war against us — and using all 
means to Bring us into and keep us in Divitions — which we 
would use all Lawfull means to put a Stop to, and to Cultivate 
good order and harmony among us and as authority is allways 
the only means whereby any part of the Community, when 
Greav d Can Lawfully have Redress — 

We therefore Humbly pray the Hon ble General assembley for 
the Colony of New Hampshire, Would be Graciously pleased 
to Condecend to give us y e inhabitants of poor pensive Stod- 
dard their advice — in Regard to our annual march meeting — 
held in this Town the 2S th Day of march Last past — the people 
being Legally Warned and met — the Votes Ware Called for — ■ 
for a moderator — a motion Was made — Wheather it would not 
be Best and Quicker to Chuse him by nominating and Lifting 
up y c hand — the Question was accordingly put by one of the 
former Select men — past in the afl'ermitive — and no objection 
made — after y e moderator was Chose — a nother motion was 
made to have all y e oather Town officers Chose by nomina- 
ting and Lifting up the hand — ye moderator accordingly put y e 
Question and it past in the arfermitive — and no objection made 
in y e Least — and if there is any Law how to Chuse Town offi- 
cers We Look upon this way to be y e Law — and if there is no 
Law we think the Town has a right (and it is necessary) to 
Say how they will proceed for that year or for that meeting — 
but we went on and Chose all our Town officers in peace With- 
out any objection and after y e Choice of all y e officers was made 
— there Came on a Despute about a publick meeting house 




Spot — now there has been a Divition about y c meeting house 
ever Senee y e Town was Settled and when ever there was any 
thing to be acted upon Concerning a meeting house — a Quaril 
insued — and So it was now. nothing Done but Disputing and 
hard words — a motion was made to have that article Dismised 
or y e meeting adjorned — but Could not be obtained — v e moder- 
ator Calling on them to proceed and Do business or he would 
adjorn y e meeting — Which after a While more Spent in Talk 
and Nothing Done. y° moderator Declair d y e meeting Stand 
adjorn d to the Second Day of may next — and no Sort of objec- 
tion made all rested in peace till S d 2 d Day of may- — y e Select 
men being Sworn — and had Taken y e List or Valuation of the 
Town and now there is a party risen up against the meeting 
Saing it is invaded and on this reason that y e officers ware voted 
in by nominating.and Denies, all y e authority of Town officers 
oliver parker a Common Tore being y e ring Leeder — and We 
Supose about fourteen or fifteen have Sent to y e General Cort to 
have y e Said meeting Disanul d and Void — But we pray y e Sd 
meeting may Stand good for many reasons — as y e Town has 
proceed in their public Business in many instances — and it 
Would put y e Town into y e utmost Confution to have ye meet- 
ing put by and as in Duty Bound Shall ever pray for your ad- 
vice we are your Humble Constituants — 

Alexander Scott 
Silas Wright 
John Robbe 
Caleb Wright 
David Robbe 
John McDonald 
Isaac Temple 
John Jackson 
Amos Buttcrfild 

Abram morrison 
David Scott 
Nathaniel Emerson 
James Scott 
Richard Richardson 
Robart Prockter 
Thorns Adams 
Abel adams 
James Willson 

John Farley 
Amos Taylor 
David Willson 
Allan Speir 
John Taggard 
Ephraim Brockway 
Robert Blood 
Silvanus Bikwith 
John Tenny 

[R. 4-17] [Jo/in Robbe, wounded Soldier, 1778. ,] 

Peterborough Jan y 1, 1778. 

May it please your Honors 

Permit me to address you in behalf of Sarg' John Robbe of 
Stoddard, in the County of Cheshire, and State Aforesaid, the 
said Robbe being in the Engagement at Benningtown, under 
my Command, was there much Wounded & Disabled from 
Getting his Future Support beg Leave to Recommend the said 



Robbe to the Favour of the said state as your Honors in your 
Wisdom shall think- fitt — am with due Respeet 

your Honors most Hum 1 Ser* 

John Stark, B D G 

To the Hon'ble Council & Assembly for the State of New- 
Hampshire — 

[John Robbe appealed to the inhabitants of Stoddard 
Jan. 28, 1778, to ask the legislature for assistance, which 
they voted to do at a meeting Feb. 2, 1778. They also by 
vote recommended Mr. Robbe very highly. In II. of Rep., 
May 23, 1778, voted that said Robbe was entitled to half 
pay and ^30 for extra expenses. — Ed.] 



State of New Hampshire May 23 d 1778 

To Gilman Esq r R. G. Pursuant to a Vote of Council 

& Assembly pay Joth n Blanchard for John Robb Six pounds 
towards s d Robb s Expences in being cured of a wound r d at 
Bennington — 

M Weare Prest 


[R. 4-24] [Richard Richardson, Soldier, iy82.~\ * 

[In a petition dated Stoddard, Nov. 5, 1782, Richard 
Richardson stated that he " was out in the service of his 
country in the first three years' service in the present war." 
He further stated that he was paid in state notes, and held 
one for .£43.18, and one for $73, which he wanted paid. — 



[R. 4-26] [Soldiers Order, 1784.] 

Stoddard May 25 th y e 17S4 

To the State Treasury of New Hampshire pleas to Pay Mr 
Jacob Copling the ballance Due to me for the year 17S1 and | 

his Receipt on the back of this order Shall be your discharge 
from me you will find my name in Capt Caleb Robinsons mus- 
ter roles 

Josiah Hardy 


[10-93] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783.^ 

Stoddard December y e 3 d 17S3 then apeerd Isreal towns 
Ephraim Adams and James Scott vSelectmen of Sd Stoddard 
and made Solem oath that att present there is in y e town of S d 
Stoddard one hundred and four Ratebel 

Before me J Rounsevel Just pece. 

[10-94] [Relative to the formation of Sullivan, 1786.^ 

Stoddard Dec r 4 th 17S6 
at a legal meeting this day 

Voted not to oppose the southwest corner of this Town being 
set off to Keen, Packerfield, Gillsom &c 

Attest : Eleaz r Blake T : Clerk— 


Stoddard Novm r 10 th 17S6 

This may ceertify, to whom it may Concern — that we the 
Subscribers — have receiv'd of M r Ezra Osgood a Petition Sent 
to the General Court by a number of the Inhabitants of the 
Souwest Part of Stoddard 

Ward Eddy \ Select men 
Peter Wright j of Stoddard 

[The south-west part of the town was set off Sept. 27, 
1787, combined with portions of Keene, Gilsum, and Nelson, 
and incorporated into the town of Sullivan. — Ed.] 

[10-97] [Re tit ion for Authority to levy a Special Tax to 
build a Meeting- House and repair Roads, 1787."] 

The Memorial of your Petitioners Humbly Sheweth that: 
being Chosen a Committee by The Town of Stoddard, to Peti- 
tion the General Court that a Tax of one penny p r Acre Annu- 
ally be laid on all the Lands in said Stoddard for three Years: 
to be Appropriated Towards Building a Meeting House and 
repairing the Publick Roads Leading from Hancock to Marlow : 
likewise from John Tabards to Washington line : Also from 
Israel Townses Esqr. to Packerfield line, the leading Road to 


Keen — The first third part of Said tax to be Asses'd in the Year 

Your Humble Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever Pray — 

May 21 th Anno Domini : 17S7 

Israel Towne ~) 

Ephraim Adams V Committee 
Jacob Copland ) 

[This petition was granted Sept. 27, 1787. — Ed.] 


[10-99] \_Committee to locate a Electing- House, Ij8~.~\ 

Your humble pensioners Beg leave to inform Your honours 
that the Town has Laboured under Dificalty for a Number of 
preceeding Years In reguard to agreeing upon a Meeting house 
Spot, at a Leagal Meeting of the Freeholders and other Inhab- 
itents of the Town of Stoddard Quallified to Vote in Town 
meeting Leagally warned and met for the following purpose 

Voted to Chose a Committee finally to Determine where the 
Meeting house Shall be arected in this Town and for the Same 
purpose Nominated Esq r Penniman of Washington and Sam 1 
Griilen Esq 1- of Packerfied. Likewise m r John Muzzey of Dub- 
lin we Your humble pertisioners pray That the above said 
Committee may be appointed & Impowered according To the 
afour Said Vote and we Your humble pertisioners as In Duty 
bound Shall Ever pray 

Peter Wright ) Selectmen in 
Israel Towne j behalf of the Town 

Stoddard September 8 th 1787 

[10-98] \_Their Report.'] 

We Your Committee Within Named haveing Repaired to 
the Town of Stoddard, and Viewed the Situation of Said Town, 
& the Inhabitants thereof beg leave to report that it is our opin- 
ion that the Meetinghouse there to be erected, be placed on the 
fifteenth Lot in the Ninth Range upon a Tract of land Given to 
y e Town of Stodard by John Tenney for a Meetinghouse Spot 
burying Yard &c and We have Erected a Stake and Stones 
upon s d Common for y e Bounds of Said Meetinghouse 

p r Tho 8 Penniman for y e Committe 

octo r y e 3i d 17S7 


[10-101] [Petition for Authority to levy a Tax 011 JVon- Res- 
ident Lands, to build a Road, lygg.^ 

A Petition in behalf of the Inhabitants of the Town of Stod- 
ard in Said State Humbly Sheweth 

That your Petitioners are Situate on the Hightofland Be- 
twixt the great Rivers Connecticut and Miremac where the land 
is very Mountanious and Rocky : which Causes our Roads to 
be Extremely Deficnalt to make & Repair the Same : And 
whereas the Committee appointed to lay a Road from Hales 
Bridge in Walpole to Macgregores Bridge in Gofestown : Hath 
laid out anew Road through the Said Town of Stodard which 
will be of Great Utility to the Public if opned and made Passa- 
ble: But will lay an -unsuportable Burthen on the Inhabitants 
in Said Town : as it passes through a large tract of unimproved 
land owned by Nonresidents and Remmote from the Settle- 
ment: which will Raise the Value of the land through which 
it Passes : and it appearing Reasonable that the owners of Said 
land Should assist in Oppening and Making passable the Same : 
and the like privildges Being granted to other Towns in Sem- 
meril Situation : We your Petitioners Humbly pray your Hon- 
nours to take our Case under your wise Consideration and grant 
that an Act may pass impowering the Said Town of Stodard to 
lay a tax of two pence p r acre on all the land in Said town for 
the Sole Purpose of Making Passable the Roads and Bridges in 
Said Stoddard: And your petitioner as in Duty Bound will 
Pray ^ Natha 11 Emerson 

Janury 1 1794 

[Granted June 1 1, 1794. — Ed.] 

[10-102] [Relative to the Disputed Line between this -Town 
a?id Marlow, 1798.] 

The Petition of us the subscribers Humbly shews that the 
General Court at their session in June A D 1797 set off the 
south East Part of Marlow under the Jurisdiction of the 
Town of Stoddard, And we Your Petitioners living on s d 
Land being fully pursuaded that thair Honours woidd not have 
subjected us to so unreasonable a burthen had thay known 
our situation & the true circumstances we are under the one 
part sctling under Marlow have been at Great Expence to de- 
fend our persons & Properties from the unjust demands made c\. 
Extorted from us by the Town of Stoddard and the other part 
being made to believe by the Unrighteous pursuasions of Stod- 



dard Proprietors that the Lands were theirs and thereupon we 
purchased of them at A Very dear rate, which took at that lime 
of many of us all our properties And after living many Years in 
this Rough wilderness have been at the expence of every thing 
but life, And now we find that marlow holds their Right of 
soil it being decided by Law And those of us that Purchased of 
Stoddard have to Purchase our Lands over Again at A great 
price & have been subjected to A Large bill of cost in Disputing 
the title & the Town of Stoddard Refusing to pay anv Part of s rl 
expence and we being fully sensible that Stoddard cannot have 
any Accurate survey or knowledge of those lands Laved out 
under Marlow And that Stoddard & Marlow both Claim the 
Jurisdiction to part of s d Land on Account of their being two 
Curve Lines which will keep the Inhabitants in Vexetion & 
confusion. And being fully sensible that it will be for the Good 
& peace of us the Inhabitants to continue as we- Really were 
within the Jurisdiction of Marlow And being fully sencible that 
Stoddard left off two Ranges of their lots on their East line to 
Extend to the west on Marlow as the Proprietors of stoddard 
by that Conduct thought to git about nine or ten of Marlow set- 
lers to count for Stoddard in order to fulfill their Charter which 
we flatter ourselves will not be Justified, And Stoddard will be 
a much larger Town without anv part of Marlow than Marlow 
will be they holding the whole within their Charter, And there- 
fore on every principal of right, And for ourselves And off- 
spring to in joy any degree of comfort we think it our duty to 
humbly pray your Honours to Repeal the foregoing Act And 
let us remain in and under the Jurisdiction of Marlow As your 
Petitioners in duty bound shall ever pray 

November 7 th 1798 

Aaron Matson Timothy Bailey Ephraim Brockway 

Ebenezer Blake Ziba Henry Jur 

Sam 1 Messinger Bani Henry Joseph Brockway 

John Henery J r Nathen Isaac Barritt 

Nathaniel Gilson Ephraim Brockway Jesse Farley 

[10-103] [Another Docziment relative to the Disputed Line, 

1796 .] \ 

The Petition of the inhabitants of the Town of Stoddard J 

states that in the vear of our Lord seventeen hundred and fifty- 
Three the Town of Stoddard was Granted to Sampson Stoddard 
and others by the Masoniaii Proprietors and was bounded west- 
ward upon the head line of Masonian patent; that in the year 
Anno Domini 1773 they received their Charter of incorporation 


trom his excellency Benning Wentworth Esq 1- which gave the 
Town of Stoddard jurisdiction over a certain tract of land seven 
miles square lying east of said Patent or head line — that in the 
year Anno Domini 1762 the Town of Mario was granted and 
incorporated which Grant intersected the Town of Stoddards 
Grant nearly Two miles whereby each Town had concurrent 
jurisdiction over the same territory — and thereupon application 
was made to the provincial assembly of New Hampshire to set- 
tle the Jurisdictional line between said Towns — And said as- 
sembly in the year A D 1776 resolved that said inhabitants 
should pay their taxes to the Town of Mario but should do mil- 
itary duty in the Town of Stoddard — That in the year A D 1777 
application being made to the General assembly a second time 
to settle the aforesaid dispute they recommended by a special 
resolve mentioning the Town of Washington and all other 
Towns in similar circumstances (of which Stoddard was one) 
that the inhabitants living on said strip or disputed Grant 
should pay their taxes to the Towns lying east of the head 
line of Masons patent untill the same should be further set- 
tled and established by law — That in the year A D 17S4 
The Town of Mario petitioned the General assembly for an 
abatement of their taxes in consequence of the resolve of 
the General assembly which passed in the year 1777 — upon 
which petition the General assembly then resolved that the 
Town of Mario be abated one fourth part of all their taxes 
from the year A D 1777 to the year 17S4 — and the Town of 
Mario have ever since that period relinquished all jurisdiction 
to the same land and have ever since omitted and refused to 
make return of the same in their valuation — That the same has 
been uniformly since the year A D 1777 returned by the Town 
of Stoddard and set to their valuation — That large sums of 
money have been assessed since that period upon the inhabi- 
tants living thereon, and many lots of land there lying have 
been sold by the Collectors of Stoddard at publick vendue for 
the non-payment of taxes assessed thereon — In the year A D 
1792 the Original Proprietors of Mario finding that the Mason- 
ian Proprietors had extended their bounds upwards of twenty 
miles farther westward than their original grant warranted — and 
intending to avail themselves if possible of the invalidity of the 
act which passed the General assembly in the year 1777 — giving 
jurisdiction to Stoddard — Commenced Two actions of ejectment 
to recover possession of those lands which were sold at vendue 
by the collectors of Stoddard — and upon which lands the Pro- 
prietors of Mario had paid no taxes for upwards of twenty-five 
years — In which actions the Original Proprietors of Mario re- 
covered possession against the vendue purchasers under Stod- 
dard in consequence of a defect in the act which passed in the 


year 1777 giving jurisdiction to the Town of Stoddard — We 
therefore pray this Honorable Court to take into their wise con- 
sideration the circumstances and situation of the Town of Stod- 
dard and if legal and constitutional to establish and confirm the 
doings of the Selectmen of Stoddard and ratify the assessments 
which have hitherto been made— And also to settle the Juris- 
dictional line between said Two Towns and give the Jurisdic- 
tion of the strip so-called to the Town of Stoddard if consistent 
with the Interest and happiness of both Towns — And also to 
settle the Jurisdictional line between Gilsom and Stoddard 

And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Stoddard Dec r 6 th A D 1796 

Jacob Copeland Agent for Stoddard 

[The line was established in favor of Stoddard June 16, 
i797 ._Ed.] 


The township was granted May 26, 1773, to Joshua 
Wentworth and others, in seventy-one shares, and contained 
about 48,000 acres. It was incorporated November 16, 
1779, by the same name and bounds as expressed in the 
charter. Settlements were made soon after the town was 
granted, by Isaac Johnson, Archippus Blodgett, and others. 
The population of the town in September, 1775, numbered 
41, and in 1790 but 146. By an act approved June 21, 1832, 
the territory embraced in ranges 17, 18, 19, and 20, in the 
south-east part of the town, were set off and annexed to 
Percy (Stark). 

[10—104] \_State7nc1it of the Condition of Matters, Taxes, 
etc. : addressed to the Geiieral Conrt.~] 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Stratford — g$ 

humbly shews 

That your petitioners, now & ever willing to do our just part 
toward the Common defence of our Country as far as we are 
able beg leave to show our inability to pay the State tax we are 
now called upon for & pray that we may be heard and Consid- 
ered under our present circumstances of distress — & which we 




have laboured under ever Since we came into this Wilderness 
— We began to Settle in the Year 1773 & there are now but 
Seven families in the town — We have lived destitute of any As- 
sistance from the rest of the Propriety who were to make equal 
and imediate Settlement with us & "to build Mills which they 
have Neglected to do — by which we have Suffered greatly — Our 
Grain has cost one half its value to get it ground into Meal ever 
Since we have been here — the Cost of getting Salt & other Ne- 
cessaries owing to the distance & badness of the Roads have been 
equally distressing — our proprietary Meeting was Adjourned to 
Connecticut & held there So that we have not the priviledge of 
Acting as a propriety and we are not incorporated as other 
towns are — we are destitute of every previledge — our money is 
spent, our Families are naked — provisions are very Scarce by 
reason of the Inhabitants moving olf for fear of the Enemy leav- 
ing all our Crops & we were obliged to part, with our Oxen & 
Cows to get back again — We are a frontier town — exposed to 
the enemy & without the Means of defence — We therefore pray 
that we may be considered in our Taxes & that we may be ad- 
mitted to the preveledges of Incorporation — And your petition- 
ers will ever pray — &c — 

Archippus Blodget 
Joshua Lambkin 
James Curtis 
James Brown 

John Smith 
Joseph Barlow 
John Holbrook 

[10-105] \_Petition for an Abatement and for Incorporation : 
addressed to the General Court, 1778. ~\ 

We your humbel proticeners do pleade for an abatement of 
taxes Praying that the Court would consider us under our 
present distressed Curcumstances and wich we have laboured 
under Ever sence we came into this howling wilderness we 
Shall now proceed to Show forth what we have Indured Ever 
Sence we began to Settel this town which in the yeare AD 177/) 
and now thare is but Seven familys in the town only and we 
have lived destitute of aney asistance from the rest of the Propi- 
ty which ware to make emediate Settelment and bould miles 
which is all neglected by which means we have Suffered very 
much on wheat has Cost us the one half of it to get it ground 
ever Sence we have lived heare oure proprity meting was 
ajurned to Connecticut and held thare so that we have not had 
the privelige of acting as a proprity in the town when the town 
was last Chartered out the Publect rites ware taking away so 
that we live destitute of aney privelige booth Sivel or Sacred 
oure money is Spent oure famelys are naked and provision is 



very scars by reson of the pepol moving of for feire the Enemy 
we lost all our Crops' and was Obliged to part with our oxari 
and cows to get bak agane and we are exposed to the Enemy 
with outaney protection and are in a poorc sitawation to defend 
oure Selves we are the fruntear as the Pepol is all with drew 
from above us we desire that the Court would incorporate us 
and give us Proper athority 

Stratford May y e .15/1778 

Archippus Blogget 
Joshua Lamkin 
James Curtiss 
James Brown 

John Smith 
Joseph Barlow- 
John Holbrooks 












Mens Names "© 








o" G 

*"* ' 










John Holbrooks 1 







Archippus Blog- 

get 3 









James Brown 1 







James Curtiss 1 








Joshua Lamkin 1 








Joseph Barlow 2 









John Smith 1 






Sum Totel 10 

1 1 

7 4° *3 

The above Inventory Taken April y e 2S/1777 by us the Sub- 

Being apinted a Comitte for that Porpose 

Archippus Blogget 
James Brown 
John Holbrook 

[The town was incorporated November 16, 1779. — Ed.] 

£10—106] [Relative to an Attack by French and Indians : ad- 
dressed to the Co n?icil a) id II of Rep., //7<?.] 

The Memorial of Sundry of the Inhabitants of the Towns, of 
Lanchaster Northumberland & Stratford humbly Sheweth. that 
on Thursday the 24 th Ins* June A party of Indians aboute fifteen 


in Number Commanded by A French man, came into Stratford 
took two Prisners Plunderd two Families of every thing Valu- 
able which they had, we humbly pray that your Honor 3 would 
take the matter into your Sereous Consideration 3 and provide 
such Assistance for our future Security, from those Barba- 
rous Savages, as your Wisdom shall Direct and your Memorial- 
ists as in duty Bound shall Ever Pray. — 
Lanchaster 27 th June 1779 

Joseph Peverly Ward Bailey 

Thomas Peverly Caleb maf shall 

Daniel Spaldin Emmens Stockwell 

Nathan Caswell moses Page 

Dill Sawyer Jonas Wilder 

- Enoch Hall Edw ds Bucknam 

£10-107] [Petition for a Guard, iy8o.'\ 

The Pettition of us the Subscribers humbly Sheweth That 
our Exposed Situation to the Enemy in Canada and having the 
East Summer Suffered from that Quarter by having our houses 
Plundered and Sum of our men Captivated by the Indeans and 
hearing of their threatning to Come to this River this winter 
Give us apprehension ofimeadeate Danger therefore we Pray 
your Hon rs to take our Case into your wise Consideration and 
Relieve our Present fears by Sending of us help Either by 
Sending a Draught of the millitia or that your Hon 8 would 
wright to Some General orlcer for a Detachment of Continantal 
Soldeirs we Supose about 100 men might be a Suficent Num- 
ber at Present and your Petitioners Shall Ever Pray 

Stratford Jan r 21 st 17 So 

James Brown Joseph Barlow 

Archippus Blogget John Gamsby 

John Smith Nathan Barlow 

Joshua Lamkin David Hix 

[10-10S] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783.^ 

State Newhamp 1 " 
a True and Exact Number of Poles in Stratford twenty one 
Years and upward Paying a Pole Tax are thirteen taken this 2 d 
Dec r 17S3 

Joshua Lamkin 
John Ilolbrook 

[Sworn to before Jeremiah Eames, justice of the peace.] 



[R. 4-27] 

[Soldier's Order. ~\ 

To the Treasurer of the State of Newhampshire 

Please to Pay the Whole of the wages Due to me as a Sol- 
dier in Major Benjamin Whitcomb Choir of Rangers with the 
Deprecition to Major Benjamin Whitcomb and his Receipt 
Shall be a full Discharge for the Same 

Stratford 9 th Jan r — . 

pr me Josiah Blogget 

[R. 4-28] [Relative to tzuo redeemed Captives.'] 

July the 19th 17S1 oure friend Indions brought in Prisoners of 
our men which Desalted from Canady which S d Indians found 
in the woods and brought in which S d Prisoners Promised to 
Pay S d Indions 30 Dollors a Pece which Prisoners was not able 
to Pay and one Elijah Blogget Paid the S d Sum to S d Indians 
for. the Redemtion ofGilberd Borged & Josiah Blogget which 
was 60 Dollors 

Stratford January y e 17th 1785 

Joshua Lamkin ) c i *. 

J A , . „, , Y Selectmen 

Archippus Blogget 

Partisienor Elijah Blogget 

[R. 4-29] 

[Soldier's Order.] 

To the Hon ble Treasure of the State of New-hampshire 

Please to Pay the whole wages and Depreciation Due to 
Thomas Blodget late a Soldier in Major Benjamin Whitcombs 
Choir of Rangers to the Said Whitcomb who is hereby author- 
ized to cive a full Discharge for the Same 

Levi Blodget 
Henry Blodget 
Nucomb Blodget 

Josiah Blodget 
Elijah Blodget 
Mary Cole 
Howard Blodget 

Stratford 13 of July 1792 

This May Certify that the above Named are all the hairs 
the above named Thomas Blodget 

Certify ed by us 


Isaac Johnson ") Seelect 
James Brown } men 


[10-109] \_Rclative to Burnsidcs Ferry, iy86.~\ 

We Jeremiah Eames & Joseph Peverly Select men of Nor- 
thumberland — & Joshua Lamkin Selectman & James Brown 
Town Clerk of Stratford, Certify that we have been notified 
that a Petition was presented or about to be presented to the 
General Court for a Ferry to be granted to Thomas Burnside to 
begin at the Ferry bounds of Edwards Bucknam One mile above 
the Great falls at Northumberland to extend Six Miies up from 
Said Bounds, on the River Connecticut taking in the Mouth of 
Ammanoosook River & one Mile up the Same. — And that We 
know the inhabitants of Said Towns & everyone travelling that 
way will be greatly reliev'd by a ferry being kept there — And 
we further Certify that We are of Opinian No person in either 
of those Towns or in the State would Object thereto as no one 
would be injured thereby but every person in that quarter & all 
travellers there greatly benefited 

Jo 8 Peverly 
Jer h Eames 
James Brown 
Joshua Lamkin 
February 17S6 — 

[10— no] [Petition for a new County: addressed to the 
General Court, iygj.'\ 

The Petition of the Inhabitents of Stratford 
Humbly Sheweth — 

Thet your Petitioners Live at the Distance of Near Seventy 
Miles from the Nearest Shire Town in the County — 

That A very Considerable Part of the inhabitants of this Cap- 
ital part of the County Live Above us and Are under Simmer- 
ler Circumstancees with us That the Roads at Some Seasons 
of the year unpasable — Wharfore We your Peticioners Pray 
That We may be Set of from the County of Grafton and be 
made a New County by A Lyne Drawn from Connecticut River 
between the towns of Concord alius Gunthwait and Littleton 
and an Eastward takeing in the towns of Conway Eaton &c to 
the Province Line So Called and yours in Deuty Bound will 
Ever Pray 

Stratford Nov r 21 st 1791 

John Gamsby Joseph Holbrook Aran Curtiss 

James Brown J unF W m Curtiss 

George Gamsby Elijah Hinman James Curtiss 

John Gamsby Ju r Joseph Barlow Henry Bloggett 


Charles Strong Nathan Barlow Howard Bloget 

Benj a Strong ■ Ephraim Barlow Elijah Blogget 

Andrew Strong Heth Baldwin Josiah Blgget 

Jabez Baldwin John Smith Joshua Lamkin 

Isaac Johnson Davd Holdbrook Ezra Lamkin 

Elisha Webster Richard Holdbrook Thomas Lamkin 

Hezekiah fuller Stephen Curtiss Abnor Barlow 

[Coos county was constituted by an act approved Decem- 
ber 24, 1803. — Ed.] 



[io-iii] [Petition for an Abatement of Taxes, etc.: ad- 
dressed- to the General Court. ~\ 

Humbly Shews — 

The Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Stratford in the : 

County of Grafton, that prior to the commencement of the Late 
war your Petitioners had began Settlement in Said town of 
Stratford — which ware then the frontcr Settlement in this State 
and consequently in the time of the war was most exposed to 
the depredations and ravages of the Enemy, and that at the re- 
peated solicitations of the Inhabitants and the Commanding 
officer further down Conecticut River they continued at their 
settlements though in continual Jeoperdy for several years and 
untill the Enemy came upon them took some of the Inhabitants 
captive & plundered others which compelled your petitioners 
to remove to plases where their families might not be exposed 
to continual danger — That your petitioners ; though verey great 
sufferers during the continuance of the war have since the con- 
clucion thereof exerted themselves (though in indigent cu re u in- 
stances) and have returned to their former Settlements where j 
the}' wish to continue and make such improvements as may be 
beneficial to themselves and the Public ; — But find themselves 
under new embarasments occasioned by their poverty and the 
distance they Live from Inhabitants of wealth and fortune which 
togather with the expence they have nesesarially ben obliged to 
be at in building Bridges and a Road threw the town — Ren- 
ders them quite unable to discharge the Taxes laid on them by 
Government though well disposed and desireous of doing what 
is in their power to the support thereof your Petitioners are 
therefore reduced to the disagreable necessity of Petitioning 
your Honours to take their unfortunate case under your wise 
consideration and abate so much of the taxes required of said 
Town as the present Inhabitants are by Law Subjected to pay 



Or in any other way releave them as you in your Great wis- 
dom may See meet — 

as your petitioners in duty Bound Shall ever pray 

W m Caroill In behalf of the Petitioners 

[io— 112J \_Petition for a Grant of Governor 's Island: ad- 
dressed to the General Court, iygj.^\ 

Humbly Sheweth Benjamin Strong of Stratford in said State, 
That there is in Connecticutt River a little North of the Mem- 
ral bow in s d Stratford, an Island containing about forty acres, 
more or less, which Island is the property of said State, and is 
so Situated as would well accommodate your Petitioner, and 
can be of no use, to the State while it remains in its present un- 
cultivated State — Wherefore he prays your Honors to Grant to 
him his Heirs and assigns forever the Sole and exclusive right 
title and Interest, of said Island, so tar as the State has any title 
thereto ; and that s d Island may be enaxed to and be part of 
Stratford, for such consideration as to Your Honors may appear 
Just and reasonable, and he as in -Duty bound will ever pray — 

Benjamin Strong — 

Stratford May 25 th 1 794 — 

[10-113 is a plan of the aforesaid island, as surveyed by 
Jeremiah Eames. — Ed.] 


The territory was a portion of the " Squamscott Patent," 
granted to Edward Hilton, March 12, 1629. John Farmer 
says that " In 1693 it was annexed to Exeter, it having be- 
fore that time been connected with Hampton." In January, 
1716, a portion of the inhabitants petitioned to be incorpo- 
rated into a town ; at the same time another and smaller 
portion petitioned to remain as they were. (See Vol. IX, 
pp. 778,779.) The matter was considered in council, March 14, 
17 1 5-16, and it was "Ordered — That Squampscutt Patent 
Land be a township by the name of Stretham and have full 
power to Chuse officers as other towns within this Prov.," 
and, " that a meeting house be built on the Kings great 
road leading from Greenland to Exeter," and further, " that 
they be obliged to have a learned Authordox Minist r to 


preach in said meeting house within one year from y e date 

The first town-meeting was held on the 10th of April, 

December 18, 1805, the farm of Brackett Weeks was sev- 
ered from this town, and annexed to Greenland. 

The line between Stratham and Newmarket was estab- 
lished by an act approved Dec. 28, 1805, but the act was re- 
pealed June 17, 1807. A small piece of land was severed 
from this town and annexed to Greenland July 2, 1847. 

Joseph Grant, of Stratham, was in First N. H. Regiment, 
enlisted March 5, 1778 ; discharged Dec. 14, 1780. 

Joshua Avery was appointed lieutenant June 23, 1779, in 
one of the. companies- raised for the defence of Rhode Island. 
" Sim" Mason," age 20, was in Capt. Norris's company, Col. 
Nathan Hale's battalion. 

[10-114] [Petition for a new Grant of Wiggin's Ferry: 
addressed to the General Court, iy42.~] 

The Humble petition of Andrew Wiggin jun r of Stretham 
in the province aforesaid Gent, shews that for many Years past 
a Ferry has been kept from the Land now belonging to Your 
peticoner over Exeter River to New Market and a Way left 
open thro 5 his Land to come down to the said Ferry Place and 
a Tavern has been kept in a House belonging to him near the 
said Ferry place — That Your peticoner understands that the 
privilege was formerly Granted by the General Court (or oth- 
ways) for a Term of Years now near Expired and that a petition 
is now preferrd or about to be preferred to have a Ferry kept a 
Cross the said River about a Mile Higher up — That Your pe- 
ticoner humbly Conceives there is the same Reason for keeping 
the same at the usual place now as there was for fixing it there 
at first and that this Court will sec Cause to Renew the Grant 
to him and his Heirs and Assigns in Consideration that his 
Ancestor was at the Charge of opening a way keeping a Boat 
and hands to tend the same when the profit was Inconsider- 
able — 

That if another Ferry place should be settled so near neither 
of them would be worth attending and there is no Necessity for 
it with Respect to Conveniency of Travellers or any other Con- 
sideration whatsoever 

Wherefore Your peticoner Humbly prays that a new Grant of 
a Ferry may be made to Your peticoner to be kept at his Land- 
ing place where it has been usually, to hold to him his Heirs 



and assigns that he may have the sole previlege of keeping it 
there and that there may none be Established Els'where over 
the said River that will be prejudicial to him without such an 
Advantage to the Public as will Counterballance the damage to 
him and your peticoner as in duty Bound shall ever pray &c 
June 9 th 1742 

Andrew Wiggin jun r 

[10-115] \_Warra7tt for a Meeting relative to settling- a 
Minister, 1744.^ 

Province of New Hampshire — 
Whereas it is thought propper and very needfull by many if 
not the Major part of the freeholders and Inhabitants of the 
Town of Stratham, that another Minister may be called and 
settled in the ministry in said town. 

These are therefore to Notifie all the freeholders of the town 
of Stratham in said province to meet at the meeting house in 
said Stratham on thursday the twenty sixth day of July Currant 
at two a Clock in the afternoon, then and there in said Meeting to 
pass a vote that there shall be a Gospel minister called and set- 
tled in said town of Stratham as soon as may be with conven- 
iency and also at said meeting to make Choice of suitable per- 
sons for a Committee to call and agree with a minister in order 
for a settlement in said town of Stratham as above said and to 
pass any other vote at said Meeting which may be thought 
propper relating to said affair 

Given under our hands at Stratham aforesaid July y e ii tu 

John Mead ^| 

Benj a Norris | Select men 

Noah Barker \ for 

Thomas Wiggin [ Stratham 
Bradstreet wiggin J 

against the warrant & against all the proceedings of this meet- 
ing which was in the town of Stratham on July y e 26 day 

1774 — 

all those men whose names are here underwritten dissented 
in the meeting — 

William French Bradstreet French Matthew Thomson 

Sen r Thomas Veazie Sen r Josiah Smith 

William French Jun r Tuften Wiggin Caleb Rollings 

Andrew French Thomas Wiggin John Speed 

Thomas wiggin Ter s Moses Keneston Rich d Crocket Jun r 

John Wiggin Jun r Thomas French Benj a Cotton 


John Lary 
John wiggin 
Joseph Mason 

Nathaniel Right 

Capt n George Vea- 

Jonathan Dearborn 
Samuel wiggin Jun r 

A copy of the war 
son Town Clearke 


James Keneston 
Satchel Clark 
Richard Sinkler 
•Solomon Cotton 
Joseph Jewett 
Richard Crocket 
Jonathan Chase 
Capt n Edward Fi- 


ant and of the Dese 

Ebenezer Foulsom 
Daniel Davis 
Walter Wiggin 
Samuel Piper Jun r 
David Honeyford 
Thomas Moor 
David Robinson 
Josiah wiggin 
Benj* Mason 

ember the 115: 1744 

nters by David Robin- 

[10-116] [ Vote relative to Ministerial Affairs, 1747. ~] 

Province of New Hampshire — 

Stratham March the 25 1747 

At a Lengul town meeting held thare by the freedhouldrs and 
inhabitance thare of 

Voted that all those petitioners in the town of Stratham who 
has petitioned the General Court that they may be Exempted 
from paying any Charges to m r Josep Adams of s d Stratham as 
minister shall be freed and Exempted from being compelled by 
s d town of Stratham from paying any charges whatsoever unto 
the said m r Adams as minister During the Revrd m r Rusts Min- 
istry in said Town 

Stratham March the 2S : 1747 

A true Coppie by David Robinson : Town Clearke 

[10-117] [Proceedings in Town-Meeting- relative to Minis- 
terial Affairs, 1747.] 

Pro : of New Hampshire at a Leagal meeting of the free- 
holders and Inhabitance of Stratham held at the meeting hous 
there pursuant to notification at Stretham June y e 15 — 1 747 

Voted Andrew wiggin Esquir shall be moderator of this meet- 
ing Altho the Reverend m r Joseph Adams is settled a minister 
of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this town of Stretham accord- 
ing to the Law and Useage of this province by a Clear Vote at 
a full town meeting held at Stretham Cald for that purpos — and 
has bin ordained according to the Platform of Church Disaplin 
agreed on by our fore fathers for a Rule of Church Government 
agreeable to the Gospel — at the furst seating up Church Gover- 




j. ment in this Land in the year 164S and he has Cast himself on 

the Lord Depending on him for what he shall Incline the peo- 
ple to give him for his support — yeat so it is that a nombar of 
peopel in this town are undar such fear and Jelosey that thay 
may be brought undar som Charge on the acount of m r Joseph 
Adams setling here that thay have petitioned the Goverment for 
Relese that thay and thers maybe Exempted now that thay and 
all the world may know that we the town of Stretham seteled 
m r Adams purely for Conscience seake that we might Injoy the 
word and ordinances of Christ with those that pay a dew regard 
to the wondarfull out powering of Gods Holy Spirit-in the Leat 
Reformation and have no desing to Compel any to pay to the 
support of our Gospel ministry Therefore Voted that all the 
said petitioners and there Estates shall be and hereby are Ex- 
empted Exonaratecl and freed from sustaing bearing and pay- 
ing any part of the Charge that has or shall arise in Calling 
seteling and supporting the said m r Joseph Adams and building 
meeting hous for his ministry or hous for himself and Every 
othar thing or mater releating to him and all that Adhear to 
m r Joseph Adams his ministry and there Esteats shall be and 
hereby are aquited Exonarted Exempted and freed from sus- 
taining bearing and paying any part of the Charge that shall or 
may arise in Calling setteli ng and supporting any minister that 
may be Cald or setteled in this town in the room or stead of the 
Reverend m r Rust to supply his pleace in the ministry aftar his 
Deceace or unable to prech or repearing meeting hous or buld- 
ing Dweling hous and what soever othar Charge may arise on 
the town thereby 
June the 15, 1747 
A true copey of the vote by 

David Robinson Town Clearke 

[R. 4-30] [Jo7m Leavit t, Jr., So/d/cr, 1748.^ 

Province of New Hampshire — June the 19 th 1753 
Then John Leavit Jun r of Stratham in s d Pro : Made Solemn 
oath that he in the year 1 74S served a Soldier thirty five Days 
at Barrington under Capt Clemens including the days going 
there & coming home, and has never had one Penny of the 
Countrey Wages for said service — 

Sworn before Moses Leavit Jus : Peace 

[R. 4-31-33, are depositions by the following named per- 
sons as to service under Capt. Job Clements, in the same 
year and at the same place : Moses Thurston, Jr., nineteen 


days. Jonathan Chase, five weeks, " and no Rum allowed 
him," and John'Speed, two months, by his son Benjamin — 

[R 4-35] [Moses Dalton, apprentice to Abraham Tilton 
of Stratham, blacksmith, was in Col. Hart's company, Me- 
serve's regiment, in the Crown Point expedition in 1756. 
He was allowed £9 for expense of sickness on the way 
home. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-36] [In a petition dated Jan. 29, 1 761 , Joshua Rawl- 
ings (in one place it is spelled Rollins) of Stratham, stated 
"that two of his s"ons viz 1 Elisha Rollins and Nicholas Rol- 
lins (being minors) were in his majesties service the year 
past in Capt. George March's Company and served duly the 
whole campain:" that they were taken sick at "Canter- 
hook," New York, on the way home, and Elisha died there. 
He asked for an allowance. — Ed] 


[R. 4-40] [Petition of William Moore, Jr., Soldier, 175 J. .] 

The Petition of William Moore Jun r of Stratham humbly 
shews, that your petitioner in the year 1755 Engaged in the 
service of his King & Country under Col Blanchard & Con- 
tinued in the Provincial & Ranging service 'till he was Capti- 
vated by the Indians in 1759, during his Captivity which was 
upward of two years he suffered great hardships besides the 
Loss of time &c as will appear by a journal herewith Exhibited. 

* * * * William Moore Jur. 

Stratham June S th 1762— 

[He asked for an allowance, which was granted. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-41] [Statcmcjits relative to George March, 1776.] 

Samuel Galley saith that on Sunday morning last Cap 1 Georg 
March came and called him up and told him that lie had good 
news to tell him that our army was cut up at Canaday and that 
the Indians had taken 400 of our Soldiers prisoners and killed 
20 and then made a great Shout & then said Sullivan was sur- 
rounded and by this time they have got them all I hope and 



further said he would fight for the King till he spilt every drop 
of his Blood and said that Beetle was the means of our Defeat 
and that he was a glorious good fellow 

Str July the 3 d Day 1776 as witness my hand — 

Samuel Calley 

[Thomas Calley, Peter Moore, and Jonathan Chase, Jr., 
made similar statements. — Ed.] 

[10-119] [Petition for the Appointment of yohn Taylor: 
addressed to Gov. IVentzvort/i, I775*~\ 

The petition of the Selectmen and Other principal Inhabitants 
of the town of Stratham whose Names are hereunto annexed 
unto Your Excellency most humbly shews — 

That the peculiar State of the Township atthis present Time 
with regard to its internal Policy and Government, requires the 
Friendly Aid and Assistance of Y r , Excellency, in the Appoint- 
ing a Magistrate for the Town, whose regard for public Peace 
and good Order, will prompt him to Support the good and 
wholesome Laws of the Province, against every offender, with 
an equitable and impartial Distribution of Justice, without any 
mean, servile Fear of giving Offence to Evil Doers, but to con- 
vince them y* he bears not the Sword of Justice in Vain. We 
have taken under our Consideration the great Want the Town is 
now in of such a Magistrate, in whose Fidelity your Excellency 
may confide and the Subject may expect redress from, and in 
whose Defence, in the Execution of his Office we shall ever be 
ready to risque our Lives and Fortunes, for the support of Gov- 
ernment ; We therefore beg Leave to reccommend M r John 
Taylor to be appointed to that place, humbly assuring Y r Ex- 
cellency that we shall ever be gratefully Acknowledging Y r 
Excellence's Favours as it will be esteemed a Mark of Your re- 
gard and Attention to the true Interest of this Town: And Y r 
petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray : — 

Stratham Jan y 1775 

Daniel Clark \ Select 
Mark Wiggin j men 

Joseph Adams Benj a Merrill Samuell Goodhue 

Thomas Wiggin Thomas odel Jacob Rundlet 

Samuel Wiggin Nathaniel Wiggin Joseph Clark 

Jonathan Piper Jur John Dearborn matthew Tomson 

Chas Wiggin Jonathan Derborn Benj Levit 

Wheler liurley Nat 11 Stevens John piper 


Nathan Barker 
Ezra Barker 
James Merrill 


Nich 1 Rowlings 
Josiah Smith 
William Chase 

Elisha French 
John Avery 
Jonathan Robinson 

[10-120] [Relative to Military Affairs : addressed to the 
General Assembly, jfu?ie 4, ijjj .] 

The Humble Petition of us the Subscribers freeholders, and 
Inhabitants of Stratham in said County belonging to the Com- 
pany of Cap* Nicholas Rowling's sheweth that your Petitioners 
think themselves agrieved, by the Appointment of Cap 1 Nicho- 
las Rowlings to the Command of the Company to wich they 
belong, as he was elected at a thin Meeting, before the Com- 
pany had generally met, and as the Company are in general 
dissatisfied, with his Appointment, — Under such circumstances 
your Petitioners, humbly conceive your Honors, will think it 
expedient, to grant your Petitioners a new Choice unless the 
military skill and prowess of the present Captain should be 
judged sufficient to countervail the Reasons assigned for his 
Removal from that office, saving which your Petitioners hum- 
bly pray that the said Cap 1 Rowlings may be removed from his 
Command and they endulgedwith a new Choice and as in duty 
bound will ever pray &c — 

William taylor 
David Smith 
Edward Chase 
William Hash 
Jotham Rollings 
John Robinson 
Samuel Calley 

Ward mason 
Thomas Veazy 
Josiah Parsons 
Daniel Hoit 
Levi Leavitt 
Joseph Stevens 
Richard Sinkler 

Jonathan Chase Jur Jeremiah neal 

william scammon Joseph Norris 

Benjamin Robinson Dudley Cram 

John thirston frances Coomes 

John Leavitt frances mason 

Taylor Clark 
John Smith Jur 
Mathew Thompson 

Ju nr 
Abreham Thompson 
Josiah Robinson 
Benjamin Hoit 
Samuel Leavitt 
Ruben Leavitt 
John Leavitt y e Third 

[R. 4-45] 

[Soldier's Order, J 781.'] 

Exeter September 1 Day 17S1. 

Sir Please to pay the Selectmen of the town of Stratham all 
the wages that may be Due to me for the time that I shall serve 
in the Continental army To the Paymaster of the six months 
men raised in the State of Newhampshire 

Benjamin Foss 












[R. 4-46] [The town presented bills for aid to soldiers' 
families as follows, items omitted : 

1881. Mar. 9. Francis Combs, from Mar., 1780, .£.2-14-10 

" Reuben Austin, from Feb. 1780, £i-i6- 8 

" from Mar. 1780, ^9-19- 5 

The accounts were sworn to before Mark Wiggin. 

Francis Combs stated, in a petition dated Stratham, Feb. 
14, 1783, that he was in the service nearly two and one half 
years, in Capt. Moses Dustin's company. See following. — 

[R. 4-50] Francis Combs Soldier in the 2 d New Hampshire 
Regiment hath Leave of Absence Untill the 1st of April 17S2 
and then to return to his Regiment or be treated as a diserter 

Given under my hand at Schenectady this 21 st of Jan- T 17S2 

Moses Duston Cap 1 Com dt 

War Office Exeter Feb y 5, 17S2 — paid one months wages in 
Beef & Rum 40/ — Two Shirts, one p r Leather Breeches & one 
pair Shoes. 

[10-125] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783.^ 

Rockingham ss Stratham Decem br 15 th 17S3 — 

Wee the Subscribers pursuant to a Request of the General 
Assembly, have taken the number of Rateable pols from 20 
years old to 75 years old in said Town of Stratham and find 
them to ammount to one hundred & Eighty three 

Nich* Rowlings") Selectmen 
Nathan Barker V of 
Daniel Jewell ) Stratham 

[Sworn to before M. Wiggin, justice of the peace.] 

[10-126] [ Vote on the Paper-j\Toney Qiiestion.~\ 

At a legal town Meeting held in the town of Stratham august 
17 th Day 17S6 the 5 th artical in the vvarrent was to know the 
minds of the town respecting the making a bank of paper money 
there appeared 57 in favour of making paper Money and 22 
against it 

Attest Mark Wiggin Town Clerk 

[For legislative action, see Atkinson papers, Vol. XL — 



[10-12S] [Paine Wi7igate recommended for a Justice of the 
Peace: addressed to the President and Council, iy8j.~\ 


7 b 5- 

Stratham March i5 tl1 1 

We the Subscribers beg leave to Acquaint your Excellency 
and Honours, that from our particular Acquaintance for a Con- 
siderable Number of years, with mr Pain Wingate ; and from 
his general Character amongst us; we apprehend he is a very 
suitable Gentleman for the office of a Justice of the Peace ; and 
will be likely to be very serviceable to the Town and Publick 
in that office — therefore beg the favour of your Excellency and 
Honours, that he may be Appointed to that office : and your 
Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever pray — 

Moses Clark 
Nat 11 Stevens 
Sam 1 Lane 
Robert Thurstin 
Jabez Lane 
"Stephen Thurston 
Benjamin Barker 
Benjamin Barker 

Josiah Thurston 
Levi Wiggin 
Sam 11 Lane Jim 1 

John Thirston Jer e Foss 

Samuel Pottle J on P Rundlet 

Jonathan Leavitt Jacob Stockige 
Samuel Leavitt Jun John Stockbridge 

Joseph Merrill 
Stephen Thirston 
Nathan Wiggin 
Nathan Hoag 
Enos Hoag 
Levi Hoag 
Ephraim Tebbets 
Stephen Piper 

Andrew Wiggin Jun T Jonathan Jewett 
Shadrach Robinson Enoch Merriel 
W m Pottle Ju r 

Simon Pottle 
W m Pottle y e 3 
Samuel Marble 
Rich d Rust 
Edward Mason 
Bradstreet Wiggin 
Dudley L Chase 
Thomas Vazey 
John Marble 
Nathan Adams 
Jos a Wingate 
Thomas Veazey 3 d 
Sam Leavitt 
Samuel Leavitt 3 d 
Josiah Leavitt 

Abraham Stock- 
Harvey moore 
Jonathan Wiggin 
John hill 
Joseph Hoit 
Samuel Pottle 
William Hash 
Thomas Chase 
Solomon Smith J u 
Reuben Leavitt 
Jonathan Chase 
Jeremiah Norris 
Samuel Callev 

Eben r Barker 

Eben r Barker Jun r 

Joseph Wiggin 

Jonathan Wiggin 

Seargeant Whitcher John Sinkler 

Abraham William Calley 

Thomas Boardman William More 
Israel Stockbridge Joseph Norris 
Theophilus Smith Rich' 1 Scammon 
thomas Veazey iun r Richard Scammon 

Joshua Lane 
Thomas Moore 
Thomas Moore J r 
Benjamin Merrill 
Ford Merrill 
Jesse Merrill 

Samuel Scammon 
Abraham Tom son 
Joseph Hoit 
Jonathan hoit 
Daniel hoit 

[Hon. Paine Wingate was elected representative in con- 
gress in 1787, and was a member of the U. S. senate from 


4 3 9 


1789 to 1793, when he was again elected and served a term 
in the U. S. house of representatives. — Ed.] 

[10-129] [Petition in favor of Nicholas Rawlings 
dressed to the President and Council, j/8§.~\ 


Whereas your petitioners are informed their is to be a New 
gustece of the peace for the town of Stratham we most humbly 
and Earnestly Supplycate that your Honours would a point 
Captain Nichalas Rowlings as gustice of the peace for he is a 
gentlman that is fit for the Business a forsaid and as he has ben 
a friend to the amarecans caus and done much in the Sarvace 
and your petitioners- in duty bound shall Ever pray 

March the forteenth Day 17S5 

Josiah Smith 
Edward Taylor Jun r 
Jotham Rowlings 
Benjamin Green 
Josiah Chase 
Josiah Chase Juner 
william Scammon 
David Burleigh 
Josiah Burley 
Smuel goodhu 

Daniel Clark 
David Clark 
Joseph Stevens 
Jacob Low 
Jacob Low Juner 
John Dearborn 
James Odel 
Nath 1 Wiggin 
Daniel Jewell 
Daniel French 

Joshua Avery 
Nathan Barker 
W m Rundlet 
Richard Sinckler 
m att h e w Tom son 
Levi Chase 
Reuben Stockbridg 
Josiah Taylor 
David Wiggin 
Benjamin Clark 

[10-130] \_Conunittee chosen to present a Plan for an Issue 
of Paper Money \ i/86.~\ 

At a Legal town meeting held in Stratham the 30 th Day of 
October AD 17S6 — 

i 8t Voted Cap 1 Jonathan Robinson Moderator of said Meet- 

2 ,y Voted Andrew Wiggin Clerk— P—T— 

3 ly put to Vote to know the minds of the Legal Voters pres- 
ent respecting the making of Paper money Agreablc to the plan 
prosbrib :d by the Sub Comm tie of the General Court — 

The Votes as follows for said plan — 3 — against it 55 — 

4 ,y put to Vote to know if the Legal Voters present wou :d 
wish to have Paper Money made on any other plan — 

5 ,y Voted, in the affirmative — 

6 ,y Voted to choose a Committee of nine persons to proscribe 
a Plan for making Paper money and to Lay the same before 
said at the adjournment of this meeting — 


7* Voted Cap* N. Rolling D— Clark Cap 1 I Smith Cap 1 Rob- 
inson Cap' I— Hoit I— Rundlett — W— Pottle I Folsom and F 
Merrill be said Committee — 

8 ly Voted to adjourn this meeting to monday — the 27 th Day of 
November next at two of the clock P : M : 

Andrew Wiggin C — P — t 

A True Coppy — Attest Mark Wiggin Town Clerk 

[Report of afoi'esaid Committee. ~\ 

The Committee within appointed to report the best Plan they 
can devise for Emmitting paper money — beg leve to there op- 
pinion — 

it is best to adopt the plan for making money agreeable to 
the Report of the Sub Committee with this alteration which we 
conceive verey materal Viz, that as fifty thousand pounds will 
not be sufficient for a Circulating medium, that the sum to be 
increased to one hundred and twenty thousand pounds, twenty 
thousand of which to remain in the hands of the Treasury for 
to answer all Public Demand the remaining sum to be Let out 
with Intrest at six per cent on Land Security of double the 
Value, the money to be no tender but for Public Demands and 
in Cases of Suit — the bills to Carry three per Cent Interest in- 
stead of four as the hand bill proposed — the one hundred thou- 
sand pounds to be let at Six per Cent and the bills to carry only 
three — leaves three per Cent for the benefit of the State which 
is three thousand per annum which will pay Considerable part 
of our public Expences 

All which is Submitted by 

Joseph Hoit for the Comm" 

[For legislative action, see Vol. XI, p. 130. — Ed.] 


The town was incorporated September 27, 1787, and 
comprised territory severed from Stoddard, Gilsum, Keene, 
and Packersfield (now Nelson). It was named in honor of 
Gen. John Sullivan, who was at that time president of the 

By an act approved January 10, 1794, the west line of the j 

town was *•' lengthened out and continued south into the 




town of Keene 157 rods further than by the act of incorpo- 

July 7, 1874, a few acres of land were severed from this 
town and annexed to Gilsum. 



[10-134] \_Petition for Incorporation : addressed to the Gen- 
eral Court, jy86.~\ 

Humbly shew your Petitioners, The Subscribers, Inhabitants 
of the Towns of Keene, Packersfield, Gilsom, and Stoddard. 
That they live remote from the centre of their respective Towns 
and by reason of distance and bad roads are deprived of their 
town privileges — That they cannot enjov these conveniences of 
public worship — That some of their duties as members of their 
several towns are by their situation very burdensom. — That if 
they might be incorporated into a seperate and distinct town- 
ship it would be highly advantageous to them, and no detri- 
ment to the towns to which they now belong — That they are 
encouraged to hope that no objections will be made to their be- 
ing thus incorporated unless by the town of Gilsom, and that 
those objections may be easily obviated 

The prayer of this their humble Petition therefore is — That 
the tract of land marked out upon the plan herewith exhibited 
may be set off from the several Towns aforesaid into a distinct 
Township by the name of orringe and the Inhabitants of it in- 
corporated as aforesaid — and Your Petitioners as in duty Bound 
shall ever pray. 

August 22 d 17S6. 

Roswell Hubbard 
Joshua Osgood 

Grinclal Keith 


Nathan Bolster 

Zadock Nims 

Oliver Carter 

Erastus Hubbard 
Inhabitants of Keene 
Inhabitants of Packerfield 

Saml Seward 

Josiah Seward Ezra Osgood 

William Burnam Elijah Carter 
Samuel Wyman 

Inhabitants of Stoddard 

James Row John Chapman Timothy Dewey 

Timothy Dimmock Benjaman Chapman Tho* Morse 

James Pratt Benj a Ellis Jesse Wheeler 

Joseph Ellis Simeon Ellis Lockhart Willard 

William Cory Nathan Ellis Jonathan Baker 

Samuel Cory John Chapman Jun r John Dimick 



Joshua Cory James Locke Jun r Ebenezer Birdit 

Jonathan Ileaton James Locke John Row 

Inhabitants of Gilsom 
[See introduction to Sullivan. — Ed.] 

[10-135] [Report of the Committee 

l 7 8 7 .-] 

fo rego ing Petit io n , 

We the Subscribers being a Committee Appointed by the 
General Court of this State to View the Corners of Keene Pack- 
erfield Gilsom and Stoddard haveing Viewed the primeces Beg 
Leave to. Report, as their Opinion that the parts of Towns Pe- 
titioned for to be made into a Town lies Very Convenient for 
that purpose by Reason of being incompassed all Round with 
Mountains and Broken Land that is almost impassable Besides 
their Lying Very Remote from the Towns to which they Now 
Belong to — but it must Consequently, if incorporated into a 
New Town Leaves Some of the Towns from which those 
parts of Towns were Taken Especially Gilsome in a Broken 
and inconvenant Shape as may be made to appear by the Plan 
of s d Town if S d Gilsome Could be acomedated by Being 
anexed to any other parts of Towns which Lies Joyning it is 
our opinion that it might be a Publick advantage and much for 
the accomedation and Benifit of the Petitioners 

Alstead September y c 24, 17S7 

Lem 11 Holmes 
Absalom Kingsberv 


The Petition of the select Men of the towns of Keene and 
Sullivan in said State Humbly Sheweth — 

That whereas in the year 1789 — an Act passed the General 
Court to Incorporate a town by the Name of Sullivan and in 
and by said Act the Bounds of Said town are Affixed and De- 
termined — But as they will not Close agreeable to said Act — 
We your Humble Petitioners pray an Amendment may be 
made to Said Act, in the following manner (Viz) the West line 
of Said town to be lengthened South into Keene one Hundred 
fifty seaven Rods thence East twenty Eigth Degrees & 30 min- 
utes South, to the East line of said Keene, thence North on 
said line to the Bounds from Which they set out from in said 

and whereas by said Amendment the Lines will run as they 


ever were Expected to run by the town of Keene and likewise 
by said Petitioners for Sullivan — It is the Humble Request of 
Said towns that said Amendment take Place — And your Peti- 
tioners as in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray 

Keene Decern' 20 th 1793 

Lock 1 Willard ) Select Men 
David Willson ] of Keene 

Erastus Hubbard^ Select Men 
Eliakim Nims j of Sullivan 

[This petition was granted January 10, 1794. — Ed.] 

[10-137] [Petition for the Grant of a Township: addressed 
to the General Court, jyg8.'\ 

The Petition of the subscribers, Inhabitents of the State of 
New Hampshire, Humbly Sheweth — 

that your Petitioners being inform d that there is within the 
limits of this State lands as yet unlocated ; and your Petitioners 
being desirous, to lay a foundation for the settlement of our 
Children within the bounds of there Native State 

We therefore pray that a township may be granted to your 
Petitioners, for actual Settlement under such restrictions, and 
limits, as your Hon 1 body may think propper, that we may not 
have the disagreeble Sight of Seeing our Sons Emigrating to 
other States and prehaps, Kingdoms — 

And as in Duty bound will ever pray 

Sullivan Nov r 10 th 179S 

Roswell Hubbard 

gorge Nims 

Samuel Seward 

Elijah Carter 

James W-Osgood 




W™ Muzzy 

Charles Carter 

Paul Farnsworth 

Elijah Osgood 

James Willson 

Theophilus Row 

Dan 1 Wilson Jun r 

Calvin Nims 

Joseph Seward 


Josiah Seward Junr 

Olover Brown 

James Row 

W m Munroe 

Phelander Nims 

Daniel Farnsworth 


Oliver Carter 

Ezra Osgood 

Thomas Seward 

Erastus Hubbard 

Elsworth Hubbard 

Ichobad Keith 

Joseph Ellis Jun r 
Roswell Hubbard 

George Hubbard 

Elijah Rugg 


Thorn 8 Morse 

Josiah Seward 

; ; 


Thomas Powell Jun 

James Comstick 


Wi" Bridge 

David Powell 

Peter Barker 

Daniel Willson 

Joseph Powell 

Abijah Seward 

John \V r illson 

Jonathan Powell 

Nathan Bolster 



Isiah Willson Samuel Seward Samu';] Clarke 

Sam 1 Willson Abel Carter Henry Cartel- 

Frederick Nims 


The township was granted November 7, 1768", to Oliver 
Corey and others, and named Saville. Previous to this the 
locality' was known as Corey's-Town. 

It was bounded' easterly on the " Curve line" of Mason's 
Patent, and run to a point at the south end near what is 
now the north-east corner of Marlow. 

John Wendell, of Portsmouth, was one of the grantees, 
and became one of the principal owners prior to 1781, at 
which time, — to wit, April 4, 1 78 1, — in answer to a petition 
from the inhabitants, the town was incorporated by the 
name of Wendell. 

December 27, 1791, the south end of the town was com- 
bined with portions of other towns, and erected into the 
town of Goshen. 

December 11, 1804, some territory was severed from the 
north-east corner of this town and annexed to New Lon- 
don ; and by an act approved June 19, 1817. another tract 
was severed, and annexed to the same town. 

By an act approved July 12, 1850, the name of the town 
was changed to Sunapee. 

By a return of Col. Benjamin Bellows, Jr., dated March 
15, 1776, the 10th company of his regiment was located in 
Saville, and commanded by Samuel Gunnison, captain ; Ben- 
jamin Thurbour, 1st lieutenant; William Lang, 2d lieuten- 
ant ; and George Lear, ensign. 

[10-139] \_Petltion for Arms and Ammunit ion: addressed 
to the Cou?icil a?id Assembly, 1776.^ 

The Petition & Memorial of John Wendell of Portsmouth in 
the s d Colony Esq r unto your Honours humbly shews — 

That your Petitioner by a Vote of the Inhabitants of the 
Township of Saville in said Colony was chosen to represent 
them in the late hon bl Congress in all Matters that regard their 





public Safety especially to procure them some Powder & Ball 
for their defence against their Enemies, and as the Gentleman 
who lately represented said Township w h Other is removed in- 
to the Council and is also absent at this Time, Your Memori- 
list thinks it his Duty to petition Y r Hon rs in the Behalf of said 
Inhabitants, that you would be pleased to grant them such a 
Supply of Arms & Ammunition as their Situation may require 
and as it will appear from the Evidence of Cap 1 Samuel Gunni- 
son who commands the Company in said Town, and who is a 
Person with whom Y r Honours may deposit such Military 
Stores as you may be pleased to grant them, and for whose Fi- 
delity Yr Petitioner will readily be bound for 

Y r Petitioner will not presume to lay before Y r Honours the 
Urgency of a Supply to the Interior Parts of y e Colony as it 
must occur to You from the late Intelligences from Canada, yet 
he humblv begs leave to suggest, that those he now represents 
are wholly in want of Powder & are likely to be called on soon- 
er than many Others, being most of them Young, able & will- 
ing to defend their Country against any hostile Attempts of the 
Brittish Army — if they should invade the P'rontier Towns, — 
And Your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray — 

John Wendell Agent for the Town of 

Portsm July 2 d 1776. 


[10-140] \_Petition for an Incorporation: addressed to the 
General Assembly, January, iy8i.~\ 

The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Township 
of Saville, so called, in said State, unto Your Honours humbly 
shews ; — 

That your Petitioners labour under many Inconveniences for 
the Want of an Incorporation of the said Town, and as Your 
Honours have indulged Other Towns, far less Inhabited than 
this, '1 hey humbly hope for the same Favour, — Your Petition- 
ers have exerted them selves on all Occasions in the present 
War, greatly beyond their Abilities, and have signalized their 
Attachment to the State of New Hampshire and its Jurisdic- 
tion, — Your Petitioners pray that said Township may be incor- 
porated with the Priviledges of other corporate Towns, and 
that it may hereafter bear the name of Wendell, for which In- 
dulgence : y r Petitioners will ever pray — 

Samuel Gunnison Daniel Greridel Abiathar young 

William Lang John Beven Robrd young 

r> -q T) hN o r> 1 Rob woodward Edward young 

Beni a B. R. Rand XT , . , , , T - & 

J Wllk rsiehemiah woodward Jemes young 



George VV. Lear daniel woodward Joshua Whitne 
Joseph Lear Daniel Sherburne William 

Robert Rand Sam willson E x Sisco 

Moses True Esek young Sam : Sisco 

William Lang for his son William in the army 


[The town was incorporated April 4, 178 1, by the name 
of Wendell.— Ed.] 

[10-142] [Statement relative to the Condition of the Inhab- 
itants, Ij82.~\ 

To His Honor the President & the Hon b,e the Council & 
House of Representatives, to be Convened at Concord the 2 d 
Tuesday in June 17S2 : In and fur the Common Wealth of New 
Hampshire — 

The Humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of 
wendell most Humbly Sheweth that Your Petitinors have 
Recived Tax Bills from the Treasurer of this Common 
wealth to the Amount of .£160 — 15 — New Emission & £6 
— o — 6 — Speice for the years 1781 — 81 for the year 1782 
the amount of £194 — 4 — 7 — to be paid In Silver or Gold, 
as our Proportion of the State Tax. We therefore beg Leave 
To Inform Your Hon 1 " 8 of our Inability to pay the Same — 
As under is the True & Deplorable State of the Town — 
there is but 25 familes in the town & 3 of them So Infirm 
that they Pay no Pole Tax — & 11 Single men Some of the 
familes hafe one Cow Each Some 2 others none at all — after a i 

Strict Enquiry Could not find above 4 Families that has Bread 
Corn Enough to Last to English Harvest & all the Rest are 
buyers of Corn Some of which have Nothing to buy with — 
And we Humbly Conceive there has been no town Setteled by 
Inhabitants in Such Low Circumstances as this — as Some have 
Ever been Obliged to Go Twenty miles after Bread Corn to 
Eat yearly we have Ever been Ready to Assist our Proportion 
in the Continental Army both Personal & in all other Exigen- 
cies — There is So many Non Resident Proprietors of Land Liv- 
ing oute of the town owning the Principals of the Town that 
our Roads are in a bad Situation and having no mills we are 
Obliged to Go to the next Towns for Every thing we may want 
in that way which makes our Situation realy Distressing — As 
we are ordered by a Special Act of the Assembly not to tax 
the Lands of the Non Residents towards Defraying the Expence 
of making or Repairing the Roads in the Town we are not 
able to Do it our Selves — Your Humble Petitioners Do Con- 






ceive the Poverty of the town is Deplorable — many of those 
Familes have no money and if these taxes are Inforced on them 
must Sell there Stock and there Families Suffer — we Humbly 
Conceive that our Precept is much bigger than our Just purpo- 
tion for want ofa true knowledge of our Situation — i ly we are 
on a Gore of Land which other towns Infringe uppon us and 
we Cant help it 2 17 we Humbly Conceive we have not our 
quantity of Land by Reason of So much watter in the town — 
the tax bill for the year 17S1, — was Rec d march 25 th 17S2 the 
tax bill for the year 1782 — was Rec d may 16 — 17S2 — on the 
Receipt of which the Inhabitants was Called to Gether to Con- 
sider of there melancholy Situation & to Petition to the assem- 
bly for Redress therefore your Petitioners most humbly Pray 
Your Honours will be pleasd to take there Distressed Case into 
there most Serious consideration & they will in Duty Bound 
Ever Pray — voted in the above S d meeting that m r moses True 
forward this Petition to the General Assembly at Concord — 

Attest Sam 11 Gunnison town Clark — may y e 23d 1782 — 

[R. 454] [Soldier's Order.'] 

Windale Aug et 26 th 17S4 to the Tresurer of the State of New 
Hampshire Sir Plese to Pay the hole of my wages due to me 
from the state of New Hampshire for sarvis don in the Conta- 
nental sarvis to Elijah Frink or his order — and this order shall 
be a full discharge from your Humble sarvant in presents of us 


Stephen X Scranton 


Jon* Burroughs 
Joel Bailey 

the above s d Stephen Scranton was in Co 1 Scamels or Col. 
Daibons Res: 1 

[R. 455] [Order from Soldier's Mother. ~\ 

To the Treasurer of the State of Newhamp r 
Sir please to pay to Sam 11 Stone all the areas and deprecotion 
due to the heirs of William JVPBretain a Soldier in the first 
Redgamet and this Shall be good Rect for the Same it being 
for Value Recevd as witness my hand Wendell Nov br 12 1792 


Janey X McBriton 


Joshua Whitne 
Ebenezer Freeman 
I 34 



[R. 4-56] [ Certificates relative to JSfrs. McBritton.~\ 

To Ambros Coset Esq Sir we wish you to certify that Janey 
McBreton Siner to an order given to Sam 11 Stone was the 
Mother to Will McBreton who died In the first Newhampsher 
Redg and Left Nither father Brother Nor Sister and she is the 
Soal heir So doeng you will oblige your Serve 

Joshua Whitne 
Ebenezer Freeman 

Cheshire ss This may certify that Joshua Whitne and Eben- 
ezer Freeman both of Windle are in my Opinion men of truth 
and varasity and I have seen the Widow britton of Windle and 
have heard that she had no Children living and belive she has 
none living 

November 14 th 1792 Attest Ambrose Cossit Justice of the 

To whom it may concern 

[R. 4~57*] [Statement relative to Revolutionary Service."] 

To the H< 

the Commite of Claims in and for the Com- 

monwealth of Newhampshire Gentelmen this may Inform your 
honours of the State and Sittuation of the town of Wendell 
During our Late unilateral war. In the first of the war their 
was but fifteen families twenty two poles Laram List & train- 
ing Band — And in April 1783 — but thurty four taxable poles in 
the town — which have always Dun their Parts & Sum times 
more in the Common Cause as may appear by the following 
account which I took from the Peopels mouths as to Collect 
the actual Service the peopel of this town have Done from the 
officers Roles they ware under I Cannot do 


Benj* Howard in the Service — o- 9 months 

Elezer Sisco 0-5- 

Samucl Gunnison Jun r - - - - o- 7— J 

Joseph Lear ----_-_<>_ i_|. 

Daniel Grindle for messers Lears - 0-5- 

Daniel woodward ------ o— 2— 

w m Lang Jun r from the begining of 

the war & During the war — 

William Sisco ------- 0-10— 

william mcbritton Jun r - - - - o- 5- 

W n> mcbritton Jun r for three years 

wounded & Died in the Service 3- o~ 


y months 

Edward young - - 0-6- 

Daniel Grindle for himself - - - 0-5- 
Sam 11 Sisco for three years - - - 3-0- 

the above List are of those who ware in town and Did Ser- 
vice for the town — 


Joshua Gage 0-8 months 

Esek young 1-2- 

abiathar young 1-9- 

Neamiah woodward - - - - 1-2- 

thomas woodward 0-9- 

Joshua whitne 1-8- 


the above List are of those who had Just purechased Land in 
town & made Sum Small Improvements and then went volen- 
ters into the armey in Diferant Departments 

this from your humble and faithfull Servant — Errors Ex- 
cepted — Wendell October the 12 th 17S5 — Sam 11 Gunnison Capt. 

To the Honourable the Committe of Claims or bord of war 
In and for the Common wealth of Newhampshire this may In- 
form your honours that Col° Hunt has brought A Extent to the 
Amount of £ as our Purpotion of our Dilenquent Solder tax for 
the Late war which we humbly Conceive is Come against us 
by Reason of your honours not having A Rite Knowledge of 
what the Inhabitants of this Poor feeble town has Dun by Calls 
on all Sudden Ammergences from our field officers and also vol- 
entiers Going So much that w r e Actualy belcive that we ought 
to have Credit Rather then to be Called uppon for the Least 
Sum — we humbly Conceive we have a Just Rite to Chalange 

(the whole State that their is not a town in it Considering our 
Poverty and numbers that have Done near So much as the Peo- 
ple of this town have in actual Service withoute hire from other 
^t towns therefore we would Earnestly Desire your honours would 

take the above account under your Consideration & we humbly 
beg the Extent now in Col Hunts hands may be with Drawn — 
this from your humble Peteniors in Duty Bound Ever pray — 

Wendell October ye 14 th — 17S5 — 

Samuel Gunnison") Select men 
moses true >■ of 

Joshua Gage ) Wendell 


[R. 4-^5] [Statement relative to Service in the War : ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly, iy86.~\ 

[10-143] [Relative to Soldiers' Bounties, 1789.] 

A Statement agreable to the Resolve of the General Court 
pased September 24 th 17S7 — the State of Newhampshire Deter. 
to the Town of Wendal to Certain Bountys given for the Rais- 
ing of men for the Continental Army and the Milia Service as 


The Petition of the Selectmen of Saville, formerly so called, 
but w ch is now incorporated by the Name of Wendell, in behalf 
of themselves and the Other Inhabitants of said Township, unto 
Honours humbly Shews — 

That the Hon b,c Treasurer of this State, hath lately Issued an 
Extent on Your Petitioners, for the want of their Proportion of 
Men, during the War, which occasioned the Greatest Surprize 
to Your Pet r % as they were conscious, that the said Inhabitants, 
taken in a comparative View, have done more service During 
the war, than Any Town in the whole State, as they Humbly 
concieve they shall make to appear to any committee of this 
Hon ble Court; Your Pet rs never Received any List or Demand 
for their Proportion from any Public Officer what ever, except- 
ing a Letter from Col° now Gen 1 Bellows to Cap* Gunnison for 
the Names of such men as went from s d Town unlisted for 
Three Years or during the war with the Names of the Officers 
under whom they Served, on which Your Pef 8 Gunnison re- 
turned the Names of William Lang jun r W m M c Brittain Jun r & 
S 1 Sisco Inhabitants of said town who were then inactual Ser- 
vice engaged for Three Years, One of whom was wounded in 
Battle & afterwards died thereof And excepting a few Old men 
Every man in the town has Occasionally served in Person on 
Alarms and Whenever Col Bellows Sent Out for them, All 
which they humbly hope to make appear Wherefore they Re- 
quest a Committee of this Hon ble Court may be Appointed to 
take the Prayer of their Petition into Consideration and to Re- 
port thereon as to Justice belongs, And Your Pet rs as in duty 
Bound shall ever Pray 

Sam 11 Gunnison ) Selectmen 
moses true ) of Wendell 

Wendell January 2 d 17S6. 

[The foregoing petition was referred to a committee, who 
reported in favor of allowing the town £60 on account of 
Wm. Lang, and that Wm. Sisco had been hired by the town 
of Croydon. The report was accepted and adopted. — Ed.] 


they have been called into duty at Sundry times cliireing the 
late War and as they have been paid either by the Town of 
Wendal (formerly Saville) or by Individuals in said Windal — 
We the Subscribers have received the following Sums affixed 
to each" of our names as Bountys for the Service we have done 
in the Continantal Army and Militia during the late War, this 
we have Received from the said town of Wendal or Individual 
persons in Said Town equivalent to Silver money 

Esek young .£25 o o 

Daniel Grendel 500 


Benj n X Howard 14 17 


44 17 O 

State of Newhampshire Cheshire County ss : 

Wendal December 22 d 1789 — 

Personally Apeared Esek Young Daniel Grindel and Benja- 
min Howard and made Solemn Oath that they each of them 
Received so much as is affixed to each of their names of the 
Town of said Wendal or Individual Persons in said Wendal as 
Bountys for Serving in late Continental army and Militia 

Coram — Josiah Stevens Justice Peace 

William Lang Jun r Received Eighteen Pounds and eight 
penc of said Town of Wendal and an Individual man in said 
Wendal as a Bounty for his Service in the late war but the said 
William died Some years Since and no proper Receit being 
left We pray that the account may be allowed it was then equal 
to Silver money 

Wendell Decem br 22 nd 17S9 

Joseph Cutts \ Select Men 

Ichabod Perkins > of 

Ebenezer freeman ) Wendal 

[19-14S] \_Petition for a new Town: addressed to the Gen- 
eral Court, J78g.~\ 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of Wendell 
Lemster Unity Newport and Fisherslield living on a Tract of 
Land lying in the Remote corners of the Towns Aforesaid 
which makes it Exceedingly Inconvenient on Account of all 
Town affairs as Publick Town Meetings and Religious Socic- 
ties by our being at Such A Distance from the Center of those 



Towns that we are now Incorporated with, Therefore the 
Prayers of your petitioners is that your Hon" will Consider us 
in our Situation and Incorporate us as a Town as Shall be Set 
forth in the Plan herewith Exhibited or otherwise as your Hon" 
in your Wisdom Seem meet and your petitioners as in duty bound 
Shall ever Pray 

Lemster December y e 22 A D 17S9 

Asa Hebard 
Benj 11 Willey 
Allen Willey J r 
Milan Hebard 
Luther Martin 
Nathan Willey 
Reuben Willey 
Eleazer Cary 
Daniel Shirbon 
Daniel Shirbon J r 

John Wheeler 
James Libbey 
Parker Tandv 
George W. Lear 
Joseph Leaf 
Benjamin Rand 
Benjamin Rand 

Nathanill Gunnison 
Moses true 

William Lang 
Stephen Lang 
Daniel Grendel 
Arthur Humphrey 
Stephen Gilman 
Elisha Thacher 
Ephraim Gullison 
George Ayres 

N : B Said Town to be bounded as followeth (viz") Begin- 
ning on Newport South line About fifty Rods west of gilman' 
mils thence South four milds and three Quaters or So far as to 
be parrael with the South line of fishersfeild thence East four 
milds thence North five milds and 140 Rods thence westerly 
four milds and One third to the first mentoned bounds 


[10-147] \_Re?uonstrance to foregoing, ijgo.'] 

The Petition of a number of the Inhabitants of the town of 
Unity humbly prayeth, that whareas a Petition was Presented 
to the General Court at their Sessions in December Last signed 
by Daniel Grindale and others praying that the East end of S d 
Unity with part of sundry other towns Mentioned in S d Petition 
might be Incorporated into a Township Distinct, from those to 
which they now belong, Your Petitioners humbly conceive that 
it will be of great damage to S (1 Town of Unity to Spare any 
part of S cl Township to the above mentioned Petitioners as we 
are Sensible that the situation of S d town is such that if in case 
their request should be granted the remaining part of S d Town 
cannot with any Conveniency be accommodated with one cen- 
ter and it will Effectually prevent any other Division of S d Town 
from takeing place which might otherwise be done. And which 
the Town are very unanimous in haveing done — and which we 
think would be greatly conducive to the Peace welfare and Hap- 
piness of S d Town — Therefore we do in the most humble man- 
ner Request your Honours, that the Prayer of the petition of 





Sd Grindale, and others (so far as it respects S d town of Unity) 
may not be Granted and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall 
ever Pray — 

Unity December 2 nd 1790 — 

Nathaniel Huntoon 
Chads Huntoon J r 
Philip Huntoon 
Caleb Huntoon 
John Huntoon 
Daniel Bachelder 
thomas Nott 
Stephen Huntoon 
Joshua Bartlett 
Jacob Bartlett 
Benjamin Huntoon 
Benjamin Clough 
Samuel Huntoon 
Matthias Bartlett 
Cornelies Clough 
Amos T Huntoon 
Joseph Huntoon 

Jun r 
William Long 
Benjamin Smart 
Joseph Hebct 

Moses Chase 
John Sleeper 
Abraham Sandborn 
Moses Fifield 
Isaac Livingston 
Jonathan Glidden 
Barnabas S inkier 
Elias Buckrnan 
Asa Lamson 
Amos Lamson 
Sam 1 P Glidden 
Jonathan Glidden 

Stephen Buckrnan 
Amos Buckrnan 
Jacob Smith 
Nathaniel Heart 
Elephelit Breead 
Nichelos peirce 
William Neal 
Josiah moody Junr 

Samuel Chase 

Daniel moody 
Josiah Huntoon 
Richard Moody 
Samborn Cram 
Jacob Cram 
andrew Glidden 
Jacob X Glidden 
Elipelet Bodwell 
Eliphelet Bodwell 

James Bodwell 
Stephen Brown 
Joseph Glidden 
Simeon Glidden 
James Dudley 
Darbon Sweet 
asaph merrel 
thomas Smith 
Jeremiah Glidden 
Ebenezer barker 
Sam 1 W. Thurber 

[10-150] \_Vote of the Town of Lempster on the foregoing. ~\ 

At a legal Town meeting of the inhabitants of Lemster held 
inconsequence of a Petition to the Selectmen of S d Lemster 
from Moses True and other on the eighteenth day of Dec r A D 
17S9 — On the Question being put whether the Town Approved 
or disapproved of the design of S d Petitioners in takeing off part 
of S d Town of Lempster it was disapproved by 33. and Ap- 
proved by 11 — 

Meeting disolved — 

A true copy Attest James Bingham T. Clerk 

Lempster Jan y S, 1791 — 


[10-15 1 ] [ Wendell against the Separation. ] 

Wendell Jan y 3, 179 1 — 

Whom it may concern this certifies, that the Town of Wen- 
dell have" never voted to give of the South part of S d Town as 
requested in a Petition Signed by Daniel Grendell and Others 
Also certifies that there are not more than Fifty four Rateable 
Polls in s d Town of Wendell — 

Ichabod Perkins Town Clerk \ 


able to the plan taken by M r Jese Lane or otherwise as your 
Honours in your Wisdom Seem meet and your petitioners as in 
duty bound Shall Ever pray 

Wendell May y e 12 th 1791 

Strokley angell Esek Angill Edward yong 

Noel Angell James Scales Jun r James bock 

Joshua gage Abiathar young Thomas Woodward 

Eben angell Robard young Joshua Whitne 

James young Daniel Moses Giles Bartlet 

philip Huntoon Israel Bryant Job Williams 

Cornalous young Esek young 

[Portions of the towns of Wendell, Newport, Unity, 
Lempster, and Fishersfield were combined, and incorporated 
into a town named Goshen, Dec. 27, 1791. — Ed.] 

[10—154] [Petition to have the Corjie?' Boinid of Goshen es- 
tablished, 1797 >~\ 

The petition of the Selectmen of Wendell humbly Sheweth 

That Whereas a Mistake appears to have taken place in the 
Act for Incorporating the Town of Goshen respecting the first 
bound of Said Town which is mentioned in Said Act as begin- 
ning at the northeast corner of lot No nine in the first range of 

[10-152] I 

We the Inhabitants of the Town of Wendell whose names are 
hereunder Written being Sensible of the Dificulties that we are 
under by Reason of the Situation of this Town and the great 
Distance that many of the Inhabitants have to Travel for pub- 
lick Worship and all Town affairs of Every kind do Suppose it 
to be Reasonable and Necesary and do freely Consent and Re- 
quest that your Honours would Incorporate the South End of 
"Said Wendell with the Corners of Several other Towns agree- 

SHARON. 505 

lots in Wendell & upon Fishersfield line, which Said northeast 
Corner & the line of Fishersfield have Since been found to be 
at Some distance apart & the Inhabitants of Goshen petitioned 
the Generall Court the last Year to have this mistake rectified 
& the Said first bound established either at the Said northeast 
corner of lot N° nine without having any regard to Fisherfield 
line or on the line of Fisherfield in the place meant to be de- 
scribed in Said Act — Therefore as it would be very inconvenient 
for the Town of Wendell to have the Said bound established at 
the Northeast Corner of lot No nine by reason that it would 
leave a considerable point of land in Said Wendell lying in a 
triangular form between Fisherfield & Goshen. 

Your petitioners humbly request your Honours that the said 
bound may be established upon the line of Fishersfield in the 
place where it was meant & intended to have been made when 
that part of Wendell was Set off to Goshen which was in Such 
place as where it would form a Straight line with the Said 
northeast corner of lot N° nine & the head lines of that range of 
lots to Newport line thereby making one Straight line between 
the Town of Said Wendell & Goshen from Fishersfield line to 
Newport line and that the bound & line may be thus established 
we in duty bound will ever pray 

Wendell June 3 rd 1797 

Whittier Perkins \ Selectmen 
Nathaniel Perkins > of 

Samuel George j Wendell 

[The line was established in accordance with this peti- 
tion, June 22, 1797. — Ed.] 


The territory in this town was formerly the westerly por- 
tion of Peterborough Slip, and retained the name after the 
east part was separated and incorporated into the town of 
Temple. By an act passed February 6, 1789, the inhabi- 
tants were invested with the privilege of levying and col- 
lecting taxes for the repair of highways, and the laying out 
and building of the same ; and by an act passed June 19, 
1789, they were authorized to levy and collect a tax of one 
penny per acre annually, for the term of three years, for the 
purpose of repairing roads and bridges. January 24, 1 791, 
the town was incorporated by its present name. 

The following documents were not found in time to place 
the town in alphabetical order. 


[10-210] \_Petitio?i for Annexation to Peterborough: ad- 
dressed to the General Court, 1777. ~\ 


We the Inbabitance of Peterborough Slip as Your Humble 
Petitionors do Beg Leave to Aquant Your honors that we have 
Voted to be Anexed to Peterborough and Are Verry Desirous 
for the Same for our Number 5 Being So Small that we Cannot 
be a town of our Selves Nor have Any towne Privilidges while 
we Are in this Situation and we humbly Pray that Your honors 
would take it into consideration and if it be Your Minds to 
Grant Us our Petetion Which we Now Request of Your hon- 
ours let it be Don Soon as may be — 

And we Shall Ever pray &C 

Peterborough Slip May 27 th 1777 

John Taggart Gilbert m c cay Josiah Crosby 

Jn° Swan William Milliken Sam 1 Gragg 

Jon° Taggart J r James Milligen Jn° Eliot 

John Swan Jun r John m c allaster Andrew Conn 

Samu 1 Milliken James M c Nee 

John Whitemore Benj : Nutting 

£10-216] [Petition for an Act of Incorporation : addressed 
to the Ge?ieral Court, 1786.'] 

The petition of the subscribers in behalf of the Inhabitants of 
a place called Peterborough-Slip in the County of Hillsborough 
in said State humbly sheweth, 

That the said Inhabitants have for many years labom'ed under 
great inconveniencies & difficulties in not being vested with cor- 
porate powers. — 

That the said place called Peterborough Slip is surrounded 
by incorporated places — Peterborough on the north Jatlrey on 
the west, Rindge & New Ipswich on the South & Temple on 
the east — & that it cannot with convenience be annexed to either 
of those Towns — 

That the number of Inhabitants in said place now Amounts 
to one hundred & eighty, And the number of Families to forty : 
That the said Place contains about seventy lots containing upon 
an average One hundred acres, & is capable of making fifty 
good Farms or settlements — That your Petitioners are very de- 
sirous of enjoying, in common with their fellow Citizens, the 
Blessings resulting from a Gospel ministry — publick Schools — ■ 
good roads & all the other Benefits that flow from an organized 
& well regulated Society — And your petitioners beg leave to 
observe that should your Honours be pleased to encorporate 

SHARON. 507 

them, in their present situation, that most of the difficulties & 
embarrassments which they now feel, would still remain ; & 
that the only expedient whereby your Petitioners may be re- 
lieved, is, as they humbly conceive, that a small Piece be taken 
from each of the Towns that join upon said Peterborough-Slip 
on the north and west and be added thereto — Your Petitioners 
humbly conceive that if One mile be taken off' the east end of 
Jaffrey & one mile from the south end of Peterborough, as far 
as they adjoin upon said Peterborough Slip, that such an acces- 
sion would make them competent for all the purposes of corpo- 
rate Society, and in no degree injure the said Towns of Jaffrey 
& Peterborough — Your petitioners are led to conceive thus of 
the matter from these considerations ; That the said Town of 
JafYrey is now seven -miles from west to east, & only five from 
North to South ; So that, when that part of said JafiVey, which 
it is the wish of your petitioners may be annexed to them, shall 
be [taken off, the remaining part will be large enough for a 
Township & will better accommodate the Inhabitants than now 

That as to the said Town of Peterborough your petitioners 
beg leave to observe, that a tract of land unincorporated, 
called Society, lies adjoining to Said Peterborough on the 
North — that this Tract is also surrounded by incorporated 
places And may very conveniently, At least a part of it, be an- 
nexed to said Peterborough, And will more than compensate 
for that part of Peterborough which may be Annexed to said 
Peterborough-Slip — 

Your Petitioners Therefore pray that your Honours would be 
pleased to annex, One mile taken off the east end of said Jaf- 
frey, & One mile taken off the South end of said Peterborough, 
to the Tract of Land now called Peterborough-Slip, and incor- 
porate the whole into a Township vested with all the privileges 
of corporate Societies in this State and as in Duty bound your 
Petitioners shall ever pray — 

John m c allaster ~) Committee 
Sam 1 Gragg > of 

Sam 1 Milliken ) Peterborough Slip 
Heard and dismissed. 

[10-217] [Petition for Authority to levy and collect Taxes 
for the repair of Highways, 1787.] 

The petition of the Inhabitants of a place called Peterborough- 
Slip, in said State, 

Humbly sheweth, 

That your petitioners, by reason of their being unincorpo- 
rated, are subject to many inconveniences, among which are, 




first, That they cannot lay out new high-ways — Second, That 
they cannot tax Non-residents lands, nor lands unimproved, to 
help make and repair highways — And, Third, That they can- 
not compell persons who are unwilling to labour on highways 
to work on them at all : Wherefore, your petitioners pray that 
your Honors would enable, empower and fully authorize them 
to lay out high-ways in said Place, where necessary — to tax the 
Non-residents lands and lands unimproved, in said place, for 
the making and repairing highways in said place — And to com- 
pell the Inhabitants of said Place to make, mend & repair said 
high-ways — in as full and ample a manner as the Inhabitants of 
incorporated towns and places in this State are by law author- 
ised to act and do in such matters — 

And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray. 

June 25 th 17S7. 

John Prentice for the Petitioners 

[The foregoing petition was granted by an act passed 
February 6, 1789. — Ed.] 


The town was incorporated March 9, 1769, and comprised 
territory severed from the towns of Westmoreland and Gil- 
sum, largely from the latter. That portion taken from the 
former had been known as Westmoreland Leg. 

By the act of incorporation the first meeting was to be 
called by Peter Hayward, the first settler in town, and Eb- 
enezer Kilburn had liberty to "poll off" with his estate to 

Surry was one of the towns that voted to unite with Ver- 
mont, and, in I78i,the majority of the selectmen refused to 
call a meeting for the election of a member of the legisla- 
ture, in obedience to a precept from this state, " being under 
oath to the state of Vermont." See Vol. XI, p. 29. 

Lead and silver were discovered on Surry mountain many 
years ago, and attempts have been made from time to time 
to mine the ore. A mine on the east side of the mountain, 
which is being worked at the present time by the Granite 
State Mining Company, produces gold, silver, copper, and 
lead, in considerable quantities. 

SURRY. 509 

Surry men in 1st N. H. Regiment : 

Joshua Church enlisted March 18, 1777; discharged 
April 30, 17S0. 

Anthony Gilman enlisted July 1, 1777; taken prisoner. 

Samuel Liscomb enlisted May 8, 1777; discharged De- 
cember, 1779. 

Jacob Bonney enlisted May 20, 1777 ; died July, 1778. 

[10—156] \_Petition of Lemuel Holmes : addressed to tJieGeit- 
eral Court, February io } iy8o.~] 

The Memorial of Lemuel Holmes Captain of the Corps of 
Rangers — Humbly Sheweth, 

That your Memorialist was captivated by the British Army 
on the 16 th Day of November, AD. 1776, at Fort Washington 
(so called) and carried into New-York, where he was detained 
a Prisoner untill the 20 th Day of September, A D. 177S ; — That 
during this Period your Memorialist had scarce any Allowances 
from the Continent & none from this State, & your Memorialist 
is led to suppose that the Reason of his being neglected by said 
State was, that thro' Mistake he was never returned as belong- 
ing to the said State ; — That your Memorialist was detained in 
New-York five Weeks after he was exchanged, for Want of 
Money to discharge his Billet, having had no Remittances for 
that Purpose ; — That after your Memorialist was permitted to 
leave New-York, (having previously been obliged to hire the 
Money to discharge his Billet) he was under a Necessity of tak- 
ing a Journey to Philadelphia to procure said Money to be 
granted & remitted by the Honorable Continental Congress, 
which Journey cost him much time & nearly all the Money he 
had before received, which was seven hundred Dollars on Ac- 
compt. — And your Memorialist would also humbly represent in 
Behalf of himself & Samuel Silsby, Daniel Griswold & William 
Haywood, Soldiers from said State in the Corps commanded 
by your Memorialist, that your Memorialist & the aforesaid 
Soldiers were considerable Sufferers, by loosing several things 
at the time of their Captivity & by Expences afterwards arising 
from Sickness, the necessary Charges of getting Home & loss 
of time afterwards, as will more fully appear from the Accompt 
herewith transmitted. — Wherefore your Memorialist in Behalf 
of himself & the aforesaid Samuel Silsby, Daniel Griswold and 
William Haywood, humbly prays this honorable Court to take 
the foregoing Memorial & Representation together with the 
Accompt herewith transmitted into their wise Consideration 


and act thereon as they in their Wisdom shall see just & proper; 
— and your Memorialist as in Duty bound, shall ever pray, 

Lemuel Holmes Capt 


[R. 4-62] [Petition of Thomas Dodge, Soldier, i/8j.^\ 

Humby Shews, 

Thomas Dodge, that in the year 1777, he inlist- 
ed into the continental service for three years, for the Town of 
Surry in the county of Cheshire, and received from Said Town, 
a Bounty of one hundred Dollars; that he served during the 
whole term ; and when he applied to the treasury of this State, 
for his Wages, the receipt he had given The Town of Surry for 
said Bounty was lodged against him, and reducted out of his 
Wages — Your Petitioner therefore prays, that this Assembly 
will take his case into consideration, and make an order to The 
Town of Surry to refund said hundred Dollars, or grant such 
other relief in the premises, as to this hon ble Court shall seem 
expedient and proper — and your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall 
ever pray. 

Charlestown N° 4 Oct r 24 th 1783 — | 

Thomas Dodge 


[R. 4-63] [Petition of Le7nuel Holmes, Soldier: addressed 
to the General Assembly, 1782.'] 

Humbly Sheweth % 

The petition and memorial of Lemuel Holmes — of Surry in 
said State — that On the first day of January seventeen hundred 
seventy six — your petitioner engaged as Lieutenant for the 
term of one year in the service of this and the United States — 
and on the sixteenth day of November following was taken 
prisoner at fort Washington — That previous to the captivity of 
your petitioner (viz) on the first of September the same Year — 
I had an appointment by his Excellency Gen 1 Washington to 
the office of Captain — That by being made prisoner, your peti- 1 

tioner was prevented receiving a commission agreable to such 
appointment — but was however returned and exchanged as 
such — after having continued prisoner in New York almost two 
years — That when released your petitioner immediately applied 
to the Congress for direction and settlement of my accounts — 
and there received a small sum in Continental money on ac- 
count — and was directed by Congress to apply to the state to 
which I belonged for a settlement of the whole — That your pe- 




titioner in consequence applied to the hon. Assembly of this 
State about two years since — but by a multiplicity of business 
or some other cause to me unknown — my said application was 
and has been since neglected — whereby a settlement of my ac- 
counts has never yet been effected nor any sufficient payment or 
compensation rendered for the services and sufferings of your 
petitioner — That more over your petitioner hath been informed 
that Congress ordered some allowance to be made to those su- 
per-numerary Officers who returned home — 

Your petitioner therefore humbly prays that your honors will 
take the several matters herein before suggested into serious 
consideration — and point out some eligible method for a speedy 
settlement of my accounts — and whereby I may obtain the bal- 
ance in my favor without greater cost and trouble — And that in 
the mean time your honors would direct and order a reasonable 
sum for my present relief and support — Or other wise grant 
such relief and direction in the premises — as to your honors in 
wisdom may seem best. — 

And your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray 

Lem 11 Holmes 

Dated at Concord this 13 th June 17S2 — 

[In H. of Rep., June 14, 1782, he was granted an allow- 
ance of ^30, " hard money." — Ed.] 

[R. 4-65] \_Petitlon of Lcmziel Holmes, I7Q4.~] 

To the Honourable General Court of the State of New Hamp- 
shire convened at Amherst on the first Wednesday of June 


The petition of Lemuel Holmes for himself and Samuel Sils- 
by Niles Beckwith, William Hay ward & Daniel Griswold all 
of the State afforesaid and County of Cheshire who are yet Liv- 
ing who were taken prisoners at fort Washington in the Year 
1776 with your petitioners that Belonged to the State of New- 
hampshire and who have Never had any Compensation for the 
time they were prisoners nor the Loss of their Baggage and 
arms and what is infinitely wors the Loss of their health and 
Constitutions : altho their accompts with mine were Considered 
by our Committee and Sent forward to Congress but were with 
many other State accompts not Considered So that we your 
petitioners are without anv Redress unless your Honours will 
pleas to interpose in our Behalf and make a Grant of So much 
of the unlocated Lands in Said State as your Honours in Your 
Wisdom may think Reasonable under Such Restrictions as to 
Setling as may Seem best for the State 


and I Your humble petitioner will be under Such obligations 
to Survey and Settle Said Lands in Behalf of them as Shall be 
Reasonable as Your petitioner has a Number of Sons who 
would Settle Said Lands which might be of Some Servis to the 
State but would Satisfy your petitioner that the State for which 
he has undergon too many hardships to mention think that his 
friends feel for his Misfortunes and will Compensate for his 

and your petitioner as in Duty bound will pra) 
Surry June y e 2 fl 1794. 

Lemuel Holmes 

[Hon. Lemuel Holmes was lieutenant in a company of 
rangers from January 1, 1776, until the first of September 
following, when he was appointed captain by Gen. Wash- 
ington. On the 16th of November next following he was 
taken prisoner at Fort Washington and carried to New 
York, where he remained in captivity until September 20, 
1778. He was town-clerk of Surry for some years, and rep- 
resented Gilsum and Surry in the H. of Rep., in 1784-86, 
1789-92. He was elected a member of the governor's coun- 
cil in 1790, and held the office four years ; was a judge of 
the court of common pleas for the county of Cheshire until 
1808, at which time he was debarred from holding the office 
any longer by reason of having arrived at the age of seventy 
years. He lived for some years at the foot of Bald hill in 
Surry, and is described as being an agreeable and courteous 
gentleman, of strict integrity, and a prominent man in his 
day. Subsequently he removed to Vermont, and there 
died. — Ed.] 

[10—157] \_Relathe to the collection of Beef for the Army, 

M r Speeker Sir Whereas Co 1 Gideon of Exeter Was appoint- 
ed a Collector of Beef for the year 17S0 and under him John 
Mellen Esq 1 " Collector for the County of Cheshire S d Mellen did 
in the year 1780 Collect 739 lb of Beef more than he Recepted 
for to Co 1 Gideons and Because S (1 Returns do not agree with 
the Return on the Book the Treasurer Cant Credet the Town 
of Surrv for any Part of the Beef which was Delivered to S d 

Mellen therefore it is Motioned that the House Give orders that 

the Treasurer Receive Said Recepts and Credet the Town of 

SURRY. 513 

Surry for the Same which the Treasurer is Ready to do upon 
Receiving the order 

Portsmouth F eb y e 22 17S6 Lemuel Holmes 

Surry, Cap 1 Giddings returned 26oo Ib Beef 

[10-15S] [Return of Ratable Polls, iySj,} 

A Return of the Male inhabitants of the Town of Surry of 
Twenty one years of age and upwards pay each one for him- 
self a Foil-Tax 

Eighty two 
By order of the Select-men 

Lemu 11 Holmes Town Clerk 

[10-159] [Relative to date of Annual Meeting: addressed to 
the Council and II. of Rep., 1784.'] 

Humbly sheweth your Petitioners Thomas Harvey Joshua 
Fuller and William Barrah Selectmen for the Town of Surry 
for the year 1 7S3 That whereas the Holding of Annuel Meet- 
ings on the Last Tuesdays of March is attended by many incon- 
veniencies, in consequence of the new Constitution taking place 
and the inconveniency of Holding it by adjournment by reason 
of its being so late in the Month 

Therefore, We your Petitioners pray that if your Honours 
see fit would appoint the Annual Meeting to be held earlier in 
the Month of March for the Future 

As in Duty Bound will ever pray 

Lem 11 Holmes Town Clerk by order of the Selectmen 

Surry March 24 th 17S4 

[By an act passed April 13, 1784, the time for holding 
the annual meeting was changed from the last Tuesday of 
March, to the first Monday in the same month. — Ed.] 

[10-160] [Date of An?iual Meeting changed, 1785.] 

State of New Hamp r 

In the House of Representatives Feb u 23 d 17S5 

Whereas in and by an Act passed the 13 th of April A. D. 
17S4 it is Enacted that the Annual Meeting in the Town of 



Surry shall be held on the first Monday in March annually, but 
as the Inhabitants have not had Notice thereof, and the said 
first Monday so nigh that Legal notice cannot be given of the 
business necessary to be transacted at said Meeting — There- 
fore — 

Resolved that the Meeting for the Present year be held on 
the fourth Tuesday of March next and that the present Select 
men give notice in the usual manner of the time place & Design 
of Said Meeting and the Officers chosen at said Meeting are to 
give notice that the annual meeting of said Town is to be held 
on the first monday in March annually in future — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

Geo : Atkinson Speaker 

In Senate the same day read & Concurred 

E Thompson Sec 

[10-161] [Petition for Authority to raise Money by Lottery 
to work a Silver Mine, 1786.^ 

The Petition of the Subscribers Humbly sheweth that thev 
have Discovered a place in Surry in the county of Cheshire. 
where they Are persuaded there is a Valuable Silver Mine. 
that they Wish to make an Experiment of the worth and Quan- 
tity of said Mine, that by the best computation they can make, 
it will cost three or four thousand Dollars, before they can reap 
any considerable advantage therefrom, that they conceive it 
would be a very considerable advantage to the Publick, should 
they succede to their Reasonable expectation, in opening said 
Mine, that it will be extremely Difficult, if not impossible for 
them, to advance the necessary Expences for effecting the Same 
Experiment, that Encouraged by your Honours known Wisdom 
and Public Spirit ; the Prayer of your Petitioners is that they 
or others as your Honors shall see fit mav be Authorised bv the 
help of a Publick Lottery for that purpose, to raise the sum of 
two thousand Dollars, or any other Sum that your Honours 
shall see fit, to assist them in opening the same, and they as in 
Duty bound shall ever pray. 

Feb' i Bt 1786 

Jed h Sanger ") Committee in 

Joseph Blake >■ behalf of the Owners 
W n ' Russell ) of said Mine 



[10-162] [Remonstrance against the Incorporation of a 
Baptist Society, i8oo.~] 

We a Committee being appointed by the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Surry at a legal Meeting October 11, 1800, to remon- 
strate against the prayer of the Petition of a Number of the In- 
habitants living in the southwest part of said Surry that they 
with others may be incorporated into a Religious Society to be 
called and known by the Name of the first Baptist Society in 
Westmoreland, beg Leave to state 

First, That the Town of Surry is but a very small Incorpora- 
tion and have not one Inhabitant to spare without injuring said 
Town, there being not more than So Freeholders therein 

Secondly, Those petitioning Inhabitants are not more than 
three and a half and some not more than two Miles from the 
Meetinghouse in said Surry 

Thirdly, In their petition they have stil'd themselves profes- 
sors of Religion by the Denomination of Baptists, and to say 
the Truth, we are obliged to say, that not one of those petition- 
ers belonging to Surry ever made any Profession of Religion of 
any Denomination that we know of, especially, Baptist — and 
we declare that whenever any or all of them shall have made a 
Publick Profession of Religion of any Denomination whatever 
contrary to our Denomination we will agreeably to the Consti- 
tution freely relinquish all Right of Taxing such Professors to 
the Support of our Minister 

Fourthly, We doubt in our minds whether the Motive of their 
thus petitioning is not more to answer sinister Views, such as 
forming a Center to advance private property and continue 
small Disputes than to promote Harmony and good Order 

Lemuel Holmes 

John Stiles \ 

< t t> 1 • > Committee 

Jona* Robinson 

Nathan Howard 

[10-164] [Consent of sundry Perso?is to foregoing. ,] 

We whose names are hereunto subscribed, Inhabitants of the 
Town of Surry hereby give our Consent to the Remonstrance 
of a Committee appointed by said Town against the Petition of 
a Number of the Inhabitants thereof, with others praying to be 
incorporated into a Baptist Society as in our minds we doubt 
the Sincerity of some of those Petitioners belonging to said 
Surry and that they do not duly consider the Consequence of 
an Incorporation 


Lemuel Holmes Jonathan Skinner Cushman Smith 

Nathan Howard Obadiah Willcox Asahel Harvey 

Abia Crane Moses Field John Stiles 

Philip Monro Asa Willcox thos Harvey 

Jonathan -Smith Daniel Smith Cyrus Harvey 

Ichabod Smith Asa Holmes Eli Dort 

Sylvester Skinner Calvin Hayward Jona 1 Robinson 

Abner Skinner Jn° McCurdy 

Eldad Skinner Levi Fuller 

[The society mentioned in the foregoing was incorpo- 
rated December 10, 1800, and comprised persons from the 
towns of Surry, Walpole, Westmoreland, and Keene. — Ed.] 


[R. 4-67] [Szitton Soldiers, 1777. ~\ 

Benj a Critchet & John Watts has Inlisted in Cap* fairwells 
Company & in Co' Starks Ridg 1 in the State of Newhampshir 
for three yeare — 

the above Names is for Parrystown 


The township was granted by the Masonian proprietors 
in 1749. and was called Perrys-town, from Obadiah Perry, 
one of the original proprietors. The town was incorporated 
by the legislature April 13, 1784, and named Sutton. 

June 18, 1795, an act was passed authorizing the assess- 
ment of a special tax of three cents per acre on all the lands 
in town except public lands and "eighteen shares reserved 
by the Masonian proprietors " for the purpose of building a 
meeting-house. i 

Sutton contained 130 inhabitants in 1775, and 520 in 

1790- . . 1 

David Peaslee, who settled in this town in 1767, found. 

traces of an Indian settlement on the west side of Kezar's 

pond, where implements of Indian manufacture have since 

been found. 

Jonathan Harvey was a member of the state senate from 

1816 to 1823. I 

Silas Russell was in the 1st N. H. Regiment, enlisted 

April, 1780, and was discharged December, 1781. I 

SUTTON.* 517 

[R. 4-68] [Assistance to Soldier's Family. ~\ 

State of New Hampshire Hillsborough 

Parsuant to an order from the General Court to the Select- 
men of Perrystown to mak the bill of suply for the woman that 
thare Husbands was in the Contanantal Armey for three ye r and 
During the Warr 

March 27 th 17S1 Supplied the famly of Benj n Critchets who 
was during the warr in the Present year L. M. S-5-0 

March 29 th 17S2 Supplyed the famly of Benj n Critchet Dur- 
ing warr man in the Present yeare L. M. 25-10-0— Sum total 

33- r 5-o 

the above famely was left in varry Poor Surcomstances as to 
the Nesercys of life - 

A true Coppey Etest 

Matthew Harvey \ Selectmen 
Ephraim Gile > for 

william Presey j Perrystown 

Perreystown Sept r 22 — 17S3. 

[Superscribed] on Public Servise to the Committee of Claims 
at Exeter 

[10—165] [Petition for an Incorporation : addressed to the 
General Court, iy8j.~\ 

A petition of the inhabitance of a place Cald Parreystovvn 
in the State of New Hampshire and County of Hillsborough 
Humbly Prays: for that Body of Land Call d Parreystown 
bounded agreeable to the Charter of said Land may be incor- 
porated into a Town with all the previledges of other Towns in 
this State by the Name of Sutton the disadvantages that we the 
Inhabitants labor under for want of Town previledges in mak- 
ing and repaireing of Highways and many other disadvantages 
two Numerous to be menchoned Causes us to pray for to be 
incorporated for which faver we as in Duty Bound for you 
shall ever pray — 

Parreystown May 21 : 17S3 

Matthew Harvy \ Select men for 
Ephrim Gile j Perreystown 

Will™ Presey Bengman Phclbreck John davies 

david gill Jacob masten James Gillinham 

Benj a \Vadley Robert Heath Thomas Wadley 

Peter Peaslee benjamin Heath Isac Peasley 

moses Camlev Hesekiah Parker Ezekil Heath 


Samuel been Jesse Parker Jeremiah daveis 

Benjamin Critchet Jonathan Davis Joseph wodley 

Lenard Colborn David Eaton Johnathon Keaser 

David peaslee Ruben Clough Ezra Jones 

Samuel Andrew Eliphlet Cheneny Jonathan Robey 

Daniel messer Thorn' Walker James King 

Jacob Davis Jacob daveis Jonathan Stephens 

Ebn r Keeser Aaron davies Ruben gile 

[The town was incorporated April 13, 1784, by its pres- 
ent name. — Ed.] 

[10-16S] [Petition for the Appointment of a Committee to 
fix Uncertain Bounds, 1794 : addressed to the General 

Your Petitioners Humbly sheweth that thay are owners of 
land in the town of Sutton part of that tract of Land that was 
Laid out by the proprietors of s d town for the grantors of said 
Sutton being about five miles on the Earsterly Line of the town 
and Extending west on said town one mile but was not bounded 
altho said Lots was Pland and Drawn and the old proprietors 
are mancy of them Decesed and there proprietors meetings are 
all Decesd also there fore your petitioners Know no way that 


[10-166] \_Benjamin Wadleigh recommended for a fustice 
of the Peace, 1786. .] 

We your Pertishenors Humbly shueth that as we are Disti- 
tute of a Justice of the Peace with us theirefore your Humble 
Pitishenors Humbly pray that you wood take it into your wise 
Consideration and appoint m r Benjamin wodly for oure Justice 
in this town for us that Sivel authority may be Kept up — 

In wittness ware off we have Subcrib 4 our Names — 

Sutton Jenuary 26 th 17S6 

Matthew Harvey Hezekiah Parker Lenard Colborn 

Sam 11 Bean Silas Busel moses Davis 

Daniel Messer Joseph wodly Thorn 8 messer 

David Eaton Jonathan Stevens Benj n Chrichet 

Willam Presey Ezekiel Heath Jonath" Page 

Asa Nelson Eben r Kezer Timothy Peaslee 

Isaac Peaslee francis Como Abraham Peslee 

Thorn 3 Mastian David Gile Caleb Kimball 



thay Can have there Land bounded or Know where there Land 
Lyes there fore your petitioners prays that the Honorable Court 
wod take there Case in to ther wise Consideration and appoint 
them a Committee to Run out said Land and Bound the same 
according to the Charter and Plan of said town on the Petition- 
ers Cost and as in Dutey bound will Ever Pray — 

Caleb Kimbell 
Ezekiel Flanders 
Jacob masten 
John Eaton 
hazekier Parker* 
Green French Jun 

Oliver French 
Beni n wiliam 
thomas walker 
Gorge walker 
Jonathan Colborn 
Dudley Kindrick 

Samuel Kinrick 
Beniamin Kindrck 
thomas Rowel 
Jonathan Rowel 

[In H. of Rep., Jan. 10, 1794, a committee was appointed, 
consisting of Henry Gerrish, James Flanders, and Aaron 
Greeley. The senate did not concur. — Ed.] 


[10-169] [Petition for Appoi?itment of a Com?nittee to fix 
Bou7?ds for Certain Rights, lypj.'] 

The petition of the Subscribers humbly shew, that they are 
owners in a tract of Land in Sutton, in the County of Hills- 
borough in said State, which was reserved by the proprietors 
of said Sutton, to make Eighteen Rights, for the grantees of 
said Sutton according to the Charter of said Town being about 
Seven Wiles and one quarter of a Mile one way and about One 
Mile the other way, the proprietors left the Land for said 
Eighteen Shares or rights but did not make any bounds to the 
same, but planned said Land & drew each man his Right, & 
since that your petitioners have purchased some of said Land, 
& the proprietors meetings are all done & the old proprietors 
are many of them Dead & there is no way that your petitioners 
can tell where their Land lays — 

Therefore your petitioners humbly prays that the IIon ble 
Court would take their case into their Wise Consideration & 
appoint them a committee of One Surveyor & Two Chainmen 
to run out said Eighteen Rights by metes and bounds, accord- 
ing to the Charter of said Town of Sutton, at the Cost of your 
petitioners & we as in duty bound will ever pray — 

Sutton Jan^ i 8t 1795. 

Caleb Kimball 
Oliver French 
Jonathan Rowell 

Benjamin Williams Samuel Kcnrick 
Dudley Kenrick Jonathan Stevens 

Jonathan Colbarn Eph m Morrill 


Thomas Rovvell 
Thomas Wadlcigh 
David Coborn 


Joseph Flanders 
Ezekiel Flanders 

Trustum Stevens 
Caleb Kimball J r 



The township was granted by the government of Massa- 
chusetts to Nathaniel Hammond and sixty-three others in 
1734, and was called Lower Ashuelot. The first proprie- 
tors' meeting was held at Concord, Mass., June 27, 1734. 
A church was formed; and Rev. Timothy Harrington, a 
graduate of Harvard college in 1737, was ordained Nov. 4, 
1741. In 1747, in consequence of the withdrawal of the 
guards at Fort Dummer and elsewhere on the frontier, the 
inhabitants were obliged to leave this settlement and return 
to Massachusetts; and at Rutland, in that province, the 
church held a meeting, Oct. 12, 1748, and granted Mr. 
Harrington a dismissal. 

The settlers returned to Lower Ashuelot about three 
years after leaving it, and commenced anew. In 1753 they 
employed Col. William Symes to apply to the government 
of New Hampshire for a grant of the territory and an in- 
corporation of the town. The grant was made July 2, of 
that year, to Nathaniel Hammond and sixty-one others, and 
incorporated into a town by the name of Swanzey. One of 
the grantees was Caesar Freeman, from whom came the 
name of Mount Caesar. The name of the town occurs four 
times in the record of the charter, and is spelled Swansey in 
two instances, and Swanzey in the other two. It came from 
Swansey, Mass., whence came some of the first settlers, and 
that town was named from Swansea, Wales. The church 
again organized, and Rev. Ezra Carpenter settled as pastor, 
Oct. 4, 1753. He was appointed chaplain of the Crown 
Point expedition in 1757. 

On the receipt of the news of the battle at Lexington, of 
April 19, 1775, the men of Swanzey rallied and marched at 
daybreak on the 21st to the number of sixty-two, under 
the command of Col. Joseph Hammond, who was chosen 
captain for the occasion. Twenty-two of these men enlisted 
for eight months, and the remainder returned home at the 
end of thirteen days. At the battle of Bunker Hill, B. Parker 


and Thomas Green were wounded — the former mortally. 
Jonathan Whitcomb commanded a company in Stark's regi- 
ment, and Dr. Calvin Frink was surgeon of the same regi- 
ment. Corporal Joseph Hammond was in Whitcomb' s 
company. He was one of the men who marched on the 21st 
of April, and was with his company at Winter Hill, Sept. 1 1, 


Samuel Wright was appointed first lieutenant in Capt. 
Gregg's company, Scammell's regiment, April 4, 1777. 

Swanzey men in First N. H. regiment : 

Joel Andrews, enlisted May 12, 1778; discharged Dec. 
31. 1780. 

Corp. John Cross, enlisted Jan. 1, 1778 ; discharged Dec. 
31. 17S1. 

William Frankford, enlisted Jan. 9, 1778; died April 17, 

Silas Simonds, enlisted Jan. 1, 1777 ; discharged Dec. 14, 

Levi Simonds, enlisted Feb. 13, 1778 ; discharged Dec. 
14, 1780. 

Joseph Tucker, enlisted Feb. 3, 1778 ; discharged De- 
cember, 1780. 

Sergt. Amasa Parker and Solomon Hazeltine were in 
Capt. Benjamin Ellis's company in 1781, and in the First 
N. H. regiment in 1782. 

Joseph Hammond was lieutenant-colonel of Ashley's 
regiment, and marched with the regiment on the second 
"Ticonderoga alarm," but being too old for active service 
he resigned his commission June 14, 1779- He was, how- 
ever, employed in various ways during the war, acting as 
mustering officer, and at times in charge of the transporta- 
tion of supplies to the army at Ticonderoga, etc. 

December 1 1, 1762. a triangular tract of land was severed 
from Richmond and annexed to this town. 

By an act approved Jan. 8, 1794, some territory was sev- 
ered from the north-east part of the town, and annexed to 

December 10, 18 12, Thomas Thompson and Thomas 
Thompson, Jr., with their estates, were severed from this 
town and annexed to Keene. 

A tract was severed from Swanzey June 23, 18 15, com- 
bined with portions of other towns and erected into the 
town of Troy. 



December 15, 1842, another small tract was severed from 

this town and annexed to Marlborough. 


[10—170]" \_JRort Dummer Committee, 1744.^ 

These may Certify, That we the Subscribers, Being Chosen 
by the Inhabitants of Winchester, Lower Ashuelot, Upper- Ash- 
uelot and N° Two to Meet at Fort Dummer on the 20 th Day of 
March 1744 to Act in their Name and Behalf, what we may 
Judge Expedient Respecting Preferring a Petition or Petitions 
for help and Protection in this Time of Danger, Have Deter- 
mined That the Matter be left with Coll Josiah Willard Esq r 
Coll Eben r Hinsdell Esq\ Major Josiah Willard Esq r the Rev d 
M r Joseph Ashley, Cap 1 James Heaton, and Cap' William 
Symes, to Determine when and in what Manner a Petition or 
Petitions Shall be Preferred and also which Two of them Shall 
Prefer the Same, as Witness our hands 

Nath 1 Hammond 
Jeremiah Hall 
William Symes 

Thomas Cresson 
Jethro Wheeler ■ 
Simon Willard 

thomas chamberlin 
Ebenezer Force 

[Nathaniel Hammond was a descendant of Thomas of 
Lavenham, county Suffolk, Eng., whose son William mar- 
ried Elisabeth Penn, June 9, 1605, an d came to Watertown, 
Mass., prior to 1634. His wife came in the ship •■ Francis," 
and joined him that year, bringing three of their children, 
Elizabeth, Sarah, and John. They had nine children in all, 
of whom the fifth was a son named Thomas, who was bap- 
tized Sept. 17, 16 1 8, and was grandfather of Nathaniel, who 
signed the foregoing report. 

Nathaniel Hammond was one of the first settlers of this 
town, was the father of Col. Joseph, and the ancestor of the 
Svvanzey and Gilsum Hammonds. — Ed."] 

[R. 4-69] [Petition of Timothy Harvey, Soldier, 1778 '.] 

Whearas Your Petetioner on the 5 th Day of march 1776 In- 
listed into the Contental Service for the Expedition to Canada 
Under the Command ofCapt Wait in Col Bedles Regement 
and March* to Canada and being Ordered into a Company Com- 
manded by Capt Esterbrooks we March* to the Cedars where 
Your Petetioner Among the rest was Dcliv'd up to the Enemy 
by which means your Petetioner Suffered Greatly and had the 



following Articles taken from me by the Indians viz a Gun & 
Bayonet, which then Cost me Three pounds : also a Belt and 
Bullet pouch 8 8 / a Cartridge Box 576 one Woolen Shirt 127 1 
p r shoes 876 1 p r Leggins 57 1 Good Blanket 15 s / a Large 
Powder horn 2 s / 6 d 1 Tomahawk 2 a /5 — Said Articles Amount- 
ing in the Whole to £5-18-1 i d -o and I would humbly pray 
your honours to make as much Allowance to your Pettetioner 
as you Shall think Just also that the Above Articles would as 
Money now is Cost more than Three Times the Sum as Afore- 
said — which if your Honours please to Grant Your pettetioner 
as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray 

Timothy Harvey 
Swanzey Feb r 5 th 1778 

£10-171] \_Lieut. Col. y oseph Ha?nmoud's Resignation, ifjQ.~\ 

Swanzey June 14 th 1779 

To the Honorable the Council and House of Representatives 
for the State of New Hampshire 


I Beg leave to Inform you that it is my Earnest Desire to Re- 
sign the Trust Reposed in me as a Lieut Colonel of the Sixth 
Regiment of Militia in the State of New Hampshire and I do 
now by these Presents make a full Resignation of the Said 
Trust and office of Lieut. Colonel, and pray that the Same may 
be Ratified by the Honorable General Court — 

I have the Honor to be your Most Obedient Humble Ser- 

Joseph Hammond Lieut Col 

To the Hon Meshech Weare Esq r to be communicated to the 
Hon. Gen : Assembly 

State of New Hamp r In the House of Representatives June 
i8 tb : 1779 — 

Voted. That the resignation of Lieu* Col 1 Joseph Hammond 
as Lieutenant Colonel of the sixth Regiment of Militia in this 
State be and hereby is accepted, & that he receive the thanks of 
this house for his good services in that Station 

Sent up for Concurrence — 

John Dudley — Speaker pro tem e 

In Council June 19 th 1779 read and Concurred 

E Thorn posn Sec 1 * 



[R. 4-70] [Relative to Moses B elding, Soldier, 1778. ~] 

Swanzey, State of New-Hampshire Aug. 17 th 177S 

This may Certify whom it may concern that Lieut. Moses 
Belding in the Continental Service has been in a bad state of 
Health since he had the small Fox whereby he has been Disen- 
abled from Returning to his Regiment and has been ever since 
that time under my care in the Medical way 

Per Calvin Frink Physician 

[R. 4-71] 

[Soldier's Certificate, if8l.~\ 

This may Certify that Noah Parkis Hath Due on my Role 
for his Service at the No rt hard last year Seven Hundred and 
Six pounds ten Shillings Contiantalmoney which was made up 
only at Sixty Seven for one of Two pounds p r month for a pri- 

Ephraim Stone 

Keen August 10 th 17S1 

To the Town of Swanzey or whom it may Consern 

[The name should be Noah Parkhurst. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-72] [Petition from so??ic Soldiers: addressed to the 
General Court, Dec., 1782. ] 

The Petition of Antipas How, Andrew Nichols and Joshua 
Jewett Prime all of Swanzey in the County of Cheshire in the 
state of New-Hampshire — 

Humbly sheweth 

That your petitioners, did in the Year of our Lord 1779 Inlist 
as private Soldiers in the Continental Service, for one Year 
then next ensuing, and did Actually and faithfully perform one 
Years Service in the present War, and were Discharged from 
said service in June 1780, for which said Service your Petition- 
ers have never vet Received any wages, either from the Conti- 
nent or this state, and we Humbly apprehend that we are Justly 
entitled to a Reward for our services equal to others in the same 
predicament — 

your Petitioners therefore Humbly pray that this Honorable 
Court would take the Premises into their consideration, and 


grant us your Petitioners such a Competent Reward for our 
said services as in your Wisdom you shall think proper — 

And as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Antipas How 
Andrew Nichols 
Joshua Jewett Prime 

[R. 4-73] [Soldiers' Orders, 1784.^ 

Swanzey October 15 th 1784 
To the Paymaster of the State of New Hampshire 

Sir — Please to pay to Mj r Elisha Whitcomb all the Wages 
and Depreciation tha't is due to me for My Servise in the Con- 
tinental Army in the Years 1777 & 1 77S and his Receipt Shall 
be a Discharge from me in full 

Moses Belding 

[He was a lieutenant in Capt. William Ellis's company, 
Scammell's regiment, and was discharged Sept. 1, 1778. In 
H. of Rep., October 10, 1784, his pay was made up to that 
date. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-76] 

Swanzey October 17S4. 
To the Paymaster of the State of New-Hampshire, 

please to pay to Mj r Elisha Whitcomb the whole of the wages 
that is due to Noah Parkhurst for his Servise in Cap* Stone's 
Company, at Coos, for the Term of Six Months ; and his Re- 
ceipt Shall be a Discherge in full from 

James Adams Administrator 
Attest Isaac Hammond 
JC10. 19. n 

[R. 4-77] [ Thomas Green, Blinker Hill Soldier. ~\ 

The petition of Thomas Green of Swanzey in the County of 
Cheshire in said state — 

Humbly sheweth 

That your Petitioner in the Year 1775 at the Commencement 
of Hostilities between Great Britain and America Inlisted as a 
private Soldier in defence of his Country in Capt Scotts Com- 
pany, and Col Stark's Regiment, and that on the Memorable 
17 th of June 1775 your Petitioner was called to Action at Bun- 



kers-Hill, in which Battle he Received a Wound by a Musket 
Ball entering his Left Shoulder, whereby he was for a lon«- 
time totally Disabled from any Labour, and is to this Day un- 
able to do much Hard Labour, and having no other means of 
Subsistance for himself and Family but by Husbandry, & on a 
new Tract of Land, renders his Worldly Circumstances very 
Indigent — 

Your Petitioner some Years since made Application to the 
Genearal Court of this state, and was allowed Wages as a Gar- 
rison Soldier for one year but being in Paper Currency and not 
received till some considerable Time afterwards was of very lit- 
tle Value by reason of Depreciation, since that Time your Peti- 
tioner has been (as he is informed) struck out of the List of 
such Soldiers which Received pay as fit for Garrison Duty — 
while others in like Circumstances still Receive something from 
the state, as a Compensation for their past Sufferings 

Your Petitioner therefore Humbly prays that your Honors 
would take the matter into consideration and Grant him such 
Releif as in your Wisdom you shall think proper — 

And as in Duty Bound shall ever pray 

Tho 8 Green 

Swanzey June n 1785 

State of New-Hampshire, Swanzey June 11 th 1785 

We the Subscribers, do hereby Certify that the above said 
Thomas Green was wounded at the Battle of Bunkers Hill in 
the Year 1775, and that the wound he then Received is now- 
broke open and become a Running Ulcer, and would Humbly 
Recomend him as an Object Worthy of the Hon. the General 
Courts Attention — 

Elkanah Lane ) Selectmen 
Elisha Scott j of Swanzey 
Calvin Frink Surgeon 


[In H. of Rep., June 16, 1785, Voted, that he be allowed 
eighteen shillings per month until further orders. — Ed.] 

[10—172] \_Petition of Joseph Ha?)i7nond : addressed to the 
General Court, Dec. 7J, 7786.] 

The Petition of Joseph Hammond of Swanzey in the County 
of Cheshire Gentleman, Humbly Sheweth — 

That your Petitioner (on the Twenty first Day of April 1775) 
was Chosen Captain of the Company of Meletia in Swanzey and 
on said Day Marched the Greater part of Said Company (viz) 


one Lieutennant one Ensign 4 Sergents 4 Corporals and 52 
Privats — In Defence of the Country against the British Troops 
your Petitioner and his Company Marched to Cambridge where 
we ware Stationed for one Week and until properly discharged. 
of Said Company there was 22 Men who Inlisted for Eight 
Months and drew pay from their first Marching but the whole 
of Said Company who did not Inlist altho they ware in the Ser- 
vice of the State 13 Days and Cheafly on their own expence 
have never yet Received any Reward for said Service 

your Petitioner therefore in behalf of himself and his Men 
Most Humbly prays this Hon bl Body to take the Matter into 
their Wise consideration and Grant both him and them a Re- 
ward for their Service equal to what others have had for like 

and as in Duty bound Shall ever pray 

Joseph Hammond Capt 

[10-173] [Selectmen's Statement of Affairs : addressed to 
the Ge?ieral Court. iy8i.~\ 

The Selectmen of the town of Swanzey in behalf of them- 
selves and the Town Humbly shew — 

That under the Present unhappy Situation of our affairs in 
this part of the State, when most in many and many in all the 
Towns have Revolted from under the Government and Ju- 
risdiction of the State, bidding defiance to the Authority and 
Laws of the same ; Absolutely Refusing to pay Taxes, or to 
contribute any thing in any way or manner towards Raising 
men for the Continental Army or Providing Supplies for the 
same — We find it Extreemly Difficult for us to Comply with 
the Requisitions of the State for altho' the greatest part of the 
People in this Town Remain firm in their Allegiance to the 
state; Utterly averse to the late and present factious and Sedi- 
tious conduct of a great (if not the greatest) part of the People 
in this Western part of the State, Yet our affairs are extreemly 
Embarrassed, for if Taxes are Assessed they cannot be Col- 
lected, as some will Refuse to pay, and if Constables or Collec- 
tors should Distrain Such Delinquents for their Rates, mobs 
would Arise, and perhaps the power of the State of Vermont 
would be employed for their protection — 

We have exerted ourselves as much as we could in order to 
Raise our Quota of Men for the Continental Army and Also for 
Six Months, but have not been able to compleat the former, nor 
to Raise any part of the latter, which Inability is owing princi- 
pally if not Solely to the confused Situation of this part of the 



State : And unless Something can be done for our Assistance 
it will be Absolutely Impossible for us to Raise Men or money 
for the Service of the State — 

We consider ourselves as Subjects of the state of New Hamp- 
shire, and are firmly Resolved to persist in our Allegiance, and 
expect the protection of the State, without which we shall not 
be able to stand against the opposition that will be made — 

We Humbly pray that your Honors would take the matter 
into your Wise consideration, and make Such provision for our 
protection and Safety as that we may not be Obliged to Yield 
to unreasonable men and Measures — 

Tho' Applin "| 

Calvin Frink J Selectmen 

Elijah Belding }■ of 
Isaac Hammond j Swanzey 
Elisha Whitcomb J 
Swanzey June 9 th 1781 

[R. 4-793 [Dispute concerning Amasa Parker, 1786."] 

The Petition of the Selectmen of Swanzey in the County of 
Cheshire in Said State 

Humbly Sheweth 

That whereas there has heretofore Arisen a Dispute Between 
the Towns of Swanzey and Winchester concerning Amasa 
Parker a Man who has been a Soldier in the Continental Army 
in the late War, and whereas the Said Town of Winchester 
Claims the said Amasa Parker as a Man Inlisted for one of 
Said Towns quota of Men for Said Service, which your Peti- 
tioners Humbly conceive is an unjust Claim, as the Said Amasa 
was an Inhabitant of and Hired into Said Service by the Town 
of Swanzey During the War. Your Petitioners conceive that 
the said Town of Winchester has no just Right to any Allow- 
ance for said Parkers Service in said War, which your Peti- 
tioners expect they are able to prove and verify. Your Peti- 
tioners therefore Humbly pray that this Honorable Body would 
take the Premises into your Consideration and Allow the whole 
of said Parkers Service to the Town of Swanzey — 

And as in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray 

Henry Morse ) Selectmen 

Elkanah Lane jun r ) of Swanzey 



[R. 4-80] [ Winchester claims Am as a Parker .] 

The Petition of Simon Willard in behalf of the town of Win- 
chester Humbly Shows that Amasa Parker and Sam 11 Epison 
and Moses Powers Was hired into the Continantal Sarvice by. 
the town of Winchester Which they have not been Credited 
for, and for Which Reason their is Extants against the town 
for Defisiency of Soalders and your Petitioner Prays your 
Honours to take his Case into your Wise Consideration and 
Alow the town of Winchester Credit for those three men on 
their Extant that is against them or grant them Such Releafe 
as your honours Shall in your Wisdom See fit 

As in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray 
Winchester January 24: 17S6 

Simon Willard 

[R. 4-81] [Parker's Receipt for Bounty.] 


I reec d of Jonathan Whitcomb three pound Lawful Money as 
a hire for Inlesting During the wor In the firs* New Hamp- 
share Reg 1 and Do promis to Sarve for the Town of Swanzey 
During Said Term — 

Amasa Parker Serg* 

Jany 15 th 1780 — 

[R. 4-82] [deposition concer?iing a Soldier. ~\ 

I William Temple of Lawfull age tistifye and Sai that in the 
year 1779 I wen. into the Contanental Seivis as Solder and that 
Sam 11 Epperson was hired by the Town of Winchester at the 
Same time and went into the Servic with me and was in the 
Servic a Cording to the Best of my Remembrance Six month 
and then went into Col 1 Hasons Reg 1 as I afterwards under 

William Temple 

[Sworn to Feb. 3, 1786, before Reuben Alexander. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-83] [Certificate of the Muster Master.'] 

Walpole March 16 th 177S 
This may certify that Amasa Parker, Pelatiah Razey and 


Samuel Hills 
Joseph Hamr 

[Sworn to before Calvin Frink, Jan. 30, 1786.] 

T j f , > Committee 

Joseph Hammond J 

[R. 4-SS] [Deposition relative to yonathan Woodcock.~\ 

I Moses Belding of Swanzey of Lawful Age do Testify and 
say — That I was a Leu 1 in the Continental Army and was at 
home in February in the Year 177S to Collect Recrutes for the 
Service in which* Time I went with a number of Soldiers newly 
Inlisted (Some by my Self and others by Cap' William Ellis") 
to have them Mustered at Walpolc all of which was Inlisted for 
the Term of two Years only amongst Said Soldiers was Jona- 
than Woodcock of Swanzev Said Jonathan Woodcock was In- 
listed by the S d Cap' \V m Ellis, and I have often heard the Said 
Capt Ellis Say that he Inlisted the said Woodcock to Serve the 
Term of two Years and no longer and further Saith not 

Moses Beldins: 


[Sworn to before Calvin Frink, Jan. 30, 17S6. — Ed.] 


John Woolley have been Mustered and entered upon the Rolls 
for the Town of Winchester 

P r Tho Sparhawk M. Master 

Amasa Parker 
John Woolley 
pelatiah Rezy 

[Said Parker enlisted in Capt. Wm. Ellis's Co. Feb. 28, 
1778, during the war. In H. of Rep., March 2, 1786, it was 
decided that he should be credited to Swanzey. At the 
same time Moses Powers was credited to Winchester. 

[R. 4-S6] \_Jonathan Woodcock, Soldier. ,] 

These may Certify whome it may concern, that we the Sub- 
scribers, being a Committee appointed by the Town of Swan- 
zey, to procure Soldiers for the Continental Army, in the Yer 
177S, did agree with M. r Jonathan Woodcock, to Inlist into 
Said Army for the Term of two Years, from Some time in 
February 1778 and we never agreed with, or Engaged him for 
any longer Time 





[R. 4-S9] [Relative to Bounties paid to Soldie?'S : addressed 
to the General Court, 1/88.] 

The Petition of the Selectmen of Svvanzey in said State 
Humbly Sheweth 

That in the time of the late war with Great Britain the Town 
of Swanzey was called on by the Legislature of this State for 
their Quota of Men for the Continental Army and in the Year 
1782 the said Town Hired John Nicholson and John Bemas 
for said Service During the war, and the said Men were Ac- 
cepted by the Committee of Safety of this State as part of said 
Town's Quota of Soldiers for said Service, but the Committee 
on Claims Refused to "Certify that the Bounty was due to the s d 
Town as Promised by An Act of the General Court by reason 
of the said Men's not being Mustered in this State, which Boun- 
ty the said Town has never yet received nor any part thereof — 
Your Petitioners therefore in Behalf of said Town Humbly pray 
that your Honours would take the aforesaid matter into your 
consideration and Grant the said Bounties with the Interest 
thereon to the said Town of Swanzey — 

And as in Duty Bound Shall ever pray — 

Calvin Frink \ Selectmen 

Isaac Hammond > of 
Joseph Dickinson J Swanzey 

[The town was allowed ^20 for Nicholson. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-91] [Certificate relative to foregoing. ~\ 

Exeter Feb^ 4, 1788— 

It appears by the Books that John Nicholson & John Bemis 
were allowed by the Committee of Safety as Soldiers for the 
Town of Svvanzey in the Year 17S2 It does not appear by any 
Books or returns when they were musterd 

J Gilman 

[R. 4-92] [Deposition relative to foregoi7ig.~\ 

I Solomon Hazeltine of Lawful Age Testify and say that I 
was a Soldier in the Continental Service in the late War, and I 
was well knowing that one John Bemas was a Soldier in said 
Service in Capt Benjamin Ellis's Company and Col. Dearborn's 
Regiment which said Bemas I was inform'd was inlisted durine 


the War and I understood that he was return'd for the Town of 
Swanzey in the State of New-Hampshire 
And farther saith not 

Solomon Hazeltine 

[Sworn to before Calvin Frink, Jan. 14, 1788. — Ed.] 

[R- 4-93] 

[Jonathan Wooley stated that he was in Capt. Wm. Ellis's 
company in 1777, and was wounded in a battle with Bur- 
goyne's troops, October 7th. He was pensioned, but remov- 
ing to Thomlinson, Vt., in 1787; had not received anything 
for four years. He asked to have his arrearages made up 
to him. — Ed.] 

[10—174] \_Bill for pasturing Government Cattle.~\ 

Swanzey December 20 th 1789 

Cap* John Jannison Collecter of Beef D r to the Selectmen of 
Swanzey for Pasturing Beef Cattel as followeth (viz) 

For pasturing thirty one Head of Beef cattel from the 
16 th Day of July till the 7 th of September being Sev- 
en Weeks and four Days at nine pence pr Head pr 
week — £8-16-4 

For pasturing Nine head 2 weaks and four Days (viz) 

from the Seventh of Sept' till the 25 D° — 0—16-6 

For Pasturing thirty two Head from the 25 of Sept r 

till the 1 I th of Oct r being two weeks and two Days — 0—14-9 

For Pasturing Twenty two Head of Beef Cattel from 
the nth of Oct r till the first Day of Novem' being 
three weeks — 2- 9-6 

For keeping one Beef Creture from the first Day of 
Nov r till the 16th of December being Six weeks at 
9 d p r week o- 4-6 

'3- *-7 
Joseph Dickinson ") Selectmen 

David Belding Jun r V of 
Calvin Frink ) Swanzey 


[10-T75] [ Vote relative to A?' tides of Coufederation.~\ 

At a Legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of Swanzey Oct r 13 th 


Voted With Respect to the Proposed Alteration of the Eighth 
Article of the Confederation of the United States it is the Opin- 
ion of this Town that each State Ought to be Taxed in propor- 
tion to the Wealth of each State, but whether Numbering the 
Persons or taking the Value of the Land According to Any 
mode of Valuation that is Practicable be the best way to Ascer- 
tain the Wealth of each State we are by no means Able to De- 
termine : and do therefore confide in the Wisdom and Justice 
of the Legislature of this State to Act in that Respect as they 
shall think most Just and Equitable — 

Extract from the Minutes 

Attest Calvin Frink Town Clerk 

[10-176] \_Retur?i of Ratable, Polls, 178J.'] 

Swanzey December 10 th 17S3 

We the Subscribers do hereby Certify that According to the 
Best of our knowledge there is in the Town of Swanzey one 
Hundred and Eighty two Male Polls of Twenty one Years of 
Age and upwards paying for themselves a Poll Tax — 

Isaac Hammond \ Selectmen 
David Belding Jun r j of Swanzey 

[Sworn to before C. Frink, justice of the peace. — Ed.] 

[10-177] [Relative to Beef Tax, 1784: addressed to the 
General Court, February, 1785.2 

The Petition of the Selectmen and Assessors of the Town of 
Swanzey in said state for the Year 1784 

Humbly shevveth 

That whereas in the Year 17S1 the General Court of this 
State Ordered and directed the Selectmen of said Swanzey. to 
Assess the Inhabitants of said Town, their Quota of Beef for 
the Continental Army, which was accordingly done, and the 
greatest part of said Beef was paid by said Inhabitants, Yet 
some were delinquent Refusing to pay their State Tax, Occa- 
sioned principally by the Union of the Grants (so called) with 



Vermont by reason of which, agreably to an Act of the General 
Court said Swanzey was Ordered to pay the Deficiency of said 
Tax and a fine for their Delinquency, both of which amounting 
to £137 which the Treasurer of this State by his Warrant di- 
rected to the Selectmen of said Town has ordered to be Assess- 
ed, which has not yet been complied with Because your peti- 
tioners think it very unjust to Assess Levy and Collect the 
aforesaid Sum of those Persons who paid their Tax in due Time 1 

and your Petitioners have no Warrant to Assess said Sum on 
those that were Delinquent, and dare not venture to Assess said | 

Sum either on the whole or part of the Inhabitants, lest it 
should make great confusion, murmuring and Complaining 
among the People of Said Town — Your Petitioners therefore, 
most Humbly and earnestly pray that this Honorable Body 
would take the above stated Case into their Serious considera- 
tion and make such Order thereon, as in their Wisdom they 
shall think most Just and Equitable — 
And as in Duty Bound shall ever pray 

David Belding ) Selectmen and Assessors 
Isaac Hammond ) of Swanzey 

[10-178] \_Relative to Beef Tax : addressed to the Ge7teral 
Court, Dece77iber /J, jy86.'] 

The Selectmen of Swanzey in the County of Cheshire hum- 
bly beg leave to lay before this Honourable Body their Embar- 
rassments as to Assessing the Doomage for this Towns Defi- 
ciency of Beef in the Year 17S1 — your Petitioners immediately on | 
Receiving Orders for collecting Said Beef, Assessed the Inhab- 
itents of Svvanzey, Seting the Beef at twenty Seven Shillings p r 
Hundred weight, and as your Petitioners ware Sensible of the 
Importance of the Order of Court being complied with, they 
exarted themselves and Collected a considerable part of the 
Beef by the Set time ; and would undoubtedly Collected the 
whole, had it not been for a number of Political Heriticks in 
this and Adjacent Towns, who by their Instigations and artful 
insinuations Shook the Allegiancy (of the ignorant and unprin- 1 
cipaled part of the community) from the State of New Hamp- 
shire and Attached them to the usurped State of Vermont and 
the Imbecillity of Government was so great at that Day that 
your Petitioners thought it not wise to compel or use Coercive 
measures with those who would not freely pay their proportion 
of Said tax, and Since the Energy of Government has increas- 
ed, and this Town has been caled upon to pay Said Tax with 
a Doomage, the Selectmen have taken up the Matter, and finde 



it Difficult if not Impossable to make an Assessment for said 
Doomage in any way which will not blow up an unquenchable 
fire in this Town — for if- we Should Assess it on the Delin- 
quants only, who in Justice Ought to pay the Same we Should 
in so doing do injustice for a Number of said Delinquants are 
Removed out of this Town and consiquently out of the Reach 
of an Assessment : and should an Assessment be made on the 
whole Town, it would be to make the Righteous be as the 
Wicked which the Patriarch of the Hebrews Saith is far from 
the Almighty 

Your Petitioners therefore most Humbly pray this Honour- 
able Body to take the Matter into their wise Consideration and 
cither except of the twenty Seven Shillings on the Hundred 
weight which is already Assessed and which may be Collected 
without Deficulty ; or Direct Your Petitioners in what manner 
to proceed that they may escape the Publick Odium 

And as in Duty bound Shall ever Pray 

Isaac Hammond^ Selectmen 
Calvin Frink j of Swanzey 

[In H. of Rep., January 16,17$/, voted that "as there is 
great difficulty respecting the assessment for the deficiency 
of Beef in the Town of Swanzey the Treasurer be directed, 
so far as respects said Beef Tax, to stay the Extent against 
said Town until the first Wednesday of June next." — Ed.] 

£10—179] [Instructions to Representative relative to Paper 
Money, i?86.~\ 

At a Meeting of the inhabitants of Swanzey in the County of 
Cheshire and State of New-Hampshire August 2S th 17S6 — 

Voted to Choose a Committee to give instructions to the 
Representative of said Town, for the Rule of Conduct, at the 
next Session of the General Court Respecting the Emission of 
paper Money 

To M r Abraham Randall Representative of the Town of 
Swanzey — 

Sir Your constituents Reposing confidence in your integrity, 
ability, and Zeal for the publick good, Chose you to Represent 
them in the General Assembly of this State the present year — 
This is a Day we are sensible when the greatest Wisdom, pat- 
riotism firmness, Unanimity Publick Spirit and freedom, de- 
tached from Selfish and Mercenary views are requisite, and 
ought to be the governing principles in all our Publick Coun- 



cils — We therefore having a Constitutional Right so to do, think 
it expedient to express our Sentiments to you respecting our 
distressed Situation for want of a Circulating Medium, We 
therefore instruct you to use your influence in the Assembly, 
that as soon as may be, there be an Emission of paper Curren- 
cy, as being in Our Opinion the best, Remedy left us, for Re- 
leif, and it is the minds of your constituents, that, the Emission 
of paper Currency, be applied Solely for the purpose of Re 
deeming the State Securities, which we conceive will be a 
great easment, by stopping the interest of those Securities, but 
we mean not to dictate the General Court but only to hint our 
desires, confiding in the Wisdom of the Legislature of this 
state, if they shall see fit to Issue a paper Medium, that it be 
Emitted on such foundation as they shall think best for the 
Community — 

Henry Morse ) Committee in the 

David Belding Jun r i Name and behalf 

of the Town 
[For legislative action, see Vol. XI, p. 130. — Ed.] 

[10-183] [Petition from Sundry. Inhabitants to be a7inexed 
to Marlborough, I7Q3'~\ 

We the Subscribers being Inhabitants of the Town of Swan- 
zey. Humbly Sheweth, That we live in a remote corner of 
said Town of Swanzey about five miles & a half from the Cen- 
tre of said Town which is attended with great difficulty for us 
to attend public Worship as well as other public meetings, and 
we can be much better accommodated by being annexed to the 
Town of Marlborough, the distance being but about two miles 
& one quarter to the Meeting-house, and as we have got the 
consent of the Town of Swanzey as your honours will be fa- 
vourd with attested by the Town Clerk, and also the Vote of 
the Town of Marlborough to receive us. W T e therefore pray 
your Hon" that we may be taken from the Town of Swanzey 
and annexed to the Town of Marlborough & your Petitioners in 
Duty Bound will ever pray — 

John Harvey 
Kimber Harvey 
Samuel Stearns 
Timothy Harvey 
Swanzey May y e 29 th 1793 

State of New Hampshire — 

At a Legal meeting of the Town of Marlborough on the 13^ 



Day of March 1792 — On the Petition of John Harvey and oth- 
ers of Swanzey praying to be annexed to the Town of Marlbor- 

Voted to receive them, 

this Copied from the Town Records — 

Marlborough May 29 th AD 1793 

Ebenezer Temple Town Clerk 

We the Subscribers in behalf of the Town of Marlborough 
pray your Honours that the prayer of the Petitioners may be 
granted — 

Reuben Ward ~\ Select men 
Andrew Phillips > of 

Moses Tucker ) Marlborough 

[10-1S1] [ Consent of Svjanzey to foi'egoing.~\ 

State of New-Hampshire 

At a Legal meeting of the Inhabitants of Swanzey on the 
fifth Day of March A D. 1793 — 

Whereas M r John Harvey and others Inhabitants of Swanzev 
have requested the Town that they would vote that they and 
their lands may be annexed to the Town of Marlborough, Rep- 
senting that they live much more convenient to Marlborough 
Meeting house than to Swanzey & The Town having consid- 
ered of the said request think the same to be reasonable, — 

Voted That Mess" John Harvey, Kimber Harvey and Samuel 
Stearns, and the lands whereon they dwell and the lands be- 
longing to M r Timothy Harvey, be set off from the Town of 
Swanzey and Annexed -to the Town of Marlborough, said 
Tract of land lies in the Northeastwardly part of Said Swan- 
zey, and is the most Northwardly point of that gore of Land 
which was sett off from Richmond to Swanzey, and is bounded 
as follows viz. beginning at a heap of Stones being the South- 
east corner of the Town of Keene then runs on said Keene 
West 8 degrees North 32 rods to the Old corner of Swanzey, 
then runs South 34 degrees Weston Swanzey Old line 418 rods 
to a White pine tree, then runs East 20 degrees 30 Minutes 
South, on Common Land, 212 rods to a stake and stones in the 
patent line, then runs on the patent line North 9 degrees 30 m 
East 41 S rods to the first mentioned Corner containing Three 
Hundred and five Acres — 

A True Copy 

Attest Calvin Frink Town Clerk 

Swanzey March 11 th 1793 — 



[The petition was granted, the territory set off, and an- 
nexed to Marlborough January 8, 1794. — Ed.] 


[10-184 is a plan of the land set off. — Ed.] 


The township was granted October 14, 1766, to Lieut. 
John Webster and others in sixty-eight equal shares. At 
that time the south line of the town was the " supposed 
head line of Mason's Patent ;" but the "curve line," as es- 
tablished subsequently, crosses the north-west corner, tak- 
ing in the entire town. William Eastman, Richard Jack- 
man, David Philbrick, and Jonathan Choate were the first 
settlers in 1 77 1 . Governor Wentworth's reservation was in 
the south-west corner of the town. 

A committee was appointed by the legislature, February 
22, 1785, to establish the line between this town and Sand- 
wich. The committee's decision was to be final. 

January 10, 1796, a committee was appointed to fix the 
lines between this town and the towns of Burton and Eaton. 
The decision was to be final. 

The matter came up again, however, and another com- 
mittee was appointed December 23, 1808, to establish the 
lines between the towns of Sandwich, Tamworth, Eaton, 
and Burton, and report to the legislature. 

By an act approved January 13, 1837, some territory was 
severed from Ossipee and annexed to this town ; and the 
same was severed from Tamworth and annexed to Ossipee 
June 25, 1859. 

[10-185] [Answer to Sandwich Petltio?i relative to Illegal 
Elcctio?i of Representative, I776.~] 

The joint & seperate Answer of the Subscribers, legal Inhab- 
itants paying Tax, in the Towns of Moultonborough Si Tam- 
worth in S d State ; unto a certain Petition, Memorial & Remon- 
strance, of the Inhabitants of Sandwich now filed on the Rec- 
ords of this IIon blc Court, — Unto which Remonstrance we hum- 


bly pray this our Answer & Depositions in Support thereof 
may be annexed as part & parcel of the same Record, in & by 
which Answer we your Respondents humbly shew, that the 
Petition of the Inhabitants of Sandwich aforesaid is a false and 
Scandalous Libel against many Respectable Inhabitants of 
Moultonb & Tarn worth aforesaid as well as against the Gentle- 
man they have chosen to represent them in this Hon ble Court — ; 
& that the same was apparently fabricated as a base & insid- 
ious Subterfuge to cover the Perfidy of the Select Men of said 
Sandwich, who after it was publickly known & even acknowl- 
edged by themselves, that Jonathan Moulton Esq 1 " was legally 
& fairly chosen to represent said Towns in general Assembly, 
did nevertheless afterwards refuse to make a true & proper Re- 
turn upon their Precept, in Order to deprive the said Moulton 
of a Seat in this Hon ble House, as well as to deprive the Inhab- 
itants of Moultonborough & Tamworth, of the Right of Repre- 
sentation so precious to Americans & even of acting their own 
Minds as free Agents which God & Nature has given evry 
Man. — 

Wherefore the Subscribers as aforesaid Shew, & in Answer 
to the several particulars assignd as Reasons in the said Libel 
furthermore say. — 

I st That the said Moulton is possessed of a large Interest in s d 
Towns of more than five times the Value of the Estates of all 
the Inhabitants of said Sandwich & has many Country Seats 
within said Towns of Moultonborough & Tamworth at which 
he usually resides much of his Time. — 

2 ly We deny that said Moulton or any of his Friends made any 
Entertainments or distributed any Victuals or Liqors with the 
least View of obtaining Votes for him ; But on the close of 
the Day of Election the Inhabitants of Moultonborough & 
Tamworth being from their own Homes, procured such Re- 
freshment as they wanted at their own Cost & Charge, in a 
Sober & peacible Manner — And the whole Business of the 
Day & proceeding Evening was Calm & without any other 
Bussle than the Select Men of Sandwich made by themselves 
by putting one another under Arrest for Misbehavour — 

3* y We say that exclusive of all Proxies or seald Votes from 
absent persons, there were a majority of seven Voters present 
for Col" Moulton and no Objection made at that Time to the 
legallity of any of them & therefore there was no Occasion to 
make Use of any absent persons Votes, which were sent in be- 
cause a like practice was made Use of last Year, when one of 
said Select Men of Sandwich was elected Representative — 

4 ljr We say that no person to our Knowledge from by or for 
said Moulton ever procured or offered any Vote or Proxy from 
any person, who did not order, consent & assent thereunto — 



r T'l 

5 ly We say the Moderator of said Meeting never appeared so 
friendly to s d Moulton as even to put in any Vote himself, much 
more to shew any partiality to his Cause, neither was the Meet- 
ing dissolved untill the Choice was fairly declared & even acqui- 
esced in by the select Men of Sandwich themselves — 

All which we are ready to aver & prove — and humbly beg 
liberty to thank this Hon ble Court for the Liberty granted us of 
another Choice, which we doubt not will decide the Matter now 
in Contest but as the same Difficulty is ever likely to remain, 
so long as any Captious select men of Sandwich, find them- 
selves dissapointed in their own ambitious Views — that we may 
be further relieved according to Equity & good Conscience, 
We humbly pray the Interposition of this Hon ble Court, and 
that those Officious select men of Sandwich may be repri- 
manded for their aforesaid Conduct for the following among 
other Reasons — 

First, Because we humbly conceive it to be altogether un- 
reasonable — that when a free people have made a free Choice 
of their Representative, that it shoud ever be in the Power of 
any person who may have Influence enough to cajole or Intimi- 
date any weak select men & thereby deprive such Representa- 
tive of his seat & such free People of their Priviledges — 

2 ly Because if when any person has been once fairley elected 
a Member of this Hon ble Court by any Town — If it is in the 
power of the Minority or any litigious person in s d Town to 
have a New Election when & as often as they please, there are 
too many such persons to be found in every Town, who woud 
gladly have Elections Time after Time untill they cou'd crawl 
in themselves — 

3 ly Because, tho' your Honours have granted us Liberty to 
manifest our Opinion of the said Election by a new Choice, yet 
the aforesaid Libel remains on file to the great prejudice of 
many of your present petitioners whose Characters are therein 

And that this our Answer to the same Libel of them the In- 
habitants of said Sandwich may remain as aforesaid on the Files 
of this Hon ,,le Court — And your petitioners as in duty bound 
shall ever pray — 

Moultonborough Dec r 3i 1776 

Ebenezer Cowles 
Abiael Stevens 
Phinehas Stevens 
David Folsom 
Nathaniel Ambos 
James Brown 
James Jackson 

James Flagg 
Eben r Blake 
Benj a Kimball 
Jon* Philbrick 
Jon a Chevit 
Stephen mason 
Daniel Ames 

Joseph Richardson 
Bradbury Richard- 
David Bean 
Obadiah Brown 
Amos Whipple 
Ebenezer meloon 

Elias Smith 
Jonathan Moulton 
Nathan Hoit 
Joseph Chandler 
Stephen Adams 
James mason 
Phinehas Graves 
Sam 11 Kalley 
Jacob Brown 
John glines 
William Page 
Nathan 1 Shannon 


W m X Vittum 


William Evans 


John' X Wallace 


James X Danfortli 


Ephraim Hacket 
Timothy Medar 
John Sanderson 
Ebenezer Clarke 
Amos sanborn 
Achra Penniman 
Jona Penniman 
Ezekiel moulton 
Obadiah Dudv 
Alexader magoon 
Enoch Blake 
Israel Glines 
Enoch Sanderson 


James Head 


Jonathan Burges 
menoer Elles 
Joshua nickerson 

William Plaisted 
Levi Drew 
Elisha Cumings 
John Boynton 
Isaac Cu minings 
James Gorden 


Samel alles 


Sanborn X Chandler 


Ephraim Drake 
W T illiam Vittum Jun 

[See Sandwich papers, ante. — -Ed.] 


\_Relative to State Tax, iy/8.~\ 

To the Hon ble Council and House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Assembly Convened — 

The petition William Eastman, Timothy Medar Bradbury 
Jewell, Select Men of Tamworth, for and in behalf of said 
Town Humbly shew, that in the Year 1777 — when the Inven- 
tory of this Town was sent to the General Court, there were 
the following Persons and their Estates inventoried Viz' Joshua 
Nickerson, Joshua Nickerson Jun r Reuben Nickerson, Daniel 
Ames, Daniel Ames Jun r Jon a Burges, James Danforth, Menoah 
Ellis and John Cooley — which persons lived without the Lines of 
Tamworth, upon a Grant of Land granted to Jonathan Moulton 
Esq r which persons in our said Inventory were expressed as 
such, but as the said persons were settled for Tamworth, always 
called and reckond as such the General Court included them in 
the proportion of Taxes for this Town, agreeable to which the 
Select-Men of Tamworth rated them for their equal proportion 
of the State Tax for the Years 1777, and 177S — which amounted 
to Twenty Three pounds Twelve Shillings, and duly called 
upon those persons for the same by the Collector of this Town, 
which they refused to pay alledging that they cou'd not legally 
be obliged to pay it, which we humbly conceive to be the Case 
as the Land whereon those persons live, has for about one Year 
past been incorporated into the Town of Moultonborough, and 
as Moultonborough's proportion of Tax has not been enlarged 


on Account of those persons, since the said Incorporation, the 
Select Men of Moultonborough have not called upon them for 
the State Tax or any other Tax whatever — so that their falling 
into Moultonborough cannot be urged as a reasonable Excuse 
for their not paying the Taxes here inasmuch as they are not 
called upon by anv other place than this Town to pay Taxes — 
We do aver that the abovenamed persons were rated no more 
than their just proportion of the Tax agreeable to an Inventory 
given to the Select Men by themselves — As it woud be a great 
Hardship to the Inhabitants of this Town to pay the Tax for 
the abovenamed persons as well as their own Taxes we hum- 
bly pray your Hon ble Court either to Discount the said sum of 
£23, 12s on our State Tax the current Year, or fullv enable 
this Town to collect the' same of the said Joshua Nickerson, 
Joshua Nickerson Jun r Reuben Nickerson, Daniel Ames, Dan- 
iel Ames Jun r Jonathan Burges, James Danforth, Menoah Ellis 
and John Crowley, and that a just Deduction in our proportion 
of Taxes for Time to come be made on Account of the afore- 
said persons falling without this Town into the Town of Moul- 
tonough & your petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Tamworth 31 st Oct r 177S — 

william Eastman") Selectmen 
Timothy Medar !■ of 
Bradbury Jewell ) Tamworth 

[10-18S] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783. .'] 

Tamworth Sth of December 1783 

Pursuant to an act of the general assembley of this State Di- 
rected to us the Select men of S d tamworth to Return an ac- 
count of all the male Polls of twenty one years old & upwards 
Paying a Poole tax for themselves, within said town have taken 
an Exact account thereof — and find them to be fifty three 

David Gilman "I Select 
Timothy Medar ) men 

[Sworn to before D. Beede, justice of the peace. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-94] [Soldiers' Orders.'] 

To the Paymaster of Cap* Jacob Smiths Company of Militia in 
the year 17S1 — 

Sir Please to pay Ben. I. Gilman or order all that is due to 




me I having been a Soldier in the aforesaid Company for the 
Town of Tamworth — Value Rec d Witness my hand 

Joseph Eaton Keniston 
Attest Moses Jewett 19 Jany. £6-2-0 

[R. 4-95] To the Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire 

S r Please to Pay William Eastman all the wages that is Due 
to me for six months service in the Contenantal army, as a Pri- 
vat Solder in Col° Reads Rig 1 & Cap* Dustens Company, his 
Receipt shall be a full Discharge from your humble Servant — 

Tamworth 12 th June 17S4 


Attest Nicholas -f- Kinestone 


David Gilman William Easman 

[R. 4-96] 

Tamworth June 23 th 1784 

To the paymaster of the New Hampshire Six Months Men 
for the year 17S0 — For Value rec d please to pay M r Joseph S. 
Gilman or order all the Wages, Bounty, Interest or whatever 
may be due to me for my services — I having been a six Months 
Man for the Town of New market in the year 17S0. 


Witness my Hand David X Kinerson 

Witness Israel Gilman David Jewett 


[R. 4-97] 

[ Certificate of Bounty Pald.~\ 

Exeter April 24 th 1786 

The Bounty advanced by the Town of Tamworth to Joseph 
Ames a Soldier for one year in 1779 is £7, 10 — , which has 
been deducted from his depreciation — 

Josiah Gilman Jur. 
one of the Committee 

[10-191J [Selectmen's Statement relative to Taxation, etc., 

J 793 '•] 

The petition of the Selectmen of Tamworth humbly shew- 
eth, that whareas your petitioners are now called upon to return 
an inventory in order for a new proportion — but the unsattled 


situation of affairs in the Town renders it impossible for us to 
make an inventory with any correctness, the lines of the Town 
being unsettled lays s d Town under many disadvantages, — when 
the last valuation was taken about one quarter part of our iri- 
habatants on the east part of the Town petitioned the General 
Court that they might pay taxes to Eaton until the lines of the 
Towns whare sattled, and s d Court for reasons unknoun to us, 
set of s d petitioners which consisted of one mile ant) a half from 
us and put them to Eaton, without giving us an opportunity of 
shewing cause if any we had why the prayer of S d petitioners 
should not be granted, which we sopose very singular : — the 
above being taken from us, leaves us but four and a half miles 
East and West in stead of Six, as may be made to appear by 
the plan of the Town, and as the s d Town the last year was at 
a great expence in sattleing a minister, and are now at a further 
expence in building a house for public worship, your honours 
may naturaly sopose that s d Town stands in need of all its in- 
habitants — we therefore humbly pray s d Town may have the 
privelidge of their former inhabetants until s d lines are sattled, 
or be inlarged some other way — and your petitioners as in duty 
bound will ever pray — 

Tarn worth May 28 th 1793 

Benj n Gil man ) 

Edward Hay ford > Select Men 

George Dod^e 

[10-193] [Petition for the Appointment of a Committee to 
settle disputed Lines: addressed to the General Court, 

Humbly Sheweth Thomas Cogswell, Thomas Leavitt, John 
Hale and Bradbury Cilley Agents for and in behalf of the Pro- 
prietors of the Township of Tamworth and Winthrop Smart 
Jacob Blasdel and John Banfill, Agents for and in behalf of the 
Proprietors of the Township of Eaton, And Moses Center 
Henry Weed and Orlando Weed, Agents for And in behalf of 
the Proprietors of the Township of Burton, all in the State of 
New Hampshire, — That on the 14 th of October A D 1766 the 
Township of Tamworth was Granted And Soon after the Town- 
ship of Eaton was Granted to Join on the East Side of Tam- 
worth and Burton on the North That various disputes have 
Arissen on the part of Eaton relative to the East line of Tam- 
worth, and on the North by Burton relative to the North line of 
Tamworth, that it Appearing to your Petitioners there is Land 



Sufficient to Complet the above mentioned Grants, According 
to the true intent and Meaning of the Same, And from a Desier 
to put an end to Altercation and Lawsuits, we have agreed to 
lay our paypers and Evidences before the Hono ble Simeon Olcot 
of Charlestown, John Peirce of Portsmouth Esquires, in the 
State of New Hampshire and Josiah Little of Newbury in the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Esquire ; And in case of the 
refusel or Death of either of those Men, then Russell Freeman 
Esquire of Hanover to be Joined, Shall bee a Committee to fix 
the Line on the East between Tamworth and Eaton, and on the 
North between Tamworth and Burton, And the Report of them 
or Any two of them Lodged in the Secretary's office of this State, 
within the time hereafter limited shall be final and conclusive 
between the parties, and we do further Agree that fourteen days 
Notice given to the proprietors Clerk of the Townships of Tam- 
worth Eaton and Burton or to one of the Agents within Named 
for Each of those Towns of the time and place of the Setting of 
the said Committee on the business, shall be Sufficient Notice, 
and if either party Neglect to Appear there to proceed Ex par- 
te — and we do further agree to Petition this Hono ble Court to 
impower Said Committee to transact the business, and, twelve 
month's be allowed from the passing the Act, for the Comple- 
tion of the Same — In Compliance with which Agreement your 
Petitioners beag leave to bring in a bill to impower the Said 
Committee to Assertain and fix said Lines under the restric- 
tions aforesaid and your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever 

Thomas Cogswell Jacob Blasdel Henry Weed 

Thomas Leavitt Winthrop Smart moses Senter 

Bradbury Cilley John Ban fill Orlando Weed 

[The committee was appointed June 1 1, 1796, and con- 
sisted of Simeon Olcott, Josiah Little, and Russell Free- 
man. See following documents. — Ed.] 

[10-192] [Directions to Col. Gerrish to ferambalatc the Li?ie 
between Tamworth a?zd Eaton, iyg6.^ 

To Col. Henry Gerish Esq r 

By agreement & consent of Parties you are appointed Sur- 
veyor to take a Survey of the boundary line between the Town- 
ships of Tamworth & Eaton, being the East line of Tamworth 
& west line of Eaton you are to begin at a Pitchpine Tree mark- 
ed with six notches, which Stands on the Patent line so called 



about one mile East of Bearcamp River so called, being the 
Southly corner between Tamworth & Eaton and from thence to 
extend a North line between Tamworth & Eaton untill Six 
miles are compleated where you are to erect a good & Sufficient 
Monu-ment or land make — 

And from thince are to extend a line due West, between 
Tamworth Sc Burton untill it Shall intersect the East line of 
Sandwich addition, so called, where you are to affix a Monu- 
ment or land make as above — 

You will appoint Two good & qualified Chainmen who Shall 
be Sworn to a faithfull discharge of their duty & trust 

You will notify the Agents of the Townships Tamworth — 
Eaton & Burton when you Shall make s d Survey — 

You will Com pleat s d Survey & make a return thereof, on 
Oath to me the Subscriber Chairman of the Com tee for Setling 
the boundary lines between s d Tamworth Eaton & Burton — on 
or before the first Day of March next — 

You are to expect your pay and reward for s d Services from 
the Agents of the Township of Tamworth — 

Concord 15 th Dec r 1796 

Per order Sim. Olcott Chair 11 

[Col. Gerr/s/i's Ret?irn.~\ 

Pursuant to the within appointment I Notified the Agents of 
Tamworth — Eaton & Burton to meet me on the 21 Day of De- 
cember Instant at the within mentioned pitch pine tree with Six 
notches, at the above time & place there met me Hon bl Thomas 
Cogswell Esq r Agent for Tamworth Jacob Blasdel Esq r and 
Maj r Winthrop Smart Agents for Eaton and M r Henry Weed 
agent for Burton, By mutual agreement of parties Col° Nathan 
Hoit was appointed to Carry the fore end of the Chain and my 
Self the hind End of the Chain after being Sworn to the faithfull 
Discharge of our trust we began at the aforsaid Pitch pine tree 
mark d with Six notches and thence measured upon an old Line 
which was then agreed to by the parties which runs North one 
Degree and about twenty five minits West by the needle Six 
Miles to a beech tree about Seven Inches Diamiter which we 
Spotted on four Sides for the Northeast Corner of Tamworth 
which tree is also marked with the Letters H. G — N. H & T. C 
& Dated it Dec r 22 d 1796 and drove a Cent into the westerly 
Side of Said tree, from thence I run and Spotted a line W T est 
one Degree and about twenty five Minits South Which makes 
it a right Angle with the old line, until I came to the line of 
Sandwich Addition where I set up a Stake for the Northwest 
Corner of Tamworth Said Stake is Spotted & mark d with the 
Letters T C. about Eight feet Southeasterly from Said Stake I 


TEMPLE. 547 

also Spotted a red Butch tree which is about Eleven Inches Di- 
ameter which I marked with the letters H G — T C & I G & 
Drove a copper into the Side of Said tree facing the Bounds — 

Tamworth Dec r 24 th 1 796 

Henry Gerrish Surveyer 


The township embraced several tracts of land granted to 
individuals by the government of Massachusetts prior to 
1740. The territory was granted by the Masonian Propri- 
etors in November, 1750, with the usual reservations. For 
some years it was called Peterborough Slip, and included 
the present town of Sharon. 

The town was incorporated August 26, 1768, and included 
one tier of lots on the west side of Wilton, and the easterly 
portion of what was priorly known as Peterborough Slip, or 
Sliptown, and was named for Hon. John Temple. Ephraim 
Heald was authorized to call the first town meeting, which 
duty he performed, and the meeting was held at the house 
of Zedekiah Drurv, October 10, 1768. 

A dispute concerning a strip of land between this town 
and New Ipswich resulted in favor of Temple. 

By an act passed January 12, 1781, a tract of land con- 
taining about 400 acres, lying north of this town, called 
Borland's farm, was annexed to Temple. 

January 29, 1789, some territory was severed from the 
south-east corner of Peterborough, and annexed to this 

By an act approved June 11, 1796, a considerable tract 
of land was severed from Lyndeborough, and annexed to 

Gen. Francis Blood was a prominent man during the 
Revolution. He was a member of the H. of Rep. in 1777, 
and on September 27 of that year was appointed commis- 
sary to attend a guard sent to conduct prisoners of war to 
Portsmouth. He was appointed January 27, 1781, one of 
the two "collectors general of beef" for the army ; member 
of the council in 1784, and of the senate 1784-85 ; judge of 
the court of common pleas, and held numerous offices in 



town. He was born in Concord, Mass., March 18, 1735, O. 
S., and died in 18 14. 


[10-196] [ Vote relative to the Incorporation of the Town, 

17 68.-\ 

att a meeting of The proprities of Peterborough slip Lcgaly 
Called For that purpos Voted By S d proprietors To Divide The 
Township at the Line Between The fifteenth & Sixteenth Teer 
of Lots & Voted By S d proprietors to Git in Corporated Chose 
Francis Blood John Marshall & Ephraim Heald as a Commit- 
tee To Git it Done - 

25 January 1768 

a Trew Coppy Errors Exsepted 

Ebenezer Drury propr 8 Clarke 

[10-197] [Sundry Inhabitants of Wilton consent to join. ~\ 

We The In Habitants of The west Side of wilton in S d 
province are willing To Be annexed To The East part of Peter- 
borough Slip 

Wilton April 27 — 1768 

Robert Mann William Felten 

James mansur Stephen Putnam 

Stephen farnam William mansur 
William Thomson 

[10— 19S] [Petition of sundry persons relative to Separation: 
addressed to the Governor and Council, iy68.~\ 

The Humble petetion of the Inhabitants of a place Called 
Peterborough slip on the west Side of the Mountains in S d Town 
Ship Whereas we Cannot Be aComodated to Settle the publick 
Worship of God with The Inhabitants on the East Side of the 
Mountains By Reason of Sd Mountains 

& Their Being in Corporated will Brake our Charter So that 
we Cannot Raise money to make & Repair Roads Where fore 
we Humbly pray your Excellency and Honours that we May 
By a Special act Be Inabled From Time To time Raise Such 
Sums as Shall Be Nessasery to make & Repair Roads in S d 


TEMPLE. 549 

peterboronghslip on the west Side of the Mountains & we as 
in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray & : C : 

April 1 8 day 176S 

John M c allaster David mcallaster 

Thomas Morison Peter m c Allaster 

William Jack William m c Allaster 

John Thorn David Moors 

andrew m e allaster James M c Alister 

[10—199] [Petition of a Committee to have the Town i7i- 
corporated : addressed to the Governor and Council, 1768. ,] 

We the Inhabitants of a place Called Peterborough-Slip in S d 
province Humbly petetion your Excellency and Honours That 
where as The Monadnucks Mountains Runs a Cross our Town- 
ship which is Impractable For Roads So That we Cannot Set- 
tle The publick Worship of God on one side of the Moun- 
tains so as to aComodate the other side of the Mountains 
where fore we Humbley pray That we May Be InVested with 
Town prevelidges To The following Bounds : To Witt Be Gin- 
ing att Peterborough Southeast Corner Running west on s d 
Peterborough Line Til it Comes to a Beech Tree marked Being 
the Northwest Corner of The Lott N° Eleven in The Eighth 
Range of Lots in S d peterboronghslip Then Running South Be- 
tween the Eleventh & Twelveth Lots on a Line marked on the 
pinnacle of The Mountains til it Comes to the North west Cor- 
ner of the Lot Eleven in the Sixth Range Still Running on the 
pinnacle of the Mountain Through the Lots Twelve in the Sixth 
and fifth Ranges on a Line marked to a Spruce Tree Being the 
North west Corner of the Lot Twelve in the Fourth Range Still 
Running on the pinnacle of the Mountain Through the Lots 
thirteen in the fourth Range and fourteen & fifteen in the Third 
Range on a Line marked on the pinnacle of the Mountains to a 
white maple att the foot, of the Mountain Called and Known By 
The Name of Moffets Tree Then Runing west about fifteen 
Rods to the west Line of the Lot Fifteen in the second Range 
Then Riming South on S d Line to New Tpswitch North Line 
Then Riming a bout East on New Ipswich North Line To the 
Southeast Corner of ,S d petersboroughSlip Still Riming East on 
wilton South Line the Length of Two Lots Then Riming North 
Between the Eighth &. Nineth Ranges of Lots in S (l wilton in- 
Cludeing Two Teer of Lots to Linds Borough South Line Then 
Runing West on wilton North Line and Peterborough wSlip 
North Line To Peterborough East Line Then Runing South on 
Peterborough East Line to the South East Corner first men- 



tioned — all So we Humbley pray your Excellency & Honours 
That the Loss of Wilton may Be maid up To Them By your 
annexing a Tract of Land To Them on the East Side of wilton 
Called & Known By The Name of The Mild Slip and we in 
Duty Bound Shall Ever pray: &: C peterboroughslip : n: 
April 1768 

Francis Blood 

John Marshall >■ Comi i tc 

Ephraim Heald 


[10-200] [Statement of Wilt 071 Proceedings, iy68.~\ 

Wilton June y e 9 day 176S this Day it Being Town meeting 
att wilton & we the Subscribers attended where was the Com- 
mittee from peterboroughSlip to se wheather the Town of wil- 
ton would Vote to ReCeive the East part of peterboroughSlip 
or Give them haf a mild of wilton & when we Came to that 
article mr Butterfield who was moderator would not Call for a 
Vote on it But Said we will ajorn the meeting til y e 7 of July 
which he did the Committee a fore Sd Deziered a Coppy of 
their proceedings But Could not obtain it 

William mansur 

Stephen Putnam 


Alexander 6 Milliken 


£10-201] [Relative to a Road over the J\fozmtai?is.~] 

June y e io ,h J76S 

This Day Cap* Ephraim Heald of Peterborough Slip made 
Applecation to us the Subscribers in behalf of the Inhabitants 
Living on the East of the Mountain in Said Township, in order 
to view the Mountain, to See if there could be a Road over to 
Accomadate the people on the west side of Said Mountain to 
Congregate with the people on the East — accordingly we went 
with him and three men Inhabeting near the Mountain went 
with us over the Mountain where they all Judge is the only 
place where a Road could be made. We give it as our Judg- 
ment that there cannot be a road over the Mountain that will 
accomadate to Treavil in with any Conveniency 

Benjamin Adams Ephraim Adams Isaac Appleton 


TEMPLE. 551 

[10-203] [Another Opinion relative to the Road.~\ 

Peterborough Slip June S th 176S 

Whereas we the Subscribers being Desired by the Inhabitants 
of wilton to Vew the Mountain to See if their Could be a Pass- 
able Horse Road over the Said mountain and upon our Vevving 
the Same it is our Humble opinon that their maybe upon Prop- 
er Serch and Vew a Very Comfortabel Passing- over the Same 
on Horse Back From the west Side to the East Side to the 
meeting House Spot in Said PeterbourougSlip — 

pr us Thomes moreson 

John Swan Ju r 

[10-202] [Committee's Statement relative to foregoing. ~\ 

Portsmouth June 11 th 176S 

Wheras we the Subscribers being Agents appointed to Carry 
on the Affair For Peterbourough Slip & wilton Relative to their 
Pettetion Have agreed to Leave the" whole Affair to His Excel- 
lency and Counsel to Do as they in their Wisdom and Prudence 
Shall think Best Praying Further opportunity to Lodge Such 
Papers as to Give your Excellency & Honours Further Light as 
witness our Hands Prvided Such Papers are filed before the 
Day appointed for the Govern 1 " & Councils Determination 

agent For PerterbourougSlip Ephraim Heald 

agents For Wilton — Joseph Butterfield 

James Dascombe 

[10—205] \_Petition from Wilton: addressed to the Gov- 
ernor and Council, 7768.^ 

We the inHabitants of wilton Humbley petion your ExCel- 
ency & Honours that The East part of peterboroughSlip May 
Be anexed To wilton & Incorporated in to one Town with us 
& we in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray &C 

Wilton June the 10 day 176S 

William mansur Ebenezer Perry 

James mansur Jonas Perry 

Abijah Perry A1 , "? Af ., ri 

o. J , c - J Alexander Q Millikcn 

btephen tar nam ^ tll 



[io— 20S] \_Remonst ranee fr 0771 the I}ihabitci7its of Wilton 
addressed to the Gover7ior a7id Council, iy68.~] 

May it please your Excellency and Hon rs We the Inhabitants 
of Wilton in said Province are Notified by m r Sec ry Atkinson. 
that the Inhabitants of Peterborough Slip have lately petitioned 
your Excellency and Hon™ for a Charter of incorporation grant- 
ing Town priviledges & c with Addition of one mile in wedth & 
the Length of the Town to be taken off from the Town of Wil- 
ton, and Added to Peterbo 1 " Slip: in Consideration whereof a 
Slip to be Added on the Opposite part of the Town &c. 

That we may shew cause if any we have why the prayer of 
said petition should not be granted. Therefore we take liberty 
to say, that the Scituatioi> and Circumstance of the said Peterb* 
Slip was know by the late Gov 1 " & Conn eel at the Time said 
Wilton was incorporated ; Notwithstanding saw fit to incorpo- 
rate Wilton for a Certain Limmited Term according to its pres- 
ent form, and at the end of said Term granted an other Charter 
of the like Contents (which were Costly things to us) Add to 
this the purchasers of John Tufton Mason Esq ; patent fix'd the 
boundaries of said Wilton as it is now held by Charter, and we 
have a meeting house in the Center of the Town very well 
Scituated, have been at Large Expence in Making highways to* 
the same, and during the late War, many of us suffered largely, 
Yet being Encouraged by having our Town Continued in its 
present form surmounted those Difficulties ; and have found 
means of late to defrey part of the Public Charge of the prov- 
ince for which reasons among many others that may be offered 
by our Agent, are humbly of Opinion that the prayer of the 
petition above refer'd to ought not to be granted but if it should 
be thought otherwise, We beg leave to suggest further that the 
Design of Granting an incorporation to us, which was to pro- 
mot Good order, and encourage the Cultivation of our Lands 
will be greatly retarded, that we shall be thrown into the ut- 
most Confusion and Disorder about our meeting house, Bridges 
and highways &c Indeed our Brethern of Peterb" Slip seem 
Concious to themselves that taking a Part from us on the west 
will be Detrimental to us and therefore propose to have the 
mile Slip Added on the East to make amends, but we humbly 
beg and pray, that if any part of our Town must be taken from 
us that there may not be any Added to us on the Easterly part, 
which Cannot lessen but must Augment our Difficulty — Your 
Excellency & Hon rs will reflect upon the premises and do as 
Your wisdom and prudence shall Direct — And we as in Duty 
bound will ever pray — 

Wilton April 27, 176S 



Joseph Holt 
Philip Putnam 
Will" 1 Peirce 
Richard Taylor 
Ephriam Butterfield 
James Brown 
Nathan Blanchard 
Nathan Abbot 
John Dale 
Timothy Gray 
Uriah Bolton 
Jacob Putnam 
Jonathan Cram 
Timothy Dale 
Nathaiel Putnam 
Oliver Holt 
David Kenney 
Jonathan Burton 
Simon Keyes 

Jotham maynard 
James Brown junr 
George Coburn 
Jeremiah Holt 
Jonathan Greele 
George Lancey 
Stephen Butterfield 
John Burton 
Amos Butterfield 
Zela Holt 
Abijah Perry 
Nathan Ballard 
John Brown 
Jeremiah Abbot 
Abiel Abbot 
James Maxwell 
John Holt 
Abner Stiles 
Amos Holt 

Richard Whitney 
John Steel 
Josiah Parker 
Thomas Richerdson 
Joseph Stiles 
Joseph Snow 
Benjamin parker 
Nathaniel Greele 
Stephen Buss 
Benja Rideout 
Joseph Holt Jun r 
Jn° Burton Jun r 
Jn° Cumings 
Joseph Putnam 
William Felton 
John Burton 
amos fuller 
John Cram Jun r 
Stephen Putnam 

[10-206 and 207 are plans of the* territory in controversy, 
one of which is supposed to be allotted plan of Wilton.— 

[10-195] \_Petition of Inhabitants for Incorporation, i?68.~\ 

To His Excellency Governor Wentworth and His Majestys 
Councel in the Province of New Hampshier — 

Where as the Monadnock Mountains Runs a Crost our Town- 
ship of peterboroughslip wich is Impracticable for Roads so 
that we Cannot be acomadated to settle the publick worship of 
God so as to be Conveanant for the Inhabetents on both sides of 
the Mountains we the Inhabitants on the East side of the Moun- 
tains Humbly pray your Excellency and Honours that we may 
Have part of vvilton anexed to us or that we may be anexed to 
wilton from the penicle of the mountains a Greablc to the 
Bounds set forth in the petition laid before your Excellency and 
Honours by our Committee the fourth of may Last and we in 
duty Bound shall Ever pray &C — 

Peterborough Slip June 10 th 176S 

Zedekiah drury 
Thomas marshall 
Seth Cobb 

Jonathan Blood Jur Albe Serverance 
Joseph Heald John Cutler 

Jonathan Drury John Cutler Jun r 


Benj a Cutter 
Jonathan Drury 

Joseph richerd sen 
John marshall 
Ebenezer Drury 
Francis Blood 
Zacheus Richardson 
Oliver Heald 
Josiah Robins 
Artemas Maynard 
John Maynard 
Stephen Cobb 
Eldad Spafford 
Petter Heald 


Zedekiah Drury 

Nathan Drury 
Gars horn Drury 
thorn as Drury 
Stephen parlin 
John Heald 
Zechariah Emery 
Daniel Drury 
William Brewer 
Joshua Todd 
Abijah Goold 
Joshua Foster 
Ezekiel Goodale 
James Foster 

Amos Emery 
Ebnezer Drury Junr 
Eleazer Taylor 
Aaron Fellt 
Peter Fellt 
John Brown 
Joseph Brooks 
William Drury 
Silus Anger 
Jonathan Avery 
Benj a Cragjn 
Joseph Reed 
Ephraim Heald 

[The town was incorporated Aug. 26, 1768. — Ed.] 

[10—209] [Relative to some New York Tories: addressed to 
the Assembly, or Coinmittee of Safety, i7/6.~\ 

Having providentially met with some Suspicious Circum- 
stances in the Appearance and Behaviour of four men passing 
thro' this Town — We pursued and apprehended them — On ex- 
amining them seperately and together it Appeared plain from 
their own Account that they had been sent from some part of 
New York, by Committees in that Quarter, to Exeter on sus- 
picion at least of unfriendliness to y e Cause of America — and that 
they had been allow'd a large Liberty of Yard at Exeter, which 
they improved in attempting an escape — their Names by their 
own Account are Stephen Hunt, Asa Brown, Jacob Motts 
Elisha Rose — they do not pretend any of them to have done 
any thing for America, but only as expressly Called upon ; tho' 
they would excuse themselves from any direct Opposition — We 
have sent 'em down to be disposed of as the Hon d Court shall 
think proper — 

The expences of Apprehending and Conveying them to this 
Town we have expressed — in its particulars on a paper by it- 
self — amounting to £2 : 19:6. 

Temple Decem r 30, 1776. 

Sam 1 Howard 

David Spafibrd Committee for 
John Cram ju j> the Town of 
Sam 11 Webster | Temple 
Ephraim Heald J 



[R. 4-107] Received of the Town of Temple by the Com- 
mittee the sum of Ninety Two Dollars in full for enlisting into 
the Continental service as a soldier in part of the Quota of the 
Town abovesaid of the three Batallions raising in the State of 
Ne wham shire 

John Hillsgrove 
Temple March 28, 1777 

Testis Sam 1 Webster 

Rec'd of the Town of Temple by the Committee the sum of 
Ninety Two Dollars in full for enlisting into the Continental 
service as a soldier in part of the Quota of the Town abovesaid, 
of the Three Batallions raising in the State of Newhampshire 

Temple March 28, 1777 

John Millet 

Rec'd of John Cragin Oliver Heald, and Samuel Howard 
Treas" and Receivars for the Town of Temple of the soldier 
Rate — The several sums affix'd to our Names for enlistment in 
y e Continental service — we say Rec'd by us 


James X Hutchinson £10, o, o, 5 — Aaron Oliver 30, o, o, 6 

Elijah Mansfield 

30, o, o, 7 — John Drury 30, o, o, S 

James X Hutchinson 20, o, o, 


Temple April the 7 th 1777 

Test Sam 1 Webster 

[April 9, 1777, Josiah Stone signed a similar receipt for 
£$0 ; and Benjamin Smith did the same April 7, same year. 

[R. 4-102] [Receipts from Soldiers' Wives.'] 

Rec' d of the Selecmen of Temple tew bushel of Rye at 4/8 per 
bushel, my Husband Elijah Mansfield being a soldier in Col 
Scam mils Regiment — I say Rec l1 by me 

Rebekah Mansfield 

Temple Jan r 4 : 177S 

Then Received Ten dollars ofArchelaus Cummings one of 
the Commite to provide for the familes of the Continental sol- 



diers, my Husband Elijah Mansfield being a soldier in Coi 
Scamils Regiment — I say Rec d by me 

Rebekah Mansfield 
Temple June 29 day 177S 

[R. 4-103] Recived of Benj" Tinney Jr of Temple one of y e 
Committee for supplying y e families ofy e soldiers in the Con- 
tinental Army Five Bushils of Indian Corn at 3 /S per bushil 
£0-18-4. Also one bushil of Rie at 4/8 pr bushil 0-4-S — My 
Husband Ebenezer Drury being a soldier in Col Scammils 
Rig 1 " 1 . Recv d by me 

Miriam Drury 

Temple May 27 — 1779 

[Mrs. Drury also signed receipts as follows : . 

June 10, 1779, 1 bushel Corn 

July 26, " 2^ " Rye, 1 ^ of Corn, 6 qts Salt 

Nov. 29, " 4 " "2 k4 of Ephraim Brown.] 


[R. 4-108] [Received of Benj a Cutter one of the Committee 

for Temple two bushils of Corn at 3/8 — £0-7-4 

and Nine pound of Cash 9-0-0 

My husband being a Soldier in the Continental Army 

Mary Hillsgrove 
Temple April 1 — 1779 

[Mrs. Hillsgrove also gave receipts as follows: 

May 1779, bushel of Corn, of John Patten 

July 26, 1779, % bushel of Corn, l / 2 bushel of Rye, and eight 

dollars in cash, of Capt, Gershom Drury 
Nov. 25, 1779, 72 1 " 3 of beef at iS shillings, of Oliver Heald 

Oct. 1 
Dec. 7 

£3, 6, o, cash 
" £15, 6, continental money, 2}£ bushels Corn 
at 3/S per bushel, 1 3/£ bushels Rye at 4/8 
pr bushel, — of Oliver Heald] 

[R. 4-9S] [Petition of William Drury, 1778: addressed to 
the General Assembly, or Co?nmittcc of Safety. ,] 

William Drury of Temple in Col Enoch Hale Rig m & Capt 
Gershom Drurys Company sheweth that he was Called upon 

TEMPLE. 557 

to goto the Relief of Ticonderoga on the alarm in June Last 
that his hors went on request to carry packs and that at Charles- 
town N° 4 the Horse was taken out or brook out of Jotham 
Whites pasture and it was three weeks before I found him, and 
that I paid for Advartising s d horse and for a man and hors to 
Go afeter him and for straying and Keeping — £2-6-0 

Wherefore your petitioner Humbly prays your Honours that 
He may be Repaid said sum of two pound six shillings as he 
was Called upon to Go with his horse for the defence of that 
post and your petitioner as in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray & :C 

William Drury 
Temple Feb r 2 th 177S 

[Sworn to before Francis Blood, justice of the peace.] 

[R. 4-99] [ Capt. Robert Fletchei-'s Petition : addressed to 
the Council and Assembly, I77<p.~] 

The petetion of Cap* Robert Fletcher of Temple in the Coun- 
ty of Hillsborough and State aforesaid — Humbly sheweth that 
your petetioner Commanded a Company in the volentear in 
Col Enoc Flales Rigement on the Island of Road Island in the 
Month of August last — that Henry Spaulding of Stodard was 
in my Company the whole time a soldier that your petetioner 
carried a list of the Company to the Committee on Claims and 
they maid out a Muster Roll and Gave me an Abstract that I 
did not compair the Roll Nor Abstract with my list Given in 
til I came home — that said Henry Spalding was not in the Roll 
Nor Abstract and that I did pay his waiges out of My own 
pocket at His Request as by his order May appear — Therefore 
your petetioner Humbiey prays that the waiges of s d Henry may 
be Repaid to Me which was twelve pound two shillings and 
your petetioner as in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray &c — 

Robert Fletcher 
Temple March y e 2 d 1779 

[R. 4-100] [Lieut. GoodaWs Petition, ifSo.] 

The Humble Petition of Ezekiel Goodale of Temple sheweth 
that your Petitioner was Appointed a Lieutenant in Capt Frys 
Comp* in Col Scammels Ridg 4 the 11 th of Feb 1 " 1777 that he 
marched with the fust Devision the first of April to Ticondar- 
oga — & Discharged the duty of a Lei u* to acceptance: was in 



the several Disputes with Gen r Burgoyne and then marc:.';'] to 
Penselvana : & Continued there til Ap r 30 1778 when by reason 
of the Continued applycations from my Family of their dis- 
tressed Circumstances I procuered a Discharge & Come home — 
your petetioner Lost at the vacuation of Tycondroga as L\ the 
account £28-4-0 

That your petetioner Never received a farthing for it Nor for 
Depreshasion of mony for hiswaiges — therefore your petetioner 
prays that your Honours will take his Case into your seri- 
ous and Marcyful Consideration and make him such reward 
for s d loss and waiges as your Hon rs think Just and your oete- 
tioner as in Duty Shall Ever pray — 

Temple Feb r 14 — 17S0 

Ezekiel Goodale Leu' 

[The committee reported in favor of allowing him the de- 
preciation of his pay. — Ed.] 

[10-21 1 ] [Petition from Inhabitants of i(i Borland's Farm " 
to be a?inexed to Temple, iy8o.~\ 

To the Honorable Counsel and House of Representatives — 

Humbly Sheweth your Petitioners Inhabitants of a Certain 
tract of land Called and Known by the Name ofBorlands Farm 
in the County of Hillsborough & State afore said bounded as- 
Followeth (viz) Beginning at a beach tree Marked at the South 
west corner of Lyndsborough and Runs North on Lyndsbor- 
ough line about three Hundred & Eighty rods to Gray burch 
marked with Stones about it thence west by land of Mason's 
proprietors over the North mountain So Called about one hun- 
dred & Seventy Rods to a rock maple with Stones about it at 
Peterborough east line thence South on Peterborough east line 
about three Hundred & eighty Rods to a rock maple tree 
marked & Stones about it at Temple North line thence east on 
temple North line about one Hundred & Seventy Rods to the 
Beach tree first Mentioned Containing Near four Hundred 
Acres that S d tract of land is not within the Bound of any Town 
that your Petitioners are trying to make Improvements on S d 
tract of land, that there is No road from any town to S d tract of 
land, that S d tract is So Situated by reason of the moun- 
tains to the west North & Northeast that they Cannot Convean 
at any of the adjoining towns But Temple — Wherefore your 
Petitioners pray that the Said tract of land maybe annexed to 
the town of Temple and that the Inhabitants thereof & their 
Successors may be Invested with all the Priviledges of Inhab- 

TEMPLE. 559 

itants of the town of Temple for Ever and that your petitioners 
may have leave to bring in a bill accordingly : & as in Duty 
bound Shall ever pray 

Decm r 18—1780 

Jonathan Avery 
Thomas Richardson 
Isaac Butterfield 

[The territory mentioned in the foregoing petition was 
annexed to Temple by an act passed January 12, 1781. — 

[10-212] [Petition for a Lottery."] 

Exeter Je'nury 27 th 1781 

A Petition of Rob* Hewes of Boston to the Honourable 
Councel and House of Representatives of the State of New 
Hampshire for the Further Incouragement of Glass Manufac- 
tory sett by him in the Town of Temple in this State — 

Your humble Petitioner Prayeth, that as he has been at, so 
Great Expence and got the Manufactory so Nigh to Perfection 
and being Unable to Procede further without Publick Incour- 
agement a Lottery may seet on foot, for the Raiseing a Sum of 
Money to bring it to Perfection, as Speedily as Possible, for if 
no Incouragement. — Can be Given Your hum 1 Petitioner will 
be Oblidged Drop the Enterprize and Lett his Work men go 
to Connecticut, which Stands Ready to Receive and Imploye 
them, but that the Honourable Court may do something to 
Inable Your numb 1 Petitioner to keep them here and Imploye 
them is the Sincere Prayer of Your humb 1 Petitioner. 

Robert Hewes 

[Authority was granted by an act passed March, 1781. — 

[10-214] [Statement of the Managers of the Lottery : ad- 

dressed to the General Court, J '/&?.] 

The petition of the subscribers humbly sheweth that in con- 
sequence of the petition of M r R : Hewes of Boston in the Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts, an Act pass'd the General Court 
of said State of New-Hampshire in March A: D : 17S1, grant- 
ing a Lottery for the benefit of said Hewes in setting up and 



carrying on the Manufactory of Glass in the Town of Temple 
in said State, and appointing your petitioners, Managers of said 
Lottery, That your petitioners, in pursuance of their trust, im- 
mediately proceeded to advertise the Scheme of said lottery. 
and print the Tickets, and began the sale thereof in Bills of the 
new-Emission, agreable to said Act. Soon after which your 
Petitioners were obliged to take back the Tickets, by reason of 
the failure of the paper Currency, and to give over the thoughts 
of drawing the same. And as your petitioners were appointed 
by the General Court without their previous Solicitation or 
knowledge; and having expended a considerable sum of money 
in printing said Tickets &c — Therefore your petitioners hum- 
bly pray the Hon ble Court to order the Treasurer to refund to 
your petitioners such sums of money as they have been neces- 
sitated to expend on account of said lottery : and, for that pur- 
pose, that they may have leave to exhibit an Account to this 
Court for Allowance, and your petitioners as in duty bound 
shall ever pray &c 

March 22 d 1782. 

T : Farrar 
I. Abbot 
Francis Blood 


[10-215] [Return of Ratable Rolls, i?8j. ] 

State of New-Hampshire Hillsborough ss 

Temple Dec r 10 th 17S3 

There is in y e Town of Temple one Hundred and fourteen 
persons of Twenty one years of Age paying for them selves a 
pole Tax Taken by us 

Sam 1 Howard 1 Selectmen 

Francis Blood > of 

Benj tt Cutter J Temple 
[Sworn to before Francis Blood, justice of the peace.] 

[10-216] [Petition for Authority to send a Represe?itative 
to the General Assembly, if 84.."] 

Humbly apply the Subscribers Legal Voters of twenty-one 
years of age and upwards paying for themselves a pole tax in 
Temple and Peterborough slip in said State — That the new 



Constitution or form of Government for this State provides that 
every Town parish or place intitlcd to Town privileges having 
one hundred and fifty rateable poles of twenty one years of age 
and upward paying for themselves a pole tax May Elect one 
Representative — and such towns parishes or places as have less 
then one hundred and fifty rateable polls — shall be classed by 
the General assembly for the purpose of Chusing a representa- 
tive — and whenever any town or parish intitled to Town privi- 
ledges shall not have one Hundred and fifty rateable polls and 
be so situated as to render the Classing thereof very inconven- 
ient, the General assembly may upon application of a Majority 
of voters in such town parish or place issue a writ for their 
electing and sending a Representative to the General Court — 
that the subscribers Conceive that they fall within the last Dis- 
cription Not being one hundred and fifty polls and being so 
situated as to render the Classing thereof with any other town 
very inconvenient — That they are ready to Contribute to the 
support of Government and are willing to have a Voice in rais- 
ing Agregate sums — Wherefore they pray that in the New 
arangement for the Next Assembly a precept may issue to the 
s d Town of Temple and Peterborough slip for Electing and 
sending a Representative under such Regulations as other 
Towns in the same predicament and as in Duty bound shall 

Joshua Todd 
Caleb Bancroft 
Samuel Howard 
Moses Sticknee 
William Manser 
Benj a Cutter 



Abraham Shelden 
Benj a Crag in 
Samson Walker 
Ephraim Brown 
Ebenezr Drury 
Ezekil Jewet 
Levi Peirce 
Silas Brown 
Isaac Butterfield 
Gideon powers 
Jacob Foster 
Abner Felt 
Ezekiel Goodale 
Elias Colburn 
John Fatten 

Francis Cragin 
Asa Severance 
Eldad Spa fiord 
John Stowel 
Josiah Fisk 
William Searle Ju r 
Aaron Felt 
Joseph Heald 
Abraham Dinsmore 
John Cragin Jur 
Peter Brown 
Moses Lowel 
Jacob Lowel 
Andrew Lane 
Jonas Brown 
Isaac Barron French 
Daniel Heald 
Oliver Heald 
Ephraim Conant 
Josiah Stone 
Abiel Holt 
Joseph Kidder 

John M c Allaster 
James Milligen 
Sam 11 Milliken 
W m Milliken 
Josiah Sawyer 
James M c Nee 
Joseph Barnes 
Gilbert M c Cay 
John swan 
Joseph Miller 
Nathan Boynton 
John Marshel 
Reuben Law 
Rob* Potter 
John Taggart 
Benjamin Bacon 
Reuben Cumings 
And w Conn 
David Moor 
James Moor 
J e rem i a h A n d re vv s 
John Taggart 



Gershom Drury 
David Searl 
John Kendall 
Nathan Wheeler 

John Burnap 
Sam 1 Holt 
Ezekiel Jewett 
Francis Blood 

Samuel Field 
Aaron Colman 

[In H. of Rep., March 31, 
was granted. — Ed.] 

784, the foregoing petition 

[R. 4-101] [Soldier' 's Certificate, 178 4. ~] 

These may Certifie that Jeremiah Andrews is Father & heir 

to — : Andrews a Minor late of Temple Deceas'd — who 

was a Soldier in the Continental army — Hired by S d Town of 

Temple — 

Dated Temple Dec r 1, 17S4. 

Sam 1 Howard 
Eph m Brown 
F. Blood 




[10-215] [Relative 

to Militia : addressed 
Court, 1785.] 

to the General 

Humbly Sheweth the Selectmen of Temple in the County of 
Hillsborough and the Inhabitants of S d Town — That at the last 
Session of the General Court, a vote past by which the 12 th 
Rig* of Militia was Divided and the west part Call d N° 12 and 
the East part Call d N° 23, The Real situation & All the Sur- 
cumstances of the Towns that Now Compose the East Rigi- 
ment we Suppose was not then laid before the Hon ble Court for 
we belive if they had it would Not have pased — wherefore we 
beg leave to Say That the East Kcg t (viz') New Ipswich Ma- 
son Wilton Temple Peterborough Lyndsborough Society 
Hancock & Peterboroughslip was all formerly of the fifth Reg- 
iment — That they pay £49 — 15s — iod to every thousand of 
the State Taxes as will Appear by the last proportion Act — 
and that the west or 12 th as by S d vote (viz*) Ringe Fitzwilliam 
Jaflrey Marlborough Dublin & Packersfield pays but -£32 113 — 
which is not two thirds so much, or in other words we pay 
£17 — 2s iod more to every £1000 than they which is more 
than half they pay — That we are Nine Towns to their Six — 
that more then 1100 poles was return'd in the last Inventory in 
the Nine & but little more than 600 in the west Rig' And that 
most of the Towns in the East \{c<g l was Settled (viz 1 ) New 
Ipswich Wilton Mason Peterboroug & lyndsborough a Num- 
ber of Years before there was one Inhabitant in the Six towns 
which now Takes away our Number — And that there is Now 
four Field oihcers within this Reg' (to wit) Heald Willson 



Abbot & Clark — (which Cannot — by the Militia Rules which 
is only Honnour) renew their Commition in the 23d regim* — 
That in every point of view we consider our Selves Agreav'd 
by Said vote — werefore we humbly pray your Excellency & 
Honnours that the East Rig* (to wit New Ipswich &c which is 
Now calPd the 23 d regiment may be restored to their former 
Number, or that The Division of s d 12 Regiment may be Made 
Nul & void — And be put to Gether as but one regiment & as 
In Duty bound Shall pray 
Jany 27— 17S5 

Moses Sticknee 
Ab m Shelden 
Rob* Howrd 
Benoni Venton 
Jonathan Stevens 
Gershom Drury 
Ezra Drury 
Abraham Dinsmor 
John vS towel 
Caleb maynard 
George Conn 
David Ernes 
Joshua Todd 
John Todd 
Joshua Todd Jun r 
Thomas Marshall 
Jonathan Marshall 
Amos Dinsmor 
Caleb Bancroft 

John Ball 
Jonathan Lovejoy 

Benjamin Tenney jurDavid Drury 

Nath 1 Ball 
Nath 11 Ball J r 
Abiel Parker 
Moses Lowell 
moses Lowell J r 
Jacob Lowell 
Joseph Heald J r 
Ben]. Cragin 
Eldad Spafford 
Ezekiel Jew r et 
Nathaniel Jewet 
William Jewet 
Oliver Whiting 
Nathan Wheeler 
Silus Brown 
Daniel Lamson 
John Andrews 
Tho s Dinsmore 

W m Fletcher 
Josiah Fisk 
Amos Heald 
Benja Cutter 
Peter Felt 
Zebadiah Dinsmore 
John Woodward 
Nathaniel Griffin 
Jonathan Avery 
John Avery 
Isaac Butterfield 
Thomas Richardson 
Danial forster 
Samual Burnip 
Bengmon Severns 
Abbe Severens 
Asa Severns 
Royal Blood 


Tho 8 Sewell X Ferington 


Samson walker Francis Blood J r 

Levi Peirce 


Voted to answer the Request of Joseph Richardson and oth- 
ers Inhabitants of Lynsborough Relative to their being annexed to 
Temple Provided they will obligate themselves & heirs Not 
thereby to involve S cl Town in any unnecessary Charges on 
account of thier Being annexed or on ace* of Moving the Meet- 
ing house &c 

Attest Sam 1 Howard T. Clerk 

Temple May 5 th 1794. 

[See Lyndeborough papers, Vol. XII, p. 534. — Ed.] 



[10-22 i] \_For an incorporation of a Library: addressed to 
the Getter al Court, I'JQ'i '•] 

Humbly Shews 

Noah Miles Benjamin Cragin & Eben r Edwards inhabitants 
of Temple in S d State and others their associates that they 
have Been at Great expence in Collecting a Considerable Num- 
ber of Valuable Books for the purpose of establishing a Library 
in S d Temple. But without the aid and Patronage of the Hon" 1 ' 
Legislature they find themselves under Great Disadvantage & 
their endeavors to promote usefull Knowledge almost in Vain — 
they therefore pray that they may be incorporated into a 
Body Politic for the Purpose of establishing S d Library with 
Such Powers & Priviledges as are usually Granted to incor- 
porations of a Similar Nature — 

and your Petitioners as in Duty Bound will ever pray 
Temple oct r 25 1 797 

Noah Miles ~\ 

Benja Cragin >■ Comit* 

Ebn r Edwards J 

[Columbian library was incorporated in 1795. — Ed.] 

[10-219] [Petition for Authority to elect a Representative.^ 

Temple May 6, 1799. 
To the Hon 1 the Senate and the House of Representatives in 
General Court Convened the first Wednesday of June A D 

1799 , ■ 

Humbly Sheweth the wSubscribers inhabitants of the Town of 

Temple in s d State, that S d Town for two years Last past have 
been Constitutionally qualified to Represent themselves in the 
General Court of S d State, but by Reason of Certain emigration 
of the young Men in S d Temple to Various parts of the New 
Countries the last year they Now have but 146 Rateable Polls 
in S d Town and are therefore Deprived of that inestamable 
Privilidge which is So Essential in a Government Like ours 
Especially in Such a Cretical Day as y e Present, and Being 
Willing to Bear our full Share of the Public Burden and to 
Demean ourselves Peaceable and quiet Citizens of y c State of 
Newhampshire and firm Supporters of our General as well as 
State Government &: wish to use our united Exertions in Sup- 
port of y e Constituted authorities of the union — we therefore 
Pray that we May be admitted to the Privilidge of Representa- 
tion for the future — and your Petitioners further Shew that it is 




Very inconvenient for them to be Classed with any adjacent 
Town for Representation as y e Choice Must be in March which 
is a Season of y e year when Travelling is Very bad in this part 
of y e State, and also that we have Cartain persons in S d Town 
which are Taxed for their Property & which are Not Liable to 
be Taxed for their polls they being more than 70 years of age — 
and it is highly Probable that we Shall Very Soon (perhaps 
Next year) have the full Number required by Constitution to 
entitle us to a Representation as we heretofore have had — and 
as we at present Lack but 4 Polls of being qualified in point of 
Numbers — We therefore Pray that our Peculiar Situation may 
be taken into your Sei ions and wise Consideration and Grant 
Such Relief in the Premises as Shall be agreeable to the Con- 
stitution and to Right and Justice Doth appertain — and your 
Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever Pray 

Joshua Foster 
Peter Powers 
John Kimball 
Jon a Kimball 
Aaron Barns 
Joseph Stone 
Thomas Richardson 
George Kimball 
Benj 11 Cutter 
Joseph Searl 
Royal Blood 
Abraham Shelden 
Stephen Manser 
Samson Walker 
John Cragin 
Nath 1 Jewet 
Stephen Cragin 
Samuel Burnap Ju 
Francis Cragin Jr 
Francis Blood Jr 
Joseph Iloslcy 
Jacob Jewet 
Moses Perkins 
Charles Kirk 
Stephen Austin 
Jon' 1 Spaulding 
Seth Blood 
Sam Webster Felt 
John Ballard 
Artemas Wheeler 
Samuel Howard 

Ezekiel Jewet 
William Jewet 
Asa Howard 
Benjamin Tcrmy 
Benj !1 Killam 
Elias Colburn 
Levi Peirce 
Nathan Wneeler 
John Patten 
Peter Felt 
Caleb Maynard 
Daniel Heald 
Levi Adams 
Daniel Searle 
Nath 1 Barrett 
Benjamin Parks 
Benja Cutter 
William Searle 
James Walton 
Elias Bovnton 
Josiah Fisk 
Elisha Child 
Sam 11 Killam 
Aaron Felt 
Eliot Powers 
Timothy Austen 
Silas Stickney, 
Phinehas Carlton 
Oliver Whiting 
John Brown 
Zechariah Emery 

Jacob Jewet 
David Patterson 
Gideon Powers 
Eben r Stiles 
William Drury 
Joseph Towne 
Thomas Towns J a 
David Towne 
Aaron Avery 
Peter Avery 
John Avery 
Thomas Towne 
Joseph Heald 
Theoder Barker 
John Rider 
Joseph Killam 
Samuel Burnap 
Joseph Heald J r 
James Heald 
Ephraim Heald 
Richard Palmer 
Simon Farrar 
Joel Avery 
Eli Towne 
Tonas Brown 
Eldad SparTord 
Ezra Mansur 
James Crombie 
Oliver Whiting J r 
Edward pratt 
Joseph Kidder J r 



Benj a Cragin David fuller 

Francis Cragin John Winship 

ArchelausCummingsEdward Willson 
Gershom Drury John Start 

Isaac Kimball andrew Parkhurst 

Silas Durkee 
William Mansur 
Jacob Foster 

[In H. of Rep., June 10, 1799, the foregoing petition was 
granted. — Ed.] 


The township was granted July 6, 1763, to Matthew 
Thornton and others in seventy-three shares, and by this 
grant contained 23,000 acres. It was named in honor of 
Mr. Thornton, the leading man in procuring the grant, and 
subsequently a member from this state of the Continental 
Congress, and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 
No settlements were made under this grant, and another 
grant was made October 21, 1768, including additional ter- 
ritory enough to make 40,071 acres in the whole, which was 
to be divided into ninety shares. The grantees were most- 
ly men of Londonderry and vicinity, and settlements were 
made in 1770. The town was incorporated November 24, 
178 1, Moses Baker being authorized to call the first meet- 

By an act approved June 16, 1807, the jurisdiction of the 
town of Thornton was extended over a tract of land lying 
eastwardly of said town, called Blanchard's Gore. 

June 14, 1808, Capt. Jotham Cummings, Jr., of Plymouth, 
was appointed agent on the part of the state to meet an 
agent of the town, and establish the easterly line of the 

June 23, 1842, a strip of land containing about eighty 
acres, known as Waterville Gore, was severed from Water- 
ville and annexed to this town. 

[10-223] [Petition for a Second Grant, J/68.'] 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq, Captain General, 
Governor and Commander in Chief, in and over his Majesty's 
Province of New Hampshire, &c — 



i The Honourable his Majesty's Councel, &c — 

The Petition of Mathew Thornton, and Associates, Humbly 
shews, That the late Governor, the Sixth of July, AD 1763, 
Granted to your Petitioners, the Township of Thornton, in the 
Province Aforesaid, on the Conditions, stipulated in the Char- 
ter thereof, the Whole Duty, of settlement, to be Compleated, 
within five years, next following said Date. And Whereas 
by the Charter it Appears that said Township, is Twelve miles 
in Length and at one End, Comes to an Acute Angle, it Can 
never be convenient, in one parish, and is not Large Enough 
for two, and the first survey, was so inaccurate, that made it 
* Impossible to Assertain, the Bounds, and the great number of 

uninhabitable Mountains, makes it necessary, that a Large al- 
lowance should be made, Otherwise what appears by the plan, 
Enough for two, will not make one Good parish — 

And Whereas Sundry, of the Grantees, have not been at any 
Expence, or Trouble, neither for Obtaining, the Charter, nor 
for veiwing, surveying, or Settling. And the rest have been at 
great Expence and Trouble, in all the above Respects. And 
have four men now dwelling on the premises, and a great num- 
ber ready to make Immediate settlement, and only wait till the 
Grant is Renewed, and we have lately surveyed said Township, 
and laid it in a more convenient form, by order of Isaac Rindge 
Esq, surveyor General, of his Majesty's, Lands, in the province 
Aforesaid, a plan whereof is herewith Exhibited — 

By which it appears, there will be about fifty acres to each 
person in the family's, of your Petitioners — 

Therefor your Petitioners pray your Excellency and Honours, 
to take the premisses under Consideration, and Rcgrant said 
Township as laid down in the last mentioned plan to the per- 
sons named in the schedule here to annaxed or otherwise re- 
lieve your Petitioners Agreeable to your known Wisdom and 
Usual Clemency and your Petitioner as in Duty Bound will 
ever pray — 

September, 9 th AD 176S— 

Matthew Thornton in Behalf 
of himself & Associates. 
[The grant was made Oct. 21, 176S. — Ed.] 

A schedule of the Grantees of the Township of Thornton — 

The Hon* 1 *— 

Daniel Peirce Esq Thomas Campbell George Davidson 

Matthew Thornton Jun r James Moore 

John Peirce John M c Cartney Henry Moore 

Joseph Peirce James Alexander John Moore Jun r 



James Thornton 
Andrew Thornton 
James Doack 
John Doack 
James Doack Jun r 
John Gillmore 
Jonathan Gillmore 
John Moore 
Robert Moore 
Thomas Cristy 
Andrew Jack 
Andrew Jack Jun r 
Samuel Mori son 
samuel morison Jun 1 
Joseph morison 
Abraham Morison 
Joseph Cochran 
Isaac Cochran 
Samuel Cochran 
■David Clindinin 
Robert Clindinin 
David Anderson 
James Anderson 
Andrew Clindinin 
David Craige 
Thomas Campbell 

John Taggart 
James Taggart 
John Swan 
William M c Kea 
Joseph Caldwell 
Thomas Cunning- 
William Taylor 
Hugh Gillice 
William Alld 
Samuel Alls 
William Howard 
Hugh Wilson 
William Baley 
Alexander M c Colem 
Robert M c Colem 
George Cochran 
Peter Cochran 
James Campbell 
James Campbell 

Jun r 
William Boyd 
George Duncan 
James Duncan 
Peter Patterson 
William Hogg 

Noah Moulton 
Charles Moore 
Charles Moore Jun T 
Ebenezer Griffing 
Jonathan Sewail Esq 

of Cambridge 
Robert Temple Esq : 
William Pynchon 

Esq : of Salem 
John Hurd Jun r 
Seth Walker 
Samuel Hall of 

George Brinley 
Titus Salter 
Jacob Treadwell 

Hon ble John Temple 
Col John Goffe 
Mark Hunkyn Went- 

Theodore Atkinson 
Theodore Atkinson 

Jun r 
Robert Rindge Esq : 
Isaac Dowse 

[10-224] [Inventory of t/ie Town, 1773. ,] 

Apriel 22 y e 1773 
A true inventory of the poles and estates in Thornton there 
are Eightteene poles three horses one two year old Colt Six. 
oxen fifteene Cows two two year olds thirty live acres of land 
Taken by me — 

John Brown 

[Sworn to before Moses Little, justice of the peace.] 

18 Polls 10:16:0 6 Oxen o:iS:o 

3 horses o: 9:0 Cows 15 1 : 10 : o 

o : 9:0 Land 1 : 3:4 

Sum Total £14: iS: 4 

2 2 Y old 

[10-225] [Petition for Arms and A?n?nnnition, 17/6.'} 

To the Honorable General Court of the Colony of New ham- 
shire — 

! THORNTON. 569 

The Petition of the Town of Thornton in the Col° Affore 
said PI umb ly Sheweth — 

That -W hare as by a Revarst of forTune We have it from 
good athority that Canady is in the Prossession of the Enemy 
as far as St Johns that being a front Teer Town We are in 
Danger of being attacked by Our Canadian Enemy and that 
OurT^efitiancy in Armes and Amenition is such that it Renders 
us unable to Make proper Defence In case of An attack thare 
being -Twelve Stands of Armes Wonting for the Number of la 
./-;-;. Hahtence and Intirely Destitute of Amunition — 

These -are Tharefore Humbly to pray your Honnours In this 
Exegence of affares to furnish us with 40 pounds of powder led 
and' flints or severale out of the Colony Stores and We will be 
acoo.untfble for the Same — 

Sined '% By Order and In behalf of said Town 

Thornton June 27 1776 

By us — 

( Edmand Eliot | Select 
(AbleWilley j Men 

Please to Deliver the above articles to Capt Edmand Eliot 
Taking his Recep* for the Same ! 

Edmen Eliot*) Select j 

Abel Willey j Men 

[10-226*] \_Petition to have the Town incorporated : ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly, if&rJ] 


The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of 
Thornton in the County of Grafton in said State Humbly 
Sheweth — 

That the Inhabitants of said Thornton labour under many 
disadvantages for want of an Incorporation, not being able to 
Assess, levy and Collect Taxes, nor intitieled to any Priviledges 
and Advantages enjoyed by Bodies Politic and Corporate within 
this State— 

Your Petitioner therefore Humbly pray that Your Hon™ 
would be pleased to take their Cause under consideration and 
grant the said Town of Thornton full Incorporation Investing 
the Inhabitants thereof with all the Powers Priviledges and Im- 
munities which any incorporated Towns within this State holds 
and enjoys, or otherwise grant such Relief as Your Hon™ in 
your Great Wisdom shall think best — 

Your Honours will be pleased to Observe that the State Tax 
already aportioned to the Town of Thornton by the State for 
the present Year cannot be Collected untill the inhabitants 



thereof are enabled by Authority to do the same and therefore 
cannot be paid into the Treasury by the Time Mentioned in 
the Treasurers Warrent. Your Petitioners therefore pray that 
Your Hon 1-8 would allow such further Reasonable Time for 
Assessing levying, Collecting & paying said Tax into the Pub- 
lic Treasury as the Circumstances of the Case shall require and 
Your Petitioners as in Deuty bound shall ever Pray &c — 

Thornton 31 st May 1781 — 

Abel Willey Ezekiel Elliot William Varnum 

John Brown Moody Cook John Fletcher 

Edmund Elliot Richard Patee Alexander Lang 

Sam C fuller James Rankens William Webster 

[The town was incorporated Nov. 24, 1781. — Ed.] 

[10-227] [Letter from John Pierce to Mr. Thornton, 1780.] 

Portsmouth Nov r 8, 17S0 

At your request some time during the confignment of Col 
Stephen Holland in Exeter Jail, I inquired of him whether he 
knew anything of an exchange of a lot of Land in the Town of 
Thornton between you and Governor Wentworth — to which he 
replyd, that he knew the whole transaction, that the Governor, 
to accomodate you with a mill priviledge for the benefit of the 
Town, agreed to exchange a lot with you, and that the deed 
from Governor Wentworth to you was executed in his presence, 
and that he took the Governors acknowledgment thereof, which 
was certified on the Deed in due form — and that he had had some 
time before the deed in his possession, — but did not then know 
where it was — He also said something respecting your convey- 
ing the lot intended to be given in Exchange, but whether the 
deed pass from you or not, I cannot recollect, that he told me — 

I am 

Your most Hum 1 Serv 

John Peirce 
Col Mathew- Thornton Esq r 

[10-228] [Receipt of Jonathan Child, 178 '/.] 

Receiv d of Richard Petty Constable for thornton one thou- 
sand & Five hundred dollars for the Purpos of Supplying the 



Troops at Coos agreable to orders Receiv'd from the Council 
of Safty at Exetor for that Purpos 

Lime Jan r 15 th 178 1 Jon* Child 

1,500 dol r 

[10-229] \_Return of Ratable Polls, ij83.~\ 

In conformity to the Order of Court we make the following 
return of Male Polls twenty one Years of Age and Upwards 
paying a Poll Tax, in the Town of Thornton — viz, 47 — 
Thornton Decern 1 13 th 1783 — 

Noah Worcester ) Select 
Abel Willey ] men 

[Sworn to before Moses Baker, justice of the peace. — 

[10-230] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1785.] 

This may certify that in the town of Thornton there are fifty 
two ratable polls of twenty one years of age and upwards 

Thornton 15 Octo. 1785 

Noah Worcester ) Select-men 
Enoch Colby j for Thornton 

[R. 4-1 15] [George Patterson, Soldier. ~\ 

Grafton ss. Haverhill January 9 th 1793- 

This certifieth that Moses Nichols of Thornton in said County 
Physician hath this day received a letter of administration, upon 
the estate of George Paterson late of Thornton aforesaid de- 
ceased intestate, & has given bond as the law requires to admin- 
ister said estate accordingly — Charles Johnston 

[Mr. Johnston was judge of probate.— Ed.] 

Thornton Jan^ 14, 1793. 
Sir. Please to pay M r Caleb James whatever is due to the 
Heirs of George Patterson from the State of New-Hampshire & 
his rec*. shall be your discharge from the same, your compli- 
ance will oblige your obe*. servant 

Moses Nichols, admin r . 
to the estate of the s d Patterson 
J. T. Gilman Treasurer of s d State 



[10-233] \_M. Thornton, relative to a Dispute between this 
Town and Peeling: addressed to the General Court, "June 
7, 1797-] 

Humbly shews the Subscriber that in the Year 1763 His Ex- 
cellency Berming Wentworth Esq Governor &c of the then 
Province now State of Newhampshire, granted to Daniel Peirce, 
your Petitioner and Associates, a certain tract of Land in the X 
County of Grafton and State aforesaid lying North of the Town 
of Campton, and adjoining thereto, and gave it the name of 
Thornton, some time after the Charter was signed,- Your peti- 
tioner examined the out lines of the Grant with more attention 
than he did before he received the Grant, and easily perceived 
it coud never be conveniet for one parish, and extremely incon- \ 
venient for two. Your petitioner therefore took no care to pro- 
cure Settlers, and let the time expire, that by the Conditions in 
the Grant the settlement of said Town shou'd have been com- 
pleated — Therefore Said Grant reverted to the Grantor, and 
the Charter conveyed no title to the Grantees, His Excellency 
John Wentworth at this time being Governor. Your petitioner 
waited on him shewed him the plan, and by his direction ob- 
tained a Second Grant of said Thornton, only varying the lines 
of said Town, as soon as your petitioners received this second 
Grant (which was dated Oct r 21 st 1768) proceeded and laid out 
the Home lots, and about one half the second divisions and pro- 
cured Setlers as fast as possible, and notwithstanding its being 
a Fronteer town, and the late War at that time raging between \ 

Brittain and America, yet as I paid for Building Grist and Saw 
Mills, and made the term of settlement easy, the settlement 
went on considerable rapidly, and is now become a fine flour- 
ishing Town, which was but a short time past a howling Wil- 
derness. The Inhabitance have lived quietly and happy untill 
the Year 1793* at which time there arose a controvercy, be- 
tween a Town called Peeling, and the Town of Thornton, the 
history is as follows The Grant of Peeling bears date the 23 of 
Sep* 1763, and was Regranted in the Year 1771 December 17 th 
to other Grantees by the name of Fairfield — Some time after the 
date of the Charter of Peeling, the Grantees sent a Commitee to 
run the out lines of their Township, and after riming about one 
& an half miles, held a Council and concluded it not worth the 
notice of the Grantees, and so returned home called a meeting 
of the Grantees, the Grantees when met approved of their Com- 
mittee's report, nothing was done until the year 1790 then some 
Gentlemen purchased of the Original Grantees, for a very triv- 
ial sum their rights as Grantees — some time in the year 1793 
Run the out lines of the Town called Peeling ex-party, by 
which they took in a considerable part of Thornton as it was 


laid out by the Second Grant, and some of GofTs location they 
immediately put on one or two Settlers on that part of Thorn- 
ton which they say fell within the limits of Peeling, but none on 
any other part of their Grant, — 

Therefore your petitioner humbly prays that your Honors 
wou'd take his Greiveance into your wise consideration and 
Confirm the Charter of Thornton as laid out by the second 
Grant and incorporated — or call those pretended proprietors of 
Peeling to answer for not fulfilling the conditions of their Grant 
or otherwise relieve your petitioner as in your wise Judgement 
shall appear just and equitable, and your petitioner as in duty 
bound will ever pray 

M Thornton 

Merrimack June 6 th 1797 — 


The township was granted by the Masonian proprietors 
to John Tufton Mason, and named for him. Subsequently, 
Hon. Woodbury Langdon became a large owner by pur- 
chase. No permanent settlements were made until after 
the close of the Revolutionary war, and the town contained 
but 109 inhabitants in 1790. The town was incorporated 
December 17, 1795, in answer to a petition from the inhabi- 
tants, the act authorizing Nathan Hoit to call the first meet- 
ing of the inhabitants. 

By an act approved December 30, 1799, Cow island was 
annexed to this town. 

June 25, 1858, Whortleberry, Birch, Farm, and Little Bear 
islands, situated in Winnipiseogee lake, were annexed to 
Tuftonborough ; and on the following day, the homestead 
farm of Benjamin Wiggin.was severed from this town and 
annexed to Wolfeborough. 

[10-236] [ Woodbury Langdo?i 's Statement relative to Town 
Affairs: addressed to the Legislature, iy8g.~\ 

The Petition of Woodbury Langdon shews that your peti- 
tioner is the proprietor of the greatest part of the Town of 
Tuftonborough that said town has been taxed for a great num- 
ber of years very unreasonably considering its situation and not 


having any inhabitants untill very lately and now only five, that 
notwithstanding this grievance which has prevented the settle- 
ment of the town your petitioner and the other proprietors have 
paid all the taxes on said town up to the year 17S2 altho' many 
others inthe like situation have paid nothing, that since then 
the Taxes have accumulated to the enormous sum of four hun- 
dred pounds in Cash and other articles which is now unpaid, 
that in it is included a tax assessed in the year 1782 for two sol- 
diers when there was not a single inhabitant in the town which 
soldiers were not finally wanted and no uninhabited town as 
your petitioner can find has paid for such non compliance, all 
which matters being duly considered by your Honours he trusts 
you will abate the tax for the Soldiers and whatever part of the 
other taxes you may think reasonable and the remainder shall 
be paid — 

Woodbury Langdon 
Portsmouth December y e 29 th 1789 

f 10-237] [Petition for Abatement of Soldier Tax : addressed 
to the Legislature, 1794.^ 

The Petition of Woodbury Langdon, humbly, shews that 
your petitioner is proprietor of the greatest part of the Lands in 
the Township of Tuftonborough, that in the year 1782 said 
Township was assessed for two Soldiers when there was not an 
inhabitant in it, that he applied to a former Legislature for the 
abatement of said Tax which was not granted, that the said 
Tax has not yet been paid as your petitioner has conceived it 
to be very unreasonable especially as said soldiers were not finally 
wanted and he now is induced to apply to the present Legisla- 
ture for the abatement thereof as he understands that most if 
not all the Towns within this State in the like situation have 
been abated the said Soldier Tax, therefore your petitioner 
hopes if his request is not thought unreasonable that it will be 
granted — 

and your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray &c 

Woodbury Langdon — 
Concord December y e 19 th 1794 

[10-238] \_Josefh Richardson's Petition: addressed to the 
Legislature, 1797.] 

Humbly Sheweth — 
The Inhabitants of Tuftonborough that the said Township of 



Tuftonborough was called upon for deficiency of Soldiers when 
there was no Inhabitants in said Town and the proprietors 
Neglected paying the same since that time some Inhabitants 
have settled in said Town bought their land at a Dear Rate & 
are now Called upon for said deficiency which ought to have 
been paid by said propriety — 

Wherefore they pray that they may be Impower* to tax all 
the lands in said town as unimproved land in a sum sufficient 
to Discharge the sum due to the state for said Deficiency and 
your petitioners as in duty bound will Ever pray 

Portsmouth Dec r 5 1797 

Joseph Richardson 

in behalf of said Town 

[In H. of Rep., Dec. 11, 1797, the petitioner was granted 
leave to bring in a bill. Senate concurred Dec. 12. — Ed.] 

£10-239] [Complaint against Woodbury Langdon, etc: ad- 
dressed to the Legislature, 1797 '.] 

The Petition of the Subscribers, proprietors of a considerable 
part of the unimproved Lands in Tuftonborough, humbly 
shews — that at a Meeting of the proprietors of Tuftonborough 
held on the 18 th Day of September 1794, a Tax of six pence 
per Acre was voted to be raised on all the Lands in Tufton- 
borough, for the express purpose of paying off all Arrearages 
of Taxes due the State, and for certain other proprietary pur- 
poses — that the aforesaid Tax was amply sufficient to meet 
every Demand on the proprietors — 

That Woodbury Langdon Esq re was chosen Collector of said 
tax — that your Memorialists as early as the Month of Novem- 
ber 1794 paid the aforesaid tax on all their Lands in said Town 
and presumed that their Collector had appropriated the pro- 
ceeds of said tax, or such part thereof, as was sufficient to the 
payment of the Demand which the Government had on said 
Propriety — 

That your Memorialists to their astonishment now find that 
their Collector has made no such Appropriation, but on the 
contrary a petition we understand is now before the Honorable 
Court, requesting permission to reassess this Arrearages of 
taxes due the State from said Town — Your petitioners therefore 
prays that so much further time may be granted them, before the 
prayer of the aforesaid petition may be granted, as shall enable 
them to compell their aforesaid Collector to appropriate the 
proceeds of said tax, agreeable to the original Intention of the 


Proprietors or to refund the Money your Petitioners have 
already paid — 

Portsmouth December 14 th 1797 — 

Nath 1 A. Haven 
James Sheafe 
A R Cutter 
Jos : Haven 
John Haven 
Nath 1 A. Haven 
Attorney to Mrs. MorTatt 
Guardian to R. C. Moftatt 


[il-i] [ Warrant for Town ]Weeti?ig, I7yg.~\ 

this Is to notify & c the Leagai Inhabitants paying taxes in 
the towns ofacworth Lempster Savel Croydon Unity & new- 


The township was granted July 13, 1764, to Timothy 
Goodwin and others, to be divided " into such shares and 
proportions as the major part shall agree upon." The grant 
was made to enable some parties in Hampstead and Kings- 
ton to settle a dispute relative to some territory claimed by 
Hampstead parties under a grant from New Hampshire, and 
by Kingston parties under a grant from Massachusetts. 
Enough of the territory in this grant was to be transferred 
to the Kingston claimants to satisfy them. The controver- 
sy had created considerable bitterness, but was amicably 
settled by means of this grant, and the town was named in 
commemoration of the happy termination of the dispute. 

A portion of the town of Goshen, incorporated December 
27, 1791, was taken from this town, and another small tract 
was severed from Unity and annexed to that town July 6, 
1837. By an act approved June 20, 1810, a tract of land 
with inhabitants thereon was severed from the south-west 
corner of this town and annexed to Charlestown. 

December 29, 1828, a small tract of land with the inhab- 
itants thereon was severed from the north-west corner of 
this town and annexed to Claremont. 


unity. 577 

port to meet at the Dwelling 1 house of Cap* Nathaniel huntoon 
in said Unity on the firstt tusday In December next at one of 
the Clock In the after noon. 

I 1 * to Chuse a moderater to Govern Said meeting 
2 ,y to Chuse one Good & Lawfull man to Represent them In 
the General Assembly to Be held at Exeter for the year Ensu- 
ing also to Chuse two Good & Lawfull men to Serve as mem- 
bers of the Councel for the Year Ensuing 

November the 29 1779 

Amos Chase ~) Select Men 

Jonathan Glidden >■ of 

John Lad ) Unity 

[Col. Benjamin Bellows, Jr., made a return of the compa- 
ny officers in his regiment March 15, 1776. The ninth 
company was located in this town and officered as follows: 
Captain, Nathaniel Huntoon ; 1st Lieutenant, Amos Chase ; 
2d Lieutenant, Moses Thurston ; Ensign, Simeon Giddens. 
Joseph Frost, age 26, was in 1st N. H. Regiment in 1778. 

[11-10] [Elijah Weed relative to Pettingill, 178 'j\] 

The petition of Elijah Weed in behalf of the town of Unity 
Humbly shews — 

that the town of Unity did in the year 1777 hier one Jonathan 
Pettangal Be longing to S d town a soldier who Inlisted Dureing 
the war and Sarved through the hole of the war for said town 
and throgh the Neglect of the select men he was not Return 41 for 
said town, nor no other town, — therefore your Petitioner Prays 
that the town of Unity may be Credited for Said Pettengal and 
your Petitioner as in duty Bound shall Ever Pray 

Elijah Weed 

Conkord oct r 29 th 1785 

E II- 3] {^Jonathan Pettingill, Soldier, 1777.'] 

Unity May 8 th A D 1777 — 

This May Certify whom it may Concern That I Jonathan 
Pettingall do Bargain & Engage to & with Amos Chase of 
Unity To do Eighteen Months Service in the Continental Army 
for him the Said Chase To be half the Tour of three years 
that I am Engaged for the Said Chase having Paid & Satisfied 


me for the Said Service as witness my hand the day & year 
abov d 


Jonathan X Pettingall 


Rich d Brown. 

[11-4] [Deposition relative to yona. Pettingill, T?86.~\ 

the depotion of me the Subscriber this may Sertify that I did 
in the year 1777 agree with Jonathan pettengal of this town to 
Serve as a Continatal Soldier for eighteen months as half a three 
years tower and paid him ten pounds for Said Serves attest per 

Abraham Sandborn 

Unity January the 3 and 1786 

[Sworn to before Elijah Frink, justice of the peace. — Ed.] 

[ii-ii] [Relative to State Tax: addressed to the Legisla- 
ture, yune Session. iy86.~\ 

The Petition of us the Subscribers In behalf of Ourselves and 
others of the Inhabitants of the Town of Unity — Humbly Shew- 
eth — that Sence the Contest with Great Britton the Town afors d 
Have Been Greatly Embarrast by having a Considerable Num- 
ber Enimical Persons to the Common Cause — so far as to Lead 
away from there Duty a Number of S d Inhabitants so far as to 
make a majority in said Town that the minor were Not able to 
act or transact any Business as a Town whereby no regualor 
Returns or Inventarories have been made for Some Years back 
and that in the Year 17S0 there was no Invoice taken And the 
Town were Doomed and Set Equal to the Towns of Croydon 
& Lempster whom have Sence Been abated the Seventh part of 
there Taxes and we are fully Sencable that the Town of Unity 
ought to be Set much Lower than either of S d Towns — and as 
the Town of Unity are now Unamously Returned to their Duty 
and are Determined to pay Up their taxes and have Sold a 
Great part of their Personal Estate for that purpose — 

Wherefore we Pray Your Honors to take the Case into Your 
Wise Consideration, and make them Such A Batments as You 
in Your Wisdom Shall Se fit — and Your Petitioners as in Duty 
Bound shall Ever Pray 

Cheshire ss Unity 15 th day Oc^ 17S5 


unity. 579 

Charles Huntoon David Weed Elijah Weed 

Nathaniel Huntoon Amos Chase Joseph Huntoon 

Joshua Bartlett Abner Chase 

[n— 2] \_Relative to warning a Man out of Town : addressed 
to the Legislature, i/86.~\ 

The petition of us the Subscribers. In behalf of the Town of 
Unity Humbly Sheweth That in Nov r 19 th A D 177S — there was 
a Warrant Insueed by the Selectmen of this Town to Caleb 
Huntoon he being Constable of S d Town Directing him to warn 
Dearbon Sweat & others forthwith to Depart out of S d Town 
a Greeable to the Law of this State in Such Case Made and 
Provided and that Said Constable Did Serve Said Warrant But 
Being mis Laid was not Entred and Cannot Now be found and 
as this Town are Like to Sutter Greatly and to be put to Great 
Cost by Reason of The Failure of Said Warrant not being 
Entred on the files of the Court of General Session of the Coun- 
ty of Cheshire — 

Unless Your Honors will Interpose on our Behalf and Estab- 
lish the Doings on Said Warrant as tho' Same had been actually 
Recorded In the Clark Office for which Your Petitioners as in 
Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray 

Nathaniel Huntoon") Selectmen 
Amos Chase >■ of 

Matthias Bartlett ) Unity. 
Cheshire ss Unity June 9* A D 17S6 

[In H. of Rep., June 15, 1786, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session, of which the selectmen of Brentwood were 
to be notified. — Ed.] 

[11— 4] \_Depositions relative to Dearborn Sweat /.] 

The Deposition of Amos Chase of Unity of Lawfull age Tes- 
tifieth and Saith on the 19 th day of Nov r 177S — Charles Huntoon 
Elijah Weed and Amos Chase being Selectmen for Unity for 
the Year 1778 — Granted a warrent Under our hand and Seal to 
Caleb Huntoon he being Constable — To warn Dearborn Sweatt 
and Others to Depart out of Unity a Greeable to the Law of 
this State in Such Case made and provided — Your Deponant 
further Saith not Amos Chase 

[Sworn to before Charles Huntoon, justice of the peace. 



[I 1-6] 

The Deposition of Caleb huntoon of Unity of Lawfull agetes- 
tifyeth and Saith that Some time In the year 1778 I Received 
of the Select men of unity a warant to warn Dearborn Sweat 
and others to depart out of this town, which warant I Served 
and I Delivered the Said warant to amos Chase he being 
one of the Selectmen of unity Said Chase was In Charles town 
when I Deliverd him the Said warant and I Saw Said Chase 
Deliver the Said warant to benjamine Giles Esq r and I heard 
Said Giles prom is Said Chase to Deliver the Said warant to the 
Clerk of the General Sesions of the peace and further Saith not 

Caleb Huntoon 

[Sworn to before Charles Huntoon, justice of the peace. 


• The Deposition of Elijah Weed of Unity of Lawfull age Tes- 
tifyeth and Saith on the 19 th day of Noy r 1778 — Charles Hun- 
toon Amos Chase and Elijah Weed Being Selectmen for Unity 
for the Year 1778, Granted a warant under our hand and seal 
to Caleb Huntoon he Being Constable To warn Dearborn 
Sweatt and others to Depart out of Unity a Greeable to the 
Laws of this State in Such Case made and Provided — Your De- 
ponant further Saith not — 

Elijah Weede 

[Sworn to before Charles Huntoon, justice of the peace. 

[11-12] [Oath of Allegiance, 1787.] 

State of New Hampshire, Cheshire — ss 
Unity October 23 th : 17S7 — 

These may Certify that we the Subscribers hath taken the 
following oath of Allegiance and the oath of office — 

I, John Huntoon, I, Stephen Gihnan, I, Jonathan Glidden 
Jun r & I, Caleb Huntoon — Do truly and Sincerely acknowledge 
profess testify & Declare that the State of New Hampshire is & 
of right ought to be a free Sovereing & Independent State & Do 
Swear that I will bear faith & true allegiance to the Same & 
that I will endeavor to Defend it against all treacherous conspir- 
acies & hostile attempts whatever: & I Do further testify & De- 
clare that no man or body of men hath or can have a Right to 


absolve me from the obligation of this oath Declaration or af- 
firmation & that I Do make this Acknowledgement profession 
testimony, & Declaration honestly & truly according to the 
Common Acceptation of the foregoing words without any 
Equivocation mental evasion or Secret Reservation whatever — 
So help me God — witness our hands — 

John Huntoon 
Stephen Gilman 
Jonathan Glidden J r 
Caleb Huntoon 

[Sworn to before Charles Huntoon, justice of the peace. 

[11—13] [ Vote of Town relative to the formation of Goshen, 


Unity January 14 th 1790 att a Legal meeting of the Inhabi- 
tants of S d Unity met att Time & place agreeable to warning of 
Said Meeting Firstly Cap* Moses Thirston Chosen Moderator 
to govern Said Meeting z\y Voted to Sett off at the East End of 
our Town to Extend West So Far as the East Side Line of the 
Lott N° 50 in the Second Rang of Lots with a Strate Line Far 
as the East Side north to Newport Town Line also South to 
Lemester Town Line to join in Union with a part of a Number 
of Towns Forming into a new Town — Viz. Lemester Newport 
Wendell & Fisherfield 3ly — Voted to Divide Remander part of 
this Town into Two Seperate Towns or Parrishes's According- 
to quantity of Land by the plan of Said Town if it be Complied 
by the General Court of the State 4ly — Voted to Choose a Com- 
mitee to Settle the Line Between the two Towns $\y — Cap* 
Moses Thirston Charles Huntoon Esq 1 " Jonathan Glidden Caleb 
Gilman & Lieu 1 Joishua Bartlett Chosen the above Commitee 
to Settle the Line in the Division of the Two Said Towns or 

The within is a true copy taken out of Unity town Book of 

Attest Jonathan Glidden Town Clark 

[A portion of the town was taken to form the town of 
Goshen, December 27, 1791. — Ed.] 

[i 1-14] [ Vote relative to the foregoing, 1791 J\ 

This may Certify that att a Legal Town meeting held by an 
adjournment on the Ninth of Sep 1 AD 1791 



The Inhabitance met and Voted that the Town be Devided 
Voted and Agreed that the Line shall run on the North End of 
the first Rang North of Corys Road in favour of a petition of 
William Story and others 

Joseph Cutts Clerk protem r 

September the 12 th AD 1791 

[11-15] [Petition relative to dividing the Tozvn : addressed 
to the Legislature, i/Qi.~\ 

The Pertition of us the Subscribers Inhabitance of the town 
of Unity Humbly Shewetli — that if the Inhabitence on the East 
End of this town Should Pertition your Honours to be Set off 
with part of Several other towns as a Seperate town we are 
perswaded your Honours will think it Reasonable that they 
Should Come as far west as the Court Committee Reportted 
Last Sesions agreeable to a plan taken by m r Jesse Lane of 
Newport Last fall and It is our opinion if it Should extend as 
much as fifty or Sixty Rods further west it would be for the 
beniflt of this town and no damage to Said New town as there 
is a Very bad hill Running a Crost Said town and all East of 
Said hill will be much more Conveniant to the New town 
than to any part of this town — and we give it as our opinion 
that there ought to be a town Set off Nearly agreeable to the 
S d plan of m r lanes as there Settuations is Such they Never Can 
be accommodated with the towns they are now incorporated 
with and we are Sensable it must be a great damage and Dis- 
curagement to them not to be incorporated as it much detars the 
Settlement in that part and the prayer of your Petitioners is that 
they may be set off as soon as you in your wisdom Shall See fit 
and we Shall Ever pray 

Unity May 30 th 1 791 

Amos Chase \ Selectmen 
James Lad j of Unity 

Josiah Moody 
Daniel moodey 
Richard moodv 

Eliphalet Bodwell 
Jeremiah Dean 
Sanborn Cram 

Daniel Moody juner osteen Pike 
Jeremiah Glidden Joseph Huntoon 
Josiah Moody juner Ezekiel Challis 
Caleb Gilman Ephraim Cram 

James Bodwell Abner Chase 

Moses thirston Juner 
Amos T Huntoon 
William Weed 
Nath 1 Huntoon Ju r 
Rheuben Huntoon 
Hezekiah Yong 
Amos Hall 
Abner Colby 

UNITY. 583 

[11-16] [ Vote of Town relative to the foregoiitg, i~qi.~] 

Unity January 14 th 1790 — At a Legal meeting of the inhabi- 
tants of s d Unity met at time and place agreeable to warning of 
s d meeting — 

I st Cap 1 Moses Thurston chosen Moderator to govern s d 
Meeting — 

2 nd Voted to Set off at the East end of our town, to extend 
west so far as the East side Line of Lot N° 50 in the Second 
range of Lots, with a Straight line to Newport town Line, also 
South to Lemster town Line to join in Union with a part of a 
N° of towns forming into a New town Namely Lemster New- 
port Wendal and Fishersfield — 

Copyed from Unity town records — 

Attest Sam 1 Chase town Clark 
Unity 9 th June 1791 — 

[11— 17] [Remonstrance to foregoing: addressed to the Gen- 
. eral Court, 'iygi.~\ 

The prayer of us a number of the inhabitants of the Town of 
Unity humbly sheweth that we are informed that a Petition was 
presented to your Honours at your last Sessions at Concord, 
signed by a Number of Persons belonging to the Towns of 
Unity Lemster Wendell & Newport, Praying that the East part 
of s d Unity with a part of those other Towns mentioned in s d 
Petition Might be Incorporated into a Township distinct from 
those to which they now belong — 

Your Petitioners humbly shew that we have not had any pub- 
lick notice of s d Petition, by any town meeting. But suppose 
that if our Selectmen have been serv'd with a Copy of s d Peti- 
tion and order of Court thereon, that it fell into two of our 
Selectmens, hands who from some self interested views, are 
desirous to part with the Land mentioned in s d Petition and 
have kept it Secret, and not given the Town any notice of it — 
We your Petitioners think that it will be very hurtful to s d town 
of Unity, to Part with the whole of the Land Mentioned in s d 
Petition But as the Town did vote to Let s d Petitioners have 
a part in our Town, when they Petitioned for it in December 
1789 we are willing that they should have the Land so voted to 
them, which was all the Land lying to the East of a straight 
Line ; running across s d Town Parallel to the East side Line of 
Lot No 50 in the Second Range — 

And we beg leave to inform your Honours that to part with 
any More of s d Town would be very Hurtful to it on Many 
Accounts, Therefore we do in the most Humble manner Re- 

58 4 


quest your Honours, that the Prayer of s d Petition should not be 
Answered (so far as it respects s d Town of Unity) by giving 
them any more Land off of our Town than we voted to Let 
them have — 

And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever Pray — 

Unity 24 th of November 1791 — 

Joshua Bartlett Selectman of Unity 

Samuel Chase 
Nathaniel Huntune 
Samuel thurber 
Daniel Bachelder 
William Long 
John Huntoon 
Benjamin Smart 
Wilson Shaw 
Moses Chase 
Benjmin Huntoon 
Joseph welch 
Joseph Huntoon Jun 
Benjmin Huntoon 

Cornelius Clough 
Stephen Huntoon 
Matthias Bartlett 

Charles Huntoon 
Josiah Huntoon 
Reuben Huntoon 

Jun r 
Samuel Huntoon 
Jonathan Glidden 
Jacob Cram 
Samuel P. Glidden 
Joseph Glidden 
Simeon Glidden Ju 
Amos Lamson 
rAmos Buckmon 
Elias Buckmon 
David Peirce 
Nickles Peirce 
Moses fifield 
Jacob Perkins 

Jonathan Glidden 

Jun r 
Jacob Smith 
Simeon Glidden 
Andrew Glidden 
Jacob Glidden 
James Dudley 
Barnabas Sincklear 
William Neal 
n r Ebenez r Barker 
Samuel Neal 
John Sleeper 
Abraham Samborn 
Isaac Livingston 
Jacob Bartlett 
Darbon Sweat 


[11-1S] \_Petition for a new Town from Unity and Charles- 
town: addressed to the Legislature, 1794.] 

The Subscribers Inhabitants of the west part of Unity in the 
County of Cheshire, Humbly show 

That the Township of Unity extends about eleven miles east 
and west and about six miles north and south, that your peti- 
tioners are separated from the Inhabitants in the east part of 
said Town by a mountain running across The Town north and 
south which renders their connection very inconvenient, that by 
being separated from the east by a line on that mountain and 
annexed to the north part of Charlestown, a Town might be 
formed of the usual size, and its Inhabitants well united — 

They therefore pray that the west part of Unity and the north 
part of Charlestown may be incorporated into a new Town, 
and as in duty bound shall ever pray 

' Unity April y 9 28 th 1794 




Jon* Glidden J r 
Jacob Smith 
Aaron Marshall 
Simeon Glidden 
Joseph Glidden 
Jacob Glidden 
Simeon Glidden 
Nathaniel Lad 
Joseph Perkins 

Jabesh Perkins 
Jacob Perkins 
Lemuel Wright 
Jur Elisha Perkins 
Jon a Dudley 
Samuel Neal 
James Dudley 
David Dudley 
James Dudley Junior 

William Neal Jur 
Derbon Sweat 
James Ha r wood 
Benjamin Webster 
James Lawrance 
Teremiah Merrill 
Asaph merrill 
Stephen Bucknam 

[n-19] \_Remonstrance to foregoing, 1794.] 

The Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Unity in the 
County of Cheshire and State afore S d Humbly, Shew that a 
petition originating from some Gentleman (in the Town-Plot so 
Called) in Charlestown has been Lately handed about in Said 
Unity, praying the petitioners may be annexed to the North 
part of Charlestown, for the purpose of making a new Town, 
and by misrepresentation procured a number of Signers, who 
on Consideration wish their names arased from s d Petition, and 
humbly pray that we may not be thus Anexed, for the Rea- 
sons Following, (Viz) there is a mountain Separating those 
Towns so dificult to pass that Nature Seams to forbid a union 
for that purpose — and Should it take place, we think it will 
make the most unhappy Situated Town on the Continent — 
your petitioners therefore as in duty bound Shall Ever, Hum- 
bly, depricate, Such a union. 

Unity May 23 rd 1794 

Charles Huntoon 
Moses thirston 
Benj n Clough 
Phinehas Sanborn 
Enoch Johnson 
James Graves 
Barnabas Sinkler 
andrew Glidden 
James Bodwell 
Benjamin Mathes 
Josiah moody 
John Huntoon 
John Sleeper 
Charles Hunton 3 d 
Asa Lampson 
Caleb Gilman . 

Jonathan Glidden 
Amos Buckman 
Stephen Glidden 
Jacob Cram 
thomas Smith 
Jeremiah Glidden 
Amos T. Huntoon 
Joseph Huntoon 
Moses Fitield 
Richard Moody 
Jonathan Glidden 3 d 
Eliphalet Bodwell 

Jun r 
Asa Glidden 
Jacob Bartlett 
James Bodwell 

Abraham Sandborn 

Danil Batchder 
Jacob shaw 
Wilson Shaw 
Saml thurber 
Nath 1 Huntoon 
John Bartlett 
Jonathan Bartlet 
Daiel Moody Jun 
Danil moody 
Jacob Glidden 
David Dudley 
James Dudley Junior 
Samuel Neal 
Ezra Smith 


Abner Chase 
John Bartlett 
Amos Chase 
ISaac Levingston 
Nicholas Parce 
Joshua Parce 
Sanborn Cram 


Joseph Whiston 
John Laclcl 
Elias Bucknam 
Ebenezer Barker 
Enos Lamson 
Amos Lamson 
Abraham Sanclborn 

James Harwood 
hezekiah yong 
Josiah huntoon 
Ruben Huntoon 
epheram Cram 
Stephen Buckman 

[The project failed. 

See Charlestown papers, Vol. XL 

[R. 4-116] \_Nathaniel ^Huntoon 's Account for furnishing 
Soldiers and receipt, jfuty 12, J777.~\ 

Sam 1 White — Browns Company 

Jonathan Ston dudley — Robinson 

Nath 1 frost- 


Jonathan folsom — 


wounded dogg — 


Richard How — 


Isaac morss — 


Paul Sandborn — 


Philip Blasdel— 


moses Blacke — 


John Cook — 


Victuals for the within Soldiers 13 meals- 
toddy 2 & f of mugs 

o. 5. 6 

0.19. 4 

Rec d of Ebenezer Smith the sum of nineteen shilling and four 
pence L. M. for the expence of eleven Continental Soldiers who 
he ordered to be Refresht at my house — for me 

unity July 12 th 1777. Nath 1 Hunton 


[R. 4-1 1 7] [Petition of Joseph Hunton, Soldier, 17 j r p.] 

Unity March 2 d 1779 — 

To the Honourable the General Court — May it please your 
Honours — your humble petitioner prayeth to inform the Hon- 
ourable General Court assembled in Behalf of the state of New 
Hampshire, that your petitioner hath served his Country in the 
present War (and the State of New Hampshire in particular) 

UNITY. 587 

from the first Commencement thereof untill the Glorious Battle 
of Stilwater, in the Capacity of a Subaltron belonging to the 
Third Battal n of New Hampshire Troops Commanded by Col- 
onel Scammell Esq r in battle Vitz at Stillwater I had the Mis- 
fortune to receive a Wound in my arm, which hath proved so 
far fatal to me as to disinable me from doing Regimental duty 
any longer, as may be Certified as by letter from Colonel Scam- 
mell, and also am not able to maintain my self and Family by 
my Labour, sufficiently — You Humble petitioner prayeth your 
Honours w r ill Consider him and Grant him the benefit of a 
Certain Act of the Honou 1 the Continental Congress made and 
provided for that purpose. * * * * 

Joseph Huntoon 

[Huntoon was wounded October 7, 1777, at Stillwater. 
In H. of Rep., June 25, 1779, his name was ordered to be 
placed on the pension roll at half pav until further orders. 
Senate concurred. April 19, 1780, he petitioned to have 
the depreciation of his pay made up. March 30, 1781, he 
petitioned for some arrearages, and stated that his dwelling- 
house was burned " on the 16 th of February last," and that 
he thereby lost his house, furniture, and provisions. He 
was appointed in 1781 a lieutenant in the battery at i( Pis- 
cataqua Harbour." October 21, 1785, he again petitioned, 
stating that his half-pay was reduced in December 1782, 
and asked to have it restored, as his right hand and arm 
were permanently disabled, and his family large. He peti- 
tioned again January 7, 1790, for arrearages. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-124] \_Richard Brown, Quartermaster. .] 

To the Hon ble the General Court of the State of New Hamp- 
shire. Oliver Tuttle and Mary his wife Humbly Shew — That 
Richard Brown late of Unity in said state deceased, was a 
Quarter Master in the second New-Hampshire Reg 1 late in the 
service of the United States — That the said Mary was the wife, 
and is the sole administratrix on the estate of said Brown — 
That the depreciation of wages, formerly due to the said Brown, 
have never been paid — Your Petitioners humbly pray, that 
your Honors will order all such depreciation (and other dues if 
any there be) to be paid to the said Mary Administratrix as 
aforesaid, or to the subscribers or either of them — and as in 
duty bound will ever pray Oliver Tuttle 

Claremont Nov r 14 th 1792 — Mary Tuttle administratrix 



The town was incorporated August 30, 1774, by its pres- 
ent name; previous to which it was called East town, under 
a grant from the Masonian proprietors. 

By act of the legislature approved June 22, 1820, a gore 
of land, containing all that belonged to Wakefield on the 
northerly side of Province pond, was severed from this town 
and annexed to the town of Effingham. 

June 23, 1858, an act was passed severing from the town 
of Milton a tract of land, and annexing the same to the town 
of Wakefield. 

Andrew Ouimby was in the First N. H. Regiment, en- 
listed March, 1781 ; discharged December, same year. He 
died in the service the following year. 

[R. 4-125] 

Wakefield Accompts of what has been paid the Soldiers by 
the Town. 

Paid to M r Benj n Dodge cont 1 Soldier in provisions delivered 
to his wife in the year 177S, to the amount of £7, 15, 7 

Provisions at y e old usual Prices, Corn 4/ pr Bush 1 

Beef at 2-i- d &c. 

Ditto in the year 1779, Paid to M™ Dodge in Provisions for 
her family at y e same prices y e sum of 3, 13, 6 

to paid Ditto p r Ditto 2, 10, o 

Paid to M r John Gilman continental Soldier in Provisions 
delivered his wife at the prices above mentioned 

in the year 177S the Sum of £6, 18, o 

Paid to Jonathan Morgan Cont 1 Soldier for Wakefield 
for the year 1779, in Provisions at the prices above 

By a written obligation 24, o, O 

Paid to Cap* Jeremiah Gilman & 15 Soldiers under him in 
the Bennington Expedition in y e year 1777, 

<£6, 8 each as Bounty 96, o, o 

Paid to M r James Clark & Jon a Towl Soldiers for Wakefield 

nt to Rhode Island in y e year 177S, £30, each i 

seas Bounty ~ £60, o, o 

Paid to M r James Clark Soldier for Rhode Island 
in 1779 so much as makes his wages equal to 40/ p r 
month as money was 1774, 

Strafford ss : February 2 nd 17S0 then Jacob Wiggin & Samuel 
Hall as Selectmen of Wakefield personally appeared & made 
oath that the within account is a just & true account — 

Before Simeon Dearborn Jus* Peace 


[R. 4-126] [Soldiers' Receipts.} 

Wakefield April 28 th 17S1 — 
Received of the Town of Wakefield the sum of ten pounds 
two shillings lawful money at the rate of four shillings per 
bushel for Corn, in supplys for the family towards making up 
the one half of my husbands wages, who is in the army this 
for the year 1 780. 

Rec d per Betty Dodge 

[She also receipted, Feb. 18, 1782, for ;£io, 12s for part 
pay for her husband's wages for 1781. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-1 28] 

Wakefield October 18 th 17S2. 
Received of Jeremiah Bachelder the Sum of Six pounds and 
twelve Shillings in provisions at the Rates Stipulated in the act 
for Supplying Soldiers families — 

Lydia Leavitt 

Thomas Perkins Thomas Perkins iun 

[R. 4-129] [Peter Barter's Petition, 7782. ,] 

[In a petition dated Nov. 18, 1782, Peter Barter stated 
that he served in Capt. Bell's company in Col. Hale's regi- 
ment ; was taken prisoner on the retreat from Ticonderoga, 
and was wounded in the thigh at Monmouth, in conse- 
quence of which he was rendered unfit for duty and sent 
home. He was ordered to the fort, and served under Col. 
Dame and Capt. Deering for three dollars per month, and 
requested to be put on half pay or discharged. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-130] [Soldiers' Orders.} 

Wakefield Sept 21 1784 
To the Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire — 

Sir Plese to pay Daniel Cook or order all that is due to me 
for the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty I having 
ben a Soldier in the Second New Hampshire Regt 
Value Rec d Witness my hand — 

Timothy Ricker 
Thomas Thomson James Chamberlin Thomas Perkins 



[Other orders were given as follows : 

1784, Sept. 21, Joseph Green, 3 d N. H. Reg't 
" " 23, Dearborn Loverin, Capt. Jacob Smith's Co. 

Reynolds Reg't. 
" Oct. 4, Joseph Dearborn, Capt. Jacob Smith's Co. 
Reynolds Reg't. 
1785 Jan. 8, Jonathan Quimby 2 d N. H. Reg't.] 

[Joseph Edgerly, age 35, was in Nathan Hale's Second 
Battalion ; Jonathan Haseltine was in Capt. Benjamin El- 
lis's company, Scammell's regiment ; Joshua Edgerly, age 
29, enlisted in Capt. James Carr's company, Feb. 17, 1777; 
Jonathan Quimby, age 19, and Paul Sambourn, age 17, en- 
listed in same company, April 9. (Rev. Pap., Secretary's 
office.)— Ed.] 


[11—20] \_Petition for a Repeal of the Lumber Act: ad- 
dressed to the Legislature, 178 5.] 

The Petition of us, the Subscribers, Freeholders and Inhabi- 
tants of the town of Wakefield, humbly sheweth that we are 
largely concerned in lumber, and understand Your Honours 
has passed some late acts at your last Session very hurtfull and 
injurious to us, and we believe to all other towns concerned in 
the lumber way. Therefore Humbly Request you would re- 
peal the Act that requires all boards to inch thick and square 
edged, and other lumber in proportion — 

And likewise to repeal the Act that prohibits any British ves- 
sel from carrying lumber to the British Islands in the West 
Indies that can procure British papers for that purpose, and to 
repeal the other act in regard to duty laid on tunnage on Ships 
or Vessels belonging to Foreigners which duty we look upon 
to be equal to shutting up our Ports against them. But if Your 
Honours dont see fit to grant the prayer of this Petition, we 
would request a Paper Currency on loan, or in such other way 
as your Wisdom may direct you to support the credit of said 
money — As in duty bound we ever pray — 

Wakefield Aug 8 ' 1785. 

Thomas Lindsay 
Winthrop Wiggin 
Jonas Rich 
John Wingate 
Nathan Mordogh 
Porter Gilman 

David Copp 
Jeremiah Gilman 
Jonathan Palmer 
Andrew Gilman 
Noah kimball 
John Wiggin 

Jacob Rundlet 
Joseph Dearborn 
Thomas Nudd 
William moor 
Nath el Balch 
John Gilman 






Isaiah Wiggin 
John Garland 
Solomon Huchins 
James huchens 
Josiah Moor 
Samuel Chapman 
William Blasdell 
Simeon Blasdell 
Phinehas Low 
Clement Steel 
John Chapman 

Elijah Alien 
Nathan Watson 
Dudley Gilman 
Benj a Gilman 
Mayhew Clark 
Benjamin Dodge 
Benjamin Perkins 
Jacob Welch 
Eliphalet Philbrook 
Reuben Gove Dear- 

John Kimball 
Spencer Wentworth 
Dudley Hardy 
Sam 11 Hall 
Daniel Hall 
Joseph Chapman 
Joseph Haines 
Thomas Pirkins 
Nathan Derborn 
Richard wintworth 
Simeon Wiggin 

[ii— 21 ] \_Relative to ^Arrears of Taxes : addressed to the 
Legislature, iygi^\ 

The Petition of the Selectmen, in behalf of the Inhabitants of 
the Town of Wakefield, 

Most humbly sheweth — 

That Whereas the Expenses of hiring and paying Soldiers 
for the Continental Army in the course of the late War, amount 
to about ninety pounds more than have been already taxed on 
said Town ; therefore your Petitioners pray the Honorable 
Gen 1 Court ma}' be pleased to pass some order impowering the 
Selectmen of said Town to Levy the same on the Inhabitants ; 
with a proportional part on the Non-residents Lands in said 
Town ; with power also, to appoint a proper person to collect 
the said Tax ; or otherwise relieve your petitioners as you, in 
your Wisdom, shall think most meet, and your petitioners will 
as in duty bound pray — 

Wakefield 26 th Novem r A. D. 1791. 

Avery ttall 

Isaac Fellows \ Selectmen 

John Wingate 

[11—22] [Petition for an incorporation of Union Library, 


The petition of the subscriber in behalf of the proprietors of 
Wakefield and Brookfield Union Library, being impowered by 
a vote of the proprietors for the purpose aforesaid, humbly 
prays that Timothy Johnson, Avery Hall, Jonathan Palmer, 
David Copp, William Chamberlin may be incorporated into a 
body politic with all the power and privileges that the Legisla- 
ture in their wisdom may see proper for the benefit and con- 


tinuance of the said institution, and your petitioner for and in 
behalf of said proprietors in duty bound will ever pray, &c. 

David Copp 
Wakefield, June 5 th 1797. 

[In H. of Rep., June 10, 1797, the foregoing petition was 
granted. Senate concurred. — Ed.] 



The township was first granted by the government of 
Massachusetts in 1736. and called No. 3. A meeting of the 
proprietors was held on the 29th of December of that year, 
at which they voted to " Exceipt of the Report of what y e 
Committee have Don in Laying out the House Lotts in said | 

Township." The document next following contains a list 
of the drawing of said lots 

The township was granted February 13, 1752, by the 
government of New Hampshire, to Benjamin Bellows, of 
Lunenburg, Mass., and fifty-five others, with the usual res- 
ervations, and named Walpole. A plan of Walpole, West- 
moreland, and Chesterfield, in folio 5, office of secretary of 
state, contains the following certificate : 

*' We the Subscribers Have Pursuant to the Direction of 
M r Joseph Blanchard Ju r appointed Servey r of His Majestys 
Lands In the Province of Newhamp 1 * Serveyed and Marked 
Round the towns of Chesterfield Westmoreland and Wal- 
pole Lately Granted by his Exelency Benning Wentworth 
Esq Governor of the Province of Newhamp 1 on the East 
side of Connectcutt River In s d Province & have here De- 
lineated and Lay d out the same according to the Lines 
Drawn — finished the 18 th of March 1752 

Benj a Bellows) Servevers » 
Josiah Willard \ ^ erve y ers 

The conditions of the last-named grant not having been 
fulfilled, an extension was granted March 12, 1761, to con- 
tinue " until our Plenary Instructions shall be received." 
The inhabitants did their full duty in the Revolutionary 
war, and a respectable number remained loyal to New 
Hampshire during the trouble with Vermont. 


By an act of the legislature passed December 31, 1783, 
Col. Enoch Hale, of Rindge, was authorized to erect a toll- 
bridge over Connecticut river at Bellows Falls. 

Some territory was taken from the north part of the town, 
combined with a portion of Charlestown, and erected into 
the town of Langdon, January 11, 1787. 

Walpole contains a large amount of excellent land, and is 
one of the most prosperous farming towns in the state. 

Walpole men in 1st N. H. Regiment : 

Daniel Ashley, enlisted Feb. 9, 1781 ; died Aug. r, 178 1. 

John Baldwin, enlisted Dec. 21, 1777; discharged 1780. 

Jona. Eastman, enlisted Feb. 21, 1777 ; died May 11, 1778. 

Francis Joiner, enlisted Jan. 1, 1777 ; discharged Nov. 18, 

Thomas Johnson, enlisted Jan. 1, 1777; discharged De- 
cember, 1 78 1. 

Daniel Riter, enlisted Jan. 1, 1777; died Sept. 1, 1779. 

John Still, enlisted February, 17S1 ; discharged Decem- 
ber, 1781. 

The latter was in the same regiment again in 1782. 

[11-23] [Records of Proprietors' Meetings.] 

A Meeting of the proprietors of the Township N° three Ly- 
ing on the Easterly Side of Connecticut River Decern' 29 th 

John Flint Esq r Chosen Moderator for S d meeting 

Then voted and Chose Joseph Baker prop" Clerk and was 
Sworn to the Faithfull Discharge of that office then proposed 
Whether they will Exceipt of the Report of What y e Commit- 
tee have Don in Laying out the House Lotts in s d Township — 

Voted in the afFermitive — 

Then Voted that three Lotts Should Lye for publick uses 
with three affter Divisions viz one for y e first settled minister 
one for y e ministeral Lot and the other for y e School &c 

Then the s d prop 1 " 3 proceded and Drawed there Lotts and 
they ware Entered and Recorded as follows viz — 

John Flint Esq r n° 12 on y e plain 
Edward Flint N° 10 on y e plain 
m r Stephen Chase n° 5 on y e plain 
John Lawrance n° 15 on y e plain 
Sam 11 Smith n° 39 on y e hill Lotts so Caled 
David Whitaker n° 4 on y e plain 
Thorn" munroe n° 9 on y e plain 



Samuel Lackey n° i on y c plain 
Asa Doughlass n° 25 on y e hill 
Sam 11 Hunt n° 20 on the hill 
m r Daniel Rogers n° 22 on y e hill 
Jonath n Fisk n° 3 on y e plain 
Jeremiah Holman 3 on the hill 
Sam 11 Wright n° 6 on y e plain 
Benj a Harwood n° 9 on y e hill 
Thorn 8 Jones n° 26 on y e hill 
Ebenezer Harwood n° 1 1 on y e plain 
John munroe n° 40 on y e hill 
Henry Yours n° 4 on y e hill 
Sam 11 Winshop n° 8 on y e hill 
Richard Armes n° 33 on*y e hill 
Benj a Reed n° 29 on y e hill 
Abner Kent n° 7 on y e hill 
Jonath n prescott n° 10 on y e hill 
Benj a Fitch n° 2 on y e plain 
Jonath n Wheeler n°"i3 on y e hill 
Anrow Macchure n° 21 on y e hill 
John Muzzey n° 24 on y e hill 
David Wetherbee 6 on y e hill 
Josiah Conant n° 19 on y e plain 
Josiah Jones n° 18 on y e hill 
Joseph Wright n° 21 on y e hill 
Joseph Baker n° 30 on y e hill 
Francis Fletcher n° 23 on y e hill 
Zacheus Whitney n° 34 on y e hill 
Joseph Harwood n° 2 on y c hill 
John Flagg n° 15 on y e hill 
Israll Connant n° 20 on y e plain 
John Ludgate n° 1 on y e hill 
William Stacy n° 8 on y c plain 
John Fox n° 2 on y e plain 
Nath 11 Ball n° 7 on y e plain 
James Cuttler n° 18 on y e plain 
Joseph Adames n° 2S on y e hill 
Sam 11 Whitemore 35 on y e hill 
Jabez Keys n° 23 on y e plain 
Thomas Ball n°'i9 on y e hill 
m r James Osgood n° 37 on y e hill 
William Bovvers n° 16 on y e plain 
John Holding n° 32 on y° hili 
Gershom Flagg n° 14 on y* hill 
Hezekiah Dunkley n° 31 on y" hill 
Will m Johnson n° 12 on y e hill 
Isaac Miller n° 17 on y* hill 


Charles Killiame n°n on y e hill 
David Wood Esq r n° 16 on y e hill 
Thomas Richardson 3S on y e hill 
Zacheus Pirkins n° 14 on y e plain 
Joseph Baker 17 on y e plain 
David Come n° 27 on y e hill 

Concord [Mass.] March 29 th 1738 

A meeting of the propr™ of the Township n° three Lying on 
y e Easterly Side of Connecticut River the Following votes 
were Fast viz — 

Chose John Flint Esq r moderator for s d meeting 

then voted that they would Chuse a Committee to view and 
Clear away from the Assuvalotts Townships in y e most Con- 
venant Place to y e s d Township n° three and Bun y e woods 
also voted to Chuse Seven of S d prop" to Effect Said affair at 
y* Charge of the prop 18 f 

voted that if Any of the Proprietors Shall See Cause to go 
with s d Comm tee and help Do y e work they shall have as good 
pay as s d Comm tee said Com ttee being Impowered to Take a 
Suryeor to assist them in s d affair 1 

Decern 1, y e 5 1 738 

A meeting of y e prop™ of the Township n° 3 m r James Osgood 
moderator voted that they Exceipt of the Report of the Com- 
mittee Chosen to view and Clear away from the assoway lot 
towns to s d num r three voted thatEach proprietor pay the Sum 
of Twenty Shillings to y e prop rs Clerk for y e Clearing and Lay- 
ing out a way to y e afores d Township 

A meeting of the Prop™ of the Township n° three Lying on 
y e Easterly side of Connecticut River August 20 th 1751 Cap* 
Benj a Read Chosen moderator Proposed to Said prop™ that if 
Ten or more of said prop" or others in there Rooms to y e Ex- 
ceiptance of said prop" Shall Go on and settle there Lotts 
forthwith then Each proprietor Shall pay the sum of one pound 
Six Shillings and Eight pence Lawful! money for y e In Cour- 
ridgement & Speady Settlement of s d Township voted in y e 

y e meeting was adjoyrned to Novem 1 " 28 1751 at y e house of 
m r Joneses at Concord 

the said proprietors mett according to y e adjornment Novem' 
28 1 75 1 voted to Raise twenty Shillings old tener for y e use 
of y e prop™ for each Lott to pay then proposed to Grant to m r 
Abner Sawyer for bidding a Saw mill in s d Township two 
Hundred acres of Land if he bulds it at Cold River or two 
hundred & fifty if he bulds it at a place Called bever brook to 



be Determined by a Committee which place it Shall be bult at 
the Said Sawyer to keep it in Good Repair fifteen years for 
Sawing and Said mill to be Completed and fit for Sawing by 
y e first Day of October next after Date voted on y e aftermitive 

proposed wether Isaac miller David page Thomas Adams 
Luke Brown & Benj a Stowell to be y e Committee to Determine 
s d mill place and to Take bond of Said Abner Sawyer for y e 
true performance of the foregoing vote voted on y e aftermitive 

Worcester February the 5 th 1752 

At a Meeting of the Prop™ of the Township N° Three on y e 
Easterly Side of Connecticut River and meett on y e Day 
afores d — 

Then voted and Chose John Hazeltine Esq r moderator for s d 
meeting — 

proposed whether they would Chuse a Committee to prefer a 
pitition to the Grate and General Court of the province of New- 
hampshire or to y e Gente u Conceirnd in Granting Townships 
that they would be Pleased to Grant the afores d Township to y e 
Said Prop™ the said Township now falling within y e Said pro- 
vince of Newhampshire Voted In the a ftermitive then Voted 
and Chose John Hazeltine Esq r and m r Abner Sawyer to pro- 
cute and Effect s d vote and Carry on s d affair as they Shall think 

Votd and Chose mr Isaac miller and David Cuttler the Co- 
lecters to Gather in s d money Granted and voted and Chose 
Deacon Benj a Woodbury Treas r for s d propri™ 

the above and foregoing votes are True Copys Taken out of 
y e prop™ Book of Records of the Township N° 3 

Att* Joseph Baker prop™ Clerk 

[Original Grantees. ~\ 

John Flint Esq r 
Edward Flint 
mr Stephen Chase 
John Lawrance 
Sam 11 Smith 
David Whiteaker 
Thomas Munroe 
Sam" Lackey 
Asa Douglass 
Sam 11 Hunt 
m r Daniel Rogers 

John Ludgate 
Will" 1 Stacey 
John Fox 
Nath 11 Ball 
Jeremiah Holman 
Sam 11 Wright 
Benj a Harwood 
Ebenezer Harwood 
John Munroe 
Thomas Jones 
Henry Yours 

David Wetherbe 
Josiah Conant 
James Cuttler 
Joseph Adams , 
Samuel Whetemore 
Jabez Keep 
Thomas Ball 
m r James Osgood 
Will'" Bowers 
John Holding 
Gershom Flagg 




Jonath* Fisk 
Josiah Jones 
Joseph w right 
Joseph Baker 
Francis Fletcher 
Zacheus Whitney 
Joseph Harwood 
John Flagg 
Isreal Conant 

Samuel Winshop 
Richard Amies 
Benj a Read 
Abner Kent 
Jonath n prescott 
Benj a Fitch 
Jonath n Wheeler 
Androvv Maclure 
John Muzzey 

Hezekiah Dunkley 
Will" 1 Johnson 
Isaac Miller 
Charles Killime 
David wood Esq r 
Thomas Richardson 
Zacheus Perkins 
David Come 
Joseph Baker 

The above Persons were the orignall Grantees of the Town- 
ship n° three Lying on y e Esterly side of Connecticutt River 
and at the Grate Falls &c as Entered on the proprietors Book 
of Records 

Atf * Joseph Baker pro" Clerk 

Taken offs d Book oct r 18 th 1752 and is a True Copy 

Atf Jos Baker pro" Clerk 

[11-24] \_Petition for Encourageme?it to manufacture Lin- 
seed Oil: addressed to the General Court, 1773 '.] 

The petition of John Marcy and Ebenezer Swan of Walpole 
in the County of Cheshire and province aforesaid — Humbly 
sheweth that your petitioners, from the Generous motive of the 
publick good, as well as their own perticular profit and advan- 
tage, have determined to erect in the town of Walpole aforesaid 
a mill, for the purpose of making Linseed Oil; provided they 
may Enjoy such privileges and Advantages as are hereafter 
Mentioned and which (with Submission to your Excellencys 
and Honours Superior Judgment) your petitioners imagine to 
be absolutely Necessary either for publick utility or private ad- 
vantage, experience teaches that when persons have under taken 
to prosecute any new scheme, which, in a few hands, might be 
advantageous to the publick and to the Managers, others (from 
hopes and Expectations of the great gains arising therefrom) 
undertake the same, to the Destruction of said business and to 
great Damage of those who First engaged therein, as your Ex- 
cellency and Honours can't but be Sensible has been the case 
with regard to the Potash and Pearlash Trade your petitioners 
therefore being Apprehensive, that they might in this w r ay, be 
great Sufferers, Humbly pray that Your Excellency and Hon- 
ours would Grant them that no other person or persons what- 
ever shall be allowed to Erect any Mill or Mills within the 
County of Cheshire aforesaid for and during the Term of 


Twenty Years And your petitioners shall as in Duty Bound 
ever pray &c 

May y e 8 th 1773 

John Marcy 
Eben r Swan 

[In H. of Rep., May 26, 1773, voted that the foregoing 
petition be granted. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-135] \_Petition infavo?- of Dr. Silas Baldwin, 1763. .] 

The petition of Benjamin Bellows of Walpole our province 
aforesaid attorney to Doc 1 Silias Baldvven of Darby In y e Col- 
loney of Connectcut Humbly sheweth that the said Silus Bald- 
win In y e year 1757 was Desired by Majer Thomas Tash to 
take the Care of Sundry Sick Soulders under his Command be- 
longing to Coll Mescerves Ridgment then stationed on Con- 
nectcut River below N° 4 So Called In y e province and that he 
y e s d Tash would Se that y e province of Newhampshire should 
pay him for y e same acording to y e account here with presented 
and your petitioners disires that your Excelency and Honours 
would take it Into your Wise Consideration and Elow y e same 
as you shall think proper and your petetioner will be Oblidged 
as In Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray — 

B Bellows 

June 9 th 1763 

[In H. of Rep., June 11, 1763, he was allowed £10 ster- 
ling. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-136] [Statement of County Committee of Safety, 


The petition of Asa Brigham and others Committee appointed 
bv the free Suffrages of the County of Cheshire Humbly Shew- 

That Whereas person Inimical to the Liberties of the free 
States of America frequent as is apprehended by this County 
Conveying Intelligence to our Enemies greatly to the Damage 
of the Common Cause — Therefore Humbly pray in Behalf of 
s d County that some Resolve pass your Honours to hinder their 
progress, we would not think to Dictate but we humbly Con- 
ceive the method Come into by the Governor and Committee 
of Safety for Connecticut would be a Ready method to accom- 



plish the afores d Designs all which is humbly Submitted and 
your petitioners as in duty bound shall Ever pray — 

Walpole Aug* 6 th 1776 
[Rev. Papers, page 11.] 

Asa Brigham ~) 

Eph m Baldwin [■ Com* 

Reuben Alexander ) 

[Cb/. Bellows 's Return of Officers in 16th, Regiment, 1776."] 

Agreable to a Vote Passed in Congress at Exeter Jan 7 4 th 
1776, I herewith make return of the Commission Officers of 
the Several Companys in the Sixteenth Regiment of Militia in 
the Colony of New Hampshire — 

i rt Comp 7 in Charlestown Abel Walker Captain, Samuel 
Wetherbe i 8t Lieut James Farnsworth 2 d Lieut Bradstreet Spaf- 
ford Ensign — 

2 d Comp 7 in Walpole Christopher Webber Capt John Jani- 
son i 8t Lieut Levi Hooper 2 d D° Ebenezer Swan Ensign — 

3 d Comp^ in Alstead Nathaniel Sartwell Prentice Captain, 
Andrew Beckwith i 6t Lieu* Edward Waldo 2 d D° Oliver Shep- 
herd Ensign — 

4 th Comp 7 in Claremont Oliver Ashley Cap* Samuel Ashley 
I"* Lieu* Asa Jones 2 d D° Lemuel Hubbard Ensign — 

5 th Comp 7 in New Port, Samuel Hurd Captain, Jesse Wil- 
cocks I s * Lieu* Ezra Pamele 2 d D° Jesse Lane Ensign — 

6 th Comp 7 in Marlow, Samuel Canfield Cap* Ruel Royse I 9 * 
Lieu* William Reed 2 d D° Eber Lewis Ensign — 

7 th Comp 7 in Acworth, William Kyse Captain, Samuel Har- 
per i 8 * Lieu* John Rogers 2 d D° 

8 th Company in Lemster, William Cary Captain Samuel 
Nichols i 8 * Lieu* Silas Bingham 2 d D° Jabez Beckwith En- 

9* h Comp 7 in Unity Nathaniel Huntoon Captain Amos Chase 
l rt Lieu* Moses Thirston 2 d D° Simeon Giddens Ensign — 

10 th Comp 7 in Saville Samuel Gunison Captain Benjamin 
Thurbour I s * Lieu* William Lang 2 d D° George Lear Ensign 

Benj a Bellows Jun r Colonel 
Walpole March 15 th 1776 

To the Hon b,e Council or Assembly of the Colony of New 
Hampshire at Exeter 



[11-25] [Proceedings of a Committee who proposed to ma,7t- 
ufacture Fire- Arms, 1776. .] 

Walpole Aug* 14 th 1776 

At a Meeting of the Committee Chose by the County for to 
Set up and Carry on the Manufactory of Fire Arms — 

First made Choice of Benjamin Bellows Jun r Esq Chairman 
of said Com tee — 

Secondly Chose Thomas Sparhawk Esq Treasurer &c — 

Thirdly Voted that Nathaniel Sartwell Prentice Esq be Im- 
powered to hire and recive out of the Colony Treasury or other- 
wise the Sum of three Hundred Pounds Lawful money to be 
Expended in the Business of making Fire Arms within the 
County of Cheshire that he pay the same to Thomas Sparhawk 
Esq Treasurer of said Committee and that the Com tee Chosen 
to Transact the Business aforesaid be Suerties for the aforesaid 
sum of money — 

Benj a Bellows Jun r Chairman 


[R. 4-137] [Thomas Messer, sick Soldier, 1777. ~\ 

Thomas Messer soldier in Cap Jason Waits Company and in 
Col Bedels Reg 1 returning home to Walpole in the State of 
New Hampshire Sep 4, 1776 very sick and infirm from Ticon- 
deroga I being called upon lent him the following Assistance 
which he is — Dr. — 

Viz, Six visits 5 miles travel with medicine and sundry Med- 
icines sent — £3, 12, 8 
Errors Excepted — 

Per Elkanah Day, Physician 
Westminster 31, Oct 1777 — 

[Sworn to before Benjamin Bellows. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-139] [Petition of Isaac Ca/cott, 1778. .] 

The petition of Isaac Calcott a Soldier in Cap* Jason Waits 
Company in Col Ciellvs Regiment Humbly Sheweth that your 
Petitioner was taken Prisoner att the Battle of Hubbardtown 
the 7 th of July 1777 and has Remained A Prisoner Ever Since 
till y* 17 th Day of October 177S when he was Exchanged att 
Boston by A Carteel from Halifax Whereby Your Petitioner 
has Liberty to Join his Regiment but he is Entirely Destitute 
of Money to Bear his Expences on the Road Wherefore Your 


Petitioner prays Your Honours to Grant him Some part of his 
past wages or So much Money as will Enable him to Go to the 
Army and Join his Regiment and to Leave Some with his wife 
and Child who has Not had any Money Since he was taken 
Prisoner and Your Petitioner as in Duty Bound Shall Ever 
Pray — 

Isaac Calcott 
Exeter No v r 6 th 1778 

[November 7, 1778, he was allowed ;£io. Isaac Calcott 
is on Col. Cilley's roll of absentees, dated Valley Forge, 
January 10, 1778, age 43. Reported a prisoner in Canada. 

[R. 4-141] [Soldier's Order, iy8o.~] 

For Value Re d Sir plese to pay to the Barrer five pounds 
Which is my Bunty money : and Six months Wages: or that 
part of S d W^agges that the State pays ; for Six Months Sarvice 
that I have Done in the Continental armey in the first New 
Hampshire Reg mt Commanded By Co 11 Joseph Cilers and in 
Cap* mody Dustines Companey Said Service Commenct on or 
aboute the first of July and Ending the Last Day of December 
17S0, and this Order Shall be your Discharge for Said Bounty 
and Wagges from me 


Walpole December y e 22 1780 Hugh X Warrin 


Witness Elisha Fullam 

Phinehes Brown 

To the pay master General Orr his deputy or Who Soever 
Shall pay the sad waggs 

[Superscribed] This money to be paid General Bellows. 

[n— 27] [Petition for Authority to raise Money by Lottery 
to build a Bridge over Connecticut River: addressed to 
the General Court, February, iy8o.~] 

Humbly show 

The Inhabitants of the Towns of Charlestown, Rockingham, 
Walpole, Westminster and Westmoreland. — That the having a 
Bridge over Connecticut River, at a place called the Falls, in 
the north part of Walpole ; would be greatly advantageous, not 
only, to the Inhabitants of the Towns aforesaid ; but to the pub- 
lick in general — And that it is the opinion of several skillful 



Architects, that a good and durable Bridge, might be laid across 
the River, at the said Falls — And as the Benefits arising from 
having a Bridge there, would extend to numbers, who can't, 
by the laws now in force, be compeled to contribute to the ex- 
pence of 'it — Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that a 
Lottery may be granted for the purpose of raising a sum of 
money for the building a Bridge as aforesaid, and that the busi- 
ness may be commited to the Care of such persons (Inhabitants 
of the Towns aforesaid) as to you shall seem good — and your 
Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray &c — 

Sam" Hunt 
Lem 1 Hastings 
Joseph King 
Oliver Corey 
Elijah King 
Shen Kentfield 
Conn Hubbard 
I*on a Hubbard 
Tohn Haskins 
'ho 8 Putnam 
Stephen Alvord 
Abel Walker 
Elisha Dickinson 
Sim. Olcott 

Ben. West 
Bulkley Olcott 
Josiah Johnson 
Josha allcot 
Oliver Lovell 
Simon Sartwel 
Eben r Swan 
Robert Wier 
John Smith 
Isaac Johnson 
Benj a Bellows 
George Aldrich 
Isaac Butterfield 
Jonathan Cole 

William Hutchins 
Dudley Chase 
Joseph Higgins 
Step h Yeomans 
James Butterfield 
Aaron Brown 
Edward How 
Elijah Temple 
Daniel Carlile 
William Temple 
Elias Gates 
Abner How 
Joseph Lord 
William Brockway 


[ 1 1-26] \_Rclative to Convention to form a Constitution ; 
Grievances, etc,"] 

To the Hon le Committee appointed by the Council and x\ssem- 
bly of the State of New Hampshire to hear matters of Griev- 
ance to the Inhabitants of said State on Connecticut River. 

The Town of Walpole, by us, their Committee, lay before 
your Honors the following matters of Complaint, to themselves 
and others ; which were the ground and reason of their giving 
such Instructions to Capt Webber their Representative as they 
did, which, no doubt you are acquainted with ; We do not pre- 
tend to give Law to others, but to assert our own Rights, and 
to act the part we take as the Publick Good requires. — 

The general uneasiness which subsists in the County above 
us, on account of their supposed unequal Representation as 
well as in other parts of the State, together with our transition 
from Dependence to Independence in our opinion, render it 
expedient to lorm a lasting Plan of Government as soon as may 
be : The Precepts from Congress to choose the Representatives 
that formed the present Plan and the recommendation from the 



Continental Congress, had reference only to the continuance of 
our Contest with Great Britain in our Dependent State ; which 
now ceas d we apprehend a new and lasting Plan is necessary to 
be formed. And if the necessary business of the State forbid the 
dissolution of the present Assembly, and calling a new one for 
the purpose aforesaid, that the present Assembly issue Precepts 
to the several incorporated Towns within the State for such a 
Number of Delegates to be proportioned to the several Coun- 
ties within the state as they, the Assembly, shall think proper 
for the express purpose of the Organization of Government ; 
that a plan thereof be sent to each Town for their approbation ; 
Which, being approved of by a Majority, shall be the Consti- 
tutional Plan of Government for this State; and after issuing 
Writs for the choice of Representatives on said Plan the Con- 
Tention then to dissolve themselves. And we are the rather 
inclined to persist in our Opinion of the expediency of this 
measure, because of the alarming behavior of some that have 
been and still are Members of Council or House, in recom- 
mending one another or their particular inmates to places of 
publick trust, confining all Offices as much as may be to 
themselves, setting bad precedents of venality and avarice ; In 
requiring Money for bringing up Commissions to Civil or Mil- 
itary Officers ; In treating one another at the Cost and Charge 
of the Field Officers of this Regiment under the notion (to use 
the common phrase) of Wetting their Commissions, which 
spunging practice we imagine has a dangerous tendency; In 
appointing a Sheriff in this County, before Col 1 Hunt, to whom 
it was offered, refused to accept — 

And in that no method is as yet taken to support the Minis- 
ters of the Gospel, but a present Member has encouraged many 
in Charlestown, to refuse to fulfill the publick Contract of the 
Town for that purpose — And in as much as many of the Rep- 
resentatives of this part of the State, are sent out of the House 
to transact such business as might be done by others, whilst 
their Constituents, during their absence, remain unrepresented. 
We charge not these things upon all of the present Hon le Coun- 
cil and House many of Whom we highly honor, respect and 
esteem for their Spirited exertions for the Weal and Prosperity 
of Church and State ; particularly in condescending to travel so 
far to hear and enquire into the causes and grounds of our un- 
easiness — Yet that what we complain of is real, we want not 
proof; redress we cannot expect, while the persons pointed at 
remain in the Assembly, with unlimited influence and impor- 
tance, to which, we hope these Facts thus stated and held up 
to publick view will at least be a curb and restraint. If any of 
these matters of Grievance appear trivial to some, and of small 
importance, they do not appear so to us; The instances of 



Avarice and venality we have hinted at are alarming: And for 
a Member of Council or House to encourage the violation of 
publick contracts for destroying the standing Ministers and j 

Churches is what we cannot but dislike, in a peculiar manner; 
as we are fully of the opinion that Religion is a principal Bar- 
rier if not the foundation of Civil Government, and that the 
Teachers of it ought, even in a political view, to be supported 
and maintained. — Not out of a querulous humour, but anxious 
for the preservation of our Rights not only Civil but Sacred, 
wh ch are struck at, and which the disposition of to, too many 
belonging to the Assembly, give us just reason to think, they 
are no Friends to. — We here lay before your Honors our Com- 
plaints, and are ready to be rectified in any Mistakes we have 
made, much more are we desirous of being eased of these bur- 
dens. — 

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Walpole, 
Feb^3 d i777. 

Voted that Elisha Marsh Esq r Lieut : Levi Hooper, Samuel 
Trott Esq' Cap* John Marcy Capt Josiah Goldsmith, Lieut : 
Amos Babcock and M r Barnabas Delano be a Committee to 
wait upon the Committee appointed by the General Assembly, 
to hear and enquire into the Cause of uneasiness, in this, and 
other parts of the State ; And that the above be exhibited to 
said Committee as the grounds of our uneasiness and discon- 

Attest Benj* Bellows Jun r Town Clark 

[11-28] \_Statement relative to Vermont Controversy, etc., 

i 7 8i.-] 

The representation of sundry Inhabitants in the Town of 
Walpole in the County of Cheshire and State of New Hamp- 
shire to the Hon le Legislature of said State Anxious for the 
good of New Hampshire, by an inclusion of all its Grants 
within its Territorial Jurisdiction, and suspicious, lest thro' the 
influence of some, who had not the same opinion with us, con- ] 

cerning the true interest of said State, a Claim should not be 
laid, and efficaciously prosecuted over said Tract of Land ; 
Some, well affected then, and still firmly attached to the inter- 
est of New Hampshire, did set forward a Convention of Dele- 
gates from the several Towns in the County of Cheshire for the 
purpose of a Union of the whole of the New Hampshire Grants 
(so called) as their doings shew — when a more general Con- 
vention from all the Towns on the Grants was agreed upon ; by 
whom, at their meeting a Union was agreed upon with the 



State of Vermont (so called) of this County and the County of 
Grafton to Masons line, upon terms inconsistant (as we imag- 
ine) with our connection with this State, and our fidelity to the 
united States, and unequal in themselves ; as to us — 

Against which union some protested in Convention but to no 
purpose, we, in our Town Meetings for its ratification and 
completion have entered our protests against it, but a Majority 
have prevailed against us, so as to prevent a compliance with 
your Requisitions, for Men, Money & Beef, except that agree- 
able to our usual expedition we have raised our Men saveing 
one for filling up the Continental Battalions. Our case is piti- 
able and calls for speedy direction and relief; we have ever 
thought ourselves members of one of the Thirteen united 
States, and that all the Territory between Nova Scotia and 
Canada was under the Jurisdiction of some one of these States: 
We have been practically united with Hampshire in framing 
the present temporary Constitution in form 5 and continuing the 
Continental Congress, in submitting to, & complying with their 
recommendations, and some of us have sworn to be faithful to 
this State — To be cutt off from the United States (as we must 
by a union with Vermont) and not be included in their Confed- 
eration is what we most heartily deprecate — & if more strenu- 
ous exertions are not made, by the State to which we profess to 
belong, than we have yet felt, we must sink under the unequal 
contest. Our scituation is perplexed a majority of our Select- 
men are for Vermont, one Constable also, Town affairs are 
stagnated, we know not what to do, desire you to inform us — 
Orders have issued for choosing Officers Civil and Military & 
some who were formerly suspected of being unfriendly and 
were confined within certain limits by men forw r ard in this un- 
ion and under solemn Obligations of fidelity to this State, are 
preferred to office — We have as many men required of us as 
tho* we had done little or nothing in the War, — The denial of 
the authority of Congress and a separation from the united 
States fills us with solicitude — We look therefore to you as the 
Guardians of our Rights and Priviledges as the Political Fa- 
thers of this State for direction respecting the Premises. To use 
importunity and freedom is our duty in present circumstances ; 
we desire something Catagorical and conclusive by way of an- 
swer to the following queries — whether you mean to consider 
the Grants East of Connecticut River as a part of your State, 
and to exercise jurisdiction over the inhabitants thereon? 
Whether the Assembly will urge it upon our Delegates in Con- 
gress that this unhappy dispute may be speedily bro't to an 
issue? for by the by, we are unwilling to submit to a Constitu- 
tion of Gover* we have no voice in forming and officers not of 
our choosing, tho' Anarchy and confusion we deprecate More- 



over whether it be advisable to submit to any mandates from 
Vermont, and how far to resist? whether we can raise Men, 
Money Beef &c for the use of the Army, individually consider- 
ed, and have the same discount so much of our proportion of 
the publick Debt? By the exertions of the dying authority of 
this State we have appointed the bearer hereof to continue to 
set in the convention at Concord provided you give a favorable 
answer to this we wait your resolutions with impatience- 
wishing prosperity to this and the United States we Subscribe 
Walpole May 2$** 1781 


Benj a Bellows 
John Kilburn 
Josiah Goldsmith 
John Bellows 
Isaac Johnson 
Martin Ashley 
Joseph Griswold 
Christopher wells 
Samuel Trott 
Alex r m c neill 
Cons* Gilman 

John Meriam 
Jonathan Jenison 
Aaron alien 
Joshua Gilman 
Roland Hall 
James Lewis 
John Meriam Junr 
Abijah Parker 
Lemuel Stone 
Barnabas Willy 
Daniel Whipple 

John Jenison 
Benjamin Smith 
Elisha Fullam 
William Joyner 
Isaac Johnson Junr 
Jon a Shipman 
Jonathan Bixby 
Theodore Bellows 
Thomas Bellows 

[A superscription on the foregoing is as follows : ' 
tion from Walpole Westmoreland & Swanzey." — Ed.] 


[11-29] [Petition for Authority to erect a Toll-Bridge 
over Connecticut River : addressed to the General Court, 
October, 1783.^ 

Enoch Hale of Rindge in the County of Cheshire and State 
aforesaid Esq r Humbly Sheweth that the Passing over Con- 
necticut River in the western Part of this State has in Some 
Seasons of the year been Impracticable and at maney Times has 
been attended with the Loss of Cattle horses and Even of mens 
Lives — and your Petitioner beeing of opinion that a Bridge 
might be arected & Built over Said River much to the advan- 
tage and Safety of the Publick Travil — wherefore your Petition- 
er Humbly Prayes, that he may have the Liberty and Previledge 
Granted to him his Heirs and assigns forever of Building & 
keeping in Repair a Good and Surficient Bridge over Said 
River at or Near the Great falls in the Town of warlpole Com- 
monley Called Bellows"-falIs and that your Petitioner his heirs 
and assignes may be entitled To Receive the Same Pay from 
all Passingers that may Pass over the Same for them Selves 



their Cattle horses or Carrigies & other accoutraments as aney 
ferriman hath been entitled to Receive for doing & Performing 
the Same Service with a Boat over the Said River — and your 
Petitioner as in duty bound Shall Ever Pray 
Rindge October 24 th 1783 

Enoch Hale 

[A charter was granted to Col. Hale Dec. 31, 1783. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-142] [Soldiers' Orders.] 

To the Treasurer of Newhampshire 

Sir please to pay Jonathan Ramsey what wages is due to me 
for the year 1781 and this Order shall be your Sufichantdischarg 
from me it being fo Vallue Rec d by me at Walpole this 24 th 
July 1784 


Nath el Dow Isaac X Davis 



Walpole Nov r 16 th 

To the Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire, 

please to pay to Robert B. Wilkins, all the Depreciation of 

wages due to me as a Soldier in the 3 d New Hampshire Reg* in 

the Late Army of the United States and his Rec* Shall be your 

discharge from me — 

Test John moore John Marten 

[R. 4-143] [Samuel Eastman, Soldier, 1785.2 

The Petition of Jonathan Eastman of walpole Humbley 
Sheweth that your Petitioner had a Son Samuel Eastman who 
inlisted february 1778 a Soldier into Jason waits Company in 
Col° Cileys Rigement in the Continental Army and Served till 
August 24 Day 177S on which he Died — and as their has 
neaver Ben Eany Return of him on the Roals in the Comi ee on 
Claimes Office I Am Deprived of his wagers and what is Just- 
ley Due to me — now your Petitioner hath no Oather Resort 
But to your Honours — Therefore prays that you would take his 
Cais into your wise Consideration and grant him Relaif By 
giveing him An order on the Treasurer or Eany Oather way as 
your Honours in your greait wisdom Shall Think fitt — and your 
Petitioner as in Duty Bound will Eaver Pray 

Jonathan Eastman 

Walpole may 24 th 1785 



This may certify that the above named Samuel Eastman was 
the Son of the above named Jon a Eastman that the said Sam- 
uel hath no legal Heir excepting his said Father 

Tho Sparhawk 
Walpole Jan^ 26 th 1785 

[11-30] [Benjamin Bellows for a Ferry, i^Sj."] 

To the Hon ble the Senate and House of Representatives to be 
convened at Concord October 20 th 17S5 

Humbly Shews Benjamin Bellows of Walpole in the County 
of Cheshire 

That a Committee being appointed by said County to alter 
the road in said Town of Walpole in Order to Accommodate 
the Public, it will be Necessary said road should pass through 
Land of your Petitioner and others and that a Ferry will be a 
great Additional Advantage thereto^ — 

Your Petitioner therefore Humbly Prays Your Honors to 
grant to him and his heirs the Privelege of a Ferry from the 
South line of Walpole three miles as the River runs North, 
which will not interfere with any other Ferry already granted 
or now prayed for under such restrictions and Limitations as 
Your Honors in Your Wisdom shall see meet and your Peti- 
tioner shall ever pray — 

Benj a Bellows 
"Walpole Oct r 10 th 1785— 

[The charter asked for in the foregoing was granted in 
1786.— Ed.] 

[1 1-3 1 ] [Petition for a Grant of Powder to clear the Chan- 
nel at Bellows Palls: addressed to the General Court, 

Enoch Hale of Rindge in the County of Cheshire and State 
aforesaid Esq r — in behalf of a number of the Inhabitants in the 
western Part of said State most Humbly Sheweth that the Situ- 
ation of the Great Falls in Connecticut River in the town of 
walpole in said State is such* by means of Large Rocks and in 
perticular one Great Barr laying acrost the Chanel that maney 
persons Suffer Grate damage in Giting masts and other Tim- 
bers down said River — and as maney persons has proposed to 
Subscribe according to there abillities to Clear the said Channel 
for the Safety of bringing down Timber as also with hopes of 



leting up the fish which has Ever been Stoped by the aforesaid 
Ban* — and as the want of powder appears to be the Greatest 
hindrence in the prosicuting of said work wherefore your peti- 
tioner Humbly prays that the powder Now Stored in Charles- 
town in said State in the Care of Elijah Grout Esq r and belong- 
ing to the said State may be Granted for the use aforesaid un- 
der such Restrictions and Regulations as your Honors shall see 
meet and your petitioners as in duty bound Shall Ever pray 

Enoch Hale 
Concord February 11 th 1785 

[11-32] \_Relative to 'Territory taken for the formation of 
Langdon, 1787."] 

State of New Hampshire To the Honorable General Court 
of said State — 

The petition of Benjamin Bellows and others in behalf of the 
town of Walpole in said State humbly sheweth, that at the re- 
quest of a number of the Inhabitants of the Eastwardly part of 
Charlestown in said State, the Inhabitants of said Walpole, (at 
a legal meeting on the fifth day of April Anno Domini 17S6) 
voted very unanimously, to set oft' all the Land in said Walpole 
North of the North Line of the Hon le George Atkinson's Land, 
in the Northwardly part of said Walpole, beginning at the East 
Line of said Walpole and extending to Connecticut River, for 
the purpose of forming a Town or Parish with the said East- 
wardly part of said Charlestown, that at the meeting aforesaid, 
it was proposed to have such a part of said Walpole, only, set 
ofT, as hath been set off and established by the last General 
Court, to which proposal said Walpole would not agree, neither 
would they vote oft' any part of the town, unless in the manner 
first abovementioned, because it would leave Walpole in a dis- 
agreeable form, besides other Inconveniences and Disadvan- 
tages, notwithstanding all which, said Walpole have been in- 
formed, that the Gentleman who represented them the last year, 
used his influence and really did influence the hon Ie Court in 
this matter, contrary to the minds of his constituents — Where- 
fore said Walpole at their Annual Meeting in March last, did 
authorize and appoint your petitioners, the Subscribers, a 
Com tce to lay before your honors the disadvantages arising from 
said Walpoles being left in such a form as now is, and in order 
hereto we would state in, addition to what is abovesaid, these 
facts following viz that it leaves a Slip of Land adjoining the 
River aforesaid, One Mile and two hundred Rods in length & 


two hundred and Fifty Rods wide, that there is two Miles or 
more of Road and some of it very bad, to repair that the inhab- 
itants of said Walpole must be obliged to travel nearly Seven 
Miles to work upon said Road, and in order to give your Hon- 
ors to understand more clearly as well as to prove the facts 
aforesaid, a plan of the town agreeable to the first Survey, and 
of its present form, will be herewith exhibited Wherefore your 
petitioners (in behalf of s d Walpole) humbly pray your honors 
to take the subject matter of this petition into your wise Con- 
sideration, and grant that said Walpole may be divided agree- 
able to the Vote aforesaid, or that the lands already set off may 
revert and be reannexed to said Walpole and your petitioners 
as in duty bound shall ever pray &c 

Walpole June 4 th 1787 

Benj a Bellows 1 rnm t- 
Tho Sparkawk j ^ om 

[In H. of Rep., June 1-2, 1787, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session. Senate concurred. — Ed.] 

[11—37] \_Jokn Bellows for a Ferry: addressed to t?ie Ge?z- 
eral Court, 1792.] 

The Humble petition of John Bellows — sheweth — That for 
the conveniency of the Inhabitants of the Town of Walpole in 
perticular and benefit of the public in general it is necessary a 
Ferry should be established across Connecticut river — between 
the ferries already granted to Benjamin Bellows late of Walpole 
deceased and Benjamin Bellows now of Walpole — Wherefore 
your petitioner prays that a ferry may be granted to him be- 
tween the aforesaid grants under such restrictions and regula- 
tions as in your Wisdom shall appear good — and as in duty 
bound your petitioner will ever pray — 

John Bellows 

[The grant was made in November, 1792. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-145] [Petition of John Nott, 1793.] 

More last words of John Nott — 

most humbly and respectfully sheweth John Nott of Spring- 
field in the State of Vermont, a poor, injured and much dis- 
tressed Citizen of this depraved world, the Inhabitants of which, 
he, to his great cost and distress perceives are subject and liable 


to many and very great mistakes and false notions in respect to 
what is in fact Just and equitable, and the more especially in 
regard to questions in which the Judges themselves are a party 
— Your honors will be pleased to pardon your petitioner, and 
once more, in your clemency, with patience hear his cries, 
prayers and entreaties, which he fully believes has long before 
this time reached the throne of Grace — Your Petitioner had not 
the fortune to be born a King, a Governor, a Senator nor a 
Representative, but he had the misfortune to have been the 
father of a Son by the name of Jesse Nott, who, though the son 
of a poor and unfortunate man, was esteemed and perhaps was, 
in nature, as likely as though he had been the son of a King, 
Governor, Senator, or Representative, & one in whom your 
Petitioner placed much greater dependance for aid and assist- 
ance, in case of old age, poverty, or disability of body, all of 
which have overtaken him, than any of the aforesaid classes of 
men have any necessaty to place in a Son — Your Petitioner 
further sheweth, that in time of the late war with great Britain,. 
Glorious for your Honors, and much the reverse for your Peti- 
tioner, and much more so for his poor and unfortunate son 
Jesse Nott, the said Jesse Inlisted as one of the quota of this 
State, and was afterwards draughted into General Washingtons- 
Guards, and the said Jesse, while in said service fighting 
in defince of, and to procure your Honors liberty and the right 
of holding your seats in the Legislature in order to do Justice 
to the distressed, lost his life, at which time there was due to 
him upwards of twenty pounds from this State, to recover which 
your Petitioner has gone through perils by sea and perils by 
land, perils at home and perils in a strange Country, in order to 
remove all the objections that the art and cuning of humane, or 
rather inhumane, creatures could invent against his receiving 
said small sum, the price of his said Sons life — Your Peti- 
tioner begs leave further to show, that having removed all the 
objections that ever had been made against his receiving the 
price of his poor & unfortunate Sons life, he came forward at 
this time flush'd in the expectation of receiving something in 
part to compensate him for the unwearied pains he has taken 
to recover the same, in order to save him from impending ruin 
— the objections heretofore made against said money being paid 
was that your Petitioner had given an order to one French 
therefor, which is now proved to have been taken back, and 
though it appears that said order, supposing it had not been 
given back was drawn in February 17S9 and the money was 
drawn on the 24 th of April 17SS — more than a Year before the 
date of s d order, and it is now suggested, as your Petit 1 " is in- 
formed, that after s d order was taken back another order was 
obtained from your Petit 1 " by virtue whereof s d money was prob- 



ably drawn, which is a felo-de-se — and beside as there is no 
order, neither true nor forged in this State by virtue of which 
s d money was drawn, Your Petitioner flatters himself that your 
Honors no longer will delay payment thereof — and thereby, 
(in case of longer delay) be the means of numbering him with 
his son Jesse Nott Deceas'd, whose life was as near and dear to 
your Petitioner as the life of a Son of any of your Honors is, or 
can be to you, or any of you — 

wherefore Your petitioner, in the utmost distress, prays your 
Honors once more to consider and reconsider his unhappy sit- 
uation, and give him liberty to be heard before Your Jlonors 
by himself and council, if any he can procure, and grant him 
such relief as to you may seem Just and he, as in duty bound, 
-will pray no more — 

John Nott 

[He had petitioned several times before "without success, 
and this met with the same fate. In some of his petitions 
he stated that his son served for Walpole. He petitioned 
again in 1795, in which he stated, " I have atended five sesh- 
ons & two Jornies from Springfield into this State to the 
amount of fourteen Hundred miles & from Springfield to 
felodelphe seven hundred & fifty miles more forth & Back 
in all twenty one hundred & fifty miles and also Eight 
months & ten days time." In H. of Rep., June n, 1795, he 
was allowed ,£22.11.6, and thereupon returned thanks as 
follows. — Ed.] 

To the Hon rl Gen rl Court whareas your Hon™ have with grate 
Patience Considered my hard case & have Voted me my money 
I with the Gratest grattetitude Give your Hon rs my Unfained 
Thanks as your Very Hum bl Se rt , John Nott 

Hanover June 12, 1795. 



The township was granted by the government of Massa- 
chusetts in 1735 to Thomas Stevens and others, many of 
whom were residents of Amesbury, in that province. It 
was called No. I, and later, New Amesbury. The Ma- 
sonian proprietors claimed the territory after the settlement 
of the province line, and granted it to seventy-six men, 
March 14, 1749. These grantees were mostly residents of 

WARNER. 6l3 

Rye and New Castle, many of them bore the name of 
Jenness, and the town was sometimes called Jenness-town. 
Settlements were made in 1762 by Daniel Annis and Reu- 
ben Kimball, and the town contained about fifty families in 


December 29, 1767, the township was again granted by 
the Masonian proprietors to Jonathan Barnard and others, 
in consideration of the sum of £180. The town was incor- 
porated by the governor and council, August 30. 1774, and 
named Warner, although the inhabitants desired to have it 
called Amesbury. This, however, is not an exception, as 
Gov. Wentworth named several other towns to please him- 
self and friends regardless of the wishes of the inhabitants 
of the town. 

A difference of opinion exists as to the derivation of the 
name, which has led to some controversy. Hon. Walter 
Harriman, the author of an interesting history of the town, 
claims that it was named in honor of Seth Warner, of Ben- 
nington, one of the New Hampshire grants, now situated in 
the state of Vermont, and gives his reasons therefor in full 
in that work. Others have claimed that it was named in 
honor of Hon. Daniel Warner, at that time a member of 
the governor's council. The editor, after considerable re- 
search, finds himself of the opinion that Gov. Wentworth 
named the town for his intimate friend, Col. Jonathan 
Warner, of Portsmouth, who married a cousin of the gov- 
ernor's, and was, at the time of the incorporation of Warner, 
a member of the governor's council. 

By an act approved June 13, 18 18, a tract of land known 
as Kearsarge Gore, with the inhabitants thereof, was an- 
nexed to Warner. Kearsarge mountain, one of the finest 
elevations in the central part of the state, is located on this 

Warner men in First N. H. Regiment : 

Stephen Colby enlisted February 21, 1781 ; reported 
killed November 2, 178 1. 

Isaac Lowell enlisted May, 1781 ; discharged December, 

Daniel Young enlisted January 27, 1778 ; discharged De- 
cember, 1780. 



[11-39] \_Record of Proprietors' Meeting, 1J4T.~\ 

att a meeting of the Propritors of the Township No. one in 
the Line of Towns held by an Adjurnment from the 18 th day of 
January 1741 for first day of feburary folowing and then met att 
the house of Jonathan Barnard Inhold' in Almsburey 

Att the Same meetinge voted That Thomas Rowel Esq r and 
Joseph Juell Be a Committee to prefer a Petition in the name 
of the proprietors to the Governonr and Council in the province 
of New Hampshire in order to obtain orders and directions 
therefrom to bringe forward the Setlment of S d Township 

a True Coppy as attst by me 

Jonathan Barnard Proprietors Clark 

[R. 4-150] [Roll of Daniel Flood's Co.~] 

this is a List of Captain Floods Company Daniel Flood Capt 
thomas Rowell first Lev' Philip Flanders 2 Levi* Joseph Cur- 
rier Ensign 

Abner Chase James palmer 

Abner Watkins Isaac Chase 

Christopher Flanderslsaac Waldron Juner 

David Bagley 
Daniel Currier 
David Annis 
EbenEzar Eastman 
Ezra Flanders 
Edmond Sawyer 

Jonathan gould 
Joseph foster 
Jonathan Fyfield 
James Flanders 
Jonathan Smith 
John palmer 

FranCis Davis Juner moses Call 

moses Clement 
Nathaniel Trumbull 
Richard Goodwin 
Robert gould 
Stephen Edmonds 
Samuel trumbull 
thomas Anis 
Wells Davis 
Zebulon Davis 
theophilus Currier 

gone in the Service 

Jacob Waldron David Gilmore moses Clark 

Jacob tucker Daniel yong paskey pressey 

Isaac Walker Hubard Carter 

Larm List men 

Daniel annis Joseph Sawyer 

Daniel Flanders Jonathan palmer 

Daniel annis Juner Jacob Hoyt 

Francis Davis Nehemiah Heath 

Isaac Waldron permenius Watson 

William Kelley 
Baniamen Currier 
Samuel Robe 
Seth goodwin 

Sir I have sent you a return of my Compeny according to 
your ordrs wee mustered and Can not make out to Chuse any 
Serjants as yet as for fire arms wee have not got half Enough 



and where to get them wee know not our men Saith they Can- 
not get guns for they are not in the Country & Shall See you 
nex 1 week — 

this from yours to serve Daniel Flood 

To Major Chandler, in Hopkinton. 

[R. 4-151] [Soldiers' Deposiiioji relative to Back Pay, 


November y e 8: 1777. Then Paskey Pressey Ezekel Good- 
win Samuel Trumbrel frames Davis all of Warner in the State 
of Newhampshire in y e County of Hillsborough yeoman Par- 
sonaly appeared and Being Duly Examined and Corshened 
made Solomn Oath That Thay Sarved as Solders in Cap* Will- 
iam Stillson Company in Colo 1 Wymans Rigiment at Mont 
independence in the year 1776, for five months and Rece' d 
ower Pay untill the month of November and Never Recv d any 
Pay for Said November Not by ower Selves nor orders Direct 
nor inderact and that thay never Recv d aney Traveling money 
Nor aney Saus* money During Said Sarves Except ower Trav- 
eling money from horn to Said mount Independance which we 
Recv d — and thare fore Prays that Honor bl house of Representees 
or Comitee of Safty of Said State would alow Said month Pay 
and the Remaining Part of ower traveling money and Sauce 

Examined and Sworn before me — 

Coram Jeremiah Page Justice of Peace 

[R. 4-152] [Return of Soldiers enlisted, 1778. J 

Warner January the 28 — 177S 

persuant to orders and according to the Resolution of this 
State for Rasing and Equiping A Certain number of men for 
the Servace During the war or for three year our prepotion was 
Six men which wee have got in full their names are as follow- 

Hubbard Carter During war 

Amos Flood for three year 

Philip Rovvell for three year 

Aquillar Davis three year 

Daniel young for three year 

william mcBrittan of Savell three year 

•Money was furnished soldiers, sometimes, to purchase vegetables, which was called by 
them " sauce money." — Ed. 



all these men belongs to our own town but one which we 
hired of Savell &c the town will pay Hubbard Carter the money 
as soon as they Can Colect it Daniel yong is Ready for you 
when you Call for him to go to the armey or to pass muster or 
Elsewhere that he is wanted — 

Daniel Flood Capt 

To Colo. Thomas Stickney, in ConCord, with care. 


[11-42] [Relative to Election of Representative : addressed 
to the Council and H. of Rep. , 1778. ~\ 

Sirs acording to a Precept Received To Chuse a Representa- 
tive we Proceeded and Chose mr Daniel Morrill who hes Since 
Refused to Serve we therefore Pray your honors that a Precept 
may Be Issued for the Choice of another 
Warner Feb T ? y e 11 th 1778 

Dan 1 Flanders ) Select 
Jacob Hoyt j men 

[R. 4-153] [Return of Soldiers, 1780^ 

State of new Hampshir 
Warner June the 30 — 1780 

agreeable to an act passed June the Sixteenth for raising Six 
hundred Good able bod i'ed men out of this State for to fill up 
the battalions of this state in the continental armey in Compli- 
ance thereto wee have raissed said men which two was our pro- 
potion as followeth — ISaac Dolton James pressey 

this is the return of Cap* Daniel Flood 

Colo Stickney I am afraid Said men Cannot get ready So Sort 
as is required of them by reason of having my orDers So late 

[R. 4- IS4 ] 

[Return of Soldiers, 1780.'] 

State of New Hampshire Warner July the 8 1780 
persuant to orders Dated July the first for to raise five men 
out of my Company and according to orders I have proceeded 
have Raised four men for to Joyn the armey and gave them 
orders to be at Amherst by the 12 Day of this month 

John palmer 
Nathaniel Trumbull 
Israel Rand 
Simon palmer 

WARNER. 6l7 

I have alSo Draughted EbenEzar Eastman for to go to Ha- 
verrill in Coos and ordered him to be at Concord by the tenth 
of this Instant to pass muster and then to proceed on to Coos 
there to remain till further orders 

Daniel Flood 

To Col° thomas Stickney in Concord 

[R. 4-155] [Simon Ward, Soldier. ~\ 

Warner Jan y 23 rd 17S9 

We do hereby relinquish all our right and title to any emolu- 
ments that may be due to Simon Ward for doing a short Turn 
of Service in the late American army for this Town of about 
nine or 12 months in the year '79 or '80 — 

Benjamin Sargent ) Select men 
Richard Bartlett j Warner 

[R. 4-156] [ Certificate of Simon Ward's Service, iy8o."\ 

This may certify that Simon Ward has serv'd the United 
States in Cap* Chase's Company, Second New Hampshire 
Regiment, One year, being the time he engag'd for. And is 
hereby discharg'd the service — 

West Point June 25, 17S0 — 

Caleb Robinson Cap* 

Command 8 2 d N H Reg* 
Whom it concerns Civil or Military 

[R. 4— T59] [ William Lowell, wounded at Bunker Hill.~\ 

This may certify that M r William Lowel of this town Was 
badly wounded in the battle at bunker Hill, June 17 th 1775 
Which has in a great measure rendered him unable to Support 
His family — he being then a Sargant in Cap* Will" 1 H. Ballard 
Company and Col r Frys Regiment to all Concerned 

James flanders 

Benjamin Sargent [-Selectmen of Warner — 

Challis Foot 



f R. 4-160] [ Certificate of Major Ballard.'] 

Warner December 31 st 17S8 — 
This may certify that William Lowell a late resident in the 
town of Amesbury and Commonwealth of Massachusetts ; and 
now a resident in the town of Warner and state of New-Hamp- 
shire ; served in my company in Col n Fryes Rigiment, as a 
Sergeant and he the said Lowell was wounded in the battle at 
Bunker-hill, June 17 th 1775 ; and has suffered much by the bad- 
ness of his wound, at that time was looked upon to be mortal. 

W m Hudson Ballard Major 

£R. 4-161] [Certificate of Dr. Kittridge.] 

This may certify, that William Lowell — a Soldier in Col 
Fry's Regiment, was wounded in the Battle on Bunker's Hill, 
June 17 th 1775 by a ball passing through the cavity of the Ab- 
domen, which enter'd in about 2 inches from the 9 th vertebrae 
of the Back, and so passing in an oblique direction, in through 
the Latissmus Dorsi, & out through the Rectus Abdominis, was 
under my care during the case — 

Thomas Kittridge Surg n to said Reg* 

[R. 4-162] 

[Soldier's Order, I/QlS] 

Warner Oct 1 " 26 th 1791 
To William Gardner Esq Treasurer of the State of New 
Hampshire please to pay to Rob 1 B : Wilkins all the wages in 
your hands due to me as a Soldier in the 3 d New Hampshire 
Reg* in the late Army of the United States and his Rec' Shall 
be your Discharge from me — 

Test witness my hand 

Samuel ordway Aquila Davis 

£11—40] [Relative to an Allowance for Soldiers, 1786. ~\ 

To the Hon ble the Senate and House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court convened at Concord on the first Wednesday in 
June I7S6. 

The petition of David Bagley and others in behalf of the In- 
habitants of the town of Warner in the County of Hillsborough 
shews — that in February last, an Order was drawn on the 
Treasurer of this State by the Hon ble John Langdon Esq then 



President, therein directing him to pay to said town of Warner, 
by Discount out of the State Taxes, due for the deficiency of 
Soldiers, Forty pounds with Interest from May second 17S1, and 
also forty pounds with Interest from June r4 th 1781, to this time 
— being so much allowed to them for four Soldiers raised agree- 
able to an Act of Court passed March 21 — 17S2 — which Order 
has since appeared to be wrong, as one of the men to wit, Bar- 
net Lowel, to whom the bounty was by said Order allowed, did 
not serve for said Town the term then supposed or for any 
Town in this State, but was held by the Town of Almsbury in 
the Massachusetts, during the War — 

Wherefore your petitioner pray that the said Order may be 
received back, and another granted for the three men only, 
who did actually serve as aforesaid — 

And as in duty bound still shall ever pray — 

June 22 d 1786 — 

David Bagley 
Daniel Morrill 
Francis ferren 
Jacob Waldron 

One of the Selectmen for the 

Town of Warner 

[The petition was granted June 22, 1786. — Ed.J 

£11-41] [Relative to Dr. yohn Currier for yustice of the 
Peace, 1786.'] 

To his Excellency John Sullivan Esq 1- President For the State 
of Newhampshire and the Honourable the Privy Council in 
Concord Conveaned — 

Whereas wee your Humble petitioners are Inform'd that 
Doctor John Currier of Warner Hath Heretofore been on the 
List for a Justice of the Peace but by some means or other hath 
Not been appointed Whereby the Expectations of the People 
are Greatly Dissappointed, in our opinions Doct r Currier is in 
some Good measure Quallify d for the Commission and a person 
well dispos'd therefore Humbly pray he may be appointed Jus- 
tice of the Peace and wee as in duty bound will Ever pray 

Warner 10 th June 17S6 

Aquila Davis 
Thomas Annis 
Tappen Evans 
Jacob waldron 
Moses Stevens 

Abner Sargent 
Daniel Flood 
David Bagley 
Stephen Colby 
John Colby 

Simon Ward 
Isaac Lowell 
Daniel Watson 
Benjamin sargent 
Paskey Pressey 


Nathan Davis 
Solomon Annas 
W m H Ballard 
Robert Davis 
Calvin flanders 
Isaac Walker 
Samuel Trumbal 


Israel Rand 
John Kelly 
James Pressey 
Abner Chase 
William Lowell 
moses Clement 
Abner Hervey 

Richard Straw 
Zebulon Morrill 
Jonathan Rand 
Philip flanders 
Ezekiel Colby 
Edmund Currier 


[11-43] [Petition for the Appoint nie?tt of a Committee to 
locate a Meeting- House : addressed to the General Court \ 

We the Inhabitants of the town of Warner your Humble pe- 
titioners humbly shevveth, W T hereas your petitioners have for a 
Long time Greatly Suffered for the want of a Larger meeting- 
house : and are so Unhappy as not to agree on a place to build 
a New one, this is to prey your Honours to take it under your 
wise consideration and appoint us a Committee to appoint us a 
place for to set said Meeting house or Relieve us in some other 
way as you in your wisdom shall see fitt and we your Humble 
petitioners as in duty bound shall Ever prey 

Warner June II th y r 1788 

Benjamin Sargent ) Selectmen in 
Rich d Bartlett j Behalf of the town 

[The legislature appointed Ebenezer Webster, Robert 
Wallace, and Joseph Wadley, who reported in favor of the 
old meeting-house lot. — Ed.] 


\Joseph Sawyer recommended for justice of the 
Peace, 1788.] 

The petition of us the Subscribers Humbly sheweth that 
whereas we understand that Commissions of the Peace are 
soon to be Given. We wish that Joseph Sawyer who has here- 
tofore been Honour'd with a Justices Commission and behaved 
with Integrity and Uprightness may again be favour'd with the 
Honour of that office. For the Town of Warner and your Pe- 
titioners Shall as in Bound ever pray — 

Warner Dec r 16: 1788 

Daniel Flood 
Jacob Waldron 
Parmenas Watson 

Ellet Colby 
Enoch Currier 
Robert Gould 

John Davise 
Isaiah Flanders 
Nathan Colby 



Daniel Watson 
Moses Clark 
Stephen Colby 
Zebe n Morrill 

Zeb n Flanders 
Moses Flanders 
Tho s Barnet 
Ezra Waldron 

Abr a Currier 
Benj a Serjeant 

[11-45] [Zebulon Morrill recommended for Coroner, iy8g."\ 

To His Excellency the President of the State of New Hamp- 
shire and the Honourable Council Gentlemen — 

We your Petitioners Humbly sheweth that whereas there is 
no Coroner in the Town of Warner, your Petitioners think it 
highly necessary that there shou'd be one, and we also think that 
Zebulon Morril of said Warner is a proper and Sutable Parson 
for a Coroner, and we your Petitioners pray that your Honours 
wou'd take it into your wise considerations and grant the said 
Zebulon Morril a Coroners Commission if your Honours 
shou'd think it consistant and Necessary, and we as in Duty 
bound Shall Ever Pray — 

Warner December 2 th 17S9 

Isaac Waldron 
Jonathan Gould 
John Kelly 
Zeb n Flanders 
Jacob Waldren 
Wil m morrill 
Wells Davis 
Ezra Waldren 
Enoch Currier 
John Morrill 
Asa Herri man 
Isaac Eliot 
W m Currier 
Moses Flanders 
Joseph Currier 
Moses Clark 

Daniel Watson 
Francies ferren 
Challis foot 
Parmenas Watson 
Joseph foster 
John Pearson 
Edmund Sawyer 
Ruben Kimbel 
Beniamin Foster 
Ellet Colby 
Pasky Pressy 
Daniel Curier 
Stephen Colby 
Samuel Pearson 
moses Clement 
Thomas Annis 

Parker Clement 
Oliver Clement 
Jonathan Watson 
Joseph Greeley 
Joseph Sawyer 
Jo 8 Bartlett 
David Gilmore 
frances Davis 
Nathan Davis 
Jacob Whitcomb 
Asa Putneny 
Stephen Badger 
moses Stevens 
Aquila Davis 

£11-46] [Kearsarge Gore for a Division: addressed to the 
General Court, I7Q2,~\ 

Your petitioner humbly Sheweth that the Inhabitants of a 
place called Kearsarge Gore in s d State labour under many 
Disadvantages by reason of bad roads and no mills and are very 
poor and are not in a Capacity to choose Selectmen to assess 



Taxes and that the Treasurer of said State has Sent precepts 
and requested them to pay State Taxes therefore your peti- 
tioner prays that their past State Taxes may be abated or such 
a part thereof as you in your Wisdom shall think fit and annex 
all the northern part of the s d Gore with Andover Excepting 
Seven lots (vis) N° 19: 20: 21 : 22: 23: 24: & 25 and that 
those lots be annexed to New london — the remainder of said 
Gore to Salisbury and your petitioner as in Duty bound will 
ever pray — 

Joseph Flanders 

in behalf of the Inhabitants 
Dover June 13 : 1792 

State of New-Hampshire — 
In the House of Representatives June 13 th 1793. 

Upon hearing and considering the foregoing petition Voted 
that the Lots Numbered 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 & 25, in the 
North Westerly part of said Kear Searge Gore, with the Inhab- 
itants thereon, be annexed to New London but that they be 
held to pay their proportion of taxes with the other Inhabitants- 
of said Kear Sarge Gore that are now due — and that they have 
leave to bring in a Bill accordingly — 
Sent up for Concurrence — 

Nath 1 Peabody Speaker. 

In Senate June 14 th 1793 Read & Concurred 

Nath 1 Parker Dep^ Sec y — 

[11-47] \_Kearsarge Gore for Change in Date of Annual 
Meeting: addressed to the General Court, 1799.~\ 

Wee your Petitioners Humbly Shews that the inhabitants of 
Kearsarge Gore labour under many hardship and Disadvan- 
tages by reason of their Annual Meeting being held on the last 
Monday in March, for about that time the Winter brake up, 
and Our Road are new and very bad, therefore it is almost im- 
possible at that time of the Year to pass as we are obliged to 
travel Seventeen or Eighteen Mile to git together on Meeting 
Day by reason of Kearsarge Mountain cuting of the communi- 
cation from one to another — 

therefore we your petitioners pray that you will take our hard 
case under your wise consideration and grant us releaf by ap- 
pointing the first monday of March for the holding of Our An- 

WARREN. 623 

nual Meeting, or Some other Day in the said first week in 
March and we as in Duty bound will ever pray — 

27 th May, 1799 — 

Abner Watkins ~) Select Men 
Benjamin Cass > of 

Foster Goodwine ) Kearsarge Gore 

[In H. of Rep., June 11, 1799, the foregoing petition was 
granted. Kearsarge Gore was annexed to Warner June 13, 
18 1 8. —Ed.] 


The township was granted July 14, 1763, to John Page 
and others, in seventy-two equal shares, and received its 
name, probably, in honor of Admiral Warren of the British 

July 5, 1770, an extension of the time for the fulfilment of 
the conditions of the charter was granted, and an additional 
grant of 3,877 acres was made to the proprietors. This ad- 
ditional grant was of territory lying north of the town as 
originally granted, and was to make good an alleged defi- 
ciency in the contents of the first grant. 

The boundaries of the town were settled by a committee 
which was appointed by the legislature, October 27, 1780, 
and reported September 4, 1784. See Vol. XI, p. 729. 

Joseph Patch was the first white settler in town. He 
went up from Hollis and built a cabin near Hurricane brook 
in 1767, being at the time about 21 years old. 

Various metals and minerals are found in Warren, includ- 
ing some fine beryls and garnets. 

[R. 4-163] \_Ja?nes Aiken, Bunker Hill, Soldier .] 

Colony of New Hamp re 

To the Hon ble The Council and House of Representatives in 
General Assembly Convened the 8 th June 1776. 

The humble Petition of James Aiken of Warren in the Coun- 
ty of Grafton yeoman — Sheweth 

That Your Petitioner inlisted in Capt Kinsman's Company, 




& in Col. Stark's Regiment, and was in the Fight at Bunker 

That before the Fight, Your Pet r pulld off his Coat, that he 
might the better work in the entrenchment, and was afterwards 
forced to abandon his Coat, which he values at 12 Dollars. 

Likewise that from the 8 th of May to the 11 th July last past 
Your Pet r has not rec'd one penny of Wages, and the same is 
now in Arrear — 

Wherefore he humbly prays a proper Recompense for the 
premises — And will Ever Fray &c— 

James akin 

[11-49] \_Return of Ratable Polls, 1783.^ 

Warren December 3 day 1783 

a return of the Number of powels in the town of Warren of 
twenty one years old and upwards paying for them Selves a 
pole tax which was taken by the Select man of Said town a 
Cording to thare invoice which number is twenty Six in num- 
ber a true a Count taken by us — 

Obadiah Clement ) Selectman 
Joshua marill j for warran 

f 1 1-50] [Petition to have an Election of Town Officers 
Legalized, or Declared Void, iy86.~] 

A return of the number of inhabitants in the town of War- 
ren — 

The whole number of Inhabitants in Said Town is one hun- 
dred and Eighteen no Indians or Servants 

The Subscribers beg leave to represent to your honors that 
at the annual meeting in march last the former town clerk was 
not present and the Inhabitants proceeded to choose a modera- 
tor & town clerk who officiated in that office without being 
Sworn afterwards and before the adjournment said town Clerk 
was Sworn, but Some difficulty being started by the former 
town clerk whether the town clerk and the Subscribers the 
Selectman Chosen at Said meeting and Since sworn into office 
are legal officers — & to prevent any further difficulty or law- 
suits ; pray your honors determination ; that the proceedings of 
Said meeting may be declared valid or illegal as to your honors 
may Seem most Just, that your petitionors may proceed in the 
duty of their office or be dismissed & Some way pointed out to 
restore Said town to the previlege of choosing town officers in 

WARREN. 625 

Some regular manner as the law of Said State now in force for 
that purpose may prove inaffectual as a sufficient number of 
freeholders to petition for a meeting would be difficult to obtain 
owing to Some divisions 

and your petitioners as in duty bound Shall ever pray — 

Warren June 5 th 1786 — 

Joshua Copp 
Stephen Richardson 
William Butler 

To the Honbl Gen 1 Court to be holden at Concord on the 
first Wednesday of June A. D. 1786 — 

[In H. of Rep., June 9, 1786, the petitioners were granted 
leave to bring in a bill to establish the proceedings of said 
meeting, so far as related to the election of officers. — Ed.] 

[n-51] \_Petition for Authority to Tax Non-Resident 


State of New Hampshire — To the Honorable General Court of 
said State convened at Portsmouth the fourth Wednesday of 
December 1789 — 

Humbly sheweth the Selectmen of Warren in said State; 
that the highways in s d Town are exceeding bad, and much out 
of repair, that there are very few Inhabitants in said Town, 
that they have in time past exerted themselves beyond their 
ability in making and repairing the highways in said Town, 
that there is now wanting a bridge in said Town of about twen- 
ty rods in length to accommodate the public, — that they have 
never had any assistance from the Prop 3 in making and repair- 
ing said highways, notwithstanding the interest of said Proprie- 
tors are much advanced in consequence of the exertions of Your 
Petitioners in the making & repairing the Highways aforesaid, 
they have never done anything toward helping Your Petition- 
ers in regard to the foregoing premises, therefore they pray in 
behalf of the inhabitants of said Warren, that the Proprietors of 
said Township may be ordered and directed to pay a reasonable 
sum for the purpose of making and repairing the Highways, 
and bridges in said Town, under such regulations as to your 
Honors may appear best and Your Petitioners will pray 
Warren Dec r 21 — 17S9 — 

Nathaniel knight ^ Select men 
Samuel knight > 
Moses Copp j Warren 




[June 19, 1790, authority was granted to assess and col- 
lect two pence per acre, on all the divided lands in town 
belonging to non-residents, the proceeds to be used for the 
repair of roads and bridges. — Ed.] 



The township was granted by the Masonian proprietors 
to Reuben Kidder of New Ipswich, and others, and called 
Monadnock No. 8. It was settled to some extent in 1768, 
and called Camden until December 13, 1776, when it was 
incorporated with full town privileges, and named for George 

A portion of the town was combined with New Bradford 
and Washington Gore, September 27, 1787, and incorpora- 
ted into the town of Bradford. 

A controversy arose relative to the line between this town 
and Lempster in 181 1, which was settled by an agreement 
of the town, and a divisional line established by the legisla- 
ture November 27, 18 12. 

-Washington men in First N. H. Regiment : 

Asa Jackson, enlisted April 18, 1781 ; discharged Decem- 
ber, 1 78 1. 

William Mann, enlisted April 1, 1777; discharged March 
20, 1780. 

Nathan Mann, enlisted April 1, 1777; discharged March 
20, I780. 

Abel Merrill, enlisted April 1, 1777 ; discharged March 

20, I780. 

William White, age 24, enlisted January 1, 1777; dis- 
charged January 1, 1780. 

Ebenezer Lowell, enlisted in July, 1779, for service in 
Rhode Island. 

[11-54] [Petition for Incorporation, iyj6S\ 

To the General Assembly of New Hampshire in New-Eng- 



The Petition of the Inhabitants of a certain non-incorporated 
Township, of Land hitherto known by the name of Camden ; 
in the County of Cheshire : in the Government above said 

most humbly sheweth may it please your Honors 

That whereas by renson of our being a non-incorporated 
Township, we are subject to many Inconveniencies, & Disad- 
vantages, as are common, & often incident to non-incorporated 
Societies: both in regard to publick, & also our domestick 
affairs: we therefore your Honors most humble petitioners 
hereby intreat & implore that according to your, wisdom & 
goodness you would be pleased to remedy the Inconveniencies 
& Disadvantages to which un-incorporated Towns are liable as 
such ; & to invest this Town with the powers, Liberties & 
priviledges common to incorporated Towns within this Gov- 
ernment ; may it please Your Honors to incorporate this Town- 
ship by the name of Washington — and as in duty bound your 
Honors most Humble Petitioners whose names are under writ- 
ten shall ever pray 

Dated at Camden aforesaid September 2 d 1776. 

Reuben Kidder 
John Saftbrd 
Jacob Burbank 
David Danforth 
William Proctor 
Nathan Proctor 
Eben r Spaulding 
William White 
David Lowell 
Lemuel Taber 
Church Taber 

Joseph Rounsevel 
Benj° Babcock 
Josiah Procktor 
John Steel 
Samuel Copeland i r 
Abner Sampson 
Daniel Severance 
David Lowell Junr 
Simon Lowell 
Sam 1 Copeland 
William Steel 

Arche 1 White 
Robertt Mann 
James Maxwel 
Jonathan Brockway 
Ephraim Severance 
Simeon Farnsworth 
Arche 1 White Jun r 
Peter Lowell 
Paul Hale 
Jacob Copeland 

[The town was incorporated December 13, 1776. — Ed.] 

In the House of Representatives Sept' 13 th 1776. Upon 
reading the within Petition — 

Voted That the Petitioners Cause the Substance of this Peti- 
tion and order thereon to be Published in the most Public 
places in Said Township of Camden, and in the New Hamp- 
shire State Gazette or Saturday Circulating Chronicle. That 
any person Concerned may Appear before the General Assem- 
bly of this State on the third day of their next Session, To Shew 



Cause if any they have why the prayer thereof may not be 

Sent up for concurrence P White Speaker 

In Council Eodem Die read & concurred 

E. Thompson Se<* 

The petition of the freeholders and Inhabitants of the town 
of Washington in said State Humbly sheweth, that the town- 
ship of Washington in said State Humbly sheweth, that the 
township of Washington was Laid out within the Curve Line 
of Masons Grant and so settled and made their Farms and con- 
tinued for a number of Years in a Quiet and Peaceable manner 
till the Last tax went out from this State when the Selectmen 
ofmarlow and Leomster thot proper to Lay a Tax on some 
Part of the Lands within the Lines of the said Washington 
which occations much Uneaseyness among the Inhabitants of 
the said Washington and may be productive of many Evil Con- 
sequences, Wherefore Your petitioners pray that Your Honors 
wou'd Issue an Ord r that they may Continue to pay their taxes 
as heretofore they have Done until the Line which occations 
the Dispute between the said towns of Washington marlow & 
Leominster, and many other towns in Similar Circumstances 
may be settled by the Authority of this State and y r petitioners 
as in Duty Bound shall Ever Pray &c 

J Rounsevel 

for y e town of Washington 
Exeter 3d of march 1778 — 

[In H. of Rep., March 5, 1778, "Voted that the inhabi- 
tants of that part of the Town of Washington claimed under 
the Grants of Marlow and Lempster pay their Taxes to 
Washington as usual, until the Title to said disputed Lands 
shall be settled." The dispute was finally settled in favor 
of Washington. — Ed.] 

[R-164] [Soldiers credited to Washington, .] 

Committee of Claims Office Exeter June 27th 1782 — 

This certifies that the Town of Washington are benefited in 
the present years Tax Seventy two pounds Five shillings and 
Eleven pence Lawful Money, being for Bounties paid the fol- 
lowing Continental Soldiers viz W m White, Abel Morril W m 


Man and Nathan Man £14, 19, o each, and to Enoch Smith 
12,9,11 — Ex d per J Gilman 


[11-56] \_Petition of Samuel Lowell, Soldier: addressed to 
the General Court, iy84.~\ 

The petition of Sam 1 Lowell of Washington in the County of 
Cheshire who was in the Service of y fe Continent in the Year 
1776, and I Sam 1 Lowell your humble petitioner was taken 
prisoner the 15 Day of June in Kanady Expidition and was 
prisoner untill y e 25 Day of September following at that time 
was Sat at Shore at Elizabeth Town in y e Jerseys During 
which Imprisonment I was a great Sufferer as Your Excellency 
and Honors may Conclude, &c. for I Lost a pair of Silver 
Shoe Buckles and a pair of Knee Buckles, and Coat Jacket & 
Briches and three good Shirts and a Silk Handcherchief which 
Cost me Nine pounds, and when I was Sat at Shore I had 
About three hundred miles to travel home and had to Bear my 
own Expences and was held a prisoner untill y e Last Day of 
December 1776, and Never have Receiv'd No wages from the 
time I was first taken prisoner — 

If it may please your Excellency and Honours — I Conclude 
I ought to be Considered & paid as one who has Ever Served 
faithfully in y e Service of y e Late War, and doubt not your best 
Endeavours for the same, desiring to be under your Cair and 
Protection as a willing Subject as under those who can Relieve 
in All such Cases — And I your Excellency and Honors hum- 
ble petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray 

Washington October y e 16 th 1784 

Samuel Lowell 

[11-57] [Petition for the Appointment of Dr. Harris: ad- 
dressed to the General Court, 178 4.~] 

Whereas We y e Inhabitants of Washington in y e County of 
Cheshire your Most humble Petitioners most Ardently De- 
sire — 

(If it might please your Excellency and Honors) being 
Deeply Sensible how Essentially Necessary it is that our Civil 
Rulers and those in Authority be men of principal, having y e 
good of their Country and the peace and good order of their 
fellow Citizens much at heart, and as these Qualifications most 
Emminently Appear in y e Person and Character of D r David 
Harris of s d town and County, We therefore most Ardently 




pray (If it Might please your Excellency and Honors) that y e 
Honor and Dignity of a Justice of y c peace for s d County, may 
be Conferred on him y e s d D r David Harris hoping and believ- 
ing that in person and Character he will give Satisfaction both 
to Rulers and Ruled, Desireing your Excellency and honors 
woud be pleas'd to Commisionate him Accordingly, Desiring 
to be your willing Subjects as under y e power of those who 
Rule in y e fear of God, Likewise wishing Yours, &c : All that 
Happiness that Tongue can Express — 

Hoping and believing, your Excellency and honors. will be 
pleas'd to gratify us in our most Impartial Request, and we 
you humble Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray &c 

Washington Oct br y e 3 : 1 784 

Sam 1 Copeland 
Sam 1 Guild 
David Lowell 
Jacob Burbank 
Ebn r Spaulding 
Samuel Lowell 
James Maxwell 
Jon ath Draper 
Samuel Copeland 
Jun r 

Eliphelet Densmore 
Stephen Meeds 
Na th Everitt 
Josiah Davis 
Thomas white 
William Graves 
Joseph woods 
George Lesslie 
Joseph Miller 
John Woods 

Asa Jackson 
Levi Barney 
Ep hr Willson 
Thdeus Grves 
Isireal Foster 
Elijah Foster 
Josiah Richards 
James Gay 
Josiah Lowell 
Sol Lowell 

[11—59] [Relative to locating a Meeting-House: addressed 
to the General Court, iy86.~\ 

Humbly Shews, the Subscribers inhabitants of the Town 
Washington in the County of Cheshire in said State — 

That the inhabitants of said Town are in need of a House of 
Publick Worship and are desirous to erect one the ensuing sea- 
son, that great divisions have arisen in said Town About the 
most proper place for setting the same — that the greatest num- 
ber of Inhabitants is at present in the southerly part of said 
Town altho' the Northerly part of said Town is quite as Capa- 
ble of Settlements and probably in a very short time will be as 
fully improved — 

But the inhabitants on the southerly part (perhaps too atten- 
tive to their own convenience) have by a Majority of Votes de- 
termined to Erect said House more than a Mile South of the 
Centre of said Town — and whereby reason of Swampey land 
the roads leading to it must of necessity be more than a Mile 
and an half southerly from the Centre, which your Petitioners 
conceive will be very unequal and highly injurious to them and 



others who rnay hereafter inhabit the Northerly Dart of said Town 
especially if they must be Compelled to pay their full propor- 
tion towards erecting and maintaining the same, and the Min- 
ister who may Officiate therein — and will lay a foundation for 
Contention in future and probably for the removal of the same 
at great expence of Money, and Brotherly kindness — But with- 
out the interposition of this Hon ble Court your Petitioners Con- 
ceive they are at present without remedy — 

They therefore pray your Honors to take their Case into your 
wise Consideration, and if consistent with Right prevent a 
foundation being laid for so disagreeable Consequences, — or by 
a Committee from your Hon ble Body lead them into the way of 
Justice and Peace, before the present determination of the Ma- 
jority of Voters in said Town is Carried into Effect, or other- 
wise grant them relief in the premises in such way as to your 
Wisdom shall seem meet — 

And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c 

John Dunsmore Eben r Wood Thomas White 

Ebenezer Davis Jesse Stevens Asa White 

Josiah Gilburt Jesse smith W m Smith 

Jerh m Baron Philip Smith Stephen Austin 

John Farnsworth William Steel Samuel Farington J r 

Samuel Lewis Francis White Josiah Richards 

Joseph Steel Eliphalet Dunsmore Samuel Farington 

Robart Steel Isaac Stevens Josiah Daves 

John Vose James Gay 

Joseph Crane Amasa Gay 

[11-61] [A portion of the Town voted off, Ij8y.~\ 

Washington May 7 th 1787 

At a meeting of the freeholders and other Inhabitants of 
Washington met this day on adjournment from the anual March 
meeting Voted to set off to New-Bradford all that part of 
Washington which lies east of a line drawn from the southwest 
corner of said New Bradford thence Northwesterly over the 
south end of Burnt hill (so call'd) continuing the same course 
till it intersects a line drawn last November by a committee 
chosen for that purpose thence Northerly on s d line to the north 
line of that part of Washington which is included in Col Reu- 
ben Kider's charter being three miles from the northeast corner 
of Washington from thence continuing the same course to the 
south line of Fishersficld — 

A true Copy 

Attest David Harris Town Clerk 



[The portion of the town before mentioned was included 
in the incorporation of Bradford, September 27, 1787. — Ed.] 


[11-62] \_Relative to Class for Electing- a Representative: 
addressed to the General Court."] 

The joint memorial & petition of the Towns of Washington 
and Stodard, in the County of Cheshire, humbly sheweth — 

That about five years ago, by order of the authority of this 
State, the Towns of Washington, Stodard, Packerfield & Gill- 
som, were classed in one district, in order to their choosing a 
Representative : — that about That time, in consequence of a 
precept from the General Court, the Towns afores d met in 
Stodard for that purpose : — That after a choice was made, tak- 
ing into consideration the difficulty attending the meeting of all 
these Towns in a body, they jointly and unanimously came into 
an agreement to choose their Representative, annually for the 
'future, by committees of five from each Town, deputed & au- 
thorized, with proper instructions, for the purpose: — That from 
that time till this present year, they continued to act or choose 
in this manner : — That this present year, the Town of Packer- 
field, for reasons best known to themselves, changed their 
method of proceeding, and came in a body to the meeting 
appointed for y e Choice of a representative without giving the 
least previous notice of their Design, to the other Towns con- 
cerned: — That the town of Washington being present only by 
their Committees were not in a capacity to act in Connexion 
with the Town of Packerfield in the affair: — That thereupon, a 
committee of three persons, one out of each of the Towns of 
Washington, Stodard, & Packerfield, was chosen to consider & 
make report how to conduct in this matter : — That the said 
Committee reported — 

** That the union between the Towns of Washington & 
Stodard, and the other two Towns, with which they were con- 
nected as a district, be dissolved — that the Towns of Washing- 
ton & Stodard should jointly petition the Great & General 
court, that they might, for the future, be connected by them- 
selves, in choosing a Representative, & that a precept might be 
sent to them for that purpose." — That the Towns, after hearing 
the report of the Committee, voted that it be accepted, & that 
Joseph Rounsevell Esq r , of the Town of Washington, be the 
person to present said Memorial & Petition to the Great and 
General Court, — praying the Honorable Court to take the mat- 
ter under their consideration, & unite the Towns of Washing- 
ton & Stodard into a Class or district bv themselves, & accord- 



ingly send them a precept for the Choice of a Representative — 
& your petitioners, as in duty bound, shall ever pray — 

William proctor") Select men 
Archabel white > of 

Lemuel Taber 3 Washington 

Seth Wheeler 
David Haws 

Select men 
for Stoddard 

[n-64] [Relative to Sales of Land at Auction, i/go."] 

The following are the Articles of Sale of one half of lot num- 
ber three in the first Range of the first Division of lots, in the 
Town of Washington, to be sold by Public Auction this 27 th 
day of May, 1790, according to an Advertisement published in 
the New-Hampshire Gazzette of the 31 st of March last. 

Article I st The highest Bidder to be the Purchaser. 

2 nd The purchaser, immediately after the land is struck off, 
shall give Security with a sufficient Surety for the Sum for 
which s d land is struck off, to be paid in Beef-Cattle at Cash- 
price by the first day of December next with Interest, to be de- 
livered at the Centre of the town of Washington, and if not 
paid by that time, then it shall be paid by the first day of Jan- 
uary then next in Silver or Gold, with Interest; and as soon 
as such Security is given, a good Deed of Conveyence shall be 
delivered to the purchasers 

3 rd Should the land be struck off to any person who shall 
neglect, or refuse to comply with the foregoing Article, he shall 
forthwith pay the Cost of Vendue, and the land Shall be put up 
to Sale again. 

4 th All Bidding to be in lawful-money, and nothing less than 
six shillings shall be accepted as a Bid. 

M r John Brown is appointed Clerk of vendue 

Per John Orr Auctioner 
May 27 th 1790 — 

The within mentioned Lands 
whole by Doct r Tho' L Brown 

at £1.. 16 — by Isaac Proctor. 
2 — 2 — by Andrew Rob — 
by Joseph Hide £ 2 — 8 — 
Tho* Penniman Esq r 3 — 
Tho L Brown — 3 — 6 — 

John Taggett Jun r 3 — 12 — & 

Tho* Penniman Esq — 4 — & 

set up at 5 Dollars for the 

6.. 6— 

4.. 6 & £ 9— & 11 



Andrew Rob — 5.. 6. & 7.. 6. & 12.. 6 

John Saftbrd Esq r — 6 & 8— & 9.. 10. & 10— 

& 11 :4'& 12— o 8 
Isaac Proctor — 7— 

The 8 Brown — 9.. 16 & 10. 6. & 10. 18&12..18 

13. 10 £16 
John SafFordEsq 1 " — £12.. 12. & 13: 4. 13. 16&16. 10 

£16 : io 8 being the highest Bid for s d Land, it was Knocked off 
to John Saftbrd Esq r being the last Bidder — 
Washington May 27 th 1790 — 

John Brown 

Clerk of s d Vendue 

[11-66] [Relative to disputed Lines : addressed to the Gen- 
eral Court, 1793.] 

The Petition of a Number of the Inhabetents of the towns of 
Washington Stoddard and Sullivan Humbly Sheweth — 

That your Petitioners some years since Did Pnrchace Lands 
on which we now live under Masons Pattent in the Westerly 
Part of Stoddard and Washington : and Being informed that 
the Pattent line was Established by the Legislature as run by 
Robert Fletcher Esq. then supposed that we had obtained an 
undouted title of our Lands, as they held under the sanction of 
said Law or Order of Court Confirming said line— since which 
time the General Court have caused said Pattent line to be 
newly run, and said pattent being found too large, has given the 
Proprietors of Gilsum and Mario w Incouragement to Claim 
nearly two Miles East of the Line first Established, and they 
Have proceeded to Lot out the same by which our farms are 
Cut very much to peaces — and they are Indeavouring by Law 
to Difpossess your Petitioners — We your Humble petitioners 
therefore pray to lay before the Hono 1 Court our Situation 

We were in General such as had no Other way to get a Live- 
lyhood but to venture ourselves and families into the Wilder- 
ness, and by the good hand of Provedence and our own Indus- 
try the moste of us have just arived to a Comfortable Lively- 
hood : We have once paid a generous price for our Lands, 
paid all the publick taxes through a long and Expensive War, 
and surmounted many other Dificulties which we have had to 
Encounter in this once Wilderness — some of us by our Industry 
have just arrived to a State of Comfort in life while others have 
a prospect of Doing the same if they still Continue there Indus- 
try and frugallity. But noways in a State Adequate to Pur- 
chaceing our Lands again — 

Your Petitioners therefore Humbly pray that if it should in 



Law be Determined in favour of said proprietors that some 
meathod may be taken by the Honor 1 Court to prevent them 
from Building themselves up upon our ruin — and as We are In- 
formed that there is no Law Exists in this state whereby we 
may have a Compensation for our Buildings and Improvements 
on said Land but by wholly at there Mercy — 

We therefore pray that if it can be Consistant with the Con- 
statution and Laws of the Land — 

Your Honours would, in Immetation to Neighbouring States 
make a Law or order whereby we may receive something for 
our many years hard labour in Erecting Buildings Clearing 
Lands and makeing it more Valueable, if at Last we are 
oblidged to give it up — 

Your Petitioners are far from wishing if the Land is theres to 
wrong them out of it But Desireing them ondly to Come to that 
Rule of Doing by others as they would others should Do by them — 
and your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall ever Pray — Inhab- 
etents of Stoddard 

Nath n Joslin 
Edward Phelps 
Ebenezer Policy 
Levi Phelps 
David Joslin 
Levi Blood 
Sam 1 Farnsworth 
Semion Fisk 
Nath 1 Tuttell 
David Hodgman 
Jonathon Shed 
Benj a Howard 
Enos Locke 
Ebenezer Blake 
Oliver Hodgman 
Ebenezer Wright 
George Holmes 
Eleazer Blake 
Timothy Thomson 
Asa Stevens 
Jonas Tarble 
Benj Tarble 
Samuel Messinger 
Nath" Evens 
John Adams 
John Davis 
Silvester Davis 

Joshu Read 
Ward Eday ' 
John Henry 
Bildad Royce 
John Henry Junior 
Isaac Barritt 
Nathen monroe 
Bani Henry 
Jesse farly 
Samuel Sever 
John Osgood 
John Osgood Juer 
Jonathan Tomson 
Joseph Durent 
Nathl draper 
Supply Barny 
William wright 
nath an Reed 
Willard Lawrance 

Inhabitants of Wash- 
Abraham Estabrook 
Samull Lowell 
Nathan metcalf 
Jacob Wright 
William Procter 

Daniel Farnsworth 
Joh Safibrd 
Tho 8 Farwell 
Tho 8 Farwell J r 
Eph m Farwell 
Francis Faxon 
Tho s Penniman 
Simon Lowell 
Ebener Spaulding 
Jacob Burbank 

Inhabetents of Sulli- 
Josiah G. White 
Calvin Locke 
Ezra Osgood 
Elijah Carter 
Johua Osgood 
Nathan Bolster 
Jonathan Kindall 
Samuel Seward 
Ebenezer kendall 
Griudal Keith 
Jonathan Burnam 
Luther Wilder 
Michel sanders 
Josiah Seward 

[See Stoddard, Marlow, and Gilsum papers. — Ed.] 

Jo* Rounsevel v Committee 
David Harris ) 



[11-67] \_Relative to the Election of Representative : ad- 
dressed to the General Court."] 

Cheshire ss. State of New Hampshire, Washington March 
11, 1794— 

The petition of the Town of Washington humbly sheweth — 
That heretofore, by order of said Court, the Towns of Stoddard 
& Washington were united in one class, in order to their choos- 
ing a representative. § 

That it was order* d by the General Court that the meetings 
for the purpose afores d should be held by rotation, viz. in each 
Town every other year. It was agree'd that said meetings 
should be held annually on the second monday in March, and 
that the Clerk of each town respectively, by order of the Select- 
men should notify his own town both of the time and place 

That it has been reported, that the town of Stoddard, suppos- 
ing the number of their ratable Polls to amount to what is re- 
quired by the constitution, have made choice of a Person to 
represent them, tho', for reasons best known to themselves, 
they have not seen fit Legally to notify us of their design to 
detach themselves from our former union. 

That according to the rotation abovesaid, the meeting for the 
aforesaid purpose was to be holden in Washington this year. 

That the Town of Washington were accordingly legally noti- 
fied — that they met at the time and place appointed ; and tho* 
not joined by the Town of Stoddard, made choice of a repre- 

That we have almost the number of ratable polls required by 
constitution — and that there is no other town in the vicinity 
with which we can be class'd with any conveniency. 

We therefore earnestly request the honorable the General 
Court to take our case into their consideration and grant our 
member elect a seat in the house, and in future to allow us the 
Priviledge of choosing a representative for ourselves, or afford 
us such other relief in the premises, as they, in their wisdom 
and goodness shall see fit — And your petitioners, as in duty 
bound, shall ever pray. 

By order, and in behalf of said town 

Thomas Farwell ~\ 

WE ARE. 637 


The township was granted by the Masonian proprietors, 
September 20, 1749, to Ichabod Robie and others, and 
called Hale's-Town. 

The inhabitants petitioned, April 3, 1764, to be incorpo- 
rated with town privileges, and in the petition call the place 
" that Tract of land known by the name of Hails Town, 
otherwise called Col° Weares Town." 

The town was incorporated by the governor and council, 
September 31, 1764, and named in honor of Meshech Weare, 
who was at the time one of the justices of the supreme 
court of the province/ 

The town was settled by people from Massachusetts and 
the east part of this state, and has been and is one of the 
most prosperous farming towns of the state. A society of 
Quakers was formed in the town at an early date, and still 

By an act approved July 2, 1853, the divisional line be- 
tween this town and Dunbarton was established. 

Weare men in First N. H. Regiment, as returned by 
Major Jeremiah Gilman, January 10, 1778. 

Abraham Kimball, age 23, reported absent. 

John Robarts, age 23, reported absent. 

Samuel Hutchings, age 27, at home sick. 

The following men were mustered by Col. Moses Kelley, 
July 20, 1779, for the town of Weare. 

Benjamin Powell,* Simeon Pope,* Jonathan Tucker, Elisha 
Roberts, Charles Colburn, Joseph Colby, and Moses Fi- 
field. Jonathan Tucker was in Capt. Enoch Chase's Co., 
2d Regiment, February 14, 178 1. 

Weare men in First N. H. Regiment : 

David Bryant, enlisted November 12, 1776; discharged 
December 1781. 

Serg't Samuel Caldwell, enlisted July 3, 1777; discharged 
July 2, 1780. 

John Flanders, enlisted April 17, 1777; discharged April 
20, 1780. 

Jacob Flanders, enlisted February 20, 1777; discharged 
December, 1781. 

•Lived in Henniker. 




Ebenezer Sinclair,* enlisted February 1, 1777 ; discharged 
October 7, 1777. 

John Svvett, enlisted April 16, 1777; discharged April 20, 

Benjamin Swett. enlisted April 16, 1777 ; discharged April 
20, 1780. 

Thomas Tuttle,* enlisted May I, 1777 ; discharged Feb- 
ruary 17, 1778. 


[R. 4-165] 

[ Thomas Kennedy, Soldier, ij6o ; addressed to 
the General Assembly. .] 

The petition of Thomas Kennedy of Halestown in Said prov- 
ince — 

Humbly Shewith that your petitioner Inlisted as a Soldier 
In the Year 1760, under the Command of Col° Jn° Goffe In 
Cap*Nehamiah Lovevvells Company » & behaved, In Said Cam- 
paing as a faithfull & Dutyfull Soldier, as I have for many 
Campaings before, for the truth of which I apple to the Colo- 
nols of the Regiments, but So it was by Some means or Other 
I was returned a Deserter on the Rolls, & have not Received 
Any thing for my Service In S d Regim', Otherways then Usual 
for Soldiers to Receive at their marching, & presume it was 
Occationed by Some Misrepresentation, tho Not Desi redly, 
Wherefore your petitioner prays that your Excellency & hon- 
ours would take this matter under your wise Consideration, 
(Reference being had to my Letter to Col Goffe of Feb y 6 th 
1762 on this head) & Grant him Such Relief as you In Your 
great Wisdom may think proper, & Your petitioner Shall as 
In Duty Bound Ever pray &c 

John Goffe for & in behalfe of 
Tho' Kennady 

[He was allowed ;£u, 16, 10. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-166] [Stockman Sweat, Soldier: addressed to the 
Legislature, 1781.'] 

The petition of Enoch Sweat of Wear in Said State Humbly 

That Whereas your Petitioners son Stockman Sweat enlisted 
into the service of the united States and Served two years (viz) 
the year 1775 and 1776 and on his return home he enlisted into 

* Died in the service. 



the Light horse at the State of Connecticut wher he now re- 
mains in Said Service and have never received either State or 
Continental Bounties and is not likely to receive any Deprecia- 
tion money with others his fellow Soldiers: So that notwith- 
standing he the said Stockman Sweat your petitioners Son has 
Served his Country he is Shut out from having the Justice Done 
him that other Soldiers have had : and if your Hon" wants 
further light in the matter and will point out to your petitioner 
what he is to do in order to state the matter Clearly to the Hon 1 
Court and will take his Case under your wise Consideration 
and grant such releif in the primises as your hon r8 .in your great 
wisdom may think fit your petitioner as in Duty bound Shall 
ever pray 

Enoch Sweat 

Exeter Jany— 4 th 1781 

To lay. 

[R. 4-167] \_Ebenezer Sinclair, Soldier: addressed to the 
General Court."] 

Humbly sheweth, Mary Sinclear of halestown in the County 
of hillsbourough in the State of Newhampshire widow — that 
her Late husband Ebenezer Sinclear was a soldier in General 
Poors Brigade, in Coll Silleys Reg' & Capt Morrells Company, 
& was Kill d att Sarotoga att the taking of Gen 11 Burgoin, & that 
your Petitioner is Left a widow with three small Children the 
Oldest of which is under the Age of fourteen, and is So much 
Disabled By a wound in His hand, & other weakness of Body, 
which prevents your Petitioner from Getting a place for him to 
Learn him a trade — that She has, (By Selling her house hold 
Furniture & a Sett of Joiners tools which Belonged to her Late 
husband) provided places in the Country for her Children for 
the present, that her Late husband Died Intestate, Leaving one 
hundred & fifty Acres of wild Land in the town of wentworth, 
it Being all the Estate lie possess* 1 , & that your Petitioner is 
Now out to Servis herselfe & finds it Verry Difficult to main- 
tain herselfe, the Collector of taxes for the town of wentworth 
has Call d on her for taxes, Some part of which She has pay d 
But is unable to pay the Remainder, She therefore prays your 
honours that She may Be Exempt from paying any more taxes 
for the Above Land untill her Children are of age & what Ever 
Else your honours, In your wisdom Shall please to Do in fa- 
vour of your Petitioner & the Orphan Children, as in Duty 
Bound shall Ever pray 

Mary Sinclear 
[Not granted. — Ed.] 



[n-71] [Record of a Meeting in the east fart of Weare, 

At a meeting of ye inhabetence of ye Easterly Part of weare 
at the house of m r John Selley in s d weare on y e 12 th of Septem- 
bec 1785 Chose L* Ithamar Eaton moderator Chose Sam 1 Paige 
y Clark- 
Voted to buld a meeting house on y e School lot N° 8 in y e 3 rd 
Range voted to buld s d house by Seling y e Pews voted Ca pt Na- 
thaniel fifield L* Itha r Eaton Obediah Eaton Thorn 8 Evens and 
Sam 1 Paige jr a Commettee to Sell S d Pews to buld ye meeting 
house — 

Voted to ajourn S d meeting to y e 26 th int at y e house of m r 
John Selleys to Sell S d Pews ; met according to ajurnment and 
Sold thirty Eight Pews on y e floore ; for the Summe of five 
hundred thirty Six Pounds Seventeen Shiling S d house to be 56 
feet long & forty two wide 

January y e 24 th 1 7S6 

this Day met at y e house of m r John Selley in weare Voted 
to Put in a Petition to y e General Cort to See if they will Set 
offy e Easterly Part of S d weare into a Destinct Pearish — 

Voted L* Ithamar Eaton m r obediah Eaton and Sam 1 Paige a 
Commettee to Present S d Petition and Support Sd Petition 

Sam 1 Paige jr Clark 

[11-72] [Petition for a Parish in the east fart of the 
Town, 1786.] 

Your Humble Petitioners Inhabetants of the Easterly End of 
Weare Shevveth that We Labour under Great Inconvencies of Set- 
tling of a Gosple Minister With Us by Reason of a Large Society 
of Quakers Nigh the Senter of Said town ; and the Remainder 
of Said town is So Remote from us that We Cannot be Con- 
venned in one Society ; theirfore our prayers is to your honours 
that you Would Set us off A. perish in Said town Invested With 
town privilidges on the Easterly Sid of the Senter Road, So 
Called, begining on Hopkinton Line and to Extend South by 
Said Senter Road and by Dunbarton to New Boston or as far 
as it Shall be made to appear to your honours to be for the 
public benefit of your Pertitioners ; and your Petitioners as in 
Duty bound Will Ever Pray— 

Weare January 25 th 17S6 

Samuel Paige 
Nathaniel Fifield 
Abner Hoyt 

Levi hovey 
Sam 1 Paige J r 
Moses george 

Sameul Ayer 
Will m Ayer 
Ezekiel Carr 

Joseph Marshall 
Joseph Webster 
John Selly 
Jacob Can- 
Timothy george 
Thomas Evans 
Daneil goold 
John fever 
David Barnard 
Benjamin Selly 
Moses Boynton 
Elijah Brown 
Robard Johnson 
John Ayer 


Moses Faver 
Jonathan goold 
John Huntington 
follansbe Shaw 
Samuel Rowel 
marden Emerson 
thomas fowllinsbe 
Obadiah Eaton 
James Hogg 
John Paige 
Jonathan Paige 
Ithamar Eaton 
Lemuel Paige 
Edward fifield 


Enoch Johnson 
Benjamin Collins 
John Brown 
Joshua Maxfield 
Moses Fifield 
Isaac Levingston 
Jonathan Brown 
Trustrum Johnson 
Samuel Straw 
Levi Colbey 
Joseph Pilsbury 
Nathan Kimbell 
Daniel Pearson 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 4, 1786, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session. — Ed.] 

[11-69] [Report of a Committee on the ForegoingJ\ 

The Committee On the Petition of a Number of the Inhab- 
itants of the town of VVeare Agree to Report As Our Oppenion 
that the Prayer of Said Petition Be So Far Granted As that the 
Petitionars Be Set off As A Seperate town Beginning at Hop- 
kinton Line And Extending Southwardly So far as to include 
Six Ranges Exclusive of the Public Lands And Also Be inti- 
tled to three Eights of All the Public Lands in Said Weare — 
Which is Submitted By Us— 

Eben r Webster 
John Duncan 
Robert Wallace 

[11-70] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783.] 

to the honrabel general Coart prsuant to your ordears we 
have Nombred all the Ratabel poles upward of Twentey won 
years old which are withen the town of weare which Nomber 
is two hondread and riftey 250 

Dated att weare this 16 Day of December 17S3 

Timothy worthly ) Select men 
James Emerson ) for weare 




[u-73] \_Relative to a Fine for not keeping a Grammar 
School: addressed to the General Court, 1788. ~\ 

We your Pertitioners Humbly Sheweth that the Selectmen 
of weare have been presented to the Court of General Sessions 
of the peace in Said County for not keeping a grammer School 
by which meanes we are Liable to pay a fine often pounds for 
one month Neglect the town Considering their Scattered Situa- 
tion as well as their inability Conclud it would be more to the 
advantage of Said town to hire Several masters that Could teach 
good English and at Such Seasons as they Could Reep most 
advantage from Said Schools was the Reason their was Not a 
grammar School hired as the law Directs no man in Said town 
Required it Therefore we. your pertitioners humbly Request 
you would Release and Remit Said fine your pertitioners Shall 
Ever pray 

Dated at weare June 6 th , 17S8 

John Robie ~\ 

John Hodgdon > Selectmen 

Ithamar Eaton ) 


The township was granted, Nov. 1, 1766, to John Page 
and 59 others, in 66 shares, and named for Benning Went- 
worth, who was at the time governor of the province. 

Forty-two of the original grantees having failed to comply 
with the conditions of the grant, their shares were declared 
forfeited, and were granted to other parties by an instru- 
ment dated March 13, 1772. 

By an act passed Jan. 15, 1787, Thomas Clark, Daniel 
Clark, Jonathan Herbert, and Asa Boynton, with their 
estates, were severed from Piermont, and annexed to this 
town. A small tract of land belonging to John Dana, Jr., was 
severed from Orf ord, and annexed to Wentworth June 28, 1 837. 

[11-74] [Petition for a Grant of some Forfeited Shares, 


Province of New Hampshire. To his Excellency John 
Wentworth Esq r Governor & Commander in Chief of said 
Province in Council — 



The petition of Asa Porter of Haverhill in said Province & 
his Associates humbly sheweth — That as the Charter of the 
Township called Wentworth lying on the Road leading from 
Rumney to Cohass is now expired & scarce any Duty done 
agreable to Charter and that the publick Road thro' the same 
hath been greatly neglected for several years past as renders it 
a great Obstruction to Travellers & at Times almost impassable 
which is a great Discouragement to the Settlement of all the 
Country above s d Township & the Trade of s d Country is there- 
by diverted into other Provinces your Petitioners humbly pray 
that They may be favoured with a Grant of the delinquent 
Rights or Shares in said Township granted in the former 
Charter to the twenty seven Grantees hereafter named — Viz — 
Jonathan Greeley Jnnr/Abel Davis, Nathan Currier, Ebenezer 
Page, Lemuel Stephens, John Page, Winthrop True, Jacob 
Stevens, Moses Page, David Evans, Jonathan Page, Thomas 
True, Fra 8 Bachelder, Samuel Dudley, Jacob Currier, Jacob 
Hook Esq r , Joseph Greeley, Nath 1 Greeley, Col Ebenezer 
Stevens, Ebenezer Stevens Junr, rev d Jeremiah Fogg, John 
Paige Esqr, Jonathan Greeley Esq T , Jacob Gale, Dyer Hook, 
Jonath n Evens & Capt Thomas Martyn upon such conditions 
as your Excellency may seem meet to direct — & your Petition- 
ers as in Duty bound shall ever pray — 

Asa Porter for Himself & Associates. 

Postsmouth March 25 th 1772. 

[See introduction. — Ed.] 

[11-76] [Statement relative to Taxation, and Town Inven- 

County of Grafton ss In the State of Newhampshire 
Whereas We the Poor inhabitants of wentworth, in Said 
State haD a precept Sent us by the General Court of Said State 
In the year 1777 for a new proprotion or Inventory of the Rate- 
able Estates of this town to be Returned in by the first of June 
in the aforesaid year, and whereas we then being under no 
Lawfull Regullation to take Such Inventory So Could not Do 
it, and Still Remains yet in that Lifeless Estate as than : our 
Honnerable Court not knowing our Circumstance was pleased 
to proportion our publick tax for us aCording to the best of 
there Judgment not haveing any Inventory to go by. which 
proportion we think is not Equal with other towns: we there- 
fore the Inhabitants of wentworth have volantory met and 
Given in what number of polls and Improved Land and Stoke 
of Creatures we were posesed of at that time not Meddling 



with the wile Land in Said town which we have Returned in 
Columns Some what aGreeable to the precept Sent and our ] 
Capacity will a low of at pres* I 

13 polls, iS acrears of Land, 25 mowing land, o paster land, 2 
horses, 2 oxen, 9 Cows, 7 3 year old, 5 2 year old, 1 1 year old. 

We therefore Humbly besech that your honers would Look 
upon us in our State and Consider us in the abeatment of the 
taxes Lead on us or to bring us Down to an Equality with 
other towns in this State and also to put us in a Capacity to 

John Akin \ Selectmen 
Benj a Weeks j of wentworth 

f 1 1-78] [Petition for Authority to elect a Representative, 
Ifpp: addressed to the General Court. ~\ 

The town of Wentworth not haveing one hundred and fifty 
rateable polls and is so situated as to render the Assessing there- 
of with any other town parish or place very inconvenient. 
Wherefore your petetioners (being the majority of voters in the 
aforesaid town) prays that your Honors would Issue a writ for 
sending a Representative to the General Court — 

your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray 

Merrill Pilsbury Sam 1 Smart Will m White 

Thomas Clark For to Stone Benjamin Page 

Peter Stevens Eben r gove Nicholas Chase 

Asa Smith J onn Akin Sam 1 Haper 

Warren Smith Timothy Clifford Ben* Cotton 

John Smith Ezekiel Akin Ruben Whitcher 

Peter Martin David Gibson W m Haines 

make Said tax, and Colict them in a Lawful way if we must 
pay them and also Give to us a rul or precept of Velueation to 
go by 

Sined in behalf of the Inhabitants of wentworth. 

John Akin 

[n-77] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783.'] 

Wentworth December y e I2 to 1783 

We the Selectmen of wentworth Return to the General Court 
of this State the Exact Nomber of male Poles from twenty one 
years old and upwards paying taxes for them selves in this town 
which is twenty seven agreable to our Invoise 

attest per us — 



Moses Eaton 
Job Eaton 
Absalom Peters 
Amos Clark 
Joseph Kimball 
Jon a Kimball 
Isaac Clifford 
Isaac Clifford J r 
Jonathan Eames 
Jonathan Eames jr 
Samuel Eames 

[R. 4-168] 

Sam 1 Elsworth 
Jeremiah Elsworth 
Joseph Smith 
Benf Smith 
John Gardiner 
Abel Willard 
Hugh M c Clellan 
David Smith 
Sam 1 Johnson 
John Page 
True Page 

John Haines 
Matthias Haine 
Thomas Hodge 
Sam M c Murphy 
Asa putney 
Joseph putney 
David Sanders 
BenJ a Brown 
Nathan Brown 
James Putney 

[Soldier's Order.'] 

John T. Gilman Esq r please to pay Joshua Pickering all 
arrears of wages Due to me for my services in the New Hamp- 
shire line in Coll Jackson Regiment you will oblige yours to 
serve — 

Joseph Cooper 

Wentworth y e 24 th July 1792 


[Remonstrance against the Incorporation of the 
Uhiversalist Society, i8oi.~\ 

Wentworth May 20 th 1801. 

To the Honorable Legislature of the State of New Hamp- 
shire to convene at Hopkinton the first Wednesday in June 
next — 

The Petition of the Undersigners Inhabitants of the town of 
Wentworth humbly sheweth — 

That Whereas a number of the inhabitants of the town intend 
to petition your Honors for an act of Incorporation into a Society 
by the denomination of Universalists, we pray your Honors NOT 
to grant the object of s d Petition, for it appears to us that such an 
incorporation would operate greatly to the damage not only of 
this town but also the towns adjoining, — by gaining the ap- 
pearance of the sanction of so Honorable a Body in favor of 
their licentious principles it would become a mean of recom- 
mending them to the inconsiderate rising generation, to the 
corruption of their hearts and morals — It would have a ten- 
dency not only to establish corrupt preaching among us, but 
also to prevent our enjoying the true Gospel of Christ — and 
such a Society would become an asylum for persons in other 
towns, who merely from disaffection, will, and covetousness, 




wish to be freed from paying ministerial taxes, in the towns 
where they reside, agreeable to a suggestion of some of their 

We would further state to your honors that were we to judge 
by the general complexion of their deportment, we should con- 
clude that it could not be a desire to promote real piety which 
induces them to apply for an incorporation — Nor do we see 9 
why they do not enj'03' their Constitutional Rights without it 

As it is probable that, in order to obtain the object of their 
wishes they will present to your Honors what they call a vote 
of the town that they would not oppose their obtaining an in- 
corporation, we would, with submission, subjoin a brief state- 
ment of the manner of obtaining it — 

An article was inserted in the warning for town meeting " to 
see if the town would vote that they might be incorporated," 
which was clearly negatived, after which it was motioned by 
one of them to see if the town were willing that the Univer- 
salists should enjoy their Constitutional Rights, which was 
voted in the affirmative — But this did not answer their wishes — 
One of them then motioned to see if the town would vote not 
to oppose their obtaining an Incorporation, and as such an 
article was not contained in the warning, and the people had 
not thought sufficiently on such a motion, the main body of the 
Substantial Inhabitants did ?iot vote on the subject, and the 
Universalists tho' a minority of the meeting, voted that they 
would not oppose their obtaining an incorporation — Thus clan- 
destinely was the appearance of a vote obtained to answer their 
purpose, which we pray your honors not to consider as the 
voice of the town 

And now, we assure your honors that should they obtain 
their object, it will much grieve the religious, sober, and well 
disposed in this and the neighbouring towns ; and if we should 
be so unhappy as to have such a society in this town, we are 
extremely sorry that persons among us should become the 
means of disturbing and injuring neighboring towns. 

We intreat therefore that your Honors would consider this 
our humble petition and grant our earnest request, and your 
petitioners, as in duty bound, shall ever pray, &c — 
Ephraim Page Moses Eaton Nathan Brown 

Peter Stevens Isaac Smith Franis Davis 

John Page Amos Heard Asa Smith 

Benj* Knowlton thomas Clark Ezekiel Akin 

John Ellsworth Amos Clark John Kimball 

Samuel Page Allexander Stewart David Currier 

John Dana Job Eaton Edward Smith 

Merrill Pilsbury Samuel Elsworth Isaac Clifford 

Josiah Stevens Samuel Ellsworth Jr Moses Clifford 



Josiah Pilsbury 
Isaac Cleflbrd 
Samuel Stevens 
Joseph Kimball 
Samuel Currier 
Reuben Smith 

Benjamin Smith 
Joseph Smith 
Thomas Blodget 
Hugh mc clellan 
Samuel Johnson 
Joseph Putney 

Samuel Currier Junr 
Samuel Hooper 
John Akin 
Thomas Hodge 
Ebenzar Bradley 

[11-80] \_Petitio7t for htcorporation of the Universalist So- 
ciety: addressed to the General Cozirt, i8oz.~\ 

Wentworth May 24 th 1802 

The Liberal Constitution and peaceable Laws of this State 
not only tolerates but makes it the duty of every Citizen to wor- 
ship God according to the dictates of his own Conscience pro- 
provided he does not disturb others in their religious worship 
we the subscribers inhabitants of Wentworth demeaning our- 
selves Christians and good subjects of this State do pray your 
honors to incorporate us and our associates into a body corpo- 
rate by the name or appellation of, Wentworth, Universal Re- 
ligious, Society, with power sufficient to make adequate pro- 
vision for the support and maintainance of a public Protestant 
teacher of piety, religion, and morality, as in duty bound will 
ever pray — 

True Page 
Jon* Hidden 
John Munn 
James Eaton 
James Harris 
Aaron Jewett 

Jeremiah Jewett 
Eben r Gove 
Ruben Clifford 
Isaac Clifford 
Lemuel Kezer 
Peter Morton 

Joseph Clark 
John Gardiner 
Will m White 
Benj a Page 
Winthrop True 
Ruben Whicher 

[11^81] \_Remonstrance to foregoing : addressed to the Gen- 
eral Court. ~\ 

The Subscribers, freeholders and Inhabitants of the Town of 
Wentworth In the County of Grafton, beg leave to State to Your 
honors, that very lately they have, by mere accident discovered, in 
a paper printed at Concord Stil'd the Republican Gazette, Notice 
given that William White and others inhabitants of said Went- 
worth, have petitioned the General Court, praying that they 
and their associates may be Incorporated into a Body Corpo- 
rate, by the Name or appellation of Wentworth Universal Re- 
ligious Society, that by the order of the same Court the peti- 
tioners are to be heard on the first Tuesday of the present Ses- 



sion — Wherefore we beg leave to say that there does not ap- 
pear to be a Majority of the Inhabitants of the said Universal 
persuasion, that the principal part of professors consist of the 
Congregational and Baptist Societys therefore we conceive that 
if the prayer of this petition should be granted and an Incorpo- 
ration of said petitioners shall take place it will be attended 
with the serious consequences to the present professors and In- 
troduce great confusion, by Increasing parties, and suppressing 
the Settlement of any Standing order of Religion — Wherefore 
we pray that your honors will take the matter into your wise 
Consideration and postpone any further proceedings on the 
Subject — As in duty bound will pray 
Wentworth May 23 d 1803 


Samuel Elsworth 
John Kimball 
Benj a Knowlton 
Currier Page 
John Akin 
Peter Stevens 
Joseph Kimball 
Ezekiel Akin 
John Dana 
John Page 
Samuel Currier 

David Currier 
James Putney 
Fraincies Davies 
Asa Putney 
John Ellsworth 
Samuel Ellsworth J r 
Enoch Gove 
Reuben Whicher Jr 
Joseph smith 
Josiah Stevens 
Alexand Stewart 

Peter Stevens J u 
Moses Eaton 
Robert Eames 
Jon a Kimball 
Job Eaton 


Samuel Johnson 
Merrill Pilsbury 
Edward Smith 
Samuel Stevens 
Benjman Smith 

[In H. of Rep., June 8, 1803, the matter was postponed 
until the next session. — Ed.] 


The township was granted, July 4, 1774, to Josiah Moody 
and others, in ninety-four shares, and named Whitefields. 
Levi H. Dodge, Esq., to whom the editor is indebted for 
some data, and who is collecting materials for a history of 
the town, believes that the town was named in memory of 
Rev. George Whitefield, but is unable to account for the 
plural ending of the word as written in the charter, and as 
generally used until the town was incorporated, December 
I, 1804. 

The town was unsettled until 1801. About that time 
Col. Joseph Kimball, Maj. John Burns, and John McMaster 
staked out their claims, and during the following spring took 


up their residence therewith their families. The first town 
meeting after incorporation was held in March, 1805. 

By an act approved December 24, 1805, Levi Willard, 
Stephen P. Webster, and Samuel Minot were appointed "to 
direct the course of a road through Whitefield from Lancas- 
ter to Bethlehem ;" and John Burns, John McMaster, and 
Benjamin Brown were appointed a committee to assess a 
tax of two cents on each acre of land in Whitefield, public 
rights excepted, to be used in making said road. 

Maj. Gen. John G. Foster was born in this town in 1823; 
he died in Nashua in 1874. The first post-office was estab- 
lished in 1824. William Dodge was appointed post-master, 
and held the office until his death in 1837. 

[11-113-2] [Petition for a Grant of the Town, 1773. ~\ 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esquire Governor & Com- 
mander in Chief of y e Province of New Hampshire, and to 
The Honorable His Majesty's Council of the said Province] 

The Petition of Josiah Moody and his Associates humbly 
sheweth — That your Petitioners being desirus of carrying on 
some settlements in this Province, and having a number of 
Families ready to remove into it. if they can be accommodated 
with a suitable tract of Land : pray your Excellency & Honors 
that they may have liberty to look out for such a Tract among 
the unappropriated Lands in the northern parts of the Province 
which they will engage to settle very speedily — And that your 
Excellency & Honors will please to favor them with a Grant of 
the same on the usual conditions and reservations — And your 
Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c. &c. 

Josiah Moody, & 

Portsmouth 12 th April 1773 for his Associates. 

[In answer to the foregoing a township was granted July 
4, 1774, purporting to contain 19,077 acres, with an allow- 
ance of 1,070 acres for unimprovable land, and named White- 
fields. The name occurs four times in the record of the grant, 
and it has the plural termination in every instance. — Ed.] 

[11— 113-3J [Petition for Incorporation, 1804.] 

To the Honorable the General Court of the State of New 



Humbly Sheweth your Petitioners inhabitants of the Town- 
ship of Whitefields in the County of Grafton in the State of 
New Hampshire that many dificulties they labour under would 
be removed were they vested with priviledges of incorporated 
Towns — therefore they pray the Tract of Land Situate in said 
County of Grafton Now Called Whitefields Bounded as follows — 

Beginning at a Beach Tree on the Southeast Corner of Lan- 
caster being in Northeasterly Line of Apthorp and running 
South twenty six degrees East one mile and one hundred Eighty 
rods to the Northeasterly Corner of Apthorp thence on the 
Easterly line of Apthorp South fifty six degrees West four miles 
one hundred and twenty rods to the Northwest Corner of Lloyd 
Hills thence on the Northerly of Lloyd Hills South fifty eight 
degrees East five miles ten rods to the West Line of Britton f 

Woods thence on the West Line of Britton Woods North two 
miles one hundred sixty six rods to the North West Corner of 
said Britton Woods then on the North Line of Britton Woods 
East three miles and one half to the Westerly Line of Dart- 
mouth then on said Westerly Line of Dartmouth North five 
miles two hundred sixty rods to the Easterly line of Lancaster 
then on said Easterly Line of Lancaster South sixty nine de- 
grees west five miles fifty rods or to the first mentioned Bound 
may be incorporated by the name of Whitefield — and as in Duty 
Bound Shall Ever pray 

Whitefields May 25 th 1S04 

John Burne John M c master amasa Dutten 

Aaron Bailey Jur David Burns Joseph Kimball 

Jesse Kelsa William Burne Simon Sanborn 

Benjamin Sanbon Abraham Sanburn 

[In H. of Rep., June 20, 1804, "Voted that the prayer 
thereof be granted." The senate did not concur, but voted 
" that the Petioners be heard on their Petition before the 
General Court on the first Tuesday of the next session and 
that they cause the substance of their Petition and order of 
court thereon to be published in the Newspaper printed at 
Hanover three weeks successively the first publication to 
be six weeks prior to said day of hearing, and post up the 
like subitance & order in some public place in said Town of 

In H. of Rep., November 27, 1804, the petitioners were 
granted leave to bring in a bill. Senate concurred. The 
act of incorporation passed, and was approved December 
I, 1804. The preamble reads as follows: "Whereas the 


6 S i 

Inhabitants of Whitefields in the county of Grafton have 
petitioned the General Court praying that they may be incor- 
porated into a township by the name of Whitefield and in- 
vested with all such privileges and immunities as other 
towns in this State hold and enjoy which prayer appear- 
ing reasonable," etc. 

John Burns and Joseph Kimball, or either of them, were 
authorized to call the first meeting. — Ed.] 


The township was granted by the government of Massa- 
chusetts about the year 1735, and called No. 2, and Great 
Meadows, until Feb. 12, 1752 ; at which time it was chartered 
by the governor and council of New Hampshire to Thomas 
Chamberlain and others, by its present name. The condi- 
tions of the charter not being fulfilled, an extension was 
granted by an instrument dated June 11, 1760. 

Settlements were made under the first grant in 1741, but 
as the settlers were several times attacked by the Indians, 
no great progress was made for some years. 

A portion of the town called Westmoreland Leg was 
combined with the westerly part of Gilsum, and incorporated 
as a town by the name of Surry, March 9, 1769. 

Westmoreland men in the First N. H. Regiment : 

Nehemiah Gould,* enlisted Apr. 29, 1777; discharged 
Aug. [o, 1778. 

Sergt. David Johnson, enlisted Apr. 16, 1777; discharged 
Dec, 1781. 

James Simonds, enlisted Jan. 1, 1777; discharged Dec. 
20, 1778. 

James McKinsey, of W., enlisted July, 1779, t0 &° t0 R- ^ 
for the town of New Ipswich. 

Sergt. Caleb Aldrich was in Capt. Benj. Ellis's Co., 
Scammell's Regt., Feb., 1781, and James Eddy of Keene 
was in the same Co. for Westmoreland. Lieut. Jonathan 
Holton was in Capt. Kimball Carleton's Co., and was 
wounded in the face at Bennington. 

♦Reported as having died in the service. 



[11—83] \_Petition for a Grant from Nezv Ha?npshire ; 
addressed to the Governor de Council, 1750.^ 

The Petition of the Subscribers hereunto most humbly 
Shews — That sundry of your Petitioners Sometime viz* about 
Seven years before the last Indian War, Settled under the mas- 
sachusets at a place call'd Number Two laying on the East side 
of Connecticut River about fourteen miles above Fort Dummer 
(which by the late Running of the Boundary line between New 
Hampshire and the Province of massachusets Bay falls within 
the Province of New Hampshire) where they layd out their 
substance and that at their own cost and Charge for their De- 
fence against the French and Indian Enemy on the opposite 
side of the River they built a Fort — that after the Indian War 
broke out they were obliged to leave their Habitations and lost 
Considerable of their Substance — that since the late Peace with 
the Indians they have returned to the s d Place That Sundry of 
your Petitioners are Children of Such as Set down at said place 
at first and expended their money in making the first settlement 
there — That your Petitioners have been at least one hundred 
and fifty Pounds old Ten r Charge the last fall in making and 
Clearing Roads — That as they have No Incorporation — They 
labour under Insuperable Difficulty not being in a Capacity to 
raise any Moneys for any public use or service — And That 
unless they are enabled so to do. they shall be under an un- 
avoidable necessity of leaving the said place and thereby loosing 
all they have been out there — 

Wherefore your Petitioners most humbly pray your Excel- 
lency and Honours to make a Grant of the s d Tract of land 
calld Number two to your Petitioners And such others as your 
Excellency and Honours shall think proper so as to make up 
the number sixty four in all — and your Petitioners as in duty 
bound shall pray &c 

Jan ry 30 : th 1 750 

♦Daniel How 
♦Jethro Wheeler 
*Thos Chamber- 
Amos Da vies 
Amos Davis jun r 
Jonas Davis 
Samuel Davis 
Ebenezer Davis 
*moses Wheeler 
isaac chamberlain 
Josiah Chamberlen 

*Hariden Wheeler 

*Jethro Wheeler 
Simeon Knight 
martin Severance 
John Brown 
*Abner How 
*Josiah Foster 
Samuel Foster 
michal gibson 
John Sheilds 
Danil Sheilds 

Williom Moor 

*Joshua How 

Beniamin Knights 

Silas Brown 

*meshach Taylor 

John Alexander 

Daniel Shattuck 

Enoch Hall 

Simon Hall 

Thomas Chamber- 



Joshua Chambrlain *beniaman alldridge *Nathaniel Woods 
jedidiahChamberlain*Jonathan hildrith *Jeremiah Hall 
Job Chamberlain * Joseph How Isaac Stone 

Aaron Davis *Daniel How Junr 

Those Marked * thus are Grantees from the Mass* & Severall 
of them have 2 & 3 rights apeice therefore they have Entred 
Some of their Children as Chandler How Wheeler &c a 

Maj Willard 
Coll Willard 5 Rights 
.Maj r fFowle - 3 rights 

Philip alexander an original Grantee & Settler 
rich d Ward an old Grantee to be Entred 

[The charter was granted Feb. 12, 1752. — Ed.] 


The Names of those men that are to be put In the Charter of 
Township N° 2 on the East side of Conecticut River — 

Thomas Chamber- 
Benj n Aldridge 
Daniel How 
Jethro Wheeler 
Daniel How Jur 
Caleb How 
Samuel How 
Abner How 
Josiah Willard 
10 oliver Willard 
John Ames 
volentine Butler 
Samson Willard 
John Fowl 
James Fowl 
Nathanel Woods 
Jeremiah Hall 
Timothy Harrengton 
Josiah Foster 
20 Edward How 

Samuel minot 
John Fowl Jur 
Philip Alexander 
Richard Ward 
Nathaniel Harris 
Cornelius White 
Ebenezer Turner 
Samuel Livermore 
Samuel Williams 
30 moses Hastens 
John Chandler 
Simeon Alexander 
Ebenezer Hubbard 
Joseph Harengton 
John Rugg 
*Thomas marshall 
Ebenezer Hinsdale 
Samuel Hunt 
John Alexander 
40 Enoch Hall 
william moor 

Jethro wheeler Jur 
Fairbanks moor Jur 
Joseph Bellows 
Heridon wheeler 
Isaac Chamberlain 
Josiah Chamberlain 
Joshua Chamberlain 
Amos Davis 
50 Jedediah Cham- 

Jonathan Cole 
mical Gilson 
Simeon Knights 
John Brown 
William How 
Jonathan Cummings 

John Chamberlain 
John Taylor 
Daniel Pearce 

I Society for Propagation of y e Gospel 1 first Minister 
I Glebe 1 Atkinson 1 Wibird 1 Smith 1 Downing 
I Sheaffe 1 John Wentworth Jur Esq 1 Govern' Lott 
1 Chace Min r ofN. Castle 


[i 1-85] [ Complaint relative to Bounds of the Grant of 1732 : 
addressed to the Governor and Council, ij§2.~\ 

May it please your Excellency with the Honourable Counsil 
to Condesend to hear the humble Petetion of the Propriators 
and Inhabitants, of the Town of Westmorland. 

The Province of the Massachusetts Enjoying the land on this 
part of this River which they then Claim'd as their property, 
consonant with which supposed Title wee petetioned for this J 

Township, and being granted, wee immediatly proceeded to a 
Settlement about Fourteen years since, when by the Running 
the Line of the Provinces wee fell within the Limmitts of your 
Excellencys Government, and by Renewed Petetion made to 
Your Excellency for a Renewed grant of the Land, wee have 
been favour'd with the same, but as wee Suspect not according 
to the Intention of Your Excellency and Honourable Counsil, 
for Major Willard and M r Bellows hath not Conform'd to our 
Original Grant from the Massachusetts nor according to our 
Intention, which was to abide by our Original Lines, which are 
at present destroy'd, for the upper line is removed near Two 
milles lower down the River from whence our grant first took 
place, in which lay our Meadows or entervails, with our sec- 
ond divisions and all our Improvements on them whith the best 
part of our land and extending our line two milles lower down 
Includeing barren and Rockey Hills, no ways commoding the 
town, and then stretching the Line upon the north side of the 
Upper ashawhelock, which leaves us the barren land and 
mountains betwixt us, which Lyeth so far distant from the j 

Body of the Town, that will never Commode the same, and I 

these our Grievances wee fear will disable this town, either for 
the maintaining the Gospel, or sufficient Inhabitants to with- 
stand the Indians, now wee prayeth for the Restoration and 
Confirmation of our Original Lines 

Wee would advertise your Excellency and the Hon b,e Counsil 
that when M r Bellows went with a Petetion for No br 3 Called 
walpole, he enter'd a number of names leaving out the names 
of the Old propriaty of that Town, and particularly them that 
had Cleard part of their land, and built also, Offering them but 
Eaqual Encouragement with others never labouring there, and 
depriving them of their labour without satisfaction for the 
Same, and he went in with his Petetion which being granted 
him, he is suppos'd to have purchas'd of them whose names 
were inserted for a Small Consideration, and now will give but 
the small Encouragement of fifty Acres of Upland to each Set- 
tler, without any Entervail, and this Prejudices people against 
settleing there, having before interrupted the former propriarty .. 
in their Settleing and now discouraging them after great ex- 


pence, which wee fear will be Very detrimental to the Settle- 
ing his and our Town — 

Neither petetion we for the additional grant of any other land 
particularly the farm formerly granted to Lieutenant Gov r Tay- 
lor but only for the bair Lines which wee Enjoyd until the late 
Lines were Ran by the fore mentioned Gentlemen — 

Wee would further Certifie Your Excellency and the Hon ble 
Counsil that we ware the first petitioners for land on this 
River, and have suffer' d the greatest Losses from the Enemy by 
fire and Sword, and have hitherto stood the Heat and burthen 
of the day, and at last to be undone without the knowledge of 
Your Excellency together with the hon ble Counsil, who if truly 
knowing and fully understanding the same, wee hope from 
your now Goodness and Clemency will redress these our pres- 
ent difficulties which wee groan under and which is Submitted 
By Your Excellencys humble Petetioners, who as in duty 
bound will ever Continue to pray for you. — 

In the name and by the ( Daniel How 
Consent of the Inhabitants \ Jethro Wheeler 
& propriators on the Spot, 

Benjamin Aldridge Herrodiam Wheeler Samuel How 
Amos Davis Isaac Chamberlin Edward How 

Thomas Chamberlin Joshua Chamberlin Abner How 
Daniel How Jun r Jedediah Chamber- Simeon Alexander 
John Warner lin Phillip Alexander 

Jethro Wheeler Ju r Caleb How 

P, S, M r Bellows hath Layd out his Town about Nine 
Milles long on the River but four milles wide at the Lower 
end, and but three milles wide at the upper end — 

And the four milles wide, & Two Milles in length is run 
down in to our town that is the Occasion of our Grief — 

Westmoreland April the 29 th 1752 

[1 1-86] \_Petitlon for Arms and Ammunition, 1776.] 

Westmoreland June 30 th 1776 

To the Counsell and Hous of Representatives of the Colony of 
New Hampshire, or the Committee of Safety for s d Colony 

Gentlemen we have Jest heard of the Retreet of our Nothard 
armey Which Puts us in fecre that the Savages Will Be Down 
upon our frontteers and we in this Towne Being verey Short 
for amunition ; as Well as Sum amies Wanting ; Have with 



our Naboring Towne agreed to Send mr Amos Babcock after 
amies and amunition ; and we hope that we may Be Saplied 
With those articals Without Which we Cannot Defend our 
Selves Nor on re Country in order that each man have one 
Pound of Powder we Want in this Towne sixtey wait ; and we 
Want fore hundred flints one hundred w* of Lead and Twenty 
guns Which Will Well aquip us for wor if mr Babcock Can Be 
Soplied With the above articals we the Subscribors Being the 
Committee of Safety for the Towne of Westmoreland Will in 
Behalf of the Towne ingage the Pay 

Joseph Burt 
Ebne r Bretten Junr 
John Chamberlin 

[R. 4-169] \_Jonat7ian Holton, Bennington Soldier, 1778, ~\ 

To the Honourable Counsel and House of the General Assem 
bly of the state of New Hampshire — 

The Petition of Lieu 1 Jonathan Holton of Westmorland In 
the County of Cheshire and State of New Hampshire Humbly 
sheweth that your Petitioner being A Lieuftenant In Cap* Carl- 
ton 8 Company In Col Nicholes Rigiment was in the Month of 
August last past in the Fight at Bennington Badly wouned A 
Ball striking his upper Lip and tearing it allmost off* which 
Ball came out in his right Cheek and allso was at the same time 
hit by a buck shot which Entered his Left Cheek and Lodged 
near his Right Eye by which wounds Your Petitioner is some 
Disfigured and his speech some what Impaired and allso your 
Petitioner by means of said wounds has all most lost seven 
months Labour besides his cost to surgeons and some other 
necessary expences to obtain A Cure which he has not yet 
wholly obtained your Petitioner therefore prays that the Hon- 
ourable Court would Grant him his Account and allso for his 
Disfigurement and Great Pain make him shuch further Consid- ] 

eration as they in their wisdom shall think proper and Your 
Petitioner as in Duty Bound shall ever pray J 

Westmorland May 8 : 1778 

Jonathan Holton Lieut 

[August 20, 1778, allowed ;£n, o, 6, and half pay. — 


[Rev. Papers, p. 291] [Col. Bellows' s Return, i779>~\ 

We the subscribers Enlist ourselves as Soldiers in Captain 
Ephraim Stones Company in Col° Herculaus Moorieys Regi- 
ment raised in Said State to Serve at Rhoad Island for the 
term of Six months and promise Obedience to our officers as 
Good Soldiers — 

Robert Packard ^ Eli as Broton 

William Hartwell f July 6 tb Amasa Fuller \ y e io* 

Samuel Slade ) 1779 Silas Royse 

Hezekiah Reynolds y e 1 2 th 

Isaac Tatten ) e • th Isaac Walker I g tt 

Isaac Tattenju r ) y X 9 - Samuel Willard \ y 3 ° 

Edward Keyes Aug* y e 9 th 

The abovenamed men were raised out of the Regiment under 
my Command 

Benj a Bellows Col 

[Ephraim Stone was at Bunker Hill in Capt. Jacob 
Hinds's Co. — Ed.] 

[R. & P. Papers, p. 67] \_Ensign Aldrich's Order, 1776.] 

Westmorland Decemb 25 : 1776 — 

S r Pleas to send by M r Ebenezer Brittin the money that is 
my Due for things that I Lost at Bunker Hill Fight and you 
will oblige yours &c 

George Aldrich Ens 
Capt Hinds Co 
the Hon 1 Timothy Walker Esq Col° Reeds Reg* 

[R. 4-1 70] [Soldier's Petition, 1779: addressed to the Gen- 
eral Assembly J\ 

Humbly Shew Benjamin Whitcomb Esq r Major & Com- 
mander of an Independent Corps of Rangers in the Continental 
Service George Aldrich a Captain in said Corps & Jonas But- 
terfield a Lieutenant in said Corps, all of Westmoreland in said 
State. That by the Report of the Committee on Allowance to 
soldiers in the Service, made to the General Court in Novem- 
ber last they & said Corps were entitled to all the privileges 
that the three Continental Regiments of this State are entitled 
44 B 



to by a resolve of the General Assembly of this State of the 
twenty Sixth Day of March 1779 on the same being ascertained 
by a return from the Continental board of War That the said 
Board of Ward have hitherto delayed to make said return 
whereby they are as yet excluded from receiving the benefits 
they are entitled to by said report the President refusing to give j 
an order for the Sums respectively due to them till said return 
is made — They therefore pray that the President may be au- 
thorized to give them orders on the Treasury for the sums due i 
to them according to their respective ranks for which they shall 
be accountable till the said return is made & as bound shall 
pray in behalf of said Petitioners 

Joseph Burt 
Dec' 27 th 1779 

[In H. of Rep., December 29, 1779, the forgoing petition 
was granted. Council concurred. — Ed.] 

[R. 4-174] [Relative to Moses Thompson, Soldier, if8o.~\ 

To the Honourable Council and assembly of the State of New 


The Petition of Elijah Temple of Westmorland In said State 
humbly Shevveth that whereas your Petitioner in the Month of 
December Anno Domini 1778 Meeting with one Moses Thorn- j 

son a Continental Soldier belonging to Cap 1 Aldrich" Company 
in Major Whitcombs Koore of Rangers with booth his Feet 
Froze in such A Manner as Rendered him unable to Walk or 
do Any Business and was Destitute of Money and the Necessa- 
ries that his Condition Required Your Petitioner after Consid- 
ering his Curcumstances out of Pitty Duty and Humanity toock 
the said Moses Thomson into his House and by the Direction 
of the Select Men provided Such Necessaries as his Curcum- 
stances Required to the Value of two hundred and fifty two 
Pounds as appears by Your Petitioners Account your Petitioner 
therefore Prays that the Honourable Court would Grant him 
the said sum of two Hundred and fifty two Pounds or other- 
ways Act on this Petition as the Honourable Court in their 
Wisdom Shall think proper and Your Petitioner as in Duty 
Bound shall ever Pray 

Elijah Temple 

Westmorland January 23 : 1780 

This May Certify that the within named Moses Thompson 



was a Solder in my Company when he froze and that he was 
taken Care of as within mentioned 

George Aldrich Cap* 
Westmorland Jan 1 * 28 th 1780 

This may Certify that we the then Select men of Westmor- 
land Did Direct the within named Tempel to Take Cair of S d 
Thompson as is Specify d in the within Petition 

Ephraim Stone 
Daneil Peirce 
Westmorland Feb r 4 th 1 780 

[R. 4-176] [Ezra Gates, Soldier, 1780.'] 

To the Honourable Council and Assembly of.the State of New 
Hampshire — 

This May Certify the Honourable Court that We the Sub- 
scribers being Select Men in the Year 1779 in the Month of 
October the same Year did Request and Employ Lieut Isaac 
Chamberlain of Westmorland in said State to Keep and take 
Care of one Ezra Gates A Continental Soldier who was sick 
with A Fever and allso did Employ Doc r Heber Miller to at- 
tend him as a Physician 

Westmorland May 27 : 1780 

Nathan Franklin ) Select 
William Hutchins ) Men 

[R. 4-177] \Dr. Heber Miller's Petition, 1780."] 

To the Honourable Council and House of Assemble for the 
State of New Hampshire — 

The Memorial of Heber Miller of Westmorland in the Coun- 
ty and State Aforesaid Humbly sheweth that whereas one Ezra 
Gates of Haverril in said state on the thirtieth Day of October 
last (said Gates being a Continental Soldier in Col° Hazens 
Regiment and Capt Harrins Company) being on his March 
from Haverril Aforesaid to Join his Regiment unfortunatly was 
taken sick of A Fever at the House of Lieut Isaac Chamber- 
lains in said Westmoreland by means of which Fever the said 
Gates Continued at the said Chamberlains from the thirtieth 
Day of October Aforesaid to the twenty fifth Day of December 
then next following in which Time your Memorialist at the 
Desire and Request of the then Select-Men made him sundry 
Visits and Administred sundry Medicines to the Amount of one 



hundred and fifty seven pounds— as Appears by Your Memo- 
rialists Account Accompaning this Petition, Your Memorialist 
therefore prays that the Honourable Court would Grant him 
the said sum of one Hundred and 

And furthermore Your Memorialist at the Request of sundry 
Freeholders of Westmorland Aforesaid did on the Eleventh 
Day of August last past Issue a Warrant Against one David 
Johnson Jun r of Westmoreland Aforesaid he being a Continen- 
tal Soldier to shew Cause if any he had the Reason of his being 
Absent from his Regiment on trial the said David plead Bodily 
Indisposition and requested an Adjournment and an Examina- 
tion by regular physicians which request from principles of 
humanity I Granted and summoned Gideon Tiffany Obadiah 
Blake Solomon Harvey and Moses Esq r physicians to Meet at 
the House of Lieut Isaac Chamberlains in said Westmorland to 
Examin the said David Johnson who after being Duely sworn 
did on the twentieth Day of August aforesaid Examin the said 
David and brought in their Repourt that he was then unfit to 
indure the fatigues of the Camp on which Repourt I then Dis- 
mised the said David Johnson from his Confinement for which 
servis the physicians Aforesaid Charged thirty five pounds as 
appears by their Account which sum Your Memorial prays that 
the honourable Court would Grant him and also the Constables 
Account and an Adequate Reward for the servis of Your Me- 
morialist or Otherways act on this petition as the Honourable 
Court in their Wisdom shall think proper and Your Petitioner 
as in Duty Bound shall Ever Pray 


Westmorland June 3 : 17S0 

Heber Miller 

[R. 4-178] \_David Johnson, Soldier, I//Q.'} 

Westmoreland Aug* 20 th 1779 
To Heber Miller Esq r 

In Obedience to your command we have taken into our con- 
sideration of the state of David Johnson Jun r and upon mature 
consideration at present look upon him to be unfit for to indure 
the fatigues of the Camp by reason of bodily indisposition 

Gideon Tiffany "] 

Obadiah Blake I ->. . . . 
c~i~~ tj >Pnisicions 

bolomon Havey J 

Moses Barnard J 



661 ! 

[R. 4-179] Westmorland June 5 

To Serving A Warrant on David Johnson Jnnr Dated 
the Eleventh Day of August last past, and the at- 
tendance — 
To my Expences and the Attendants Expences — 

Jonathan Goodenow Constable 

: 17S0 



[R. 4-180] 

Physicans account for attending a Court of Examination on 
David Johnson Ju for six days attendance for themselves & 
horses with Necessary Expenses £35 : o : o 

Gideon Tiffany 
Obadiah Blake 

Westmorland August 20 th 1779 

Solomon Harvey 
Moses Barnard 

[R. 4-182] \_Petition of David Johnson, Jr., 7780.'] 

To the hon ble the Council & House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in general Assembly Convened 
October 17S0 — 

Humbly Shews 

David Johnson jnn r of Westmorland in the County of Cheshire 
That having served in the Armies of the United States until 
May 1777 he then enlisted in one of the New Hampshire Bat- 
talions for three Years in which he served till after the Evacua- 
tion of Ticonderoga — That soon after the Battle of Hubbardtown 
he was taken sick at Williams-Town in the County of Berk- 
shire & thereby confined there fifteen Months near eleven at his 
own private Expencc — That he has never since perfectly re- 
covered his health, but has been in a very weak infirm state — 
not able to join his regiment & do the duty of a soldier nor even 
to earn his bread by bodily labour — Notwithstanding which he- 
has been taken up as a Deserter more than once but upon ad- 
vice of Phisicians dismist — That last week on the Sabbath he 
was again forcibly taken As a Deserter by one Britton a private 
man & brot to Exeter in order to be committed to Gaol as such 
— That were of sufficient Ability he shoud gladly have dis- 
charged his Duty in the said Regiment & performed his said 
Engagement— But his said sickness has so entirely impaired 
his Constitution that he is rendered totally incapable thereof 
Wherefore he prays your honors Interposition in his behalf 


That he may have liberty to return home and live in peace 
there & as in Duty bound shall pray &c — 

David Johnson Junr 
Oct r 30 th 17S0— 

[R. 4-183] [Lois 'Johnson's Pet it ion. ~\ 

To the Honourable Senate & house of Representative for the 
State of Newhampshire To Be hold At Portsmouth on the 
first of febeuary Next — 

Gentlemen. Inasmuch as my husband David Johnson was 

And Served as a Soldier in Colonel Nathan hales Regt & 
Carrs Company Untill Sickness Disabled him notwithstand- 

He Was Still Retained, at the Call of hiss Country ; Should 
Hiss health have been Restored, as may appear by an act 
Of The Honourable house of Representatives Dated Novem- 

The first 1780, 1 therefore thought good, humbly to Request 
That the Wages Due to my husband, might be paid 
To Me for discharging debts ; by him Contracted for 
The help of Physians and nesasarys of life While 
He remained at the Call of Hiss Country, as May appear 
By the testimony of the Committee of Inspection and Select 
" Men of Williamstovvn dated June 29 1780 Therefore Hum- 
bly Confiding 

In your goodness and, generous disposition to plead the 

Of the W T idow and fatherless I Humbly Subscribe Myself 
Yours as by dutty bound 

January 23 d 1 7S6 Loas Johnson 

Administratrick of S d Estate — 

[11-87] [Statement concerning matters in Town, ij8i. J 

Westmorland 13 Feb 7 1781 — 

Sir — 

Before this reaches you, you will undoubtedly hear of the 
disorder in this part of the State, — I find that people pretend to 
be actuated by several motives, — some say that the Court of 
New Hampshire are so Arbetary that they ought to brake from 
them, some say that New Hampshire had rather confine the 
State to the Mason Line, then have any of the Grants west of 





the River; but some more bold Enemies to the State and 
States, such as Capt Daniel Carlile of Westmorland who on 
the seventh of this Instant before several witnesses, — Did de- 
clare, that for his part, he was for the Convention, not because 
he saw what they was after, but the more disorder the better in 
order to bring about a Revolution : for says he We must either 
be subject of France or Britton and for his part, he chose Great 
Britton, and if the people would rise and drive the French 
from the Continent, he would go in parson, or contribute 07ie 
hundred hard Dollars towards the same ; for says he, the peo- 
ple must throw of the authority, and then they could make a 
peace, for a peace with Great Britton was what he wanted and 
said, I am not, afraid to declare my sentiments before your best 
Authority, for said *he your Authority is weak and if three 
Towns will Combine together, the Authority dare not medle 
with them, nor send for any Tax and as for myself says he I will 
pay no more Taxes to New Hampshire, for a Revolt, from 
Authority is what I want, and such like conversation, this Cap* 
Carlile and some other disaffected persons have been very active 
by one means or other to lead the people to Act as inconsistant 
with and I think as much against their interest and the com- 
mon good, as they could have acted ; this is not the only Town 
for I am well informed that the disaffected persons are all en- 
gaged in this new Plan, for seperating from New Hampshire, - 
as they please to term it ; but I believe it is more as Cap 1 Car- 
lile desires it to be, to bring on all the disorder possible. He 
and some others are grone to be very bold and I wish for heav- 
ens sake that Authority might take place and all our domestick 
Enemies might either be subjected to Authority or driven from 
us for they are the Pest of Society, and I think they are on the 
gaining hand in this part of the State — Sir I thought it my 
Duty, to inform your honor of this that you might be. ac- 
quainted of what persons we have amongst us — 
I am Sir 

Your Honors most 

Obed* and Hble SeiV 

Joseph Burt 
The Hon ble Mesheck Weare 

[11-88] [Sundry Citizens against a Union with Vermont, 
etc, : addressed to the General Court, 17S1.'} 

The memorial of a number of the Inhabitants of the Town of 
Westmoreland in the County of Cheshire, & State of New Hamp- 
shire : — Humbly sheweth — That your memorialist, ever Anxious 

66 4 


to promote the grand cause of the United States of America, & 
particularly the State of New Hampshire ; and at all times have 
endevored to defend the same, and never sought by any means 
whatever, to leave the government of New Hampshire by at- 
tempting to Joine with any other State, or Body of People ; 
yet conterary to our will, there has been Votes obtained in 
many Towns in this Part of the State, to Joine Vermont so 
called : the Town of Westmorland (at least a majority of it) has 
Voted to Joine with them. Your memorialist conceive that 
such Votes are unconstutinal, therefore cannot be binding upon 
us: — We your memorialist viewing ourselves as part of the 
thirteen confederated States, have a right to protection there- 
from, and particularly from the State of New Hampshire, con- 
sidering ourselves as part thereof; and your memorialist hum- 
bly pray, that we may be protected from the usurped Authority 
of Vermont or any unconstitutional Authority whatever, Hop- 
ing your Honors will take our unhappy Situation, under your 
wise consideration and grant us such relief, as shall be most for 
ours and the States public good ; — we beg leave to say that we 
are much exposed to the inroads of the Enemy — & in a defenc- 
less State, through deficiency of Arms & irregularity of the 
Militia, accru'd by the unhappy Dispute, — Officers Ellected un- 
der the Authority of Vermont ; some of which have been, in 
years past considered as inamical to the Liberties of America ; 
altho they are very zealous for the independence of Vermont — 
we do not pretend to say that they are not good men now ; yet 
we are not without fears, that their designs are not, altogether 
so friendly to the common Cause, Others who were under 
the Oath of Fidelity to the thirteen States, have dispenced with 
their Oaths, & have sworn to support & maintain the Inde- 
pendence of another State; which conduct creates much confu- 
sion in this part of the State. — We have entered our protest 
against their proceedings, and do appeal to the confederated 
States for protection ; wishing that our unhappy situation may 
be laid before Congress : — Altho those gentlemen that are for 
the New State, say that Congress, will not take up to determine 
any thing upon the matter, Nay some say, that Congress have 
no business to Do any thing more then to receive Vermont into 
confederation, they direct us to look upon the Other Side of the 
River, where the New York party have been waiting some 
years for protection from New York, and Congress, and cannot 
obtain it, they also add that we had better unite with them, & 
then Congress will establish the State ; but we had rather have 
the consent of the confederated States first, which if they shall 
determine that we leave the State of New Hampshire, & be 
errected into the State together with the grants, west of the river 
(which if done we trust will be upon a Just and equal footing) 






we shall have no Objections, in whose wisdom and prudence 
we confide, & as in duty bound will ever pray — 

Westmorland June 8 th 17S1 

Joseph Wilbur 
Elijah Temple 
Joseph Burt 
Nath 1 Wilbore 
Daniel Stone 
Job Wilbore 
John Peirce 
Jonas Butterfleld 
george Aldrich 
Ephraim Lenord 
Elisha Wilbore 
Joseph White 
David Brittin 

|eams Brittin 
Ebnzr Brittin Ju 
Ezekal mixer 
Philap Brittin 
John Adams 
David Wilbore 
Nehemiah Browne 
george Clark 
David Witherell 
Ebnezer gilbart 
Levi goodanow 
Simeon Proutey 
Elias Chamberlain 

William Brittin 
Isaac Butterfleld 
Francis Putnam 
Philap Wilbore 
Philap Wilbore Jur 
Joseph Tompson 
Ebenezer Brettun 
Caleb Aldrich 
Nath 1 Tinney 
Ephraim Wood 
John Snow 
Pendleton Brettun 
William Adams 

[R. 4—184] \_yames Simonds, Soldier, iy8i.~\ 

To the Honourable Council and Assembly of the State of New 

The Petition of James Simons of Westmorland in the County 
of Cheshire in said State humbly Sheweth that whereas Your 
Petitioner has ben A Soldier in the Continental Servis in De- 
fending the Just Rights of the united States Against their Ene- 
mies in which Servis Your Petitioner has ben Captured and 
Suffered the inhuman treatment and Severity of the Enemy but 
after had the Good Fortune to Escape after which I again 
Joined my Regiment and was in the Battle at Monmouth In 
which I Extreamly Suffered by the Heat which Rendered me 
unfit for the servis and obtained A Furlough after which by 
Reason of my ill State of Helth I obtained several Certificates 
and Lastly a Discharge, and as Your Petitioner has Receiv d no 
Wagers nor Cloathing Your Petitioner Prays that the Honour- 
able Court would make him such Consideration as they in their 
Wisdom shall think Proper and Your Petitioner as in Duty 
Bound shall Ever Pray 

James Simonds 

Westmorland December iS: 1781 

[James Simonds was in First N. H. Regiment. — Ed.] 


[Rev. Pap. p. 69.] [ Caftain Stone's Return, 1782.] 

To the Commity on Claims — I send here inclosed an accompt 
of what I have paid the men that was made up in my Role in 
the year 17S0 — at the Northard and I would [inform] you that 
I have sent one before and thought you had it long agoe besides 
an account I sent of two or three men singley 

I paid to folowing men the sum sot Down to each mans 

£-S. £-S. 

Sarg* Richard Holden 24 John Gibson 18 — 

Sarg* Eben r Billings 120 Thos Hoit 12 — 

fifer John Ganzey 120 Stephen Harris 240 — 

George Alrige * 24 Henry Merrill 638 18 

Caleb Balch 5 So- 16 Benj n Randal 240 — 

Cyrus Balch 621- 1 Enos Tempel 300 — 

Gam Field 24 Tho a Williams 277 15 

The above is all the money that I have got Recpts for the 
unpleted situation of affairs in these parts prevented my gitting 
the orders I had on some men from the Treasurer but I expect 
to settel it soon now 

Eph ra Stone O. 

Westmoreland April 8 — 17S2 

[n-90] [Relative to collecting Taxes, 1782.] 

This May Certify that the Situation of Publick Affairs Ware 
such in this Town Last year that we think it ware Impossable 
for M r Job Chamberlain One of the Constables for the Year 
1780 to Collect his Tax that was uncollected M r Chamberlain 
Informes us that he has a Quantity of Continental money which 
He failed for want of an Oppertunity of Sending to the Treas- 
urer As he Sayeth which we Cannot say anything about only 
that he Is a man of Truth Therefore we Beleive him 

Westmoreland May 27 th 1782 

Benjamin Peirce - '! 
Abiel Eddy 1 Select Men 

Joseph Burt | of Westmoreland 

John Doolittle J 

[R. 4-186] [Bounties Allowed to Soldiers."] 

In Committee on Claims Mar. 15. 1783 — 
The Bounty advanced by Westmoreland to W m Martin is 



Nine pounds which sum has been deducted from his deprecia- 
tion Ex d Per Josiah Oilman Jun r 

Concord June 22, 17S6 

The Bounty advanc'd by the Town of Westmoreland to Sol- 
omon Robins a Soldier for one year, is Twenty two Pounds, 
which has been deducted from his depreciation 

Ex d Per Josiah Gilman Jun r 

[R. 4-1 73] [ Certificate relative to Nehemiah Pierce, Soldier, ,] 

I do hereby certify vvhome it may concern that Nehemiah 
Pierce of Westmorland in the State of New-hampshire who 
Served in the year 1776 in an Expidition against the British in 
the Service of the aflbrsaid State under Cap 1 Levi Spalding in 
Coll n Reads Rejiment and returned in the faul of Said year Sick 
of a fever and a Sore on his under jaw bone and much exercised 
with a scorbutick disorder also which several disorders in my 
opinion have ben the means of disableing him from making 
Such Provision for his own and families Support as he most 
Likely would have been had it not ben for the hardships and 
Sickness which he endured in the abovesaid expidition and for 
a year or more after his return home during which time he 
was under my own and other physicians Care in which time I 
took out with my own hands a part of his under jaw bone the 
bad effects of which occasioned by a bad & dangerous Sore as 
above mentioned may be better perceived by inspection than 
described by writing 

Solomon Harvey Physician 

Chesterfield may y e 30 th 1 786 

[Said Pierce petitioned Mar. 12, 1779, and was allowed 
half-pay to continue until Jan. 1, 1780. He petitioned again 
May 7, 1786, and furnished the foregoing certificate, also one 
similar from Dr. Lemuel Dickerman of Brattleborough. His 
half-pay was continued.] 

[11-91] \_Reco7n?nendat ions for Magistrates, 1784.'} 

To the Honourable Council and house of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire. 

Gentlemen the town of Westmoreland having ben destitute of 
a Justice of the peace for a Considerable time the Inhabitants 
thereof finding it to be very inconvenient in many respects to be 
without they accordingly in town meeting assembled on Y e 29 th 


day of march 1784 voted that they would bring in their votes for 
a Justice or Justices of the peace at their adjournment of that 
meeting to be recommended by the select men of the town to 
your Honours to be Commitioned the town being met on y e 7 th of 
April according to adjournment they firstly voted that M r John 
Doolittle Should be recommended as above mentioned to be 
Commitioned as a Justice of the peace 

William Hutchins ) Select 

Azariah Leach f men 

and 2 nd ly at the same meeting Voted that M r William Hutch- 
ins Should also be Recommended to be Commitioned 
Westmoreland April 10 th 17S4 

From our honours most Humble Searveants 

John Doolittle } Select 
Azariah Leach f men 

[11-92] \_yosiah Willard relative to a Ferry : addressed to 
the General Court, i/Sj.'} 

Humbly sheweth Josiah Willard of Winchester in said State, 
that he hath been at the Ex pence of keeping a Ferry across 
Connecticut River for more than thirty Years at a Place called 
Lord's Ferry between Westmorland and the Great Meadow (so 
called) in Putney — that your Petitioner was one of the original 
Proprietors of said Town of Westmorland, and in selling his 
Right in said Town reserved a Tract of Land for the use of 
said Ferry, and that he owneth a large Tract of Land in Put- "1 

ney on the opposite Side of said River — that the said Ferry hath 
been very expensive to your Petitioner, & that he hath received 
but little advantage from the same hitherto, but expecteth for 
the future that, as it is situated to accomodate the People on 
both Sides of the River, there will be much passing that Way — 
And that the said Ferry will be not only serviceable to the Pub- 
lic, but profitable to the Person who shall be privileged to keep 
it. Wherefore your Petitioner prays that the exclusive Right 
of keeping a Ferry beginning one Mile above the Place where 
said Ferry is now kept, and extending two Miles down s d River, 
may be vested in hjm, his Heirs and Assigns, And as in Duty 
bound will ever pray 

Josiah Willard 

[In the H. of Rep., February 28, 1786, a hearing was or- 
dered for next session. — Ed.] 




[11-93] [Solomon Robbins for a Ferry: addressed to the 
General Court, I78j.~\ 

The Petition of Solomon Robbins of Westmorland in the 
county of Cheshire, and State of New Hampshire, yeoman, 
Humbly Sheweth, that your Petitioner lives almost upon the 
Bank of Connecticut River in Westmoreland aforesaid, within 
about half a Mile of Westmorland Meeting house where the 
Proprietors of Westmorland formerly layed out a Lumber yard, 
and where there Has for many years been a Ferry Kept, that it 
is the most convenient place for a Ferry across said River, of 
any within Some Miles, and Situated on the most direct road 
from Westmoreland to Putney, where a Ferry must be Greatly 
beneficial to the Publick. — 

He therefore Prays your Honours to Grant unto him and his 
heirs and assigns, the sole Right of Keeping a Ferry across the 
River aforesaid against his Dwelling house in Westmoreland 
aforesaid, under such Regulations as you in your Great Wis- 
dom shall see fit, and that all others may be excluded from 
keeping a Ferry across said River, within one Mile Either up 
or Down said River, from his house aforesaid. And He as in 
Duty bound shall ever Pray, &c 

Solomon Robbins 

Westmoreland February the 9 th 1785 

[Several Citizens in favor of Robbins. ~\ 

To the Great and Honourable the General Court of New Hamp- 

We the Subscribers inhabitants of Westmoreland and Towns 
adjoyning having frequent occasion to cross Connecticut River, 
do conceive the Ferry at the House of m r Solomon Robbins to 
be the most convenient of any within several Miles of the same, 
and Earnestly request that his Petition within Mentioned, may 
be granted, and we as in Duty bound shall ever pray. 

Westmoreland February the 9 th 1 7S5 . 

Joseph Burt Abel Wheeler 

Ezekiel Mixer Tho. Brintnal 

Amos Babcock Jas r Wait 
James Gleson 

[The exclusive privilege of a ferry at that place was grant- 
ed to Mr. Robbins in 1786. — Ed.] 



[11-94] \_Micah Reed for a Ferry : addressed to the Geti- 
eral Court, iySj.^ 

The Petition of Micah Read of Westmorland in the county 
of Cheshire, and State of New Hampshire yeoman, Humbly 
sheweth, that your Petitioner has Kept, a constant Ferry across 
Connecticut River, in the Town of Westmorland aforesaid, 
from said Westmorland to Putney, for a Number of years, 
against your Petitioners Dwelling house in said Westmorland, 
that there is great need of a Ferry where he has Kept the same, 
and that he has been at considerable cost for Boats to Keep said 
Ferry, and is now well provided with Boats and other accom- 
modations for Keeping the Same, He therefore Humbly Pray- 
eth that your Honours, would Grant unto your Petitioner His 
Heirs and Assigns, the Sole and Exclusive right of Keeping a 
Ferry for the future, across said River, against his said Dwell- 
ing House in said Westmorland, under such regulations, as 
you in your Wisdom shall see fit, and that all other Persons 
may be Excluded from Keeping a Ferry across said River, 
within sixty rods up or two miles down the Same, and He as 
in Duty Bound shall ever pray. 

Micah Read 

Westmorland June the i Bt 1785. 

We Do Hereby certifie that we are of opinion, that there is 
Great need of a Ferry, against the House of m r Micah Read of 
Westmoreland, across Connecticut River, and that said Read 
has Kept the same to General Satisfaction, and is a Suitable 
person, and well accommodated to Keep the same. We there- 
fore Humbly pray that his Petition above may be granted. 

George Aldrich ) Selectmen of 
William Hutchins j Westmorland 
Westmorland June i 8t 1785. 

[Granted in 1786. — Ed.] 

[11-95] [Relative to a Horse lost in the Service: addressed 
to the General Court, iy8j.~\ 

I Ebenezer Britton Ju r of Westmorland in Said state, do pray, 
and Humbly shew that I being a Lieutenant in the melitia of 
this state in the year AD 17S0 in October — at which time there 
was a Call for the melitia to go forward and Repel the force of 
the Enemy who at that time burnt the town of Roylton — the 
Command of the Company whereof I was Lieu* devolving upon 


me I accordingly Endavoured to forward on the Company under 
my Command as quick as possable and for the purpose of Con- 
veying the baggage did impress Several horses one of which 
Was the property of M r Elisha Wilbore of Westmorland and of 
the value of ten pounds Silver money, which Sum I have paid 
to the said Elisha wilbore — as an Equivelent for the said horse 
as the said horse while in Said Service Loaded and traveling 
fell and broke his Sholder and was thereby lost in the publick 
service — Your petitioner humbly prayeth that the Said sum of 
ten pounds — with the Interest thereon may be Allowed to him 
and paid out of the treasury of this State 

Ebenezer Britton Leuet 

[Sworn to before John Doolittle, Oct. 18, 1785. — Ed.] 

[11-97] [Isaac Butterjield for a Ferry: addressed to the 
General Court, 1/8 J '.] 

The Petition of Isaac Butterfleld of Westmoreland in the 
county of Cheshire, and State of New Hampshire Esq 1 " Hum- 
bly sheweth, that there Has been for a Number of years past, a 
Ferry Kept a cross Connecticut River, Between the Town of 
Westmoreland aforesaid, and the Town of Putney, Commonly 
called Lords Ferry, that your Petitioner Owns the Land ad- 
joyning the Ferry aforesaid, in said Westmoreland, that he is 
very desireous of Keeping the said Ferry, and that there is no 
other person in said Westmoreland that could be equally ac- 
commodated to Keep the same, and that he no ways doubts 
that your Honours would prefer a Citizen of New Hampshire, 
before any others to grant the same unto, that he is confident 
that no person (even on the other side of the River) is so well 
accommodated to Keep the same, as himself. He therefore 
Humbly Prayeth, that your Honours, would Grant unto your 
Petitioneis, His Heirs and Assigns, the sole and Exclusive 
right of Keeping the said Ferry for the Future, under such 
Regulations as you in your great Wisdom shall see fit, and that 
all other persons, may be excluded from Keeping a Ferry 
across said River; within one mile and an half of said Ferry, 
Either up or Down Said River. 

And your Petitioner as in Duty bound Shall ever Pray. 

Yours Isaac Butterfield 
Westmoreland February the 1785- 


[11-99] \_Ebe?tezer Brittonfor Major, 1785.] 

Westmorland October iS th 1785 
Sir a greeable to your Desire I hearby informe you that 
Ebenezer Brittin Junr is the oldest Capt in the 2 8t Reidgement 
and I Know of No objection (in Case the Reidgement Should 
be filled) why He Should Not Be a major — 

I am Sir your Humble Servt George Aldrich 

Gen 1 Sulaven 

[11-103] \_CertiJicate of Nails made, ijqi.~\ 

State of New Hampshire 

Cheshire ss Westmorland May y e 30 th 1791 
Wee the Subscribers select men of s d Westmorland hereby 
Certify that Abiather Shaw of said Westmorland has since may 

[11-100] [ Vote relative to Paper Money, 1786. ~\ 

The State of New Hampshire, 
Westmoreland, November the 15 th day in the year of our Lord 

1786— " "' _ i 

agreeable to a request from the Legislative authority of this 
state the Inhabitants of s d Westmoreland on the afores d day of 
No v being legally assembled in town meeting for the purpose 
Collecting their opinions relative to the proposed plan sent out 
by the Hon 1 Court for making paper money — 

jstiy t jj e Question's being put by divideing the house to 
know the number for having paper money, and the number 
against it, there appeared to be forty for having paper money 
made, and twenty against it. J. 

2 ndiy there appeared on aneother Division thereof to be thirty 
one against haveing paper money on the present propos d plan : 
and twentyone for haveing it agreeable to s d plan. — 

3 rdly Nineteen of those that ware against money's being 
Emitted agreeable to y e propos d plan which is sent out — Voted 
that they would have a bank of money made of paper Equal to 
the sum of this states debt, on the following plan Viz to have it 
made a tender in all Cases or payments and to have it not on 
Interest, and to have it given out for to run twenty Years, and 
to have it sink one twentyeth yearly until it should be Dead 

the above is a true Journal of the meeting aforesaid 

Attest John Doolittle Town Clerk of s d Westmoreland 

[See Atkinson papers, Vol. XI, p. 127. — Ed.] 



one thousand seven Hundred & Eighty nine made and Caused 
to be made in his workshop one hund and Ninety Eight thou- 
sand often Penny nales and one hundred and fifty four thousand 
of four Penny nales and fourteen thousand of Twenty Penny 
nales & thirty five thousand of six penny nales the Whole of 
the above Nales were bonafidely Wrought and made in the 
Shop of the aforsaid abiather by himself and hands in his Im- 

Caleb Aldrich ) Select men 
David Hutchins j of Westmorland 

Counter Signed by me Amos Babcock the Neighest Justes of 
the Peace to s d abiathers Work Shop 

Concord June 16 1791 
Received an Order on the Treas r for eight pounds in favor of 
Abiather Shaw as a bounty on 100,000 of io d — & 100,000 of 4* 
nails — 

Archelaus Temple 

[The state paid a bounty on hand-made nails. — Ed.] 

[11— 104] [Certificate of Nails made, 1792. ~\ 

State of Newhampshire 

Cheshire ss Westmorland, February y e 2 nd 1792 

this may Certify that Daniel Cobb) of Said Westmorland has 
sence the Seventh Day of February one thousand Seven hun- 
dred and Eighty Nine to this Date made and Caused to be made 
in his work Shop in Said Westmorland one hundred and fifty 
Seven thousand of Ten penny Wrought Nales and one hundred 
and three thousand & five hundred and fifty Four penny 
Wrought Nales in Witness whereof Wee have hereunto Set 
Our hand* 

Caleb Aldrich ju r ") Select men 
David Hutchins > of 

Ezra Peirce ) Westmorland 

[11-108] [John Katha?ifor a Ferry, I7QQ.~\ 

To the Honirabel General assembly of the State of New Hamp- 
shire to be conveined in December next 

The Petition of John Kathan of Dummerston in the County 
of Windham & State of Vermont — humbly Shewith that your 


petitioner, was one of the first familay, that setled in the town 
of Dummerston, then Caled the aquivilant Land 3 as early as the 
year — 1752. — which was then a howling wilderness, & we in- 
joyed our Selves, Very Comfortaibly, for a bout three years, 
without aney neighbours within five miles, til the french & In- 
dian war broke out, & took Cap 4 James Johnson & familay 
from N° 4, & Carried them to Canoday, this Put us in Grait 
fear, & distress, we must then Leave our farm, & all & flee to 
Garrison, & so on for several summers, til the war Cesed — 
then we betook our Selves to our farm, after having our house 
burnt & property Distroied — & as my buildings are Close on 
the west bank, of the river against Westmoreland, where I the 
pertitisionar haive Cept a ferry, at all times, by day and night, 
when Caled on, with botes for teams & Droves of Cattle, &c, & 
now. I am informed, that the same ferrey is about to be Grant- 
ed, to som other person — therefore your humbel Petitisonar 
prays, your honours, to take your petitionars Case, into your 
Serious Consideration, & stil Continue the privilige, to me your 
humble Petitisionar together with one mile north and South on 
Said River & as in Dutey bound shall ever pray — 

John Kathan 
Dummerston 20 th of November, 1799 — 


[n-109] \_Josiak Marsh for a Ferry, ijgg,"\ 

To the Honorable Senate & House of Representatives now 
holden at Concord in the State of New Hampshire 

Prays Josiah Marsh 

That whereas a Ferry established t>y law and under good 
regulations across Connecticut River at the lower part of West- 
moreland in s d State would be a great benefit & accommodation 
to the Public, it being a place of much travel, your Petitioner 
humbly prays the Honorably Senate & House of Representa- 
tives to grant him the sole right & privilege of erecting & main- 
taining a Ferry at any suitable place within foure miles & one 
half mile from the south line of s d Westmoreland extending 
northerly on s d river, and your Petitioner as in duty bound shall 
ever pray 

Josiah Marsh 

Westmoreland June 1799 

[In H. of Rep., December 13, 1799, the foregoing peti- 
tion was granted. Senate concurred. — Ed.] 




("1 1— 1 13] [Petition for the Incorporation of a Baptist So- 
ciety: addressed to the General Court, June 4., i8oo.~\ 

Humbly Shew Your Petitioners, Inhabitants of the Towns of 
Westmoreland, Walpole, Surry and Keene, Professors of Re- 
ligion by the Denomination of Baptists — That for many years 
last past they have assembled together for public Worship as a 
Baptist Society ; and, for the more orderly and regular manage- 
ment of the same — pray that they, with such others as may 
hereafter be admitted as members, may be incorporated into a 
religious Society to be called and known by the name of the 
First Baptist Society in Westmoreland with sufficient 
power and authority to support and Settle a minister — to build 
and repair meeting Ho'uses and to raise and Collect taxes for 
those purposes — To v/arn and hold meetings and to choose all 
proper officers for transacting and managing the Concerns of 
said Society and to make by Laws for regulating the same, 
provided the same are not contrary to the Constitution and 
Laws of the State — and for Liberty to bring in a Bill accord- 
ingly — Or, that the Honourable Court would make such Order 
on the premises as to them shall seem meet — and as in duty 
bound pray 

Caleb Aldrich J r 
W m Brettun 
Sammuel Robbins 
John Brown 
Asa Hancock 
Noah Fuller J r 
Eben r Wright 
Chever Fowler 
John Chamberlain 
John Chamberlain 


Levi Ware 
Oliver Smith 
Nehemiah Brown 

Cyrus Staples 
Joshua Fuller 
John Snow 
Amos Brown 
Samuel Woodward 
Jon a Winchester 
Seth Bretun 
John Paul 
Dudley Thomas 
Daniel Wilber 
Paul Clark 
Ephraim Brown 
Joseph Whitney 
Stephen Bowker 

John White 
Levi Hancock 
Benj a Leonard 
Jonathan Wilber 
Oliver Wright 
Jabez Straton 
Philip Britton 
Benjamin Merryfield 
Benjamin Carpenter 
Elijah A Hall 
Zephaniah Leach J r 
William Aldrich 
Rut us Smith 
Joshua Hall 

We hereby Certify that the Select men of Westmoreland 
Walpole Surry and Keene have been Served with a Copy of 
the within petition and order of Court thereon agreeably to the 
within Directions 

Sept 15 th 1800 

Asa Hancock 
W m Brettun 

") Committee 
[■ for s d 
j Petitioners 


We hereby Certify that the within Named Petitioners that 
are Inhabitants of Surry have been Exempted from Ministeral 
Taxes In Said Town for many years Last past on Acount of 
their Belonging to the Baptist Society in Westmorland — 

The Number of Said Petitioners Belonging to Surry Are 
Nine Only 

Surry October 17 th 1800 

Sam 1 Hills ) 

Asa Hancock > Selectmen of Surry 

Sarel Hay ward ) 

[The act of incorporation was passed December 10, 1800 
See Surry papers, ante. — Ed.] 



The township was granted by the Masonian proprietors, 
Oct. I, 1749, to Thomas Read and others, and called No. 2. 
A lotted plan may be found in manuscript town papers, 
Farmer's collection, vol. 6, in office of secretary of state. 
Settlements were made there as early as 1738. The town 
was incorporated June 25, 1762, to continue until Jan. 1, 
1765, and named Wilton. 

January 2, 1765, the town was again incorporated, "to 
have continuance until his Majesty's pleasure shall be fur- 
ther known." 

An addition was made to the first grant of the town by 
the Masonian proprietors, of territory priorly belonging to 
or claimed by the town of Lyndeborough (see Vol. XII, p. 
513). With this exception I fail to find any record of any 
change of the boundaries of Wilton. 

Wilton men in First N. H. Regiment: 

Timothy Abbott, enlisted Feb. 27, 1781 ; discharged 
Dec. 31, 1781. 

Corp. Israel Howes, enlisted Feb. 27, 178 1 ; discharged 
December, 1781. 

Daniel Holt, enlisted Jan. 27, 1781 ; discharged Decem- 
ber, 1781. 

Joel Holt, enlisted Feb. 27, 1781 ; discharged December, 


WILTON. 677 

Nath. Needham, * enlisted March 1, 1777; discharged 
Jan. 2, 1779. 

Benjamin Pierce, enlisted February, 1781 ; discharged 
December, 1781. 

Asa Redington, enlisted Feb. 27, 1781 ; discharged De- 
cember, 1781. 

Howes, Daniel and Joel Holt, Pierce, and Redington were 
in the same regiment in 1782. Sergeant Archelaus Batch- 
elder was wounded at Bennington and pensioned. 

[11-114] \_Petition relative to County Bounds, etc."] 

* To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq r Capt n General and 

Governor in Chief in and over the Province of New Hamp- 
shire, and to the Hon b,e his Majesty's Council and House of 
Representatives in General Court assembled — 

The Petition of us the Subscribers humbly sheweth, That 
Your Petitioners being Inhabitants within the Lines of the 
County Prescribed, (viz) Peterborough West Line and the 
Easterly Line of Litchfield, And Whereas by Information we 
are by a Petition from others to your Hon" rendred inca- 
pable by the Reason of the Fewness of Inhabitants and the 
Unlikeliness of Increase to Support the Officers of the County 
in such Sort, That any Gentleman sutable therefor will be Un- 
willing to Undertake the Same : All which is a Mistake, The 
People are Many And as We think able and Sufficient and the 
Increase More and More, the greater part of the County within 
s d Lines being Unsettled, And that is Small in Comparison of 
other Advantages accrewing if Amherst be made the Shire 
Town, All the Roads leading from the Towns adjacent center 
to Amherst and there is Food and Forrage and other Things 
necessary. But if carried further East will increase Travel and 
if over the River will make it inconvenient both for Men and 
Women in many Seasons of the Year. Therefore We pray 
that the Lines prescrib'd may be fix'd and no Additions made 
and that Amherst may be the Shire Town, And Your Petition- 
ers as in Duty bound shall ever pray. 

Wilton April 5, 1769. 

Joseph Holt John Brown Jonathan Cram 

Nathan Ballard Jeremiah Abbot David Cram 

Jacob Abbot David Blanchard moses Stiles 

Abiel Abbot Stephen Blanchard Solomon Cram 

* Reported as having died in the service. 


Timothy Gray 
John Burton Jur 
James Dascombe 
Joseph Holt Jur 
Jeremiah Holt 
Daniel Barker 
Nathan Abbot 
Francis Putnam 
Joseph Putnam 
Jonathan Cram 
Richard Taylor 
Abner Stiles 
Jonathan Burton 
Stephen Buss 
Ephraim Peabody 
Jacob Putnam 
William Brown 
William Pierce 
Jonathan Greele 
Joseph Stiles 
Philip Putnam 
John Burton 
George Coburn 


Asa Cram 
John Cram Juner 
Stephen Putnam 
Joseph Cram 
Nath 1 Haseltine 
William Ball 
John Cram 
Jacob Putnam jun r 
Joseph Butterfield 
Ephraim Butterfield 
James Maxwell 
Amos Butterfield 
Amos Fuller 
Benjamin Cram 
Ephraim Putnam 

george Person 
Jonathan Chamber- 

Ephraim Putnam 
Jonathan Chamber- 

lin iun r 
Samuel Chamberlin 

John Caskir 
William Carson 
John Hutchanson 
John Stiles 
Jacob Well man 
John Johnston 
James Johnston 
Adam Johnston 
James Boutell 
Osgood Carleton 
Daniel Gould 
George Gould 
Timothy Carleton 
Jonas Kidder 
John Stephenson 
David Stephenson 
Robert Badger 
Banjaman Dutton 


fn— 1 16] \_Relative to a Bridge over Souhegan River, 1773 .] 

Wilton Feb rjr y e 11 — 1773 

To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives 
for the State of New Hampshire in General Court to be Con- 
ven d at Exeter on the Second Wednesday in February In- 
stant — 

The Petition of the Subscribers humbly sheweth — 
That the Bridge (in the one Mile Slip) Over the River form- 
erly known by the Name of Souhegan River, is in Great want 
of being Repair d or Rebuilt, that the Bridge is of Publick Bene- 
fit being in the Direct way from Exeter to Charleston N° 4 that 
Three Bridges, have been Erected in that Place, and Repaired 
from time to time at the Expence of the Inhabitants of Wilton 
and few other Persons — that the Inhabitants of the one Mile 
Slip are few in Number and they think it a Hardship to be put 
to the Charge of it Alone — Therefore Your Petitioners pray 
that Your Honours would take it into your wise Consideration 
and Direct in what Way the same shall be Rebuilt — and your 
Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray — 


Amos Fuller 
Samuel Shelden 
Stephen Buss 
Ebenezer Chandler 
Joseph Abbot 
Benj* Lewis 
Jacob Abbot 
Joseph Snow 
William Brown 
Fifield Holt 
Fifield Holt J r 
30 Petioners 


Amos Holt 
Mary Pettengill 
Samuel Hutchinson 
David Chandler 
Uriah Wilkins 
Simon Blanchard 
Jotham Blanchard 
Ben 11 Lewis Ju r 
Richard Boynton 
William Pearson 


Will" 1 parson 
Tho s Pearson 
Ebenezer parson 
Samuel parson 
Nathan Hutchinson 
Benj a Hutchinson 
Nathan Hutchinson 

Sam 1 Mitchel 
William Alld 

[11-115] [Provisions sent to Ca?nbridge, 1775- ] 

To the Honnorable the Provincial Congress Seting at Exeter 

Gentelmen — 

We your Humble Petitioners Beg leave to present to your 
Honnors an Account of Provisions procuerd and sent to Cam- 
brige for the Support of the Contenentel armey — 

Which Account we pray may be allowed in Money, or by 
an order on the Province Treasurer the Account is £9: 11:2 
Lawful Money and in allowing the above Account you will 
Oblige your Humble Petitioners — 

Abiel Abbot \ Select men 
Philip Putnam J of Wilton 
Wilton Octo r y e 24 th 1775. 

P S. for further Perticulers Inquire of our Deligate. 

[11-118] [Objections to Articles of Co?ifederation, 1778. ] 

To the Honorable the Council and House of Representatives 
for the State of New Hampshire in General Court to be con- 
ven'd at Exeter on the Second Wednesday in February In- 
stant — 

The Petition of the Subscribers Humbly Sheweth, that upon 
hearing the Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union pro- 
posed by the United States in Congress assembled, distinctly 
and repeatedly read and maturely considering the same We 
find ourselves constraned, (painful as it is) to petition your 
Honors to examine with a Candid yet Jealous Eye the follow- 
ing Articles of Confederation, And if your Honors think best, 
to Remonstrate and Petition to the Congress of the United 



States respecting the same the Articles which strike our Minds 
with concern are as follows, 

In the Fifth Article one clause is, that in determining Ques- 
tions in the United States in Congress assembled, Each state 
shall have one Vote, this has no Regard to Numbers or Prop- 
erty ; and We fear will have a Tendency to break our Union. 

The Eighth Article directs that the Continental or publick 
Chest shall be Supply'd by the several States in proportion to 
value of granted and surveyed Lands, improvements and build- 
ings thereon. This has no Reference to the N° of poles, live 
stock, stock in Trade or at Interest 

The Ninth Article, the first Clause, grants to the United 
"States in Congress assembled, the sole and exclusive Right and 
power of Determining on Peace and War, except in the Cases 
mentioned in the sixth Article : Is it not a power Greater than 
the King of great Brittain in Council or with the House of 
Lords ever had? or Greater than the seven United States of 
Holland gave their Statholders? May we not suppose that the 
Members of that August Body, conscious of the Rectitude of 
their own Intentions ; have no Room left to Suspect the Integ- 
rity of any future Members thereof? But altho' We admit and 
believe that Virtue fills the Breast of every Member of that 
Honorable Body at this Day : W^e have no good Degree of 
Certainty, that That will be always the Case. 

If Canada should acceed to this Confederation, there will be 
Fourteen States, then it will take Eight to make a Majority, in 
this Case it requires the Assent of Nine which is but one more 
than a bare Majority, those Nine, admitting there is a possibil- 
ity of their being vicious Men, may in some future Time, by 
one exertion involve us in a War that may cost us much Blood 
and Treasure. 

Another Clause in the Ninth Article mentions their Trans- 
mitting to every State a Coppy of the sums of Money they bor- 
row or Emitt. We could wish they had added, (and the Ex- 
penditure or applying the same). We your petitioners could 
wish an Alteration in the above mentioned Articles, but Sen- 
sible of our Unacquaintedness with Politicks we presume not 
to prescribe ; but pray your Honors mature Consideration 
thereon — 

Sign'd in behalf of the Town 

Joseph Holt ~\ Select Men 
Jon a Burton v of 
John Dale jun r ) Wilton 

Wilton Feb^ 10 th 1778, 

At a Legal Town Meeting held at the Meeting House in 
Wilton on Tuesday the 10 th Day of February A-D-1778 by 




68 1 

Adjournment, after hearing the above petition repeatedly and 
distinctly read, and maturely considering the same, Voted that 
the Select Men of Wilton in behalf of the Town Sign and 
Transmit the same to the General Court. 

Attest Joseph Holt T. Clk. 

[Rev. Pap. p. 309] [ Wilton Soldiers, 1/76.'] 

In obedience to the Honnorable the Provincial Congress of 
the Colony of New Hampshire holden at Exeter December 27, 
I 775* — We have taken an Account of the Number of the Sol- 
diers of our Town, who served in the Summer past in the Con- 
tinental Armey, and are enlisted there for the year Coming. 
And there is in Amos Fullers Collection, The Number of Sol- 
diers Six. The sum of their Rates [Taxes] is Eleven Shillings 
Four Pence and Two farthing, And in Richard Whitneys Col- 
lection, The Number of Soldiers five the sum of their Rates is 
Nine Shilling Five Pence and three Farthing. 

Philip Putnam ) Selectmen 
Nathan Ballards j of Wilton 
Wilton March y e 4, 1776. 

The following persons names are Included above and the 
sum of their Poll Tax is one Shilling Teen Pence and Three 
farthing — 

Francis Putnam, 
John Vernam 
Christopher Mar- 

Isrel How Nuss Sawyer, 

Nathaniel Heseltine, Eben r Carleton, 
Jerimiah Holt, Elezer Kingsbury, 

Jonas Perry, Daniel Brown, 

[Sworn to before Jacob Abbott. — Ed.] 

[P. & R. Papers, p. 63] 

\_yonat7ian Gray, Bunker Hill 
Soldi er.~\ 

To -Nicholas Gilman Esq r Receiver General for the Colony 
of New Hampshire Sir Please to Pay to Jacob Abbott the 
bearer hereof the sum Due to Jonathan Gray of Wilton who 
was in the Continental army in Cap 1 William Walkers Comp 7 
and Col James Reeds Rigement Due to the Said Jonathan 
Gray for what he Lost in the Engagement at Bunker hill also 
for a Coat Given as Bounty Reference to Cap 1 Walkers Return 
being had the. said Jonathan Being Sence Dead the care thereof 


falls upon the Subscriber being the Father of the Dec d your 
Compliance will Greatly Oblidge 

Wilton March y e 4, 1776. Your Humble Servant 

Timothy Gray 

1776 March 19 Rec. of Tim Walker Jr four Dollars for a 
Regimental Coat for the within named Jon a Grey also Two 
Pounds L my for the loss which s d Grey sustained at the Bat- 
tle at Bunker Hill June 1775 Jacob Abbott 

£11-119] [Petition for Town Representation, iy8o.~\ 

To the Honorable Council & House of Representatives In 
General Court Assembled — 

The Petition, of the Freeholders & other Inhabitants, of the 
Towns of Lyndeborough, & Wilton, Humbly Sheweth That 
Wilton, Lyndborough, the one Mile Slip, &'Duxbury School 
farm, by the Convention of this State, in the Year 1775, were 
annexed to make but one Represantation, — That Sensible of 
the Importance of General Cause, in which we are engag d , we 
have hitherto, patiently Submited -to the Disadvantages of an 
Inadequate Representation, rather than Interrupt the Honora- 
ble Court by Petitioning for a Redress — But hoping you may 
have a leisure Moment, that you may improve, in attending to 
our Situation — We beg leave to lay Before your Honors, the 
following facts — That in Wilton, there is 154 Rateable Polls, 
in Lyndsborough 180, and in the one Mile Slip and Duxbury 
School farm, 19, all which make, 353 — That from the North- 
west part of Lyndsborough, to the South side of the one Mile 
Slip, (following the most Publick road), is about 19 Miles, and 
that to every iooo£, Paid by this State, the afore 8d Places Pay 
17JC.. 3.. 11. 2, — And that when the Representative is Chosen 
in one of the Towns, it is Impossible for the other Town to Vote 
with propriety in the Choice, Being ignorant of the abilities of 
the Inhabitants of s d Town — add to this, their Ignorance of the 
Proceedings of the General Court, and consequently of their 
Political duty. Therefore your Petitioners Humbly Supplicate 
your Honors to grant to Lyndsborough, & Wilton, the Previ- 
ledge of a Separate Representation, — And your Petitioners as 
in Duty bound shall ever prav 

Dated at Wilton Octo br 5 th '1780 

Jacob Abbot 

Eben r Rockwood r Com tte for Wilton 

William Abbot Jr 

David Bager 

Levi Spaulding [■ Com tte for Lyndsborough 

William Barron 



WILTON. 683 

fu-122] \_Justice of the Peace wanted, iy8j.~\ 

To the Hon ble Council and Assembly to be Conven d at Con- 
cord — 

The Petitition of us the Subscribers Humbly Sheweth That 
the Town of Wilton hath for some time past been deprived of 
a Justice of the peace (which we esteam a great priviledge) 
And at a legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of said Town, Voted 
to recommend William Abbot Jun r to your Honors to be ap- 
pointed to the Office of a Justice of the peace, a Compliance 
of this our request will greatly Oblige your Humble Petitioners 
— and as in duty bound Shall ever pray — 

Abiel Abbot 1 Select Men of 
Jon a Burton > Wilton in behalf 
Abr m Burton ) of said Town — 
Wilton December 10 th 17S3 

[n- 1 24] \_Sundry Persons recommended for Field Offi- 

To His Excellency the President & the Hon ble Council of the 
State of New Hampshire — 

We the Selectmen of Wilton for the Present Year — beg leave 
to recomend the following Persons for field Officers of the 12 th 
Regiment of Militia in s d State (Viz) 

Cap* Philip Putnam of Wilton— for Col 
Cap* Ezra Towne of New Ipswich for L* Col° 
L* Samuel Gragg of Peterborough for Maj r 
M r Abijah Wheeler of Temple— for 2 nd Maj r 

Which we think give as great Satisfaction as any four Men 
we can think of that will take s d Commissions all things Con- 

William Abbot y\ Select Men 
Joseph Abbot > of 

John Dale ju r ) Wilton 

[11-125] [ Vote relative to an Issue of Paper Money, 1786.] 

At a legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Wilton 
qualified to vote in Town Meeting, on Thursday 16 th of Nov r 

It was put to Vote to see if the Town would chuse to have 
paper Money emitted on the plan the Gen 1 Court hath proposed 
— passed in the negative Unanimously Voters present 47 — 


Put to Vote to see if the Town would chuse to make any altera- 
tions in the proposed plan passd in negative Unanimously Vot- 
ers present 47 — 

A true Coppy from the Minutes 

Attest William Abbot Ju r T : Clerk 


[n-126] [Relative to Militia Affairs, iy86.~] 

Wilton June 19 th 17S6 
May it please your Excellency — your letter of y e 17 th Instant, 
was receiv'd by Col° putnam, on which we are meet, & in an- 
swer — after Congratulating your Excellency on your arival to 
the presedency of the State — hopeing beleving & Joyfully rely- 
ing on your wisdom & Goodness to stear us & Guide us in our 
Defiqualtys — We say, that we have taken all the Care in our 
power, to have the Regiment settled — & all the Defiqualty that 
we Know of was the resolve respecting y e Number, time & our 
attention, for y e good of y e Melitia hath, so far succeed, that we 
are now, able to return a respectable Number — for officers & 
Desier y e Comis n8 may Com by Col putnam — & Intreet that the 
Blanks (if Consistant) may Com for ye remainder — as we hope j 

to make a settlement very soon : unless sum persons return from 
Court should advance, a New Doctring — we are unable to De- 
termin the N° of each Company to day — & beg blank for it — 
the returns we will Make as soon as posable of those. Not Now 
returnd — we Intreet your Excellency to beleave us when we 
say that, under the Defiqualty we have been brought in to by s d 
resolve : we have Done all in our power to still the Com- 
plaint — & rejoice that we have succeeded so well — & remain 
your Excellencys most obediant & very Humble Serv ts 

Francis Blood 
Ezra Town'e 
Samuel Gregg 

N.B — we have Not had one of ye Melitia Book but think we 
shall in due time — We Desier Col° putnam may make up by 
writing, or by word of mouth — all we have omitted 

[11-127] [Relative to School Matters: addressed to the 
General Court, yune, i?88.~\ 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Humbly Sheweth 
That a law of this State entitled an act for the settlement and 
support of Grammer School obliges every town, of the state, 




consisting of a hundred families, to maintain, yearly, a gram- 
mar school ; and, for every month's neglect, imposes a fine of 
ten Pounds. That the town of Wilton, several years last past 
has made peculiar provision for the instruction of its youth. It 
has employed, from the seat of the muses, several well accom- 
plished young gentlemen, and some aged experienced gentle- 
men of literary accomplishments for the spase of twenty years 
last past. And it has expended for a number of years, upon 
schooling, eighty seven pounds, and some it has assessed 
more, — at least a sum sufficient to support, here, two grammar 
schools annually. — 

Apprehending the end of law, in general, to be the interest 
and happiness of its subjects, and the end of the school Law, in 
particular, to be the good education of youth, we presumed, a 
compliance with the spirit of this law, would atone for a small 
deviation from the letter ; especially as this deviation has facil- 
itated the progress of our Youth, and gratified the wishes of 
their parents, and guardians. 

The town of Wilton with this view of the matter, and from a 
view of its local situation ; mountainous land, long winters, 
deep snows, inhabitants scattered,' town divided by a rapid 
stream, rendering a passage to its centre, at some seasons of the 
year, inconvenient and impracticable ; from a view of public 
expences, the scarcity of specie, the inability of the people to 
provide necessary schooling in the extreme parts when obliged 
to support a grammar school in the centre, our annual expence 
for the support of a number of bridges over rapid streams, 
building a convenient and decent house for public' worship, the 
charge of which is not entirely settled, the importance of the 
labour of our youth and of their being instructed in agriculture 
and the manual arts, Voted, to raise money sufficient to sup- 
port two grammar schools, to divide the town into as many 
districts as was convenient, and to appoint Committees in each 
district to see that the money was faithfully improved in the 
instruction of their youth. This method of education we have 
found by many years' experience very beneficial. The state of 
Learning in Wilton sufficiently evinces the expediency of it. 

Notwithstanding, one month preceding the general session 
of the peace in the County of Hillsborough in September last 
past, being destitute of a grammar School, the grand Jury found 
a bill against the select men, and they were accordingly Cited 
to appear. Though the sessions were convinced that we had 
adopted a more advantageous method of education, than we 
should have practised had we adhered to the letter of the law, 
yet the penalty of that law being absolute, they could not acquit 
us, or lessen the fine. We therefore pray your honours for 
leave to bring in a bill acquitting us from the mulct imposed on 


us by the general sessions. Apprehending from experience, 
that the method of education we have adopted might be bene- 
ficial to many towns, we beg leave to suggest, without presum- 
ing to dictate, and with humble deference to your Honours 
authority and distinguished abilities, the possibility of advan- 
tage to the public by a revisal of the aforsaid law, and as in 
duty bound will ever pray. — 

William Abbot Jr I Select Men 
Jonathan Burton j of Wilton 


[11-120] [Statement relative to the Proficiency of the Chil- 
dren, of Wilton, i?88.~\ 

Wilton June 4 th 1788 — 

I am happy in being able to certify that the youth of Wilton 
are in general very good readers, writers and cypherers. They 
are farther advanced in Learning than those of most towns in 
the county, within the compass of my knowledge, who have 
maintained grammar schools, and inferior to none with which 
I am acquainted — I believe I might safely affirm that there is 
no town in the state, of the same ability, that can produce so 
many youth so well qualified for common business, so well 
accomplished in all those branches of learning which are essen- \ 

tially useful in every department of Life as can the town of 
Wilton. Josiah Burge — 

[11-121] [ Certificate of Abel Fisk relative to foregoing. .] 

Having made it my Annual Practice to call the Youth to- 
gether in different Parts of the Town to advise and instruct 
them, I have taken Occasion to exam in them in respect to the 
Improvement they have made in Reading, and have been highly 
pleased with the great Accuracy and Propriety exhibited in that 
Branch of Literature — 

I have likewise been present at School when the Children 
have been examined respecting the Names and Uses of those ] 

Stops and Characters that are made Use of in the English Lan- 
guage, and they have answered the Questions proposed to Ad- 
miration — I have seen their Writing &c — 

And it appears to me from the Observations I have made that 
the People in Wilton have paid a particular Attention to the 
School-Education of their Children — j 

Abel Fisk 

Wilton June 4 th 1788 





The township was granted by the government of Mass. 
to Josiah Willard and 63 others, and went by the name of 
Arlington until 1740. Settlements were made as early as 
1732, by said Willard and others. Feb 29, 1750, Josiah 
Willard petitioned for a charter from the government of 
N. H., in answer to which a grant was made, July 2, 1753, 
to said Willard, Samuel Ashley, and others, and the town 
named Winchester. On the 26th of the following Septem- 
ber the town of Hinsdale was chartered, and the line be- 
tween that town and Winchester established, which took 
off the north-west part of this town as chartered in July, 
and made an addition on the west side as far north as the 
old line of Northfield. By the grant of July 2, 1753, the 
northerly part of Winchester extended to Connecticut river, 
taking in "Col. Hindsdale's Fort." The plan of the two 
towns in charter records shows the old Northfield line ; the 
location of the fort ; and also of Fort Dummer on the west 
side of the river. 

By an act approved July 2, 1850, the north-west corner 
of Richmond was annexed to this town. 

Winchester men in First N. H. Regiment : 

John Simons, enlisted Jan. 1, 1777; discharged Dec. 14, 

Abner Wise, enlisted Feb. 14, 1777 ; discharged July 5, 
1781. He was in same regiment in 1782. 

Jonathan Wooley was wounded at Stillwater, Oct. 7, 1777, 
in shoulder and ribs. He was in Capt. Ellis's Co., Scam- 
mell's Reg't. 

[n-128] [Petition for hicorporation, I/JS-I 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq r Cap* General 
Governor and Commander in Chief in & over His Majesty's 
Province of New Hampshire & the Hon bIe His Majesty's Coun- 
cil for said Province — 

The Humble Petition of Josiah Willard of Winchester So 
Called in the Province of New Hampshire but within no Town- 
ship In behalf of himself and others Settlers there a List of 
whose names is herewith Presented — Shews 

That the Said Settlers have been Improving the Land at the 
Place aforesaid near Eighteen Years last past & have made 



Considerable progress therein Apprehending when they first 
Enterd the Land was within the Province of the Massachusetts 
Bay and by Countenance of the Government of that Province 
they Enterd upon the Lands & Carried on their Settlement So 
Far as-to make a Proportion & Division of Said Lands to & 
among the Persons aforesaid who have been at very Considera- 
ble Expence in making the Said Settlement and Defending 
of it— j 

That in order to carrying of it to Greater Perfection & making 
of it a more useful Place it is Necessary the Settlers & Inhabi- 
tants Shoud be Incorporated & vested with the Rights and 
Privileges of Towns which it is well known is a very necessary 
Aid & Support of Such a Design — and as the Persons already 
there have done so much to make it a useful Settlement they 
Seem to have a Claim to Your Excellency's favour in this Re- 
spect preferable to any others — Wherefore your Petitioner 
Humbly Prays as aforesaid That your Excellency woud be 
pleased to make a Grant of the Lands Called by the Name 
Winchester to him & the Persons afores d in Proportion & ac- 
cording to their Respective Claims & the Proportion & Division 
made as aforesaid and That they niay be Incorporated & Inti- 
tled to the Rights and Privileges of other Towns in Said Prov- 
ince of New Hampshire and your Petitioner as in Duty Bound 
Shall Ever Pray &c— 

Portsmouth June 22 d 1753 Josiah Willard. 

£11—129] [Relative to Original Grantees , 1753 < ] 

at a Leagal meeting of the Grantees of the Township of Win- 
chester Held at Winchester on Tuesday y e 21 day of August 


voted, that maj r Josiah Willard be Desired Carry the Charter 
of the Township of Winchester Granted us — and Request that 
Gains Field, — and all others who can make out a fair Claim to 
any of the Lands Contained In s d Charter may have their names 
entred therein. — 

A True Copy from y e votes of s d meeting 

attest Josiah Willard Clerk 

Winchester may 28 — 1759 

I hereby Certify that John alien & Thomas Taylor have re- 
spectively made out their Claim to Land Contained in the Char- 
ter above mentioned & that the Proprietors Desire their Names 
may be respectively Entred in the Charter afores d — 

Josiah Willard 


[R. 4-191] [Col. Samuel Ashley's Resignation, 1779.] 

To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives 
of the State of New Hampshire — March the 20 1779 

The Subscriber haveing been honoured for some time Past 
with the Command of the Sixth Regiment of militia in this 
State and at the same time Employed in other Public Services 
of a Different nature and being of opinion that there is an im- 
propriety in the same persons acting in a Civil and military 
Character at the same time and being very desirous to be dis- 
charged from his military office begs leave and does hereby Re- 
sign his Command of said Regiment and hopes his Resignation 
will be acceptable to your Honours & I am with the greatest 
respect your most obedient Humble Servant 

Samuel Ashley 

[His resignation was accepted. June 18, 1779. Col. Ash- 
ley was a prominent man in his time. He was a represent- 
ative for some years ; elected a member of the council in 
1776, and held the office four years. He was elected, March 
24, 1779, by the legislature, a delegate to represent this state 
in Congress, but declined. Subsequently he removed to 
Claremont, and died there Feb. 18, 1792, at the age of 71 

years. — Ed.] 

[11— 130] [Relative to an Omission in Returning Soldiers."] 

To the honorable the Council & house of Representatives ; 

The Memorial of the select men in the Town of Winchester 
humbly sheweth — 

That whereas the Year past the Order of Court was that 
every Town make return of the continental Soldiers the}' respect- 
ively had in the public Service, that were inlisted during the 
war — the select men in their return of s d men for the Town of 
Winchester, made a great Mistake by omitting & therefore not 
returning two men who are now in actual Service, & engaged 
during the war, as your Memorialists are able to make appear — 
Your Memorialists therefore humbly petition that the above 
mentioned two men may be admitted into s d Return by Order 
of Court — In so doing your honors will lay a special Obliga- 
tion upon your Petitioners — 

And your Petitioners, as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c — 
Winchester 11 th March 1782 

Reuben Alexander") 
Ezra Parker \ select men 

Simon Willard ) 



[The foregoing petition was granted March 14, 1782. — 

[11-131] [Relative to Fish in Ashuelot River, 1784.'] 

To the Hon 1 the General Assembly now setting at Conkerd — 

The petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Winchester 
humble Sheweth 

that the River Caled Ashewilet formerly produced a large 
number of Salmon and Shad with a Veriaty of hook fish but of 
late the Corse of S d fish is intirely Stoped by Reson of three 
Dams a Crost Said River (Viz) one in Hinsdale one in Win- 
chester and one in Swanzey which is a Greate Damage to this 
and the Neighbouring Towns, and notwithstaning the Repeated j 

Request of the people in this Town to the owners of Said Dams 
to open a Corse for Said Fish they Still Refuse to Do it which 
Very much Displeases the people in general and if there is 
nothing dun to prevent it there is a prospect of the people Ris- 
ing in a hostile manner and puling Down Said Dams ; 

to prevent which and to Establish a free Corse for Said Fish ; 

we beg your Honnours to take this matter under your Wise 
Consideration and pass Such an act as you in your wisdom 
Shall think proper 

and we in Duty Bound will Ever pray 

Simon Willard > Select 
John Alexander j men 
Paul Richardson 
Prentice Willard 
Winchester June — 1: 1784 

[An act was passed, January 15, 1789, requiring a sluice 
to be kept open in every dam on said river, in the towns of 
Hinsdale, Winchester, Swanzey, and Keene, between the 
tenth day of May and the twentieth day of July in any 
year. — Ed.] 

[11-132] [Petition of Solomon Willard to be restored to 
Citizenship : addressed to the General Cozirt, Oct. 79, 


Humbly shews Solomon Willard late of Winchester in the 
County of Cheshire in the State aforesaid, that in the late War 
between Great Britain and America he was so unfortunate as 
to differ in Sentiment from his Countrymen in general who 


joy the Rights and Privileges of a free Citizen and subject of 
the same. And he at the same time promises that if the prayer 
of this petition should be granted, he will ever behave himSelf 
as a good and faithful Subject of said State — will observe the 
Laws and Regulations thereof, and will endeavour to promote 
the Peace, Happiness and Dignity of the same. And as in 
Duty bound will ever pray Solomon Willard. 


were strugling to gain and support the Independency of the 
United States — 

— that in the Year 1777 he left his native Country — went to 
Long Island and took Protection under the King of Great Brit- 
ain — that in the Year 1778 he was proscribed by an Act of the 
General Assembly in the State of New Hampshire — that dur- 
ing the saiil War he spent most of his time upon Long Island 
in a State of Neutrality — that soon after the Conclusion of the 
said War he returned to Winchester where he found his feeble 
Parents almost in a helpless Condition, and very fond of his 
continuing there to assist them in their declining Years — that 
since his Return he hath spent his time chiefly with them, and 
is now the principal Supporter of an Aged Father, who has 
spent most of his Time* and Strength in the Service of the Pub- 
lick — who was one of the first Settlers in the County of Che- 
shire — and has been perhaps as industrious-, influential and 
successful in settling the Western part of the State of New 
Hampshire as any person inhabiting the same. And was ever 
careful to impress upon the Minds of the people a due Regard 
to the Laws of New Hampshire and to make them happy and 
contented under the same — That the said proscribing Act, tho' 
judiciously made in a time of War, cannot be beneficial to the 
publick in a time of peace. The Design of said Act (as men- 
tioned in the preamble thereof) was to prevent the many Dan- 
gers that might accrue to this, and the other united States, if 
the persons therein named should be again admitted to reside 
in this State. Had such persons then been permitted to reside 
in any of the United States, they might have been very detri- 
mental to the same by giving Aid or Intelligence to the Ene- 
mies of said States, or by Dispiriting the people ; or by sowing 
Discord and Dissention amonst them. But those Dangers are 
now removed. The Design of the said Act is accomplished ; 
Your Petitioner conscious of the Rectitude of his Design — rely- 
ing upon the Goodness of this Hon bIe Court — and hopeing for 
their Mercy to one who hath offended thro' Sentiment, and not 
thro' any Design of injuring his Countrymen, and hath now no 
inclination or ability to hurt them, presumes to lav before you 
this petition humbly praying that the Act aforesaid so far as it 
respects your petitioner may be repealed, and your petitioner 
be permitted to live in the State of New Hampshire, and to en- 



To the Hon ble Senate and House of Representatives above 
mentioned — 

Humbly Sheweth Josiah Willard of Winchester, Father of 
the above named Solomon Willard that he the said Josiah 
heartily joineth with the s d Solomon in the prayer of the above 
petition, and earnestly prayeth that the same may be granted 
not only for the Benefit of the s d Solomon but for the Solace 
and comfort of your aged, feeble petitioner in his declining years 
and as in Duty bound will ever pray 

Josiah Willard 

Winchester Oct r 19 1785 

Whereas Solomon Willard of Winchester prefered a petition 
to the Honourable Court for Naturalization, we the subscribers 
Select Men of s d Winchester hereby Certefy Our Consent and 
desire y* the prayer of the s d petition may be Granted — 

John Alexander 
Simon Willard 

£11-133] [Relative to Fish in Ashuelot River, 1786."] 

To the Hon 1 the General Assembly of the State of New Hamp- 
shire now setting at Conkerd — 

The petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Winchester 
Humbly Sheweth that the River Called Ashawilet Riming 
Threw said Town formerly prodused a large number of Sam- 
mon and Shad with a Vrity of hook fish but of late the Cours 
of said fish is intirely Stop* by Reson of three Dams a Crost, 
said Rever — (Viz) one in Hinsdale one in Winchester one in 
Swazey to the grate Dammig of this and the Neigbouring 
Towns — we therefore prey your Honors to take this matter un- 
der your wise Consideration and pass such an act as shall open 
said Dams and Restore to us the usual Corse of Fish — 

And we in Duty Bound will ever pray 

Danil Ashley ~\ 

Moses Chamberlain > Select men 

Asa Alexander j 

Winchester June 3 th 1786 

[See document relating to the same subject, ante. — Ed.] 



[11-134] [Another Petition relative to Fish, 1788.'] 

The petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Winchester 
Humbely sheweth that the River Called Ashewellet Formely 
produced a Large Number of Salmon and Shad with a Veriety 
of Hook fish But the Course of said fish is Intirely stoped by 
Reason of three Dams a Cross said River in Hindsdale Win- 
chester and Swansy which is To the Grait Damage of the In- 
Habentants of said Towns — Wherefoure your petitioners pray 
your Hon™ to take this Matter under your wise Consideration 
& pass such an Act That shall Open a free Course for said fish 
that the Inhabetents May Receive the Benefitt of the same and 
We as In Duty Bound shall ever pray — 

Dan 1 Hawkins") 
Ezra Parker V Selectmen 
Asahel Jewell J 
Winchester May 30-1788 \ 

[il- 136] [Petition for Authority to raise Money by Lottery 
to make neiv Roads, 1793 '.] 

To the Honourabel general court of the State of Newhampshire 
in general court assembled on the First Wednesday of June 


Your Petitioners the Inhabitents of the Towns of Winchester 
Hinsdale and others humbly sheweth that whare as your peti- 
tioners as well as the publick at large, suffers grate Incon- 
veanences for want of a good publick road leading from Co 1 
Whealors in said Hinsdale on the North side of Ashawillot 
River till it comes oppersett to the furnace in said Winchester 
and there to cross the River allso a road to begin about one 
mile East of said Co 1 Whealers on the same road and Leading 
in the most convenant place tell it strikes the great road leading 
from Chesterfield to Northfleld about 50 — or — 60 Rods south of 
Daniel Fishers in said Hensdale and, Whereas there is no In- 
habetants for about Three miles of the Distance partly in Win- 
chester and partly in Hensdale and several bridges to be made 
acrose small Streams, and one large bridge across Ashuwillot 
river and much diging on the side of Hills, &c, all which to 
make a good road, is too hevy a burden on the present Inhabe- 
tants to do, and as it will so much accomodate the Inhabitants 
in general as well as the publick at large by having a good road 
four or five miles Nerer from Dummer ferry through the south 
part of this State then any at present. 

Your petitioners humbly pray your Honours would take the 



matter into your wise considerations and grant us a Lottery to 
raise three Hundred pounds Lawful Money for the purpose of 
making said road and bridges and whare as we are very confi- 
dent that about three quarters of the Tickets may be Sold in 
in the -states of Massachusetts Rhodeisland and Vermont as the 
road will very much accomodate the Inhabetants of those States, 
all which is — humbly submitted and in granted of which your 
Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever pray — 


Reuben Alexander 
Theodosius Moore 
Andrew Dodge 
Dan 1 Hawkins 
Thomas AlexAnder 
Stephen Hawkins 
Dan 1 Hawkins Ju r 
Nathanael Brown 

Abel oldham 
Abel Scott 
Nath Bartlet 
Thad d Bancroft 
Peter Wilder 
Abram Scott 
John M. Field 
Ephraim Leach 
Curtis Gould 
Asa Alexander 
Ezra Healy 
Sam 1 Brown 
Lewis Watkins 
Philip Goss 
Elisha Knapp 
Jonah French 
Reuben Alexander 

Ebenr Scott 
John Curtis 
David Hammond 
Moses Chamberlain 
John Stearns 
Amos Willard 
Ezra Conant 
John Butler Ju r 
William Gould 
Mark Packard 

John Alexander 
Seth Willard 
Jacob Martin 
Richard Peters 
David Cass 
Grin dell Thayer 
Moses Tyler 
Abraham wheeler 
Nath 1 Clarke 
John Badger 
Daniel Shattuck 
T L Arnold ' 
Uriel Evans 
Nathaniel Fisher 
Abner Fisher 
John F : Vent 
Daniel Fisher Junr 
Nath 11 Walton 
Reuben Clarke 
Daniel wise 
Elezer Ripley 
Ezra Parker 
Henry Foster 
Nathan Parker 
John Peirce 
Josiah Willard 
Charles Grimes 
Tho* Green 
Jeremiah Pratt 
Paul Richardson 
Richard Gale 
Samuel Dickinson 
Edward Battels 
Benjamin wright 
Stetson Holmes 
Benj*™ Sanger 
Nathan Sanger 

Cyrus Shattuck 
Thomas Butler 
William Howe 
David Wolley 
Sam 1 Wellman 
Vine Coy 

Thomas Rockwood 
Nathan Willard 
John Barret 
Gord n Chandler 
James Salisbury 
Isaac Crosby 
Elisha Peirce 
Imry Evans 
Tilley Wilder 
Elnathan Allen 
Ephr m Holland 
Geo. H. Hall 
John W. Blake 
Samuel wood 
John Higons 
Nathaniel Ripley 
Ephraim Hawkins 
Ben^* Easterbrooks 
Josiah Allen 
William M c Kinsy 
Isaac Crandell 
Abiathar Dean 
Levi Ripley 
Dan 1 Healy 
Dan 1 Ripley 
Amasa Houghton 
Eleasor Lawrance 
Eleaser Lawrence 

Daniel Ridar 
Ezra Parker Jun r 


6 9 S 


This town was formerly a part of Londonderry, and was 
separated from that town by an act of the general assembly, 
passed Feb. 12, 1741-2, O. S. The first town-meeting was 
called by Robert Dinsmore, Joseph Waugh, and Robert 
Thompson, and was held on the eighth of March next fol- 
lowing the date of its incorporation. The line between this 
town and Salem was settled by mutual agreement, and rati- 
fied by the governor and council January 9, 1752. This 
took from Windham that portion of its territory lying south- 
east of a line drawn through the easterly side of Policy 
pond, and annexed the same to Salem. By an act passed 
September 26, 1777, several persons were severed from 
Londonderry and annexed to this town. 

November 26, 1778, the estate of Samuel Clark was also 
changed from the former to the latter. An act was passed 
Nov. 22, 1782, changing and establishing the line between 
this town and Londonderry. By an act approved Dec. 25, 
1805, some territory was severed from the latter-named 
town and annexed to Windham. 

Windham men in First N. H. Regiment : 

James Brown, enlisted Apr. I, 1777 ; discharged Dec, 

Serg. W m Darrah, enlisted Jan., 1777 ; discharged 1780. 

James Gilmore, enlisted Apr. 25, 1777 ; discharged Apr. 
5» 1780. 

Hugh Moore, enlisted Mar. 10, 1781 ; discharged Dec, 

Joseph Polley, enlisted Apr. 7, 1777; discharged Apr. 10, 

f U— 138] [Relative to Province Taxes, 77^.] 

Province of Newhampshire In the House of Representatives 
June 23 d 1743 

Whereas for want of Knowlidge of the True Bounds of the Dis- 
tricts of Methuen & Dracut : how it interfered on the Bounds of 
Londonderry Township when the act was passed last veare for 
Proportioning the Towns & Districts within this Province. 
The within Persons were Doubly Return'd. viz. 1 By the Dis- 
trict of Methuen & Dracut : And by Londonderry : Whereby 
the within named persons has been Rated for their Province 





0-15- 5 -< 

1- 1- 5- 

0-18- 0- 

0-19- 6- 

1- 3- 1- 


2- 8- 4- 

1- 2- 


Tax to Londonderry : & also to Methuen & Dracut District — It 
being ag t Reason that they Should be Rated to both places — 

Voted — That they pay their Respective Rates for the Prov- 
ince Tax for the yeare 1742 — to the Constable or Collector of 
the Parrish of Windham as Rated in Windham: And that the 
District of Methuen and Dracut be abated the Sum of Nienteen 
pounds Seven Shillings & four pence part of the Proportion 
they were to pay for the Province Tax for the yeare 1742 — 

And what the Collector of the District of Methuen & Dracut 
has received of the persons within named. Thatt all Such 
Money So rec d be repaid by S d Collector to the persons from 
whome y e same was Collected — 

And that the Said Sum of Nienteen pounds Seven Shillings 
& four pence Equall to old Tennor be taken out of the Money 
put into the Treasury for Contingencies. & to Ly in the Treas- 
ury as a Fund to Exch a the old Bills of Credit of this Province 
in order y* they may be Bro* in & Burnt i 

James Jeffry Cle r ass m 

[Council concurred, and the governor assented to the 
foregoing. — Ed.] 

[n-139] [ Windham Men assessed in the Methuen and Dra- 
cut District, 1743.] 

methuen Ju 11 6- 1743 — 
To the honrabell cooart in new harnshar — 

wee Reseved your later baring dat the 3 of jun whar in we 
Ar in for med that mr : samuell Morison of windham has Ree- 
ported to the cort that sundry parsons belonging to windham 
have bin Raeted by the selact man of the destrict of methuen i 

And Draket wee hear by in form the coort that wee have Raated 
none but what was in eluded in the destrict And in the plan 
lay d befor his Exelancy but for furder informacion to the cort 
consarining this mater we have transscrbed out of ouer list 
those mens names that Ar claimed by wanham with the sum 
Each man is A sased As folloeth — 

John hall 

Johnnathan woodbry 
Robert Elenwood 
John Cofferen 
Samuell Armur 
hanery sunders 
Oliver sanders 
timothy sanders 


william sanders ] 

c 1-4-4 

Samuell sanders ] 

t 0-13- 

nathaniell woodbery ] 

0-18- 1 

John gills 

1 0-16- 8 

Richerd Engsull ] 

[ I- O-IO 

Adward bay lee ] 

r 0-16- 9 

Ebenezer woodbery j 

t 1- 3- 9 

bendman Corner ] 

t 1- 4-1 1 

John ober 3 

t 1-6-8 

John ober iu nr 3 

i 0-13- 

willuam Killeres 

[ 0-13- 


19.. 7-4 

[Petition for Incorporation,'] 

whar As we the selactt men have meet together And Con- 
sidered the Difficalt cas we laber under of unsateled paster 
As to our publick Afair not weth standing owr Repeeted per- 
tisions to the cort for in Corporating or imboding of us in to A 
Society to carry on our publick Afair As the suport of the 
minestry And other nasory [necessary] Afairs And if those 
twanty inhabtants be taken from us thair will be but thirty 
Rasedent in habetance in the destrect of methuen : draket ex- 
apted whar As we your humbell protisnors prays that the 
Englelish in habetance within mancened in the list which Ar 
All but three — namly coffrian Armer And Killereas may be 
imboded with us in caring on owr poublack A fir thos being 
part of the Sosiety hoo Built the meting hows And satelled the 
minister A mung us And Exapt those Remain with us wee 
Shall be in tierly broken up 

Henry sanders ~\ Selact mean 
Isaac Clough > of methuen 
Daniell Peaslee ) And Dracket 

[Incorporated with the Haverhill District into the town 
of Salem, May 11, 1750. — Ed.] 

[11— 141] [Relative to an alleged illegal Election.] 

To the Hon ble House of Representatives for said Province in 
General Assembly Convened June y e 6 1768 — 

The Humble Petition of the Subscribers being Inhabitants 
and freeholders in Londonderry and Windham in the province 



Aforesaid Qualified by Law to Vote in Electing Representa- 
tives Most Humbly sheweth — 

That the Select-men of Londonderry for the Current Year 
Gave Your Petitioners but thirteen Days Nottice Before the 
meeting for the Election of a Representative for said Towns 
and that the Moderator of said meeting and the select men of 
Londonderry afores d at said Election did Refuse to permitt 
some of the Inhabitants of s d Towns to vote in said Election tho 
qulified by law to vot in said Election, and permitted Other 
persons to Vote for said purpose who were not Qualified by 
Law for y e same — 

Wherefore your petitioners most Humbly pray that the Rep- 
resentative so Elected may be Dismissed — and that you would 
Grant us a precept for a new Election and Your petitioners as 
in Duty Bound shal Ever pray — 

Nenian Cochran 
Sam 1 morison 
John morison 
Edward Aiken 
Alex 4 *" m c Calester 
John Wight 
Toseph Willson 
fames Gregg 
[ohn woodburn 
Leuben Senter 
Will m Butterfield 
Joseph Senter 
Sam 1 Senter 
John Alexander 
Will m Alexander 
Rob rt mack 
Jabez Towns 
Elijah Towns 
Tho" Anderson 
George Clarke 
John Armstrong 
Isaac Cochran 
Alexander Wilson 
Hugh Brown 
John Wilson 
Isaac Bruster 
Sam 1 Miller 
Sam 1 miller Jun r 
James m c Murphy 
John pinkerton 
Tohn Duncan 

James Taggert 
James Campbel 
Rob rt mcClure 
Will 1 " Ranken 
Jonathan Adams 
Sam 1 Ranken 
Will™ Cochran 
Peter Cochran 
Tho 8 Walker 
Rob rt Wallac 
James Walac 
James Anderson 
patrick Douglas 
John Hunter 
Rob rt moor 
Henry Campbel 
Joseph Oughterson 
Will™ Anderson 
Tho 8 Taggart 
John Walace 
Nath 1 Aiken 
Rob rt Adams 
James Adams 
John Mitchal Jun r 
Rob r Anderson 
Will m Rogers 
David Anderson 
Mathew Clark 
John Alexander 
John Aiken 
Sam 1 Fisher 

Rob rt park 
Alex dr park 
Rob rt Hopkins 
James Gil more 
Alex dr Richy 
John morrow 
mark Owen 
Adam Templeton 
Alex d Simpson 
John Wilson 
John smith 
John mills 
Will™ Gregg 
John m c Cay 
David Gregg 
George Davidson 
John Davidson 
Hugh Graham 
Sam 1 Clark 
Sam 1 m c Adams 
James Jameson 
Will™ Jamison 
Will m Dinsmore 
Rob rt Dinsmore 
John Cochran 
John Cochran Jun r 
Thorn 8 Jamison 
James Wilson 
lames Cochran 
Rob* More 
Ramsley Plomer 



John Duncan Jun r 
John Barnett Jun r 
John Dickey 
Adam Dickey 
John Highlands 
Tho' Highlands 
Joseph Hogg 
William moor 
John Barnett 
Rob rt Barnett 
Will m Duncan 

James Oughterson 
David Oughterson 
Joseph Bell 
James m c Corrmick 
James Todd 
John Craige 
Sam 1 Anderson 
Adam Dickey 
John Stewart 
Rob rt Cochran 
John Tuft 

James Wilson 
Wil m Smith 
Sam 1 Grege 
John Duncan 3 d 
Sam 1 Wilson 
Robert Wilson 
Rob rt Duncan 
Mathew Dickey 
James Cochran 
George Duncan 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 24, 1769, the foregoing petition was 
dismissed. — Ed.] 

[n-142] [Certificate of Publication of Warrant for Town- 
, . Meeting, 1768. .] 

Province of Newhampshire — 

Windham Aug 4 y e 20 th 1768 
These may Certifye whom it May Concern that I the Sub- 
scriber here of Rec d the Warrant for to Call a Meeting for to 
Chouse a Representitave for our Last Election on a Monndy or 
Tuasday the Sabauth following I published the Same and no 
More for I had not the oppertunity of a Norther Sabauth Befor 
the Meeting — John Morison 

Constable for Windham 

[n— 143] [Samuel Barr's Statement relative to the fore- 
going named Meeting.~\ 

Honr bl Sir At our Last Election of a Representative things 
was Caried on very Strangly for our former Costom was to give 
three Sabaths Days notice before Election when the Kings 
writt allowd that time — but in our Last warning, the two first 
parishes had only one Days warning for it so hapned that ther 
was a Silent Sabath In Each : and ther was but thirteen Days 
from the first notice: and time Enoch In the precept Sent us: 
and windham had but a few Days : as to our Electors they 
Caried it on so that Savrel voted that had only ther pool Rctte : 
and some had Got Deeds of Small Bitts of Land the night be- 
fore the Election : praying your Honner Exceus which is from 
your Honners verey Humbcl Sarvent &c 

Sam 11 Ban- 
Londonderry October y* 17 : 1768 



[ Warrant for Town- Meeting, 7/68."] 

Provance of Newhampshire — 
To M r Samuell Alleson town Constable 

You are hereby Required in his Majestys Name to warn the 
freeholders of your Respective bounds Duly Qualified to Elect 
Representatives to Meet at the old Meeting-house on friday 
the Sixth Day of May next at ten oClock in the fore Noon to 
act and Vote on the following artickles 

i'* To Chuse a Moderator to Moderate in s d Meeting — m 

2 ly to Elect one person Quallified by law to Represent the 
town in Generall Assembly — 

and this Shall be your warrant Given under our hands — 

Londonderry Datted Aprill 22 d 1768 — 

Edward Aiken 
Rob 1 Moore 
Gorge Moore 
Sam 11 Huston 
Peetter Patterson 

Select Men 

A true Return of the foregoing warant — 

Attest per Mo" Barnett Clk 


[Constable's Statement."] 

Province of Newhampshire — 

Londonderry Oct 1 y e 15 th 1768 

This may Certify whome it may Concern that I published 
the warrant the first Sabath After I Recvied it and the nixt 
Sabath ther was No meeting at our meeting hous and So I 
Could not put up the warant 

pr me Sam 11 Alison Town Constable 

[ll— 148] [Remonstrance to the Foregoing Petition.] 

Province of New Hampshire — To the Honourable Speaker 
& Gent n of the Assembly of said Province — 

The Petition, of the Select men, & Other, Freeholders, & 
Inhabitants, of Londonderry, And Windham, in said Province, 
Legally, Qualified to Vote, in Chusing, Representatives, Hum- 
bly Sheweth. — 




That the said Selectmen, have been served, with a Copy of a 
Petition, signed by Robert Wallace, & Others, Complaining of 
Illegality, in the Choice, of our Representative, & praying, he 
may be Dismised, &c. — 

But your Petitioners, beg leave to inform your Honours, that 
said Choice, was Regular, fair & Legal, According to the best 
Of our Knowledge, first the Notification, or Warrant, for 
Calling said Meeting, was Published, two Publick, days, 
Agreeable to our Custom, & signed by the Select Men, fifteen 
days, before the Choice, in Compliance with the Sheriff's, pre- 
cept, Altho, we are of Opinion, the Law, Does not Require it. 

2 17 No Legal Voters, were Refused, the privilege, of Voting, 
only James Cochran June r who Came, as the Select men, had 
done, telling the Votes, & did not insist on Voting, whose Vote 
was for the present Representative. — 

3 ly If any unqualified person, Voted, in said Choice, it is, 
unknown to us, none Such, were Challenged, at the time of 
Voting, which Agreeable to the Law (as we understand it) 
was the time, the Right of any person, to Vote, ought to have 
been Disputed. — Therefore your Petitioners, pray that said 
Wallace's Petition, may be Dismised, &c — 

September 15 th AD 1768. — 

Mathew Thornton James Lyons 

Alexander Craige 
John Montgomery 
John Raside 
Robert Wallace 
John Doack 
George Cochran 
Robert Rogers 

Peter Patterson 
George Moore 
Robart Moore 
Samuel Huston 
Edward Aiken 

Stephen Holland 
Moses Barnett 
William Neill 
Christopher Eayrs 
Jonathan Gillmore 
John Brown 
John M c Cartney 

Andrew Jack 
John Willson 
William Wallace 
James Miltmore 
Joseph Cochran 
John Patten 




David Montgomery 
Thomas Creage 
David Craige 
Daniel M c Neill 
Alexander Nichols 
John M c Keen 
Robert Gillmore 
Robert M c Neill 
John Gillmore 
John Mitchell 
Arthur Archibald 

John M c Curdy 
Thomas Nesmith 
John Ramsey 
James Crombie 
Robert Hunter 
John Carr 
James Stinson 
Alexander M c Colom 
Robert M c Colom 
Samuel Awls 
William Betty 

David Taylor 
Elias Sergent 
Trueworthy Sergent 
William Taylor 
John Humphry 
Nathaniel Martin 
Daniel Chaney 
Jacob Sergent 
John Taylor 
Andrew Clindinin 
John Vance 


James Vance 
John Moore 
James Cochran 
Robert M°farland 
Joseph Morison 
John Durham 
John Cochran 
James Doack Jun r 
John Cate 
Thomas Cristy 
William Vance 
Daniel Runnels 
Abraham Reid 
James M c Hard 
Moses Senter 
John Boyd 
Robert Clark 
Thomas Dunshee 
John M c Duffee 
Hugh Dunshee 
William Patterson 
Robert Archibald 
Moses Watts 
Hugh Moore 
James Ramsey 
John Crombie Jun r 
Samuel Alison 
Samuel Eayers 
William Morrow 
James Miller 
James Ewins 
Samuel Morison 
Adam Taylor 
William Cunning- 
Samuel Gregg Jun r 


Samuel Morison 
James Blair 
James Willson 
Robert Willson 
John Clark 
Samuel Clark 
Henry Campbell 
Hugh Graham Jun r 
John Wallace 
George Reed 
John Crombie 
James Cochran Jun r 
Joseph Clyd 
Isaac Cochran 
Robert montgomery 
Hugh montgomery 
William Gregg 
Robert Thomson 
Robert Fulton 
James Anderson Ju r 
William Boyd ■ 
Charles Mellen 
Samuel Thompson 
John Thompson 

William Dickey 
Robert Mack Jun r 
John Rogers 
James Patterson 
John M c Allester 
Archibald Moles- 
William Eayers 
Simeon Morell 
David Colbie 
John Wiear 

William Clindinin 
James Humphry 
Samuel Taylor 
David Clindinin 
James M c Keen 
Elisha Cumings 
Ezekiel Grele 
John Senter 
Levi Andrews 
John Marshell 
John White 
David Peabody 
Peter Robison 
Sampson Kidder 
Simon Bradstreet 
Nathaniel Hills 
Asa Peabody 
Ebenezer Tarbox 
Daniel Marshell 
William Hord 
George Burrows 
Richard Marshell 
Philip Marshell 
David Laurance 
Ruben Page 
Richard Marshell 
Isaac Page 
William VVaugh 
Hugh Clyd 
John Clyd 
David Gregg 
James Bettin 
Samuel Eastman 
John Davidson 
Joseph Smith 


Sign'd Wallace's Petition & Since for Squir Livermore 



John Stinson 




Samuel Livermore Esq. the Legallity of Whoes Election, 
was this day to be Disputed, being Necessarily absent the sub- 
scriber, on his Behalf prays your, Honours, to Dismise s d Wal- 



lace's Petition, or put off the Hearing said Dispute, till Some 
future day, that Squire Livermore may be present 

Mathew Thornton 
Oct' 20, 1768. 


[Several Petitioners recant. ,] 

Province of New Hampshire — 

To the Hon 1 Speaker & Gentlemen of the Assembly of said 


The Petition of Sundry of the Inhabitants of Londonderry in 
said Province, Humbly- Sheweth 

That your Petitioners being misinformed, & over perswaded 
by Robert Wallace, & some other unquiet persons of this 
Town, did Sign a Petition to your Honors, Setting forth the 
Proceedings of the Meeting for the choice of our Representa- 
tive, were illegal, and praying the Representative so chosen 
might be Dismissed &c. 

But on better information from Gentlemen of known Capac- 
ity, & Veracity. — we after Mature Consideration find the said 
choice was Regular, fair & Legal. 

We therefore pray the above said Petition may be dismissed 
& e , & your Petitioners as in Duty Bound will ever pray & c , 

September 15 th AD 176S 

Joseph Hogg 
Sam 1 Rankin 
William Gregg 
James Gil more 
Alaxd r Simpson 

October 20 th 1768 

A Copy Exam'd per 

John Willson 
Hugh Brown 
John Mills 
John M c kay 
George Davidson 

Hugh Graham 
Adam Dickey 
Mark Owen 

Sam 1 Hobart CI P T 

Province of New hampshir 

these May Sertify to Honorable hous of Representatives that 
I the Subscribors having Perused the Within Petition and I See 
my name Sigen therto this is the firs time that aver seedd Such 
a Petition Nor Signed aney Such Petition as Witness my hand 
at Windham December ye 21 176S 

George Davidson 


[11-151] [Statements of Hugh Graham and others.] 

Province of New hampshire 

These May Sertify to the honorable hous of Representatives 
of Said Province that I the Subscriber Signed a Petition 
Signed by Cap* Robart and others Seting forth that Samuel 
Livermor Esq r Wase not Legaily Chosen Aas a Representi- 
tave at our Last election and Praying that He Might be Dis- 
mise : but since being thretned by James Beton to-Sumose 
Me to Portsmouth and put Me to a Grait Cost I ordred him to 
Put in my name but I Neve Saw his Petition Nor Did Not 
know the Import of it Witness My hand at Wind ham Decem- 
ber ye 2 1 1 768 

Hugh Graham 

and the Said Grhams further Declairs y* his sone Hugh 
Grhams Jun r has No Reall Estate in Said town altho he Signed 
Esquier thorntonns Petition Witnese My hand the Day and 
year above Mentioned 

Hugh Graham 

I the Subscriber Do hear Declar that I Can Sertify to all the 
abov that Hugh Grhams has Signed to but I saw the Petition 
and for fear of trubel and Cost Signed the Second Petition 
Signed by Joseph hoge and others 

John M c Cay 
Province of New hempshire 

this May Sertify to the honorable hous of Representitaves 
that I the Subscribor by the Means of the threatning of James 
Beeton to Sumes us to Court if We Would not Sign Esquer - 

thorton and hogs Petitions the Which We Did but being 
Showed the Copey of Said Petitions atested by the Clerk of the 
asmbley and We find them Not agriable to the origonall that 
We Signed therfor We Beg that the Prayer of Robart Wallace 
Petition may be Granted & the other Dismised Witness our 
hand at 

Windham December ye 21 1768 

Will™ Gregg 
David Gregg 
Province of New hempshire i 

these May Sertify to the Honarable hous of Reprsentatives of 
Said Province that I signed a Petition to Said hous Which I 
thought Was Wallaces Petitition. Not knowing that ther Was 
aney other Petition Caring about But Since I am Informed that 
it Wase Esquier thortons Petitition Which I Never Intend to 

r «j apr 


Sign therfor I Beg that the Prayer Said Wallaces Petition May 
be Granted and the other Desmised 

Dated Londonderry December y e 22 1768 

Samuel gregg Junier 

[11-152] [Relative to an Astronomical Instrument.^ 
Portsmouth New Hampshire 8 th May 1773. 

Whereas M r John Tufft of Windham in the Province of New- 
Hampshire has for some time past applied himself, in forming 
an Astronomical instrument, which may prove useful in Navi- 
gation if perfected : We the Subscribers, being desirous to aid 
& encourage every effort, of laudable ingenuity, do freely give 
to the said John Tufft the respective Sums we hereunto sub- 
scribe, to enable him to proceed in his invention 

J Wentworth Ten dollars — paid 

[11-155] [Letter from James Betton, J/ r /6.'] 

Windham July 9 th 1776 
Honr* Sir 

By these I would inform you that I am this Day Returned 
from Albany I left my house at Windham the 24 th of June and 
we arrived at Albany the 30 th on the first of July we Delivered 
the money to the Pay-master General by Gen 1 Skylers Order 
we thought that the money might not be wanted as our army 
was Returned to Ticonderoga and mentioned it to Gen 1 Skyler 
he told us the money was Due at Canada — 

We hired two men to go with us as a guard the sum we paid 
was £1147,, 1, o for Which we took Duplicate Receipt: affirs 
at Albany Carry a Dark aspect the people seem Discouraged 
we was Informed that there was a fleet at Nevv-york Consisting 
of one hundred and twenty Sail and that our army was got Back 
to Ticonderoga 

The Inhabitants of Otter-Creek and Onion River leaving 
their Settle-ments time only can Discover the Events — 

I am Sir with all Due Respect yours to Serve 

James Betton 

P S M r Giles have a letter from Gen 1 Schuyler to you 


[i I— 156] [Instructions to yames Betton, Commissioner to 
Congress, the Army, etc., 1776. ~] 

The Committee appointed to report a Draught for Instructions 
to James Betton Esq 1 * to regulate his Conduct in Executing his 
Mission from this State to Philadelphia — Beg to lay the fol- 
lowing before the Court for their Approbation — 

To James Betton Esq r Pursuant to the Vote of General 
Assembly of the 26 th Inst You are to proceed on your Journey, 
taking with you some trusty person as an Assistant, as you go 
forward you are to call on the Committee for detecting & defeat- 
ing conspiracies against the States appointed by N York Con- 
vention & deliver the Letter directed to them & Desire them to 
forward Money to Support their prisoners here — Then endeav- 
our to find the Col°' 8 Stark, Poor, and Scammil, and know of 
them what Money they have drawn from Continental paymas- 
ters to recruit their Regiments, and urge it on them to procure 
the Money from Said Paymasters or Congress sufficient for the 
Afores d purpose, as soon as the Service will permit them, & 
repair to this State to raise their Regiments — And if such Diffi- 
culties should Arise as to convince you that they cannot Effect 
the Business that then you apply for the Money as directed by 
the Vote, Otherwise not. 

The Money you are to Solicit for procuring Cloathing has 
been requested from Congress by the Committee of Safety in 
their Letter of the 14 th Inst which may be rec d by Congress 
-before your Arrival which money You will endeavour to pro- 
cure & bring forward — The Money you are directed by said 
Vote to request as part of the Balance due from the Continent 
to this State. You are Instructed to Inform the Congress, or 
our Delegates there, that the Depreciation of paper Bills is so 
Great that this State find it Necessary to desist from Emiting 
any more, and have not Money in the Treasury to carry on the 
Important demands for the Soldiery &c — That the Continual 
and very Interesting Matters relative to prosecuting the War 
has commanded the Attention of this Legislature so far as to 
hinder the Necessary Examination into the Accounts of the 
Several Persons Entrusted with the publick Money Sufficient to 
Close the Account and send forward to Congress for their Allow- 
ance. But expect soon to be able to compleat & Transmit the 
same — After you have compleated your Business with the Con- 
gress you are to Consult with our Delegates on the Most safe & 
convenient Method of proceeding back — and return as soon as 
your Business, and the Circumstances of travelling will Admit 
hereof — Geo : King Chairman 

In the House of Representatives Dec'. 27, 1776. The above 
Instructions being read & Considered Voted that the same be 


Transcribed & and Delivered to James Betton Esq' : as orders 
to him from this house 

Sent up for concurrence John Langdon Speaker 

In Council Eodem Die read & concurred 

E Thompson Secy 

[11-157] [Petition for a Lottery, I777*~\ 

To the Honorable Assembly of the State of New Hampshire 

The Petition of us the Subscribers, Humbly Sheweth That 
Whereas the Town of Windham, or at Least a Great Part of 
the Inhabitants of it, are under the Disadvantage of Going to 
mill within the Bounds of Pelham, and for want of a Bridge 
over the Stream Near Said mill, which is Called Butlers mill, 
they (after Getting within 40 Rods of S d mill) are obliged to Go 
Round a full mile, which is a Great Trouble to S d Inhabitants, 
and many Travellers Likewise are under the Same Disadvan- 
tage on the Same account and it is a Rode that is used by the 
Inhabitants of a Place Call d LondonDerry Claim, Litchfield, 
Part of Nottingham west & Part of Pelham, & also by People 
Travelling into the upper Towns (as Amherst, Hillsborough, 
Society Land), &c. — 

it is thought that a Good Bridge would Cost 2S0 Dollars or 
more ; and as the Town of Pelham is Remarkably Embarrassed 
with Bridges already, having no Less than five Large ones over 
S d Stream or River, and Several over a brook Call'd Golden 
Brook, which are Exceeding Costly to keep them in Repair by 
Reason of a Quick Rise of S d Streams, and moving of the Ice 
— and it is Look d upon to be a hardship for the Town of Pel- 
ham to Build a Bridge in S d Place — Therefore we your Peti- 
tioners have Thought Proper to ask Leave of this Hon ble Court 
to form a Lottery Sufficient to Build a Bridge as afores d — This 
is therefore to Pray your Honours to Give Liberty for the Same, 
which if you Do, your Honours may Depend upon it, that it 
Shall be Carried on faithfully without fraud or Deceit for the 
Public Good, for which Purpose we Desire that m r Nehemiah 
Hadley of Windham & m r James Gibson of Pelham be the Per- 
sons appointed to Carry on S d Lottery if Granted, &c. and in 
Gratifying your Petitioners in Granting the above Request, you 
will not onlv oblige them But will Greatlv Promote the Public* 
Benefit— &c— 

and as we are in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray 

Windham March y e 6 th 1777 — 



John Mussey 
Samuel Butler 
Caleb Butler 
David Cumings 
John Strickland 
Samuel VVason 
Stephen Lowell 
Joseph Lowell 
Timothy Lowell 
Stephen Lowel juner 
Benjamin Kidder 
Edmund Hardy jun r 
Daniel Wyman 
Ebenezer Richardson 
Alexander graham 
James Caldwell Ju 
Seth Wyman 
Joseph Baldwin 
Asa Baldwin 
Josiah Burroughs 
Henry Campbell 
William Burns 
Stephen Hadley 
Asa Davis 
David Glover 
Thomas Saris 
Thomas marsh 
Tho* Wason 
Jeremiah Hills 
Samuel Caldwell 
Sam 1 French 
Thomas Caldwell 
Joseph Caldwell 
James Wason 
Jn° Caldwell 
John Hale 
Levi Dakin 
Seth Hadley 
George Burns 
Moses Hadley 
Page Smith 
Joseph Greele 
Jeremiah Bloclget 
John Gibson 

William Shed 
James Barnard 
David Larrance 

Zaccheus Grele 
Daniel Hutcherson 
Samuel Hutcherson 
Amos Johnson 
Samson Kidder 
Stephen Kenney 
Sanders Bradbury 
Sam 1 Greele Ju r 
Peter Cross 
Samuel Greele Ju r 
Asa Hardy 
Edmund Hardy 
Cyrus Hardy 
W m Johnson 
Nehem h Butler 
Simeon Barret 
Gideon Butler 
Samuel Haywood 
George Davidson Ju r 
Timo y Smith 
Abel Gage 
John Haseltine Jun r 
Josiah Johnson 
Thaddeus Butler 
Jesse Butler 
George Davidson 
David Davidson 
Dan 1 M c ilvaine 
Aron wyman 
Jesse wyman 
Joseph buttler 
Alex dr Gregg 
Amos Kenney 
Will" 1 Gregg 
Alex dr Wilson 
James Wilson 
Samuel Wilson 
Will" 1 Gregg Jun 
Amos merrill 
Henry Campbel 

David Gregg Jun r 
John anderson 
William M c Cay 
George Williams 
David Gregg 
Peter Merrill 
Sam 11 Morison 
William Smith J r 
William Simson 
James Jameson 
James Campbell 
Ephraim kyle 
Robert Hemphill 
Daniel Clyd 
James Davidson 
John Cochran Ju nr 
John Dinsmoor 
John Wilson 
Alex dr M c Cay 
Thomas Gregg 
Tho 8 Wilson 
David Lawrance 
Alex dr Simpson 
James Willson 
Peter Merrill Ju r 
David Currier 
Daniel M c iivaine Jun r 
William M c ilvaine 
Joseph Smith 
Jonas Richardson 
Thomas McCay 
Henry Henry 
Benjamin Melven 
Jon a Bradley 
Jonathan Laurance 
moses Barrett 
Daniel Marshall 
John Davidson 
David Butler 
Henry Campbell 
Alex dr Boyd 
Hugh Graham 
Nathaniel merrel 


The Whole 130 Signers 



[11-160] [Relative to a disputed Line between this Totvn 
and Salem, 1782.'] 

These may Certify whom it may Concern that We the Sub- 
scribers were Sellect-men for the Town of Windham in the 
year 1781 Whereas there was a petition prefered to the then 
Gen 1 Assembly of the State of Newhampshire by the Sellect- 
men of Lond ry in Said State Setting forth that by the Act for 
Incorporating Said Windham into a parish it included a Cer- 
tain Peice of Land which Ought not to be included, in the same 
and Wheras the Hon bl Court Did Recomend it to the Sellect- 
men of the aforesaid Towns to Settle the matter : In Conse- 
quence of Said Recommendation we the Sellectmen of Said 
Windham Did meet with the Sellectmen of Londonderry afore- 
said and made a Verbal agreement Concerning the Same Wit- 
ness our hands 

Oct br 22 d , 1782. 

Alex' Wilson > Select 
Ja" Gilmore ] Men 

[11— 162] [Remonstrance against taking" the Oath of Alle- 
giance, 1782."] 

State of New Hampshire, Rockingham ss 

To the Hon ble the Gen 1 Assembly of the said State — 

The pettition of the subscribers Inhabitants of Windham in 
Said State Humbly sheweth 

That Whereas the Hon bl Court in their session in June Last, 
Did pass an Act, requiring the Male poles from twenty one 
years and upwards, to take an Oath of Alligance to this state, 
and upon refusal to Be Deprived of the right of Voteing in 
Town meeting, we your petitioners Beg leave to Observe, that 
we have Done our Equal proportion with the Other towns in 
this state towards the Defence of our rights and Liberties; and 
however an Oath of Aligance may be proper, yet we further 
beg leave to Observe, that the Oath refered to, are filled with 
Ambigious terms, that we Do not fully understand, also that 
the penalty for refusal is too high : There is at Least four fifths 
of this town that do not see their way Clear at present to take 
said Oath. 

We therefore pray that the Hon bl Court may repeal that part 
of said Act respecting the penalty or at least suspend the Act 
for such a time, as the Hon bl Court may think fit: We Like- 
wise understand, that there is some Evil minded persons in this 



state, that are in A tumultious manner, Going about to Alion- 
ate the minds of the good people of this state, against the Gov- 
ernment of the same, more Especially against the Hon bl Court, 
under Varies false pretences ; We therefore further pray, your 
Hon™ to take such measures, to surpress the spirit of Anarchy, 
and Confusion, that seem to prevail, and as in Duty bound shall 
pray &c. 

December 16 th 1782 

Sam 1 M c Adam Samuel Clyde Henry Cam 1 

Hugh Clyde J°hn Clyde Amos Merrill 

Pettor Merrill Daniel Clyd John Wilson 

Henry Campbell James Wilson John Karr 

to lay 

[R. 4-192] [ Windham Soldiers, 1777.] 

Windham, May 8 th 1777 
their is Enlisted out of Windham 

William Darough Robert Stuart in the Continential Armey 
to serve for the Term of 3 years — Enlisted with Leut Chirey 
John Job Nich s Vickstrem 

Enlisted with Lev 1 Senter — James Gilmore James Wilson 
James Brown Joseph Polley 

Enlisted with Lev 1 Tho 8 Hardy — James Easman 
-Enlisted with Lev* Senter — Jacob Hardy 

James Gilmore Cap* 

[R. 4-193] [ Windham Soldiers, 1778. .] 

Exeter aprel 17 th 1778 

This Day Received of James Batten [Betton] Esq r of Wend- 
ham fore hundred pounds Lawful money in full for fore Sol- 
gers that I hired to serve in the Contenental Servis for three 
years and march 1 For head Quarters with Co 1 Dearborn the 
mens Names are as Follows 

Etinns auberts, Gawrette antoine, Jacques honores and 
Bradhebury Cabny these are to sarve for the town of Wendham 
in this state — Sam 1 Folsom 

[R. 4-194] 

Certificate for David Campbell — Windham man 

Highlands December the 6 1780 this is to Certify the state 
of New hampshire that David Campbell has not Received any 


wages nor sauce money* nor any thing out of Continental nor 
State stors dureing the time he was in the Servise 

Eben r Frye Cap* 

[R. -4-185] \_yohn Simson, Bunker Hill Soldier. .] 

To the Hon bl the Council and House of Representatives for the 
State of New hampshire in General Court assembled now 
sitting at Exeter in said State 

The petition of John Simson Humbly sheweth that your pe- 
titioner was a soldier in Cap 1 Elisha Woodberys Company and 
Col John Starks Regiment in the year 1775 and being in the 
Battle at Bunkers Hrll on the 17 th of June had the Misfortune 
to have part of his hand shot away by a Cannon Ball which 
renders your petitioner in some Measure unable to get a living 
by labor ; and as he humbly Concives his case comes under the 
Resolve of the Continental Congress wherein provision is made 
for wounded soldiers &c — He therefore prays your Hon" to 
take his Case under your consideration and grant him such re- 
leive as you in your great wisdom' shall think fit and your peti- 
tioner as in duty Bound shall ever pray 

John Simson 

Dated Windham March 8 th I779 

[He was placed on the half-pay roll for three years. He 
petitioned in 1783 asking to be continued on the list " of half- 
pay pensioners;" and again in 1784, when his name was 
ordered to be placed on the roll, pay to commence at the 
time his half-pay ceased. — Ed.] 

[Dr. Tho?n y s Certificate relative to John Simson. ~\ 

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives for 
the State of New Hampshire — 

This may Certify that the bearer hereof John Simson of 
Windham had the Misfortune June 17 th 1775 to Loose two of 
his fingers & part of his hand in the Battle on Bunkers Hill by 
a shot from the Enemy & was attended for the same wound 
by Isaac Thorn Surgeon 

Windham 10 th March 1779 — 

•Money furnished soldiers in some cases to purchase vegetables from inhabitants dwelliag 
on their line of march. — Ed. 



[R. 4-188] 

\_jfames Wilson, Soldier. ~\ 

State of Newhampshire ) To all whom these presents 

Rockingham ss 

shall come — 

This may Certifie whom it may concern that Thomas Willson 
and Grizel Simpson his sister are the only heirs now living to 
James Willson late of Windham deceased who served in the 
Continental Army the term of three Years (Viz) 1778 1779 

Given under our hands at Windham aforesaid this 27 th day of 
Feb 1793— 

John Anderson *) 

Sam 1 Morison [ Select Men 

Will m Gregg j 

[R. 4-189] 

[In a petition dated Windham, June 4, 1794, David Gregg 
of that town stated that he "served in the Capacity of a 
Captain in Defence of his Contrey in the year 1758." He 
asked for a grant of land by virtue of the proclamation of 
the king, of October 7, 1763, which proclamation directed 
that grants be made to all reduced officers of the French 
war. — Ed.] 

[11— 163] [Petition to have the Town enlarged: addressed 
to the General Court, If82.~\ 

The Remonstrance and petition of us the subscribers select- 
men of Windham in Said State Humbly Sheweth — that Whereas 
the Sellectmen of Lond ry did petition the Hon ble Court at their last 
session — setting forth that there is a Certain strip of land Included 
in the Bounds of said Windham which ought not to be in said 
Bounds we humbly beg leave to inform your Hon" that the 
Town of Londonderry did vote that a parish should be set off 
in the Bounds of the southerly side of said Town with Certain 
limits without any Reservation which limits was meant to 
Comprehend one third part of the Town of Lond ry aforesaid 
Notwithstanding said W T indham do not comprehend more than 
one fifth part of said Township of Londonderry and the soil 
Exceeding poor — 

We further beg leave to Observe to your Hon" that it gives us 
pain to trouble the Honb 1 Court with such matters but the court 
will please to Observe that it is not our Motion : the sellectmen 


of Londonderry for the year 178 1 or reather one M r Paul under 
their signiture did prefer a petition to the then Gen 1 Court pray- 
ing that the above said strip of Land might be disanexed from 
Windham and anexed to Lond ery the Hon bl Court after consid- 
ering the purport of said petition recomended it to both Towns 
to sittle the matter : agreeable to said recomendation the select- 
men of Windham did meet with the sellectmen of Londondery 
and made a Verbal agreement : The agreement was that the 
said Town of Windham was not to tax said M* Paul and Lon- 
donderry was not to tax certain Land that lay over the line we 
Expected the matter was wholly settled : but to our surprise 
we were served with a Copy of a new petition and order of 
Court: we the sellect men of said Windham Humb 1 pray your 
Hon™ to take the Matter under your wise Consideration and 
enlarge our Bounds half a mile to the northward of the east 
and west Line discribed in the Act of our Incorporation that is 
Extending half a mile to the North and runing East from Bea- 
ver Brook so Called to the Easterly line of said Lond ry &c &c 
and your petitioners as in duty Bound shall pray 
Windham Nov br 4 th 1782 

Alex' Wilson ") Sellectmen 
Ja* Gilmore > of 
Nath 11 Henry ) Windham 

[11— 164J [Instructions to Representative to oppose paying 
Officers after the Close of the War, ij8j.~\ 

Wheras we the Subscribers being Chosen a Committee to 
consider of the third Article in a warning for a Meeting held 
in the Town of Windham on the 25 th of August 1783 (viz) to 
consider of the propriety of allowing the Officers in the Conti- 
nental Army five years pay after the Conclusion of the War we 
the said Committee beg leave to Report as our Oppinion that 
our Representative be Instructed to move at the next session of 
the Gen 1 Assemly of this state that a remonstrance be sent by 
said court to the Continental Congress against the Resolve 
passed in said Congress that the Officers in the Continental 
army have five years pay after the conclusion of the war — 

And we your constituants further Instruct you that in case 
the foregoing Motion is Overruled that you enter your Protest 
against the said Measure. As we Judge the same to be Op- 
pressive and unjust — 

Sam 1 Campbell for the Committee 

Windham September 12 th 17S3 

The Freeholders and other Inhabitants ofW T indham Being 
mete at the adjournment of the aforesaid Meeting taking the 


Report of the aforesaid Committee into consideration Unani- 
mously Votted that the same is their oppinion and that our 
Representative conduct himself accordingly — 

A true Coppy, attest John Morison town Clerk 

[11-165] C Vote relative to Eighth Article of Confederation, 

Whereas at a legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town 
of Windham held on the 25 th day of August Instant Voted to 
Choose A Committee to consider of the second Article in the 
warning for s d Metting — 

Agreable to said Vote we the said Committee have meet to 
consider of the second Article in said warning (Viz) the Altira- 
tion of the Eighth Article of Confederation and in Lue thereof 
to substitute the number of souls — 

We the said Committee beg leave to Report as our oppinion 
.that the said Eighth Article of Confederation be Altered and in 
Liu thereof to substitute the number of souls as recomended by 
the Continental Congress 

Sam 1 Campbel for the Commitee 

Windham September 12 th 1783 

The Freeholders and other Inhabitants of Windham Being 
mete at the adjournment of the aforesaid meeting, taking the 
Report of the aforesaid Committee into consideration Unani- 
mously Votted that the same is their oppinion and that this 
Copy be Sent to the Court 

John Morison town Clerk 

A true Coppy attest 

[11— 167] [Petition for Authority to elect a Representative : 
addressed to the General Court, 1784.] 

The Humble petition of the subscribers Inhabitants of Wind- 
ham in Said State Humbly Sheweth 

That said Town not having the number of poles reqired by 
the new Constitution to intitle the same To Send one repre- 
sentative to the Gen 1 Assembly of Said State and not being 
convenient to Class with any other Town whatever: Therefore 
agreeable to A proviso in the Said new Constitution in that 
case Provided we your petitioners pray that the Hon bl Court 
may issue a writ for our Electing and Sending a Representa- 
tive to the Gen 1 Court and as in Duty Bound Shall pray & c 

Dated at Windham Feb r r 27 th 1784 




Robert Burk 
James Betton 
Alex dr Wilson 
Ja 8 Gilmore 
Nath 11 Hemphil 
David Gregg Jr 
John Mori son 
Alex dr Sim son 
Petter Merril 
John Cochran 
John Dinsmoor 
Gain Armour 
John Simpson 
Benj m Thorn 
John Anderson 
Henry Cam 1 jun r 
Decon Sam 11 Camp- 
Will m Gregg Jur 
Will" 1 Gregg 
Samuel Morison 
Robart Stewart 
Joseph Clyde 
Daniel Clyde 
Henry Campbell 
Hugh Graham Jr 
Robert Morison 
John Davidson Ju r 
Moses Cristy 
Daniel M c alvain 

Samuel M c adams 

Jun r 
Robert Hemphill 
James Cochran 
Eliphalet Ladd 
James Davidson 
Alex dr Morrow 
James M c ilvane 
John Gregg 
Job Pingry 
Hugh Clyde 
James Wilson 
David Currier 
James Dinsmoor 
William Davidson 
Ebneser Hall 
Jesse Davidson 
John Wilson 
John Clyd 
Alexander Park 
thomas Wilson 
John Davidson 

Peter Merrill J r 
Rob* M c ilvaine 
John M c Keen 
Abner Foster 
Abraham Reid 
matthew Reid 
Alex r Park 
Thomes Jameson 
Asa haseltine 
Samuel Smith 
Rob 1 Diasmoor 
George Davidson 
George Davidson Jur 
David Gregg 
David Armstrong 
William Dickey 
Robert Speer 
James Eastman 
Abner Campbell 
Joseph Smith 
Will m Shedd 
Will" 1 Thorn 

Robert Dinsmoor Jn r John Armour 
Sam 11 Clyd Se n Armour 

Allex dr M c Cay 
Philip Hesletine 
Robert Smith 
John Campbell 
Jonathan Thomson 
William M c Cay 
Samuel Wilson 

David Hobkens 
Will 1 " Dinsmor 

[In H. of Rep., Mar. 31, 1784, the foregoing request 
was granted. Council concurred. — Ed.] 

£11—168] \_More effective Sunday Laws wa?ited : addressed 
to the General Court, Oct. 20, 1784.] 

The petition of us the Subscribers Selectmen of the Town of 

7!nJUnr« "LT.,.~.->K1., CKm.m^ T'U..*- '. 4- ^„^~^..^ 4- ^ . . r. ^ 1 , . , 4- 4-1-1 a. 


Windham Humbly Sheweth That it appears to us that . 
Lords Day is very much prophaned by persons traveling with 
and without Loads which is a sin henious in the Sight of the 
Supreme Being we wish to look up to you as our Policitacel 
fathers to make Such Laws for punishing Such Crimes — 

And Wheras the Law now in force for the Observation of 
the Lords Day are insufficient to answer the purpose intend : 



in the first place it is not so Explicit as it ought to be : and the 
fines are not high enough : in that Law refered to it mentions 
44 to restrain untill he pays his Said fine " Wheras we think 
the offender ought not to have Leave to proceed untill the 
Sabath is over: we also think there is not Officers Enough to 
Execute the Said Law — We your petitioners Humbly pray 
your Excellency and Hon" to take the Subject Matter of Our 
petition under your wise & Serious Consideration and pass 
Such Laws as may answer the Salutary purpose proposed and 
as in Duty bound Shall pray 

Windham Oct br 20 th James Betton by order 

of the Selectmen of Windham 

[11-170] \_yames Betton recommended for a Magistrate^ 

State of New Hampshire — Rockingham ss — 

To his Excellency the President of said State with the Hon ble 
the Privy Council Convened — 

The Humble petition of us the Subscribers of Windham, in 
Said County Sheweth that whereas by our new Constitution, 
we understand that all Commissiones both Civil & Military are 
Vacated and A New Arrangement is to take place we your Pe- 
titioners in Behalf of Said town Humbly pray Your Excellency 
and Hon" to enrole James Betton Esq r to Continue as A Jus- 
tice of the peace for Said County and town as he has Given 
General Satisfaction in Said Office as in Duty bound Shall 

Dated Windham Dec 1 " 24 th 1784 

David Johnson 
Will™ Shed 
Alex' Simpson 
Henry Campbell 

John Clyd 
John Gregg 
Tho* Templeton 
Sam" Clark 
ohn Anderson 


a* Davidson 
Jn° Davidson 
Jn° Davidson Juner 
Will m Davidson 
Gorge Davidson 

Robert Hemphill 
Mathew Reid 
Caleb Balch 
David Nevens 
Dea n Robert Park 
Tho 8 Dougless 
Will" 1 Rogers 
Sam 11 Simpson 
John Rollings 
David Rollings 
John Corning 
Hugh Campbell 
Abra m Reed 
Joseph Hull 
David Merrell 
John Merrell 

Ja' Cochran 
John Templeton 
John Cochran 
Alex r Park 
Sam 11 Morison 
John Morison 
Alex er Morrow 
Andrew Park 
Eliph* Ladd 
Philip Haseltine 
Moses Cristy 
Jonathan Thompson 
Alex er Grimes 
John Grimes 
Josiah Gage 
Dea n Gawin Armour 



David Campbell 
Henry Campbell 
Alex' McCay 
Will" 1 Gregg Juner 
John Campbell 
Job Pingry 
Tho 8 Wilson 
David Armstrong 
John Armstrong 
Doc r John Arm- 
Cap* Asa Senter 
Robert Dinsmoor 

Asa Haseltine 
Tho s Jameson 
John Smith 
John Simpson 
David Hopkens 
Ja 9 Gilmore 
John Dins moor 
Sam 11 M c Adams Ju 
Ja s Sanders 
Tho s Acheson 
Stephen Pingry 
Sam 11 Ayer 
Sam 11 M c Adams 

Cap* Joseph Clyd 
Abner Foster 
Robert Smith 
Will" 1 Dinsmoor 
Joseph Smith 
Nath 11 Hemphill 
David Gregg 
Robert Stewart 
Robert Dinsmoor J r 
George Kezer 
Will" 1 Thorn 
Benj n Thorn 
Hugh Montgomery 

A true Copy from the other petitions 
[James Betton was appointed. — Ed.] 

[n-171] \_More Co?nflaint concerning Sunday Laws: ad- 
dressed to the General' Court, iy88.~\ 

The Humble petition of us the Subscribers Sheweth 
That whereas an Act intitled an Act for the better Observa- 
tion and keeping the Lords Day passed June 23 d 1785 proves 
insufficient to answer the Valuable purpose thereby intended : 
Your petitioners Humbly Concive that the true intent and 
meaning of Said Act is that every person or persons whatso- 
ever. Do Carefully apply themselves to the Duties of Religion 
&. piety Publickly & Privatly on that Day : but we find by 
Daily Experience that the Contrary is often practised : we See 
persons boldly Driving their Loaded Teams and also Horses 
Loaded with goods on that Day : and by reason of some Incon- 
sistences in Said Act (as we Concive) it cannot (or reather is 
not) Carried into Execution : W r e Humbly Beg leave to point 
out to the Hon bl Court those parts of Said Act that we think 
Ought to be ammended and first it is the Duty of every Sheriff 
Coroner Tythingman Constable & Sellect man to inform of all 
the Breaches of Said Act and we Humbly think that they are 
Oblidged to Do it by their Oath & office : but in Case Either 
of Said Officers Do Complain to any Justice of the peace for 
the Breach of Said Act and Prossess is Issued against the Sup- 
posed offender and he Brought to Tryal and found Guilty and 
he appeals to the next General Sissions of the peace & if he is 
there aquited the Complainant or informer (Notwithstanding 
his Oath & office) must pay all Cost one other part of Said 
Ack we Humbly think ought to be ammended that is in Case 


any supposed Offender lives in any other County in this State 
and either of Said Officers Returns the persons name to a jus- 
tice of the peace the Justice is Authorised to Direct his warrant 
to the Sheriff of any County in this State or his Deputy for ap- 
prehending and Bringing before him any person or persons 
Offending as aforesaid : but the Sheriff is not Oblidged to Ex- 
ecute Said Warrant untill his fees is paid or is tendered to him : 
and in Case the person so offending is aquited at the General 
Sessions of the peace the person who pays the sheriff his fees 
must Loose it : and also the person who Complains must pay 
all other Costs: We your Humble petitioners beg- the Hon bl 
Court to take this Matter under your wise Consideration & pass 
an Additional Act to ammend the above Resited Paragraphs or 
otherwise Repeal the S'aid Act and pass another in liew thereof 
& your petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall pray 
December 17 th 1788 

Sam 11 Cochran Jun r Sam 11 Cochran George Russell 

John Betton James Wallace John Pinkerton 

Peter Dustin James Betton Daniel Davis 

Rob* Dinsmoor Thomes Patterson James Aiken 

Alexander M Cay Joseph Morison John Ewins 

Alexander Park James Dinsmoor Robert MacMurphy 


[11— 172] [Location of the Meeting- House complained of: 
addressed to the Ge?ieral Court, 1791. ~\ 

The petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitents of windham in 
Said State Humbly Sheweth 

That your petitioners Labour under Great Deficulty with 
Respect to the unjust Situation of the Meeting house in Said 
town — we beg leave to Inform the Hon bl Court that your peti- 
tioners was Much Discontent with The Situation of Said Meet- 
ing house when it was Built and Since that time the Bounds of 
Said Town are Much Altered their being three thousand Seven 
hundred Acres of land, set off to Salem so that the Meeting 
house Stands Near six Miles from the North-west Part of Said 
town and about one Mile from the Southeast part ; Wherefore 
Your petitioners Humbly pray the Hon bl Court to appoint a 
Commitee to View the premises And Consider the Situation of 
Said Meeting-house and make Report to this Hon bI Court as 
the Matter May appear to them and that the Said Commitee 
Maybe paid at the Expence of the town — And Your petitioners 1 

as in Duty Bound Shall ever pray — 

Dated at windham March y e 26 th 1791— 



\Vill ra Davidson 

John Davidson 
3* Davidson 
George Davidson 

George Davidson 
Richard Estman 
Will m Shed 
Will" 1 M c Cay 
David Gregg 
Daniel Gregg 
David Gregg Ju r 
Mathew Clark 
John Karr 
Henry Campbell 
Isaac Campbell 
Amos Merrill 
John Campbell J 
Abnor Campbell 

John Anderson 
Tho 8 Davidson 
Henry Campbell 
Ja 8 Moor 
Will m Moor 
Daniel Andei'son 
Nath 1 Martine 
John Ray 
James Clark 
John Armstrong 
David Armstrong 
Sam 1 Clark 
David Gregg 3 d 
Will™ Gregg Ju r 

Ju r Will 111 Gregg 
Sam 1 Campbell 
Alex r M c Cay 

u r Hugh Wilson 
David Campbell 

Rob 1 Clark 
James Anderson 
Sam 1 Anderson 
James Clark Ju r 
John Clyd Ju r 
Joseph Clyd 
Joseph Clyd Ju r 
Daniel Clyd 
Peter Merrill 
Timothy Merrill 
Bay ley Merrill 
John Montgomery 
Hugh Clyd 
John Clyd 
John Davidson Ju r 
Rob 4 Hemphill 
John Hemphill 

[11-174] \_yames Bet ton's Account of Travelling- Expenses 
while on a yourney to Baltimore after Money for the use 
of this State, 1777.] 

An Account of the Expences on the Journey to Baltimore in 
Maryland with the Distance from place to place 

Distance Tavernkeepers names or Towns — 
26 miles from Exeter To my house — 
To Dunstable 12 miles Esq 1- Lovells — 
8 miles to Woods in Grotten Lodging — 

5 to Chiles gotten Breakfast — 

6 to Hartford — 
to Athertons Lanchaster — 
to Whites in Ditto — 




to Beamans in Shrewsbury Lodging — 

to Starns in Wooster — 

to Lowtroops in Lister Dinner — 

to Weights in Spencer — 

to Hichcocks Brookrield Lodging — 

to Cuttlers in Westerly — 

to Greaves in Palmer — 

to Warners in Welbrham — 

to Kingsbury Enfield — 

to Granges Suffield Connecticut — 

£o„ 5,, 4 
o„ 8 
5^ o 

2,, 8 

I„ 10 





o,, 4,, 1 

o„ 2,, 8 
O,, I„ 2 

o,, 6,, 10 

o„ 2,, 8 


O,, 2,. 

o„ 6„ 11 




























to Kents in Suffield — 
Blacksmiths Charge — 
to Oak hams in Simsburry — 
to Phelps in Ditto- 
to Humpreys in Ditto — 
to Yeals in farmigton — 
to Phillips in herrington — 
to Litchfield Doltens — 
to CogsDales New Milford — 
to Beaches at Bulls Iron works — 
to Haldes in Dover — 
to Deenes — 

to Cap 1 Griffens fish kills — 
to fish kills — 

to Warrens in the Highlands — 
to Lunts Peekskill — 
to Kingsferry Shoeing and Breakfast — 
to Haverstraw — 
to Keakeat Dutch mans — 
to Soverens at Rampock — 
paid for Buck Wheat and corn — 
to Garrisons in Pumpton — 
to Conick to Mandivels — 
to Moristown — 
to Prudents in Ditto — 
to Vealtown — 
to the White house — 
to Flemingham— 
to Robinsons ferry at Delaware — 
to Bougers Tavern — 
to kilevals — 
to Buttlers — 
to Jenkens — 
to Philadelphia Carsons Sign of the Harp & 

Crown — 
to Smiths at Derby — 
to Duttens — 
to Wilminton — 
to Newport — 
to Cristine — 
to Elk River— 
to North East — 
to Rogers at Sisquhanna River for Pilot & 

Lodging — 
to the head of Bush River — 
to the Iron works — 
to Carmicaels Si<m of Masons arms — 











2 T » 













2 n 



































































4« 3 





J 3> 






















7 to Baltimore at M r Mackindles for one 

Days — o„ 16,, o 

at the Coffey house — I,, 16,, 4 

for Shaving and Washing While at Balti- 
more— o„ 14,, 3 
Powder Bullets and Shoot — o,, it,, 10 
at Macandleys in Baltimore 21 Days 2 men 

& 2 Horses — 21,, 14,, o 

7 to Carmichaels Left Baltimore the 11 th of 

Febr* — -o„ 17,, 6 

at the falls Lodging 6 men and 9 horses — i„ 16, , 6 

at Bush — 0,, 16,, o 

at the River Sisquhannah Dinner & fer- 

rage— i„ 12,, 6 

more to Treating the Negros for helping the 

Loading out — 
at North East Lodging — 
at the Elk— 
at Dowdies Cristine — 
At Grays in Newport Lodging — 
At Elots— 
at Duttens — 
at Chester — 
at Brian ts Lodging — 
at Smiths in Derby — 
at Philadelphia Saturday the 15 th 
at Rising Sun Lodging for 2 men and 

Horse — 
at Pauls in Frankfort 2/6 and 12/ to the 

Waggoner — 
at Macvays in Frankfort Lodging — 
at Comlys Tavern for Dinner &c — 
at Bennets for Lodging — 
at Correls at the ferry — 
to the ferrymen — 
at amuels — 
12 miles from Dalaware to M r Dalwickos — 
8 to Redintons Lodging — 
3 to White house — 

7 to the Stone house — Dinner — 
10 to youngs Lodging — 

paid for Shoeing Horses — o,, 7,, 9 

8 to How els — 
8 to Mandevals Dinner — 

Cap* Throops Expence in going to Morris- 
town — 

paid to the Waggoner for Oats — 







































































15 to Rampock Lodging — i„ 4,, o 

for my Expences when alone at Ditto — o„ 2,, o 

7 to Soverins Tavern — o„ i„ 6 

8 to Caroll Dinner — O,, 2,, o 

10 to Kingsferry — o„ 4,, o 

5 to Peekskill Lodging — 1,, 10,, 6 
more at Peekskili — o„ 6,, o 

7 miles to the Dutchmans — o,, 1,, o 
18 to Dutchy County where I came up with 

the Waggon— o„ 13,, o 
Cap* Throops ace 1 for the Companys Ex- I 
pence — 2,, 4,, o I 
more paid Co 11 Gregg Expences in the Jer- 
seys— 2,, 3,, 6 

8 to Shermans Lodging — i„ 10,, o | 
paid to M r Sherman for Carrying part the 

load to Milford o„ ll„ o 

11 to Milford — o„ 7,, o ■ J 

6 to Fowlers in Milford, Dinner — o,, o,, 6 
5 to Stones — o„ 3,, 6 
3 to Stodders Lodging — i„ o,, o 
3 to Litchfield Breakfast Buels — o,, 6„ 6 
3 to Buels Snow Storm this Day — O,, 3,, 8 
3 to Philips Lodging and Washing — 2,, i„ 11 
3 to Catlines — O,, 9,, 6 

14 to Farmington Coil 8 Lodging — 1,, 4,, o 
paid to M r Potter for Carrying the load 22 

miles — i„ 10,, 6 

more paid for Ditto 3 miles — o,, 6,, o 

10 to Hartford M r Jones Lodging & Horse | 

keeping— " i„ 3,, 2 

8 to Windser — ' o,, 2,, o 

8 to Endfield Dinner — o,, 7,, 9 

13 to Wilbraham — o,, 2,, 6 

7 to Graves Tavern Lodging — 1^, 3,, 6 
5 to Bliss Tavern Breakfast — o„ 7,, o 

10 to Hitchcocks — o„ 2,, 10 

11 to Lister Dinner — O,, 8,, O 

10 to Woster Starns — o,, 2,, 4 1 

8 to Farras Lodging — I,, i„ o 

14 to Hows Malbury — O^, 8,, o 

10 to Jones Wetham — o'„ 4,, o J 

12 to Bakers Rocksburry — O,, 1,, 6 
Cap* Troops Expences when from us — i„ n„ o 
to Boston came to Boston Saturday the i' 4 of 

March 4 of the Clock afternoon 

3 Expences at M r Moores in Boston 3,, 18,, 8 





other Expences at Boston & Elswhere paid 

by Co 11 Gregg- 
miles to Wymans in Wooburn Lodging — 
to Deacon Ballards Willminton — 
to Mastens at the river — 
to Deacon Kelleys New Salem Dinner — 
Horse Shoeing — 

to Chester Ingols: — • % 

to Towels Kingston — 
at Exeter when returning the money — 
at Towles kingstown — 
. at Ingalls in Chester — 

[James Betton was born in Scotland in 1728 ; he took up 
his residence in Windham about 1753, and was a prominent 
man in the town and state, and was employed on several 
important commissions during the Revolutionary war. He 
was a member of the state legislature in 1777, '79, 'So, '81, 
•82, '84,-86, '89, '91, and '93, and died March 18, 1803. — 
Ed.] ■ ' 
















* pi* 

















The town was formerly called Campbell's Gore. By an 
act passed June 21, 1797, a tract of land known as Wheel- 
er's Gore, situated between Campbell's Gore and the town 
of Washington, was annexed to said Campbell's Gore. 

The town was incorporated December 27, 1798, at which 
time it received its present name ; and by the same act 
Joshua Lovejoy was authorized to call the first meeting of 
the inhabitants, and preside in the same until a moderator 
was chosen. 

This is one of the smallest towns in the state, territo- 
rially considered, and contained but sixty-five inhabitants 
in 1880. 

[n-176] [Petition for Authority to tax Non- Residents : 
addressed to the General Court, iyS/.^ 

Gentlemen — 
We the Inhabitants of Campbells Gore in the County of 
Hillsborough, humbly petition — whereas Labouring under many 
Difficulties & Inconveniencies for the want of a Road through 




said Gore from Antrim to Washington, & in making said Road 
passable, there must be a Bridge built of considerable Length & 
Heighth, which will be of great Use & Benefit to the Publick, 
as well as to the Inhabitants And often being requested to build 
said bridge by the people above & below us, & we not being 
able to perform said Work, begs that your Honours will allow 
us the Subscribers, to Tax the Non Resident Lands to the high 
Ways so as to Enable us to perform said work as it will be as 
beneficial to their Interest as Ours. — And also humbly desire 
your Honours to call the Name of this place Scituate — which 
Requests we are Continually Praying for — 

Campbells Gore May 25 th 1787 

Joel Richards 
Stephen Wyman 
Thomas Stickney 
John Roche 

Jonathan Swett 
Asa Dresser 
Elijah Green 
John Roch J r 

David perkins 
Nathan Barker 
John Gordon 
Josiah Swett 


[11-177] \_Petition of Inhabitants of Ca?npbelVs Gore and 
■part of Hillsborough, for Incorporation, ijqo.~\ 

To the Honourable Senate, and house of Representatives in 
General Assembly convened at Portsmouth, within & for the 
State of Newhampshire — 

The Petition of us the Subscribers being Inhabitants of a 
track of Land, called Campbells Gore — and also of Sundry of 
the Inhabitants, living in the Southwest part of the town of 
Hillsborough — Most humbly Shews — That the said track of 
Land first Mentioned, containing but About 3000 Acres, which 
is too small ever to become a town or parish Sufficient to Main- 
tain the Gospel or carry on publick business, and its Situation 
is such, that it cannot be Joined to any Lands for its Relief, 
except a track of Land, Lying in the southwest part of said 
Hillsborough, on which a number of your Petitioners reside, 
and are desirous of being United with the Inhabitants of Camp- 
bells Gore, by an Incorporation vesting them with such town 
previleges and Immunities as other towns in the State hold and 
do enjoy — That the whole town of Hillsborough contains about 
26000 Acres, and the part hereby requested to be Joined to the 
said Gore contains only about 6000 Acres — That should the 
prayer of this petition be granted will then contain about 20000 
Acres, a Quantity Sufficient to afford Ample support for a Min- 
ister & remain a respectable town, and we cannot see any Ill- 
convenience that will attend the granting this Request, as the 
town of Hillsborough have Erected a new Meeting house and 



have Settled a Minister of the Congregational Standing, the old 
parish of Hillsborough being the greatest Majority carries all 
Votes to their Liking, & we being Presbyterians cannot Join 
with them — Although we have helped to defray all charges, 
and not willing to make any Difficulty in a new Country, and 
as Opportunity now presents to Join said Gore, to be releaved 
from our present bondage, we trust they will make no Opposi- 
tion in this our request, which we hope will appear to your 
honours very Reasonable & draw a small part of your Atten- 
tion on the Premises — Your petitioners therefore most humbly 
pray, that an Act may pass the Honourable Assembly, Incor- 
porating into a town the said Gore, with the Southwesterly 
part of Hillsborough, according to the following Directions and 
Boundaries (Viz) Beginning at the Southeast corner of Lot N° 
39 in the third Division (so called) being the south bounds of 
said Hillsborough, thence North about 15 Deg r West, in the 
east bounds of the Westermost range of the said third Division, 
Lots to the Northeast corner of LotN 6 in said Division, thence 
south Eight Deg r and an half West, to the North West corner 
of said Lot N° 6 thence Northerdly about 30 Rods to the North- 
east Corner of Lot N° $S in the Second Division, thence West- 
erdly in the North bounds of said Lot N° 5S, N° 27 and N° 16 
to the West bounds of said Hillsborough — Then pursuing the 
North west and South Lines of said Gore as the same are now 
reputed to be, till it shall come to the South west Corner bound 
of said Hillsborough, thence Easterdly in the South Line of 
Hillsborough to the place of beginning — Your petitioners there- 
fore most humbly pray, that a Committee be sent on said prem- 
ises viewing our Situation, and setting of so much as said 
Boundaries specifies, or any other Lines, as they in their Wis- 
dom sees fit — And Your petitioners as in Duty bound will ever 
fervently Pray &c &c &c — 
Dated Jan y 6 th 1790— 

Names of the Signers belonsrinsr to Hillsborough — 

David Goodell 
John m c Clintok 
John M c Cleary 
Andrew Bixbe 
Moses Steele 
Thomas murdough 
John Bixbe 
Joseph Taggart 
Alexander m c Clin- 

Fortu n8 Wheeler 
Solomon Andrews 

William Love 
David Livermore 
Samuel Pope 
Issachar Andrews 
benjaman Jones 

Tho miller Miller 
James Miller 
William Tallant 
Samuel Preston 
Robert patten 

benjaman Jones Jun hugh Smith 

John Gibson 
Archibald Taggart 
I william Hutching- 
son has nothan 
against being sot 

I John m c Neaill has 
nothan against be- 
ing Sat of 



Names of the Signers belonging to Campbells Gore 

Josiah Swett 
David Perkins 
Stephen Wyman 
John Goodell 
Nathan Barker 
Joshua Jones 
Daniel Bixbe 

Josiah Swett Jun 
James Jones 
John Roche 
John Roach J r 
James Roche 
Jonathan Swett 
Asa Dresser 

Eben r Curtice 
Daniel Gibson 
Henry Bagley 
William Jones 
Daniel Gordon 

[In H. of Rep., January 16, 1790, Robert Wallace, of 
Henniker, Nenian Aiken, of Deering, and Capt. Daniel 
Miltimore, of Antrim, were appointed as a committee " to 
view the situation" and report to the next session. Coun- 
cil non-concurred. — Ed.] 


[n— 179] [Another Petition for Incorporation: addressed 
to the General Asse/ndfy, iygo.'] 

The petition of us the Subscribers, being Inhabitants of a track 
of Land called Campbell Gore — and also of Sundry of the Inhab- 
itants living in the South west part of the town of Hillsbo- 

Most humbly Shews — 

That the said track of Land first Mentioned, containing be- 
tween 3 and 4000 Acres, which is to small ever to become a 
town, or parish Sufficient to maintain the Gosple, or carry on 
publick business, and its Situation is such, that it cannot be 
Joined to any Lands for its relief, except a track of Land, lying 
in the South West of said Hillsborough, on which a number of 
your petitioners reside, and are desirous of being United with 
the Inhabitants of Campbells Gore by an Incorporation vesting 
them with such town previliges and Immunites as other towns 
in the State hold and do Enjoy — 

That the whole town of Hillsborough contains about the 
Quantity of 26000 — and part hereby requested to be Joined to 
the said Gore Contains only about 6000 Acres — Your petition- 
ers therefore most humbly pray, that an act may pass the hon- 
ourable Assembly — Incorporating into a town the said Gore, 
with the South West part of Hillsborough, According to the 
following Description & Boundaries (Viz) Beginning at the 
South east Corner of Lot N°39 in the third Division (so called) 
being the south bounds of said Hillsborough thence North about 
15 Degrees West, in the east bounds of the Westermost range 
of the said 3 d Division Lots, to the northeast Corner of Lot N° 
6 in said Division, thence south Eight Degrees and an half 



West, to the North West Corner of said Lot N° 6, thence North- 
erdly about 30 Rods to the North east Corner of Lot N" ^S in 
the second Division, thence Westerdly in the North bounds of 
said Lot N° 58 N° 27 and N° 16 to the West bounds <>| said 
Hillsborough, Then pursuing the North West and South Lines 
of said Gore as the same are now reputed to be — till it shall 

come to the South West Corner bounds of said Hillsborough 

thence easterdly in the south Lines of Hillsborough to place of 

Your petitioners therefore most humbly pray, that a Com- 
mittee may be Appointed to come on to the premises, to view 
our Situation, and set of so much of said Boundaries, together 
with so much of the Adjacent towns of Washington and Stod- 
dard, as your Wisdom sees fit — And your petitioners as in Duty 
bound, will ever fervently pray &c &c &c — 

Dated May 28 th 1790 — 

Names of the Signers belonging to Hillsborough 

John m c Clintok 
David Goodell 
Andrew Bixbe 
Moses Steel 
John Gibson 
John M c Cleary 
Benjamin Jones 

Benjamin Jones Jr 
Fortunatus Wheeler 
Samuel Pope 
Joseph Taggart 
Thomas murdough 
William Tallant 
John Bigsbe 

Samuel Preston 
Solomon Andrews 
David Livermore 
Elexander ma c Clin- 

Names of the Signers belonging to Campbells Gore — 

Josiah Swett 
Isaac Procter 
Eben r Curtice 
Asa Dresser 
Henry Bagley 
Josiah Swett Jun 

william Jones Jun r 
John Roch J r 
John Goodell 
Asa Goodell 
Nathan Barker 
John Roche 

Daniel Gibson 
Issacher Andrews 
Joshua Jones 
Stephen Wyman 

[In H. of Rep., June n, 1790, a committee was appointed 
consisting of Stephen Dole of Bedford, Elijah Frink of 
Lempster, and Timothy Taylor of Merrimack, to report to 
the next session. They reported as follows : — Ed.] 

[i 1-181] [ Committee 's Report on foregoing.] 

Your Committee beg leave to report on the petition of the 
Inhabitants of Campbels Gore and Sundry of the Inhabitants of 
the West part of Hilsborough, That after Viewing the prem- 




ises according to their Request and hearing all parties, give it 
as our Opinion that it will be Convenient to be a Town Incor- 
porated and Bounded as Followeth Beginning on the South 
line of Hilsborough at the South East Corner of Lot N° 42 
thence Running Northerly on the Range Line to North East 
Corner of Lot N° 27 thence Westardly one Mile to the North 
West Corner of the Lot N° 16 in the Second Divition on the 
West Line of the Town of Hilsborough Thence Running West- 
erly on the North line of the S d Campbel Gore to the East Line 
of Washington thence Continuing West one Mile to the West 
Line of the Second Range in the first Divition so Called in the 
Town of Washington thence Southerly on the Range line to 
Stodard North line thence So far West as to the North West 
Corner of the Lot N° 2S in the third Range So Called in S d 
Stodard thence South on the Range Line So far South as to be 
parrellel with the South Line of the afore Said Campbels Gore 
Thence Easterly to the first Mentioned Bounds 

Which is Humbly Submitted Stephen Dole for the Com te< 

[In H. of Rep., January 14, 1791, a hearing was ordered 
for the next session ; meanwhile, the petitioners v/ere to 
notify the selectmen of Hillsborough, Stoddard, and Wash- 
ington. — Ed.] 

[11-182] [ Voters in Campbell's Gore, lfgi^ 

Campbels Gore June the 9 y r 1791 

A trew Record of the inhabetance of Campbels Gore being 
Voters at the Prescent Day 

James Jones 
Danill Gorden 
William Jones Jun r 
Benjaman Jones 

Josiah Swett Juner 
Sam 1 Jones 
Josiah Proctr 
Isace Dodge 
Joel Richards 

Nathan Barker 
Issacher Andrews 
Joshua Jones 
Stephen Wyman 
David Pirkins 
Asa Dresser 
Jonathan Swett 
John Roch 
John Roch Juner 
James Roch 

Danil Gibson 
Ebenezer Curtis 
John Curtis 
Isace Curtis 
David Morrison 
Henry Bagly 
Saml Bradford 
Abither Eaton 

A trew Coppy of the above inhabetance 

by me 
' ' Joel Richards T: Cleark 


fil— 183] [Sundry Citizens remonstrate against being in- 
corporated -with any part of Washington or Stoddard : ad- 
dressed to the General Court, yune, 1791.] 

The Petition of Sundry of the Inhabitants of Campbells Gore, 
humbly Sheweth, that whereas there is a Petition, now laying 
before your Honours the Prayer of which is — that Campbells 
Gore part of Hillsborough and other Lands be Incorporated into 
a town — the Order already taken on said Petition now lays in 
the Report of your Honours Committee and Appointed for a 
day of hearing, and as it Appears to us your Petitioners, that 
if the Report of said Committee Should be that we are to be 
Annexed with any part of Washington or Stoddard it would be 
much more to our Disadvantage, than to be as we are — We 
your petitioners, therefore humbly Pray, that we may not be 
Incorporated into a Town, with any part of Washington or 
Stoddard — All which is humbly submitted to your honours to 
do as in your great Wisdom may see meet — 

And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever Pray — 

Given at Campbells Gore . . 

Feb* 23 d 1 791 — 

Jonathan Swett James Jones Benjamin Jons Jr 

David Perkins Sam 1 Bradford Juner John Roche Jr 

Saml Jones James Roche Stephen Wyman 

William Jones Jun r Abiathar Eaton Isace Curtice 

Nathan Barker Joel Richards 

Josiah Proctor Jur Danill Gordon 

[u-185] [Petition for Authority to Levy Taxes, *793^\ 

State of Newhamp r 

To the Honarable the Sennat and house of Representatives at 
Concord Convened on the first wensday of June 1793 
The petition of the Selectmen of Campbels gore in the County 
of Hillsborough in Said State humbley Shews that bv Reson of 
our not being a body Corprate we Consider ourselves not othcr- 
ized to Jay out aney Roads as the Select men of incorprated 
towns are by law nither Can we oblidge persons to work to 
open or Repair Roads tho of Ever so much Utility to the pub- 
lick nor are we by law Enabled to Raise aney money for Schools 
&c: So that we are Denied the Common privilege of our fellow 
Sitysens notwithstanding we are taxed to Support government: 
and whereas the County Road Leading from Amherst to Chads- 
town is laid out through Said gore with Sundry other Roads of 



publick Utility and the publick is greatly Ingred by Said Roads 
not being mad pasable wherefor we your petionars pray your 
honors to take our Case into your wise Consideration : and pass 
an act Enableing the Select men of Said Campbelsgore in futter 
to Raise money for the Suport of Schools in proportion to our 
tax as other towns are by law otherised to do : also to lay out 
and Repair all needfull Roads : or otherwise grant Such Relife 
as your honors in your wisdom Shall See meet and your peti- 
tioners as in duty bound will Ever pray 

John Curtice ") Selectmen 
Samuel Preston >- of 

Joshua Jones ) Campbells gore 

£A hearing was ordered for the next session. — Ed.] 

£ii— 1S6] \_Petition for Incorporation, iyg8.~\ 

The inhabitants of Campbels Gore, humbly Sheweth that 
they have for A considerable time bin Subject to paying their 
proport n of State and County Taxes, and feel them Selves will- 
ing to bair their proportion of burden in peace or War, and 
wish to be incorperated into A Town, by the Name of Winsor, 
or any other Name that your Hon r May think best, if in your 
Wisdom you Should think best to Grant our Petition, and we 
as in Duty bound pray — 

Dated at Campbells Gore June y e 5 1798 

Joshua Lovejoy 

Will m Hoopper £- Select Men 

Allexander McClintock 

[See introduction. — Ed.] 



There is no record of the grant or incorporation of the 
town in the office of the secretary of state. John Farmer 
states that it was granted by charter in 1770, to Gov. John 
Wentworth, Mark H. Wentworth,and others ; and in a foot 
note in " Farmer's Belknap," he states that it was incorpo- 




rated in 1770.* The first reference to the town by name 
in the secretary's office is in council and assembly records 
of October 26, 1768, and in records of the H. of Rep. of 
same date, and relates to making a road from Wolfeborough 
to Stonington (now Northumberland). In the journal of 
H. of Rep. the word is Wolfsborough, and in the council 
and assembly records, Wolfborough. The latter spelling is 
also used in both records in March, 1769. The derivation 
of the name is uncertain. December 4, 1800, a tract of 
land known as Wolfeborough Addition was annexed to this 

By an act passed June 27, 1849, som e territory was sev- 
ered from Alton and annexed to Wolfeborough. June 26, 
1858, the farm of Benjamin Wiggin was severed from Tuf- 
tonborough and annexed to this town. 

[11-187] [Minutes of Laying out a Road from Wolfebor- 
ough to Ply?nouth, jy/i.'] 

In Pursuance of our Appointment By Act of the Generall 
Assembly, We Have Survay d Mark d & Measur d a Road, From 
the Governor 8 House in Wolfborough To Plymouth, Which 
Road is Mark d for Three Rods Wide, Begining at The Gov- 
eror 8 House in Wolfborough Affor" d 

Running from Thence N° 27 Degrees East 1 Mile And }£ to 
to M r Rindges — 

From Thence W — 45 — N : % of a Mile on Wolfborough 

From Thence W— 4 N— 7 Mile 8 To Miles Road So Call d 
From Thence W— 45 N— % of a Mile To Sq r Livinis 
From Thence No. 40 W. 5 Mile 9 on Miles 08 Road To Mel- 
vins River 

From Thence N— 32 W— 3 Mile 8 & % on Said rode to Col- 
one 11 Mo ul tons 

From Thence N— 34 W— 1 Mile To Ebenezar Blak 8 
From Thence W— 20 S— 6 Mile 8 & % To Senters 
From Thence W— 40 N— 8 Mile 8 & y 2 To Sheperds 
From Thence N — 20 W — 1 Mile & % To Sq r Livermore" 
From Thence N — 25 W — 2 Mile 9 &: % To Pemagaw asset 
River at the Entrance of the Mill Brook So Call d The Whole 
of Which Being Computed To Be 36 Mile 8 & ^th 8 All Which 
we Have Carefully, Survay d Plainly Mark d And Do Report 
Capable of Being "Made a Good Road Of Which Survay We 

[•The petition for incorporation is in Vol. IX, p. 824. — Ed.J 



Have HerbyMad a True Return All Which is To Your Excel- 
lency & Honour 9 Most Humbly Submitted — 
Dated Sept 20 th 1771 — 

Joseph Senter \ 
David Copp > Com" 

Samuel Sheperd J 

[11-18S] [Account of Taxes on Gov. Wentworttis Estate.~\ 

The state of New Hamp ,hr 

To the Town of Wolf borough D r 

1779 To Taxes due from the Estate formerly belonging to the 
late Gov r Wentworth — (Viz) 

I st Continental Tax for 1779 — 
State Tax — 
Town Ditto — 

£>!$•> i'5» 2 


8, 11 

38, 14, ny 2 

2 d Continental Tax — 
Taxes due on the Lot N° 7 belong- 
ing to the above Estate being 
set down in the first List of 
Rates, to George Meserve Esq 1 " 
thro' Mistake viz* 
I* Continental Tax for 1779 — 
State Tax — 
Town Ditto— 

164, 19, 
236, 19, 

oy 2 

Deduct for Cash 
Com ttce Mess rs Maj 
& M r Hanson by the 

d of the 

rec d 01 the \ 
aj r Hodgdon > 
he Constable ) 





9 3 A 
6s/ 4 

6s/ A 

r 4> 





11 ft 



£283, 9, o 

Due from the State Farm — 

Taxes due from the Estate lately 

belonging to George Meserve 

Esq r — (viz 1 ) 

Lot N° 9— i 6t Continental Tax 

for 1779 — 




State Tax — 




Town Ditto — 




2 d Continent 1 Tax — 


J 3» 


N° 20 1" Continent 1 Tax- 




State Tax — 




Town Ditto— 



sy 2 

2 d Continental Tax — 






I st Continental Tax- 

3> 7' 


State Tax — 

2, 4^ 


Town Ditto — 

1, !4» 


2 d Continent 1 Tax — 

10, 3, 

4 3 /£ 


Poll Rats 

Sachariah Bunker 

2-6 Samuel Mellows 2-6 

Moses Tibbets 

2-6 Garret Byron 2-6 

Ichabod Tibbets 

2-6 Archibald Camble 2-6 

William Twombly 

~ fi 


Henry Rust ~) 

Robert Calder V Select Men 

Moses Ham 1 

[R. 4-191] \_James Wiggin, Soldier, 1780.] 

Camp Soldiers Fortune Dec r 9 th 17S0 

Jam' Wiggens soldier in the 3 d N Hampshire Reg 1 Inhabi- 
tant of the state of N. Hampshire is hereby discharged and per- 
mitted to return to the above state — 

Ja n Wait Maj r 3 d N. H. 

N° 21, 

55, 19^ 9K 

due from Meserve's Estate — -^339i 8, 9^ 

Wolf borough March 28, 1780 

I Errors Excepted in behalf of the Select Men 

Per Matth" Stan^ Parker— One of the Select Men 

Exeter April 25 th 1780 
In Committee on Claims 

The above Account amounts to Three Hundred and Thirty 
Nine Pounds eight shillings, Nine pence three farthings — 

Exam d per Jo'siah Oilman Jun r 

29 th April 1780 Reed an Order on the Treasurer for three 
hundred & thirty nine pounds eight shillings, nine pence three 
farthings the Amount of the within Account — 

In behalf of the Selectmen of Wolf borough 

Per Matth" S. Parker 

[R. 4-190] [Men in the Army, 1776. ~\ 

Wolf borough July 9 th 1776 
This may certify who it may Concern that the persons whos 
names are underritten are gone in the Army out of this Town 

[R. 4-192] [Soldier's Order.'] 

Wolf borough December 23" 1 1783 

Sir Please to pay to M r Reuben Libbey the wages clue to 
me as a soldier in the scouting under Command of Cap* Jacob 
Smith at Shelburne in the year 17S1 in so doing you will oblige 
your H'ble servent 

Jeremiah Sincler 

To the Hon ble Mesech Weare Esq r 

President of the state of New Hampshire 

[R. 4-193] [Petition of Reuben Libbey, Soldier.] 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon le Senet and House of Representatives Convend at 


February I th Day 1786 — 

The Petition of Reuben Libbey of Wolf borough in said state 
Humble Shews — that your petitioner some time in the Month 
of July in the year 1779 Engaged as a soldier in Col Mooney 
Regment and Mustred by Col° Bager and went to Providence 
Joined Capt Emerson Company and served untill Sep r 10 th day 
1779 — and then discharged and your petitioner hath never 
Recvied a Peney for his Time or Traviel or was not maid up 
in any Company or upon any Roll in the Regment wherefore 
your Petitioner begs that he May Recive the same in Every 
shape as the Rest of the Regment for the time he was in the 
sarvice and Your Petitioner begs that he may have some Intrest 
for his Money your Petitioner as in duty Bound shall Ever 

Reuben Libbey 


To whom it may Concern — 

All issueing Commissary's are desired to supply the within 
named Jam 8 Wiggens with provisions on his way to New 
Hampshire, none to be delivered by this order after the 19 th 
Ins*— I 

Ja n Wait Maj r 3 d N H. 

Issued Two Days Provisions 

Dec r 12—1780 Tho 8 Pratt ACS 
Wolfborough man for 6 m° 


[11-194] [Petition relative to a new Town : addressed to the 
General Assembly, June, 1785.^ 

The petition of the Inhabitants of the south west part of the 
Town of Wolf borough — 

Humbly Sheweth — 

That your petitioners were unexpectedly Notified of a peti- 
tion being preferred to this Hon ble Court in the Course of their 
Last session at Concord, by a small number of the Inhabitants 
of s d Wolfboro' living on the Northeasterly side of s d Town (in 
Conjunction with the Inhabitants of the second Division of 
Middletown Containing about thirty Families) for the purpose 
of Dividing said Towns, in Order to Erect a New Township — 
the prayer whereof your petitioners humbly conceive (as well 
as the Inhabitants of the first division of s d Middletown) to be 
exceeding unreasonable for the Reasons following — (viz 1 ) First, 
Because the whole Number of Families now living in s d Wolf- 
boro', does not Exceed Forty five, & those in Middletown about 
twice that Number, so that to divide two such small Number 
of Inhabitants to make three Towns would be very injurious & 
expensive to said Inhabitants, as well as, the Community at 
large, at they cannot be Benefited at present by being annexed 
to any other Town — 

That the whole Town of Wolfborough together, are poorly 
able to support proper Town Government & Order, & by Rea- 
son of their low Circumstances & the dificulty of the late Times 
have never been able to settle a Minister of the Gospel, or even 
to hire Necessary schooling .for their Children, and now to cut 
off a quarter or one third of s d Inhabitants would entirely dis- 
enable & even Obliterate all prospect of enjoying such a Bless- 
ing for a long time to Come, as their are not any near settle- 
ments in the Towns adjoining to be united to us, and but little 
prospects of there being any at present as the Lands are held 
by the Proprietors in large Bodies & not to be obtained without 
a large price being given therefor — 

Secondly — That though the Inhabitants may not exceed the 
Number abovementioned, who have petitioned for the separa- 
tion, Yet that part of the Land they would be glad to have set 
off is above one half in Value as to the quality, of the whole 
Town, the Middle part being exceeding poor and very little 
thereof suitable for settlements — 

Thirdly — That your petitioners mostly live on one direct 
Road thro' the southwest part of s d Town adjoining to Winne- 
piseokee Lake & the land on said Road for one Miles Distance 
from said Lake being wholly taken up (which contains in a 
manner all the land upon that Quarter suitable for settlements) 
they cannot be Benefited by any more or at least but very few 



settlers there, and few Inhabitants living in the Towns adjoin- 
ing under the Distance of Eight or Ten Miles & those very 
Scattering that the prospects of any Benefit from a Connection 
with them at Present is entirely Chimerical — 

Lastly — That however practicable such a Division may be in 
some future Day when those Towns become Inhabited, that a 
Division would be exceeding injurious for the Reasons already 
Suggested which contain plain matters of fact, and indeed 
would totally compleat for a long space of Time the Ruin of 
two Towns to build up one, & which if effected would not ac- 
commodate so many persons as it would injure, & only serve 
to gratify the Ambition of two or three Designing persons who 
would be glad perhaps (in this Case) to advance themselves 
tho* at the same time their Neighbours should be injured, 
which would verily be the Case, if their Prayer should be 
granted — As to their great Objection they make of having so 
far to travel to the Annual Meeting of s d Town they have never 
once ask'd or desired, to have the Meeting held over upon that 
quarter, which if they had, would have been readily granted, 
tho' then but very few of them would be Benifited thereby, as 
they live so Scattering — 

Therefore your Petitioners humbly conceive, that the prayer 
of their Petition appears at present to be so unreasonable that 
your Honours will not so greatly injure the Majority of two 
Towns of your peaceable Subjects only to gratify the Ambition 
of a few Individuals by granting the prayer thereof but will of 
Course dismiss the same, & in so doing, as in Duty Bound 
your Petitioners will ever pray &c &c. 

Wolf borough June 17S5 — 

Benjamen Blake 
Jeremiah Gould 
John Home 
Benj : Evens 
John Fullerton 
Eben r Meder 
Jonathan Harsey 

Tohn Lucas 

[ohn Lary 

[oseph Lary 

^homas piper 

John Piper 
Lemuel Clifford 
Henry Rust 
Matth w S. Parker 
Eben r Home 
Andrew Lucas 
James Lucas J r 
James Connor 
Henry Rust Jun r 
Richard Rust 
Jacob Smith 

James Fullerton 
Enoch Thomas 
Samuel Tibbets 
Jonathan Chase 
Ithiel Clifford 
Andrew Wiggin 
James Wiggin 
Benj a Wiggin 
Stephen Home 
Isaiah Home 
Ebenezer Home J r 



[See Vol. XII, pp. 598, 599.— Ed.] 




[11-195] [Petition for a New Tozun. 
Middleton, 1785.] 

Wolfeborough and 

To the Hon ble the Council and House of Representatives sit- 
ting at Exeter — 

The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Towns of 
Wolfborough and Middleton Humbly Shews — 

That, your petitioners from Wolfborough are put to great 
Inconveniencies in transacting Town Business by reason of a 
very large pond which lays between them and the place of 
holding their Meetings — 

That, your petitioners from Middleton (Inhabitants of the 
Second Division) are subjected to as great Inconveniences by 
reason of the great Distance they live from the place of holding 
their Meetings and the Badness of the Roads which for a great 
part of the Year are almost impassable — 

That, the Eastermost part of said Wolfborough- and the Sec- 
ond Division of s d Middleton are well calculated for a Town- 
ship — Your petitioners therefore pray that the said two Tracts 
of Land may be annexed and erected into a Distinct and seper- 
ate Town by such Metes & Bounds as your Honors shall or- 
der — and as in Duty bound your petitioners will pray &c 

Nicholas austin 
Benjamin Clay 
Josiah Robinson 
Stephen Lyford 
Jonathan Clay 
Bartholomew Rich- 
Jedidiah Drew 
David Durgin 
Daniel Croxford 

Ebzer Bennett 
Peter Stellings 
moses Perkins 
wellaim Wile 
Ezekiel Sanborn 
Josiah Wiggin 
Samuel Tibbetts 
Josiah Wille 
Isaac Drew 
John Fornel 

Simon Dearborn 
John Palmer 

Robert Calder 
William Cotton 
Joseph Leavitt 
James Sheafe 
Jonathan Lang 
John Costelloe 

[In H. of Rep., June 10, 1785, a committee, consisting of 
Ebenezer Smith, of Meredith, Daniel Beede, of Sandwich, 
and Moses Baker, of Campton, was appointed to investigate 
and report at next session. — Ed.] 

[11-197] [Report of the aforenamed Committee.] 

State of New Hampshire 
To the IIon ble the House of Representatives 
We the Subscribers Pursuant to our appointment having Re- 
pair 4 to Wolfborough & midleton & haveing fully Vewed Said 



towns find the Situation of Wolfsborough to be such as will not 
admit of a division without great inconveniances & hurt to s d 
town We have also Viewed the town of midleton & find the 
Situation thereof Such that there is no Passing from one end 
thereof unto the other with out going out of the Limits thereof 
to get round a mountain Which makes it exceeding diflcult for 
the Inhabatance to meet together on any ocasion And the In- 
habatance of Wolfsborough have fixed upon a Place to Sit their 
meeting house & hold their Public town Meetings as near the 
center of s d Wolfsborough with two miles of the Northeast end 
of Midleton ifannex d thereto which Place is on the Westerly 
Side ofLotN°4, and about thirty rods Northerly of Smiths 
Pond Which the Inhabatance of Wolf borough with the Agents 
of the Petitisioners of the Northeasterly end of midleton have 
agreed to have established by the act of Incorporation if it 
Should be the Courts Pleasure to Pass an act to Incorporate any 
Part of midleton with Wolfsborough We therefore recommend 
it Conveniant for four ranges of Lots or more which contain 
about one half mile each of the Northeast end of midletown to 
be annex d to Wolfsborough if Pray d for by Such Part of Midle- 
town — 

Wolf borough oct r 7 th 1785 

Ebenezer Smith 

Daniel Beede j- Committee 

Moses Baker 

[11-198] [Remonstrance to the Formation of the New 
Town : addressed to the General Court, February, iy86.~] 

Humbly Shew, the Inhabitants of the Town of Wolfborough 
in the County of Strafford & State aforesaid, That they were 
very unexpectedly surprized by receiving a few Days since, a 
Copy of a Petition signed by Nicholas Austin in behalf of the 
Settlers of the Second Division of Middletown with the order 
of Court thereon, praying that the s d second Division of Middle- 
town, might be annexed to Wolfborough 

Your Petitioners are exceeding sorry that thro' the restless 
Machinations of designing Persons they should be drawn into 
the disagreeable necessity of taking up your Honours time upon 
a Subject they thought already fix'd and Determined — Your 
Honors will perceive by the Report of your Committee y e last 
Sessions at Concord, That, the Town of Wolfboro' w T as well 
situated & could not be divided without great injury, and we 
dare say had this plan been within the limits of their Business, 
they would have reported, that, such an addition as prayed for 


by Friend Austin would be as injurious, to more than three 
fourths of the Inhabitants as a Division of the Town — Yet not- 
withstanding the inconvenience of a Connection at all, the 
Agents in behalf of Wolf borough consented that two Miles of 
Middletown next to Wolfboro' should be annexed thereto as it 
was so disadvantageous for them to tend public Business in 
their own Town, conceiving that the lower part of said second 
Division, would in that Case poll off to Wakefield, as Many of 
the Settlers living on s d Tract are intermixt as it were with 
those of that Town, & as was proposed by sundry of them — 
Such a connection as that was consented to by the Agents of 
bath parties in the presence of the Committee as they reported, 
and as your Petitioners thought would have been a Conclusion 
of the matter so far as it concerned them, & in consequence 
thereof they agreed upon a place for building a meeting House, 
not thinking that after said Austin (as Agent) had Consented 
thereto in presence of the Committee, would have been so dis- 
honourable as to have attempted any thing further, & M r Cab- 
bott being then present was so far satisfied with the agreem* 
made by the Agents as to propose the place for setting a Meet- 
ing House himself & accordingly gave his word in writing for 
a lot of Land for the purpose, which was agreed by all parties 
should be established by an Act of Court as reported by y e 
Committee — 

Now if in Case any more than the two Miles should be an- 
nexed to Wolfborough, it would be the means of sowing such 
seeds of Discord & Dissention in the Town as the age of man 
would never see ended — Therefore your Petitioners humbly 
beg that the prayer of s d Petition may not be granted — But that 
if the proposed Connection will not satisfy their restless Agent, 
they may be continued together until the s d Division becomes 
sufficiently Inhabited for a Town or Parish by themselves which 
no doubt will be very soon when perhaps some plan may be 
tho't of for the first Division of s d Middletown, which if at pres- 
ent separated will approach near to annihilation, or at least ap- 
pear to be in a similar Situation of that of Ishmael of old, hav- 
ing every mans hand against them, as to any connection — such 
being the circumstances we humbly pray that their s d petition 
may be dismiss'd, & that we may be left to enjoy the fruits of 
our Labour under our Vines & fig Trees unless the Agreement 
already made will satisfy our restless adversary, whose Conduct 
has already too clearly appeared to be absorpt in selfish princi- 
ples — But if in your Wisdom you should think proper to grant 
the prayer of their petition, we humbly pray that, the place 
already agreed on for Building the meeting House may be first 
established by an Act of Court, otherwise the Dissention will 
rise to a great height, which we earnestly wish may be avoided 




by the Assistance of your Honourable Body — And your Peti- 
tioners as in Duty bound will ever pray &c — 

Wolf borough Jan y 26 th 17S6 

Henry Rust 
Benjamin Blake 
David Piper 
Lemuel Clifford 
Andrew Lucas 
Enoch thomas 
John fullerton 
Samuel Tebbetts 
James fullerton 
Ithai Clefard 
andrew Wiggin 
Paul Wiggin 
James Wiggin 

Thomas Piper 
John Lary 
thomas Piper Jr 
David Blake 
Jonathan Harsey 
William Fullerton 
John Lucas 
Henry Rust J r 
Jeremiah Gould 
Levi Tibbets 
Ebenezer Tibbets 
John Piper 
James Lucas J r 

James Connor 
Jacob Smith 
Joseph Lary 
John Shores 
Matth w S. Parker 
Eben 1 " Home 
Eben r MedeV 
John Home 
Eben r Home j r 
Benj a Wiggin 
Jonathan Chase 

[The scheme failed. — Ed.] 

£11-203] Petition of Sundry Persons to be annexed to Os- 
sipee: addressed to the General Court, June, 1793 '.] 

Humbly shews — 

We your Petitioners Inhabitants of the Town of Wolfborough 
living on the Northeasterly part of Said town and on the land 
known by the Addition which Addition was takeing from a 
Gore of land now called ossipee — labour under many difficul- 
ties espechely those of your petitioners who live on the North- 
Easterly Side of White face mountain (so called) are upwards 
of Seven miles from the Meeting House in Said W'olfborough 
and are obliged to go through a part of Said ossipee to travel to 
Said Meeting House — likewise can have little or no benefitt of 
School therefore Your petitioners pray that Your Hon 1-8 would 
in Your great wisdom disunite said Addition of land and annex 
the Same land to the now town of ossipee from which it was 
formerly taken — or otherwise if your Hon" See fitt to grant a 
day of hearing on the premises at which time your petitioners, 
will produce a plan of Said Wolfborough — together with the 
Addition, likewise a plan of said osspee 

W T hich will fully appear we believe to your Hon 8 if we can 
be indulged with a day of hereing that by taking said addition 
from said Gore of land has rendered the Easterly part of said 
ossipee to be not more then three mi Ids wide — and on the west 
line upwards of Seventeen miles long, — your petitioners fully 



relying in your Grate wisdom and that you will grant us such 
relief as you shall think proper — in the premises 

as in duty bound will ever pray 

Wolf borough May 28 th day 1 795 

John Young 
Samuel Hide 
Nathaniel Hyde 

Thomas young 
John Swaesy 
Isaac Goldsmith 

William Goldsmith 
Isaac Goldsmith J r 
James Fernald 

[11-205] [Petit io?i from Wolf eborough Addition : addressed 
to the General Court, i8oo.~] 

The Petition of us the subscribers Inhabitants of a certain 
Tract of Land known and called by the name of Wolfborough 
addition — Humbly Shews 

That said Addition has ever since the first settlement of the 
Town of Wolfborough been considered as a part of and belong- 
ing to said Town, that we have always been in conjunction with 
the Inhabitants of said Town in all Town Affairs, have laboured 
to and enjoy the common priviledges of Towns with them, 
That we have ever considered ourselves as belonging to said 
Town, and but of late have had knowledge that said Addition 
either by mistake or inattention was not included within the 
Limits of Wolfborough incorporation. Therefore we humbly 
pray that said Addition may be annexed to and incorporated 
with said Town of Wolfborough as fully as though it had been 
included in the incorporation of said Town — and we, as in 
duty bound will ever pray — 

Wolfborough May 26 th 1S00. 

Stephen Thurston 
Sam 1 Estes 
Jacob Arak 
James Fernald 

Joseph Kinnsion 
Thomas Whittle 
Joseph Nudd 
John Swaasy 

Ebenezer Tebbets 
William Goldsmith 
Samuel Tibbets 
Jonathan Tibbets 


[ Consent to the foregoing. ,] 

State of New Hampshire Strafford ss Wolfborough May 31" 

this may certify that all the Persons liveing on Wolfborough 
addition (so called) , that are lyeable to be taxed in Said town 



have Signed a Petition to be incorporated with Said town of 
Wolfborough — Excepting five Persons — 

Mark Wiggin ") 

Dudley Hardey V Selectmen of Wolf boro h 

Jonathan Blake ) 

[1 1-206] [ Consent of Non-Resideiit Proprietor s.~\ 

We being informed that a number of the inhabitants of 
Wolfborough Addition have petitioned the General Court — 
that said addition be annexed to the Town of Wolfbo'ro' — We 
being Proprietors in said tract are also desirous that said addi- 
tion should be incorporated with said Wolfborough having 
always considered it as intended at the Time of the grant and 
since to be a part of said Town— I 

Portsm 30 Sep 1800 

Jonathan Warner 
James Sheafe 
Mich 1 Reade 

[1 1—207] C Certificate of Posting of J\ r otice.~\ 

We the subscribers hereby Certify that a Copy of the Peti- 
tion of Stephen Thurston and others Inhabitants of Wolfborough % 
Addition (so call'd) presented to the General Court last June 
Session praying to be annex'd to and Incorporated with the 
Town of Wolfborough and Order of Court thereon has been 
posted up in the Town of Wolfborough and Wolfborough Addi- 
tion agreeably to said Order — 


Mark Wiggin ^ 

Dudley Hardy > Select Men of Wolf borough 

Jonathan Blake ) 

Wolfborough Nov br 14 th 1S00 

[i 1-20S] [ Certificate of Amount of Land taxed, i8oo,] 

Wolfborough November the 15 th 1S00 — 

to whom it may concern this may Certify that we the Sub- 
scribers Select men of Wolfborough have taxed in Wolfbor- 
ough Addition (So called) two thousand Eight hundred & 
twenty Seven Acres of Land to the resedents & Nonresedents — 




also in the town of Wolf borough Exclusive of the addition 
twenty thousand two hundred & forty three acres — 

total Amount 

f addition 2S27 
{ old town 20243 



Mark Wiggin 
Dudley Hardc^ . 
Jonathan Blake ) . 

iggin ) 
Dudley Hardey > Select Men 

[Wolfeborough Addition was annexed to this town by an 
act passed December 4, 1800. — Ed.] 



Auburn. The territory was severed from Chester, and 
incorporated as a town by its present name June 23, 1845. 

Bennington. The territory comprised in this town was 
severed from the towns of Greenfield, Francestown, Deer- 
ing, and Hancock, December 15, 1842, and incorporated 
as a town by its present name. December 20, same year, 
a part of the farm of Samuel B. Collins was annexed to 

Berlin. The township was granted, December 31, 1771, 
to Sir William Mayne and eighteen others, and named 
Maynesborough, by which name it was known until July 1, 
1829, when it was incorporated as a town by the name of 

Carroll. The township was granted, February 8, 1772, 
to Sir Thomas Wentworth and others, and named Bretton- 
Woods, by which name it was known until June 22, 1832, 
when it was incorporated as a town by the name of Carroll. 
By an act approved June 22, 1848, a portion of Nash & 
Sawyer's Location was annexed to this town. June 27, 
1857, several lots of land lying south of the town were an- 
nexed to it. July 2, 1878, another portion of Nash & Saw- 
yer's Location was annexed to this town. 

Clarksville. The town was incorporated June 30, 1853. 

Ellsworth. The township was granted, May 1, 1769, 
to Barlow Trecothick and others, and bore the name of Tre- 
cothick until June 16, 1802, at which time it was incorpo- 
rated and received its present name. Barlow Trecothick 
was a resident of London, Eng., and for many years the 
able agent of the province of New Hampshire, through 
whom business with England was transacted. 

Harrisville. The town was incorporated July 2, 1870, 
and comprised portions of Dublin and Nelson. It was 


Berlin, June 8, 1763 

Bernard (now Barnard), July 17, 1761. 

Bolton, J une 7' J 7^3- 

Brattleborough, Dec. 26, 1753. 

Bridgewater, July 10, 1761. 


named for Hon. Milan Harris, owner of a large mill prop- 
erty in the town, and member of the state senate in 1863-65. 

Livermore. The town was incorporated July it, 1876. 
It comprised a large tract of unsettled land, much of which 
was an unbroken wilderness. 

Milan. The township was granted, December 31, 1771, 
to Sir William Mayne and eighteen others, and named 
Paulsbourg, in honor of Paul Wentworth, Esq., one of the 
grantees, and went by that name until it was incorporated | 

by its present name December 16, 1824. . I 

Randolph. The township was granted, August 20, 
1772, to John Durand and his son, Edward Parry, Thomas 
Brown, and Charles Henzell, and named Durand. It was 
incorporated as a town by its present name June 16, 1824. 

Strafford. This town was a portion of the town of 
Barrington from May 10, 1722, until it was separated, June 
17, 1820, and incorporated by its present name. The early 
history of it is consequently embraced in the documents 
relating to the town of Barrington. See Vol. XI. 

Waterville. This town was incorporated July I, 1829, 
and comprised Gillis & Foss's Grant, and the grant to John 
Raymond. § 

Woodstock. The township was granted, September 23, 

1763, to Eli Demerit and others, and named Peeling. June 

19, 1840, the name was changed to Woodstock by an act of 

the legislature. I 



These names are not repeated in the index : 

Names of Towns. Date of Grant. 

Addison, Oct. 14, 1761. 

Andover, Oct. 13, 1761. 

Arlington, July 28, 1761. | 

Averill, June 29, 1762. f 

Barnet, Sept. 16, 1763. 

Bennington, Jan. 3, 1749. j 





Oct. 9, 

r 7 6i. 


Oct. 13, 3 



Oct. 13, i 



June 7, ] 



Sept. 22, J 



Oct. 12, 1 



June 24, ] 



Sept. 5, ] 



June 7, ] 

'7 6 3- 


Feb. 4, ] 



Nov. 3, ] 



Aug. 27, ] 



Aug. 20, i 


Draper (now Wilmington) , April 29, 1751 



June 17, ] 


Dunbar (now Sudbury), 

June 15, 1 



June 7, ] 

^7 6 3- 


June 7, ] 


Fane, June 19, 1750; New Fane, 

Nov. 3, 



Sept. 9, 



Aug. 18, 

l 7 6 3- 


Aug. 18, 1 



Oct. 12, i 



June 24, ] 


Flamstead, Feb. 22, 1754 ; New Flamstead,* Nov. 3, i 


Fullam (now Dummerston), 

Dec. 26, 



Aug. 17, 



Aug. 20, 



Oct. 10, 

1 761. 


Oct. 10, 



April 2, 



May 11, 



Juty 4. 


Harwich (now Mt. Tabor), 

Aug. 28,.] 


Hertford (now Hartland), 

July 4, 1 



Aug. 17, ] 



June 24, ] 



June 15, 


Hungerford (now Franklin), 

Aug. 18, 



Sept. 3„ : 



Killington (now Sherburne), 

June 7, 

i7 6 3- 

July 7> 1 
Oct 20, 

[761 . 




June 29, 
June 29, 




• Now Chester. 

fOn both sides of the river; the Vermont part is now Vernon. 








Marlborough, April 29, 1751 ; New Marl 


Minehead (now Bloomfield), 
New Haven, 

New Huntington (now Huntington), 
Neshobe (now Brandon), 

Pocock (now Bristol), 
Pom fret, 

Saltash (now Plymouth), 
Saint Albans, 
Saint George, 

Smithfleld (now Sheldon), 
Stamford, March 6, 1753 ; New Stamford, 

Sept. 16, 


July 5> 


Aug. 11, 


June 8, 

[ 7 6 3 . 

Oct. 12, 


April 17, 

r 7 6 4 . 

Nov. 2, i 


June 8, 


June 8, 


June 29, 


June 24, 


June 7, 


May 18, 


Nov. 2, 

t 7 6i. 

June 7, 
Oct. 20, 



July 4> 


Aug. 18, 


Nov. 3, 

r 7 6i. 

Aug. 26, 


Dec. 31, ] 


Oct. 12, i 


June 26, 


July 8, 


Sept. 21, 


Jan. 8, 


Dec. 26, 


July 6, 


Dec. 28, 


Aug. 20, 

1 761. 

Sept. 7, 


Sept. 8, 


Nov. ^, 


July 6, 


Aug. 1 1 , 


Aug. 17, 3 


Aug. 18, ■] 


Aug. 17, 


Aug. 20, 


Aug. iS, : 


Sept. 4, 

1 761. 

Oct. 8, 


Aug. 18, 


Sept. 9, 


Aug. 20, i 


June 9, : 






Stow (now Stowe), 







Thomlinson (now Grafton) 













Weyb ridge, 







Worster (now Worcester), 

July 21, 

June 8, 

Aug. 12, 

July 3°' 

Aug. 6, 

July 29, 

Aug. 17, 

Aug. 12, 

Sept. 1, 

Sept. 15, 

Aug.* 1 7, 

June 20, 

Sept. 3, 

June 8, 

Nov. 27, 

June 7, 

Aug. 20, 

Sept. 15, 

Oct. 13, 

June 8, 

Nov. 9, 

Nov. 3, 

Aug. 6, 

June 7, 

Sept. 15, 

July 6, 

March 6, 

July 10, 

June 8, 




7 6 3- 



7 6 3- 

7 6 3- 

7 6 3« 













[12-52] [Copy of Letter from Sabastian Ralle, i'/i6.~\ 

[The following is copied from an ancient manuscript. I 
am unable to find it in any printed volume ; it is docketed I 

"Jesuits lett r ; from Norridgwock Dated July 8 th 17 16 — 
Read in Councill Aug st 1 mo 1716— minuted."— Ed.] 

a Copy of y e Ind" 8 letter ; from norridgwock 

JulyS'" 17.6 

Yesterday Abombaseen & Bamegesagog arrived here from 
Boston & y e Ind na being assembled to hear ym found yt yy had 
not acquitted y m selves of their Commission accord as 77 * had 
before deliberated among themselves therefore they depute 
anew this Ind n named Waracunsit who was before deputed to 
go to Boston but was hindered by some suddain Inconvenience. 
The Ind 119 are surprised that Abombaseen & Bamegesagog 
should begin y r Commissioners referring to some letters falsely 
supposed from y e Gov r of Canada, from Mouns 1 " y e Intendant 
from Mouns 1- De-ramfie, from Mouns r De-1'Angoisesie who has 
been dead more than two years of which lett rs they have had no j 

debate amonsf Y m selves of w ch yy had no knowledge ; hence 
arises a suspicion & yy wond r y* x\bombaseen should make any 
mention of any such thing & say whence could he have y e 
knowledge of it, some say it must be some of y* English 
y t have suggested it to him y* so y e English und r a pretence 
of fear might cause forts to be built contrary to y e Con- 
vention of y e peace the Ind n8 would now know w* those 
lett rs are they demand of y e English whether yy have received 
any such lett" & if they have they demand Copys of them — this 
is w* Waracunsitt is charged to demand and to repeat their 
words to the English (Viz 1 ) at y e peace y e land was turned up 
side down it was all made plain y e forts stained with bloud 
were fallen into a great ditch of fire where they were Consumed ; 

•They.— Ed. 




whence is it y* they appear again ; it must be some malignant 
spirit y* should have began to dig again in this ditch to make 
y m appear & by y* means to rend r y e land strong and defensible 
— they demand then whence it come to pass y* those forts do 
appear and y* yy appear upon y r land — they alledg thus we be- 
gin now to see verified w* our father of Canada has told us & 
warned us of he told us y* y e English by these forts w ch they 
caused to be built at y e mouths of O r rivers was only y* they 
might have y e advantage of breaking w th us these are y e words { 

of y e Ind ns this is w* Abombaseen ought to have said and no I 

more and this is w* Waracunsit is charged to deliver 

Sabastian Rawl de Societate Cht 8 

P : S : The Ind ns tell* me that I have forgo tt one circumstance 
w ch they had told me (Viz 1 ) that twas in vain for y e English to 
say y* they have bought these places where they have built 
there forts bee : they know y* none can buy their land and that 
77 themselves cant sell it being but as guardians and tutors of it. 

[ A treaty of peace was concluded with the Eastern Ind- 
ians at a conference on Arrowsick island in August, 1717. 
(Vol. Ill, p. 693.) This treaty was broken on the part of 
the Indians in 1722, and a proclamation was published by 
Gov. Shute, July 25, 1722, ordering them not to go into any 
English town or district. A war ensued. In August, 1724, 
Capt. Harmon and others with 217 men made an attack on 
the Indians at Norridgewock, and killed Abombazeen, the 
Jesuit Sabastian Ralle, and 26 Indians. (Coll. N. H. Hist. 
Soc'y, vol. 1, p. 107.) — Ed.] 

[12-53] \.C°ty of Letter from Gov. Belcher to the Lords of 
Trade and Plantations relative to the boundary Line be- 
tween New Hampshire and Massachusetts, iyjj .] 

My Lords — 

Altho' I have wrote you per this Conveyance of 5 th 8 th & 12 th 
Instant, yet the ship being detain'd, I think it my duty to say 
to your Lordships, that I have taken all possible Care and 
Pains, ever since my Arrivall, to have the Long Contested 
Boundaries betwixt the Massachusetts and New-Hampshire 
adjusted, agreeable to His Majesty's Royal Orders to me, but I 
can see no Prospect of its being Accomplish^, and the poor 
Borderers on the Lines (if Your Lordships will allow me so 
vulgar an Expression) live like Toads under a Harrow, being 
run into Goals on the one side and the other, as often as they 



please to quarrell, such is the sad condition of His Majesty's 
Subjects, that live near the Lines. They pull down one an- 
other's houses, often wound each other, and I fear it will end in 
Bloodshed, unless His Majesty in his great goodness gives some 
Effectual Order to have the Bounds fixt. 

Altho', my Lords, I am a Massachusetts man, yet I think 
this Province alone is culpable on this head, New-Hampshire 
has all along been frank and ready to pay exact duty and obe- 
dience to the King's Order, and have manifested a great In- 
clination to peace and Good Neighborhood, but in return the 
Massachusetts Province have thrown unreasonable Obstacles in 
the way of any settlement, and altho' they have for 2 or 3 years 
past been making offers to settle the Boundaries with New- 
York and Rhode-Island in an open, easy, amicable way, yet 
when they come to settle with New-Hampshire, they will not 
do so with them, which seems to me a plain Argument, that 
the leading men of the Massachusetts Assembly are conscious 
to themselves of continual Incroachments they are making upon 
their Neighbours of New-Hampshire, and so dare not come to a 
settlement. I say, my Lords in duty to the King, and from a 
just Care of His Subjects of New-Hampshire, I think myself 
oblig'd to set this matter in the Light I now do, nor do I ever 
Expect to see it settled, but by a peremptory Order from His 
Majesty appointing Commissioners to do it, and those agreed 
to by both Assemblies — 

Febru a 1 730/1 — 

Joseph Talcott Esq Gov r of Connecticut, 

Joseph Jenks Esq then Gov r of Rhode-Island, & 

Adolph Phillips Esq Speaker of the Assembly at N. York, 

are Gentlemen of Good Ability and Integrity, and altho' the 
Massachusetts, I fear, will still decline joining in the affair, yet 
I believe New-Hampshire, from their desire to peace and Good 
Order, would rejoice to see such a Direction from the King, & 
be glad to be at the whole Charge rather than the dispute 
should still continue ; I therefore humbly pray your Lordships, 
so to represent this affair to His Majesty, that there may be an 
End of Strife and Contention. 

And if your Lordships approve of the Bill I now send you 
for emitting Bills of Credit on a Foundation of Gold and Silver 
& that I may have His Majesty's Leave for doing it in the 
Massachusetts, I pray I may also have the same Liberty of do- 
ing it in New-Hampshire, where they are in Great distress for 
something to pass in lieu of money, and without speedy Help 
it will be almost impossible for that little Province to support 
any Trade. 



I have the honour to be with all possible Esteem and Re- 
spect — 

My Lords Your Lordships Most Obedient and Most Humble 
Servant — 

Boston Janu a 13 th 1732/3, J. B. 

These may Certify, that His Excellency the Governor, sent 
me this paper from Boston, and assured me that the contents 
of it, were a genuine copy, of what he had wrote and sent to 
the Lords of Trade and Plantations ; and also, that he afterward 
shew me, an original letter from the secretary of the Plantation 
Board which acknowledged their Lordship's receipt of the 
Governors said letter, — As Witness My hand — 

August I st — 1739 ' Rich d Waldron — 


£12-54] \_Letter from Gov. JFra7icis Bernard, concerning 
the boundary Line, iy6y.~\ 

Boston Aug 31, 1767 
S r I have received your letter of Aug 26, & shall lay it be- 
fore the Council on Wednesday next. In the mean time I must 
desire you tb prevent any violence being used against our Set- 
tlers ; as a Representation of this matter on our behalf is now 
prepared to be laid before the King in Council ; in which I am 
assured these two propositions will be proved, 1, that this 
province never joined to run the Line ; 2, that the Line was run 
Under a material mistake ; and these will be proved, among 
others, by the Testimony of M r Bryant himself; 

I am, with great regard, S r your most obedient 
and most humble Servant 

Fra Bernard 
His Excellency Gov r Wentworth — 

[The following memorandum is on the back of the letter 
in the handwriting of Gov. Wentworth's secretary : — Ed.] 

N H Patentees settle under limited terms, therefore must be 
supported and quieted, or they may require an exemption from 
all limitation — on behalf of or from the Crown 

£12-54] [ Theodore Atkinson, concerning the boundary Line, 


Tuesday Sep r 29 1767 
Sir Your Excellency will please to observe that the In- 
struction sent by M r King was originally directed to Govern' 


Belcher as Govern 1 of the Mass a by the Directions in the last 
clause of seeing it entered in the Council Book &c I now send 
you the Copy of M r Bryants Wan* & Instructions Issued by 
M r Belcher as Govern 1 " of the Massachusetts so that it plainly 
appears where the Ex Parte complained of rested and not in 
favour of this Prov e unless paying the whole Expence made the 
ex Parte talked of I know I can find a satisfactory acco* of the 
whole charge being paid by this Prov e I found these papers 
viz Hazzens & Bryants in a Bundle I had formerly packed 
them in and send them that you might see the whole together — 
I should have waited on you with them but am prevented by 
an Indisposition that forbids my being abroad this weather 
I am Your Excellencys most obliged & 
most Obed* Humble Ser* 
Gov' Wentworth Theodore Atkinson 

[12-56] [Dover Militia Officers, i/Ji, 1732.] 

Cap* Tho 9 Millet 


Cap* John Waldron 

L* John Wonget \ Novm r 6 th 1722 

Ins 11 Joseph Roberts 

Cap* Tristram Coffin \ 

Cor* John Gerrish > Novm r 6 th 1732 

Quar* master Sam 1 Walton j 

Cap* Tho 8 Wallenford) 

L* Love Roberts V Septm r 27 th 1731 

Ins n Jeremiah Rolens J 

Paul Gerrish L* Col 

May 17 th 1 73 1 

[From Gen. Bedel's Papers] [Soldiers' Order, J//S-1 

To the paymaster appointed or to be appointed for y e first 
Comp'y of Rangers in y e Colony of New Hampshire for y e 
payment of the Billeting money now Du or that shall be 
hereafter Du to either and each of us — 
Pay the same to Israel Morey Esq or his Order for value 

Recei d July 27 th 1775. ; 

16/5 Joseph fifield, 36/3 John Lovern, 
Silvanus Owen, Uriah Stone, 

12/ Benjamin martin, Amos Rich 

15/3 Joseph Hadlev, 3S /i Thomas Caprin 
Elnathan Palmer, 



[Ibid.] \_Piermont drafted Men, 1777.'] 

October 3 d 1777 
Pursuant to orders of the 3 d Instant I have made a Draft of 
men Viz. France Stevens (Come forward) Moses Stevens 
Sence Lame David Tyller Ju r Paul Ford Andrew M c Calister 
Isaac Gragg 

John Weed Lev* 
To Col Israel Morey of Orford 
Piermont 5 th October, 1777. 

N B. The above said David Tyller Ju r — Paul Ford— An- 
drew M c Calister & Isaac Gragg Refuse to Go according to or- 
ders Wherefore I beg they may be Delt with as y e Law De- 
ricts — 

Col Morey John Weed Lev* 


Holland's map of New Hampshire gives a place for a 
township designated as Lloyd's Hills, which occupied a con- 
siderable portion of the territory now in Bethlehem. The 
charter records, in the office of the secretary of state, con- 
tain nothing relative to the township of Lloyd's Hills, except 
a reference to it as a boundary of the town of Whitefield, 
which was granted in 1774. 

Two documents have recently become accessible to the 
public, which throw some light upon the matter, for copies 
of which the editor is indebted to A. S. Batchellor, Esq., of 
Littleton. j 

First, is the manuscript lecture on the early history of 
Littleton and vicinity, by the late Dr. Adams Moore, in 
which are the following passages relating to the subject: 
" It appears by the charter of Whitefield that that town was 
bounded on the south-west by a town named Lloyd's Hills. 
Some person interested in land matters, and finding no rec- 
ord of it in the office of the secretary of state, wrote to Gov- 
ernor Wentworth, who, it appears, lived at a place in England 
called Hammersmith. I have seen his answer, which, from 
sinister motives, was kept rather private, as it was the key 
to some land disputes, and if seen would operate against the 
parties holding it. It contained a correct plan of the town 
of Lloyd's Hills, now Bethlehem. The Ammonoosuc river 
[was] laid down with great accuracy, the line between that 




town and this [Littleton] distinctly placed as crossing a 
certain bend in the river, near the Alder Brook Mills, where 
the proprietors of this town have supposed it to be, but 
from which they have been crowded back this way about 
fifty rods. The survey purported to have been made in 
1774, by Dudley Coleman, who had surveyed this town 
[then Apthorp] four years before. The governor must 
have taken from this country a book of plans of all these 
townships, furnished him by the deputy surveyors of his 
time,* which would unravel the snarls of many a lawsuit 
past, and perhaps to come." 

Second, the following matter relative to Lloyd's Hills was 
copied by Philip G. Wilkins, of Littleton, at Portsmouth, 
Aug. 8. 1850, from a paper purporting to be the original in 
the handwriting of Gov. John Wentworth. It was in the 
possession of counsel in a case then pending at Portsmouth 
relating to lands in Bethlehem. One of the counsel in this 
case was the late John Goodall, Esq., of Bath, whose pro- 
fessional papers were sold to paper-makers during the late 
war, and it is not improbable that the original of Gov. 
Wentworth's communication concerning Lloyd's Hills was 
among them, as no one appears to have known of its ex- 
istence in recent years. Mr. Wilkin s's record of surveys 
contains his memoranda and copy, which is substantially as 
follows : 

" Province of New Hampshire 

Portsmouth 3 d January, 1774. 
This certifies that this plan, beginning at a Beech Tree, 
standing in the northeasterly line of Gunthwaite, which is the 
southwesterly corner of Apthorp; [thence runing south fifty- 
seven and one half degrees east, two miles and fifty-six rods, to 
a spruce Tree, which is the northeasterly corner of Gun- 
thwaite ;] thence south fifty-eight degrees east, three miles and 
two hundred sixty-four rods, to a Birch Tree ; thence north 
fifty-six degrees east, five miles and one hundred and sixty-two 
rods, to Bretton Woods, so called ; thence by said Bretton 
Woods, north one mile and twenty five rods, to a stake ; thence 
north fifty-eight degrees west, five miles and ten rods, to a Fir 
Tree ; thence south fifty-six degrees west, six miles and one 
half, to the bound began at, containing twenty-two thousand 
seven hundred and sixty acres, is known by an original plan or 

•The deputy surveyors made their returns to Isaac Rindge, surveyor general, who prob- 
ably keDt them, although it is possible they might have been in possession of the governor.— 


j survey of said tract or township as returned to me by Dudley 

Coleman Dep 4 Surveyor. 

Attest Is: Rindge S. G." 


" It is hereby certified that the within described land in the 
Province of New Hampshire was surveyed to Joseph Loring 
and others by authority of Government, parte by His Majesty's 
mandamus and parte on conditions of settlement and cultiva- 
tion ; and that the grant of said lands was called in council ac- 
cording to the usual forms ; also, that an order was issued to 
the secretary of the said Province, for engrossing the patent, 
but I cannot recollect whether the patent was perfected, al- 
though the said tract of land was actually granted, and I do re- 
member that about twenty thousand acres was property of Mr. 
Loring and that the township was called or named Lloyd's 
Hills. I 

Hammersmith 15 June 1783. J. Wentworth." 

Note : The bound given in brackets, in the surveyor general's 
certificate, is inserted as it appears on the plan. The omission 
probably first occurred in one of the unofficial transcriptions of 
the return as made by Mr. Coleman. 

The original plans of surveys, made by the deputy surveyors, 
are possibly still in existence ; and if so probably in England ; 
they would make a valuable addition to our ancient state rec- 
ords, and some means ought to be employed to obtain them if 


[The following documents relative to the "Vermont con- 
troversy," which were found by the editor among the mis- 
cellaneous papers in the secretary's office, are believed not | 
to have been heretofore published. The originals have been 
inserted in the manuscript volume, in the office of the sec- 
retary of state, entitled " State Papers, Vermont Contro- 
versy." — Ed.] 

[Page 64.] 

Lebanon Feb'y 13 th 1777. 

The Committees for treating with the Assembly's Commit- 
tee,* after having waited on, and held a free Conference with 
them, were called on to meet by themselves — and they met ac- 
cordingly — at which time were present — 

* A committee appointed by the general assembly of this state, Jan. 3, 1777, consisting of 
Meshech Weare, Benjamin Giles, and John Wentworth, Jr., who were to visit Grafton 
county and endeavor to effect an amicable settlement of the existing differences of opinion. 
See Vol. VII, p. 450.^-ED. 

: 1 


M r Jacob Sheafe — Morristown 

Cap* Nath 1 Hovey— Landaff 

Col Tim° Bedel ) ^ ,, 

M r Elisha Cleveland f mth 

Major James Bay ley \ 

Cap 1 Ephraim Wesson > Haverhill 

M* James Abbot — j 

Major John Pattinson ) . 

r» t t a r*\ ji } -riermont 

Cap 1 Jon a Chandler J 

Col° Tho s Gilbert ^ 
D n Joseph Skinner I y . 
Cap* John Sloan [ 
M r Walter Fairfield J 

Cap* David Woodward ^ 

Cap* Aaron Storrs | x-r 

t • t t a tt> r Hanover 

Lieu 1 Jon a r reeman 

Beza Woodward Esq r J 

D n Neh h Estabrook ' ~\ 

John Wheatley Esq r > Lebanon 

Major John Griswold ) 

Major Francis Smith") 

M r Amos Stafford V Plainfield 

Lieu* Tho 9 Gallop ) 

Cap* John Lassell Relhan 

Lieu* Sam 1 Jones "j r „ 

• Ensign Tho 8 Baldwin j ^ anaan 

Col Elisha Paine ) n ,. 

1 r* t -d 1 t« r Cardigan 

Cap 1 Bela 1 inner j ° 

1. Chose Col Timothy Bedel Chairman 

2. Chose Bezaleel Woodward Esq r Clerk 

3. These Committees taking into consideration the Confer- 
ence this day held with the Assembly's Committee, unani- 
mously agree to make the following Report to the united com- 
mittees whose meeting is to be held here tomorrow Viz That 
we have held a free Conference with said Assembly's commit- 
tee particularly respecting the plan of Representation which 
has been pursued in this state ; and that no one of us is as yet 
in any degree convinced of the Justice or Equity of said plan ; 
but that our Apprehensions of there being just Grounds for our 
uneasiness in that respect are still as great as they have ever 
heretofore been — 


4. Voted that the Assembly's committee be served with a 
copy of the foregoing proceedings of these committees. 

5. Voted that Major John Griswold be desired to wait on 
them with said Copy — 

A true Copy from the Minutes 

Attest, Beza Woodward Clerk 


[Page 68~] [Proceedings of a Committee Aleeting at Hano- 
ver, June 11, 1777. ~\ ; 

At a meeting of the Convention of united Committees from 
a number of Towns in the New Hampshire Grants (so called) 
East of Connecticut River, held agreeable to adjournment at 
the house of Cap 1 Aaron Storrs in Hanover on Wednesday 
June 11 th 1777. 

Voted to present the following Address to the Assembly at 
Exeter Viz* i 

To the honorable Council and Assembly convened and sitting 
at Exeter in the State of New Hampshire. 

Gentlemen — The Convention of Committees from a number 
of Towns in the New Hampshire Grants (so called) East of 
Connecticut River beg leave to observe that in the month of 
May 1775 we were invited with other Towns in the Colony of 
New Hampshire to unite in Provincial Congress by Represent- j 

atives for the purpose of taking such measures as the alarming J 

situation of public affairs then rendered necessary for the secur- i 

ity of the most invaluable privileges granted by the God of j 

nature to the human Race, which Congress was proposed to 
continue for the space of six months only ; that said Congress 
near the close of their sessions (without any particular author- 
ity vested in them for that purpose by their constituents) did 
undertake to adopt a Plan of Representation whereby we ap- 
prehend they abridged the liberties of the people in that essen- 
tial Article by depriving a great number of Towns of the priv- 
ilege of future Representation and assuming the right of regu- 
lating that article wholly to themselves ; which regulation a 
considerable number of Towns in the abovementioned Grants • 

not only refused their Assent to, but early remonstrated against 
to the next Congress, but without any effect — Since which time 
(viz* in the month of July last past) we in some measure stated 
Our reasons for non-compliance in a printed Address to the Inhabi- 
tants of said State ; notwithstanding which the same oppressive 
mode of Representation still continues as appears by the Writs 
for election issued last winter. 


We have likewise had opportunity to confer with a Commit- 
tee from your Body, which has also proved ineffectual, as they 
were not empowered to enter into articles of Stipulation or 
make any proposals whereby the aforesaid difficulties might be 
removed — And in order to the removal of them we beg leave 
to observe, that the only legal Bonds whereby the said Grants 
were ever connected with the former Government of New 
Hampshire was by the Commissions granted to the late Gov- 
ernor Wentworths empowering them to exercise Jurisdiction 
over said Grants with the former part of said Province which 
Commissions and the extent of their Jurisdiction were held at 
the pleasure of the Crown to enlarge or diminish as the King 
should see fit ; which Commissions being now extinct, the peo- 
ple living on said -Grants are become unconnected with the 
former Government of New Hampshire or any other incorpo- 
rated State as to any Compact of theirs or any Grant or Charter 
whatever and are so far reverted to a State of nature. 

Yet notwithstanding as we have heretofore been connected as 
aforesaid we are authorized by our Constituents to assure you 
we are not only willing but desirous to be again united together 
in one incorporate body of distinct State if it can be mutually 
agreed upon consistent with our just rights and privileges. We 
would therefore beg leave to propose the essential preliminaries ■ 
on which we are willing to unite, Viz*. I 

1. That the Inhabitants of every Town within said State (in- 
cluding said Grants) have liberty if they see cause to elect at j 
least one person to represent them in the General Assembly of 
said State — but that every Town where there are less than one 
hundred Families have liberty of coupling themselves with so 
many adjoining Towns as shall agree thereto for the purpose of 
sending one Representative only — and that each Town (or 
Towns united as aforesaid) pay their own Representative for 

his service in attending said Assembly — travelling fees to be 
paid out of the general Treasury — I 

2. That the Seat of Government be fixed as near the Centre 

of the State as conveniently may be — ! 

3. That the further establishing a permanent Plan of Govern- 
ment in the State be submitted to an Assembly that shall be 
convened as aforesaid for that purpose only. And as we look 
upon ourselves free from Connection with any incorporated 
State or particular Body, if we cannot agree to unite together 
on the principles above prescribed or those which are equiva- 
lent thereto, we must seek after Connection with some other 
State, or endeavor to obtain relief in some other way — 

All which we desire you to take into your wise and candid 
Consideration, and give us such Answer to the above proposals 
as you shall think proper ; that we may no longer remain in 

[Page 70] [Report of Com?nittee.~] 

State of New Hampshire 

Novemb r 19 th 1777 — 
The Committee, appointed in Committee of both Houses, to 
confer with persons who presented an address from the Com- 
mittees, met in Convention of several Towns in the County of 
Grafton, in this State, relative to the subject matter of said ad- 
dress, beg leave to report — That they have met said Gentlemen 


the unhappy Circumstances that we have been and are now 
under. — 

Voted that Major Childs Lieut Freeman & Capt Turner or 
either two of them be a Committee to wait on said Assembly 
with said-Address, and that they endeavor in the fullest manner 
to enforce the justice and equity of the Articles therein sug- 
gested, and labour to the utmost of their power that such arti- 
cles of stipulation be agreed to by said Assembly as shall cor- 
respond with those proposed in our said Address — 

Per Order of said Convention 

Neh h Estabrook Chairman 

At a meeting of the Convention of United Committee before 
mentioned held by adjournment at M r Paine's [Elisha Payne's] 1 

in Hanover October 14 th 1777 — I 

Whereas this Convention at their Meeting in June last did 
appoint a Committee to wait on the Assembly at Exeter with 
an address from us, the performance of which has been ob- 
structed by the tumults of the War — Therefore Voted That 
"Col Paine, Major Childs, and Mr. Woodward or either of j 

them be desired and empowered to 'wait on said Assembly 
with said Address in our name as soon as conveniently maybe, 
and to act thereon agreeable to the directions given to our said 
former Committee. 

Per Order of said Convention 

Neh h Estabrook Chairman 

[The committee mentioned in the foregoing presented 
the said address to the legislature in November, 1777. The 
matter was taken up in committee of the whole on the 18th 
day of that month, and a sub-committee, consisting of Josiah 
Bartlett, John Langdon, Benjamin Giles, Ebenezer Thomp- 
son, and George King, was appointed to confer with Messrs. 
Payne and Woodward, draft an answer to their address, and 
report the next morning, which they did as follows : — Ed.] 



76s I 

Viz. Col Paine & M r Woodward and freely conversed with 
them concerning the several matters set forth in said address. 
and are of opinion that although they esteem the present form 
of Government, & Representation of the people as far from 
being perfect, Yet as the same was only proposed as Tempo- 
rary and the exigencies of the war having been and still con- 
tinuing such as to leave no opportunity for the People to enter 
upon forming a plan of Government and Representation with 
that attention and deliberation that Matters of so Great Conse- 
quence require ; the present Modell will answer for the pur- 
poses of our Grand Concern Viz Carrying on the War, 8c in 
the mean time for the Regulation of the most essential concerns 
of our Internal Police without any great Injur}- to any part of 
the State — But are full in sentiment that as soon as the Circum- 
stances of the war will admit, that a full, free and equal Rep- 
resentation of the people should convene and form a permanent 
system of Government & settle the mode of Representation — 
All which is humbly submitted by 

Jn° Langdon Chairman 

[The foregoing was accepted. — Ed.} 

[Page 202] \_State?nent of y<mathan Chase ct7id Abel Cwtiss, 
relative to Gen. Sullivan } s Position, i~8i.~\ 

Col Jonathan Chase and M r Abel Curtis assert that they 
have frequently heard Col Peter Olcott mention his being at 
Philadelphia in the month of September last on business relat- 
ing to the New Hampshire Grants — That being in conversation 
with Gen 1 Sullivan, Agent for the State of New Hampshire — 
he urged to the Gen 1 that the previous question might be put — 
"whether a New state might be admitted on the Grants or 
not" — The Gen 1 replied i; He could have obtained that before, 
but would make no further Objections to it, if he (Col° Olcott) 
thought that best to be put" — which Col° Olcott urged — Col 
Olcott said that afterwards he understood that the General did 
not appear against the question, but said nothing in favor of 
Col Olcott further added that after this he had opportunity 
with the General, when the Gen 1 told him, he was sorry he 
conceded to his proposal — Col Olcott asked why? — The Gen 1 
replied he tho't many of the people in his quarter were York- 
ers — and further added, that he believed that they on the west 
side of the River ought to be a separate state — Col Olcott has 
also mentioned that when at Philadelphia, he was informed, 
the Gen 1 in private conversation observed, "that, tho* he was 


instructed to lay claim to the whole of the Grants, he was so 
unhappy as to differ from his Instructions in Judgment" — Col° 
Chase & M r Curtiss also mention that a report has much pre- 
vailed on the grants in their quarter, that a large Grant of Land 
has been issued by the Assembly of Vermont to Gen 1 Sullivan. 
But they are rather inclined to think the report without foun- 
dation — 

The subscribers affirm the foregoing relation, if not verba- 
tim, to be the substance of matters related by Col Olcott, as 
above — 

Exeter 12 th Jan y 1781. Jon th Chase 

Abel Curtiss 

N. B. It may be observed that Col Olcott by no means 
meant any reflection on the worthy Gentleman, Gen 1 Sullivan, 
but as he was very sanguine for a union of the whole of the 
Grants, he was very sorry to see that indifference in the Gen 1 
as he thought it, to bring about an object so much desired. 

J. c. 

A. C. 

[Vol. X contains a large amount of matter relative to this 
controversy. — Ed.] 


[The following is taken from a manuscript document in 
the office of the secretary of state, and is published because 
it is believed that the census of 1790 does not exist else- 
where in the state, in detail, and consequently will be of 
much value to town historians and citizens generally. — Ed.] 
































































Allenstown.. . 



Brentwood .. . . 

Candia — . 

Canterbury. ... 





East Kingston. 





Hampstead... , 

Hawke 1 


Hampton Falls 
Kensington . . . 





6 1 

1 3 

1 .... 

7 4 

1 2 

2 .... 

2 5 

















1 Now Danville. 


ROCKINGHAM county — continued. 


Londonderry . . . 



Newmarket. ... 
New Castle.. ... 



North Hampton 
Northwood.. . . , 





Poplin 1 







South Hampton 































































. ... 























































1 Fremont. 














Moultonbo 1-0 

New Durham Gore 1 



1 ,084 















































































. ... 




T 1 


1 Now Alton. 





New Durham 

New Hampton 










Burton 2 

Stark's and Sterling's Locations 







740! 1,386 
423 749 






















1 Now Albany. 








Campbell's Gore 1 . 


Derry field 2 


Dunstable 3 

Duxbury 4 

Fishersfield 6 


Greenf d 







Kearsarjje Gore 6 . 





















274 1 

35 l 




233 J 


1 60 1 






2 ° 7 i 


440 8 

5511 1 























1 Windsor. 
*Now in Milford. 


s Manchester. 
8 Newbury. 

» Nashua. 

8 Divided among several towns. 




New Boston c 

New Ipswich 

New London 

Nottingham West 1 . . . 


Raby 2 



Society Land 3 






Derryfield Gore 4 . — 
Lyndsborough Gore 5 








2 53 




























1 Hudson. 

4 Now in Manchester. 

2 Brookline. 

3 divided among several towns. 
5 Now in Temple. 


Acworth , 


Charlestown. . . , 




Croydon , 

Dublin , 









Marlbor , 


New Grantham 


Packersrield 1 ... 


Protectworth - . 

































160. ... 
15.3 1 
39o; 4 
343! 3 
486; 2 


1, in 











1 Nelson. 


Cheshire county — continued. 










Washington.. . 

Wendell 1 


































6 9 

2 ! 1 











16 j 28,772 

1 Sunapee. 




Bath , 


Campton . 

Canaan , 


Cockburne 1 

Cockermouth 2 . . , 

Colburne 3 

Coventry 4 


Dartmouth 6 







Gunthwaite alias 

Hanover , 







Lyman , 






























25 i- 















173 361 





































1 Columbia. 
* Benton. 

» Jefferson. 

• Colebrook. 


GRAFTON county — continued. 


New Chester 1 .. . 
New Holderness 2 



Percy 8 






Thornton ....... 




Dames.. . 


Senters . . 
Starkes . . 












39 2 







Grafton . . 
Rockingh 1 



11 .139 


3,315; 6,340 
8,389' 16,150 
9,654; 21,968 































* Hill. 

2 Holderness. 

3 Stark. 




Academies.. 136, 137, 199, 390, 392 

Acworth -576, 599 

Albany 411 

Albany, N. Y 85, 145, 326 

Alexandria 3, 4, 112, 225, 226 

Addition 1 , 3, 443 

Allenstown. .....153, 165, 170-174 

Alstead 599 

Alton 73 1 

Amesbury, Mass. ...55, 57, 65, 434 
612, 614, 618, 619 

Amherst 1 64 

Andover 70, 382, 388, 622 

Appendix 7 S3 

Arlington 687 

Arrowsick Island 754 

Ashuelot 313 

Lower 522 

Upper 522 

Atkinson. . .210, 212, 218,219,400 
Auburn... 745 

Bakerstown 381 

Bald Hill 512 

Barnstead 98 

Barrington . . 1 10, 332, 345, 427, 746 

Bath 761 

Bemis's Heights 100, 109, 365 

375, 532 

Bennington 745 

Vt. 237, 394, 465, 588, 651, 656 

Berlin 745 

Bethlehem 649, 758 

Blanchard's Gore 566 

Borland's Farm 547, 558 

Boston, Mass. . . .99, 174, 189, 279 

280, 324. 559 

Bow.. 148, 153, 154, 155, 159, 166- 


Boxford, Mass 324 

Bradford 112, 115, 626, 631 

Vt 197 

Brandy Brow 53 

i Brattleborough, Vt 667 

j Brentwood 579 

I Bretton-Woods 745 

i Bridge, Buckstreet 173 

Dover 337 

Hale's 469, 606 

McGregor's 469 

New Market 15, 28, 34-38 

Piscataqua 304 

Republican 392 

Bridgewater 230 

Buckstreet 153—156, 170. 171 

Bunker Hill 100, 147, 174,237 

520, 525, 617, 618, 623, 657 

681, 711 

Burton 411,419, 53'?, 544, 545 

Cambridge, Mass 153, 568, 679 

Camden 459, 626 

Campbell's Gore 723 

Campton. . .223, 225, 231-234, 418 

Canaan 117, 716 

Candia 173, 307, 310 

Canterbury 70 

Cape Breton 261 

Cardigan 1 12-126, 761 

Carroll 745 

Cedars, battle of 522 

Census of 1790 767 

Charleston, S. C .... 185 

j Charlestown 208, 557, 576, 584 

599, 601 

Mass 189 

Chelmsford, Mass. 143, 455 

Chester 148, 173, 307, 310, 373 

406, 407 



Chichester 197 

Claremont 47, 208, 576, 599 

Clarksville 745 

Cochecho 427, 4 2 $ 

Cockermouth 223-232 

Concord 159, 166-168 

Mass 4, 548, 595 

Confederation, votes on 29, 31 

533, 679- 714 

Coos Co. constituted 478 

Corey 's-Town 494 

Cornish 127, 204, 206 

Counterfeit money 326 

Crown Point.. 85,' 104, 363,428,438 

484, 520 

Croydon 500, 576 

Dame's Gore 1 20 

Dartmouth College 417 

Deerfield 99, 100, 106, 173 

Deering 745 

Derby, Conn 598 

Derry 373 

Dorchester 120, 135, 224 

Dover.. 102, 108,237,238,425,427 


Dracut 142, 171, 695 

Dublin 327, 351, 352, 562, 745 

Dummer 452 

Dunbarton 1 59, 637 

Dunstable 142, 175 

Durand 746 

Durham 10, 38, 93, 102 

Duxbury School Farm 682 

East Kingston 53, 434 

East-Town , 588 

Eaton 4H ? 538, 544, 545 

Effingham 139, 142, 58S 

Ellsworth 745 

Epping. 39, 40, 308 

Epsom 39, 198, 383 

Exeter 9, 99, 191, 237, 281, 292 

307,315, 39 2 ,409, 479 

Fairfield 572 

Farmington 332. 348 

Ferry, Bennett's 401 

Burnside's 90, 477 

Butterfield's 671 

Cross's 389 

Copp's 395,396 

Dix's 1 58, 1 59 

Dummer's 693 

Ferry, Henry's 390 

Hilton's 13, 14 

Kathan's 673 

Kimball's 205 

Lord's 668 

Marsh's 674 

Reed's 670 

Robbins's 669 

Simpson's 131 

Stevens's 195 

Sweet's 54 

Wiggin's 480 

Fitzwilliam 312,321, 327, 562 

Fort Dummer 520, 522, 687 

Du Quesne . 1 04 

Edward 18 

Hindsdale's 687 

Washington 509 

William Henry.. 104, 145, 264 

Wm. & Mary 239 

Francestown 745 

Franklin 70, 382 

Freetown 307 

Fox Hill 361 

Garvin's Falls 159, 167, 169 

Gilmanton 395, 396 

Gilsum 464, 472, 490, 492, 508 

522, 632 

Gillis & Foss's Grant 746 

Glass Manufactory 559 

Glebe Lands 209, 314 

Gonic 332 

Gorham 424 

Goshen 494, 576, 581 

Gosport 279, 360 

Grafton 120 

Vt 321 

Grantham 199 

Great Island 242 

Greenfield 1 75, 745 

Greenland 37, 76, 246-248, 360 


Grenada, Island of 452 

Groton 223 

Hale's-Town 637 

Hampstead 148, 210, 218, 219 

410, 576 

Hampton 76, 77, 130, 132, 239 

241, 255, 257, 267, 360, 363 

392, 420, 479 

Hampton Falls. .258, 420, 434, 441 



Hancock 562, 745 

Hanover 136, 761, 762, 764 

Hartford, Conn 201 

Harrisville 745 

Harvard College 520 

Haverhill 194, 196, 617, 761 

Mass 210 

Dist 697 

Hawke 405-407 

Heath's Gore 442 

Hebron 112, 222, 223, 23 1 

Conn 127 

Heidelberg 1 

Henniker 1 59 

Hillsborough 1 59, 724, 725 

Hinsdale 690 

Holderness 0.418, 419 

Hollis 223, 623 

Hooksett Falls 1 59 

Hopkinton 1 70, 641, 645 

Hubbardton, Vt 328, 600, 661 

Indians 383, 384, 392, 410, 425 

474, 475,484,651 

Isle au Hooksett 168, 169 

Isles of Shoals 283, 286, 288 

Islington 249 

Jaffrey 327, 5°7, 562 

Jenness-Town 613 

Kearsarge Gore. . . 1, 5, 7, 613, 621 

Keene. .352, 490-492, 516, 522, 675 


Kensington .76, 337, 360 

Killingworth, Conn 46, 47 

Kingsbridge, N. Y 341 

Kingston. . ..61, 210, 382, 384, 404 

406, 407, 576 

Kittery, Me 280 

Lake George 144 

Lancaster 451, 474, 649 

Landaff 761 

Langdon 609 

Lavenham, Eng. 522 

Lebanon 761 

Conn 127, 191 

Lee 38. 98, 101 

Lempster..5or, 503, 576, 599, 626 


Lexington, Mass 520 

Library, Columbian 564 

Library. Union 


Liscomb 112, 

Little Boar's Head 

Little Harbor 260, 


Lloyd's Hills 650, 

Londonderry 148, 

Lotteries 28, 167, 169, 228, 

301, 360, 514, 559, 601, 

Louisbourg 261, 

Lower Ashuelot 

Lunenburg, Mass 

Lyme 120, 134, 135,224, 

Lyndeborough. ..185-190, 547, 

Gore . 





Madbury 38, 40 

Marlborough.. . .312, 327, 351, 352 

521, 522, 536, 537, 562 

Marlow.459, 461, 469, 471, 599,628 

Martinique, Island of 345 

Marshfield, Mass 45 1 

Mason 562 

Masonic. St. John's Lodge. 305-307 

Masonian Proprietors....!, 2, 174 

189, 222, 236, 321, 323, 325, 381 

392, 408, 455, 471, 516, 547, 626 

637, 676 

Maynesborough 745 

Meedersborough 346 

Meredith 398 

Meriden 1 99, 202, 203, 209 

Methuen. Mass 371. 695 

Middleton, 112, 121, y^S, 737 

Milan 746 

Mile Slip sso, 67S, 682 

Milton 332, 351, 588 

Mitchell's Line 142 

Moffett's Tree, bound 549 

Mohawk Point 395, 396 

Monadnock, No. 1 321 

No. 7 455 

No. 8 626 

Monmouth, battle of 589, 665 

Montreal 410 

Moultonborough 411, 413, 538 

Mount Caesar 520 

Mount Delight 1 73 

Mount Independence 01 5 

Nash & Sawyer's Location 745 

Nelson. 351, 352, 455, 490, 632, 745 



New Boston 99 

Newbury 194 

Mass 99 

New Castle 236, 239, 243, 260 

265-267, 298, 299, 360, 36S, 613 


New Chester 225, 226, 401 

Newfields 15, 34 

New Grantham 201, 202 

New Hampton 398 

New Hampshire Village 424 

New Haven, Conn 264 

New Holderness 225 

Newington 236, 247, 249 

New Ipswich 47, 327,- 547, 562 

626, 651, 683 
New London. . ..1-9, 449, 494, 622 
New Market. 9-46, 76, 98, 360, 480 
Newport.. 46-53, 501, 576, 577, 599 

New Salem 410 

New Salisbury 385 

Newton. .53-70, 410, 434, 437, 440 

New York 464 

Newspaper, N. H. State Gazette 


Republican Gazette 647 

Saturday Circulating Chronicle 


Northfield 70-76, 382, 389, 390 

North Hampton. ...76-87, 93, 360 
Northumberland.. .88-92, 451, 474 


Northwood.38, 40, 93-99, 100, 108 

Nottingham ..... 13, 39, 93, 95, 98 


Square... 100, 107 

Oakham 180 

Odiorne's Point 236, 271 

Orange 1 12-126 

Orford 126-138, 225, 235, 642 

Ossipee 138-142, 53% 

Gore 138-140 

Oyster River 237, 238 

Packersfield. . . .327, 351, 352, 562 

Palmers-Town 410 

Paper Money.. 6, 50, in, 219, 222 

3*7, 34i, 399. 4o8, 415, 4S7, 

489, 535> 672, 6S3 

Paulsbourg 746 

Peeling 572, 746 

Pelham 142, 1 52, 707 

Pembroke 101, 153-174 

Penobscot, Me. .284, 285, 


Peterborough . . . . 1 74-190, 

507, 547, 

Slip 505, 

Piermont. . .135, 190-197, 




Plainfleld. 199- 


Plaistow 148, 

Plans, referred to. ... 19, 

Plymouth 222, 

Polls, ratable returns ©fin 

48, 89, 11S, 133, 

193, 198, 199, 

311, 331,398, 

467, 475, 487, 

542, 560, 

Portsmouth.. 37, 175, 213, 


291, 344 


2, 3, 516 
327, 506 
662, 683 
506, 647 
758, 761 



197, 198 
•210, 761 

r 99 


159, 538 
236, 731 
150, 183 
213, 228 
400, 406 

215, 236 

338, 3°° 
..5, 442 

Quakers 67, 157, 319, 320, 420 

422, 637 

Quebec 104 

Queen's Chapel 297, 303 

Randolph 746 

Raymond 307-312 

Reading, Conn 110 

Relhan 761 

Rhode Island. . .339, 447, 588, 667 

Richmond 312-320, 521 

Rindge 320-332, 562, 593 

Rochester 297, 332-351, 427 

Rockingham, Vt 601 

Rogers's Rangers 382 

Rollinsford 425 

Rowley, Canada 321-325 

Rowley, Mass 321 

Roxbury 35 I_ 354 

Mass 100 

Royalton, Vt 208, 670 

Rumney.. . 225, 229, 235, 354-359 

Rutland, Mass 520 

Rye 37, 76, 79, 236, 267, 298 


Salem, 143, 144, 14S, 371-381, 695 

Mass 568 



Salisbury 70, 72, 381-392 

Mass 55. 434 

Salmon Falls 425, 429, 431 

Sanbornton 70, 382, 392-404 

Bridge 392 

Sandown 148, 404-410 

Sandwich 410-420, 53S 

Addition 410 

Sandy Beach 360 

Saratoga, N. Y. . 100, 1 iS, 133, 200 
316, 432, 639 

Saville 494, 576, 599 

Schools 187, 685, 686 

Seabrook 420-424, 441 

Sharon 505-50S, 547 

Shelburne 424-425,734 

Addition 424 

Sliptown 327 

Small-pox 18, 44, 274, 27S, 373 


Society Land 190, 562 

Somersworth 425-434 

South Hampton 33, 54> 61, 67, 

420, 434-442 

South Kingstown, R. 1 54 

South New Market 9, 10 

Springfield 442-451, 501 

Squamanagonic 332 

Squamscott Patent 479 

Stark 451, 452 

Stewartstown 452-455 

St. John's 192, 569 

St. Peter's 261 

Stevenstown 382 

Stillwater... 326, 33S, 375, 586, 687 

Stonington 88 

Stoddard. ..455-472, 490, 491, 632 
635» 636, 729 

Strafford 746 

Stratford 472-479 

Stratham. . 14, 15, 37, 156, 392, 393 


Strawberry-bank. 236, 242, 247-249 

Stuart 452 

Sullivan 467, 490-494, 635 

Sunapee 1 , 494-505, 599 

Suncook 153-155 

Surry 508-516, 675 

Sutton 516, 520 

Swanzey. . . .312, 520-538, 606, 690 
Swansey, Mass 520 

Tamworth 139, 411, 412, 416 


Tarrytown, N. Y 341 

Temple 174, 3 2 7, 547-5^6, 683 

Thomlinson, Vt 532 

Thornton 225, 419, 566-573 

Ticonderoga, N. Y. . ..19, 109, 118 
174, 208, 237, 293 
316, 328, 394, 521 
557* 5 8 9» 600, 661 

jTilton 392. 393 

j Townsend, Mass 175 

j Trecothick 745 



Tuftonborough 573~57^>, 73 1 


501, 502, 576-5S7, 599 

Valley Forge 601 

Vermont Controversy 604, 663 

664, 760 

j Wakefield 588-592,739 

! Walpole 383 ,516, 592-61 2 

I " 675 

j Warner 612, 623 

! Warren 135, 623-626 

j Warwick, R. 1 54, 115 

War Vessel — Abigail 262 

Canso 279 

Druid 109 

Gen. Washington 344, 345 

Hampden 285. 291, 344 

Raleigh 109,344 

Scarborough 279 

i Washington 327, 471, 626-636 

Gore 626 

Watertown, Mass 522 

Waterville 566, 746 

Gore 566 

Weare 52, 637-642 

Wendell 1 , 494, 496 

Wentworth.126, 135, 191, 195, 235 
639, 642-648 

Westerly, R. I 54 

Westminster, Eng 322 

Vermont 600, 601 

Westmoreland . .327, 508, 515, 516 

601, 606, 651, 676 

West Point.. 71, 164, 203, 204, 717 

Wheeler's Gore 723 

Whitcomb's Rangers 71 

Whitefield 648, 651 

White Plains 52 

Wilmot I 


Wilton 547, 54S, 552, 562, 676- : Winter Hill 521 



Wolfeborough 73Q-743 

Winchester 313, 522, 528-530, Addition 731-743 

687-694 Woodstock 746 

Windham . . 102, 151, 371, 695-723 

Windsor 723, 730 Yorktown, Va 100 


Abbott, Abial. . .553, 677, 679, 683 

David 154, 160, 161 

George 295, 296 

1 560 

Jacob 677, 679, 68 1 , 682 

James 251, 761 

Jeremiah 163, 553, 677 

Job 161, 163 

John 246 

Joseph ■ .679, 683 

Nathan 553, 67S 

Peter 239 

Samuel 163 

Samuel, Jr 163 

Solomon 296 

Timothy 676 

Uriah 1 49 

Watt 240 

William 682, 683, 686 

Abombazeen. 753 

Acheson, Thomas 717 

Adams, Abel 465 j 

Asa ...457,458,461, 463 j 

Benjamin .5, 6, 7, 550 

Eli 459 

Eliphalet 202, 203 

Ephraim...-3I4, 456, 458, 463 
467, 468, 550 

James 343, 525, 698 

John 6, 7, 9, 142, 274, 306 

635, 665 

John, Jr 5, d, 7 

Jonathan 6, 7, 9, 698 

Joseph.. ..22, 27, 220-222, 391 

485. 594. 596 

Rev. Joseph 4^2 

Josiah 26, 28, 30, 34 

Levi 565 

Moses 9, 396 

Nathan 488 

Adams, Nathaniel .30, 239, 270, 272 
300, 301, 306 

Oliver 200-203 

Paul 133 

Robert. . . : 698 

Samuel [ 1 6, 306 

Samuel, Jr 117 

Simeon . 202 

Solomon 6, 7, 9 

'Thomas 457, 458, 461, 463 

465, 596 

William 665 

Zachariah 458-463 

Aiken, Edward 698-701 

Ezekiel 644, 646, 648 

James 623, 718 

John.. .195, 644, 647, 648, 69S 

Nathaniel 698 

Nenian 726 

Ainsworth, Jabez 116 

Akerman, Benjamin 275, 293 

Colonel 295 

Joseph 35 

Josiah 35, 268 

Lieut 216, 217 

Nahum 36, 268 

Peter 348, 365, 371 

Peter, Jr 348 

Simeon 268 

Alcock, J 35 

Joseph. 268, 270, 272, 274, 277 

Alcott, Joshua , 602 

Aldrich, Aaron 318 

Annanias 31S 

Benjamin 653. 055 

Caleb .. 651, 665, 673,675 

Caleb, Jr 673 

George 602, 657, 65S, 665- 

Nathan 318 



Aldrich, Nathaniel 318, 320 

Paul 318 

Royal 318 

Solomon 318 

William 120, 675 

Alexander, Asa 692, 694 

Elijah 314 

James 567 

John 652, 653, 690-698 

Jonathan 239 

Philip 653, 655 

Reuben 529, 599, 689, 694 

Reuben, Jr 694 

Simeon 653, 655 

Thomas 694 

William ' 698 

AllarrJ, David 343 

Henry. 336 

Job 343, 347 

Noah 294, 295, 297 

Shadrach 336 

William 347 

Alld and Alls, David 234, 235 

Ebenezer 408 

George 233 

Samuel 568, 701 

William 568, 679 

Allen, Aaron 606 

Daniel 16 

David 204 

Elisha 591 

Elnathan 694 

Ezra 318 

Jacob 338 

John . .333, 339, 373, 378, 688 

Joshua 343, 349 

Josiah 17, 694 

Jude 16, 240 

Micah 343 

Samuel 16,343 

William 334, 336, 338 

Alley, Daniel 340, 433 

Ephraim 33S, 427 

Lydia 340 

Samuel 336, 338 

Allison, Samuel 700, 702 

Alvord, Stephen 602 

Ambrose, Nathaniel.. i6r, 164, 540 

Ames, Abraham 373 

Daniel 540, 54 1 

Daniel, Jr 541 

David. .115, 119, 121, 123, 125 


David, Jr 119, 121, 124 

Ames, Jacob 16, 27, 32 

John 22, 32, 653 

Jonathan W 122 

Joseph 140, 543 

Nathaniel 16, 22 

Nathaniel, Jr 22 

Amherst, Jaffrey 410 

Amy, George 379 

Heman 379 

Anderson, Daniel 719 

David 568, 698 

James 568, 698, 719 

James, Jr -. 702 

John.. .708, 712, 715, 716, 719 

Robert 698 

Samuel 699, 719 

Thomas 698 

William 698 

Andrews, Issachar. . ..725, 727, 728 

Jeremiah 561 , 562 

Joel 521 

John 200, 202, 203, 563 

Levi 702 

Nathan 204 

Samuel 518 

Solomon 725, 727 

Angel, Ebenezer 504 

Esech 504 

Noel 504 

Strokley 504 

Anger, Silas 554 

Annis, Daniel 613, 614 

Daniel, Jr 614 

David 614 

James 306 

Thomas 614, 619, 621 

Solomon 620 

Appleton, H 286 

Henry 272 

Issac 550 

Jotham 35 

vSamuel 269, 270 

W 273 

Applin, Thomas 528 

Archibald, Arthur 701 

John 296 

Robert 702 

Ardway. John 5 

Joseph -. 5 

Armes, Richard 594, 597 

Armour, Gain 715, 716 

John 715 

Samuel 696 

s 715 




Armstrong, David 715, 717, 7*9 

John 698, 717, 719 

Dr. John 7*7 

Arnold, Joseph 358 

T. L 694 

Arvin, Simeon 125 

William 115, 118-125 

Ash, Gilbert 246 

John 382, 388, 389 

Nathaniel 60, 64, 391, 435 

Phinehas 64 

Ashley, Daniel 593, 692 

Joseph 314 

Martin 606 

Oliver 599 

Rev. Joseph .* 522 

Samuel 599, 687, 689 

William . 17 

Asten, David 5 

John 5 

Moses 380 

Nathan 379 

Peter 379 

Atherton, Jonathan 115,317 

Atkinson, Benjamin 415, 416 

George 37 

Joseph 415 

Theodore.. .117, 239, 242, 244 

245, 285, 314, 568, 756 

Theodore, Jr 568 

Atwood, Joshua 148-150 

Samuel 149 

Auberts, Ettinne 710 

Austin, Abiel 373 

John 204 

Nicholas 737 

Reuben 487 

Samuel 343 

Stephen 565, 631 

Timothy 565 

Avery, Aaron 565 

Jeremiah 297 

Joel 565 

John 16, 3S, 486, 563, 565 

Jonathan 554, 559, 563 

Joseph 87, 101 

Joshua 480, 489 

Peter 565 

Samuel 16 

Thomas 241 

Ayer, John 641 

Samuel 378, 640, 7 1 7 

William 378, 640 

Ayers, Daniel 215, 220-222 

Ayers, Ebenezer 144 

George 502 

John 172, 260 

Jonathan. . .215, 219, 221, 222 

Joseph 220, 222 

Perkins 269, 277 

Thomas 297 

William. 36, 117, 123, 220-222 

Babcock, Amos. .604, 656, 669, 673 

Benjamin 627 

Rev. Stephen 54 

Bachelder, Daniel. . . .503, 584, 585 

Francis 643 

Increase 93 

Isaiah 355 

Jeremiah 589 

John 93 

Jonathan 13 

Phineas 405 

Bachellor, A. S 758 

Batchelder, Abraham . . .33, 93, 95 

97, 99 

Benjamin 414 

David 21 

Davis 22, 93, 95. 107 

Henry 77,81,95 

Increase. ...22, 93, 95, 96, 107 

James 96 

Jeremiah 76, 360 

John 22, 93, 96, 107 

Jonathan 96 

Josiah 405 

Nathaniel 84, 190 

Phinehas 409 

Samuel 16, 77, 95, 96 

Samuel, Jr 77, 97 

Simon 93, 95 

Stephen 17, 77 

Stephen, Jr 77 

Zachariah 17 

Backus. Andrew 116 

Bacon, Benjamin 561 

Badger, David 682 

John 694 

Joseph 233, 396 

Joseph, Jr 345, 346, 396 

Peaslee 3^9 

Robert 678 

Stephen 621 

W'illiam 34 

Bagley, David. . .56, 59, 60, 61, 64 
614, 6r8, 619 

78 4 


Bagley, Henry. 56, 59, 60, 726, 727 


Jonathan 2, 56, 59 

Samuel 124, 125 

Timothy. . . 68 

Bailey, Aaron, Jr 650 

Andrew 184 

Enoch 374 

Joel 497 

John 377 

Jonathan 372 

Jonathan, Jr 372 

Moses 372 

Timothy 470 

Ward 89, 475 

William : 2, 568 

Baley, John M 379 

Bayley, Abner 144 

Dudley 377, 37^ 381 

Edward 144, 697 

George 386 

Jacob 357, 374, 4*P 

James 761 

John 144073,386 

John, Jr 37S 

Jonathan 378 

Jonathan, Jr 373 

Joseph 235 

Joshua 379 

Joshua, Jr 379 

Richard 235 

Richard, Jr 235 

William 386, 389 

Baker, Andrew 106 

Jonathan 491 

Joseph. 161, 164, 593-597 

Lovewell 161, 164 

Moses 310, 566, 737 

Samuel 22, 23, 29, 34 

Dr. Symonds 374 

Thomas 161, 163 

Balch, Caleb 666, 716 

Cyrus 666 

John 374 

Nathaniel 590 

Widow 1 90 

Baldwin, Asa 708 

Ebenezer 130, 133 

Eliphalet 599 

Heth 91, 478 

Jabez 204, 478 

John 144, 149,593 

Joseph '. 152, 708 

Samuel 44 

Baldwin, Dr. Silas... . .' .598 

Thomas 761 

Ball, John 563 

Nathaniel 563, 594, 590 


Nathaniel, Ji 

Thomas 594, ^96 

William 678 

Ballard, John 565 

Jonathan 190 

Nathan 553, 681 

William H 617, 618, 620 

Ballou, James 318 

Nathan 318 

Bamegesagog 733 

Bamford, Jacob 398 

Banack, Ebenezer 95 

Bancroft, Caleb 561 , 563 

Thaddeus 694 

Banfill, Captain 249 

Charles 269, 274 

John 544 

Samuel 252 

Tobias 268 

Banfield, Hugh 238 

John 545 

Bangs, Joshua 401 

Barber, Robert 13, 120, 386 

Robert, Jr 21 

Zebulon 32 

Barker, Andrew 149 

Benjamin 150, 151,488 

Benjamin, Jr 488 

Daniel 146-149, 678 

Ebenezer. ... 17, 149, 152, 488 

503, 5S4 

Ebenezer, Jr 488 

Ezra 16, 486 

Isaac 152 

Jesse 152 

John 17 

Jonathan 152 

Nathan 486-489, 724-729 

Noah 481 

Peter 493 

Richard 149, 152 

Theodore 565 

Barlow, Abner 92, 478 

Ephraim 478 

Joseph 89, 473-477 

Nathan 89, 475, 478 

Barnard, Currier 235 

David 641 

James 708 

Jonathan 613,614 



Barnard, Moses 21, 660, 661 

Barnes, Aaron 565 

James 227, 228 

Johems 251 

Joseph 314, 561 

Samuel 269 

Submit 228 

William 58, 117 

Barnet, John 699 

John, Jr 699 

Moses 700, 70 1 

Robert 699 

Thomas 62 1 

Barney, David 318 

Jabez B 115, 123-125 

Levi 630 

Supply 635 

William ..318 

Barr, Samuel 699 

Barrell, Colburn 272 

Nathaniel 270,272 

Barrett, Isaac. ...461-463, 470, 635 

John 694 

Moses 708 

Nathaniel 565 

Simeon 708 

Barron, Jeremiah 63 1 

William 513, 682 

Barrows, Moses 206 

Moses, Jr 206 

Barry, Joseph 241 

Barter, John 19 

Peter 589 

Barton, Stephen 364 

Bartlett, Daniel 220 

Eliphalet 64 

Evan 231 

George 406 

Gershom 56, 57, 59 

Giles 504 

Gideon 54~59i 62, 64 

Jacob 503, 584, 585 

John.... 26, 103, 106, 206, 585 


Jonathan. . .161, 164, 231, 238 

269, 271, 285 

Joseph 53-59» 6 4> 69* 3S8 

389, 621 

Dr. Joseph 386 

Joshua 503, 579, 581, 584 

Josiah 98, 99, 384, 764 

Matthias.. 64, 69, 503, 579, 5S4 

Moses 21 8-222 

Nathaniel... 206, 220, 222, 694 

Bartlett, Nehemiah 23 

Philip 23, 106 

Richard.. 64, 69, 161, 166, 167 
170, 617, 620 

Samuel 94, 99, 206 

Sargent 235 

Stephen 56, 59, 64, 69, 160 

166, 168, 236 

Thomas.. 37, 94, 101, 106, no 


Basford, Benjamin 386 

James 386 

Joseph. 113, 119, 121, 123,386 

Bass, Joseph 36, 274, 285 

Bates, Asa 202, 203 

John 318 

Batson, Stephen 271 

Battles, Edward 694 

Bean, Benaiah 386 

Benjamin 21, 309 

Daniel 443, 448 

David. .416, 443, 445,448,450 

Ebenezer 14, 198 

Edward 23, 37, 414 

Edward, Jr. . 103 

Elisha 234, 235 

George 103 

James 103, 106, 309 

John 17, 386 

Jonathan 398, 400 

Joseph 386 

Josiah 412 

Phinehas 385, 389 

Samuel 406, 518 

Sinclair 385, 386 

Thomas 312 

William 406 

Beard, Simon 144, 149 

Beck, Amos. .. . 35 

Caleb 251, 268 

Henry 251 

John.... 35, 269, 271, 273, 277 

Joshua 241 

Samuel 251, 268, 348 

Thomas 240, 243, 251 

Beckman, Israel 403 

Beck with, Andrew 599 

Jabez 599 

Niles 511 

Silvanus 463, 465 

Bedel, Colonel 201, 523 

Daniel 373 



Bedel, Jacob 373 

John 375 

Thomas. , 55, 60 

Timothy 761 

Beede, Daniel. ..411, 413, 414, 417 

542, 737 

John 416 

Belcher, Jonathan 754 

Sarson 1 89 

Belding, David 534 

David, Jr 532, 533 

Elijah 528 

Moses 524, 525, 530 

Belknap, Ezekiel 211 

Moses ( 211 

Nathaniel 327 

Bell, Captain 332 

Joseph 699 

Shadrach 27 1 

Thomas 81 

William 145 

Bellows, Benjamin... 208, 592, 598 
655, 657 

Benjamin, Jr 494, 500, 577 

599, 600, 604 
Colonel. . . .602, 606, 608, 610 

John 606, 610 

Joseph 653 

Theodore 606 

Thomas 606 

Bemis, John 531 

Bennet, Abel 92, 204 

Abel, Jr 9 2 >454 

Arthur 27 

Cotton 22, 25, 32 

David 405 

Ebenezer y^y 

John 17, 22, 32 

John, Jr 22, 25, 29 

Jonathan. . .457, 458, 461, 463 

Josiah 25 

Moses 458,461,463 

Spencer 408, 409 

Thomas 22, 27, 32 

Tilton 401 

Tilton, Jr. 401 

Winthrop.. 35 

Benson, Isaac 318 

Benton, Elijah 455 

Bergin, Ed. Hall 27 

John 16 

Bernard, Gov. Francis 756 

Berry, Ebenezer 368,371 

Ephraim 336 

Berry, Francis 17, 350 

Jacob 367, 370 

James. .17, 336, 342, 350, 374 
James, Jr 350 

James T 368, 371 

Jeremiah. . .304, 363, 367, 368 


Jeremy 17 

John 342 

Joseph 334, 350 

Jotham 370 

Levi 304.37I 

Merefield 371 

Nathan 218 

Robert 347 

Samuel 368 

Solomon 371 

Stephen 241, 334~33 8 

Stephen, Jr 336, 338 

Thomas. ... 16, 239 

Timothy 364, 367, 368, 371 

William 304, 342, 350, 362 

367, 371 

William, Jr ly, 362 

Zebedee 358 

Betton, James 702-719 

John 718 

Betty, William 701 

Bevan, John 495 

Beverly, David 105 

James 100 

Bickford, Henry 36, 252 

John 23, 95, 107, 238, 251 

333-335, 342, 343 

John, Jr 94 

Jonathan 338, 344 

Joseph 338,342 

Paul 396 

Solomon 23, 94, 107 

Thomas 36, 92, 252 

Bigelovv, Benjamin 272, 273 

Benjamin. Jr 36 

Billings, Ebenezer 666 

Reuben 300 

Richard 35, 307 

Bingham, Elias 204 

James 503 

Silas 599 

Birdet, Ebenezer 492 

Bissell, Simon B 138 

Bixbe, Andrew 725, 727 

Daniel 726 

John 725, 727 

Bixby, Benjamin o . . . .379 




Bixby, Jonathan. 606 

Blake, Asahel. ...22, 93, 94, 96, 99 

Benjamin 736, 740 

David 740 

Dearborn 94 

Ebenezer 540, 635, 73 1 

Eleazer 647, 470, 635 

Elisha 45 2 

Enoch 541 

Henry 401, 403 

Hezekiah 405 

Israel 103, 104 

Israel, Jr 104 

James 89, 91 

John W 694 

Jonathan 96, 742, 743 

Joseph 514 

Josiah 403 

Lucy 7° 

Moses 586 

Nathan 397, 4 01 

Nicholas 95, 98, 107 

Dr. Obadiah 660, 66 1 

Oliver S 406 

Sherburne 22, 96, 98, 107 

William 22, 93, 107 

Blair, James 702 

Blaisdell, Abner 35, 303, 304 

Jacob 544-546 

Moses 103 

Peter 94 

Philip 586 

Simeon 591 

William, 591 

Blanchard, Benjamin. .74, 76,416 

Colonel , 325 

David 73, 397,677 

Ebenezer 75 

Edward .• 70, 76 

Eleazer 314 

Jacob 74, 75 

James 73, 74 

Jonathan 466 

Joseph 222, 312-314, 455 

Joseph, Jr 314, 592 

Joshua 273 

Jotham 188, 679 

Nathan 553 

Reuben 75 

Richard 72, 74, 75 

Simon 206, 679 

Stephen 677 

Thomas 314 

Blaso, John 16 

Blodgett, Archippus. .89, 91, 472- 


Ebenezer 233 

Elijah 89, 91, 476, 47S 

Henry 476, 477 

Howard 476, 478 

Jeremiah '. . . 708 

Joseph 314 

Josiah.. 91, 194, 195, 476, 47S 

Levi 476 

Newcomb 91, 476 

Samuel 326-330 

Simeon 235 

Thomas 476, 647 

Blood, Elnathan 314 

Francis 547~55o, 554, 560 

562, 684 

Francis, Jr 563, 565 

Jonathan, Jr 553 

Levi 635 

Robert 465 

Royal 563, 565 

. Seth 56$ 

Bloss, Samuel 202 

Walter 200-203 

Zadoc 200-203, 2 °9 

Blue, Jonathan 297 

Blunt, Charles 307 

Ephraim •••154 

John 364 

Jonathan 271 

M. S 307 

William 36, 273 

Bly, Benjamin 211, 218-222 

James 218-222 

Jonathan 240 

Moses 218-222 

Boardman, Elizabeth 28 

Thomas 488 

William 28, 29, 33 

Bock, James 504 

Bodge, John 307 

Timothy 358 

Bodwell, Eliphalet 503, 582 

Eliphalet, Jr 503, 585 

James 503, 582, 585 

Bogle, Joseph 1 76 

Thomas 176 

Bohonon, Andrew 386, 391 

Annanias 382, 3S5, 291 

Jacob 385, 391 

Bolles, John 318, 319 

John, Jr 320 

Jonathan 319, 320 



Bolles, Nathaniel 320 

Bolster, Nathan 491, 493, 635 

Bolton, Uriah 553 

Bonney. Jacob 509 

Booth . James 242 

Borland, Francis 36, 300 

Bothwell, William 92 

Bourn, Amos 318, 320 

Jonathan 240 

Boutell, James 678 

Bowen, Isaac 75 

John 75, hi 

Nathan 318 

Peter 386 

Bowers, Andrew 385, 391 

Jerahmeel 231 

William 594, 596 

Bowker, Stephen 675 

Bowles, Joseph 379 

Reuben 379 

Samuel 35, 277 

William H 75 

Boyce, Cadis 318 

John 318 

Nathan 318 

Paul 318 

Boyd, Alexander 708 

George 270, 272, 274 

George, Jr 269 

John 702 

William 306, 568, 702 

Boyes, William 305 

Boynton, Asa 191, 195, 642 

Benoni 456, 458, 461, 463 

Elias 565 

Elias, Jr 133 

John 541 

Moses 64 1 

Nathan 561 

Richard 679 

Samuel 16 

Brackett, Benning 22, 26, 32 

Ichabod 19, 27, 29, 33 

Isaac 350 

Isaac, Jr 269, 273 

Joseph 29 

Joshua. .19, 22, 25, 27, 35, 272 
277, 285, 304, 305 

Samuel 360 

Bradbury, Sanders 708 

Bradford, James 116 

John 152, 372, 380 

Robert 380 

Samuel 728 

Bradford, Samuel, Jr. . . . .' 729 

Simon 373, 379 

William 379 

Bradley, Ebenezer 647 

John 211,220-222 

Jonathan 708 

Joseph 221 

Moses .21 1, 215 

Nathaniel 220. 222 

William 218, 220, 222 

Bradstreet, Simon 702 

Bragg, Benjamin 50 

Brainard, Aaron .* 358 

Barzillai 454 

Daniel 354,35^,455 

Daniel, Jr 357,454 

Ebenezer 359 

Break, Arnold 238, 239 

Breed, Eliphalet 503 

Bressey, Samuel 22 

Brewer, Moses 416 

William 554 

Brewster, Daniel 342, 343 

Joseph 273 

Joshua 249 

William 35 

Bruster, Isaac 698 

Breyer, John 397 

Thomas 17 

Briard, Elisha 269 

Samuel . .36, 285 

Samuel, Jr 36 

Bridges, Nathaniel 123 

William 493 

Briggs, Asa 201 

Benjamin. . .115, 119, 121-125 

Nathaniel 122, 125 

Brigham. Asa 598, 599 

Moses * 204 

Brinley, George 568 

Brintnall, Thomas 669 

Britton, David 665 

Ebenezer 665, 667 

Ebenezer, Jr. 656, 665, 670, 672 

James 665 

Pendleton 66$ 

Philip 665, 675 

Seth 675 

William 665, 675 

Brocklebank, James 5, 6, 7, 9 

John 7 

Samuel 5, 6; 7, 9 

Samuel, Jr 

Brockway, Daniel 462 





Brockway, Ephraim. .462, 465, 470 

Ephraim, Jr 470 

Joseph 470 

Jonathan 627 

William 602 

Brooks, David 328 

Joseph 554 

Brotten, Elias 657 

John 35 

William 36 

Brown, Aaron 602 

Abel 67 

Abraham .... 436 

Amos 675 

Arthur .:* 227 

Asa 554 

Benjamin 84, 645, 649 

Charles 240 

Daniel 681 

Ebenezer 115, 202 

Ebenezer, Jr. 438 

Elijah 641 

Eliphalet 398 

Elisha 421, 423, 424 

Enoch 55, 60 

Ephraim 437, 456, 561, 562 


Ezekiel 401 

Hugh 698, 703 

Isaac... 342, 423 

Jacob 140, 541 

James.. ..89, 91, 117, 367, 368 

371,473-477, 540, 552, 695 


James, Jr 553 

Jeremiah 367 

Job 363 

John 22, 88, 251, 314 367 

371,386,416,423, 553, 554 
565, 568, 570, 634, 641, 652 

653. 675, &77i 701 

John, Jr 22 

Jonas 561, 565 

Jonathan 641 

Joseph. .17, 154, 304, 360, 363 

Joshua 17. 77, 81 

Josiah 9, 226, 314 

Levi 312 

Luke 596 

Moses 336, 38 1 

Nathan 645, 646 

Nathaniel 74, 75, 140, 406 

Nehemiah 665, 675 

Obadiah..* 540 

Brown, Oliver 493 

Peter 561 

Richard 211,363, 367, 368 

Samuel — 94, 96, 98, 173, 30S 

397, 694 

Silas 226, 561, 563, 652 

Simon 84 

Stephen 81, 85, 503 

Thomas 336, 338, 634, 746 

Dr. Thomas L 633 

William 678, 679 

Bruce, Simeon 327 

Bryant, David.. 213, 215, 218, 220 
221, 222, 637 

Israel 504 

Jeremy 28, 32 

John 123, 166 

Jonathan 159, 167 

Joseph 1 23 

Matthew 214 

Robert 16, 238 

Walter, 19, 27, 28, 42, I53» l S& 
756, 757 

Walter, Jr 27. 29, 32 

Bucknam, Amos 503, 584, 585 

Edwards 90, 475, 477 

Elias 503, 584, 586 

Stephen.... 503, 585,586 

Buel, Aaron 50, 51 

Daniel 50 

Gordon 50 

Reuben. 50 

Simon 5° 

Buffum, Ezekiel 318 

Moses 318 

Bugbee, Benjamin . — 203 

Peter 203 

Bullock, David 125 

Jonathan 119, 121, 123 

Sawyer 1 1 8-1 26 

Bump, Jacob 318 

Bunker, Zachariah 733 

Burbank, Gershom 225 

Jacob 627, 630 635 

Nathaniel 397, 398 

Wells 386 

Burditt, Samuel 115 

Thomas 115 

Burge, Josiah 6S6 

Burgess, Jonathan 541 

Burgoyne, Gen.. 118, 146, 182,237 

Burke, Robert 71 5 



Burkley, Lawrence 379 

Burley, Andrew 14, 22 

Benjamin ; 416 

Caleb 103 

Dayid . . 489 

David, Jr 403 

Jacob 21, 22 

James 22, 29 

Joseph 16, 73, 397 

Joseph, Jr 398 

Josiah 21, 416, 489 

Moses 22 

Nathaniel. ...73, 393, 397, 398 

Nathaniel, Jr 73 

Samuel * 416 

Stephen 397 

Thomas. ... 16, 415, 416 

Wheeler ..."..485 

William. .21, 33, 73, 397, 398 
William, Jr 23, 25, 33 

Burleigh, Caleb 106 

David 489 

Jacob 27 

John ...21,45 

Moses , 34 

Samuel 23, 27, 28 

Thomas 103 

William 27 

William, Jr 27 

Burnap, John 562 

Samuel 563, 565 

Samuel, Jr 565 

Burnham, Abraham. .229, 357, 359 


Dudley 350 

Enoch... 344,343,433 

George 433 

Jacob 22, in 

James 433 

Jonathan 635 

Josiah 22, 27 

Nathaniel 336 

Samuel 22, 1 1 1 

William 491 

Burns, David 650 

George 708 

John 648-651 

William 650, 708 

Burnside, David 92 

James 91, 92 

Thomas 88-92, 477 

Burpee, Asa 6, 7, 9 

Calvin 9 

Jeremiah 416 

Burpee, Thomas . . . : . .6, 7, 9 

Thomas, Jr 7 

Burr, Ebenezer 203 

Burroughs, Jonathan 497 

Josiah 708 

Burrows, Benjamin 190 

George 702 

Bussiel, David 377 

Burt, Joseph 656, 658, 663, 665 

666, 669 

Burton, Abraham 683 

John 553. 678 

John, Jr 553, 678 

Jonathan. .553, 678, 680, 683 

Bush, John 251 

Buss, Stephen 553, 678, 679 

Busvvell, Edmund 409 

John 33o,33r 

Nathaniel 406 

Nathaniel, Jr 406 

William 405 

Butler, Benjamin. .37, 99, 100, 106 


Caleb 148, 149, 152, 708 

Daniel -I49* 7°8 

David 152 

Edward.. .. 268 

Enoch 297 

Gideon 708 

Henry 99 

Jacob 149 

Jacob, Jr 147, 149 

Jesse 708 

John 143 

John, Jr 146, 694 

Joseph 149, 708 

Nathan 147, 148 

Nehemiah 152, 708 

Rev. Mr 104 

Samuel 149, 708 

Thaddeus 377, 708 

Thomas 694 

Valentine 653 

William 625 

Zephaniah 23, 105 

Butman, William 138 

Butterfield, Amos 458, 465, 553 


Ephraim 553, 678 

Isaac. 559, 561, 563, 602, 665 


James . 602 

Jonas 657, 665 





Butterfield, John 314 

Joseph 551, 678 

Stephen 553 

William 698 

Butters, Samuel 167-169 

Buzzell, Jack 333 

James 333 

Silas 518 

William 94, 99,295 

Byron, Benjamin 89 

Garret 733 

Cabney, Bradbury 710 

Cady, Barnabas 1 19-123 

Elias .. 207 

Elijah 113 

John 116, 206 

Calcott. Isaac 600 

Calder, Robert 733, 737 

Caldwell, James, Jr 708 

John 102 

Jonathan 708 

Joseph 102, 176, 568, 70S 

Samuel 637, 708 

Thomas 708 

Call, Joseph 72 

Moses 446, 6r4 

Philip 382 

Stephen 386 

Calley, Benjamin 403 

Jonathan 96, 97, 398, 403 

Josiah 397 

Samuel 485, 486, 488 

Thomas 397,403,485 

Campbell, Abner 715, 719 

Annanias 406 

Archibald 72,3 

David 710, 717, 719 

Henry. 698, 702, 708, 710, 715 


Henry, Jr 716, 719 

Hugh 372, 380, 716 

Isaac 719 

James 568, 698, 708 

James, Jr 568 

John 715, 717, 719 

Robert 380 

Samuel 713—715, 719 

Thomas 568 

Thomas, Jr 567 

Canfield, Benjamin P 397, 398 

Hugh 240 

Josiah 393 

Samuel 599 

Capron, Oliver " — 316, 317 

Thomas 757 

Cargill, William 479 

Cario, William 34, 274, 277 

Carlisle, Daniel 602, 663 

Carlton, Benjamin 219 

Ebenezer 681 

John 161, 164 

Jonathan 210, 211 

Kimball 651 

Moses. ..S5, 60, 62, 64, 65, 69 

Osgood 678 

Phinehas 565 

Theodore 27, 30-34, 69 

Timothy 678 

William 161, 163 

Carpenter, A. W 27, 34 

Benjamin 675 

Rev. Ezra 520 

John 281 

Carr, Benjamin 21 

Ezekiel 640 

Jacob 641 

James. .296, 329, 333, 345, 346 

432, 433, 590 

John 342, 701 

Joseph 394 

Dr. Moses 428, 431 

[See Karr.] 

Carroll, John 304 

Carson, William 678 

Carter, Abel 494 

Benjamin 60 

Benjamin G 35 

Charles 493 

Doctor 385 

Elijah 49 I >493> °35 

Ephraim 69 

Henry 494 

Hubbard 614-616 

John 60 

Levi 164 

Oliver 491, 493 

Thomas 60 

Cartland, Pelatiah 343 

Cary, Benjamin 116 

Eleazer 502 

William 599 

Cass, Benjamin 623 

David 694 

Jonathan 318, 418, 439 

Luke 318 

Simeon 403 

Casker, John 678 



Caswell, Elijah 95, 96 

Gilbert 52 

Joseph 93, 96 

Nathan 91, 475 

Richard 95 

Thomas 95 

Cate, David 251 

Ebenezer 16 

Elisha 73,397 

Frederick 351 

James. ...73, 394, 396, 398, 400 

James, Jr 396, 398, 400 

John 94, 257, 258, 702 

Jonathan 73, 398 

Joshua 251 

Samuel 16 

Samuel W. 297 

Simeon .73, 398 

Caverley, John 348 

Nathaniel 398, 40 1 , 403 

Richard 348 

Center, Moses 544 

Chadbourne, Thomas.. 36, 269, 273 


Challis, Ezekiel 582 

John 59, 386 

Philip 59, 435 

Chamberlain, Abel 235 

Ebenezer 336 

Elias 665 

Ephraim 336 

Isaac 652-655, 659 

Jacob 336 

James 589 

Jedidiah 653, 655 

Job 653, 666 

John 314, 653,656, 675 

Jonathan 314, 678 

Joshua 653, 655 

Josiah 652, 6s3 

Moses 350, 692, 694 

Samuel 300, 336, 678 

Thomas 522, 65 1-655 

William 336, 591 

Champion, Henry 358 

Champney, Joseph 35, 300 

Richard 3$, 268, 273, 300 

Chandler, Abner 127 

David 679 

Ebenezer 679 

Gordon 694 

John 653 

Jonathan. . .191, 193, 194, 196 

Chandler, Joseph ; . . . . 541 

Nathaniel 73, 397 

Samuel 116, 117 

Sanborn 541 

Chaney, Nathaniel. ..... .397, 399 

Chapin, Daniel 50 

Phinehas 50 

Chapman, Benjamin. .. .27, 28, 33 
199, 200. 491 

Chester 206, 209 

David 19, 22, 29, 32, 397 

Edmund 398 

Edmund, Jr 401 

Elisha 398- 

James 401, 403 

Job 17, 77 

John. . .398, 399, 404, 491, 591 

John, Jr 491 

Joseph.. 26, 342, 401, 403, 591 

Levi.... 32, 489 

Paul 28, 33 

Samuel. .16, 22, 26, 32, 84, 312 
350, 404, 591 

Samuel, Jr 26 

Smith 26, 27 

Charles I and II (King) 323 

Chase, Abel 372 

Abner. .579, 582, 586, 614, 620 

Abraham 21 1 

Amos. .577, 579, 580, 586, 599. 

Benjamin 342 

Charles ^6, 59, 61, 422, 423 

Daniel 207 

Dudley 602 

Dudley L 48s 

Edmund 377 

Edward 74, 486 

Enoch 65, 434- 

Francis 60, 61 

Isaac 614 

James 403 

John 220, 222, 409 

Jonathan. . ..17, 113,114, 133, 

200-202, 207, 396, 397, 399 

403, 404, 482, 484, 488, 7Z& 

740, 76S 

Jonathan, Jr. .. .398, 485, 486 

Josiah 21, 489. 

Josiah, Jr 489 

Mark 403 

Moses 21, 206, 503, 584. 

Nahum 206 

Neheiuiah 423 





Chase, 'Nicholas. 644 

Robert 172, 409 

Samuel 128, 503, 583, 584 

Stephen 300, 314, 593, 596 

Thomas 488 

William 397, 399, 400, 403 


Chauncey, Charles 306 

Daniel 701 

Chellis, Thomas 406 

Cheney, David 23 1 

Eliphalet 518 

John 409 

. Nathaniel 220, 221 

Nathaniel, Jr .. .220, 221 

Richard 211 

Chesley, Andrew 22, 1 1 1 

Ebenezer 332 

James 343 

John 22, 97, no, in 

Nathaniel 1 1 1 

Sawyer , 22 

Cheswill, Wentworth 19, 23, 26 

29, 32,40, 43' 44 

Chevalier, John 243 

Chevit, Jonathan 540 

Child, Ebenezer 116 

Elisha 565 

Jonathan 133, 570 

Childs, Richard 268, 271 

Chittenden, Thomas 127 

Choate, Benjamin 443, 448 

Jonathan 538 

William. 204 

Church, Benjamin 50 

James. 50 

Joshua 509 

Samuel 50, 51 

Churchill, John 269 

Thomas 22, 27 

Cilley, Bradbury... 37, 98, 544, 545 

Cutting 21, 106 

Jonathan 37, 98, 99 

Joseph.. 37, 100, 105, 164, 183 
201, 296, 308, 332 

Joseph, Jr 106 

William 396 

Claggett, Wyseman..i97, 269, 271 


Clark, Abner 452 

Amos 645, 646 

Benjamin 117, 489 

Caleb 22, 115 

Charles 355~359 

Clark, Daniel 191, 195, 446, 448 

485, 489, 642 

David 404, 489 

Ebenezer 541 

Edward 1 33 

Enoch 17, 414 

George 665, 698 

Henry 16 

Ichabod 251 

James 588, 719 

James, Jr 719 

Jesse 101 

John 16,73, IOI » 2 7 2 » 2 97 


John, 3d 403 

Jonathan 17, 22, 40, 93-99 

107, 238, 305, 306, 359 

Joseph.. 17. 20, 27, 35, 73, 339 

340, 342, 397, 485, 647 

Joshua 25,29 

Josiah 15,21,41,100 

Josiah, Jr 16, 21, 101 

Mahew 591 

Matthew 698, 719 

Moses 488, 614, 621 

Nathaniel.. .443, 445, 448, 450 

Nicholas 93, 394> 397, 399 

Paul 218, 675 

Reuben 694 

Richard 13, 14,21 

Robert 702, 719 

Samuel.. 1 5, 16, 241, 494, 695 
698, 702, 716, 719 

Satchel 17, 393, 482 

Solomon 334 

Stephen 16, 348, 398 

Stephen, Jr 41 

Taylor 94, 99, 403, 486 

Thomas... .191, 195, 642, 644 

Timothy 149 

William 16,22 

Clarkson, Andrew 267 

James 251, 258, 277 

James, Jr 277 

Clapp, Supply 274, 295, 300 

Clapham, Jonathan 273 

Clay, Benjamin 737 

Daniel 308 

James 334 

Jonas 308 

Jonathan 737 

Richard 238 



Clay, William 9 

Cleaveland, Cyrus 125 

Elisha 761 

Cleaward, William. 262 

Clement, Bill 75 

Christopher 219 

James 427 

Job 338, 427, 428,483 

John 372, 379 

Moses 614, 620, 621 

Obadiah 624 

Oliver 621 

Parker 62 r 

Peter 214, 217 

Philip 373 

Reuben 409 

Richard 379 

Samuel .373 

Simeon ,377 

William , . .373, 379 

Clifford, Abraham 365 

Anthony 92 

Anthony, Jr 452 

David 1 03 

Ebenezer 386 

Isaac 355, 645-647 

Isaac, Jr 355, 645 

Israel 443, 448, 450 

Israel, Jr 443, 448, 450 

Ithiel 7^6, 740 

- John 355 

Joseph 235, 312 

Lemuel 736, 740 

Moses 646 

Reuben 647 

Timothy 644 

Tristram 448 

Clindivin, Andrew 568, 701 

David 568, 702 

Robert 568 

William 702 

Clough, Abner. 23 

Benjamin 503, 585 

Caleb 94, 107 

Cornelius 503, 584 

Ebenezer 203 

Ezekiel 72, 74 

Humphrey 409 

Isaac 697 

James 372 

Jeremiah 390 

Jonathan 405, 408, 409 

Josiah 379 

Obed 390 

Clough, Reuben 406, 518 

Thomas 72.76 

Thomas, Jr 7$ 

Timothy 438 

William 99, 373, 378 

William, Jr 378 

Wyman 373, 379 

Cloutman, John 342 

Clyde. Daniel. ..708, 710, 715, 719 

Hugh 702, 710, 715, 719 

John. ..702, 710, 715, 716, 719 

John, Jr 719 

Joseph 702, 715; 717, 719 

Joseph, Jr 719 

Samuel 710, 715 

Cobb, Daniel 673 

Elkanah 117 

Elkanah, Jr 117 

Seth 553 

Stephen 554 

Coburn, Asa 152 

Benjamin 149 

Daniel 147, 148 

David 520 

Edward 149 

Elijah • 149 

George 553, 678 

Silas • .152 

P. Merrill 1 52 

Cochran, Daniel 1 73 

George 568, 701 

Isaac 568, 698, 702 

Jacob 385 

James.. 1 56, 165, 170, 698, 699 
702, 715, 716 

James, Jr 165, 173, 702 

John 75, 154, 173, 698, 702 

715, 7i6 

John, Jr 698,708 

Joseph 166, 236, 568, 701 

Nehemiah 172 

Nenian 698 

Peter... 568, 698 

Robert 699 

Samuel 172, 568, 718 

Samuel, Jr 718 

Thomas 165, 172 

William 16O, 163, 165, 172 


Cockburne, Sir James 452 

Coffin, Edmund 35, 274 

Moses... 17 

Tristram 757 

William 22, 29 





Coffran, John 696 

Cogswell, Jeremy 396 

Nathaniel 2 1 r 

Thomas 544-546 

Coit, Isaac 117 

Colbroth. Benning 342 

Hunking 342, 347 

Wentworth 348 

Colburn, Charles 637 

Daniel 144, 149 

Elias 561, 565 

James 231 

Jonathan 519 

Leonard 518 

Robert .. 229 

Thomas 314 

Zachariah.. 144 

Colby, Abner 582 

Abraham 64 

Anthony 401 

Barzillai 64 

Benjamin 396, 405, 407 

Daniel 64 

David 435, 702 

Ebenezer 400 

Elliot 620, 621 

Enoch 571 

Ephraim 64, 385, 391 

Ezekiel 620 

Gideon 59 

Isaac 393' 394 

Jacob 435 

James 9 

John 407, 410, 619 

Joseph 6, 7, 9, 404, 6^7 

Levi 64 1 

Moses 401 , 406 

Nathan 74, 75, 386, 620 

Nathaniel 59, 64 

Nicholas 64 

Orland 405 

Peter 55, 408, 409 

Rowell 386 

Spencer 262 

Stephen 613, 619, 621 

Thomas 64, 70, 415 

Thomas, Jr. 64 

Zaccheus 60, 64, 435 

Colcord, David 33, 34 

Edward 14, 22, 34 

Eliphalet 27, 34 

John 22, 34 

Jonathan 20, 27, 33, 34 

Jonathan, Jr 27 

Colcord, Peter ; . . 27, 34 

Thomas 443, 450 

Thomas, Jr 448 

Cole, Adam 380 

Barnard 91, 452 

Benjamin 204 

Clifford 452 

Daniel 204, 206 

Ebenezer 204 

Edward 452 

John 204 

Jonathan 452, 602,653 

Mary 476 

Solomon ^76 

Colebrooke, Sir George 452 

Coleman, Aaron 562 

Dudley 759 

Eleazer 335, 336, 338, 342 

James. 342 

Thomas 403 

Collins, Benjamin 75, 641 

Charles 6S, 439 

Jacob 442 

John. . .295, 386-389, 405, 409 

Joseph 218 

Richard 54, 55, 435, 436 

Robert 405, 407, 423 

Samuel 54, 55 

Samuel B 745 

Tristram 423 

Come, David 595, 597 

Como, Francis 518 

Comstock, James. . , 493 

Jonathan 50 

Conant, Ephraim 561 

Ezra 694 

Israel. 594,597 

Josiah 594, 596 

Coney, Daniel 345 

Conn, Andrew 506, 561 

George 563 

Conner, David.. 156, 158, 160, 166 

James 736, 740 

Jeremiah 312 

John 166 

Joseph 401 

Samuel 159, 404 

Samuel, Jr 156 

Cook, Daniel 333, 336, 340, 342 


John 586 

Joseph 350 

Moody 570 

Paul 340, 343 

7 9 6 


Cook, Wentworth. 351 

Cooke, Abraham 342 

Abraham, Jr 342 

Daniel 140, 316, 333 

James 318 

John 22, 27, 29, 33, 207 

John, Jr 33 

Lot 353 

Nicholas 318 

Samuel 97 

William 318 

Cooley, Aaron 319 

John 140, 541 

• Moses 317, 319 

Coombs, Francis .486, 487 

John 314 

Cooper, John . „ 210, 215 

Joseph 195, 645 

Nathaniel 108 

Philip 295, 296 

Copeland, Jacob 466, 468, 472 


Samuel 627, 630 

Samuel, Jr ..627, 630 

Copp, Aaron 375, 376 

Benjamin 3^6 

David 336, 590, 591, 732 

John 218 

Jonathan 334~336 

Joshua 625 

Moses 625 

Samuel 336 

Thomas 403 

Copps, Aaron 372, 381 

Benjamin 342 

Jonathan, 33s 

Paul 342 

Simeon 396 

Solomon 394-399 

Solomon, Jr 398 

Thomas 398 

Corkwood, Arthur 372 

Corliss, Asa 373, 376, 379 

Daniel ^>j^ 

Elihu 113 

Emerson 376 

George 373 

Job. 373 

Jonathan. . . 144, 225, 273^ 376 

Jonathan, Jr 373 

Morse 373 

Samuel 380 

William. ...119, 121, 123, 373 

Corner, Benjamin 697 

Corning, John 373, 716 

Corson, David 342,351 

Earnest 350 

Ebenezer 343 

Ichabod 336, 338, 343, 346 

Ichabod, Jr 338, 342 

Joshua 343, 351 

Samuel 335 

Timothy 342 

William 350 

Corey, Benjamin 202, 203 

Joshua 492 

Oliver 494, 602 

Samuel 491 

Timothy 199 

William 491 

Cossit, Ambrose 494 

Costelloe, John 142, 737 

Cotton, Benjamin 16, 195, 644 

Caleb 202 

Job 200 

John 251 

Jonathan 239 

Joseph 271, 277 

Joseph, Jr 35 

Lemuel 202, 203 

Samuel 35 

Solomon. .. .36, 246, 260, 482 

Thomas 251, 405, 409 

William 35, 240, 241, 246 

252, 277, 286, 737 

William, 3d 246 

Couch, John 443, 448, 450 

Courser, William 448 

Cowes, Peter 35, 257, 258, 300 


Cowles, Ebenezer 540 

Cox, John 239 

Coy, Vine ... 694 

Cragin, Benjamin. .. .554, 561, 563 
564, 566 

Francis 561 , 566 

Francis, Jr 565 

John 555, 565 

John. Jr 561 

Stephen ..565 

Craige, Alexander.. ..355-359, 701 

David 368, 701 

John 699 

Thomas 701 

Cram, Asa 678 

Benjamin 312, 678 

David 33 

Dudley .398, 403, 486 





Cram, Ebenezer 310 

Ephraim 21, 582, 586 

Jacob 503, 584, 585 

James 27, 29, 33 

John 21, 197, 198, 678 

John, Jr $53, 554, 67S 

Jonathan 38s, 3S7, 553 

677, 678 

Joseph 67S 

Moses 677 

Nehemiah 412, 414, 416 

Sanborn 21, 503, 582,586 

Samuel 309 

Samuel, Jr 312 

Solomon 677 

Tristram * 21 

William 29 

Craft, Ebenezer 116 

Crandell, Isaac 694 

Crane, Abia 516 

Joseph 63 1 

Crawford, Jonathan 92 

Cressey, Joseph 373 

Richard 373 

Cresson, Thomas 522 

Cristy, Moses 715, 716 

Thomas 568, 702 

Critchett, Benjamin 516-518 

Thomas 73, 394, 397~399 

Crocker, Thomas 240 

Crockett, Benjamin 481 

John 94, 99 

John, Jr 94,99 

Richard 482 

Richard, Jr 481 

Samuel 99 

William 16 

Crombie, James 326, 327, 332 

565, 701 

John 702 

John, Jr 702 

Cromell, Daniel 22 

Cromwell, Eliphalet 432, 433 

Crook, Samuel 197 

Crosby, Asa 419 

Isaac 694 

Jonathan 106 

Josiah 506 

Cross, Benjamin 296 

Bethuel 138 

Daniel 126, 127 

James 73 

Jesse 72, 74 

John 72-75, 372, 521 

Cross, John, Jr 74 

Jonathan 376 

Nathan 74 

Nathaniel 73 

Peter 708 

Samuel 380 

Stephen 386 

Thomas 72, 74, 382, 390 

Crow, James 309 

Crowley, John 542 

Croxford, Daniel 737 

Cullimore, John 165 

Cummings, Archelaus*. .. .555, 566 

David 149, 708 

Elisha 541, 702 

Henry 235 

Isaac 541 

Jonathan... 235, 314, 354, 553 

Jonathan, Jr 314, 653 

Jotham, Jr 235, {& 

Joseph F ; 235 

Reuben 561 

Samuel 314 

William .230, 314 

William, Jr 231, 314 

Cunningham, James 165, 168 

184, 188 

Samuel 181, 186, 188 

Thomas 18S, 568 

William — 702 

Currier, Aaron.. 57, 58, 62-68, 435 

Abraham 621 

Benjamin 614 

Challis 68, 439 

Daniel 235, 614, 621 

David.. .64, 646, 648, 708, 715 

Edmund 620 

Enoch 620, 621 

Ephraim 308 

Jacob 643 

James 391, 439 

John 64, 373 

John, Jr 373 

Dr. John 619 

Jonathan 635, 436, 439 

Joseph 21, 614, 621 

Judith 68 

Moses 64 

Nathan 439, 643 

Philip 68, 439 

Samuel 647, 648 

Samuel, Jr 647 

Sarah 439 

Stephen 373, 377 



Currier, Theophilus 614 

Thomas 7, 9, 439 

William 235, 621 

Curry, Robert 73, 76 

Curtice, Ebenezer 726-728 

John. 730 

Curtis, Aaron 477 

Abel 765 

George 33 

Isaac 728, 729 

James.... 89, 91, 473, 474, 477 

John 694, 728 

Stephen 91, 478 

William .91, 123, 477 

Cushing, Caleb 391 

Peter 343 

Cutler, Benjamin 199 

David 596 

Hodges 202, 203 

James . 594, 596 

John 553 

John, Jr 553 

Knights 200 

William 200 

Cutter, Dr. Ammi R. .36, 271, 273 

277, 286, 287, 300-305, 576 

Benjamin.. ..554, 556, 560-565 

Benoni 90 

Daniel 307 

Seth 147 

Cutts, John .35, 260, 268, 286, 303 

John, Jr 36 

Joseph 501 , 582 

Samuel.. 35, 257, 269, 271-278 

Dakin, Levi 708 

Dale, John 553 

John, Jr 680, 683 

Timothy 553 

Dalling, Samuel. .36, 269, 270, 274 

.277, 285 

Thomas 269 

Dalton, Isaac 616 

Moses 484 

Timothy 77, 81 

Dame, Abner 336, 33S 

Benjamin 338 

Eleazer 343 

George 269. 277 

Jabez 336 

John 18 

Jonathan 345 

Joseph 336, 343 

Levi 21 

Dame, Moses — in 

Richard .' 346, 349 

Samuel 22, m 

Silas 344 

Theodore 136 

Timothy 348 

Zebulon 334, 336, 344 

Zebulon, Jr ^3^ 

Dana, John 646, 648 

John, Jr 126, 642 

Danford 73 

Henry 74, 7$ 

Moses 74, 75, 393 

Danforth, David 627 

James 541 

Moses 397 

Daniels, Jacob 396 

Joseph 92 

Samuel 23, 105, in, 165 

406, 409 

Solomon 32 

Danley, John 315 

Darby, William 116 

Darling, Abraham 404, 405 

Benjamin 393 

Daniel 7^ 

Ebenezer 73 

Darrock, Negro 201 

Darrah, William 183,695, 710 

Dascomb, James 551, 678 

Davenport, John 36 

Davidson. David 807 

George 567, 698, 703, 708 

7'5, 719 
George, Jr. .708, 715, 716, 719 

James 708, 715, 716, 719 

Jesse. 715 

John . ..698, 702, 708, 715-719 

John, Jr ...715-719 

Thomas 719 

William 715-719 

Davison, Charles 327 

Daniel 397, 400 

John 176, 251 

Thomas 176,184 

Day, Elkanah 600 

Eliphalet 93 

Joseph 274, 277 

Othniel 317 

Samuel 443, 448, 450 

Davis, Aaron 518, 653 

Abel 643 

Abner in 

Amos.. .55, 221, 652, 653, 655 




Day, Amos, Jr.... ....652 

Asa 708 

Aquilla 615. 618, 619, 621 

Benjamin 18, 47, 211, 220 

Daniel.. 1 03, 240, 408, 482, 718 

David 22, 35, in 

Ebenezer 330, 331, 631. 652 

Ezekiel 75 

Francis . . . .614, 615, 621, 646 

Francis, Jr 614 

Isaac... 607 

Jacob 22, in, 518 

Jeremiah 518 

Jesse 1 . . 2 1 6-2 1 8 

John, 296, 343, 517 

620, 635 

Jonas 652 

Jonathan Ill, 518 

Jonathan, Jr (II 

Joseph in 

Josiah 7,630,631 

Moses 21-23, 41, 55, 101 

105, in, 221, 222, 518 

Moses, Jr 1 1 1 

Nathan 620, 621 

Richard 238-240 

Robert 22, 1 1 1 , 640 

Samuel 18, 7$, 84, 85, 240 

367, 409, 652 

Silvester 635 

Solomon 50 

Theodore 35 

Thomas...... 55, 340, 344, 347 

Timothy 152, 241, 252 

Wells.... 614, 627 

Zebuion 21, 338, 614 

Dean, Abiatha 694 

Jeremiah 582 

Lemuel 201 

Nathaniel 306 

Dearborn, Abraham 16, 72, 73 

76, 35o 

Benjamin 36, 226, 300 

Edward 16 

Henry. ..77, 100, 107, 357, 405 

James 26, 93, 96 

Jeremiah 17, 77, 84 

John.. 74-77, 84, 403, 4S5, 489 

John, Jr 84 

Jonathan. .73, 74, 76, 4S2, 485 

Joseph 17, 350, 590 

Josiah 408 

Dearborn, Levi 81-86, 93, 107 

142, 3°4 
Levi, Jr 84 

Nathan 591 

Nathaniel.. ..23, 72, 74-76, 96 


Peter 234, 235 

Phinehas 84 

Reuben 79, 81, 235 

Reuben, Jr 84 

Reuben G 16, 84, 591 

Samuel 37, 77, 78, 84, 226 

Sherburne 23, 95, 107 

Shubael 75, 76 

Shubael, Jr 75, 76 

Simeon 17, 588 

Simon 77, 737 

Thomas 79 

Dearing, Clement 335, 336 

Ebenezer 268, 271 

James 336, 338, 342 

William 35 

Delano, Barnabas 604 

' Nathaniel 203. 

Demerit, Eli 746 

John 40 

Joseph 95, 96 

Joseph, Jr 97 

Moses 97 

Paul 97 

Demery, Ezekiel 329 

Dennett, Ephraim 35, 244, 245 

260, 269 

John 35, 260, 267, 269 

Moses. 260 

Nathaniel 36 

Dewey, Timothy 491 

Diah, Edward 71 

Dickerman, Dr. Lemuel 667 

Dickey, Adam 699, 703 

John .699 

Matthew 699 

William 702, 715 

Dickinson, Elisha 602 

Joseph 531, 532 

Samuel 694 

Dillingham. Thomas 317 

Dimmick, John 491 

Timothy 491 

Dinsmoor, Cornelius 140 

Dinsmore, Abraham 561, 563 

Amos 563 

Eliphalet 630, 631 

James 715, 71S 



Dinsmore, John.. 631, 708, 715, 717 

Robert. ...695, 698, 715, 717 


Robert, Jr 715, 7*7 

Thomas 563 

William ...698, 715, 717 

Zebadiah 563 

Dix, Joel 314 

John 179 

Jonathan 158, 159 

Doack, James » 568 

James, Jr 568, 702 

John 568, 701 

Dockham, Benjamin 251 

John 239 

Dodge, A ndrew 694 

Benjamin 588, 591 

Betty ...589 

George 544 

Isaac 728 

Joseph 458, 461 , 463 

Joseph, Jr 463 

Levi H 648 

Nathaniel 452 

Nathaniel B 694 

Thomas 510 

William 649 

Doe, Andrew 25, 33 

Benjamin 16 

Bradstreet 22 

- David 44 

Jacob 21 

John 22, 359 

Jonathan 22, 26-29, 33 

Joseph 29 

Nicholas 27 

Nicholas, Jr 21, 25 

Reuben 22, 25, 34, 359 

Samuel 36 

Samuel, Jr 16 

Wiggin 28, 32 

Zebulon 27, 33 

Zebulon, Jr 27 

Zebulon, 3d 25 

Dolbeer, Nicholas. . .362, 367, 3C8 

Stephen 363 

Dole, John 5-9, 211 

Stephen 211, 727 

Stephen, Jr 211 

Dolloff, Clement 309 

David 74, 75 

Doolittle, John.. 666, 668, 671, 672 

Dore or Door, Benaiah 339 

Dore or Door, Daniel 350 

Jonathan 339, 351 

Richard . . .... 238 

Samuel 343 

William 334 

Dorey, George 300 

Dort, Eli 516 

Dowd, James 52 

Douglass, Asa 594, 596 

Daniel 102 

John 117 

Patrick , 698 

Thomas 373; 379, 716 

Dowst or Dowse, Isaac 568 

John 367, 371 

Jonathan 371 

Ozem 360, 362, 367 

Dow, Abraham 380, 423 

Amos 373 

Asa 373, 380 

Benjamin. ..$3, 41, 80, 93, 396 


Daniel 17, 41, 144 

David 422 

Ela 406-409 

Elijah 423 

Ezekiel 211, 218, 220 

Gideon 386 

Henry 17, 239 

Isaac 366-370 

James 371 

Jeremiah... 107, 373, 375, 380 


John 15, 211, 219, 222 

Jonathan 364, 396 

Joseph 298, 369 

Joshua. 211, 218, 220-222 

Josiah 211 

Lyford 41, 401, 404 

Moses 228, 229, 357 

Nathaniel ..144, 373, 380, 607 

Noah 140, 396 

Oliver. 372, 376 

Peter 211 

Richard 144, 373, 374 

Richard, Jr 373 

Samuel 211, 219, 221, 222 

Samuel, Jr 211, 221 

Simon 33 

Thomas 377 

Winthrop 423 

Winthrop, Jr 423 

Downing, Colonel 314 

George R 343 



80 1 

Downing, John 58 

Jonathan 238 

Joshua 343 

Samuel 336, 338, 343 

Downs, Aaron 338, 342 

Gershom 334-337, 343 


Gershom, Jr 342 

James 343, 348 

John 351 

John, Jr 348 

Moses 336, 342 

Doyne, Francis 154, 166 

Jacob 160, 166 

Drake, Abraham. 17, 79, 81, 84, 86 

Colonel 214 

Ephraim 541 

James 198 

Jonathan 84 

Nathaniel 84 

Draper, Jacob 235 

Jacob, Jr 235 

Jonathan 630 

Nathan 202, 203 

Nathaniel 635 

Dresser, Asa 724-728 

Drew, Ephraim 351 

Francis 350 

Isaac 737 

Jedidiah 737 

Joshua 22, in 

Levi 541 

Thomas 335*342 

Drisco, James 35 

Drown, Benjamin 35 

John 343 

Joseph 341 

Peter 22, 25 

Samuel 36, 116, 305, 348 

Solomon 343 

Drum, Evans 251 

Drurv, Daniel 554 

David 327, 563 

Ebenezer. ..54S, 554, 556, 561 

Ebenezer, Jr 554 

Ezra 563 

Gershom ...554, 556, 562 


John 555 

Jonathan 553 

Jonathan, Jr 554 

Miriam 556 

Nathan 554 

Thomas.... 554 

Drury, William.. 554, 556, S57^ 561 


Zedekiah 547, 553 

Zedekiah, Jr 554 

Ducket, Mark 270 

Duda. Eliphalet 95, 99 

Zebadee ^^ 

Zebulon 25, 27 

Dudley, David 585 

Ephraim 439 

Gilman 309 

James 503, 584, 585 

James, Jr 585 

John 16, 309-31 r, 523 

Jonathan. .. .25, 443, 448, 585 

Joseph, Jr 312 

Nathaniel 312 

Samuel 643 

Stephen 307, 309 

Trueworthy 166, 172, 439 

Dudy, Obadiah 541 

Duncan, David 295 

George 568, 699 

James 568 

John 641, 698, 699 

John, Jr 699 

Robert 699 

William 167, 169, 699 

Dunkley, Hezekiah 594, 597 

Dunlap, Ephraim 201, 203 

Joshua 116 

Dunshee, Hugh 702 

Thomas 702 

Durand, John 746 

Durant, Joseph 635 

Durgin, David 737 

Ebenezer 95, 99 

Ebenezer, Jr . ... 96 

Elijah 403 

Francis 22, 27, 74, 398 

Francis, Jr 25 

Jacob 27 

John 22, 96, 97, 404 

Johnjr 97 

Josiah 94, 96 

Joseph 96 

Samuel 29, 95, 97 

William 393, 394, 396, 403 

William, Jr 397 

Winthrop 403 

Winthrop, Jr 403 

Zebulon 29 

Durham, John 702 



Durkee, Silas 566 

Durrell, Nathaniel 454 

Theophilus 454 

Dustin, Caleb 373 

David, Jr 394 

Ebenezer 379 

Gardner 204 

Hannah 88 

John 204 

Moody 601 

Moses 487 

Peter 379, 718 

Stephen 379 

Timothy 379 

Dutton, Amasa . . . . 650 

Benjamin 678 

Ezra 190 

John 457, 458, 461,463 

William. . . .457-459, 461, 463 

Duty, William 377 

Dwight, Josiah 306 

Dwyer, James 369, 372, 373 

Michael 355, 357 

Dyer, Abraham y^ 

Edward S , 75 

Eliphalet 116 

Elisha 452, 455 

Samuel 22 

William 72-74, 404 

Eames, David. . .118, 122, 123, 563 

David, Jr 1 23 

Jeremiah . .88-92, 475, 477, 479 

Jeremiah, Jr 455 

Jonathan 645 

Jonathan, Jr 645 

Robert 648 

Samuel 645 

Earl, Daniel 204 

Eastham, H . B 395 

Eastman, Amos 354 

Benjamin 3, 3S6 

Ebenezer 389, 614, 617 

Edward 382, 386 

James 710, 715 

Jeremiah 21, 385 

John 21 

Jonathan.. ..389, 390, 593, 607 

Richard 154, 719 

Roger 64,435 

Samuel 607, 608, 702 

Stephen 64 

Thomas 403 

Eastman, William 385, 391, 538 

54i, 543 

Eaton, Abiathar 728, 729 

Benjamin 422, 423 

David 518 

Ephraim. . . , 422 

Ezekiel 407, 409 

Ithamar 640-642 

Jabez 405, 423 

James 4°9? 647 

Jesse 220 

Job 218, 220, 645, 646, 648 

John 519 

Joseph 117 

Joshua 423 

Moses 645, 646, 648 

Obadiah 640, 641 

Reuben .403 

Samuel : 422 

William 403 

William, Jr 403 

W T inthrop 423 

Eayers, Christopher 701 

Samuel 702 

William 702 

Eddy, Abial 666 

James . . .651 

Ward 467, 635 

Edes, Jacob 172 

Edgerley, Joseph 590 

Joshua 590 

Moses 21 

Thomas 238 

Edmonds, Stephen 614 

Thomas 409 

Edwards, Ebenezer 564 

John 433 

Eggleston, Samuel 203 

Eley, Enoch 394 

Elk'ins, Abel 385, 391 

Daniel. . 16, in 

Henry. .18, 362, 367, 368, 405 

John 16 

Moses 386, 446, 448 

Peter 406 

Samuel.. 16, 340, 362, 368, 371 

Ellinwood, John 373, 379 

Robert 379, 696 

Elliot, Abraham 277 

David 64 

Edmond 358, 569, 570 

Ezekiel 225, 570 

Isaac 64, 621 

John 59, 69,435, 506 





Elliot, John, Jr 59 

Joseph 64 

Thomas 64 

Timothy 64 

William 144 

Ellis, Benjamin.. 315, 333^393, 49 1 
521, 531, 590, 651 

Jacob 343 

Jonathan 343 

Joseph 491 

Joseph, Jr 493 

Joshua 343 

Manoah 541 

Morris 338, 342 

Nathan 491 

Samuel '. 541 

Simeon. 491 

William. . . .333, 343, 525, 530 

Ellison, Joseph 76 

Richard 75 

Ellsworth, Aaron 397, 398 

Jeremiah 645 

John 201, 646, 648 

Samuel 404, 645, 646, 648 

Samuel, Jr 646, 648 

Emerson, Daniel 314 

Daniel, Jr 170 

Ebenezer 235 

Edward 270 

James 641 

Jonathan 236, 380 

Joseph 348 

Joshua, Jr 372 

Marden 641 

Moses 235 

Nathaniel.. .235, 354, 458, 459 
462, 465, 469 

Peter 226 

Rev. Mr 247 

Richard 458, 461, 463 

Samuel. 225, 227, 228, 230-235 

307, 357 

Timothy 373 

Worcester 378 

Emery, Amos 554 

Benjamin 211 

Jacob 172 

James 339 

John 9 

Joseph 163, 1 72 

Joseph, Jr 172 

Josiah 399, 400 

Noah 153 

Emery, Samuel 1 72 

Zachariah 554, 565 

Epison, Samuel; 529 

Estabrook, Abraham 635 

Benjamin 694 

Nehemiah 128, 761,764 

Estes, Samuel 741 

Etheridge, Nathaniel 412, 416 

Stephen 416 

Evans. Benjamin 736 

David 643 

Edward ._ 226, 227 

Imri 694 

Ira 201 

Jonathan 643 

Nathaniel 635 

Richard 251, 307 

Robert 102, 343, 348 

Tappan 619 

Thomas 640, 641 

Urial 694 

William 541 

Everett, Edward 35S 

Jonathan 6, 7, 9 

Levi . 5, 6, 8, 9 

Nathaniel 5, 6, 630 

Pennel 5, 6, 7 

Ewen, Alexander. 35, 300, 303, 307 

Ewer, Gamaliel 27 

Nathaniel 33 

Rufus 27, 28 

Ewins, James 702 

John 718 

Fairfield, Samuel 199, 203, 205 

Walter 761 

Fall, George 433 

Farley, Ebenezer 462 

Jesse 470, 635 

John 465 

Samuel 314 

Farmer, John 479, 730 

Farnsworth, Daniel 493, 635 

James 599 

John 631 

Paul 493 

Samuel 635 

Simeon 627 

Farnum , Ephraim 236 

John 235 

Stephen 236 

William ..116,220-222 

Farrar, Alpheus 406-409 

Simon 565 



Farrar, Timothy 560 

Farrington, Samuel 631 

Samuel, Jr. 631 

Thomas S 563 

Farwell, Ephraim 635 

Isaac 1 74, 20 1 

Thomas 635, 636 

Thomas, Jr 635 

Favour, Cutting 59, 64 

John 64, 64 1 

Moses 641 

Timothy 64 

Faxon, Francis 635 

Hunking 35 

Felch, Daniel % . 386, 389 

Fellows, Adonijah 21 

Isaac ..112, 113, 116, 591 

Jacob .116, 235 

John 260, 386 

Moses 387-389 

Nathan 125 

Samuel 406 

Thomas 409 

Timothy 405 

Verny 117 

Felt, Aaron 554, 561 , 565 

Abner 565 

Peter 554,5^ 5&S 

Samuel W 565 

Felton, William 548, 553 

Fenton, John . 224 

Ferguson, John. .144, 150, 152, 176 

Fernald, George 269 

James 740 

John 262 

Mark 269, 271 

Margery 291 

Rendal 303 

Samuel 35, 285, 300 

Simeon 291 

Ferren, Aquilla 64 

Francis 619, 621 

Jonathan 64, 435 

William 405, 408, 409 

Zebulon 59 

Ferriman, William 1 16 

Fickett.John 251, 257 

Jonathan 240 

Field, Gain 666, 688 

John M 694 

Moses 516, 562 

Fife, James 165 

John 154, 165 

William 165 

Fifield, Abraham 385 

Daniel 393, 396, 398, 400 

Edward 385, 482, 641 

John 351, 386 

Jonathan 385, 391, 614 

Joseph 385, 391, 7S7 

Moses. .503, 584, 585, 637, 641 

Nathaniel 640 

Obadiah P 386 

Samuel 398 

Fish, Amos 226 

Nathaniel 46 

Fisher, Abner 694 

Daniel 693 

Daniel, Jr 694 

John 3°5>442 

Nathaniel 694 

Samuel 178, 698 

Fisk, Abel 686 

Jonathan 594, 597 

Josiah 561, 563, 565 

Simeon 635 

Fitch, Benjamin 594, 597 

Hezekiah 206 

James 206 

Sam uel 206 

Fitts, Abraham 310 

Currier 409 

Richard 409 

Fitz, Richard.. 434 

Fitzgerald, Daniel 370 

Joseph 35 

Flagg, Gershom 594, 596 

James 540 

John..... 594, 597 

Flanders, Benjamin. .405, 407, 409 

Calvin 620 

Christopher 437, 614 

Daniel 614, 616 

Ephraim 407 

Ezekiel 220, 519, 520 

Ezra 614 

Isaac 405 

Isaiah 620 

Jacob 637 

James 519, 614, 617 

John 434, 435, 637 

Joseph 520, 622 

Moses 621 

Parker 439 

Philip 385, 389, 614, 620 

Samuel 407 

Thomas 396 

Zebulon 621 





Fletcher, Francis 594, 597 

John 570 

Robert ..224, 557,634 

William 563 

Flint, Edward 593, 596 

John 593, 595, 596 

Flood, Amos 615 

Daniel 614, 619,620 

Fogg, Abner 17,77,81,84,85 

Abner, Jr... 81, 84 

Daniel 79 

Dearborn 84 

Ebenezer 423 

Jeremiah 84, 341, 643 

Joseph ' 141 

Josiah 312 

Peter 238 

Samuel 79 

Stephen 398 

Follansbee, Simons 220-222 

Thomas 211, 641 

Follett, Caleb in 

John ..22, in 

Nicholas 240 

Folsom, Andrew 23, 140, 141 

Asa 27, 29, 33 

David 22, 35, 41, 540 

David, Jr 41 

Ebenezer 482 

Edward 23, 26 

Elizabeth 27 

Enoch 27 

General .327 

Jacob 32 

Jeremiah 20, 24-28 

John 27,312, 393, 394,419 

Jonathan 14, 22, 26, 586 

Joseph 22, 26 

Josiah 342 

Levi 27 

Nathaniel. . 218, 2S5, 300, 306 

Peter 16, 45 

Samuel 416. 710 

Simeon 27, 28, 33 

William 22, 32 

William, Jr 22, 26 

Winthrop 41 

Foot, Challis 617, 62 1 

Forbes, Simon 116 

Force, Ebenezer 522 

Ford, Hezekiah 193, 194, 197 

John 2>7 

Joseph 197 

I Ford, Paul 758 

Forrest, James. 73, 75, 76 

Job 75 

John 72, 74, 76 

William 72-75 

Forst, Benjamin 335, 336, 338 

Benjamin, Jr 344 

Daniel 336 

Foss, Benjamin 486 

Jeremiah 26, 27, 48S 

Job 364, 367, 37 1 

John.... 23, 367, 368, 371, 433 

Joshua 360 

Josiah 16 

Moses 74 

Nathaniel 368, 370 

Nathaniel, Jr 368 

Robert " 74 

Samuel 240 

Samuel D 298,368,369 

Thomas 74-76 

Thomas, Jr 7$ 

Wallace 367 

Walter 206 

Zebadiah 271, 272 

Zachariah 269 

Foster, Abiel 70, 391 

Abner 152, 715, 717 

Asa 161, 163 

Asa, Jr 161,163 

Benjamin 621 

Daniel 116, 563 

David jo 

Elijah 630 

Frederick 163, 164 

Henry 694 

Hezekiah 386 

Isaac 1 90 

Israel 630 

Jacob 561, 566 

James 149, 554 

John G 649 

Jonathan 3S6 

Joseph 614, 621 

Joshua 554, S^S 

Josiah 652, 653 

Moses 1 54, 1 64 

Samuel 652 

Fowle, Daniel 272 

James 653 

John 653 

John, Jr 653 

Fowler, Chever 67S 

Daniel 274 



Fowler, Jacob 31, 32 

Josiah 60 

Josiah , Jr 60 

Philip 3 2 , 34 

Ruth 385 

Fox, Benjamin 23, 103 

Edward 18, 29 

John 594,50 

Jonathan 240 

Foye, John 239, 304, 368, 371 

John, Jr... 304 

Francis, Colonel 374 

Frankford, William 521 

Franklin, Nathan 659 

Freeman, Caesar \ 520 

Daniel 204, 206 

Ebenezer 497, 498, 501 

James 204 

Jonathan 761 

Russell 545 

Freese, George 36 

John 6, 35 

Joseph 36 

French, Andrew. ... 15, 74, 75, 481 

Andrew, Jr 15 

Benjamin 33, 314 

Bradstreet 15, 481 

Daniel 97, 489 

David 347 

David, Jr 347 

Edmund 347 

Elisha 74, 7 5, 486 

Ezekiel 413 

Ezra 406, 407, 409 

Gilbert 347 

Green 519 

Henry, Jr 438 

Hezekiah 200 

Isaac B 561 

Jacob 522 

James , 344, 347 

James, Jr 327 

John 327,454 

Jonathan 405 

Jonathan, Jr 405 

Jonah 694 

Joseph 211, 314, 3S6, 435 

Levi 41 

Luther 4154 

Moses 67, 235 

Nathaniel 406,408,418 

Oliver 519 

Sampson 314 

Samuel 41 

French, Saul 76, 708 

Stephen 348 

Thomas 481 

William 15, 32, 422, 481 

William, Jr 16, 481 

Frink, Dr. Calvin 521, 524, 526 

528, 530-537 
Elijah 497,727 

Frost, Charles 260 

George 40 

John 17 

Jonathan — 251 

Joseph S77 

Nathaniel 586 

William 260 

Frye, Ebenezer 153, 711 

Gideon .239 

Jonathan 373 

Fullam, Elisha 606 

Fuller, Amasa 657 

Amos 553, 678-681 

B< j noni 79 

David 408, 566 

Hezekiah 478 

John 17, 117 

Joseph 17 

Joshua 513, 675 

Levi 516 

Noah, Jr 675 

Samuel C 570 

Thomas 236, 405 

Fullerton, William — 156, 269, 272 
274, 740 

Fullonton, James. .. .397, 736, 740 

James, Jr 398 

John. 311, 312, 736, 740 

Jonathan 308 

Joseph 308 

Fulton, Robert.. 702 

Furber, Benjamin 343, 348 

Jethro 241, 251, 252 

John 96 

Jonathan 347 

Joshua 22, 93, 95, 96, 98 

Moses 96 

N 36, 269 

Richard 343 

Richard, Jr 341, 347 

Samuel 344,348 

Theodore 306, 348 

Thomas 97 

William 241 

Furnald, Charles in 

John 36, 269, 272, 274 




Furnald, Stephen 342 

Thomas 1 1 1 

William 269, 274 

Furness, William 306 

Gage, Abel 708 

Abner 147, 152 

Amos 144, 149, 1 52 

Benjamin 149 

Colonel 337 

Daniel 143, 144, 149 

Daniel, Jr [49 

David 152 

Jabez 144 

Jeremiah » 149 

Joshua 499, 504 

Josiah... .144-152, 716 

Josiah, Jr. . 149 

Phebe 144 

Pierce 149, 152 

Thomas 1 44 

Gains, George. .274-278, 289. 294- 

296, 302 

Samuel 1 49 

Gale, Daniel 397, 399, 404 

Edward 269 

Jacob 643 

John C 386,388,398 

John 394,397 

Joshua 40 1 

Richard 694 

Stephen 73, 308, 396 

William 296 

Gallup, Benjamin 199 

Perez 209 

Thomas 202, 203, 761 

Gambling, Benjamin 260 

Gammon, Francis .257, 258 

Gamsby, George 477 

John 89, 475, 477 

John, Jr 477 

Ganzy, John 666 

Gardiner, John 36, 645, 647 

William 35, 299, 300 

Garland, Benjamin.. .367, 368, 371 

Daniel ,. 336, 342 

Dodavah 336, 343 

Dodavah, Jr 343 

Jabez 140 

Jacob. . .73, 385, 391, 396, 397 
John... 333, 360, 367, 308, 370 

T U T 3?I ' 591 

John, Jr 370 

Jonathan 370 

Garland, Joseph 368, 370 

Moses 386, 391 

Nathaniel 94, 95, 344 

Peter 367, 370 

Simon 370 

Simon, Jr 370 

Garman, James 235 

Joseph 23 

Garnsey, John 31S 

Gaskell, Samuel 318, 320 

Gates, Elias 200, 602 

Ezra 133, 134, 659 

Nathan 200 

Silas 200 

Gault, Andrew 154, 166 

Matthew. 166, 450 

Samuel.. ..154, 165, 166, 16S 

William 166 

Gay, Amasa 63 1 

Eliphalet 5, 6, 7, 9 

James 630, 63 r 

William 9, 211 

Gee, Stephen 462 

George, James 59, 210, 435 

Joshua 405, 409 

Josiah 404 

King 235, 323 

Levi 391 

Moses. 235, 409, 640 

Samuel 505 

Stephen 391 

Thomas 22, 100 

Timothy 64, 641 

William 22S, 235 

William, Jr 235 

Gerould, Reuben 200, 201, 206 

Gerrish, Henry .. ..390, 519, 545 


John ; 757 

Nathaniel 239 

Paul 22, 757 

Robert 35, 300 

Samuel 274, 286, 402 

Timothy 36 

Getchel, David 200 

Ezra 438 

Gibbs, Robert 269 

William 269, 271, 364 

Gibson, Barnabas 146-149 

Daniel 726-72S 

David 644 

James. .75, 102, 149, 152, 397- 

400, 707 

Jeremiah 398 



Gibson, John 149, 394, 666, 708 

725, 727 

Michael 652 

William 73 

Giddens, Simeon 577, 599 

Giddings, Jacob 233 

John 67, 440 

Nathaniel 420 

Gilbert, Ebenezer 665 

Josiah 63 1 

Thomas 761 

Gilchrist, William 1 79 

Gile, David 517, 518 

Ephraim 517 

Ezekiel 212-215, 218 

Jacob 393 

John 99, in 

Nathan .211 

Reuben 220, 518 

Stephen 211 

Giles, Benjamin 3, 51, 580, 760 


Ephraim 5, 6, 7 

John 22, 23, 29, in, 373 

Jonathan 74-76 

Joseph 309 

Joseph, Jr 309 

Nicholas 398, 403 

Samuel 95 

Gilfling, Benjamin 408 

Gilkey, Sample 202, 203 

Gill, David 517 

John 697 

Samuel 25 

Gillice, Hugh 568 

Gillingham, James 517 

Gilman, Andrew 31, 32, 43, 44 


Anthony 509 

Antipas 396 

Benjamin 544, 591 

Benjamin 1 432, 542 

Bradbury 22 

Bradstreet 31 

Caleb 416, 5S1, 582, 585 

Constant 606 

David 27, 159, 542, 543 

Dudley 591 

Edward, Jr 396 

Ezekiel 21, 397 

Israel.. 13, 14, 17. -7, 156, 416 


James 28, 31 

Jeremiah — 211, 588, 590, 637 

Gilman, John. 99, 588, 590 

John Taylor..86, 183, 194, 228 
418, 645 

Jonathan 72, 7$, 416, 417 

Joseph.... 13, 23, 27, 329, 397 


Joseph S 31, 543 

Joshua 396, 606 

Josiah 145, 204, 296, 543 

Moses 398 

Nathaniel. .22, 27, 30-32, 163 
350,418, 420 

Nicholas 86, 214, 309, 416 


Peter 104, 161, 396 

Peter, Jr 161, 163 

Porter 590 

Samuel... 16, 30-32, 40, 42, 75 

Samuel, Jr 34, 410 

Samuel, 3d 22 

Samuel T 72, 73 

Stephen 17, 502, 580 

Thomas 7 2_ 74> 39°. 394 

Ward 307 

William 123, 397 

Zebulon 163 

Gilmore, David 614, 621 

James 269, 695, 698, 703 


John 568, 701 

Jonathan 568, 701 

Robert 701 

Gilson, Joel 457-463 

Michael 653 

Nathaniel 470 

Glass, David 103 

James 103 

Gleason, Elijah 202, 203 

James 669 

Glidden, Andrew. 10, 503, 584, 585 

Asa 585 

Charles 75, 106, 389, 390 

Jacob 503, 584, 585 

Jeremiah 503, 5S2, 585 

John 312, 343, 415 

Jonathan 503, 577, 580, 581 


Jonathan, Jr 503, 584, 585 

Jonathan, 3d 585 

Joseph...! 1, 312, 503, 584, 585 

Samuel P 503, 584 

Simeon 503, 584, 585 

Simeon, Jr 584, 585 




Glidden, Stephen 585 

Widow 10 

William 93, 94 

Winthrop 347 

Glines, Benjamin 73, 75 

Israel 541 

John 541 

Richard 74, 75 

William 72-76 

William, Jr 75 

Glover, David 708 

Goddard, John. . .36, 300, 302, 305 

William 317 

Godfree, James 77, 84, 95 

John 77, 81 

Moses 93, 95 

Simon 95 

William 77, 84 

Godfrey, Benjamin 107 

James 22 

John 17 

Moses 23, 107 

Goffe, John.. 18, 214, 428, 568, 638 

Goldsmith, Isaac 741 

Isaac, Jr 741 

Josiah 604, 606 

William 741 

Goldthwaite, Thomas. ....... .269 

Gooch, James 286 

Goodale, Ezekiel 554, 557, 561 

Goodall, Ira * 759 

Goodell, Asa 727 

David 725, 727 

John 726, 727 

Goodenow, Jonathan 661 

Levi 665 

Goodhue, Joseph 16 

Josiah no 

Nathaniel 23, 95, in 

Samuel 485,489 

Stephen 402 

Goodwin, Daniel 59, 341, 435 

David 64, 435 

Ezekiel 615 

Foster 623 

Humphrey 350 

Jeremiah 350 

John 342 

Mehitabel 27 

Moses 344 

Nathan 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 

Noah 433 

Goodwin, Richard 50, 614 

Robert 23, 27.32 

Samuel 64, 435 

Seth 614 

Theophilus 211 

Timothy 576 

Willaby 433 

Gookin. Daniel 87 

Dorothy 7S 

Gordon, Alexander. ..144, 373, 379 

Benjamin 202 

Daniel. .373, 380, 726, 72S, 729 

Eliphalet 311 

Ithiel 308 

James 541 

John 724 

Jonathan 380 

Phinehas 378 

Samuel 184 

Thomas. .. .310-312, 443, 448 
Thomas, Jr. 443, 445, 448, 450 
William ..373, 3S0 

Gorrell, Nathaniel 3S0 

Goss, James 368, 371 

Jonathan . ..363 

Levi 364, 367, 368. 370 

Nathan 361, 363, 36S, 371 

Philip 694 

Richard 360 

Robert 240 

Gotham, Edward 294, 295 

Gould. Abijah 554 

Benjamin 227, 233, 235 

Curtis 694 

Daniel 237, 641 , 678 

George 678 

Gideon 438 

Jacob 331 

Jeremiah 736, 740 

John 3S 

Jonathan 61 7, 62 1 , 641 

Mark 149 

Nehemiah 651 

Robert 614, 620 

Thomas 64 

William 694 

Gove, Daniel 403 

Ebenezer. . .396-398, 644, 647 

Edward 4-3 

Enoch 422, 423, 648 

Moses 423 

Nathan 422 

1 Printed John in the text. 



Gove, Richard 423 

Stephen 423 

Winthrop 422-424 

Grace, Charles B. 36 

Gragg, Samuel 506, 507 

Graham, Alexander 708 

Hugh 698, 702-708 

Hugh, Jr 715 

John . 176 

Robert 715 

Grant, Allen 318 

Daniel 433 

Edward 433 

John 277 

Joseph 17, 397, 480 

Joshua 433 

Nathaniel 397, 399 

Peter .-.364 

Samuel 433 

William 433 

Graves, James 541 

Jeremiah 403 

Phinehas 541 

Thaddeus 630 

William 440, 630 

Gray, Jacob 165 

James 240 

Jonathan 184, 68 1 , 682 

Kalso 184 

Matthew 184 

" Robert 184 

Samuel 22, in, 117, 347 

Thomas 116 

Timothy 553,678,682 

Greeley, or Greele, Aaron 519 

Benjamin 386 

Benjamin, Jr 386 

Ezekiel 702 

John. 143 

Jonathan 553, 643, 678 

Joseph 621, 643, 708 

Matthew 386-389 

Nathaniel 553, 643 

Peter 12, 246, 260 

Reuben 385, 389 

Samuel 314, 396 

Samuel, Jr 314, 708 

Shubal 385 

Thomas 240 

Zaccheus 708 

Green, Benjamin 489 

Ebenezer 134, 135 

Edward 438 

Elijah : ... 724 

Green, Ephraim 17 

Jacob 167-169 

John 116 

Jonathan 423 

Jonathan, Jr 423 

Joseph 590 

Nathan 422, 423 

Peter 159 

Richard 86, 371 

Simon 348 

Thomas 521, 694 

Greenfield, Thomas 60, 64 

Greenleaf, John 35 

Samuel 235, 391 

Stephen 252 

Greenough, Daniel 247 

Epes 269 

Samuel 269 

William 233 

Gregg, Adams 184 

Alexander 708 

Daniel 331, 719 

David 698, 702, 704, 708 


David, Jr 708, 715, 719 

David, 3d 719 

Hugh 176 

Isaac 758 

James 372, 698 

John ....188, 715, 716 

John, Jr 188 

Samuel 182, 188, 683, 684 

699, 705 

Samuel, Jr 702 

Thomas 708 

William 698, 702-704, 708 

712, 715, 719 
William, Jr. 708, 715, 717, 719 

Gregory, William .364 

Grendel, Daniel 495, 498-504 

Griffin, Ebenezer 568 

Moses 405, 409 

Nathaniel 563 

Obadiah 308 

Peter 405 

Richard 405 

Samuel 352, 468 

Theophilus 409 

Thomas 405, 409 

Zephotous 405 

Griffith, Gershom 80 

John.. .257, 258, 267, 270, 277 
Samuel 268, 273 

Grimes, Alexander 716 





Grimes, Charles 694 

John 716 

Griswold, Daniel. 509, 5 1 1 

John 761, 762 

Joseph 606 

Grouard, James. .35, 269, 272, 286 


Grout, Elijah 609 

Guest, Colonel 181 

Guild, Samuel 630 

Guile, Asa 38 

Gullison, Ephraim 502 

Gunnison, Nathaniel 502 

Samuel .494-500, 599 

William 269 

Guppy, James 271 

Gushe, Joseph 119, 121-125 

Gustin, Samuel 458 

Gutterson, Josiah 149, 1 52 

Hackett, Ephraim 541 

Hadden, Garrett 54, 55, 59 

Hadley, Jacob 3 

Joseph 757 

Moses 708 

Nehemiah 707 

Samuel 55 

Seth 708 

Stephen 708 

Haggett, Josiah 164 

Haines, Abner 16 

John 16, 17, 309, 364, 645 

Joseph 17, 591 

Lewis. 17, 73 

Matthias 1 6, 3 1 1 , 645 

Nathan. 206 

Samuel 240 

Samuel, Jr 16 

Simeon 398 

Stephen 72, 74 

Thomas 84 

William 16, 644 

William, Jr 16 

Hale, Abigail 327, 328 

Benjamin 211 

Edmund 211 

Enoch.. 321, 327, 329, 330, 556 
557, 693, 606, 608 

Henry 211 

John 544, 708 

Joseph 325 

Nathan. ...296, 308, 321,326- 

333. 365, 590 
Paul 627 

Hale, Samuel. 36, 271, 277,345, 347 

Sarah J 46 

Haley, Captain 337 

Halfpenny, John 182 

Hall, Amos 582 

Avery 591 

Benjamin 164, 37 s 

Christopher 200 

Daniel 591 

David. .372, 379, 385, 443,446 

Ebenezer 140, 372, 715 

Edward.... 10, 14, 18,367,371 

Elijah 35, 306, 377, 675 

Enoch 475, 652, 653 

George H 694 

James 22, 152 

Jeremiah 522, 653 

John 35, 220-222, 373, 379 


John, Jr 144 

Jonathan 225, 355 

Joseph. .. .13, 14, 16, 101, no 

367, 371 

Joshua 373, 379, 675 

Kinsley. 239 

Laban 200, 20 1 

Moody 206 

Nathaniel 355 

Peter 240 

Ralph 144 

Richard 149, 152 

Roland 606 

Samuel.. 35, 269,427, 568, 588 


Simon 652 

Stacy 36 

Thomas toi, 206, 220-222 

Halliburton, Andrew 306 

Ham, Benjamin 34S 

Eleazer 334, 335, 342 

Ephraim 35, 271, 277,336 


Gideon 21 

James. 342 

John 36, 337, 343, 347 

John,Jr 343 

Joseph 21 

Jotham 350 

Moses 733 

Samuel 269 

Samuel, Jr 35 

Thomas 348 

Timothy , 35 



Ham, William 35, 336, 337, 348 

W. Y 397 

Hamack, John 335, 336, 338 

Hamblin, Moses 342 

Hamblett, Joseph 144 

Joshua 149 

Josiah 144 

Reuben 145 

Hamilton, Jonathan 300 

Hammett, John 342 

Moses 342 

Hammill, Joseph 188 

Neal 188 

Hammock, Thomas 433 

Hammond, David '. . . 694 

Elizabeth 522 

Isaac... 525, 528, 531, 533-535 

John 522 

Col. Joseph. 520, 521, 523, 526 


Joseph, Jr 521 

Nathaniel 520, 522 

Sarah 522 

Thomas 522 

William 522 

Hancock, Asa 675, 676 

George 74, 75 

Levi 675 

Joseph 74, 75 

. William 75 

Handy, Paul 318 

Hannaford, Thomas 32 

Hanscom, Pelatiah 351 

Hanson, Isaac 340, 428 

Jacob 343 

John 342, 350 

Moses 347 

Peter 108 

Venus 108 

William 343 

Hard, Shadrach 350 

William 702 

Hardie, John 334 

Hardison, Jonathan 239 

Hardy, Aaron 152 

Asa 1 52, 708 

Billy 450 

Cyrus 708 

Daniel 152, 372 

Dudley 152, 591, 742, 743 

Edmund 149, 152, 708 

Edmund, Jr 149, 708 

Eliphalet 152 

Jacob 149. 7 l ° 

Hardy, Jesse 149 

Josiah 149, 466 

Nicholas 443, 445, 448, 450 

Philip 149 

Thomas 147, 148, 710 

Stephen 27 

Harford, Paul 343 

Solomon 338 

Stephen.... 333, 335, 338, 343 
Stephen, Jr 338 

Harmon, Captain 754 

Harper, John A 401 

Samuel 599, 644 

William 332, 398,402 

Harriman, Asa 621 

Asaph 211, 218 

David 220, 221 

Dolly 70 

John 211, 218, 220-222 

Joseph 218,219, 221 

Leonard 218-222 

Moses 218-222 

Peter 220, 222 

Reuben 210 

Samuel 220 

Thomas 235 

Walter 613 

Harrington, Joseph 653 

Timothy 653 

Rev. Timothy 520 

Harris, Abel 300 

Dr. David 629, 631, 636 

James 647 

Joseph 3*6,376, 381 

Milan 746 

Nathaniel 364,653 

Silas 123 

Stephen 316, 666 

Harrison, J 251 

Hart, Benjamin 272 

Constant 52 

Daniel 35, 269, 273 

Edward 274 

George. .27, 269, 275, 277, 278 
280, 303 

Jeremiah 306 

John, Jr 273 

Nathaniel 403, 503 

R 35 

Richard. . . .269, 270, 274, 277 

Robert 351 

Samuel. 244-246, 257, 258,260 

Thomas 251, 277 

William 271, 273 




Hartford, Nicholas. .22, 27, 29, 94 


Hartwell, William 657 

Harvell, James 233, 235 

Harvey, Abner 620 

Asahel 516 

Cyrus 516 

Francis 102, 103, 106 

James 101 

John 22, 38, 40, 93, 94, 98 

107, 536, 537 

Jonathan 9, 516 

Joseph 9 

Kimber 536, 537 

Levi 5, 6, 8, 9 

Matthew : . .517, 518 

Richard. 35 

Dr. Solomon. . . .660, 661, 667 

Thomas. .16, 37, IO °» Ior , r °6 


Timothy 522, 536, 537 

Harwood, Benjamin 594, 596 

Ebenezer 594, 596 

James 585, 586 

Joseph --594,597 

Thomas 314 

Hash, William 488 

Haseltine, Asa 715, 717 

Daniel 378 

David 235 

John 596, 708 

Jonathan 373, 590 

Jonathan, Jr 378 

Nathan 372 

Nathaniel 678, 681 

Philip 715, 716 

Thomas 133, 134 

Solomon 521, 531 

Hazel ton, Benjamin 231 

Daniel 372 

Samuel 23 1 

Haskell, Job .423 

Haskins, John 602 

Haslett, James 35, 274, 286 

Hastings, James 373, 379 

James, Jr 379 

Lemuel 602 

Moses 653 

Hatch, Thomas 269, 270 

William 351 

Haven, John 576 

Joseph 35, 300, 576 

Nathaniel A 300, 305, 576 

Rev. Samuel 277 

Haven, Samuel, Jr 36, 300 

William 50 

Hawkins, Daniel 693, 694 

Daniel, Jr 694 

Ephraim 694 

Stephen 694 

Haws, David 633 

Hayes, Aaron no, in 

Benjamin 334, 335 

Clement 343. 351 

Daniel 346-348 

Daniel, Jr 351 

Enoch 342 

Ezekiel 351 

George S 342, 346 

Ichabod 347, 351 

James C 350 

Moses 336, 347 

Samuel 346 

Solomon 1 1 1 

Wentworth 336, 342, 348 

William 393, 394, 398, 401 

William, Jr 393, 394 

Zebedee 7, 9 

Hayford, Edward 544 

Hayward, Calvin 516 

Nathan 321, 324, 515 

Peter 508 

S 676 

Samuel.. 174, 324 

William 509, 511 

Haywood , Nathan 324 

Samuel 324, 708 

Hazzen, John 214 

Moses 94, 134 

Richard 757 

Head, James 161, 164, 541 

John 161 

Jonathan 1 64 

Nathaniel.. 161, 162, 164, 165 


Richard 163 

Heald, Amos 563 

Daniel 561, 565 

Ephraim.. ..547, 548, 550, 551 

554, 565 

James 565 

John 554 

Joseph 553, 561, 565 

Joseph, Jr $()$ 

Oliver 554SS^ 5 61 

Peter 554 

Healey, Daniel 694 

Ezra 694 



Healey, William S 309 

Heard, Amos 646 

George 333 

John 335,336 

Jonathan 339, 342 

Joseph 333,338,340 

Joseph, Jr 342 

Nathaniel 343 

Reuben 338, 342 

Samuel G 427 

Timothy 343 

Tristram 338, 343 

Heath, Asa 405, 408, 409 

Benjamin 517 

Daniel 443, 446, 448 

David : 373 

Enoch 443, 448, 450 

Ephraim 385, 389 

Ezekiel 75, 446, 517, 518 

Isaac 2ii, 218 

Jacob.... 72, 73, 211, 446, 448 

James 149, 354, 35$ 

Jesse 204 

Job 385 

John .211, 218 

Jonathan 211, 220-222 

Joshua 373 

Josiah 401 

Moses 371, 405, 409 

Moses, Jr 409 

Matthias 69 

Nehemiah 386, 614 

Robert 517 

Samuel 70, 215, 220, 221 

Sarah 215 

Sargent 69 

Stephen 222 

Heaton, James 521 

Jonathan 492 

Hebbard, Asa 502 

Joseph 503 

Milan 502 

Hemphill, John 719 

Nathaniel 715, 717 

Robert 708, 715, 716, 719 

Henry, Bani 470, 635 

Henry 708 

John 635 

John, Jr 470, 635 

Nathaniel 713 

Patrick...., 237 

Ziba , 470 

Henzell, Charles 746 

Herbert, Jonathan 191, 195,642 

Herman, Joshua 405 

Herrick, Elisha 204, 206 

Jonathan 6, 7, 9 

Joseph 232 

Hersey, Jacob 32 

James 73, 399 

John 409 

Jonathan 736, 740 

Josiah 398, 403 

Peter 25, 398, 400, 403 

Samuel 403, 405 

William 397, 403 

William, Jr 403 

Hewes, Robert 559 

Hidden, Jonathan 647 

Joseph 325 

Hide, Joseph 633 

Nathaniel 741 

Samuel ■ 741 

Higgins, Benjamin 350 

John 694 

Joseph 602 

William 21 

Highlands, John 699 

Thomas , . . . .699 

Hildrith, Asa 149 

Joel 206 

Jonathan 653 

Hill, Aaron 35, 300, 301 

Benjamin 23, 93, 99 

Daniel 22, 32, 34 

Elisha 302 

James 21, 23, 24, 32, 35, 76 

306, 360 

Jeremiah 35 

John 16,488 

John, Jr 1.6 

Jonathan 94, 99 

Joshua 16 

Nicholas D 94, 95, 98 

Noah 96 

Reuben 40 

Robert 22, 29, 93, in 

Samuel. ..35, 99, 238, 240, 286 

300, 305, 307, 530 

Valentine 23, 105 

Hills, Jeremiah 108 

Nathaniel 702 

Samuel 676 

Hillsgrove, John 555 

Mary 556 

Hilton, Charles 14 

Daniel 28, 31, 32 

Daniel, Jr 34 





Hilton, David 34 

Edward.. 10, 11, 21, 27,32,479 

Edward, Jr 25 

Elizabeth 27 

Ichabod 43, 44 

John 17 

John P 100 

Josiah 21, 27, 32 

Richard 32, 342 

Samuel 373 

Theodore 16 

Winthrop 14, 15 

Hinds, Jacob 657 

Hinkson, Jonathan 239 

Hinman, Elijah 477 

Hinsdell, Ebenezer. .... * .522, 653 

Hix, Bernard 315 

David. . 475 

Jane 315 

John 103 

Samuel 103 

Hixon, Joseph 269, 270 

Hoag, Abner 16 

Benjamin 17 

Enos 488 

John 16 

John, Jr 16 

Joseph 17, 34 

Levi 488 

Nathan 17, 60-62, 6s , 488 

Hobart, David 223, 227,357 

James 223 

Josiah 231 

Samuel 703 

Hobbs, Benjamin 17, 77, 81 

Caleb 60 

James 240, 263, 368, 371 

John 17 

Jonathan. ... 17, 304, 368, 371 

Joseph 82, 84 

Josiah 79, 84 

Morris 17, 79, 84, 86 

Thomas 84 

Hobson, Humphrey 325 

Hodge, Thomas 645, 647 

Hodges, George 117 

Hodgkins, Francis 311, 312 

William 52 

Hodgdon, Abner 341 

Alexander.. 335, 336, 33S, 342 

Alexander, Jr 336, 338 

Edmund 108, 1 11 

Eleazer 342 

Israel 93,262 

Hodgdon, Jeremiah 348 

John 642 

Jonathan 533, 336 

Joseph 333,335, 33(3 

Miles-. in 

Phinehas 91 

Richard 347 

Samuel 347 

William 343 

Hodgman, David 635 

Oliver 635 

Hodsdon, Alexander 241 

Hogg, James 641 

' John 88 

Joseph 699, 703 

Samuel 1S8 

William 568 

Hoit, Benjamin... .97, 99, 393, 396 

Daniel. .... .96, 107, 486, 488 

Eliphalet 406 

Jonathan 488 

Joseph 393 , 397, 488, 490 

Joshua 23, 99 

Nathan 393, 541, 546, 573 

Philip 97 

Reuben 385, 443 

Reuben, Jr 386 

Samuel 64, 69 

Stephen 93, 96 

Thomas 666 

Holbrook, David 47S 

John ...89, 91, 473-475 

Joseph, Jr 477 

Peter 317 

Richard 478 

Holden, Joseph 93 

Richard 666 

Holding, John 594, 596 

Holland, Ephraim 694 

Samuel 35S 

Stephen 177, 178, 357, 570 


Holies, Thomas Pelham 143 

Holman, Jeremiah. ..312, 594, 590 

Holmes, Abraham 188 

Asa 516 

Christopher 358 

George 635 

Jeremiah 252 

Joseph 23S, 342, 348 

Lazarus 240 

Lemuel. ...492, 509, 510, 512- 


Holmes, Robert 184 

Samuel 347, 348 

Stetson 694 

Holouhan, Johnson 373 

Holt, Abiel 561 

Amos 553, 679 

Benjamin ...154, 161 

Daniel 164, 676. 677 

Fifield 679 

Frye 164 

Jeremiah 553, 678, 681 

Joel 676, 677 

John 553 

• Joseph 553, 677, 6S0 

Joseph, Jr 553, 678 

Nathan .' 166 

Nathaniel 163 

Nehemiah 190 

Oliver 553 

Samuel 562 

William, Jr 190 

Zela 553 

Holton, Jonathan 651, 656 

Honey, Gideon 314 

Honeyford, David 482 

Hook, Abraham 407, 409 

Daniel 422, 423 

Dyer 643 

Jacob 643 

Joseph 422 

Moses 406, 407 

William 422 

Hooker, Philip 271 

William 251 

Hooper, John 251 

Levi 599, 604 

Samuel 647 

William 730 

Hopkins, David 717 

Philip 202, 203 

Robert 698 

Hopkinson, David 89 

Horl, Joseph 364 

Horn, Andrew 433 

Daniel 332 

David 342 

Ebenezer. . : 343 

Ebenezer, Jr 348 

Elijah 342,350 

lchabod 336, 338, 343 

James 338 

Moses 342 

Moses, Jr 343 

Peter 336, 338, 343 



Horn, Richard 351 1 

Home, Ebenezer 736, 740 

Ebenezer, Jr 736, 740 

Isaiah 736 I 

John 736,740 J 

Stephen 736 j 

Horney, David 251 

Hosley, Joseph 565 j 

Houghton, Amasa Nehemiah. .315 

House, John 201 

Houston, Rev. John 178 

Samuel 184, 700, 701 

William 184 

Hovey, Daniel 204 

Levi 640 

Nathaniel 761 

Howard, Asa 565 

Benjamin. ..385, 389, 498, 501 

John 374 

Nathan 515, 516 

Robert 563 

Samuel 554, 555, 560-565 

Theophilus 203 

Thomas 202 

William 568 

How, Abner . . . .602, 652, 653, 655 

Antipas 524 

Caleb 653, 655 

Daniel 652-655 

Edward 602, 653, 655 

Joseph 653 

Joshua 652 

Richard 586 

Samuel 653, 655 

William 653 

Howe, Israel 676, 677, 681 

John 35, 269 

Jonathan 201 

Steward 203 

William 694 

Hoyt, Abner 640 

Benjamin 64, 343 

Eliphalet SS 

Enoch 342 

Hanson 96 

Israel 115, 235 

Jacob 614, 616 

Jonathan 115, 117, 119-125 

Joseph 416 

Joshua 94 

Levi 122-125 

Micah 59, 64, 435 

Moses 94, 95 




Hoyt, Reuben 60, 64, 389 

Zebediah 64 

Hubbard, Ebenezer 653 

Elsworth 493 

Erastus 491, 493 

George 493 

John 602 

Jonathan 602 

Lemuel 599 

Roswell 491, 493 

Roswell, Jr 493 

Huckins, Jonathan 23 

Joseph, Jr 396 

Huggett, John 271 

Huggins, John 17 

Nathaniel ; . 206, 238 

Hughes, Clement 240 

Pearley 202, 203 

Hulbert, Daniel 454. 455 

Hull, John 235 

Joseph 296, 372, 377, 716 

Moses 235 

Richard 97 

Samuel 96 

Willi tm 97 

Humble, John 294, 296 

Humphrey, Arthur 502 

James 702 

John 701 

Hunkins, Benjamin. .406, 408, 409 

Isaac 408 

Jacob 403 

Hunking. John 268 

Mark 251, 257, 258 

Hunt, Humphrey 400 

John 314 

John W. 403 

Moses 404 

Nathan 554 

Philip 393 

Philip, Jr 73 

Samuel. .73, 364, 398, 403, 594 
596, 602, 653 

Stephen 554 

Thomas 313 

William 269 

Hunter, James 206 

John 698 

Robert 701 

Hunting, Ebenezer 3. 5, 7, 9 

Israel 3, 7 

Huntington, John 641 

William 202, 203 

Huntoon, Amos T. . .503, 582, 585 

Huntoon, Benjamin.. .385-389, 503 


Benjamin, Jr 584 

Caleb 503, 579, 580 

Charles 579, 580, 584, 585 

Charles, Jr 503 

Charles, 3d 58$ 

Daniel 3S6 

John 503, 580, 584, 585 

Jonathan 3S6, 387 

Joseph 579, 582, 585, 586 

Joseph, Jr 503, 584 

Josiah -503* 584, 586 

Nathaniel. ..386, 387, 503, 577 
579> 584-586, 599 

Nathaniel, Jr 582 

Philip 386, 503, 504 

Reuben 582, 586 

Reuben, Jr. 584 

Samuel 503, 584 

Stephen 503, 584 

Huntress, Daniel 36 

George 240, 252 

Joshua L 35 

Samuel 363 

William 343 

Hurd, Benjamin 116 

Colonel 225 

John. 277 

John, Jr 568 

Samuel 599 

Huse, Carr 225 

Jonathan 405, 408, 409 

Dr. Stephen 214 

William 399 

Hutchins, Benjamin 199 

David 673 

James 591 

Nathaniel 52 

Samuel 35, 286, 637 

Solomon 591 

William... 6, 52, 602, 659, 668 

Hutchinson, Benjamin 679 

Daniel 708 

James --555 

John 679 

Nathan 679 

Nathan, Jr 679 

Samuel 679, 708 

William 725 

Improy, Thomas 268 

Ingalls, Edmund 318 



Ingalls, Henry 3 l 5-3 l * 

Israel 405 

John 211 

Jonathan 332 

Josiah 33 1 

Nathaniel 405, 408, 409 

Peter 408, 409 

Samuel 406 

Ingersoll, Richard 697 

Ingraham, Junia 120 

Isaac, Abraham 306 

Jack, Andrew 568, 701 

Andrew, Jr 568 

William 549 

Jackman, Moses : . 220-222 

Noah 221,222 

Richard 538 

Jackson, Aaron 452 

Asa 626,630 

Benjamin, 204 

Caleb 343 

Clement 271, 274, 307 

Clement, Jr . 21 

Colonel 645 

Daniel 277 

Daniel, Jr 252, 260 

George 268 

Dr. Hall 35, 270, 274, 291 

3oo> 363, 365 

Henry 183 

James 338, 343, 540 

Jeffrey 251 

John 251, 465 

Jonathan 274 

Joseph 22, 260 

Nathaniel 239, 269 

Richard 303 

Robert 22, 26 

Jacques, Ebenezer 144, 149 

John 372 

John, Jr 372 

Nehemiah 144, 149 

Jaffrey, Cyprian 17 

George. . . .3, 35, 242-245, 264 

269, 298 

James 259 

James, Caleb 571 

Edmund, Jr 409 

Francis 94 

Jabez 396 

James S 94, 96 

King 322 

Jameson, James 698, 708 I 

Jameson, John 386 

Thomas 698, 715, 717 

William 698 

Jamison, John 532, 599, 606 

Jonathan 606 

Janvrin, George 270, 271, 274 

Jeffers, John 220 

Jenks, Jeremiah 50, 51 

Gov. Joseph 755 

Jenkins, Isaiah 343 

Richard 35 

William 269 

Jenne, Ebenezer ... .200-203 

Isaac 202, 203 

James 202, 203 

Jenness, Aaron 338 

Benjamin 164, 367, 370 

Cornelius 342 

David , 343 

Francis 16, 360, 362, 367 

Francis, Jr 363, 367 

Isaac 84 

Isaac, Jr 84 

Job 17, 363, 367, 371 

Job, Jr 363 

John 335, 363,367, 368 

John, Jr 363, 371 

John, 3d 367 

Jonathan.. 94, 95, 363,367,368 

Jonathan, Jr 367 

Joseph 17, 362, 367, 371 

Levi 367-370 

Moses 338»344 

Nathaniel 17, 367, 368 

Nathaniel, Jr 367 

Paul. ., 343 

Peter 367, 368, 371 

Richard... 16, 21, 229, 360, 363 

Richard, Jr. .17, 363, 367, 371 
Richard, 3d.. 17, 363, 367, 368 


Robert 285 

Samuel. ...16, 18, 84, 342, 363 
367, 368, 371 

Samuel, Jr 363 

Simon 363, 367, 368, 370 

Stephen 350 

Thomas 21 

William 335, 338 

Jennings, Stephen 203 

Jewell, Asahel 693 

Bradbury 541 





Jewell, Daniel 487, 489 

David 77 

John 416 

Joseph 435, 614 

Samuel . ...56, 60 

Samuel, Jr 60 

Jewett, Aaron 647 

Benjamin, Jr 16 

David 543 

Edward 326, 329-331 

Ezekiel 331, 561-565 

Gilman 350 

Jacob 56s 

Jedidiah 3, 6. 7, 9, 325 

Jeremiah 325, 647 Jones, Abraham 

Jonathan .• . . . 1 7, 488 

Joseph 482 

Moses 543 

Nathaniel 350, 363, 565 

Paul 350 

William 563, 565 

Jillson, George 318 

Stephen 318 

Johnson, Abel 206 

Abraham 16 

Adam 678 

Amos 708 

Benjamin 16, 22, 79, 81, 93 


Benjamin, Jr 93, 96 

Bradbury 398 

Daniel 401 

David 149, 651, 716 

David, Jr 660, 662 

Ebenezer 15, 16 

Elihu 355 

Elijah 203 

Enoch 585, 641 

Isaiah 220, 221 

Isaac. .472, 476, 478, 602, 608 

Isaac, Jr 606 

James 16, 386, 674, 678 

Jesse 206 

John.. 18, 22, 81, 95, 244, 372 
377, 397, 678 

Jonathan 238, 239 

Josiah 602, 708 

Lois 662 

Moses 94, 97 

Nathan 16 

Nathaniel 342 

Peter 273, 368 

Peter, Jr 367, 368 

Robert 641 

Johnson, Samuel. 23, 93, 94, 09, T07 
296, 379, 645, 647, 648 

Samuel, Jr 17 

Samuel S 94 

Simeon 95 

Simon 367, 368, 379 

Thomas 16, 149, 593 

Tristram 641 

William 17, 149, 594, 597 


Johnstone, Charles 134, 571 

Joiner or Joyner, Francis 593 

John 458, 461, 463 

William 606 


Asa 599 

Benjamin.. .347, 350, 725, 727 

Benjamin, Jr 725-729 

Captain 316 

David 21, 144 

Ephraim 116 

Evan 372, 378 

Ezra 405, 518 

George 74, 75 

James. ..35, 251, 295, 296, 373 

726, 728, 729 

John.. ..21, 251, 294, 295, 351 

Joseph 21 

Joseph, Jr 442 

Joshua. 726-730 

Josiah 594, 597 

Levi 351 

Nathan 405 

Nathan, Jr 405 

Nathaniel 343 

Reuben 351 

Samuel. .36, 433, 728, 729, 761 

Thomas 594, 596 

Timothy 17, 21 

William 268, 343, 351, 726 

William, Jr 727-729 

Jordan, Benjamin 203 

Nathaniel 364 

Philip 202, 203 

Jose, Damans 251 

Richard 242, 243 

Joslin, David 635 

Joseph 22 

Nathaniel. . . , 635 

Joy, Benjamin 204 

Benjamin, Jr 204 

Daniel 204 

Ebenezer 204 

Joseph 27 




Judd, EbenW 90 

Judkins, Caleb 391 

John 396 

Jonathan 21, 397, 398 

Leonard 386, 387, 391 

Leonard, Jr 391 

Samuel 405 

Karr. John 710, 719 

Kathan, John 673 

Keas, Samuel 242, 243 

Keep, Jabez. 596 

Keeser, Ebenezer 518 

Jonathan 518 

Keith, Grandal 491, 635 

Ichabod 493 

Kelley, Daniel. .106, 395, 405, 409 

Edward 393, 397-399 

Edward, Jr 397, 398 

Ephraim 202 

James 103 

John 202, 220, 373, 377 

620, 621 

Moses 637 

Nathaniel 376, 38 1 

Philip 96 

Richard 372, 379 

Richard, Jr 379 

Robert 21 

Samuel 373, 377, 380, 381 


- William 144,202,203,614 

William P 94 

William S 377 

Kelsea, Jesse 650 

Kelsey, Giles 50 

James. . . 23, 106, III, 203 

Jeremiah 50 

Robert 102, 103 

William 103 

Kemp, Jacob 152 

Stephen 455 

Kendall, Daniel 74 

Ebenezer 225, 231, 635 

Ebenezer, Jr 23 1 

John 562 

John W ^ 231 

Jonathan 635 

Temple 314 

William 328 

Kendrick, Benjamin 21 

Daniel 239 

David 21 

Kennard, John 260, 269 

Kennedy, John 387 

Thomas 638 

Kenney, Amos 708 

Daniel 458, 461, 463 

David 553 

Isaac 456-458, 461 , 463 

Moses 457-463 

Samuel 314 

Kent, Abner 594, 597 

Kentfield, Shen 602 

Kenyon, Joseph, Jr 206 

Keyes, Edward 657 

Ephraim 234, 235 

Jabez 594 

John 235 

Jonas 235 

Simon 553 

William 599 

Kezar, George 717 

Sam uel 642 

Reuben 386 

Keneston, James 482 

Keniston, Alexander 238 

Christopher 240 

David 74 

John 105 

Joseph E 543 

Nathaniel 99 

William 73 

Keneson, John 1 1 1 

Joseph 741 

Kenson, Aaron 22, 26, 27 

John 22 

Kenston, William 72, J^ 

Kinerson, David 542 

Kineston, John 74 

Jonathan 74-76 

Nicholas 543 

Kinnison, Joshua 16 

Lewis 23, 26; 27, 32 

Moses 32, 481 

Thomas 27 

Valentine 22, 93, 94 

William 394 

Kinson, James 14 

Kinston, Francis 22 

Kidder, Benjamin 708 

Jonas 678 

Joseph 561 

Joseph, Jr.. 565 

Dr. Nathaniel 29, 43, 44 

Noah 3 

Reuben 47,626, 627, 631 

Sampson 702, 708 



Kilburn, Ebenezer 508 

John 96, 606 

Killam, Benjamin 565 

Charles 595, 597 

Joseph 565 

Samuel 565 

Killers, William 697 

Kimball, Aaron 1 65 

Abel 327 

Abraham 59, 637 

Asa 220 

Barnard 381 

Benjamin... .72, 199, 202, 211 

Caleb 355, 518, 519 

Caleb, Jr 520 

Daniel 199, 201-203, 209 

210, 342, 338 

David 164 

Eliphalet, Jr 206 

Ephraim 344 

George 565 

Isaac 556 

John. ..211, 219, 565, 591, 646 


Jonathan. .59, 64, 68, 144, 149 

220-222, 565, 645, 648 

Joseph 200, 202, 205-209 

220-222, 645-651 

Joshua 164 

Lovell 206 

Mitchell I..164 

Nathan 641 

Nathaniel 211, 220, 222 

Nehemiah 341 

Noah 590 

Oliver 144, 372, 378 

Oliver, Jr 373, 3S0 

Reuben 613, 621 

Richard 144, 372, 376, 380 


Richard, Jr 376, 381 

Samuel 163, 212, 220-222 


Sargent 416 

Thomas, Jr 172 

Wilkes . . .201, 202 

Kindrick, Benjamin 519 

Dudley 519 

Samuel 519 

King, Elijah 602 

George 269, 272, 274, 286 

706, 764 
James 518 

King, James, P 274 

Joseph 602 

Peter 202, 203 

Samuel 238, 240 

William 260 

Kingsbury, Absalom 492 

Eleazer 681 

Jeduthan 200 

Joseph 201 

Sanford 208 

Kingsley, James 317 

Kinne, Daniel 118 

Joseph it 3-1 15 

Kinney, Daniel 1 14 

David 123 

Joseph 114 

Kinsman, Aaron 623 

Kirk, Charles 565 

Kittredge, Dr. Thomas 618 

Knapp, Elisha 694 

Paul 125 

Knight, Abraham 22 

Benjamin 652 

Charles 348 

Ebenezer 211 

Edward 34^ 

Enoch 211 

Gideon 26 

John 95 

John, Jr 211 

John, 3d 2M 

Joseph 211, 336, 338, 342 

Joshua 211, 336, 343 

Nathaniel 625 

Robert 333, 335 

Samuel 625 

Simeon 652, 653 

Temple 270, 277 

Wallace 241 

William 36, 267, 270, 272 

277, 348, 361 

Knowles, David 17, 93, 95, 99 

Ezekiel 297 

James 336, 338, 348 

John 342, 371 

Jonathan 79 

Joseph 79, 81 

Nathan 367, 368, 371 

Samuel 347, 368 

Simeon 95, 97 

Simon 79, 371 

Knowlton, Benjamin 646, 648 

David 96 

Ebenezer 96, 421 



Knowlton, Ezekiel 6 

Francis. . . 145 

Jonathan 22, 97 

Robert 7, 8, 9 

Thomas 23, 96 

William 96 

Knox, Daniel 166, 170 

David 165 

James 166 

John 154, 166 

John, Jr 166 

William 154, 165, 166 

Kyle, Ephraim — . 708 

Lackey, Samuel '594, 596 

Ladd, Daniel 14, 373 

David 194 

Elias 416 

Eliphalet. . .300, 305, 307, 715 

James 582 

John 416, 417, 576, 586 

Nathaniel 41, 401, 585 

Timothy 377 

Ladieu, James 206 

Laighton, David ^6 

George 343 

Hatevil 343 

John 335 

., Jonathan 336,341,342 

Paul 35, 269 

Samuel 336, 338, 346 

Solomon 336 

William 348 

Laing, Alexander 307 

Lake, Jonathan 328 

Lakeman, Amos 164 

Nathaniel 161, 164 

Nathaniel, Jr 163 

Samuel 1 63 

Lamb, James .3, 7 

Lamkin, Ezra 478 

Joshua 89, 91, 473-478 

Oliver 91 

Thomas 91, 478 

Lamprey, Benjamin 79 

Benjamin, Jr 17 

Morris 93, 107 

Simon 84, 363 

Lamson, Amos 503, 584, 5S6 

Asa 503, 535 

Daniel 563 

Enos 586 

Gideon. 418, 420 

Lancaster, Henry 380 

John 379 

Timothy 56, 59, 373 

Landell, Thomas 269 

Lane, Andrew 561 

David 308 

Elkanah 526, 528 

Ezekiel. . > 309 

Jabez 488 

Jacob 312 

Jesse 50, 51, 504, 582, 599 

John 22, 50, 397, 399 

Joshua 402, 488 

Robert 50 

Samuel.. 1 7, 156, 396, 399, 402 

Samuel, Jr 488 

Thomas 50 

Lang, Alexander 570 

Bickford 367, 371 

Daniel 35 

John 251, 371 

Jonathan 394, 403, 737 

Joseph 251 

Lowell 400, 401 

Mark 298, 299, 369 

Nathaniel 251 

Nathaniel, Jr 251 

Obadiah, Jr. 307 

Robert 251 

Samuel 251, 252, 257 

Stephen 251, 502 

Thomas. . . .252, 264, 367, 368 

William 494-496, 502, 599 

William, Jr 498, 500, 501 

Langdon, Captain 237 

John. ..237, 274, 284, 285, 289 
707, 764, 765 

Jonathan 269 

Joseph 257, 258, 260 

Mark 251, 257, 258, 277 

Rev. Samuel 36, 277 

William 275, 277 

Woodbury. .270, 272, 301, 307 

573, 57S 

Langley, Aldad 22 

David.... 343 

Job in 

Joseph 22 

Samuel 103 

Winthrop 23 

Lapish, John 133, 134 

Larey, James 397 




Larey, Jeremiah 251 

Larkin, Samuel 306 

Larrabee, John 113, 116 

Timothy 116 

Lary, John 482, 736, 740 

Joseph 736, 740 

Lasselle, John 761 

Law, Reuben 561 

Simon 190 

Lawrence, David 702, 708 

David, Jr 708 

Eleazer 694 

Eleazer, Jr 694 

James 585 

John 593, 596 

Jonathan 708 

Noah 1 90 

Willard 635 

Lawry, Stephen 364 

Leach, Azariah ...... 668 

Ephraim 694 

James. 241 

Joseph 380 

William 372 

Zachariah 251 

Zephaniah, Jr 675 

Lear, Benjamin 304, 370 

Eleck 364, 36S, 370 

Eleck, Jr 364 

George 494, 599 

George W 496, 502 

Joseph 496, 498, 502 

Nathaniel 364 

Samuel . i 252, 296, 370 

Tobias 271 

Learned, Abel 91 

David 89, 91 

James 91 

Leatherby, Thomas 239 

Leathers, Abednego 1 1 1 

Abednego, Jr 23 

Abel in 

Joseph 99, in 

Nicholas 101, no 

Thomas 348 

Vowell in 

Leaver, William 433 

Leavitt, Benjamin 81, 84, 423 


Ephraim 17 

Gideon 72, 75 

James 242, 246, 452 

John... 17, 77, 80, 81,309, 486 
John, Jr 309, 483 

Leavitt, John, 3d 486 

Jonathan... .16, 72, 74, 75, 488 

Jonathan, Jr 75 

Joseph 75, 737 

Joseph, Jr 76 

Josiah 488 

Levi 486 

Lydia 589 

Moses 86, 87, 401, 483 

Nathaniel 17 

Nehemiah 311 

Peter 452 

Peter, Jr 452 

Reuben 486,488 

Samuel.. ..16, 17, 21, 486, 488 

Samuel, Jr 488 

Samuel, 3d 488 

Simon 84 

Thomas 8 1 , 84, 544, 545 

Wadleigh 72, 76 

Lee, Stephen 343 

Leeland, Isaac 330 

Leigh, John 270 

Joseph 277 

Leighton, Edward 70 

Leonard, Abiel 117 

Benjamin 675 

Ephraim 665 

Leslie, George 630 

John, Jr 96 

Levsey, Benjamin 252 

Lewey, Thomas 206 

William 206 

Lewis, Benjamin 25 1 , 679 

Eber 599 

Elizabeth 292 

James 92, 606 

John 35, 292 

Samuel 631 

William 241 

Libbey, Abraham 363, ^67, 368 


Arthur ••362 

Benjamin 363 

Ham 22, in 

Hanson 348 

Isaac 336, 338, 342, 348 

Isaac, Jr 336, 338 

James 241,502 

Jeremiah.... 36, 240, 286, 294 
• 295, 297, 301, 303 

John 35 

Joseph 370 

^ul 336, 338 



Libbey, Reuben 734 

Samuel 368, 370 

Lindsay, John 269 

Thomas 590 

Lines, John 47 

Thomas in 

Linord, John 166 

Liscomb, Samuel 509 

Little, Benjamin, Jr 211 

Daniel 410 

Joseph 211 

Josiah 545 

Moses 2ii, 568 

Nathan 443 

Nathaniel.. .214, 215,220-222 
446, 448 

Samuel 211 

Livermore, Daniel 167, 169 

David 725, 727 

Edward St. Loe 306 

Matthew. ...251, 257, 258, 260 

Samuel 223, 224, 653, 702 

Livingston, Isaac. . . .503, 584, 586 

Lock, Calvin 635 

David 366-368, 454, 455 

Elijah 367, 371 

Elijah, Jr 368 

Enos 635 

Francis 17, 358 

James.. 293, 297, 334, 363, 364 

Jeremiah 360, 364, 492 

Jeremy 16 

John 348, 371 

Jonathan 365, 367, 368, 371 

Jonathan, Jr.... 367, 368, 371 
Joseph 304, 360, 363, 365, 368 

Joseph, Jr 370 

Richard 370 

Richard, Jr 368 

Thomas 422 

Timothy 327 

William 360, 367, 368, 370 

Long, Ebenezer 407 

Edward J 306 

George 87 

Henry 364 

Piersc.268, 270, 277, 286, 287 

Richard 407, 409 

Stephen 406, 407, 409 

William "503. 5&4 

Longfellow, Jonathan 17 

Lord, Daniel 309 

Lord, John 36 

Joseph 602 

Nathaniel 21 

Wentworth 139 

William W 350 

Loring, Joseph 760 

Loud, John 269 

Lougee, Elisha 403 

Loumbey, Gershom 364 

Love, William 725 

Lovejoy, Andrew 402 

Caleb 154, 164, 172 

Chandler 164, 39a 

David 154, 163 

Jacob 231 

Jonathan 563 

Joshua 723, 730 

Simeon 231 

Lovell, Oliver 602 

Lovering, Benjamin 329 

Caleb 448 

Daniel 312 

Dearborn 590 

Ebenezer 84, 443, 446, 448- 


Ebenezer, Jr 84 

John.. ..84, 143, 443, 448, 450 


Joseph 386, 387 

Moses 446, 448 

Samuel 386, 391 

Simon 84 

Theophilus 308, 312 

Thomas 84 

Lovewell, John 153. 

John,Jr 314. 

Nehemiah 145, 638 

Zaccheus 314 

Low, El isha 307 

Jacob 17, 489 

Jacob, Jr 489 

Jonathan 252 

Phinehas 591 

Richard 36 

Lowden, Anthony ... .237 

Lowell, Barnet 619 

Daniel 386 

David 627, 630 

David. Jr 627 

Ebenezer 327, 626 

Isaac 613, 619 

Jacob 56 r , 563 

James 405 

John 144,373. 377 





Lowell, John, Jr 373, 377 

Joseph 708 

Josiah 630 

Moses 561, 563 

Moses, Jr 563 

Peter 627 

Samuel 629, 630, 635 

Simon 627, 635 

Solomon 630 

Stephen 708 

Stephen, Jr 708 

Timothy 708 

William 617-620 

Lowry, William in 

Lucas, Andrew •. . 736, 740 

Daniel 156, 166 

James 1 56 

James, Jr -736, 740 

John 206, 736, 740 

Thomas 1 56 

Lucy, Alexander 21, 37 

Benjamin 37 

Ludgate, John 594, 596 

Luf kin, Levi 382 

Philip 386, 389 

Lund, Charity 314 

Phineas 190 

William, Jr 314 

Lunt, Daniel 17, 274 

Ezekiel 386 

" Shipper 239 

Lurvey, William 194 

Luther, James.. . 91 

Lyford, David 14 

Fifield 72, 74 

Jacob 77 

John 16 

Stephen 27, 737 

Thomas... .71,72, 74, 393~395 


William 10 

Lyon, James 701 

John 7 

Macaffee, John 334, 335 

Matthew 334 

Macauley, Charles 385 

Macglaughlan, James 379 

Thomas 373, 379 

Mack. Robert 698 

Robert, Jr 702 

Mackay, Benjamin. . .269, 273, 277 
Mackris, Benj 16 

Samuel 206 

Macphedris, Archibald 105 

Magoon, Alexander 541 

Samuel 395 

Mahew, Peter 356 

Main, Isaac 200 

Josiah.. 336, 33S, 340, 344, 345 


Mann, Abraham 318 

Gideon 318 

Gideon, Jr 318 

James 154, 166, 423 

Jared ' 136 

John 126, 134, 136-138 

John, Jr .137, 138 

Joseph 76 

Joseph, Jr 368 

Nathan 626, 628 

Peter. ..269, 272, 273, 277, 286 

Robert 548, 627 

Samuel 166 

William 166,626, 628 

Manning, Thomas 306 

Manser, Ezra 565 

James 548, 55 I 

Stephen 565 

William.... 548, 550, 551, 561 

Mansfield, Elijah 555 

Rebecca 555 

Manson, Richard 342 

William 342 

Marble, John 488 

Nathaniel [49 

Samuel 17, 376, 381, 488 

March, George 18, 85, 363, 484 

Hugh 397 

Jacob 403 

Jonas C 349 

Moses 398 

Nathaniel 36 

Paul 271, 272 

Samuel 405 

Marcy, John 597, 604 

Marden, Benjamin. . .298, 367, 369 

Benjamin, Jr.... 364, 368, 371 

James 35, 269, 333, 360 

John 16 

Margaret 363 

Nathaniel 304, 363, 368 

Nathaniel, Jr.... 371 

Samuel 363 

Stephen 370 

William. . . .297, 304, 368, 371 



Marefield, Eliphalet 415 

Marsh, EHsha 604 

Jacob 226, 233 

John 47 

Joseph 34 

Josiah. 674 

Onesiphorous 226, 233 

Samuel 226, 233 

Thomas 708 

Marshall, Aaron 585 

Antipas 90, 92 

Benjamin 92 

Caleb 92, 475 

Daniel 702 

David .• 708 

George.. ..241, 252, 258, 269- 
271, 274, 277 

George, Jr 277 

John 36, 268, 271, 277, 314 

548, 550, 554, 561, 702 

Jonathan 563 

Joseph 641 

Nathaniel 36 

Obadiah 252 

Philip 702 

Richard 702 

Samuel 252 

Thomas 553, 563, 653 

William 268, 272 

Marston, Abraham 86 

Asa 21 

Benjamin.. ..16, 17, 77, 81, 84 

Benjamin, Jr 77 

Caleb. 77 

Daniel 17, 77, 80, 81 

David.... 17, 81, 84 

Ephraim 79 

Isaac 14, 16 

Jacob 517, 519 

James 14 

Jeremiah 363, 438 

John. .17, 22, 27,32, 34,77,81 

Jonathan 17, 77, 81 

Joseph 18, 386 

Levi . 84 

Nathan 18 

Nathaniel 17, 385 

Samuel 8 1 

Samuel, Jr 81 

Simon 21, 294 

Simon. Jr 81 

Theodore 293 

Thomas 17, 77, 81, 84, 518 

Winthrop 77, 81 

Martin, Benjamin 757 

Christopher 681 

George 54, 59, 318, 320 

Jacob 694 

John 36, 55, 607 

Luther 502 

Moses 318 

Nathaniel 701, 719 

Peter 318, 320, 644 

Richard 240 

Robert. 165, 435 

Samuel 165, 173 

Stephen 55 

Theodore 297 

Thomas. . . .272, 274, 300, 30I 
305, 425, 643 

William 156, 165, 666 

William, Jr- 166 

Mason, Benjamin 17,84, 482 

Bradstreet 100, iol 

Daniel. .16, 304, 367, 368, 370 

Edward 488 

■Francis 486 

James 541 

John 22, 103 

John T 2, 271, S73 

Jonathan 19 

Joseph 482 

Joseph, Jr 17 

Nathaniel 81 

Oliver 318 

Robert 104 

Simeon 480 

Stephen 540 

Ward 486 

Massey, Daniel 372, 380 

George 36, 303 

Jonathan 372, 378, 380 

Mather, John N 458-463 

Timothy 458-463 

Mathes, Abraham . . .367 

Benjamin 585 

Peter 251 

Robert 351 

Thomas 240 

Valentine 40 

Matson, Aaron 470 

Matthews, Abraham 370 

Mattoon, Hubartus 14 

John 14 

Richard 14 

Maxfield, Joshua 641 

William 194 

Maxwell, James. .553, 627, 630, 678 




May, Zebulon 152 

Maynard, Artemas 554 

Caleb 563 , 565 

John 554 

Jotham 553 

Mayne, Sir William 745, 746 

McAdams, Hugh 190 

Samuel 698, 710, 717 

Samuel, Jr 715, 717 

William 190 

McAllister, Alexander 69S 

Andrew...' 549, 75S 

Archibald 702 

Benjamin 100 

David 549 

James — 549 

John.. .506, 507, 549, 56r, 702 

Peter 549 

Randal 183 

William 549 

McBritton, Jane 497, 498 

William. ...497, 498, 500, 615 

McCartney, John 567 

McCay, Alexander. .708, 715, 71 7— 

Charles.. 176 

Gilbert 506, 561 

John 698, 703, 704 

Thomas 708 

William. . 708, 715, 719 

McClary, John 725, 727 

Michael 38 

McClellan, Hugh 645, 647 

McClintock, Alexander 725, 727 

John 306, 701, 725, 727 

McCluer, Andrew 594, 597 

James 235 

Jonathan 21 

Robert 698 

Samuel 21 

Thomas 233 

McClurg, Thomas 184 

McColom, Alexander 56S, 701 

Robert 568, 701 

McConnell, Moses 165 

Samuel 160-163, 166, 170 

Thomas 23, 1 54 

McCormick, James 699 

McCoy, John 109 

Paul 100, 101 

McCrillis, David 390 

John 23, ill 

McCurdy, John 516, 701 

McDaniel, Jeremiah 72, 74 

j McDaniel, John 165. 172 

Nehemiah 165 

j McDonald, John 465 

! McDonough, James 269, 270 

■ McDuffee, Daniel 338 

James 343 

John 197, 337, 702 

William 338, 344 

McFarland, Robert 702 

McFee, James 336 

McGaffey, John 156 

I McGooch, James 350 

Robert 351 

! McGregory, Rev. David. .178, 180 

John 50 

! McHard, James 115, 702 

William 36 

j Mcllvaine, Daniel 708 

Daniel, Jr 708,715 

James 715 

Robert 715 

William 708 

Mclntire, NeaL.272, 274. 286, 300 

McKea, William 568 

McKean, James 702 

John 701,715 

McKinsey, James 327, 651 

William 694 

McLane, Alexander 309 

I McLucas, Thomas 156, 158 

j McMaster, John. 648-650 

McMath, John 12 

McMillan, Andrew 159 

McMurphy, James 698 

John 338 

Robert 2, 718 

Samuel 645 

j McNeal, Daniel 336, 342 

John 374 

Nehemiah 16, 47 

McNeill. Alexander 606 

Daniel 701 

John... 725 

Robert 701 

Nehemiah 47 

j McNee, James 506, 561 

William 184, 188 

William, Jr 184 

McQuesten, Peter 235 

Mead, Benjamin 21, 26, 32 

John 22, 27, 33, 46, 481 

Jonathan 240 

Joseph 270 

Levi 27, 29, 99 



Mead, Stephen 630 

Meder, Benjamin 342 

Ebenezer 736, 740 

Francis 343 

George 343 

John 22, 25, 27 

Jonathan 343 

Joseph 343, 34b 

Joseph, Jr 343 

Nathaniel 343 

Timothy 541, 542 

Mehan, John 296 

Melcher, James 35 

John. * •••••35, 3°6 

Nathaniel '.35, 303 

Tobias 269 

Mellen, Charles 702 

John 512 

Mellows, Samuel 733 

Meloon, Ebenezer 540 

Enoch 35 

Joseph. 21, 25, 386 

Josiah 312 

Nathaniel 382, 386 

Nathaniel, Jr 386 

Melvin, Benjamin 708 

Enoch 235 

Menden, James 433 

Mendum, John 268 

. Nathaniel 260, 269 

Merriam, Isaac 92 

John 606 

John, Jr 606 

Merrill, Abel 626 

Abiathar 422, 423 

Amos 373, 708, 710, 719 

Asaph 503, 585 

Bay ley 719 

Benjamin 163, 485, 488 

Boswell 454 

Daniel P 380 

David 380, 716 

Dean 163 

Dudley 380 

Eliphalet 309, 440 

Enoch 376, 380,381,488 

Ford 488 

Giles 235 

Henry 666 

Isaac 65 

Jacob 233, 235 

Jacob, Jr 235 

James 16,211-213,486 

Jeremiah 585 

Merrill, Jesse 373, 488 

John 144, 380, 716 

John, Jr 378 

Joseph. .14, 372, 380, 440, 488 

Joshua 624 

Nathaniel. ..372, 3?S, 438, 708 

Peter.. 144, 372, 708, 710, 715 


Peter, Jr 708, 715 

Phinehas 152 

Thomas 434 

Timothy ' '-37?, 719 

Merrow, Benjamin 333, 336 

James 350 

Joshua 342 

Samuel 333~335 

Merryfield, Benjamin 675 

Messenger, Samuel 470, 635 

Messer, Daniel 518 

David 377 

How 5 

James H 6 

John t .Z77 

Joseph 9 

Nathaniel S 7, 9 

Samuel 1, 3, 5, 6, 9 

Samuel H 7 

Thomas 518, 600 

Zaccheus 9 

Meserve, Colonel 18 

George 732 

Jonathan 340 

Metcalf, Elias 50 

Joseph 14, 16 

Nathan 635 

Mighill, E.. 27 

John 27 

Samuel 14, 27 

Miles, Archelaus 70, 72. 74 

Daniel 452 

Josiah 70, 73, 39 6 -399 

Noah 564 

Reuben 74 

William 397 

Miller, Alexander 116, 241 

Benjamin 50, 260 

Elizabeth 177, 179 

Dr. Heber 659, 660 

Isaac 594-597 

James 35, 184, 188, 235 

702, 725 

Jeremiah 240 

John 188, 237 

Joseph 240, 334, 561, 630 



Miller, Mark 342 

Nicodemus 462 

Samuel 184, 698 

Samuel, Jr 698 

Thomas 725 

William 188 

Millet, John 555 

Thomas 334, 757 

Milliken, Alexander 550, 551 

James 506, 561 

Samuel 506,507,561 

William 506, 561 

Mills, Bradbury 101 

Jacob 273 

John... 1 06, 251, 297, 698, 703 
Samuel \ . 251 

Miltimore, Daniel 726 

James .701 

Miner, Clement 454 

Eliphalet 203, 455 

Rosil 204 

Thomas 1 23 

Minot, Jonas . . 1 , 2.4, 444 

Samuel 649, 6^3 

Mitchell, Agnes 179 

Benjamin 184 

Isaac 176,184,185 

James 1 76 

John.. .102, 179, 184, 185, 701 

John, Jr 698 

Jonathan 188 

- Philip 386 

Robert 34 

Samuel 183, 184, 188, 679 

William 176 

Mixer, Ezekiel 665, 669 

Moffatt, John 268, 271, 277 

Mrs 576 

R.C 576 

Samuel 269, 270, 272 

Montgomery, David 70 1 

Hugh 702, 717 

John 701, 719 

Robert 7°~ 

Moody, Rev. Amos. .143, 150, 151 

Bradstreet 404 

Clement 414 

Daniel 312, 502,582, 585 

Daniel, Jr 582, 585 

Josiah 582, 585, 649 

Josiah, Jr 503, 582 

Richard ...503, 582, 585 

Mooney. Hercules 145, 264 

Moor, D 1 78 

Moor. Daniel 153, 163 

David 561 

Fairbanks 653 

James 174, 561, 719 

John, Jr 165 

Josiah 591 

Robert 166, 698 

Thomas 482 

William 154, 188, 590, 652 

653, ~ 6 99- 719 

Moore, Dr. Adams 758 

Charles 568 

Charles, Jr 568 

Daniel 164 

George 700, 701 

Harvey 488 

Henry 567 

Hugh 695, 702 

James 1 54, 567 

John 88, 92, 568, 607, 702 

John, Jr ^67 

Mary 261 

Peter 485 

Robert 568, 700, 701 

Samuel 261 

Theodosius 694 

Thomas 488 

Thomas, Jr 488 

William 16 

William, Jr. 16, 484 

Moores, Benjamin 134 

David 549 

Moorland, James 379 

J olin 373, 379 

William 373 

Mordaunt, Charles 174 

xMore, Robert 698 

William 488 

Mores, William 21 

Moreton, Nathaniel 79 

Morey, Arthur 116 

Israel 126-133, I3 6 > 225 

Jonathan 342 

Levi 318 

Samuel 138 

Morgan, Benjamin 397 

Jeremiah 164 

John 5-9, 21 

John. Jr 7 

Jonathan 101, 588 

Reuben 22 

Roland 97 

Samuel 9 

Morrill, Abel 628 



Morrill, Benjamin 304 

Daniel 380, 616, 619 

Ephraim .519 

Ezekiel 165 

Green . 96 

Henry 405 

John 106, 621 

John, Jr 105 

Joseph. 105 

Levi 76 

Nathaniel 94, 107,437 

Peter, Jr 373 

Simeon 702 

William 21, 621 

Zebulon .620, 621 

Morris, Moses '. 96 

William. 35 

Morrison, Abram , 465 

Abraham 568 

Alexander 364 

David.. 103, 343, 397, 403, 728 

David, Jr 404 

Ebenezer 393, 396, 399 

Ebenezer, Jr 403 

Isaac 166 

James 103, 106 

John.... 73, 176, 178-180, 184 
185, 399, 698, 699, 714-716 

John, Jr 403 

Jonathan 1 76, 397 

Joseph 568,702,718 

Robert 96, 184, 715 

Samuel 178, 364, 367-370 

396, 397, 455' 568, 698, 702 
708, 712, 715, 716 

Samuel, Jr 568 

Thomas. 176, 401,403, 549, 551 
William 103 

Morrow, Alexander 715, 716 

John 698 

William 702 

Morse, Benjamin 64, 65 

Daniel 64 

Elijah 463 

Ezekiel 309 

Henry 528, 536 

Isaac 586 

Jonathan 231 

Josiah 407, 409 

Moody 378, 380 

Moses 391 

Samuel 235 

Thomas 404, 491, 493 

Morton, Peter 647 

Moses, Daniel 504 

James 239, 240 

Joseph 241 

Josiah 257, 258 

Samuel 277 

Samuel, Jr 35 

Theodore 277 

Thomas , 36 

William 36 

Motts, Jacob 554 

Moulton, Daniel 17, 251, 260 


David -. 406 

Enemiah 367 

Ezekiel 541 

Henry 17 

Jeremiah 80 

John 130, 132 

Jonathan 81, 131, 413, 538 


Jonathan, Jr 126 

Joseph 17, 35, 79> 8 4, 260 

Joseph, Jr 269 

Josiah 80 

Nehemiah 362, 370 

Noah 568 

Radmund 86 

Reuben 363, 367, 368, 416 

Rice 144 

Samuel 84, 364 

Thomas 17 

William 17, 79, 80, 81 

Mountford, Timothy 271, 300 

Muchmore, James 72, 73, 153 

Mudgett, Elisha 416 

Mulloon, Daniel 16 

Ebenezer 16 

John 16 

Munn, John 647 

Munroe, John 594, 596 

Josiah 183 

Nathan 635 

Philip 516 

Thomas 593, 596 

William 493 

Munsel, Stiles 203 

Murdough, Nathan 17, 590 

Thomas 725, 727 

Murphy, Patrick 433 

Murrey, John 348 

Patrick 433 

Muzzey, John. ...146, 147, 149,468 

594. 597, 708 

William 493 





Nash, Littlefield 200 

Samuel 89 

Timothy 89 

Nason, John 25 

Richard 405 

Nay, Samuel 311, 312 

William 176 

Neal, Ebenezer 82, 84 

Eliphalet 28 

Hubartus....2i, 29, 30, 31, 34 

41. 45 

Hubartus, Jr 34 

Jeremiah 486 

John 17, 27,34 

Jonathan 240 

Joshua *. 17 

Josiah 84 

Robert 35 

i Samuel. 14, 16, 22, 31, 584, 585 

Walter 84, 240 

William 34, 503, 584 

William, Jr 585 

Zebulon 27, 34 

Nealey, Andrew 23 

John. ..16, 23, 94, 99, 103, 106 

Joseph 38, 101 

Matthew 103 

William 23, 103 

Needham, Nathaniel 677 

Neill, William.. ■ 701 

Nelson, Asa 518 

John ...269, 277, 452 

Mark 36, 269, 273, 277 

Matthew 239 

Nesmith, Benjamin 372 

Thomas 70 1 

Nevens, David 227, 228 

James 270, 272 

John 152, 227, 22S 

Robert 147-149 

Robert, Jr 149 

Nevins, David 373, 379, 716 

Newell, Joseph 319, 320 

Newman, Thomas 359 

Newmarch, John 271-273, 277 

Thomas 260 

Newton, William 385 

Nicholson, John 531 

Nichols, Alexander 701 

Andrew 524 

George 389 

Ichabod 35 

John 70, 71, 364, 395 

Moses 204, 571 

Nichols, Nathan 36 

Pelatiah 455 

Samuel , 599 

Nickerson, Joshua 541 

Joshua, Jr 541 

Reuben 541 

Niles, Barnabas 355 

Rev. Mr 355 

Thomas 355, 357 

Nims. Calvin 493 

Eliakim 493 

Frederick 494 

George 493 

Philander 493 

Zadoc 491 

Noble, John 251, 269, 271, 299 


Lazarus 238 

Moses 260, 272 

Obadiah 133 

Rev. Mr 130 

Stephen 252, 432 

Nock, Jedidiah 296 

Nathan 342 

Noel, Samuel 240 

Norris, Andrew 165 

Benjamin. . ..17, 159, 160, 481 

Benjamin, Jr 18 

Jacob 94 

Jeremiah. 488 

Jonathan 18, 343 

Joseph 486, 488 

Moses , 94 

Zebulon 22, 93 

Northumberland, Earl of 451 

Norton, Benjamin 18 

Dudlev 370 

William 18 

Nott, Jesse ....611 

John 611 

Thomas 503 

Norway, James. 238 

Noyes, Christopher B 236 

Daniel 164 

Enoch ...167-169, 211 

Isaac 220, 222 

James 211, 220, 221 

John 154-156 

Nathan 163 

Nathaniel 211 

Samuel 159, 166 

Sylvanus 220 

Thomas 211 

Timothy 221 



Nudd, Benjamin 15, 29 

John 84 

Joseph 741 

Simon 81 

Thomas ,....17, 590 

Nute, Abraham 34S 

Francis 350 

John 336, 337 

Jotham 340, 351 

Samuel 343, 344, 35* 

Samuel, Jr 351 

Nutter, George 307 

Henry 269, 286 

James 347 

Richard 336,338 

Richard, Jr / 342 

Thomas 350 

Winthrop ». 343 

Nutting, Benjamin 506 

Ober, Israel 372, 379 

John 144,697 

John, Jr 697 

Odell, James 489 

Thomas 17, 23, 485 

Odiorne, B 269 

Benjamin 342 

Ebenezer 257, 258, 269 

Samuel 295 

Thomas 415 

William 34,271 

Olcott, Rev. Bulkley 602 

Peter 765 

Simeon 112, 113, 545, 602 

Oldham, Abel 694 

Oliver, Aaron 555 

Olmstead, Ichabod 358 

Samuel 354 

Ordway, John 364, 435 

Joseph 372 

Moses 2 1 1, 220 

Samuel 372, 618 

Tristram 216 

Ormsby, Ichabod 117 

Ornes, Thaddeus 114 

Orr, John 633 

Osborne, George Jerry 36, 277 

Osgood, Abner 89 

Chase 404 

Christopher 172 

Elijah 493 

Ezra 467, 491, 493, 635 

James... 73, 398,593, 595, 596 
James W 493 

Osgood, John 312, 635 

John, Jr 635 

Joshua 491, 635 

Timothy 312 

Oughterson, David 699 

James 699 

Joseph 698 

Owen, Joel 92 

Mark 698, 703 

Silvanus 757 

Packard, John 202 

Mark .- 694 

Robert 657 

Packer, Thomas 143, 241 , 270 

Page, Abraham 21 

Asa 211 

Benjamin 21, 84, 297, 344 

644, 647 

Currier 648 

Daniel 21, 343, 344 

David 89, 93, 94, 434, 596 

David, Jr 84 

Dudley 84 

Ebenezer. ..106, 312, 372, 380 
396, 643 

Ephraim 446 

Francis 79 

Henry 409 

Isaac 702 

James 21, 211 

Jeremiah 1,615 

Jesse 211, 375 

John.. 377, 381, 436, 623, 642- 
646, 648 

Jonathan 84, 381, 412, 518 


Joseph.. 79, 93, 107, 343 

Moses. .89, 211, 401, 412, 475 

Peter 208 

Reuben 326, 702 

Samuel 646 

Simon 84 

Stephen 84, 211 

True 645, 647 

William 541 

Paige, John 641, 643 

Jonathan 641 

Lemuel 641 

Samuel 640 

Samuel, Jr.. 640 

Paine, Amos 363 

Daniel 117 





Paine, Ebenezer 117 

Payne, Daniel, Jr 116 

David 117 

Elisha..u6, 125,229,761,764 

Palmer, Aaron 204 

Barnabas 336, 343 

Daniel 427 

Dudley 351 

Ebenezer 149 

Elnathan 757 

Growth 23 

James 614 

John. ..340, 344, 351, 614, 616 


Jonathan.... .79, 309, 590, 591 


Jonathan, Jr 309 

Joseph 16, 84 

Joshua 408, 409 

Richard 16, 565 

Samuel 343, 351 

Samuel, Jr 80 

Simon 616 

Thomas 36, 268, 285 

William.. 17, 79, 340, 343. 351 

Pappune. Philip 427 

Park, Alexander 698, 715, 716 


Andrew 716 

Edward 35 

Robert 698, 716 

Parks, Benjamin .' . .565 

Elijah 327 

Samuel 458, 461, 463 

Parker, Abel 184 

Abiel 563 

Abijah 660 

Amasa 521, 528-530 

Benjamin... 272, 274, 314, 553 

B .,520 

Ephraim .343 

Ezra 689, 693, 694 

Ezra, Jr 694 

Hezekiah 51 7—5 19 

Jesse 518 

John 164, 287 

Jonathan.... 163, 200, 270, 272 


Jonathan, Jr 200 

Joseph 163, 343 

Josiah 553 

Matthew S 733, 736, 740 

Nathan.. 694 

Nathaniel 441 


Parker. Noah 271, 280 

Oliver 456-460, 463, 465 

Robert 35, 286, 300 

Samuel 144, 166,326 

Thomas, Jr 314 

William 35, 257. 258, 260 

263, 271,- 314, 418, 420 
Zachariah 223, 235 

Parkhurst, Andrew 566 

Jabez 118 

John 1 1 5-1 23 

Jonathan 202, 203 

Nathan 202, 203 

Noah 524, 525 

Simeon 114, 115 

Parmalee, Ezra.... 48, 49, 51, 599 

Parrott, John 285 

Parry, Edward 746 

Martin 35, 303 

Stephen 50 

Parsons, Abraham 26 

Amos S.... 304 

Captain 294 

Job 41 

John 41 

Joseph. .364, 366,368, 370,396 

Josiah 29, 33, 486 

Moro 21 

Rev. William 435, 436 

Partridge, Benjamin 35 

Jonathan 251 

William 243, 251 

Patch, Joseph.. 623 

Pattee, Edward 372, 379 

Jerediah 372 

Jonathan 376 

Peter 373 

Richard 144, 372, 570 

Seth ..144,372 

Patten, John 556, 561, 565, 701 

Robert 725 

Patterson, David ... 565 

George 571 

Isaac 196 

James 702 

John 192, 761 

Peter 568, 700, 701 

Thomas 718 

William 702 

Paul, John 675 

Moses 239 

Payson, John C 306 

Peabody, Asa 702 

Colonel 183, 201 



Peabody, David 702 

Ephraim 678 

Nathaniel.. 195, 210, 211, 223 
Stephen 321, 324, 325 

Pearce, Daniel 653 

Pearl, Abraham 336 

Dimond 336, 342 

John 14 

Joseph 333,342 

Pearne, William 269 

Pearse, Peter 36, 273, 274, 277 


Pearson, Daniel 614 

Ebenezer 679 

George ., 678 

Jacob 22 

John 21, 621 

Samuel *62i, 679 

Stephen 152 

Thomas 679 

William 679 

William, Jr 679 

Pease, Eliphalet 21 

Nathaniel 13 

Peaslee, Abraham 518 

Daniel 372, 375, 697 

David 55, 59, 60, 516, 518 ! 

Elijah 423 

Isaac 517, 518 

James 55, 60, 6 r 

John 55,60,62,65 

John, Jr 55, 61 

Joseph.. .55, 57, 58, 61, 63, 65 

Moses S5f 60, 61, 63 

Nathan 55, 60 

Nathaniel 60 

Peter 517 

Simeon 218, 221 

Simon 220 

Timothy 518 

Peaver, James N 423 

Peavey, Anthony 342 

Daniel 342 

Daniel, Jr 347 

Edward 17, 106 

John 268 

Samuel 17 

Thomas ^6, 342 

Peirce, Benjamin 54. 666 

Daniel. ..35, 67, 257, 25S. 567 
572, 659 

David 584 

D 81, 251, 263, 270 

Elisha 694 

Peirce, Ezra 673 

John. ...35, 251, 255, 257, 258 

301, 305, 545, 567, 570, 665 


Joseph 567 

Dr. Joseph 261, 262 

Joshua 104, 249, 5S6 

Joshua, Jr 251 

Levi 561 , 563, 565 

Nathaniel ^5^ I0 4> 2 5 l 

Nehemiah 667 

Nicholas 503, 584, 586 

Noah .* 2>^ 

William 553 

Pendexter, John 269 

Penhallow, John.. 36, 270-273, 277 

283-287,289, 291 

Samuel.. 36, 243, 264, 267, 272, 277 

286, 293 

Samuel, Jr 36 

Penn, Elizabeth 522 

Penniman, Achra 541 

Jonathan 541 

Thomas 468, 633, 6$s 

Pepperell, Sir William 261 

Percy, Thomas 451 

Pere, Israel 427 

Perkins, Abel 329 

Abraham 399 

Benjamin 340, 591 

David 724, 726-729 

Elisha 117, 585 

Ephraim 347 

Ichabod 501 , 504 

Jabesh 586 

Jacob 231,584, 585 

James 17, 368 

James L 72, 7$ 

John.... 22, 25, 32, 72-75* 340 

Jonathan 198 

Joseph 585 

Joshua 427 

Moses 565, 737 

Nathaniel 72, 74, 7 s, 5°5 

Richard 25, 344 

Robert 72, 73 

Solomon 336, 341 

Thomas.... 334, 335, 589, 591 

Thomas, Jr 589 

Whittier 505 

William A. 73, 7^, 76 

William, Jr 10 

Zaccheus 595, 597 



Perley, David, 3d 401 

Rev. Samuel 421 

Thomas 324 

Perry, Abijah ... .551, 553 

Abraham 18 

David 204, 205, 207 

Ebenezer 551 

Jonas 551, 681 

Obadiah 516 

Pervere, John 405, 407, 409 

Jonathan 407 

Peters, Absalom 645 

Ebenezer 318 

Richard 694 

Pettee, Zephaniah .... 443, 445, 448 

Pettigrew, Alexander. '. 200 

Stephen S 203 

Pettingill, Abbott — 372, 377, 378 

Asa 378 

Benjamin 211, 391 

Benjamin, Jr 391 

c .391 

David 395 

Jonathan 398, 577 

Mary 679 

Matthew... .386, 443, 446, 448 

Peverley, Jonathan 240 

Joseph 88, 90, 92, 475, 477 

Nathaniel 241 

Thomas 91, 92, 475 

Thomas, Jr 91 

Phelps, Alexander 1 29 

Davenport 136, 197 

Edward 635 

Levi 635 

Samuel 133, 153, 163 

Philbrick, Benjamin ..17, 211, 517 

Caleb 16 

David 53S 

Elias 23, 93 

James 331, 363 

Jedidiah .406 

John 17, 77 

Jonathan 363, 368, 540 

Joseph 368, 371 

Joseph, Jr 368 

Joses 21, 304 

Nathan 21 

Nathaniel 96 

RobertT 17 

Samuel 16 

Titus 363 

Philbrook, Eliphalet 591 

Jonathan 240 

Philbrook, Joseph 360 

Joses 360 

Reuben 367 

William 239 

Phillips, Gov. Adolph 755 

Andrew. 537 

Benjamin 227 

Joh n 269 

Phipps, Thomas 241, 250 

Sir William 321 

Pickens, Ephraim, Jr 343 

Pickering, Anthony 22 

Anthony, Jr 22, 26 

Benning 72 

Ephraim 298, 369 

John . .205, 240, 242, 243, 246 
264, 287, 289, 293 

John, Jr 277 

Joshua 71, 645 

Levi 22, 32 

Samuel 32 

Thomas 240, 250, 251, 344 

Pierce, Benjamin 677 

Daniel 424, 440 

Ezekiel 116 

George 240, 260 

John 117 

Nathaniel 116 

William 678 

Pigsley, Alexander 125 

Pike, Austin 582 

Joh n 1 00, 433 

Joseph 321, 324 

Nathaniel 241 

Philip 240 

Robert.. 13, 14, 17, 21, 31, 34 

Solomon 260 

Thomas * ... 7, 9 

Uriah 23 1 

Pilsbury. Enoch 95 

James 96 

John H 442 

Joseph 641 

Josiah 647 

Merrill 644, 646, 648 

Rev. Mr 97 

Pineo, Jeremy 28 

Pingree, Jeremiah 9 

Pingrey, Job 715, 717 

Stephen 717 

Pinkerton, John 698, 718 

Pinkham, Jonathan 342 

Nathaniel 350 



Pinkham, Otis 350 r 

Thomas 339, 342 

Piper, Benjamin 17, 163, 172 

David 740 

Gideon 165, 166 

John 485, 736, 740 

Jonathan, Jr 485 

Nathan 165 

Nathaniel. . .13, 16, 94, 96, 99 
166, 401 

Samuel 16, 163 

Samuel, Jr 482 

Stephen 488 

Thomas.. 17, 94, 96, 107, 736 


Thomas, Jr 740 

Thomas, 3d 94 

Pitcher, George .448 

Pitman, Ezekiel ^ . . 35 

Jabez 239 

John 35 

Joseph 140 

Nathaniel 35 

Samuel 239 

Pitts, Sarah .358 

Thomas 358 

Place, Amos 342, 344, 347 

David 336, 338, 341 

Ebenezer 334~336, 341 

Ebenezer, Jr 336, 341 

- George --336, 338, 342 

James 335, 336, 343 

John 338, 342 

JohnM. 343 

Jonathan 34?, 343 

Moses 342 

Paul ... .343 

Richard 338 

Samuel 35 

Plaisted, George 307 

Ichabod 260 

John 242, 243 

Jonathan 238 

William 303. 541 

Plummer, Beard 342, 349 

John 336 

Joseph 342, 350 

Kelley 409 

Ramsley 698 

Samuel 343, 405 

Thomas 343 

Poland, Josiah 140 

Pollard, Ezekiel 308 

Hezekiah 214 

Pollard, John 214 

Polley, Ebenezer 635 

Joseph 695, 710 

Richard 269 

Pomeroy, William 238 

Pool, Samuel, Jr 202, 203 

Simeon 202, 203 

Poor. Daniel, Jr 211 

Eliphalet 211 

Gen. Enoch 327, 344 

Jeremiah 211 

Jonathan .21 1 

Pope, Jonathan : 240 

Samuel 725, 727 

Simeon 637 

Porter, Asa 643 

Billy 374 

John 84, 232-235 

Noah 313 

Potter, Benjamin 17 

Hugh 212 

Robert 561 

Pottle, Samuel 488 

Simon 17, 488 

William 16 

William, Jr 16, 488 

William, 3d 488 

Powell, Benjamin 637 

David. 493 

Jonathan 493 

Joseph 493 

Thomas, Jr 493 

Powers, Abner 313, 316, 454 

Elliot 565 

Gideon 561, 565 

Rev. Grant 126, 191 

James. 46 

Joseph 313 

Moses 529, 530 

Nathaniel 313 

Peter 314, 565 

Peter, Jr 314 

Stephen 314 

Thomas 313 

Rev. Thomas W 53 

Pratt, Edward 565 

James 491 

Jeremiah 694 

Jonathan 133, 134 

Joseph 137 

Josiah 133 

Thomas 734 

Pray. John '?-55< 257, 260 

Preast, Thomas 35 




Prentice, John 508 

Nathaniel S 599, 600 

Presbury, Nathan 14 

Prescott, Abraham 21 

Benjamin 309, 354 

Bradbury 416 

Dominicus 416 

Ebenezer 312 

Elisha 397, 399 

Jedidiah 21 

Jedidiah, Jr 21 

John 21, 403, 413 

Jonathan 594, 597 

Joseph 397,399 

Joseph, Jr • 398 

Joseph, 3d 403 

Josiah 21 

Samuel. ..21, 38, 397, 400, 404 

Samuel, Jr 39CJ 

Stephen 21, 401 

William.. 22, 93, 95, 107, 397- 

William, Jr 400 

Pressey, Charles 409 

James 616, 620 

Paskey 614-621 

William 517, 518 

Presson, William 355, 357, 359 

Preston, John 240, 251 

Samuel 725, 727, 730 

Priest, Joseph 1 f 1 

Prime, Joshua J 524 

-Prince, Isaac 37 

Pringle, Thomas 190 

Proctor, Isaac 633, 634, 727 

Josiah 627, 728 

Josiah, Jr 729 

Nathan 627 

Robert 465 

William 627, 633, 635 

Prouty, Simeon .665 

Pudington, Benjamin 240 

Purcell, Gregory 269-274 

Jonathan 340 

Purmort, Richard 385 

Putnam, Ephraim. „ .678 

Ephraim, Jr 678 

Francis 665, 678, 681 

Jacob 553, 678 

Jacob, Jr 678 

Jonathan 237 

Joseph 553, 678 

Nathaniel 553 

Philip , 553,678-684 

Putnam, Stephen. 548, 550, SS3^ 678 
Thomas 602 

Putney, Asa 621, 645, 648 

James 645, 648 

Joseph 645, 647 

Pyncheon, William 568 

Ouenbe, Joseph 4r6 

Quimby, Aaron 588 

David 406 

Harper 404 

John 207, 450, 451 

Jonathan 590 

Samuel ...405 

Timothy 450 

Quincy, Edmund H 35, 300 

Quint, Thomas 296 

RacklifF, William 238, 264 

Radman, John 103 

Rae, Ebenezer 201 

Ralle, Sabastian. 753, 754 

Railings, Benjamin 403 

Rallins. Jotham 399 

Reuben 398 

Ramsey, James 702 

John 701 

Jonathan 607 

Hugh 355 

Matthew 355~359 

Thomas 355, 359 

Rand, Amos 17 

Benjamin 495, 502 

Benjamin, Jr 502 

Billy 304 

Dovvst 367 

George 368 

Israel 367, 371, 616, 620 

Jo' 1 " 343* 3^4, 37° 

John, 3d 364 

Jonathan 620 

Joseph. 304, 363, 364, 367, 368 

Joseph, Jr 363, ^ 7 , 370 

Joshua 364, 370 

Lemuel 396 

Nathaniel. ..304, 364, 367, 370 

Nathaniel, Jr 371 

Richard .17, 364 

Robert 496 

Samuel. 298, 304, 364, 367. 369 

Stephen 367 

Thomas 21, 370 

Thomas J 38 



Rand, William 21, 364 

Randall, Abraham 535 

Benjamin 666 

Samuel 407 

Randell, Daniel 72, 75 

George 367, 368, 370 

George, Jr 370 

Hezekiah 23 

Israel 33, 1 1 1 

John in, 343 

Jonathan 1 1 1 

Moses 398 

Nathaniel 23, 101 

Thomas 96 

Rankin, James « 570 

Samuel .... 698, 703 

William 698 

.Rann, Samuel 347 

Ranney, Thomas S 405 

Rawlings, Anthony 342 

Benjamin 377, 381 

Henry 350 

James 237 

John 342 

Jonathan 269 

Joshua « 342 

Jotham 401 , 489 

Nicholas 489 

Rawlins, John 17, 296 

Joshua 17 

Stephen 93, 95 

Thomas 23 

Rawson, Jonathan. .. .37, 341, 344 

Ray, John 719 

William 103 

Raymond, John 746 

Razey, Pelatiah 530 

Read, Benjamin 206, 347, 597 

Daniel 315, 318 

David 206 

Eleazer 314 

Elisha 204, 206 

Jonathan 206 

Joseph 226, 235, 314 

Joshua 635 

Mark 348 

Moses 318 

Samuel 204, 206 

Reade, Michael 742 

Reading, John, Jr 35 

Redford, William 237, 239 

Redington, Asa 677 

Reed, Benjamin 594, 595, 597 

George 702 

Reed, Col. James 316, 657, 681 

John 36 

Joseph 554 

M icah 670 

Nathan 635 

Philip 257 

Thomas 676 

William .599 

Reid, Abraham 702, 715, 716 

George 134, 341 

Matthew 715, 716 

Remele, Rev. John .. . . .49, 50 

Remick, Enoch 22 

John 351 

John, Jr .350 

Rendall, Edward 364 

George 364 

James 101 

Mark 364 

Mason 22, ill 

Moses 400 

Nathan 101 

William 18 

Renton, William 27, 33 

Reynolds, Hezekiah 657 

Jedidiah 48, 49 

Owen 414 

Thomas 414 

Rice, Isaac 202, 203 

Lemuel 313 

Seth 308 

William 307 

Rich, Amos J$7 

Jonas 590 

Richards, Bartholomew 737 

Benjamin 211 

Daniel 211 

Joel 724, 728, 729 

John 336,344 

John, 2d 194 

Jonathan 343 

Jonathan, Jr 344 

Joseph 333, 334 

Joseph, Jr... 335 

Joseph, 3d 335 

Josiah 630, 63 1 

Paul 694 

Samud.. 334, 343 

Thomas 269 

Tristram 339 

Richardson, Amos 144 

Asa 146-149 

Bradbury 540 

Christopher 309 




Richardson, Daniel .309 

David 235 

Ebenezer. . . . 149, 708 

Eri 149 

Henry 144 

Jeremiah 396 

John 342 

Jonas 149, 708 

Joseph. .149, 540, 554o63,574 

Lemuel 344 

Luther 89 

Moses 451 

Nathaniel 455 

Paul 690 

Philip, Jr 149 

Richard 455, 465, 466 

Samuel 1 49 

Stephen 625 

Thomas. . . .559, 563, 565, 595 

Timothy 343 

William 143, 144, 149 

William, Jr 144 

Zaccheus 554 

Richey, Alexander 698 

Hugh 102 

Thomas 102 

William 1 76 

Ricker, Benjamin 427 

Ebenezer 343, 350, 424 

Ebenezer, Jr 342 

Ezekiel 342, 433 

George 433 

Jerediah 351 

John.... 351, 426 

Lemuel 351 

Moses. 428 

Timothy 343, 589 

Tobias 342 

Rideout, Benjamin SS3 

John 235 

Rider, Daniel 593, 694 

John 565 

Rindge, Daniel 2, ^s^ 1 1 6, 270 

271, 3 OI » 3°3> 3°5> 314, 321 


Isaac. ..251, 258, 273, 424, 425 


John 314, 424 

Jotham 424 

Robert 568 

Rines, William 71, 74, 75 

Ripley, Daniel 694 

Eleazer 694 

Ripley. James 206 

Levi 694 

Nathaniel 694 

William 206 

Roach, David 347 

Heard 343 

John 343, 348, 637 

Thomas 35 

Robbe, Alexander.. ..185. 187, 188 

Andrew 634 

David 465 

John 465 

William 184, 188 

William, Jr 184 

Robbins, Asa 236 

Jonathan 235 

Jonathan, Jr 235 

Josiah 5 54 

Jotham..: 486 

Samuel 675 

Solomon 667, 669 

Roberts, Abraham 202 

Charles 35 

' Daniel 204 

Edmund 36 

Elisha 637 

Francis 433 

George 433 

Jesse 201-203 

Joseph 243,757 

Love 433,757 

Moses 342 

Perley 200-203 

Shubael 350 

Thomas 338. 343 

Timothy.... 332-338, 343, 351 

Timothy, Jr 336, '338 

Ziba 199, 201-203 

Robertson, Andrew 166 

Gain 235 

James 160, 168 

Robert 272, 274 

William 166 

Robeson, Samuel 343 

Robey, John 84 

John, Jr 84 

Jonathan 518 

Samuel 84, 450 

Robie, Enoch 21 

Ichabod 637 

John 642 

Samuel ^S, 450, 451, 614 

Thomas , 21, 79 

Walter 310 



Robinson, Benjamin. 397, 403, 486 

Benjamin, Jr J$, 398, 403 

Caleb 466, 617 

David. ...21, 166, 328, 401, 482 

James 167, 403 

John 17, 348, 396, 398, 428 

Jonathan. ..16, 17, 27, 33, 486 

515* 5*6 

Joseph 1 7, 23 

Josiah 312, 486, 737 

Levi 23, 397 

Nathaniel 17 

Noah 411 

Peter 159, 702 

Richard .' 312 

Shadrach....... 488 

Simeon 74, 399 

Thomas 173 

William 396, 397 

Roche, James 726, 728, 729 

John 724-728 

John, Jr 724-720 

Rockwood, Ebenezer 682 

Thomas 694 

Roe, Jonathan 238 

Rogers, Charles 336 

Daniel R. 35 

Daniel.. 260, 271, 273, 286, 300 

3°3' 305> 34o, 424, 594, 59^ 

. Daniel, Jr 342 

Daniel, 3d 343 

Dr. Daniel 1 04 

George 260 

James 335, 336 

Rev. James 54, 247 

John 235, 599, 702 

Nathaniel 27,34, 115, 136 

255, 267, 260, 272 

Robert 385, 70 r 

William C98, 716 

Rolings, Thomas 97 

Rolins, Jeremiah 757 

Nathaniel 21 

Rollings, David 380, 716 

John 716 

Rollins, Benjamin. 343, 401 

Caleb 481 

Edward 342, 348 

Elisha 484 

Henry 350 

John 434 

Joshua 484 

Nicholas... 484, 486 

Rollins, Stephen 380 

Valentine 25, 343 

Root, Levi 191 

Samuel 193 

Ropes. George 138 

Rose. Elisha 554 

William 269 

Ross, John 260 

Jonathan 239 

Roswell, Sir Henry 322. 323 

Rounseval, Joseph. . .456, 467, 627 
628, 632, 636 

Rousselet, N 307 

Rowe, James 491, 493 

Joh n 386, 492 

Theophilus 493 

Thomas 240, 241 

Rowell, Asa 373, 379 

Benoni 372 

Captain 332, 333 

Christopher 60 

Daniel 92, 452 

Edward 452 

Jacob 60, 64, 376, 381 

James 381 

John 372 

Jonathan ..... .519 

Josiah 373 

Josiah, Jr 373 

Lemuel 376, 381 

Philip. .373, 376, 379, 381, 615 

Rice ... 103 

Samuel t>77j 641 

Thomas 519, 520, 614 

William. .55-58, 61, 62, 66, 405 

407, 409 

William, Jr 64 

Rawlings, Jotham 489 

Nicholas.. ..484, 486, 487, 490 

Royce, Bildad 635 

Royse, Ruel 599 

Silas 657 

Vere 116 

Rugg, Elijah 493 

John 653 

Rundlett, Charles 396 

Edmund 403 

Jacob 485, 590 

John 17, 488 

Reuben 403 

Solomon 297 

Theophilus 397, 398 

William 403, 489 

Runnels, Alexander 202 







Runnels, Daniel 702 

James 344 

Joseph.... 343 

Moses 294 

Thomas 372, 376 

Russell, Daniel 174, 182, 326 

E 271, 272, 285 

Eleazer 200 

Ezekiel 269 

George 7 * & 

Joel 330 

Josiah 199-201 

Mary 330 

Silas 516 

William 294, 514 

Rust, Henry 273, 733, 736, 740 

Henry, Jr 736, 740 

Rev. Mr 482 

Richard 16,488, 73& 

Ryan, James 236 

Rymes, Samuel 36 

Sabings, Ebenezer 204 

Safford. John 627, 634, 635 

Salisbury, James C94 

Salter, Alexander 304, 370 

John 27 r, 300, 304, 307 

Michael 133, 134 

Richard 270 

Titus 35, 216, 21S, 270 271 

304, 344, 5 ( & 

Samson, Abner 627 

Zadoc 9 2 

Sanborn, Aaron 393, 396 

Abiathar.. 17 

Abner 4°3 

Abijah 394, 397-399 

Abraham.. .391. 445, 44S, 503 
578, 584, 586, 050 

Abraham, Jr 5S5 

Amos 54 1 

Benaiah 73, 397, 400 

Benjamin.. .386-3S8, 394, 399 

Chase 4°3 

Christopher 4°3 

Coffin 403, 404 

Coffin, Jr 403 

Daniel. ..73, 77, Si, 393, 396- 

Daniel, Jr 73, 397, 399 

David 393, 405 

Dudley 422, 423 

Ebenezer. ..77, 81, 82, 84, 399 | 

Sanborn, Elisha 16 

Ezekiel 13, 737 

Francis 74 

Henry 22, 93 

Isaac 445' 44^ 

James 73, 398, 399 

Jeremiah 73, 396, 399 

Jeremiah, Jr 73, 402 

Jethro 33, 405, 406. 416 

John.. 16, 32, 73, 386, 392. 393 

397* 399> 4oi, 405, 407, 4°9 

John, Jr 73 

John, 3d 73. 398. 4°° 

Jonathan. ...21, 72, 73, 76, 94 
99» 396 

Jonathan C 407, 409 

Jonathan H 73. 398, 399 

Joseph 22 

Joseph C. . . '. 405 

Joseph H 4°3 

Josiah 17, 394, 396, 399 

Josiah, Jr 397, 398 

Josiah, 4th 403 

Josiah, 7th 401 

Levi 403 

Moses 406, 407 

Paul 586, 590 

Peter 409 

Phinehas 585 

Richard 101 

Samuel 407, 409 

Sanborn 74 

Sherburne 406, 407 

Simeon 386, 387 

Simon 650 

Thomas 84 

Tobias 16 

William 17, 76, 84, 105 

Sanders, David 645 

Henry 144, 696, 697 

James 717 

Joseph 373 

Joshua 373 

Moses 55 

Oliver 696 

Robert 367, 371 

Robert, Jr 367, 370 

Samuel 373,382,697 

Timothy 696 

William 144. 371, 373, 697 

Saunders, John. .376, 381, 396, 403 

Michael 635 

Oliver 373, 376, 381 

Sanderson, Enoch 541 



Sanderson, John... 140, 541 

Sanger, Benjamin 694 

Jedidiah 514 

Nathan . 694 

Sargent, Aaron 439 

Abner 619 

Amasa 7, 9 

Anthony $-j, 9 

Benjamin 617, 619-621 

Charles 56, 59, 60 

David 64, 409 

Ebenezer 5, 7, 9, 65 

Ebenezer, Tr 7 

Edward../.. .35, 286, 304, 307 

Elias 701 

Fitz-William 14 

Jacob 701 

John 9 

Moses 56, . 59 

Nathaniel 81 

Noah 64 

Peter 5-9 

Peter, Jr 7, 9 

Philip ...64, 166 

Samuel 64 

Simeon 165 

Sterling 165 

Stephen 56, 59 

Trueworthy 70 1 

Valentine 348 

Zebadiah 220 

Sartwell Simon 602 

Sattington. Richard 116 

Savage, Job. , 22, 27 

John 240, 25 1 

Joseph 26, 32 

Sawyer. Abner 595, 596 

Amos 219 

Benjamin 89 

Bezaleel .327 

Daniel 93 

Dill 89, 475 

Edmond . ... .614, 621 

Enoch 211 

Gideon 74, 75 

Ichabod 138 

John 89, 443, 44S, 450 

Jonathan 138, 219 

Joseph 614, 62 1 

Josiah 105, 561 

Jotham 72. 75 

Moses 386 

Nurse 68 1 

Silvanus 194 

Sawyer, Thomas 130 

Scagel, John 140 

Scales, Abraham 103, 106 

James 504 

Matthew 448 

Scammell, Col. Alexander 100 

228, 315, 333, 393,497 

Scammon, Richard 488 

Richard, Jr 488 

Samuel 488 

William 486,489 

Scate, Benjamin .350 

John 351 

Schell, Benjamin 17 

Schuyler, General . . 705 

Scott', Abel 694 

Abram 694 

Alexander 458, 462, 465 

Charles ' 202, 203 

David 465 

Ebenezer 694 

Edward. 16 

Elisha 526 _ 

'James 465, 467 

Robert 1 99, 203 

Timothy 202 

William 181, 188 

Scranton, Stephen 497 

Scribner, Benjamin .^86 

Ebenezer 386 

Edward 3H6 

Iddo 386 

Samuel 383, 388 

Seagar, Caleb 9 

Searle, Daniel 565 

David 562 

Rev. Jonathan 386, 391 

Joseph 565 

William 385, 565 

William, Jr 561 

Searls, John 314 

Thomas 708 

Seaver, Samuel 635 

Seavey, Amos 370 

Daniel 347, 367 

Ebenezer .370 

Isaac 368 

Ithamar 336 

James 304, 364, 370, 371 

James, Jr 304, 370 

John 304, 368, 370 

Joseph 29, 363, 367,370 

Joseph 1 304 

Mark 277 





Seavey, Paul 304 

William. 36, 304, 363, 367, 371 

William, Jr 304, 360 

Seaward, George 36, 269 

Giles... 35, 269, 270, 273, 286 

John 35 

Joseph 307 

Joshua 35 

Shackford 35 

Selley, Benjamin 641 

John 641 

Senter, Abraham 295, 296 

Asa 717 

Edward 235 

John .< 702 

Joseph 357, 698, 732 

Lieut 710 

Moses 416, 545, 702 

Reuben 698 

Samuel 698 

Severance, Albe 553, 563 

Asa. 327, 561, 563 

Benjamin 563 

Daniel 627 

Ephraim 627 

John 21 

Joseph 391 

Martin 652 

Richard 268 

Sewall, Jonathan 568 

Jonathan. M 289,303 

Seward, Abijah 493 

Henry 240 

Joseph 493 

Josiah 49^493* &3S 

Josiah, Jr 493 

Samuel 491, 494, 635 

Samuel, Jr 493 

Thomas 493 

Shackford. John 271 

John, Jr 260 

Jonathan 240 

William 238, 268, 271, 273 

Shannon, Nathaniel 269, 541 

Richard Cutts. . .274, 305, 306 

Shapley, David 202 

Henry 364 

Jabez 202 

Reuben 35, 300, 305, 307 

Shattuck, Cyrus 694 

Daniel 652, 694 

Shaw, Abiathar 672 

Benjamin. .. 103, 106,405,409 
Benjamin, Jr 409 

Shaw, Edward 81 

Follansbee 641 

Ichabod 409 

Jacob 5 8 5 

John 79, 103, 401, 404 

Joseph O 35, 96, 97 

Josiah 397, 399 

Josiah, Jr 401 

Samuel 81, 309 

Thomas 294, 295, 409 

Wilson 584, 585 

Sheafe, J ., 303 

Jacob 35, 300, 304, 761 

Jacob, Jr 35, 300 

James.. 300, 301, 305, 576, 737 

John 35 

Jonathan 300 

Sampson 314 

Samuel 35 

Thomas 35, 285, 293, 300 

William 35, 300 

Shed, Jonathan 635 

William 708, 715, 716, 719 

Sheilds, Daniel 652 

John 652 

Shelden, Samuel 679 

Sheldon, Abraham. ..561, 563, 565 

Shepard, Benjamin 106 

David 116 

Ebenezer 6 

Edmund 75 

Elisha 387, 388 

James 7^-75 

John 17, 104 

Joseph 116, 396 

Morrill 75 

Oliver 599 

Samuel 225, 393, 732 

Sherburne, D 269 

Daniel 271, 496, 502 

Daniel, Jr 502 

Henry.. .11, 35, 240, 249, 260 
269, 273, 285 

Henry, Jr 260 

James 72, 75, 149, 251 

John. ..35,36, 93, 95, 106, 107 
251, 260, 267, 270, 285, 293 

John S 305 

Jonathan 72, 271 

Joseph 260 

Joseph, Jr 260 

Nathaniel 269, 270, 274 

Noah 364 



Sherburne, Samuel. ..22, 36, 95, 98 
251, 260, 269, 291, 307 

Thomas --35i 74, 269 

Sherman, Richard 293, 294, 296 

Sherwell, Thomas 409 

Shillaber," Jonathan 36 

Joseph 35 

Shipman, Jonathan 606 

Shore, Peter 251 

Peter, Jr 270 

Shores, John 36, 740 

Short, Daniel 200 

Simeon 201, 203 

Shortridge, Richard 251, 269 

Shuff, Jacob v 92 

Shurtlcff, Lathrop 202 

Shute, John 32, 34, 294, 296 

Jonathan 295 

Joseph 27, 96 J 

Michael, Jr 27 

Samuel 307 

Thomas 398 

Walter 22, 34 

William .27, 34 

Sias, Eliphalet 140 

Joseph 40 

Silley, Benjamin 641 

John 640, 641 

Moses 386 

Silsby, Samuel 509, 51 r 

Silver, Daniel 379 

Thomas 373 

Simms, Joseph 269, 271, 285 

Thomas 117, 303 

Simmons, Ephraim 211 

Simonds, James. 651, 665 

Levi 521 

Silas 52 

Simons, James 72, jt,, 75 

John 72, 74, 75, 6S7 

Moses 220 

Simpson, Alexander.. 698, 703, 708 

Andrew 103, 106 

Andrew, Jr 105 

Grizel 712 

John 16, 21, 711, 715, 717 

Patten 23 

Samuel 716 

Thomas 103, 105 

William 21, 23, 25, 27, 38 

101, 131, 134, 135, 137, 229 


Sinclair, Barnabas. . .503, 584, 585 

Sinclair, Ebenezer 638, 639 

Edward 17 

James 14, 397, 398 

Jeremiah 734 

John •. 156, 488 

Joseph 13, 156 

Mary 639 

Nathaniel 16 

Richard 482, 486, 489 

Thomas 1 56, 394 

Sisco, Eleazer 496, 498 

Samuel 496, 499, 500 

William 498, 500 

Skinner, Abner 516 

Eldad 516 

Jonathan 516 

Joseph 761 

Sylvester. 516 

Slack, Israel 6 

John 7, 9 

Slade, Benjamin. .35, 272, 286, 300 
Samuel 657 

Sleeper, Daniel 407 

David 406, 407 

Jethro 409 

John. ..407, 409, 503, 584, 585 

Nehemiah 406 

Samuel .406, 407 

Samuel, Jr 408 

Tristram 367 

Sloan, John 761 

Sloper, Henry 240 

Richard. . 238 

Smart, Benjamin 503 

Charles 27 

Charles, Jr 22, 32 

Daniel..' 359, 584 

David 22, 34 

Dudley 23, 27, 32, 397 

Elisha 359 

Hilton 32 

Joseph 12, 22, 27 

Josiah 27 

Moses ;. . .354. 358 

Richard 355, 454,455 

Robert 34, 397 

Samuel 27, 33, 644 

Winthrop 141, 544-546 

Smith, Dr. A . 174, 42S 

Alexander 308, 312 

Andrew 32 

Asa 644, 646 

Benjamin. .16, 28, 29, 79, 398 
555, 645-648 






Smith, Billy \C6 

Caleb 312, 452 

Caleb, Jr 312 

Colonel 314 j 

Cushman 516 

Daniel 422, 423, 5161 

David. . .6, 206, 371, 486, 64 q 

E 39« 

Ebenezer 395, 586, 737 

Edward ... 27, 28, 72, 296, 4 1 6 
646, 648 

Elias 541 

Rev. Elias 391 

Eliphalet 32, 43, 416 

Elisha 397 

Ezra ^ 5S5 

Francis 199, 201, 379, 761 

Hezekiah 92 

Hugh 725 

Ichabod 516 

Isaac 312, 646 

Ithiel 21 

Jacob. .140, 235, 393, 396, 307 

, 416, 417, 421, 503, 542. 584 

S&5> 59°, 734, 736, 74o 

Jacob, Jr 394,397 

James 28, 33, 43, 215, 218 

Jeremiah 189, 235, 404 

Jesse 151, 152, 63 r 

John. ..17, 22, 29, 79, 91, 176 

3*3> 3^6, 334, 372. 3^o, 3S2 

423, 424, 473-478, 602, O44 


John, Jr 79, 379, 486 

John M 32, 34 

Jonathan. . .393, 394, 398, 400 

516, 614 

Joseph. .10, 11, 16, 21, 58, 206 

207, 211, 218, 219, 309. 394 

397, 645-648, 702, 708, 715 


Joseph, Jr 33, 399 

Josiah 481, 486, 489 

Moses 316 

Nathan 398, 401, 409 

Noah 398, 399 

Oliver 675 

Page 708 

Philip 631 

Reuben 398, 400, 647 

Richard 7 s, 116,421,423 

Robert 229, 715, 717 

Robert, Jr 184 

Rufus 675 

Smith, Samuel. 84, 154,316,367,393 

394, 593, 596, 715 

Simeon 416 

Simeon, Jr 416 

Solomon 17, 379 

Theophilus 488 

Thomas 184,503,585 

Timothy 398, 708 

Timothy, Jr 403 

True worthy 400 

Wadleigh 443, 450 

Walter . 204 

Warren 644 

Willard 200 

William. .99, 176, 1S2, 184, 188 
233, ^73^ 379, 39 6 , 631, 699 

William, Jr 372, 379, 708 

Winthrop 22, 32, 140 

Snell, Geonze 238 

Reuben 35, 277 

Samuel 239 

Snow, John 66^, 675 

Jonathan 314 

Joseph 553,679 

Joshua 389 

Spaftbrd, Amos 183 

Bradstreet 599 

David 554 

Eldad 554, 561, 562, 565 

J° hn • 377 

Moses 47 

Thomas 1 50 

Spalding r Spaulding, Andrew. . . 


Barzillai 204 

Benjamin 117 

Champion 202, 203 

Chaplain 204 

Charles 200, 205 

Curtis 116 

Daniel 88, 91, 92, 475 

Daniel, Jr 92 

Darius 204 

Ebenezer 627, 630, 635 

Edward 88 

Ephraim 117 

Ephraim, Jr 116 

Henry 557 

Jesse 117 

Jesse, Jr 116 

John 204, 206 

Jonathan 565 

Joseph 117, 202, 203 

Levi 667, 682 



Spalding or Spaulding, Lot. ... 152 

Philip 202-204 

Rulaf 200, 203 

Sparhawk, John 36, 274, 299 

Nathaniel 25 

Thomas 530, 600, 608, 610 

Spear, Allen 465 I 

Robert 372, 715 ' 

William 188 

Speed, Benjamin 484 

Ebenezer 27 

John 4S1, 484 

Spence, Keith 36 

Spencer, Amos 339 

Ebenezer 358 

Isaac in 

Jeremiah 207 

Spezar, Edmund 76 

Spicer, Jabez 206 

Spinney, Samuel 239 

Sprague, Jonathan 120, 123 

William 1 23-1 25 

Spriggins, William . 25 

Stacpole, James 427 

Stacey, William 493, 596 

Stafford, Abel 200, 202, 203 

Amos 199, 208, 761 

Nathaniel 200, 202, 203 

Stutely 1 99, 200 

Stanton, John 343 

Staples, Cyrus 675 

Starboard, Thomas 240 

Stark, John. .147, 153, 237, 354,385 
451, 466 

William 89 

Start, John 566 

Stavers, Bartholomew 271 

John 36, 271, 274 

William 307 

Stearns, Aaron 236 

John 694 

Samuel. 235, 536, 537 

Steele, Benjamin 404 

Clement 591 

David 181, 184, 188 

John 553, 627 

Joseph 63 1 

Moses 725, 727 

Robert 403, 631 

William 627, 631 

Stellings, Peter 737 

Stephens, Lemuel 643 

Stephenson, David 678 

John 67S 

Stevens, Aaron 72, 74, 75 

Aaron, Jr 72-75 

Abel 202-204 

Abial 540 

Alexander 221, 222 

Amos 359 

Asa 635 

Benjamin 21, 28 

Chase 220-222 

Cutting 3S5 

Daniel. .211, 212, 218, 221, 222 

Daniel, Jr 211 

David 17, 204, 218-221 

David, Jr 220 

Ebenezer. . .309, 382, 404, 643 

Ebenezer, Jr 643 

Enoch 29, 34 

Francis 758 

Isaac ; 631 

Jacob 643 

Jesse 211. 631 

Job 202, 203 

John... 199, 202, 220, 222, 312 

John, Jr 203 

John, 3d 203 

Jonathan. . . .28, 204, 518, 519 

Joseph 486, 489 

Joshua 37 

Josiah 501, 646, 648 

Moses. .428, 429, 619, 621, 758 

Nathaniel 3, 485, 488 

Nehemiah 116 

Parker 195, 196 

Peter 644, 646, 648 

Peter, Jr 648 

Phinehas 540 

Reuben 443, 450 

Thomas 116, 612 

Tristram 520 

Samuel. .17, 405, 443, 445, 448 
647, 648 

Samuel, Jr 448 

William 72 

Stewart, Alexander 646, 648 

John 699 

Robert 717 

Thomas 184-186 

Sticknee, Moses 561, 563 

Stickney, Lemuel 163 

Jonathan 149 

Silas 565 

Thomas. .. .163-165, 616, 724 

Stiles, Abner 553, 678 







Stiles, Ebenezer 565 

John 515, 516, 678 

Joseph 553, 678 

Moses 677 

William 334 

Stileman, Elias 241, 242 

Still, John 593 

Stillson, William 615 

Stinson, David 354 

James 1 76, 701 

John 702 

Samuel 1 76 

Stockbridge, Abraham 488 

Israel 488 

Jacob 488 

John *....i6, 488 

Reuben 489 

Stockels, Robert -295, 296 

Stockman, William 27 

Stockwell, Emmons 475 

Stoddard, Sampson 455, 470 

Stokes, Benjamin 96, 11 1 

Stone, Abel 200, 204, 206, 326 

Abel, Jr 206 

Benjamin 211 

Daniel 665 

Ephraim 524, 657,659, 666 

Fortunatus 644 

Isaac 653 

Joseph 565 

Josiah 206, 55s, 561 

Lemuel 606 

Levi. 206 

Samuel 497> 49 8 

Uriah 757 

Stoodly, James 269, 270, 277 

Thomas 35 

Storer, Clement 36, 300, 306 

Samuel 35, 300 

Storrs, Aaron 761 , 762 

Storey, Alexander 138 

Charles 244 

William 5^ 

Stowell, Benjamin 596 

John 561, 563 

Jonathan 405, 407 

Rowell 4°9 

Stratton, Jabez 675 

Straw, Benjamin ». .41 

David 405 

Gideon 105 

John 405 

Richard 620 

Samuel 641 

Strickland. John 708 

Strong, Andrew 478 

Benjamin .478, 479 

diaries 478 

Stuart, Charles 186, 187 

John 176, 452 

Robert 60, 710 

Thomas 187, 313 

Studley, Guppy 35 

Sullivan, Gen 280, 291, 293, 319 

John... 176, 178, 180, 271, 490 

Swain, Ebenezer 401 

Ichabod 397 - 399 

Jacob 96, 99 

Jonathan 3°9-3i r 

Levi 311 

Roger 241 

Swainson, Robert 338 

Swan, Ebenezer. .318, 597, 599,602 

Gustavus 1 76 

Jeremiah 176 

John.. 176, 183, 184, 506, 561 

John, Jr 176, 506, 551 

Timothy 144, 377 

William 184 

Swasey. John 741 

Sweat, Dearborn 579, 584, 5S5 

J oh n 3°9' 39 r 

Sweet, Anthony 318 

Dearborn 503 

Jonathan ..318 

Jonathan, Jr 318 

Sweetser, Stephen 295 

Swett, Benjamin 122, 123, 638 

Eliphaiet 136 

Enoch 123, 124, 126, 638 

Enoch, Jr 123, 124 

John 638 

Jonathan 85, 724, 726, 728 


Joseph 161, 163 

Josiah 724, 726, 727 

Josiah, Jr 725, 727, 728 

Stockman 122, 638 

Symes, Daniel 36 

John 36 

Thomas 36 

William 520, 522 

Symonds, John 313 

Taber, Church 627 

Lemuel 627, 633 



Taft. Darius 3T8 

Silas 318 

Taggart, Archibald 725 

James.. 183, 184, 188,568,698 

John... 1 74-1 79, 184, 465, 467 

506, 561, 56S 

John, Jr 506,633 

Joseph 725, 727 

Thomas 698 

William ••313 

Talcott, Gov. Joseph 755 

Talford, John 2 

Joshua 2 

William 2 

Tallant. Hugh , 149 

William 725, 727 

Tandy, Abel 3S6 

Parker 502 

Tanner, John 342, 344 

Tapley, Joseph 271 

Samuel 251 

Tarbel, Benjamin 635 

Jonas 635 

Tarbox, Ebenezer «455« 702 

John 149 

Tarleton. Elias 251 

Stillman 22, 29, 34 

William iq6 

Tash, John 25, 29 

Thomas. 19, 22,24, 2 8, 85,598 

Tate, Betty 432 

Mark 432, 433 

Tatten, Isaac 657 

Isaac, Jr. 657 

Taylor, Abraham 84 

Adam 702 

Amos 463, 465 

Benjamin 27, 33, 230, 408 

Chase 394, 397, 399 

David 701 

Edward 403, 489 

Eleazer 554 

Eliphalet 93, 97 

Isaac 327 

Isaiah 184 

John 17, 79, 84, 403.485 

653, 701 
Jonathan ... .96, 397, 398, 403 

Jonathan, Jr 403 

Joseph 84 

Joseph 463 

Josiah. 489 

Matthew,. 377 

Meshech 652 

Taylor, N 397 

Nathan 399, 402 

Nathaniel 203 

Peter 408 

Richard 79, 553, 678 

Samuel 702 

Thomas 27, 32, 688 

Timothy 727 

Walter 59 

William 399, 401, 486, 568 

Zaccheus 96 

Tebbetts, Aaron 336 

Benjamin 334 

David. .. 343 

Ebenezer 339, 740 

Edmund 343 

Edward 335, 336 

Elijah : 343 

Ephraim 488 

Gideon 336 

Henry 336, 338 

Jacob 363 

John 427 

Jonathan 338 

Joseph 336, 338, 343 

Moses 427 

Moses, Jr 427 

Obadiah 336 

Paul 334 

Robert 343 

Samuel 336,740 

Silas 343 

Stephen 339 

Temple, Archelaus 673 

Ebenezer 537 

Elijah. 602, 658, 665 

Enos 666 

Isaac 456, 465 

John 190, 547, 568 

Robert 568 

William 529, 602 

Templeton, Adam 698 

James 188 

John 716 

Matthew 184, 188 

Thomas 716 

Tenney. Asa 380 

Benjamin 565 

Benjamin, Jr 556, 563 

Daniel 152 

John 456, 458, 465, 468 

Jonathan 380 

Nathaniel 665 





Tenney, Paul 

Terrill, Henry 257, 

Terry, Jonathan 

Tewksbury, Josiah 


Thatcher. Elisha 

Thayer, Alles 



Jeremiah, Jr 


Simeon 319, 

Thissell, Josiah 

Richard 373, 

Thorn, Benjamin 715, 

Dr. Isaac -.■*. 


William 373, 377, 378, 

Thomas, Anna 

Benjamin 81, 

Charles 393, 401, 


Elisha 17 

Enoch 736, 





Jonathan 16, 77, 394, 












Joseph M 




Thompson, Abraham 486, 

David 3*, 

Ebenezer.40, 67, 440, 523, 

Jacob 73, 39 8 « 


John, Jr 

Jonathan. . . .73, 39S, 401, 
635, 715. 

Joseph 342, 34S, 

Joseph, Jr 

Matthew 73, 398, 481, 

Matthew, Jr 

Moses . .73, 398, 400, 401, 

Robert 40, 695, 

Samuel , 240, 

Thomas 36, 109, 303, 



. 23 


. 190 

■ 4S6 



3°6 i 

Thompson. Thomas, Jr 521 

Timothy 635 

William 73, 109, 393. 397 

399, 548 

Thorn, John 73, 396, 399 

Thornton, Andrew 568 

Janus 568 

j«>shua 233, 235 

Matthew. 2, 5C6, 567, 570, 572 

Thrasher, Barnabas 317 

Benjamin 317 

Joseph '. 416 

Thurber. Benjamin 494, 599 

Hezekiah 318 

Samuel 584, 585 

Samuel W 503 

Thomas 35 

Thurston, Allen 16 

John 486, 488 

Josiah 488 

Moses 414, 576, 581. 583 

5&S, 599 

Moses, Jr 4S3, 582 

Robert 488 

Stephen 16, 309, 488, 740 

Thwing, Nathaniel 36 

Tibbetts, Ebenezer 740 

Ichabod 733 

Jonathan 741 

Levi 740 

Moses 733 

Richard 300 

Samuel 736, 737, 741 

Tiffany, Gideon 125 

Dr. Gideon 660, 661 

Tillotson, Daniel 130 

Tilton, Abraham 17, 81, 484 

D.tniel 397, 398, 400 

David. . 405, 406 

Isaac 408, 409 

Israel 393- 394 

Jacob 14, 15, 73, 401,438 

Jeremiah . . .73. 396, 402 

John 22, 405 

Jonathan 38 

Joseph 405, 408, 409 

Josiah 41 

Nathaniel.. ..73, 393, 394, 396 

Reuben 312 

Samuel.. 15, 105 

Timothy. 406, 407, 409 

Tirrell, John 21 

William 21 




Titcomb, Benjamin 292 

Tobie, Richard 422, 423 

Toby, Richard - 240 

Todd, Captain 214 

Daniel . . 312 

James 699 

John ,563 

Jonathan 325 

Joshua 554, 561, 563 

Joshua, Jr 563 

William 309 

Toogood , Edward ....... 240 

Torr, Simon 343 

^ Vincent 28,33 

Torrey, William 270, 273 

Towle, Caleb 405 

Eiisha 311,312 

James 405 

Jeremiah 405 

Jonathan .... 17, 363, 367, 588 

Jonathan, Jr 18, 362 

Joseph 81 , 363 

Joseph, Jr . . .. 77 

Nathan 362 

Samuel 367 

William 308, 311,312 

Zachariah 79, 81, 84 

Towne, David 565 

Eli. 565 

Elijah 698 

Ezra 683, 684 

Israel 467, 468 

Jabez 698 

Joseph 565 

Thomas 565 

Thomas, Jr 565 

Townshend, Timothy 359 

Tracy, Andrew 204, 206 

Isaac 76 

Traill, Robert 272 

Treadwell, Charles. ..271, 277, 306 

Jacob 273, 286 

Jacob, Jr 568 

Nathaniel.. ..36, 271, 273, 277 

Nathaniel, Jr 273 

Samuel 184, 269 

William Earle 361 

Trecothick. Barlow 745 

Tree, Richard 238 

Trefethen, James 35 

John, Jr 364 

William 364,367,371 

Trickey, Ephraim 343 

Trickey, John 336, 343, 351 

Joshua 106 

Samuel 87, 93, 95, 101, 11 1 

Zachary .238 

Tripe, Samuel 36, 270 

Trott, Samuel 604, 606 

True, Elijah 73 

Jacob. 386 

Joseph 297 

Moses.. 496, 499, 500, 502, 503 

Reuben 391, 406 

Thomas. 422, 643 

Winthrop 403, 643, 647 

Truesdell, A. W 36 

Richard 272 

Trumbull, J 133 

Nathaniel 614, 616 

Samuel. ...... ..614, 615, 620 

Trundy, Tobias. 364 

Trussell, James 406 

Tubbs, Abishai 462 

Tuck, Jonathan 80 

Tucker, Daniel 403 

Ebenezer 386 

Elijah 364 

Ezra 386 

Francis 260 

George 36 

Henry 36 

Jacob 386, 387, 409, 614 

John 2ir, 221, 343, 409 

Jonathan 637 

Joseph 521 

Moses 537 

Nathaniel 364, 367 

Nathaniel, Jr 364 

William 367 

Tuckerman, John 35 

Nathaniel 240 

Tufts, John 699, 705 

Turner, Bela 761 

Ebenezer 653 

George.. 36, 270, 272, 273, 298 

303, 304 

Thomas 184 

Turrell, William 76 

Tuttle, John 239, 430 

Love 427 

Mary 587 

Nathaniel 635 

Oliver 587 

Stoten 22, 95, in 

Thomas 638 

William 351 





Twombly, David 344 

Ebenezer 342 

Ephraim 342, 351 

Isaac 338 

James 344 

John 350, 351 

Jonathan 342 

Nathaniel 93 

Samuel 334, 335, 34S, 350 

Samuel, Jr 351 

Tobias, Jr 341 

Wentvvorth 342 

William 733 

Tyler, Daniel 191 

David 191 

David, Jr *. 758 

John 321, 324 

Jonathan 191 

Moses 154, 164, 320, 694 

Underwood, Jonathan 306 

Phinehas 314 

Urin, Daniel 386 

Usher, John 241, 314 

Robert 314 

Vance. James 702 

John 701 

William 702 

Varney, Benjamin 343 

Daniel. 347 

Ebenezer 338, 342, 426 

Ebenezer, Jr 342 

Edward 344, 348 

Elijah 342 

Hezekiah 336 

Moses 337, 342, 34S 

Moses, 3d 344 

Rufus C 332 

Samuel 342, 348 

Thomas 338, 342 

Varnum, Benjamin 28, 33 

Ebenezer 149 

John 6S1 

William 570 

Varrell, Edward 371 

John 364, 368, 370 

Solomon 364 

William 370 

Vaughan, Elliot 260, 361 

William 35, 306 

Veasey, George 16, 17 

John 17 

Samuel 16 

Veasey, Thomas 16, 17, 486 

Veazie, George 482 

Thomas 481,486,488 

Thomas, Jr 488 

Thomas, 3d 488 

Vent, John F 694 

Venton, Benoni 563 

Vickstrem, Nicholas 710 

Vincent, Timothy 200 

Vittum, William 541 

Vose, John 631 

Wadleigh, Benjamin. .* 518 

James 397 

Jonathan 73~75 

Joseph 397 

Simon 93 

Thomas 520 

Wadley, Benjamin 517, 518 

Jonathan 72 

Joseph 518, 620 

Simon 23 

Simon D 93 

Thomas 517 

Waite, Jasper 669 

Jason.. 201, 522, 600, 733, 734 

Richard 1 66 

Wakefield, Jonathan 50 

Walden, Jacob 451 

Nicholas 238 

Thomas 35 

I Waldo, Edward 599 

Nathan 117, 125, 126 

Nathan, Jr 125 

I Waldron, Ezra 621 

Isaac 614, 621 

Isaac, Jr 304, 307, 614 

Jacob 614, 619, 620, 621 

John 75 7 

Richard 12, 239, 334, 756 

Thomas W 58 

! Walford, William 334 

j Walker, Abel 208, 599, 602 

George 246,252,258,519 

Isaac 614,620,657 

James 200 

John 347 

Jonathan 240 

Joseph.. 269, 272, 334-336, 342 

343, 351 

Joseph, Jr 336 

Phinehas 235 

Richard 336,342, 35 1" 

Robert 343 



Walker, Samson 561, 563. $65 

Seth 36, 568 

Tobias 35 

Thomas 518, 519, 698 

Timothy 391, 682 

William 681 

Wallace, or Wallis, David. ... 176 
Ebenezer. ... 16, 367, 368, 370 

James 698, 718 

John 541, 698, 702 

Matthew 183, 186 

Robert 620, 641 , 698, 70 1 

703, 726 

Samuel 1 76, 304, 367, 371 

Samuel, Jr 368, 370 

William 16, 23, 93, 95, 96 

107, 176, 364, 701 
William, Jr 16 

Wallingford, Cato 433 

David 342 

Jacob 342 

Jonathan 339, 343 

Peter 336, 338 

Thomas. . . .263, 426-429, 757 

Walls, John 454, 455 

Walton, Benjamin 260 

George 252 

James 565 

Joseph 35, 277 

Nathaniel 694 

Reuben 458, 461 , 463 

Samuel 757 

Shadrach 241 

Waracumsit 7 S3 

Ward. Daniel 235 

Enoch 235 

Isaac... 235 

John 452 

Jonas 226 

Nahum 35, 286 

Reuben 537 

Richard 653 

Samuel 23, 32, 33 

Simon 84, 617, 619 

Ward well, Jeremiah 161, 164 

Nathan 50 

Ware. Levi 675 

Warner. Daniel.. 88, 116, 270, 613 

John 655 

Jonathan. . . .35, 268, 270, 271 
285, 444, 613, 740 

Joshua 51 

Samuel 268, 270 

Seth 613 

Warner, William 268 

Warren, Hugh 601 

Phillips 203 

Thomas 296 

Warren er, Tobias 286 

Washbiirne, Robert 116 

Washington, George.. 133, 181, 280 

Wason, James 102, 708 

Samuel 708 

Thomas 708 

Waterhouse, Richard 240 

Samuel 36, 240 

Waters, Charles 35 

Samuel 252, 257 

Samuel, Jr 35, 269 

Thomas 295 

Watkins, Abner. 614, 623 

Lewis 694 

Watson, Daniel. .342, 347, 619,621 

David 342, 348 

Eleazer 96 

Hutchins 96 

James 22, 94 

John 22, 25, 27, 32, 96 

Jonathan 64, 348, 435, 621 

Joshua 348 

Josiah 23 

Nathan 591 

Nathaniel 106 

Nathaniel, Jr 347 

Parmenas 614, 620, 621 

Pelatiah 355 

Zebadiah 406 

Watts, John 516 

Moses 702 

Samuel 149 

Wauj*h, Joseph 695 

William 702 

Weare, Meshech. .66, 213, 294,437 

637, 7O0 

Jonathan 421 

Webb, Azariah 194, 196 

Joseph 192 

Webber, Christopher 599 

Edmund 235 

John 226, 235 

Richard 238 

William 152, 355 

Webster, Abel 225 

Amos 235 

Benjamin 585 

C .'...235 

Daniel 382 





Webster, David. 166, 223, 226, 


Ebenezer 71, 149, 152, 

382, 387, 620, 





G. W 


Israel 386, 

James 376, 378, 380, 


John.. .166, 304, 309, 310. 
370, 382, 385, 386, 3S8, 

John, Jr 

Jonathan 152, 403, 


Josiah 17, 304, 

Nathan 372, 380, 

Nathaniel 372, 

Peter 234, 

Rawlings 377, 

Richard. . . .304, 367, 368. 

Samuel 166. 377, 554, 

Samuel P 

Stephen 223, 385, 391, 

Stephen, Jr 

William 235, 385, 411, 

Wedge wood, James 84 

John 14, 21, 77 

Jonathan. ...17, 81,84,85, 

Josiah. . , 


Weed. Bngley 412, 


Elijah 577, 579, 

Henry 544- 


John 192, 

Orlando 544, 


Weeks, Benjamin 21, 


Chase 397, 399, 401, 

Cole 394, 397-399' 

Cole, Jr 


John 16, 17, 87, 

John, Jr 

Dr. John 

Jonathan 16,401, 

Joseph 27, 

Joshua.... 76, 




38 1 
2 35 











Weeks. Joshua, Jr 16 

Leonard 18 

Samuel 238 

Stephen 35 

Walter 17 

Walter, Jr 17 

William .... 298, 369, 397. 399 
40 I , 404 

Weir, James 96, 313 

Welch, Benjamin 75, 101 

Jacob 591 

John 23, 74, 75 

Jonathan 76 

Joseph. .213, 216, 220, 221, 269 

Matthias ior, 297 

Samuel 211, 220 

Thomas 101, III 

William 269 

Weld. Jabez H. 235 

M oses 204 

Walter 204 

Welden. Charles 345 

Wellman, Jacob 678 

Samuel 694 

Wells, Benjamin 226, 234, 405 


Christopher 606 

David 1 66 

Edward 32, 240, 416 

Jacob 405 

James.. 311 

John 308 

Luke , 237 

N 408 

Nathaniel 409 

Paul 226 

Philip 235 

Samuel 235, 363, 371 

Sargent 405, 409 

Rev. Thomas 54 

Timothy 405, 409 

Winthrop 226, 234, 235 

Wendall, John.. .36, 117,268,270 

285, 444, 446, 494, 495 

John, Jr.... 303 

Wentworth, Benjamin 343 

Benning 188, 205 

Daniel 433 

David 351 

Dudley 342 

Ebenezer 342 

Elihu 342 

Ephraim .-342 

Ezekiel 432 


Wentworth, George... 36, 116, 
271, 272, 274, 285, 303, 


H.. 54, 250, 264, 271, 272, 
779, 280, 285, 361, 

Hugh Hall 269, 



John. ..268, 335, 342, 351, 
428, 429, 444, 446, 730, 

John, Jr 

Jonathan 246, 342, 

Jonathan, Jr 

Joshua. .269, 271, 274, 285, 



Mark H .... .36, 271, 424, 


Paul 334, 426, 434, 

Paul, Jr 314, 

Richard 333, 335, 336, 


Samuel ....271, 


Thomas 270- 

Sir Thomas 

Stephen 336, 340, 

Stephen, Jr 


Werden, Rev. Peter 

Wesson, Ephraim 

West. Benjamin 



Thomas. 200, 

Westbrook, Colonel 


Westcott, James 

Wetherbee, David 594, 


Weymouth, Moses 


Wheatly, John 127, 

Wheeler, Abel 

Abijah 372, 375, 


Amos 377, 


Benjamin , 

David 376, 

Fortunatus 725, 


Herodian 653, 



59 1 
59 1 




38 r 


Wheeler, Herodian, Jr 652 

Isaiah 376, 381 

Jesse 491 

Jethro 522, 652, 653, 655 

Jethro, Jr —.653, 655 

John 502 

Jonathan. . . 372, 376, 381, 594 


Moses 652 

Nathan 562, 563, 565 

Nehemiah 274 

Richard 376, 381 

Rufus 204 

Seth 633 

Silas 376, 378,381 

Stephen 372, 378, 381 

Stephen, Jr 372 

Warren 376, 381 

William ' 372 

Wheelwright, John 269,271 

Whidden, James 16 

Jonathan 240 

Joseph 36 

i Mark Ill 

Michael 260 

Michael, Jr 268, 273 

Samuel 241 

Thomas 238 

Whipple, Amos 540 

Daniel 606 

Joseph 260, 271, 272, 277 

286, 305 

Moses 48 

Oliver 36, 446 

Rufus 3T3 

William 35, 182, 270, 272 


Whiston, Joseph 586 

Whitaker, David 593, 596 

James 269, 286 

Jonathan 405 

Whitcher, George 403 

Reuben 647 

Reuben, Jr 648 

Sargent. ... 488 

Whitcomb, Benjamin 476, 657 

Elisha 525, 528 

Jacob 621 

Jonathan 521, 529 

White, Archibald 627, 633 

Archibald, Jr. 627 

Asa 631 

Charles 184 

Cornelius 653 





White, Ebenezer 191 

Francis 63 1 

James 154, 212, 213 

John. . 165, 184, 214, 675, 702 

John, Jr 327 

Jonathan 184 

Joseph 665 

Josiah G 635 

Jotham 557 

Nathaniel W 482 

Phillips 67, 434, 440, 441 

Robert 300 

Samuel 260, 586 

Thomas 630, 631 

William 35, 184, 239, 251 

627, 628, 644, 647 

Whitefield, Rev. George 648 

Whitehorn, John 109 

Solomon 172, 173 

Thomas in 

Whitehouse, Aaron 343 

Ebenezer 433 

Enoch 433 

Samuel 335 

William 343, 348 

Whiting, Eleazer.... 149 

Nathan 206 

Oliver 563, 565 

Oliver, Jr 565 

Samuel 328, 332 

William 116 

Whitney, Joseph 675 

Joshua 496-499, 504 

Richard 553, 681 

Zaccheus 594, 597 

Whittemore, Aaron. .154, 160, 163 

Rev. Aaron 156-158 

Benjamin... 163, 314, 358, 391 

Elias 164 

John .506 

Marias 154 

Nathaniel 184 

Peter 163 

Samuel 594, 596 

Whitten, John 206 

Whittier, Aaron 56 

Abner 5, 6 

Andrew 59, 60 

Phinehas 408 

Thomas 5 

Timothy 56, 59, 60 

Whittle, Thomas 741 

Wibird, Edmund 251 

Richard 242, 314 

Wibird, Thomas 271 

Wier. John 702 

Robert 602 

Wiggin, Andrew 480, 482, 488 


Andrew, Jr 14, 481, 4S8 

Andrew, 3d 16 

Benjamin... 1 73, 573, 731, 736 

Bradstreet 481, 488 

Chase 18, 21, 485 

David ...21, 27, 489 

Elijah 33 

Henry 16, 34 

Isaiah 591 

Jacob 588 

James 733, 736, 740 

John 99, 482, 590 

John, Jr 481 

Jonathan. .. ...16, 22, 32, 488 

Joseph 16, 488 

Josiah 18, 482, jt>7 

Levi 488 

Mark.. 485, 487, 490, 742, 743 

Nathan 488 

Nathaniel 41, 485, 489 

Paul 740 

Samuel 16, 485 

Samuel, Jr 16, 482 

Simeon 591 

Simon 16 

Thomas... 1 6, 27, 32, 481, 485 

Thomas, 3d 481 

Tufton 481 

Walter 482 

Winthrop 27, 34, 590 

Wigglesworth, Colonel 109 

Wight, John 698 

Wilbur, Daniel 675 

David 665 

Elisha 665, 671 

Job 665 

Jonathan 67$ 

Joseph 665 

Nathaniel 665 

Philip 66$ 

Philip, Jr 665 

Wilcox, Asa 516 

J esse 48, 49> 2 °7, 599 

Obadiah 516 

Stephen 47 

Wilder, Abel 114 

Jo™ s • 89,475 

Luke 391 



Wilder, Luther 635 

Peter 694 

Tilley , 694 

Wilkins, Philip C 759 

Robert 15 607, 618 

Samuel 657 

Simeon 689, 692 

Uriah 679 

Will, John 251 

Willard, Abel 645 

Amos 694 

Jonathan 313 

Joseph 306 

Josiah.. 522, 592, 653, 668, 687 
692, 694 

Levi ' 649 

Lockhart 491, 493 

Longley ., 454 

Nathan 694 

Oliver 653 

Prentice 690 

Sampson 653 

Seth. 694 

Simon 522, 529, 690 

Solomon 690, 692 

Wilder 201 

Wille, Josiah 737 

William 737 

Willey, Abel 569-571 

Allen, Jr 502 

Andrew ur 

Barnabas 606 

Benjamin 502 

Charles ... ..Ill 

John 94, 98, 257, 258 

Jonathan. 23, 111 

Josiah.... 350 

Nathan 502 

Reuben 502 

William 101 

Willes, Charles 22 

John 21 

Samuel 17 

William and Mary. . .241, 243, 322 

Williams, Benjamin. ..17, 407, 409 

D 99 

Eliphalet 391 

George 708 

Isaac 200, 202, 203, 277 

Isaac F 37 

Jacob 14° 

Kev. J 178 

Williams, Job 203, 504 

John 117 

John F 37 

Joseph . 406 

i'eleg 313 

Samuel 200, 653 

Simon 180 

Thomas 666 

William 72-75 

Willoughby, Abner 235 

John 227, 235 

Wilson, Alexander. ..698, 708, 709 

7*3< 715 

A mini 202 

Daniel 23, 152, 493 

Daniel, Jr 493 

David 465, 493 

Ed ward 566 

Ephraim . . ." 630 

Hugh 176, 188, 568, 719 

Isaiah 494 

James 188, 200, 465, 493 

698, 699, 702, 708 
710, 712, 715 

Jesse 147, 152 

John.. 188, 493, 698, 701, 703 

Joseph 149, 698 

Nathaniel 396 

Robert 182, 184, 188,699 


Samuel 188, 494, 496, 699 

708, 715 

Thomas 708, 715, 717 

William 36, 200 

Winchester, Elhanan 451 

Jonathan 675 

Wincoll, Captain 240 

Windes, Abijah 50 

Winford, John 333 

Wing, Joseph 318 

Wingate, Aaron 349 

Benjamin 343 

Caleb 351 

Daniel 336, 339 

I^vid 339- 343 

Edmund , 342, 348 

John 40, 84, 339, 590, 591 


Joseph 339, 4S8 

Joshua 77 

Joshua, Jr 81 

Moses 265 

Paine 488 




Wingate, Samuel 336, 

William 343, 

Winn, Joseph 

Joseph. Jr 

Winship, John 

Samuel 594, 

Winslovv, John 


Samuel, Jr. . 

Wisco, Lewis 

Wise, Abner 


Witcher, Jonathan 72 

Nathaniel 72, 73, 7 s, 

Reuben 72, 73, 76, 

William 72, 73 

Witham, Amos 

John , 



Witherell, David 

Thomas t 

Withy, John 

Wood, Abner, Jr 

David 595, 





Thomas 321, 324, 

.Woods, John 




Woodburn, John 

Woodbury, Benjamin 9, 35, 

Ebenezer. . .372, 376, 3S0, 

Elisha 373, 379, 



Israel 372, 

John 372,377, 3So, 

Jonathan 372, 37S, 

Luke 376, 3S0, 

Nathaniel 374, 380, 



Woodcock, Jonathan 

Woodman, Abner 376, 









Woodmrn, Jonathan 241 

Joseph 402 

Joshua 340 

Moses 385 

Nathaniel . .373, 376, 380, 381 
Nathaniel, Jr 381 

Woodward, Bezaleel.i28, 129, 761 

Daniel 496, 498 

David 761 

James 220 

John 563 

Joshua 206 

Moses 35, 286, 303, 307 

Nehemiah 495, 499 

Robert . .-495 

Samuel 675 

Stephen 219 

Thomas 499, 504 

Wooley, David. 694 

John 530 

Jonathan 532, 687 

Nathan 318 

Worcester, Francis 235 

Noah 229, 571 

Wormwood, Judith 311 

William 311 

Worthen, Frederick 166 

Worthly, Timothy 641 

Wright, Benjamin 694 

Caleb 465 

Ebenezer. . .458, 461, 635, 675 

Jacob 635 

John 296 

Joseph 594, 597 

Lemuel 585 

Oliver 675 

Peter. 467, 468 

Samuel 521, 594, 596 

Silas 465 

Thomas 252, 260 

William 635 

Wyatt, Samuel 405 

Wyman, Aaron 146, 147, 152 


Daniel 152, 708 

Jesse 152, 708 

John 149 

Joseph 149 

Joseph, Jr 149 

Josiah 152 

Levi 358 

Samuel « 491 

Seth 708 

Stephen. ...724, 726, 728, 729 



Wyman, Thomas 144 

William 149 

Yeaton, George 296 

Joseph...... 364, 367, 371 

Moses 427 

Richard 433 

Samuel 336 

William 36, 268, 364 

367, 368, 370 

Yeomans, Stephen 602 

York, Benjamin 18, 106 

Joseph 94, 95, 99, 101 

Robert 29 

Samuel 87, 101 

Young, Abiathar 495/499, 504 

Cornelius. 504 

Daniel 22, in, 613-616 

Edward 495, 499, 504 

Young, Esech.. .496, 499, 501, 504 

Hezekiah 582, 586 

Israel 373 

James 342, 495, 504 

Jeremiah 27, 29, 33 

John.. 27, 29, 33, 127, 183, 184 
187, 188, 229, 741 

John, Jr 28, 33 

Sir John 322, 323 

Jonathan 186, 433 

Joseph 16, 19, 27, 28, 40 

43. 348 

Joseph, Jr .-..28, 33 

Nathan 202, 203, 207 

Richard 16 

Robert 372, 377, 495-504 

Thomas.. 13, 46, 336, 338, 741 
Yours, Henry 594, 596 


sw r\ 


y 6 

7? 0120? 9?